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Subtitles for Rookie (2002) CD1.

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Rookie (2002) CD1

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Man: Ther e's a story told in|the town of Big Lake, Texas --
a story of the town's|beginnings.
It's the story|of the Santa Rita Number One,
birthplace|of West Texas Oil.
Now, as with|most Texas legends,
ther e was a man who thought oil|was right beneath his f eet.
And as with|most such stories,
no one else believed him.
Ex cept in this case|f or two nuns,
who in 1923 met the man
and believed so much in him|and his dr eam
that they invested money|no one knew they had.
Now, when the nuns told|their parish priest
about the man's dr eam|and their investment in it,
now, he counseled them|to try and get their money back.
Sheepishly, they admitted|that it was too late,
that the money|was alr eady spent.
Well, the priest, he sighed,|shook his head,
and off er ed just|one small bit of advice --
bless the site|with rose petals,
and invoke the help|of Saint Rita,
patron saint|of impossible dr eams.
And while the workers|waited f or the oil
that would eventually come,|they played baseball.
Oil worker:|He's outta here.
Played baseball so well|that some wer e able to give up
the dirt and the despair
and went on to play|major-league ball
in the glory days|of Ruth and Gehrig.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Come on!
I've heard and told|that story on many occasions,
but that was long bef or e
Saint Rita decided|to bless our little town
just one mor e time.
-- [ Bat cracks ball ]|-- Yeah!
First game|in the big leagues,
and Jimmy Morris|has a no-hitter going.
Agh, Jimmy,|don't throw it so hard.
My hands ar e cold.
[ Grunts ]
What ar e you doing?
Waiting till Spring,|that's what I'm doing.
Your f ather and I|need to talk to you.
I hear Virginia's|r eal nice --
at least that's what|the Navy f olks told your f ather.
Isn't that right, Jim?
We'll just be moving|again.
It's my job|to decide when we move.
It's your job|to make the best of it.
Jim, please.
Who knows? Maybe it won't snow|so much in Virginia.
Jimmy: "Jimmy Morris,
"with another masterf ul|pitching perf ormance,
"well on his way
to another|World Series title."
[ Fence rattles ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Panting ]
Your f ather and I|need to talk to you.
[ Sighing ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
Man: Come on, Jimmy.
[ Sighs ]
[ Crowd cheers ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
Hey, partner.|How you doing?
Hey, Dad.
I had a good game --|13 strikeouts.
Did you win?
I just f ound out
there's a chance we may be|restationed again.
-- How much of a chance?|-- It's in West Texas.
The Navy wants me to be|a recruiter there.
Texas? When?
Thr ee weeks.
But, Dad...
We still got|half our season to play.
I'm awar e of that.
Well, maybe I could stay|with the Johnsons.
Unh-unh.|We move as a f amily.
I don't have a choice|in this.
What kind of baseball|do they have?
They don't.
I hear they might be starting|some summer ball.
Yes, sir.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Kael:|What are those things?
Jimmy: What?
Those things moving up|and down.
Oil rigs.
When those things|are moving up and down,
it means times are good.
Looks like times ar e good.
[ Sighs ]
We must have left some of them|back in Florida.
Left what?
I packed a couple of box es|with socks and things.
I could've sworn --
Jimmy, did you find|that one box?
Oh, no.
It's okay, Mom.
Don't worry, honey.|We'll find it.
I've never known a boy|to get so upset about|losing his socks.
His glove was in ther e.
His what?
His glove was in there.
Oh, quit moping|and grab a box.
Did you hear me?
Ther e ar e mor e important things|in lif e than baseball.
The sooner you figure that out,|the better.
[ Bell jingles ]
[ Door cr eaks, closes ]
[ Distant conversation ]
Man:|This Lee lvaco-cocus guy,
I guarantee you,|within two years,|three years tops,
he's gonna run that company|right out of business.
Ain't that right,|young man?
I guess she gone to lunch.
Help you find|something, son?
Socks we have --|in contrast to common sense,
which we seem to be running|a little short on today.
I'll be right down.
Don't look at my dominoes.
All right, sir, we got|white socks with red stripes,
black stripes, blue stripes.
Over ther e you got|all your solids
in black, blue,|brown, and gray.
Just take your pick.
That's a r eal nice pair|right ther e.
You visiting?
We just moved her e.
