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Subtitles for Romper Stomper.

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Romper Stomper

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What did you|run into me for?
I didn't mean it, mate.|That guy pushed me.
What did you|run into me for?
What are you|doing here?
What are|you doing here?
Let me tell|you something.
I want you|to listen to me.
This is not|your country.
Get the yellow fuck!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Get him!
You like it, gooky boy,|you like it?
Fuck off!
Where is he, inside?
Yeah. He hasn't|come out yet
but he's expecting you.
That was Pommy Bill.
He's come to help.
Did he hurt you?
No, but he's|been hitting
the roeies again-- the|worst I've ever seen.
Are you|all right?
Perhaps if you stop|struggling, sir.
Have it your way.
You like punching out|little girls, sir?
The junkies like punching up|little girls, do they?
Have you been taking|the phenytoin?
Where is it?
I don't know. I'm busy.
You haven't, have you?
Seizures been bad?
You've got a bloody|chemist's shop here.
The one drug|you really need
you don't|bother with.
I need some|money, Martin.
Missed you badly.
I don't|want that.
Can't you just|be nice to me?
Pick up your things
and let's get|out of here.
You bastard!
I'm going to|fucking kill you.
I can't stay|with you, Martin.
Come on.
You're the one who|always starts it.
Hey, boys.
The men are here.
The big men|have arrived.
Hey, we need|your muscle.
Rob and Chris|kicked us out.
Three jugs,|Harold.
Fucking Rob|hit me, too.
Stomp him|for us, Davey?
Hey, hey, hey.
Get him out.
I'm not serving any kids--|get him out.
if he doesn't leave,|i'll turn off the beer.
Come on.
Get your mother|to read you a story.
Piss off, Max.
Go home!
Hey, Rollo|says you had
some gooks in here|last week.
What's it to you?
Why were they here?
It's our place.
No, this is|my fucking place, mate.
Oh, yeah, but you|had gooks here, eh?
Doesn't bother me.
You got a problem
that's your|fucking problem.
Who's that?
I don't know.
A space monster,|if you ask me.
You mean|space cadet, love.
Hey, mate,|you going
to give us|a drink?
Come on, mate.|No, give us a drink.
That smells like shit.
Hey, can we go?
Hey, What did you|just call me?
Hey, what did|you just call me?
Just leave it,|and let's just go home.
Don't lean|on my face.
Yeah, fucking whatever
I surrender,|you motherfucker.
Gee, look at that jacket.
it's beautiful.
You want that jacket.
Nice jacket.
I hope it|was worth it.
It's bleeding.
No, it's not|even deep.
Little bit of glass|in it, though.
You want me|to operate?
It's still bleeding.
This is pretty clean.
This is home.|Do you like it?
Yeah, what is|this, a squat?
Squat be fucked,|we pay rent here.
What is this?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Well, you're awake.
Brought my bag up|from downstairs.
I didn't get to salvage much
from the place|where I was living.
Some idiot tore it all up.
These are for tap dancing, see?
But they don't|fit me anymore.
That's a picture|of my mum.
isn't she beautiful?
Everyone says|I look like her.
I'm not saying|I'm good-looking--
I'm not|saying that--
but we do|look alike.
She's dead now.
It was a car accident.
She had her head chopped off.
I think it's good to be able|to talk about these things
without cracking up, you know?
I know she's still|with me somehow.
I think that when I have kids
she'll be one of them--|you know, sort of reincarnated.
When you see the yellow scum|coming up the road
Will you turn the other cheek|just like a gutless toad?
Or will you stand|your sacred ground
inform him of the facts
Tell him he's not welcome here|then give him several smacks?
Smack him if he's yellow,|smack him if he's black
Smack him till he fucks off|and doesn't come back...
What are you doing?
Fucking keep your mind
on the fucking job,|woman!
Hando,|uh, Magoo.
Way to go!
What are you|doing here?
Didn't have time to|tell you we were coming.
Didn't know|we were coming--
forgot to|fucking stop.
