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Subtitles for Rookie (2002) CD2.

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Rookie (2002) CD2

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[ Grunts ]
Strike thr ee!
[ Cheering ]
Owls win!
Owls win!
Owls win! Owls win!
Owls win!
[ Cheering continues ]
[ Cheering continues ]
Owls win!
Owls win!
Owls win!
[ "Jump Around" by House Of Pain|plays on ster eo ]
[ Owls continue cheering ]
## Pack it up, pack it in,|let me begin ##
## I came to win,|battle me, that's a sin ##
## I won't tear the sack up,|punk, you'd better back up ##
## Try and play the role|and then the whole crew|will act up ##
## Get up, stand up,|come on, throw your hands up ##
## lf you've got the feeling|jump across the ceiling ##
## Muggs is a f unk fest,|someone's talking junk ##
## Yo, I'll bust 'em in the eye,|and then I'll take the punks|home ##
## Feel it, f unk it, amps|in the trunk, and I got... ##
Hey.|Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-- Settle down, fellas.|-- [ Music stops ]
Wack: Yeah, come on, guys.|Quiet down.
To the man who taught us|about wanting something mor e.
Coach Jimmy Morris|of the District Champion|Big Lake Owls!
[ Cheering ]
We wanted it,|and now we got it! Yeah!
[ Cheering and applause|continues ]
[ Cheering and applause|stops ]
Now it's your turn,|coach.
It's your turn, coach.
Your turn, coach.
It's your turn, coach.
It's your turn, coach.
It's your turn, coach.
It's your turn, coach.
It's your turn, coach.
Your turn, coach.
[ Baby crying ]
Her e you go.|[ Smacking ]
Eat your cereal.|Come on.
[ Smacks ] Come on.
First day|of summer r egistration.
I'm gonna have to skip|br eakf ast.
Mommy, you can take|some Mister Crunch|with you if you like.
He's a captain, Jessie.|Don't go bustin' rank on him.
Thanks anyway, hon.
You got anything|going today?
-- We need to go see|the r eal estate guy.|-- [ Cries ]
He's been a captain f or ever.|Why don't they make him|something better?
Like, you mean, like,|like Admiral Crunch?
Just say, "Yes, ma'am, "|so I know you heard me.
Yes, ma'am.
Take 'em all with you|if you go.
[ Smooching ]
You kids mind your daddy.
Remind me not to forget Jamie|if we go anywhere.
[ Brakes squeak ]
They got lots of players,|Daddy.
[ Sighs ]
[ Engine stops ]
Man: Sign right here.
Have your players get in line,|coach.
Everybody signs in.
Jim Morris.
Dave Patterson.
I saw you when the Br ewers|drafted you.
Must have been, uhh...
Awhile back.
How ya doing, Dave?
You, um...
You still looking|at players?
Oh, well, the looking's|the easy part.
It's the finding|that gives me trouble.
-- Mm.|-- You bring some kids...
Besides your own?
Uh, I'm --|I'm her e f or me.
For you?
Well, all right, then.
All right.
-- Good to see you.|-- That's good.
-- Good to see you.|-- Uh-huh.
Sign her e.
[ "Nothing I Can Do About It|Now" by Willie Nelson plays ]
## I've got a long list|of real good reasons ##
## For all the things|I've done... ##
Come on. Let's go.
Oops. Ex cuse me.
## ... Of what I've lost|and what I've won ##
## I've survived|every situation ##
## Knowin' when to f reeze|and when to run ##
## And regret is just a memory|written on my brow ##
## And there's nothing I can do|about it now ##
## I've got a wild|and a restless spirit ##
## I kept my price|through every deal ##
## I've seen the fire|of a woman scorned... ##
Daddy,|you can be X's this time.
## ...l've got the song|of the voice inside me ##
## Set to the rhythm|of the wheel ##
## And I've been dreamin'|like a child ##
## Since the cradle|broke the bow ##
## And there's nothin'|I can do about it now ##
[ Crying ]
Now, now.
That's the last diaper.
Well, it's okay.
We'r e outta her e just as soon|as Jamie's set to go.
But, Dad --
No "But, Dads," okay?
I'm dealing with enough butts|her e as it is.
Hold on, honey.|Daddy's almost done.
[ Jamie continues crying ]
...Look,|I promised to try out,
but ther e's nothing|I can do if they won't|take a look at me.
Come on. You'r e up.
[ Jamie continues crying ]
Just a second.
I'm not doing it.
All right, look, look, look.|You just stay right her e.
You look after your sister,|all right?
Come on. Let's go.
[ Jamie crying ]
Be right back.
Who do we got her e?
All right. All right.
Need to warm up?
I'm good.
Don't hurt yourself.
Whenever you're ready.
Whenever I'm r eady.
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Scraping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Air whooshes,|ball slaps mitt ]
[ "Blue Moon Nights"|by John Fogerty plays ]
## Help me, fellas,|I'm feelin' kinda weak ##
## The way I'm livin'|just ain't right... ##
[ Grunts ]
[ Whispering ]
## ...All my blue moon nights ##
[ Grunts ]
## I want a girl to take me|by the hand ##
[ Grunts ]
## Follow me|right down the line ##
## Hold me gently|while we dance... ##
[ Grunts ]
You want me to keep going?