Oh, well,|then I'm Henry Sampson.
Nice to meet you.|Jimmy Morris.
Welcome to Big Lake,|Mr. Jimmy Morris.
You know, son, I can probably|tell you wher e it is
a whole lot quicker|than you can find it.
Got any baseball stuff?
Oh, baseball stuff.
Don't get much call|f or baseball stuff|around these parts.
Now if it was football,|that'd be a whole different|story. [ Chuckles ]
You know something,|though?
I got a catalogue over here|that just might|help us out some.
Let's take a look at that.
[ Exhales deeply ]
Yeah, I think we might find|something in here.
You know, if you'r e inter ested|in baseball,
ther e's a story that people her e|in this town tell
that you probably|ought to hear.
Thought you said nobody her e|car ed about baseball.
Oh, they car e about this.
It all started|with a couple of nuns
and a piece of ground|not too f ar f rom here.
[ Scraping ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-- Morning, Esther.|-- Morning, Jimmy.
Any more rattlesnakes|on the playground?
Yeah. Two this morning.
I swear those things show up
every time|the oil business goes bad.
-- They gonna bring|the kids in?|-- They're thinking about it.
Don't these f amilies|have enough to worry about?
[ Exhales sharply ]
Don't r eport that, Esther.
I never do.
"Sum" means|that we'r e adding.
We have at least two items.
Don't make this hard,
but what ar e we adding|her e --
protons and...
So, David...
These protons|and these neutrons,
they're inside of...what?
The nucleus?
Well, don't say it|like a question, son.
If you think you know it, just|say it like you know it.
The nucleus.
That's right --|the nucleus.
[ Laughter ]
So, congratulations.
Go home tonight|and tell your par ents
that you figur ed out|the mass number of an atom.
Nat "King" Cole:|## Chestnuts roasting... ##
Jimmy: Frank, ain't it|a little late to be|playing this song?
-- It's 8:30.|-- It's March.
Well, that song's too good|to play f or only one month.
-- Hunter, you gonna want|cheese on that?|-- Yes, sir.
Cal: Besides, he smoked|three packs a day.
Henry: Who?
Nat "King" Cole. He thought|it'd make his voice deeper.
Frank: Oh, and Frank Sinatra|was the poster child|for vocal care?
Who died in his 50s?
You take care of yourself,|things work out.
Oh, is that right, is it?|Well, what about Jimmy, ther e?
I mean, he took|r eal good car e of himself,
and, uh, how many surgeries|was it, Jimmy -- f our?
Hunter:|They put this thing
f rom his ankle up|to his shoulder.
We'r e talking about singing,|not pitching.
And, Hunter,|do us all a f avor
and don't tell us that bit|about the ankle anymore.
-- Mel Torme in June.|-- What in the world ar e you|talking about now?
Mel Torme wrote|"The Christmas Song"|on a beach somewher e.
There wasn't no Jack Frost|nippin' at anybody's nose|that day.
-- Daddy...|-- Yeah?
Your arm ever hurt|anymor e?
Only when I have to|drag you out of bed
in the morning|f or school.
No, I'm just kidding|you, bud.
It hasn't hurt|in a long time.
How long?
Why do you want to know?
Just wondering.
Oh, let's see.|[ Exhaling ] Uh...
It never hurt|when I was in high school,
'cause we didn't have|a baseball team.
And it never hurt|when I was in junior college,
'cause, well, that's why|I got drafted.
And then, uh...
I don't know.|Just started hurting.
Is that why|you didn't make it?
It's never one thing.
[ Fence rattles ]
[ Fence rattles ]
[ Rattling continues ]
[ Baby crying ]
[ Groans ]
[ Sleepily ] Mmm.
[ Inhales deeply ]|I'll get her.
Is that a r eal|"I'll get her,"
or ar e you just|waiting f or me to say,|"Go back to sleep"?
I haven't decided yet.
Go back to sleep.
[ Crying continues ]
Mm, baby...
What's all that|crying about?
[ Crying continues ]
[ Sighs ]|I think it's my turn.
No.|It's your turn to sleep.
You sur e?
Here we go.|Come on, baby.
There we are.
Good night.
Good night.
Ther e we go.
Ther e we go.
Wack: Hey, Rudy, when was|the last date you had --
what, like a year ago?
Rudy: Not me, man.
Come on, man.|Who you kidding?