Check this out.
Joined up a couple|of months ago.
What for?
I needed a job,|didn't I?
They put you|through school.
I still get to keep|the hair short.
You're a hippie|with hair that long.
I thought you wanted|to shoot guns, mate?
I want to get|into a fucking sub.
Fire torpedoes.
How are you?
We're the handsome|Canberra boys
come to see the ugly|Melbourne boys.
This is my mate Magoo.
That's Jacqui
and that's Flea.
Got something|for you, boys.
Macka pulled it
from the basement|of the war museum.
Standard issue|for the Hitler youth.
Cheap alloy.
Not that good--|made in '45
towards the end|of the war.
They were running|out of metal then
weren't they?
I'll take it.
50 bucks.
$40, then.
Come on, Davey
you robbed me|of $50, mate.
That's all I got.
All i can stand for.
Come on!
Here. Pay me back|next dole check.
Champ man.
Hey, how's Billy?
Look's all right.
It will be|all right.
I'll change|that bandage later.
He's going to|fucking kill him.
Any parties happening|in this sh-shitty town?
Pulling on the boots|and tightening up the laces
Shaving our heads|and strapping on the braces
Now you are a skinhead|looking for a fight
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the night
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the night
Making lots of trouble,|starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead,|getting really pissed
Skinhead, skinhead,|tattooed on my wrist
Lurking in the laneway,|waiting for the scum
Smash their yellow faces,|kick their fucking bums
When they plead for mercy,|we will show them none
Skinhead, skinhead,|till the job is done
Skinhead, skinhead,|putting in the boot
Looking for a street fight,|looking for a root
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the place
Skinhead, skinhead,|stomping on your face
When the coppers see us,|at first they pull their gun
But when they see us come|towards then they start to run
When we wear our badges,|it makes us real proud
Skinhead, skinhead,|shout it out loud
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the night
Making lots of trouble,|starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead,|getting really pissed
Skinhead, skinhead,|tattooed on my wrist
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the night
Making lots of trouble,|starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead,|getting really pissed
Skinhead, skinhead,|tattooed on my wrist
Skinhead, skinhead,|putting in the boot
Looking for a street fight,|looking for a root
Skinhead, skinhead,|running through the place
Skinhead, skinhead|stomping on your face!
Skinhead, skinhead
Skinhead, skinhead
Skinhead, skinhead
Skinhead, skinhead
Skinhead, skinhead.
Wow, Bubsy!
Davey, cop a drink?
Nice party, mate.
I've got to get|the first bus back to base.
You enjoy being cannon fodder|for the system?
It's a job.
See you, Hando.
Hey, Flea.
You look|like shit, Davey.
Stupid little bugger.
Why do you go in|for all this stuff?
Because I don't want to be a|white coolie in my own country
because it's not|our country anymore
because rich people|and powerful people
brought in boatloads|of human trash--
cheap labor, gooks mainly
and there's going to be more.
I want people|to know that I'm proud
of my white history|and my white blood.
One day,|it might be all I have.
But I don't want to go|the same way as the fucking abo.
See that map?
That's all the gook properties|on Barcley Street.
A few years ago,|that was a white area.
Mein Kampf.
You know it?
It's about war, isn't it?
This book was written|by Adolf Hitler
and turned into a joke|by the people
who don't want you to know|Hitler's view of the world.
It's simply about the ongoing|struggle of the white race
and the enemies it faces.
if you don't know|who the enemy is
you can't|win the war.
"AII the noble cultures|of the past declined
"because the purity and vigor
"of the originally|created race faded out.
"They were|compromised
"by the seed|of lesser races
"who were attracted|to the works
of the superior men."
"The undeniable reason|for their decline was then
"due to a kind|of racial blood poisoning.
"Racial blood must,|then, be preserved
in its purity at all costs."
The money will|be transferred
to your account|in 30 days.
Did you finalize your plans|for the old place?
We will turn|the place
to the restaurant|with bar
for my sons to run|when a little older
if they are|smart enough.
