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Ronin CD1

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(vehicle approaching)
(indistinct chattering)
Une bière, s'il vous plaìt.
(door opens)
(French) We are closed.
Just a small drink.
The toilets ?
(door opens)
(French) A quick drink and then l'll leave.
(lrish accent) Why are you rushing off ?
- Hmm ? - l said, why are you rushing off ?
(French) l don't understand.
The man from Bristol called ya.
- What man ? - The man in the wheelchair.
(car horn)
(vehicle pulls up)
What were you doing back here ?
..l never walk into a place l don't know how to walk out of.
Then why would you get into that van ?
You know the reason.
Make yourselves at home.
You've come a long way.
- Thanks for coming. - What's the job ?
There's some people who have something we require.
- And we want you to get it from them. - lt involves shooting ?
You must be tired.
We'll tell you more tomorrow.
Seven fat years and seven lean years.
- That's what it says in the Bible. - You ever kill anybody ?
l hurt somebody's feelings once.
Don't l know you ?
l don't think so. l'd remember.
Okay, two-hour shifts.
l'll watch the front, you guys watch the back.
(truck horn)
You awake, then ?
Hmm ?
How we doin' ?
You labour or management ?
lf l was management, l wouldn't have given you a cigarette.
l am the tour guide. Over there is the Eiffel Tower.
Over here, the Louvre. Over there, les toilettes.
What do l call you ?
- My name is Vincent. - Sam.
As per the agreement, your salary will be $5,000 a week...
..with a minimum of four weeks' work.
On the successful completion of the mission,... will each receive a bonus of $20,000.
And by the way, my name is Deirdre.
- The broad outlines of the mission are... - Who are your principals ?
For you, there's no one but myself.
Huh ?
And what can we infer from your charming lrish lilt ?
- Anything you like. - Where's the equipment ?
Tell me what you need, make a list, and give it to Vincent.
- Some of the equipment's quite technical. - lf it's in Paris, l'll find it.
This is what we're after.
We need to take it intact from several men who'll be intent on preventing us.
- How many men ? - You American ?
l think the group will be between five and eight. No more than eight.
- You don't know for sure ? - Not now but l will know before the event.
lf you don't know, why say between five and eight ?
There's two to three cars. The group's travellin'.
- They're not in Paris ? - No.
Where are they ?
- You'll find out soon enough. - What's in the case ?
Our plan, in broad strokes, is an ambush.
lt's to hit the car, to take them in transit.
- Transit ? City ? Country ? - Right now, as l said, l don't know.
But we've to move very quickly.
We'll start with this: Ambush and assault on two to three vehicles,...
..five to eight men, and our objective is the safe retrieval of this case.
Tell Vincent what it is you'll need.
What do we know about them ? Are they French ? Who are they ?
All you need to know right now is that they're very unpleasant.
- You've done this kind of thing before ? - You know...
How difficult can it be ?
We have no idea how these men will be armed ?
lt seems they'll be very well armed, indeed.
Where are we going and how are we getting back from there ?
lt'll be in France, and the group will disband at the RV point.
- (French) What does she mean ? - After that, we're on our own.
- lt's a military term. - That's right.
Larry, tell Vincent what you'll need.
Something very fast. Audi S-8. Something that can shove.
l'm going to have it for you by the afternoon.
l'll also need a nitrous system. l've got the specs.
What do you use, weapons-wise ?
- Hmm ? - Weapons.
- l'm a... l'm a weapons man. - Weapons man.
- Yeah. - Okay.
They tend to settle the argument. So what do you favour ?
Well, you know. lt's a toolbox. You put the tools in for the job.
What ?
You know, l actually favour the old 191 1 .
.45. Old gun.
lt served my country well. A long time.
Your country !
Not done too well, have you, last few wars ?
Perhaps not, but at least we don't go around whining about it.
You ex-military ?
No, l got my job through the New York Times.
- (French) Don't let him get you down. - lt don't mean nothin' to me.
l say what l think.