You, too, Rudy.|Don't be laughing.
All set, coach.
Give me a ball.
Owls player: Hey, coach,|I forgot my glove.
-- Check the bag.|-- [ Sighs ]
-- 10 players, 9 gloves.|-- Yeah.
-- How do they look?|-- Couple of holes.
All right, get one.
Thanks, man.
Hey, coach...
They putting down any grass seed|in the field this year?
Man, it's a goat track|out her e.
Just waiting|f or the seed to take.
-- What seed?|-- [ Chuckles ]
Ain't no seed|out her e, man.
How come we get dirt,
and the f ootball field looks|like Tiger Woods' backyard?
They don't even play|f or six months.
Just let me worry|about the field, all right?
You plan on worrying|anytime soon?
-- All right, Wack.|-- [ Laughter ]
You can get your running done|early today.
All right, I'll get|my running in early.
Lookin' good.
Okay, bring it home!
[ Exhales deeply ]
Hey, coach...|you want to throw?
You know, I seen you|out there at the Old|Legion Field at night.
You know,|sometimes it helps
when you throw|if you got somebody|catching f or you.
A ball, a glove --|that kind of thing.
-- I'll throw a couple.|-- Really?
All right.
How come you throw out there|all by yourself?
Helps me relax.
I've been doing it...|a pr etty long time.
Coach, back when you|wer e r eally throwing,
how f ast wer e you|bringing it?
I don't know.
85, 86.
Well, that's not bad.
Well, it is when|the other guy's|throwing 90.
Coach, come on.|Let's see you bring one.
Can't.|Promised too many doctors.
Come on, coach,|one is not gonna kill you.
Now, come on.|Feed me.
Yeah, Dad.|Bring the heat.
Feed me, coach.
[ Air whooshes ]
Wher e'd that come f rom?
Forgot how good|that sounded.
[ Air whooshes ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Hunter laughing ]
[ Air whooshing ]
[ Grunting ]
Coach, how f ast do you|think those were coming?
-- Oh, not as f ast|as you think.|-- Oh.
Hey, uh, do me a f avor,|all right?
Let's just keep this|between you and me.
Hunter: You could barely see|that last one.
And that goes f or you too,|all right?
-- No telling Mom.|-- Why?
[ Sighs ]
Because I said so.
Good night, Ray.
I know why|your grass isn't growing.
[ Crickets chirping ]
Usually get thr ee or f our|out her e every night.
So I put the seed down,|they pick it up.
Once it comes in,|they don't like it as much.
That's why the f ootball field|looks so good.
Maybe those f ootball guys|ar e paying off these deer
with all the big budget money|they got.
[ Laughs ]
Go on! Get out of here!
I thought deer|wer e supposed to be skittish.
[ Allison Moor er singing|"Tumbling Down" on ster eo ]
Need me|to top that off?
Nothing like wine bought|with a Chevron cr edit card.
Well, I know what a demanding|consumer you can be.
Mmm. Yeah?
[ Sighs ]
I thr ew today.
To Joel...|after practice.
You thr ew?
I thr ew.
How hard?
Pr etty hard.
Uh, don't worry.
If it starts to hurt,|l-l'll stop.
All right? Promise.
I gotta check on|the kids.
Joe David: Wack, got|the muffler changed,|buddy -- the jeep.
Can't hear me coming three|miles away, can you, there?
Owls player:|Ray, check out the screwball!
Ladies loving the jeep.
Come on, man.|Give me the rock.
All right,|bring it in f or some b.p.
We can't.|Rudy's not her e.
-- Well, wher e is he?|-- Locker room.
Something to do|with only having one shoe.
Somebody grab a bat.
You'r e throwing|batting practice?
-- [ Laughter ]|-- I'm up first, man.
Wack: I hit the Lotto!
Joe David: Come on, Wack!|Send it, baby!
Send it!|What do you say, Wack?
[ Laughs ]
-- Whoo!|-- Yeah!
Looks like that one's|gonna land in another|time zone, coach!
You might want to r eset your|watch bef or e this next one.
You see that?
Yeah, it's...
Come on.
Joe David: Yeah!
[ Laughs ]
[ Inhales deeply ]
-- [ Grunts ]|-- [ Air whooshes ]
What was that?
Wait till he warms up.
[ Laughs ]
[ Rudy and Joe David|laughing ]
Let me see|another one of those.