You going to|root it, Bubsy?
I don't care.|Fuck Harold.
I'm just going out|for about an hour.
his sons want to have|a look around.
This red's going to do lovely|things for your eyes.
Just watch|my makeup, okay?
What are you eating|that rubbish for?
You got rocks|in your head?
I'm not living|with no fat bitch.
Hando, gooks down|at the railway hotel.
Fuhrer, fuhrer,|what have we done?
Our land is being overrun
by Jews and Blacks|and yellow scum
Fuhrer, fuhrer,|what have we done?
But I want to go.
Stay here.
Piss off, Bubs.
Fuhrer, fuhrer,|what'll we do?
Fuck you, you bastards!
Did your best|to discourage the Jew
Fuhrer, fuhrer,|what'll we do?
Fuck you, I'm going!
Fuhrer, fuhrer
Want to come?
Our day will come
We'll crush the scum.
How you going?
Get the gooks down here.
Shut up!
Door, Brett.
Shut up!
Time to die, gook.
Time to fucking die!
Shut up.
Oh, let's break|some fingers.
Tiger, fucking|skinheads!
What are you|doing here, Bubs?
You were told|not to come.
Fuck off,|shithead.
Let me|through.
Fuck me!
What's happening?
What are you|doing here?
Hey, why don't|you bloody well
do what you're|told, woman?
I told you|to stay.
They're|only kids.
Who says?
We hate you, gook.
We'll never|let you go.
This is our|place, gook boy.
Our place!
What are you|doing here, eh?
The only thing|for you here is pain.
We don't love you.
You understand?
I hope you do, mate
because I don't|speak monkey talk!
Give him|smack-in-head special.
Maybe you got him enough?
Go on, hit|one of them.
Come on, go for it.
Hando, Hando!
There's gooks!
Thousands of them!
Monkeys! Monkeys!
Come on!
Fuck! Gooks!
How do you|like it?
You fucking|like it, man?
How do you fucking|like it, huh?
Wait for Brett,|you bastards!
Oh, fuck!
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're living in the sewer,|but we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing,|we're shouting, "Hurrah"
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're fighting the system,|fighting the war
You think there's|not enough of us
There's gonna be more
We're gonna change|the country
We're gonna change the laws
and Fourth Reich fighting men,|winning the war
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're living in the sewer
But we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing,|we're shouting, "Hurrah"
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We march so proud,|carrying the flag
Beating up vermin,|beating up slag
Beating up the fairies|for dressing in drag
Fourth Reich fighting men,|carrying the flag
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're living in the sewer
But we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing
We're shouting, "Hurrah"
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
At last united
Fighting as one
The fighting isn't finished|till the job is done
The battle isn't over
Till the war is won
Fourth Reich fighting men|fighting as one
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're living in the sewer|but we're gonna go far
You see|our numbers growing...
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
Marching in the alleys,|marching in the streets
Terrorizing scum with|the sound of marching feet
When the marching is over,|it'll be all right
Everyone will live together
In the Fourth Reich.
Fuck this!
Fuck those fucking dogs!
But we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing
We're shouting, "Hurrah"
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
We're living in the sewer|but we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing
We're shouting, "Hurrah"
Fourth Reich fighting men,|that's who we are
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men...
Fuck this!
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men...
Make fucking room!
Fourth Reich fighting men
Come on,|you wankers!
Fucking wankers!
Come on!
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men.
You fucking asshole fucks!
Fuck you!
You fat,|fucking cow!
Jesus, we're getting crushed!
You fucking|gook bastards!
Fuck you!
What happened?
What are we|going to do?
There are fucking|thousands of them!
Shut up!
Shut up, I said!
They got Champ,|Luke, and Magoo.
Why didn't you|all stop and help?
What do you expect
you fucking little|dickhead?
Where is Jacqui?
We should have stopped!
We're in|for it.
Like fuck, Sonny.
They're at the front door.
Come in.
Come on.