Are you ex-military ?
Boys at Hereford ?
l'm sorry, but l'd like to go backwards. The line of retreat is...
She just told you. We meet back at the RV, disband.
l understand. l'm just trying to get a vague notion of the opposition.
We're gonna cause some animosity. How many will be coming after us ?
- You worried about your own skin ? - Yeah, l am.
lt covers my body.
All your concerns will be addressed before we leave.
- Electronics and commo. - Not more than three cars ?
That is our information.
- Can you get me a simulator ? - What's a simulator ?
Gunpowder. Sound only, no lead. Sounds like a pistol.
Quite diverting.
Listen, l'm also gonna need some bigger injection jets.
The Bosch is not gonna do it. They have to be custom-made.
We going north ? We going south ?
l'd like some new clothes.
- Vincent will sort you out. - l'll take care of it.
- So what brought you here ? - A fella that doesn't work so well.
The man in the wheelchair ?
How did he get there ?
That was in your neck of the woods, back in the late unpleasantness.
Good reflexes.
Oh, yeah.
They die hard.
- lnterrogation. - What ?
- Methods to withstand interrogation. - You've done that ?
We were taught to hold out indefinitely.
- Nobody can hold out indefinitely. - Ah, is that so ?
Everybody has a limit. l spent some time in interrogation... once.
- They make it hard on you ? - They don't make it easy.
Yeah, it was unpleasant. l held out as long as l could.
All the stuff they tried.
You just can't hold out for ever.
- lmpossible. - How'd they finally get to you ?
- They gave me a grasshopper. - What's a grasshopper ?
That's two part gin, two part brandy, one part crème de menthe...
Fuckin' smartass !
- Can you find this place ? - Of course.
l know it.
That's where they wanna do the exchange.
You're gonna exchange for cash ?
- You know these people ? - My people know them.
Your people have done business with them before ?
Or these people just gave your people a number ?
Okay. lf we're gonna do it, let's do the goddamn thing right.
- Hey ! - l'm busy.
Okay, come on. Let's go.
The answers to your questions l'll know when l get back.
- l'll go with you. - Go with them.
Who does this girl work for ?
Well, she works for our betters.
lt seems that's what we're meant to know.
Always a waiting game.
- What ? - lt's a waiting game.
Hey, wait. Would you not do that, please ?
Bad for the night vision, yeah ?
There they are.
- You have the list ? - Yes, l have it.
Give it to me.
Money ?
Okay. You follow my lead.
Just make sure you watch my back.
(French) Don't make any sudden moves.
Just because we're buying guns doesn't mean we didn't bring any.
Don't worry. Everything's fine.
You want to back him up ?
What would l profit from your death ?
- Well, you'd have the money. - l have the money already.
l'll watch the back.
- (French) Have you got it all ? - Oui.
- You're sure ? - Ofcourse. Come and see.
There it is !
lt's not all here.
- Vincent. - What ?
lt's not all here.
- C'est tout ? - Ah, non, non, non.
Le patron va contr^oler l'argent. Vous aurez le reste de la marchandise.
Tiens. ll est là dans la voiture, avec le patron.
He said the rest is in the other car. The boss wants to check the money.
(French) lfhe agrees, we have no problem.
Here, take the car keys.
Go on. Take them.
Come on. Come.
Okay, give me... Give me some of the money.
Give me some of the money !
- Okay. - You aren't going in there ?
- Yeah, l am, and so are you. - Why am l going in there ?
- Why ? To protect me. - There is no protection there.
lf it's a come-on, we're fish in a barrel. Why do they want you in there ?
- What are you, crazy ? - You know, you think too hard.
Nobody ever told me that before. But l wouldn't go in there.
- What is it, Sam ? - l don't like it. Look at it.
Okay, okay.
Okay, let's just do it. Let's just do it and be done, yeah ?
You don't wanna go in there.