Nope. It's batting practice,|not pitching practice.
[ Chuckles ]
All right.
[ Laughing ] Oh, my God!
Cal: I'm already down|two bits.
How many of them|job applications you plan on|sending out, Jimmy?
Many as it takes, I guess.
So the little boy|coming into my stor e to buy|socks after a dozen moves
is planning on making|a move of his own now?
Well, this is diff er ent.
[ Laughs ] It always is.
I hear you diagnosed|that problem with that|baseball field of yours.
You mean|his potential field.
Well, "diagnosed" part's right.|It's the "curing" part I'm|having trouble with.
I'll take five.
You know, I had the same|trouble out at my place
a few Springs back.
You did?|What'd you do?
Oh, hell.|Give me five, too.
Let me ask you something --
how many games|you got on that field|next couple of weeks?
Well, we -- we play ther e|next Friday,
but then we'r e not back|till the end of the month.
You think you can keep|your boys off the field|f or that length of time?
Now, I'm talking about no|practice, nothing whatsoever.
Henry...|why do I get the f eeling
this is something|I don't want to know about?
I'm gonna take back|two of them old ones|if that's okay with everybody.
I'll tell you what you do.
You give me thr ee weeks,|and I'll have that field
Iooking gr eener than Dublin|on Saint Patty's Day.
50 cents, fellas.
[ Coins rattle ]
Woman: All right, boys.|Get a hit.
Cal: [ On P.A. ]|Rudy Bonilla, hoping to|spark a Big Lake rally.
Come on, Rudy!
Be a hitter!
Owls player:|Keep your eye on it.
Strike thr ee!
Cal: Strike three called,
and the Owls drop|their season opener.
It's all right.
It's okay. Good eff ort.|It's only one.
If we don't start hitting,|it's not gonna be the only one.
Opposing player: Good game.|Good game, buddy.
Cal: Drive safely|on your way home now, folks.
Good game.|Good game.
[ "Baby, I Ain't Gotta Do That|No Mor e" plays ]
[ Humming ]
Wher e do you keep|your brooms, Cal?
Right her e, sweetheart.
Owls player: Come on, Cory.|Give it a ride.
-- Give it a ride, now.|-- [ Smooches ]
Matt: Get ready, Cory.
Owls player #2:|Guy couldn't throw a fit...
Come on, Cory!
-- Yeah!|-- Oh!
Joel: Play's at second,|Miguel!|-- [ Sighs ]
Cal: [ On P.A. ]|And the Owls are down 10.
Not your day, Rudy.
Not my year.
Looks like|coach Jimmy Morris
is making a pitching change.
Owls player:|Shake it off, Rudy!
Cal: Just a reminder, folks --|the concession stand|is still open.
Jimmy: Anybody want to tell me|how we lost that game?
How 'bout taking a look|at the numbers
on that scoreboard|out there?
What do those numbers|tell you?
How to get ahold|of Bo's Tir e Barn?
[ Laughter ]
You quit.
You quit out there.
You quit on me, and worse,|you quit on yourselves.
Now, what is it?
Think people don't car e about|baseball around her e?
Think the school's gonna|drop the program?
You're just making it easy|for 'em.
Sad part about it is,|I see it and you don't.
Look, guys...
Most of you...|[ Exhales sharply ]
You'r e gonna|finish up school her e,
you'r e gonna work the rigs,|you'r e gonna work at|Bo's Tir e Barn,
you'r e gonna raise a f amily|and r etir e,
and you'r e gonna do all that|right her e in Big Lake.
And ther e's nothing wrong|with that.
A lot of r eal good people have|done that.
I'm doing it.
But if you're looking for|something more
after you're done here,
you better give|some serious thought
as to how you'r e gonna play out|the r est of this season.
What diff er ence|does it make?
I mean, it's not|like any of us ar e|getting scholarships.
I'm not talking about|college.
I'm talking about|wanting things in lif e.
I'm talking about|having dr eams.
And all that starts|right her e.
Okay? Right here.
You don't have dr eams,|you don't have anything.
Joel: Coach,|what about you?
I mean,|you talk about our dr eams.
I... [ Sighs ] I mean,|I've been catching yours --
Joel, we ar e not talking|about me.
Yeah, come on, coach.
Every time you throw,|I got to ice my hand --|every time.