You fucking filthy,|slope-head scum.
You filthy, yellow monkeys!
What the fuck are you afraid of?
This is|our place.
No more running.
We stop|them here!
You look like a bunch|of scared fucking rabbits!
Through the manhole,|across the roof.
All right
Fucking|move it!
Don't fucking|rush me, you...
Move it!
Let's go!
Keep your|head down.
They don't know|we're here.
Where's your jacket?
Fucking next time, mate!
Rob! Oh, come on.
Rob, open the door!
Rob, open up!
Rob, is that you,|prick wife-basher?
What are you|doing here?
Can we talk to|you for a while?
How long|is a while?
I don't know.
Where's Tracy?
I'm here, Rob.
How come you stopped|making love to me?
That's it.
Get lost.
She smoked my|fucking stash.
Rob, I know we haven't|known each other for long
but we feel bad|about what happened.
We'd like to|give you money
to pay for|the food we ate.
You have money?
Rob, don't|be a bastard.
We want to make it|up to you.
Well, stick it|in the hole.
if you want|this money
then have|the decency
to see us|face-to-face.
Serves you right,|you wanker!
I'll kill you|for this, Megan!
Shut up!
Ha, ha, ha!
Oh, come on, guys.
Let him go.
How's it going?
Oh, yeah.
"Oh, yeah."
Is that all you got|to say for yourself?
Hello, Chris.
Hello, Chris.
Let's have a tonguey|for the skins.
Come on.
Tonguey for the skins.
Fucking faggots,|are you?
Tongue, faggots!
We're going to stay here|for a while.
You guys don't want|to hang around, do you?
Do you?
Now, I'm going to ask|you nicely to leave.
if i see either one|of you again...
I'm going to chop|your legs off.
Stupid shit.
Hando,|I'm starving, man.
Hippie degenerates.
Oh, hot food.
Yeah, so do you|do much cooking?
My mum was a good cook.
And I liked|home ec at school.
They had a great kitchen|at Linley.
Linley Hall,|it's my old school.
Well, one of them.
What is this shit?
Vegetables and pasta sauce.
Anything else?
Well, I used everything we had.
Hey, Sonny.
i can put different sauce|on it if you like.
Like the disposal unit?
Bloody wog crap!
Thanks for helping.
Sometimes I live|like a slob, you know.
But when I|make the effort...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. It|was an accident.
Stop it.
All right.
It was an accident.
What are|you doing?
Davey, do|something!
What's wrong?
She's a spastic.
So, what's the matter|with you, then?
Does it happen often?
I'm not crazy or anything.
No one said|you were:
I just get these|fits sometimes.
There's stuff|i can take for it.
I say we get a shotgun|and spray Harold's window.
Shotguns are for|Elmer Fudd, dickhead.
I vote we get|a .45 automatic
and blow the head gook|back to Singapore.
Saigon, stupid.
i fired a .45|at a range once.
it was far out.
You never used a .45.
Don't shit me, Sonny.
What would you know,|baby Bubs?
An anti-static gun's|big news for you.
We can get any sort of gun|we want from Bully.
All we need|is the cash.
We need it|up front.
if you lot are going|to shoot people...
We're going.
Then go.
We don't want any|fucking passengers
from here on in.
So fuck off.
Do you want|to come with us?
I want to kill gooks.|Gooks.
We could go|fruit picking.
i hate the fucking country.
Don't I?
All right, then.
You'll all|end up fucked.
You'll end up fucked|if you don't piss off.
You fucking moles.
I want guns.
Luke, Magoo,|Champ, Brett.
I want revenge.
Bully handles cars, eh?
Yeah, fuck cars.
Let's do a burg.
You want to knock|over a house, do you?
What about it?
I know a place you could do.
It's better than anything|you got on your minds.
Ow. Ow.
Fuck your mouth.
You're not going to hit|me again, are you?
How are your|renovations going?
Ah, bloody endless.
More Bundy, less Coke.
See, I remembered.
Are you going to stay?