- l'm getting paid to go. lt's that simple. - Okay, come on. Let's go.
lf anything goes down, get next to one of those guys.
lf there's a sniper, he'll be afraid to shoot his own guy.
- Let's go ! - All right.
Stop !
(French) Stay where you are.
So, everything's fine.
(boat horn)
Shit ! l can't see ! l can't see !
Have some of this !
Fuckin' arsehole !
- Fuckin' have some more, you bastards ! - (siren)
Come on ! Come on !
- (gunfire continues) - Let's go !
- No ! You goddamn... - Come on ! Let's go !
- ls anybody hurt ? - We're fine.
Almost a bit of raspberry jam back there, yeah ?
A bit of raspberry jam back there !
(tyres screeching)
Got the swag, kept the money. Job well done.
That's a fact. That is a fact.
Slow down. Slow down.
l think l have to stop.
Thank you.
(Spence coughing)
Why did you take this job ?
My friend, l need the money.
(French) The money is here.
That's what this is, you know ? Money.
Yeah, but who are our employers ?
You're right.
(Tannoy announcement in French)
Excuse me.
Excuse me, monsieur.
(lrish accent) The Russians are bidding for the case.
The case is in Nice. They're trying to sell it to the Russians.
They're staying at the Villa Belle Mer in Nice.
- The team isn't ready. - Whatever the team is, you do it now.
The Russians have decided to bid. We need to move now.
Excuse me.
l have the information. We'll be movin' very soon.
lt'll definitely be in the nature of an ambush...
..somewhere between here and here.
We'll anticipate a three-car convoy with a backup team.
We will try and stop the target before they can get away from us.
- What's in the case ? - That information isn't necessary.
ls it heavy ? ls it explosive ?
ls it chained to some unlucky bloke's wrist ?
- Are we gonna have to chop it off ? - All right.
l don't have to let you know...
Then the price has got to go up.
l'll get you the case, but the price has gotta go up.
lf it's gonna be amateur night, l want $100,000. l want it up front.
l want it in a bank account. l want another $100,000 when you get the case.
We've got shooters here, shooters here.
l'll tell you an old trick.
- What's your problem ? - Draw it again.
Draw it again. You're the ace field man. Draw it again.
lt's a simple diagram. Just draw it again. Draw what you saw.
Draw it again ! Draw it again.
Two shooters. Car comes through here.
Shooters across from each other, kill each other dead.
- Oh, my. Where'd you learn that ? - ln a regiment.
- What regiment was that ? - The 22nd Special Air Service.
What's the colour of the boathouse at Hereford ?
What's the colour of the boathouse at Hereford ?
- l don't like your attitude. - What's the colour of the boathouse...
- Fuck off ! - What's... You got the gun. l'm unarmed.
Do something. Go ahead. Do something. Do something.
Do something.
Tell me about an ambush ? Don't tell me about an ambush !
l ambushed you with a cup of coffee.
You'll get your money when we get the case.
- The others, too. - That is what l understood.
Come on. We've gotten the word. We're movin'.
Put this near the front.
Careful ! Careful with that !
So what colour is the boathouse at Hereford ?
How the fuck should l know ?
This'll complete your compensation.
Thanks for your time. Feel free to leave when we're gone.
Do l need to suggest that you forget us ?
Because we will not forget.
(computer beeping)
- Morning. - l see you're reviewin' our problem.
Well, either you're part of the problem, part of the solution,...
- ..or you're just part of the landscape. - lndeed.
What's in the case ?
Something we're paying ya for.
- You and the girl are in front of the hotel. - The name's Deirdre.
Deirdre. Wait outside the hotel for the target.
He leaves the hotel for the villa, the villa for the hotel.
He activates his cellphone.
How do you know he's gonna use his cellphone ?
- He'll use a phone. - How do you know ?
- l'm gonna call him on it. - How do you know he'll have it with him ?
He's waitin' for a call.
His people will call him to tell him the location of the meet.
- Okay ? - Okay.
The villa, the hotel, the car, the stop light, 8 to 10 guys.