Y-you'r e the one|who should be|wanting something mor e.
And the sad part is,|I mean...
We see it and you don't.
Now, listen,|I've had my shot, all right?
Just... [ Sighs ]
Look, we got practice|tomorrow.
Let's go.
-- So you take another shot.|-- It doesn't work like that.
It does if|you throw hard enough.
I don't throw hard enough,|all right?
-- Now let's hit the shower.|Come on.|-- N-Now wait a minute.
We start winning,|you try out again.
[ Scoff s ]
[ Exhales deeply ]|Last time I checked,
scouts ar en't looking f or|high-school science teachers.
Well, not many science|teachers throw like you.
-- No kidding.|-- Yeah.|-- No lie.
[ Sighs ] Take a heck of a lot|mor e than a couple of Wins
to get me to make|a f ool of myself.
All right.
What if we win district?|Huh?
What if we win district|and go to state playoff s? Then?
Ar e you serious?
Yeah, absolutely.
Ar e you serious?
And all I have to do is just|find some kind of tryout|somewher e?
That's it, man.
[ Clears throat ]|All right.
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
-- If you win district.|-- Yeah!
Come on, man,|we can do this!
-- Right on, man.|-- Yeah, coach!
We can take it!|Whoo!
Let's do this, man!
I don't get to tell Mom|about this, do l?
[ Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell's|"Stuff That Works" plays ]
[ Crickets chirping ]
## I got an old blue shirt,|and it suits me just fine ##
[ Brakes squeaking ]
## I like the way it feels,|so I wear it all the time ##
## I got an old guitar,|won't ever stay in tune ##
## I like the way it sounds|in a dark and empty room ##
## I got an old pair of boots,|and they fit just right ##
## Well, I can work all day,|and I can dance all night ##
## I got an old used car,|and it runs just like a top ##
## I get the feeling|it ain't ever gonna stop ##
## Stuff that works ##
## Stuff that holds up ##
## ls the kind of stuff|you don't hang on the wall ##
## Stuff that's real ##
## That stuff you feel ##
## ls the kind of stuff|you reach for when you f all ##
## Stuff that works ##
## Stuff that holds up ##
-- [ Vehicle passes by ]|-- ## ls the kind of stuff|you don't hang on the wall ##
## Stuff that's real ##
## That stuff you feel ##
## ls the kind of stuff|you reach for when you f all ##
## The stuff that works ##
-- [ Grunting ]|-- ## The stuff that holds up ##
## The kind of stuff|you don't hang on the wall ##
-- [ Scraping ]|-- ## Stuff that's real ##
-- [ Br eathes deeply ]|-- ## That stuff you feel ##
## ls the kind of stuff|you reach for when you f all ##
[ Br eathes deeply ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Clicking ]
Cal: You sure about this,|Henry?
Yeah. Deer get|a whiff of human hair,
they just keep on moving
till they don't smell it|no mor e.
I figur e we put us|a circle
all the way|around the field her e.
This is a lot of hair.
[ Chuckles ] Well,|f rom the looks of things,
contrary to popular opinion,
Cal ain't been cheating|nobody down ther e at his shop.
[ All laugh ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
It helps if you actually|wear those goggles,|Ms. Martinez.
Uh, coach...
[ Chuckling ]
Joel: Yeah, baby.
Is that what|I think it is?
That, gentlemen, is|Bermuda Hybrid Number Five.
We'r e gonna have|a baseball field.
[ Doorbell rings ]
Maybe he's not home.
But he said|he'd be her e.
[ Doorbell rings ]
Hey, Grandpa.
I was r eading in the paper|this morning
that someone in your f amily|is having a birthday.
That's a kid joke,|Grandpa.
Kid joke? No kidding?
It's kinda big.
Oh, you'll grow into it|f aster than you think.
Look, Dad, it doesn't have|any fingers.
That's 'cause|it's a first-baseman's mitt. that wrong?
Well, you know, l-l probably|got the r eceipt somewher e.
Uh, we can just --|we can get another one, huh?|One with fingers.
That's okay, Grandpa.|I like first base.
Can I go outside|and play, Dad?
[ Clears throat ] Yeah.
What do you say first?
Thank you, Grandpa.|I r eally like it a lot.
Oh.|[ Chuckling ] Oh.
Stay in the yard.
If he decides he wants|one with fingers...