No, this is|just a visit.
Oh, God!
I love you.
Do you know that?
I'm sorry.
I'm going to go|to the loo.
I'll be back|in a sec.
Nice place you have here.
Who the hell are you?
We came to wreck everything|and ruin your life.
God sent us.
Cheers, mate.
Good on you.
To Martin, the big,|fat, rich pig.
Fucking sack of shit.
Oh, fuck, mate.
You hit me|in the eye, there.
Thanks, Martin.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck, mate.
What's in it?
Whack it|in there, mate.
Whack it|in there.
That's shit, isn't it?
Could be worth something.
The guns will be worth a lot.
Hey, Gabe.
Hey, Hando.
i found one|without the barrel filled in.
It doesn't work, though.
None of them work, Bubs.
The firing pin's|been ground down.
Still looks good, though.
So what does this bastard do|anyway?
Well, he used to be|in advertising
but he made films.
He did Mortal Blade|and Last Blood.
They came out|last year.
Did you|see them?
So how do you know him?
He's my dad.
He won an award
for this poster.
It's good, isn't it?
Did you see it?
He's very talented,|you know.
I'll play you.
Go on, then.
Oh, you fuck.
Hurry up,|come on:
Let's get it|fucking loaded
so we can piss off.
What a|fucking tragedy
breaking this up|for parts.
Just be fucking|careful, all right?
Martin really|loved this car.
Blotted his|copy book
with that piece|of shit, didn't he?
Jap crap.
Come on.
Why are you doing this to me?
I want to see you squirm.
Incredible little bitch.
I loved you.
That wasn't love.
Let me go, Gabrielle.
Why didn't you love mum?
Did she know about us?
Did she?
Sometimes... I think|she killed herself.
She died in an accident.
An accident,|that's all there was to it.
I loved her...
and I loved you.
Shut up!
And you wanted me!
Next time,|I'll aim at your skull.
Check this out.
Timmy and Ted|went to bed
Dressed in red|dressing gowns.
Who's Timmy and Ted?
My cats.
I used to always do this.
That's my brother,|Nicholas.
He's gay now.
He's cute, though.
You're cute, too.
Give me a look.
Oh, it looks all right.
See, Hando doesn't act|like he likes me.
He likes you, though,|doesn't he?
He's my best mate.
I want him to go away|on a holiday with me.
Just him and me.
And you.
You'd like that,|wouldn't you?
You like me, don't you?
Don't you?
Quelle etrange|ardeur s'allume!
Quel feu nouveau me consume!
Ta main repousse ma main
Ta main repousse ma main
De nos coeurs|I'amour s'empare
Et nous change en ennemis
Non, que rien|ne nous separe!
Non, rien!
Non, rien ne nous separe!
Non, rien!
Jurons de rester amis!
Jurons de rester amis!
Jurons de rester amis!
Oh, oui!|Jurons de rester amis!
Oui, c'est elle,|c'est la deesse...
I'll kill you, boy!
C'est elle,|c'est la deesse...
He's got a gun!
Ayons meme sort!
Soyons amis|jusqu'a la mort.
Stop doing that|to your hair--
You look fucking|pathetic--
and while|you're at it
keep the fucking|noise down as well.
I told you to shut up!
What's wrong with you?
You, you dumb slut--|shut up.
Don't go crazy at me
just because you and your mates|fucked up.
You had it all|on a plate
but no, you had to play|silly buggers with the car.
Why couldn't you just|take his stuff and go?
You're a loser.
Don't call me that.
No one ever calls me that!
I was going to give her|to you, anyway.
I want you to go.
i'm sick of|looking at you.
We're finished.
You're out.
Just like that?
All right.
All right.
You'll all end up...
Shut up.
You live like shit!
You can't even|look after yourselves!
You're just... hopeless!
Where the fuck|are you going?
I'm going home.
Well, good riddance|to you, too, boy!
Maybe you'll get
that fuck you've been after|for so long!
What are you leaving us for?