How good's their... How good's their security ?
- l can't tell you. - Well, let's find out. Where are they ?
The last report, they were at the hotel.
- The case is at the hotel ? - We presume that it is.
- That's interesting. - Why don't we do it now ?
- lt's tempting. - lt's a good plan. Let's stick to the plan.
Everybody wants to go to the party. Nobody wants to stay and clean up.
- Please. - The only thing is that the map...
..the map is not the territory.
Let's go look at the ground.
Bring some money. We're gonna do a little shopping.
Listen up.
You're my wife. Be who you wanna look like.
lt's just a game. Just a game.
Man and a woman going for a walk.
Piece of cake. Relax. Relax, darling.
You look good cleaned up.
ls that the hotel ?
Put your arm under mine. Put your arm under mine.
Why aren't they at the villa ? Why are they down here ?
Fun and games ? Pretty girls and beer or what ?
(indistinct chattering in French)
(French) Can l help you, sir ?
No. We're looking at the menu.
Uh, excuse me ? Do you speak English ?
A little.
Could you take a picture of me and my wife ?
lt's very easy. You press like that.
- Sure. - Like that. That's it. Focus like that.
Okay ?
We're gonna do it over here.
Can you get that palm tree in ? We wanna show we're on the Riviera.
- How many do you want ? - Just snap away.
Very good. Again.
Again. Get the background.
Take a couple of my wife, alone.
(French) Take my luggage up right away.
Thank you.
Can we take one picture of you with my wife ? One picture with you ?
That's it.
So ?
Well, they're good.
Guy goes for the case, other guy's protecting the principal.
Nobody panics. They're good.
- So what have we learned ? - Can it be done ?
lt can be done. We should have two more men.
- We don't have two more men. - Go to your handler.
- There is no handler. - Let me go.
There's no handler. There's only me.
Listen, you want the case, we're gonna need some more men.
There's no more help, there's no more men. Are you afraid ?
Of course l'm afraid. You think l'm reluctant because l'm happy ?
We've made a good plan, and we're gonna stick with it.
What do we do ?
We wait.
- (French) So, who are they ? - Our employers.
(knocking on door)
- Qui est là ? - lt's me.
They've gone back to the villa.
- Did they have the case with them ? - They did.
- Did you get the other cars ? - Got 'em.
- And how do they run ? - They'll do fine.
Well, what does that mean ?
lt would be nice to do something.
We are doing something. We're sitting here, waiting.
lt's not gonna happen today.
The buyers are out of town.
Tomorrow at the earliest.
You know what ? The hell with 'em. Let's go put 'em to bed.
- We've got the report. - lf l take the report, l got nothing else.
l can go see for myself. They at the villa ?
l'm gonna go take one last run over the route and tuck 'em in.
l'll come with ya.
So how did you get started in this business ?
A wealthy scoundrel seduced and betrayed me.
Same with me. How 'bout that ?
Take out the map. Take out the map. lf anybody looks, we're...
So who are those guys inside ?
You tell me.
Ex-military, Northern Sov Block, somebody or other.
- They need a job. That's my excuse. - ls it ?
- (beeping) - System activated.
- (tapping keyboard) - System check.
Repeat system check.
There he is. He's being good. He's activated his phone.
(tyres screeching)
l'm in position.
(speaking French)
- They're passin' me now. - Target is on the way.
Hell of a time to be workin'.
What do you want for Christmas ?
My two front teeth.
May your wish be granted.
(bell tolling)
Target is 400 metres from the traffic light.
(simulated gunfire)
(speaking French)
Come on ! Come on !
So far so good. Target on the right road.
Sam, escort car.
- Four tenths of a click in front of you. - Got it.
Larry, you should see them in... four seconds.
Two cars.
l got 'em.
(speaking French)
Target has escaped. l repeat, target has gotten away.
Target heading for Vieux Nice.
Through the market, then straight.
Right at the fork, Maréchal Foch.