Couple mor e.
[ Grunts ]
## ...Help me, fellas,|it's gettin' kinda late ##
## Runnin' outta precious time ##
## She might pass me... ##
[ Grunts ]
## ...All my blue moon nights ##
## Heaven only knows I don't|want to be just a fool ##
[ Giggling ]
## Passin' through ##
## Won't you send an angel|to walk with me?
## All my blue moon nights ##
## All my blue moon... ##
[ Grunts ]
## ...All my... ##
That's good, Jim.
Man, you wer e bringing|some heat out ther e.
Aw, come on.
You had 'em talking.
You had 'em talking.
Good job, man.
[ Horn honks ]
That was Jessica.
Man: You did good,|though, man.
How f ast wer e you throwing|15 years ago?
Slow enough that scouts stopped|using the word "f ast."
Jim, how f ast|wer e you throwing?
I don't know.|85, 86.
You just thr ew|98 miles an hour.
Dozen straight pitches.|Thr ee radar guns.
Same thing on all of 'em.
Nah, D-Dave,|ther e's no way that I --
I've been a scout|a long time now,
and Rule Number One is arms|slow down when they get older.
Listen, Jim,|I call the office
and I tell them I got a guy her e|almost twice these kids' age,
I'm gonna get laughed at.
But if I don't call in|a 98-mile-an-hour f astball,
I'm gonna get fir ed.
I'm just letting you know|that there's a chance
you might get a call|on this.
You figur e out what I saw out|ther e today,
you let me know, okay?
[ Beep ]
Jimmy: Hey, hon,|don't fix dinner.|We're getting some pizza.
Oh, thank God.
[ Beep ]
Man: Jim, this is Dan Jordan|with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
I'll try you back later.
[ Beep ]
Man #2: Jim, Mark Raf us with|the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
Dave Patterson told me|about this afternoon.
I'll try you first thing|in the morning.
[ Beep ]
Dave: Hey, Jim, this is Dave.|Listen, uh...
We're gonna have you throw|again in a couple of days|just to make sure.
They're gonna send out|some of the boys f rom Tampa.
[ Brakes squeak, engine stops ]
Daddy told me|to give you the pizza
and not say anything else.
Thank you, sweet pea.
I'm sur e that's exactly|what he told you.
[ Jamie cries ]
All right.|All right, go. Go ahead.
Hunter: There was, like,|a thousand players,|and it was so hot.
And Daddy was pitching|really hard.
-- Oh, yeah?|Jessica: Yeah.
-- And it was really hot,|but it was f un.|-- Yeah.
-- And I got my nose burned|really bad.|-- Yeah.
Jimmy: The guy thought that the|damn radar gun was broken.
Do you know how many guys|can throw the ball
98 miles an hour?
Not many.
You can count 'em|on one hand.
I still don't believe it.
I mean, those ar e major-league|scouts on our message machine.
I know.
[ Chuckles ] It's gr eat.
Um, listen, honey, w-why didn't|you tell me about all this?
Well, I just...|thought you'd laugh at me.
Oh, come on.
It was just this --
it was this thing to get|the kids to start playing.
I thought I'd just go ther e,|I'd throw a f ew pitches,
then I'd be done with it.
So...|are you considering this?
I-l don't know.
I -- I-l don't know.
I...l have never thrown|that hard bef or e.
Y-you don't seem|too ex cited.
No, I am.
[ Dishes clinking ]
[ Water running ]
Announcer: [ On television ]|It's a tough decision.
Do you go ahead and call in|your set-up man
to try to counter|the left-handed batter
with the|lefty middle-reliever?
Announcer #2: [ On television ]|That's right, Tom.
They have Johnson available|as well as Bisou,
who did work one f ull inning|on Tuesday night.
Yup, now it appears they've|made up their minds...
And they're gonna go|the set-up route.
And here comes Gray|out of the bullpen,
making the traditional run|through the outfield|to the mound.
You know, Jim, I'm sure|no matter how many times|you've made that run,
it still has to be|quite a thrill.
Right you are, Jim.|Back to the action.
[ Television turns off ]
[ Remote control drops ]
[ Rain f alling ]
[ Sloshing ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Slap ]
Ain't nothing wrong|with that one right ther e.
[ Grunts ]
[ Slap ]
So much f or his arm|f alling off, huh?
[ Slap ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Sloshes ]
[ Engine running ]
[ Engine stops ]
Yeah -- yes, sir.
[ Clears throat ]|I was just driving by.
I saw that...
Your light was on.
It'll be on|f or a f ew mor e hours.
You want to come in?
Oh, no.|That's all right.
I was, um --|I got to be heading back.
I just, uh, wanted to,|um...
[ Clears throat ]
-- Uh --|-- Lorri called.
Guess the scouts saw|what they wanted to see.
I don't know what to do.
[ Chuckles softly ]
Give it some time.
[ Sighs deeply ]
I haven't got|a lot of that.
You'r e asking me?
[ Clears throat ]
[ Smacks lips ]
[ Sighs ]
Yes, sir.