I'll take car e of it.
[ Sighs ]
I didn't know|you had these.
Oh, yeah.
Your mother gave me a f ew.
Hmm. She'd be the one|to have 'em.
## Happy birthday to you ##
## Happy birthday to you ##
## Happy birthday,|dear Hunter ##
## Happy birthday to you ##
Make a wish. Oh!
Lorri:|Hey, don't worry, baby.
Your wish still counts.
-- [ Whistle blows ]|-- Charles...
Do you think that|that ice-cream machine
is gonna start|spinning itself?
[ Noisemaker blows ]
Oh, I gotta go get|a knif e.
I'll help you, Mom.
I think we need plates,|hon, too.
-- [ Grunts ]|-- [ Pop ]
Seems like|five minutes ago
I was watching you|blow out those candles.
Ar e you trying to|make me f eel old?
Come talk to me|in 20 years.
Hunter says you spent|some time at your f ather's|today.
You know wher e|I'm going with that.
Yes, ma'am, I do.
Lorri says he's trying|r eal hard
to be a good grandf ather.
Yeah, well...
Lord, Jimmy, I swear,|the one thing you got f rom him|is his stubborn side.
-- That's not true.|-- [ Sighs ]
Well, what do you|want me to do,
pr etend everything|was perf ect?
You've been blaming your f ather|f or too many things|f or too many years.
I just call 'em|like I see 'em, Mom.
[ Chuckles ]
Jimmy, you can sell that story|someplace else, 'cause|I ain't buying.
You got your shot|at baseball.
You got hurt.
Simple as that.
It had nothing to do|with your f ather.
You think|he didn't have dr eams?
[ Sighs ]
That why it didn't work out|with you two?
[ Chuckles ]
I'm gonna need a longer str eet|f or that talk.
Jimmy:|Okay, let's get two.
[ Bat cracks ball ]
Come on, Wack!
Come on, coach, how long|we gotta practice her e?
Just a couple|of more days.
Joe David:|Getting old out here, coach.
Playing in a gravel yard.
Okay, Wack.
Come on in f or|batting practice.
Owls player: This is|not a ball field.
-- Come on, let's go.|-- Okay, okay.
[ Metal squeaks ]
Nice, easy swings.
Turn your hips.
Throw your hands|at the ball.
Come on, coach, l-l mean,|if we'r e gonna start winning,
we need to see|some better pitching.|-- Rudy: Yeah.
You gonna help us or not?
Come on, coach,|right here.
Joe David: Yo, let's see|some action.
[ Sighs ]
Joe David: Come on, Wack.
[ Elvis Pr esley's "Run On"|plays ]
## Ooooh ##
## Well, you may run on|for a long time ##
-- ## Run on for a long time ##|-- [ Air whooshes ]
## Run on for a long time ##
## Let me tell you, God|Almighty's gonna cut you down ##
-- ## Go tell that|long-tongued liar ##|-- [ Whooshing continues ]
## Go tell that midnight rider ##
## Tell the gambler,|the rambler, the backbiter ##
## Tell them God Almighty's|gonna cut them down ##
## You may throw your rock|and hide your hand ##
## Working in the dark|against your fellow man ##
## As sure as God made|the day and the night ##
## What you do in the dark|will be brought to the light ##
## You may run and hide,|slip and slide ##
## Trying to take the mote|f rom your neighbor's eye ##
## As sure as God made|the rich and poor ##
-- ## You gonna reap|just what you sow ##|-- [ Bat nicks ball ]
Rudy: Man!
[ Laughs ]
Hey, right on, man.
Got a piece of that one!
Now...get all of it.
-- You're the man, Wack.|-- Come on, Wack.
Joe David:|Catching up, coach.
-- [ Air whooshes ]|-- [ Bat cracks ball ]
[ Crowd cheering ]
Two, Wack! Two!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Stay up!|Stay, stay, stay!
Attaway, Wack!
-- [ Crack ]|-- Hustle!
[ Cheering continues ]
[ Crack ]
[ Crack ]
Run, boy, run!
[ Indistinct cheering ]
Pick it up! Pick it up,|pick it up, pick it up!
Umpire: Out!
[ Crack ]
-- Take it, Joel!|-- Got it!
Run, run, run,|run, run, run!
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah! Whoo!