Okay, you're in front of him.
- Cut him off at the end of the port. - Roger that. l got it.
He's coming from the right.
He's yours.
- l'm hit ! Take the case ! - Up the other end !
- Get the fucking case ! - Get the car up the other end !
Take this !
Get out of here ! l'll see you at the safe house !
Hey ! Get rid of the case ! Get rid of the case !
Arrètez-vous !
- Where is Gregor ? - Gregor fucked us.
(choir singing in French)
(knocking, door opening)
- How is it out there ? - A lot of heat. A lot of heat.
- How you feeling ? - Okay.
- Thanks for before. - Don't mention it.
Could you clean the paint off this ?
- You got a pack of Camels in there ? - No, you smoke too much.
(French) We must get out ofhere.
l'm gonna need your people to help us.
- And l need you to find the case. - All right, call your guy.
When we bring in the case, he'll help you.
- How can l bring him the case ? - Well, Gregor has it.
- Why ? - l presume to sell it to the Russians.
Why the Russians ? Why not you ?
lf we had the money to buy the case,...
..we wouldn't have hired you to steal it, would we ?
- Go to your people. Talk to them. - You want the case ?
We find Gregor, we find the case.
- How do we find Gregor ? - How'd you find him in the first place ?
l found him through your friend, the cripple,...
..who gave me nothin' but a bunch of fucking lames !
You and Spence and the whole sorry lot of you !
We can find him through his cellphone.
(Larry groaning)
Can we trace his cellphone ?
(tape ripping)
They can triangulate it, if we had that equipment.
Who has that equipment ?
Who has that equipment ?
Tell me.
Who has it ?
All right. All right.
Give me the number to his phone.
So, how does the day find you ?
How do they say it in French ? En pleine forme.
This was supposed to be a social occasion.
- Life is uncertain. - lt is indeed.
But, Gregor, we have so much history together,...
..l was sure you wouldn't mind.
- Besides, the world these days is so... - Unsafe ?
l'll show you how unsafe it is.
(children laughing, chattering)
See that little girl down there ?
Have you lost your mind ? Why did you do that ?
To make a point.
l don't know her, but l was ready to blow her brains out.
But you, l don't particularly like you.
Just imagine what l'll do to you if you try anything. Now give me my money.
Put down the gun.
- l never liked you either, Gregor. - Where did that come from ?
l should have made you strip.
- Now where's my package ? - lt's right behind you.
(female vocalist singing in French)
Whoo-hoo !
(Russian) Clever girl.
You liked it ?
My little sun.
You make me so happy.
ls it done ?
lt's done, Mikhi.
(woman) Natacha ?
Gregor ? ls that you, Gregor ?
Much to your disappointment, no doubt.
lt was a mistake. lt should not have happened.
Well, if it happens again, l'll turn around and sell it to the lrish.
- Don't do that. - Then don't make me.
My price just went up 300°/0.
l want the package, Gregor. What do l have to do to get it ?
Just wait for my next phone call.
l'll find a place where l can tilt the field in my favour.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Could you tell me how to find a post office ?
Do... Do l know you ? l'm sorry. Do l know you ?
How did you know l speak English ?
You got an English newspaper.
- l'm sorry. l beg your pardon. - lt's all right.
Uh, what do you need a post office for ?
'Cause over here, they use them for different things.
l need your help.
- l thought you left. - l did leave.
- You did leave ? You're out ? - That's right.
Can you help me ? l need your help.
What's the number ?
Yeah, the post office is, uh, just down to your left.
- Up on the left ? Thanks. - On the left.
- A friend of yours ? - We went to high school together.
Everyone's your brother until the rent comes due.
Ain't that the truth !
(French) Yes. Yes, on the terrace ?
Facing me ? l see him.
Yes, l'll get him. Hang on, please.
Excuse me, sir. Are you Sam ?
Telephone for you.
Yeah, good to see you, too.
lf his position changes, l'll let you know.
Gregor's in a town called Arles.
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