You leaving us for her?
You're a suck.
You're weak!
You're piss-weak|and gutless.
Fuck off, little Bubs.
I thought|you were strong.
You're weak,|you're weak.
You're nothing!
Leave me alone!
There's something|I've got to do.
Can I come?
Have you got|a piece of paper?
Look... if ever|you need me or want me
I'll be at this address.
Is that Footscray police?
Listen, um...|I know where there's some people
that you might be looking for.
Shut up,|fuckhead.
All right!
it got cut off yesterday.
Anyone know we're here?
No way.
Is there a tap outside?
I don't know.
I thought you were|supposed to be my scout.
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men
Fourth Reich fighting men...
Drop it!
Drop it!
Pick him up,|Pick him up!
Oh, no.
Copper, you murdering|fucking...
You fucking...
Fuck off!
You fucking pig!
Oh, fuck you!
i'll fucking kill you!
I surrender.
Too fucking late.
They're smiling at you.
You have a lovely smile too.
Thank you.
Hi, Gabe.
Why don't you|bring your friends
into the house
and entertain|them in there?
They're okay|out here, Gran.
You don't look right
without your jacket|with all the badges.
Well, my grandma--|she doesn't know about that.
She doesn't like|the badges or anything.
I don't want to upset her.
It's her place.
What's this?
That's my|matchbox collection.
My dad...
He's an industrial diver.
He travels all around the world.
Amsterdam,|San Francisco
Venice, Perth
I think he's in Sydney working|on the Sydney Harbour tunnel.
I haven't got a box|from there, huh?
I love you.
I love you too.
Don't ever leave me.
They killed Bubs.
The cops come.
They took everybody else.
They killed Bubs.
How did they know|where to get us?
No, she's been with me|since she left the squat.
She hasn't told anyone.
What is wrong?
Why are my liebchens|barking so?
It's just a cat.
They've seen a cat.
I'm alone, Gran.
You can't come in,|I'm not dressed.
They'll find|you here.
They'll come|looking for you.
I think we should|stick together.
Past is past, right?
You're all I've|got left, Davey.
What do you want|to do?
I've got a plan, mate.
Don't kill him!
Shut up!
No, he's fucking|killed him!
Oh, Jesus!
Is he dead?
is the car full?
is the car full?!
Is he dead?!
is the car full?
The fucking Jerry?!
Hurry up!|Hurry up!
Why did you fucking|kill him?
We'll dump this piece|of shit in Adelaide.
I haven't been|to the beach in years.
Be all right if|we stay here a while?
Not long.
I think we should|go west.
I'll get you through this,|I promise.
We just have|to stick together.
i'm not afraid.
She's sick, mate.
She's trouble.
She doesn't|really want you.
She'll just use you.
You won't get nowhere|with her, Davey.
She needs medicine|or something.
She's my problem,|isn't she?
Listen to me.
Take your hands off me!
I'm sick|of listening to you!
She's desperate!
She'll drag|you down, Davey.
She doesn't love you,|if that's what you think.
Is that what you think?
She's fucking desperate,|that's all.
Davey, she's going|to drag us both down.
Besides which...
you don't want|her involved
if we get caught|for last night, do you?
We've got to|get rid of her.
She can have a share|of the money.
Can't be fairer|than that.
Do you want|to tell her?
I'll tell her|if you want.
You're not just|dumping her.
We'll give her, uh...|We'll give her fucking...
We'll give her fucking|200 bucks, all right?
You've looked after her|as far as you can.
Are you going|to tell her?
Are you going|to tell her?
I'm with her,|and she's with me.
Well, Davey, I tried.
What's that?
That's where|the fucking car is!
What happened?
What happened,|you mental bitch?
Mental bitch, ha!
I heard what|you two said.
I know what|you're going to do.
You suck, Davey.
You can't do anything|without him.
It was me|who called the cops.
I called them.
I told you,|you stupid cunt!
i fucking|told you!
i fucking told you!
You bitch, you're fucking dead!
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