-- Whoo!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
[ Cheering continues ]
Ther e you go, Joel!|Ther e you go, baby!
Hit it, Wack!|Eye on the ball, buddy!
[ John Hiatt's "Slow Turning"|plays ]
[ Cheers ]
## When I was a boy ##
## I thought it just came|to ya ##
## But I never could tell|what's mine ##
## So it didn't matter anyway ##
Cal: [ On P.A. ] How 'bout that|for an outstanding double play?
## My only pride and joy ##
## Was this racket down here ##
## Bangin' on an old guitar... ##
Cal: The Owls win again,|and that is five in a row.
##'s been a slow turnin' ##
Let's go.
## From the inside out ##
[ Cracking ]
-- ## A slow turnin', baby ##|-- All around, all around.
## But you come about ##
Strike thr ee!
## A slow learnin' ##
-- Whoo! Yeah!|-- ## But you learn to sway ##
Yeah, baby!
-- ## A slow turnin', baby ##|-- Come on,|get some def ense going!
## Not f ade away,|not f ade away... ##
Joe David: He's taking second!|-- Strike thr ee!
## ... Time is short, and here's|the damn thing about it ##
-- He's out!|-- ## You're gonna die,|gonna die for sure ##
## And you can learn to live|with love or without it ##
## But there ain't no cure ##
## There's just|a slow turnin'... ##
[ Crack ]
Cal: Going...going...
## ...A slow turnin' ##
## But you come about ##
-- The Owls clear the bases.|-- ## A slow turnin', baby ##
-- [ Cheers ]|-- ## But you learn to sway ##
## A slow turnin' ##
-- Yeah!|-- ## Not f ade away,|not f ade away ##
## Not f ade away... ##
[ All shouting ]
Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!|Keep it down now,
or f olks ar e gonna think|that f ootball season's|started alr eady!
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
Now, a lot of coaches|would say
that they'r e r eally proud|of you right now,
and I am.
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
A lot of coaches --|a lot of coaches would say
that it's amazing|that we won this many|games in a row,
and it is.
-- Yeah! !|-- Yeah! !|-- Yeah! !
But! But!
But, but, but,|but, but...
I am not gonna say|that I do not car e about|tomorrow's game,
'cause I do.
So let's finish|this thing up.
[ Owls cheer ]
[ Chanting ] State!|State! State! State!
State! State! State! State!|State! State! State! State!
Quite a group|you got there.
-- Well, thanks.|-- I'm Steve Dearborn.
-- I'm with the Barton School|District in Fort Worth.|-- Oh.
I was hoping we might be|able to talk about that|application you sent us.
Uh...sur e.
[ Cheering continues ]
[ No audio ]
They'll understand.
[ Sighs ] I got most of 'em|coming back.
Jimmy, you'r e always gonna have|kids coming back.
Not these kids.
It's Fort Worth.
High-school coaching jobs|don't get any better.
You get to coach,|you get to teach...
And not that it's the most|important thing in lif e, is twice the money,|Jimmy.
We sur e could use it.
I know.
Well, I am done telling you|to sleep on it,
because that sur e|ain't working.
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Clears throat ]
Thr ee years ago,
this program ended the season|with only one win.
Two years ago...|one win.
Last year...same story.
This year...
We have won 16 games.
And, gentlemen...
We need 17.
Anybody got any questions?
Wack: Coach...
Coming back next year?
Why don't we worry about|this year first, all right?
All right, gentlemen,|hats off.
Lord, we humbly thank You
f or bringing us her e|this season without injury|and inspiring us...
[ "Star Spangled Banner"|playing ]
Henry: [ On P.A. ]|## And the rockets' red glare ##
## The bombs bursting in air ##
## Gave proof|through the night ##
## That our flag|was still there ##
## Oh, say, does that|star-spangled banner yet wave ##
## O'er the land of the f ree ##
## And the home of the brave ##
[ Cheers and applause ]
Cal: [ On P.A. ]|A stirring rendition
f rom Big Lake|Rotary President,
Henry Sampson.
All right, all right.
We're a different team|than last time|we played these guys.
They'r e ripe|f or the pickin' .
Just...let's not be nervous|out ther e.
[ Panting ]
Nothing to be nervous about.
Let's play baseball.
[ Cheers ]
[ Cheering ]
Go! Go! Go!
Go all the way!
Coach: Wave him home!
Home! Home! Home!
Yes! Yeah!
Come on, guys.
Guys, come on.|Settle down.
Owls player: Shake it off,|baby. Shake it off.
Give me the ball!
Boys f rom Big Lake|ln an early hole --
2 to naught.
Keep your heads up.
Get this thing back to even.
Wack: It's all right.
Joel: Come on, boys.|It's the first inning.
All right, Brandon,|grab some wood.
Joe David, you'r e on deck.
This guy's f astball stinks,|so be looking out f or his curve,|all right?
Umpire: Batter up!
All right, one hit at a time,|one swing at a time,|one run at a time.
Come on, now.
Watch him! Let's go!|What do you say, Miguel?
Wack: All right, Miguel.|Come on.
Joel: Let's get a hit.|Let's get a hit.
Umpire: He's out!
[ Groans ]
Owls still with that zero|up on the board.
Rowley player: Throw him out!
A scorcher that dang-near|took our boy's head off.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheering ]
Come on, slide!
Saf e! And that puts Big Lake|ln scoring position.
You all right?
Owls player: Whoo!
Cal: Rudy Bonilla coming|to the plate.
[ Cheering continues ]
Come on, baby!|Come on!
Owls player: Come on!
Let's go!
Owls player #2: Come on!
Send him home!
[ Cheering ]
Saf e! Saf e!
A suicide squeeze,
and the Owls|ar e on the scor eboard.
Go, ball, go!
[ Cheering ]
Spectacular catch, and the Owls|are hanging in there.
Come on, Wack!
Cal: Joe David|is still on first base.
I see it! I see the f ear|in his eyes, Wack!
Come on, baby!|Come on, baby! Just do it!
Let's go, baby!
Joel: Let's go, Wack!|Come on!
Come on, now!
Come on, Wack!|Go, Wack!
Come on, Wack!
Come on, Wack!
Come on, Wack!
Let's go, Wack!|Come on, baby!
[ Cheering ]
[ Whistling ]
Go! Go!
Go! Come on!
Stay! Stay!
Whoa! Whoa!
Saf e!
Joe David!
Big Lake takes the lead.
Rudy Bonilla|working with a f ull count.
Ruff neck runners|on first and second.
Owls player:|Smoke it by him!
Come on, 'Necks!|You can do it!
[ Grunts ]
Ball f our.
[ Groans ]
Bases now f ull of Ruff necks.
[ Cheering and applause ]
Owls player: Right here, Rudy!|Right here, right now!
Owls player #2: We got him!
Owls player #3:|Let's go, Rudy!|Let's get this out!
Look him down, Rudy!
Look him down!
Cal: Last year's District MVP|Cory Jones coming to the plate.
Rowley player:|All right, Cory!
Rowley player #2:|'Necks all the way!
Owls player:|Throw him some heat, Rudy!
Woman: Yeah! Whoo!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Umpire: Ball!
[ Booing ]
Come on, baby!
Joe David:|Come on, Rudy!
What do you say now?!
Aw, come on, now, Rudy!
Come on, baby!
Get this last out!
-- Come on!|-- Strike him out, Rudy!
Come on!|Strike him out!
Jimmy: Here we go!|Here we go!
Owls player: He's got nothing!|He's got nothing!
Joe David: Look alive!
Man: Come on! Tighten up, now!|Tighten up!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Oh, he is having|to dig deep now.
One-and-one count.
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gasping ]
Go. Go.
Goin' f oul! Goin' f oul!
Foul ball!
[ Sighs ]
Goin' foul! Yeah!
Let me tell you, folks,
they don't make foul balls|any scarier than that one.
Come on, Rudy!|Let's go!
Come on, Rudy!|You can do it!
Bear down, baby!|Bear down!
[ Cheering continues ]
We need another strike,|Rudy.
What do you say, Rudy?!|Come on!
He can't hit you!
-- He got nothing on you!|-- He can't hit you!
Come on, now, rapid-fire, baby.|Rapid-fire.
-- It's just a long strike now.|-- You can do it, Rudy!
You own him, Rudy!|Come on, baby!
You got to do this one!
This punk can't hit you, Rudy!|Come on!
He got nothing on you!
Dig deep, Rudy.
One time, f or all the marbles.|Let's go, baby.
Joe David: Come on, Rudy!|What do you say?!
Strike this guy out!|Come on!
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