Your grandf ather|once told me
it was okay to think about|what you want to do,
until it was time to start doing|what you wer e meant to do.
That may not be|what you wanted to hear.
[ Clears throat ]
Good night, Jimmy.
Good night.
I swear, sometimes I think|he lies in bed at night
just figuring out the one thing|that he can say
that hurts the most.
I was this close|to thinking
he was gonna give me|some good advice.
Maybe he did.
Oh, boy. [ Sighs ]|Listen, Jimmy, I love you.
Lord knows I think it's gr eat|you going out ther e
and showing up the kids|at the tryout.
But I'm a little concerned that|you might be losing sight
of the f act you have a f amily|who needs you
and a pretty decent job waiting|for you up at Fort Worth.
For the r ecord, all right,
I never said|I was gonna do this.
Oh, come on, Jimmy.|I know you.
Although I was hoping f or|a little bit mor e support|on the home f ront.
Oh, so this doesn't concern|me...or the kids?
You can't eat dr eams,|Jimmy.
And they don't pay f or clothes|or shoes or gas or babysitters.
Now, I do not want to be|the bad guy in this,
but somebody around here|has got to start|being rational.
You know what?!|That's all I've been|my whole lif e!
Yeah,|what about my lif e?!
I was there, too,|remember?
Every time you got hurt,|I got a f ront-row seat
to watch you shut yourself off|f rom the r est of the world...
And f rom me.
Truth is,|I was happy when you quit.
Because I don't want to see you|get hurt again.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Sighs ] Kids down?
For a while, at least.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
[ Exhales deeply ]|I've been thinking --
So have l.|I think you should do this.
No. No.|You wer e right.
No. I don't think so.
We've got an 8-year-old boy|inside this house
who waited all day in the sun|and the rain
to see his daddy|try to do something
that nobody believed|he could do.
Now, what are we telling him|if --
if you don't try now?
[ Smacks lips ]
I can't leave you her e|with all this.
Jimmy Morris,|I'm a Texas woman.
Which means I don't need|the help of a man
to keep things running.
[ Sighs ]
Gr eat.
[ Chuckles softly ]
[ Kisses ]
[ Kisses ]
[ Kisses ]
See you soon, little man.
[ Sighs ]
[ Indistinct conversations,|laughter ]
Ex cuse me.
Ex cuse me.
You the old guy?
I'm the old guy.
Man: Come on, Rays,|you're on a roll!
Man #2: Hey, Big Time.
You use a walker|to get to the mound,
or do the other players|carry you?
Man #3: Hey, Pitch, who'd you|come up with, the Senators?
Man #5:|What are they paying you?
Man #5: They ought to pay us|to come see you!
Welcome to last place!|[ Laughs ]
Hey, Skipper!
I didn't know it was|"Bring Your Dad To Work" night.
[ Cheering ]
Woman: Way to go!
Man: Way to bring up|his average!
Coach: Time!
Announcer: [ On P.A. ]|Pitching change for Orlando.
Now pitching, number nine,|Johnny Morris.
Check that -- Jimmy Morris.
And now, f ans, it's time|to guess the winning car!
[ Cheering ]
And a big crash|at the first-base line!
Number one will win it|this time.
Man: Who is this guy?
Work f ast.|We got a long bus trip.
Let's go, Stingrays!
[ "Wooly Bully" plays on P.A. ]
## Wooly bully ##
## Wooly bully ##
## Wooly bully ##
## Wooly bully ##
## Watch it now, watch it,|watch it, watch it ##
## You got it, you got it,|you got it ##
[ Music stops ]
[ Laughter and boos ]
Man: Hey, Pitch! Do I look like|a strike zone to you?!
-- You stink!|-- You can't play ball!
Lorri: I can't believe they let|you pitch your first game.|Well, how'd you do?
Not bad.
[ Sighs ] I had a f ew of 'em|get away f rom me.
Did the f ans all yell|when you ran in?
Yeah. Oh, yeah,|they wer e yelling, all right.
Oh, honey,|that's just gr eat.
Hey, let me get the kids.
Uh, no. Um...
Just tell them I'll call them|tomorrow f rom...
Wherever we're going.
Okay, I will.
[ Chuckles softly ]
I love you.
I love you, too.
Take care.
[ Sighs ]
[ Grunts ]
-- [ Slap ]|-- Strike!
[ Crowd cheering ]
-- [ Grunts ]|-- Strike!
-- [ Grunts ]|-- Strike!
[ Slap ]
[ Crack ]
Jimmy: Okay,|what's four times four?
Hunter: 17?
No, it's not 17.|You're guessing.
Just add it up.
It's 16.
You got to be able to look at|f our times f our,
and just know that it's 16
without even having to think|about it, all right?
Now let's do your fives.
Aw, Daddy,|I already done my fives.
-- What's --|-- [ Knock ]
Well, if you want to learn|how to multiply,
you'r e gonna have|to practice, bud.
-- Hey, Dad.|-- Yeah, partner?
Told you when you'r e going|to the big leagues yet?
[ Sighs ]
Could you put your mom on?|Okay?
All right.
Oh, thanks, hon.
Jessie says they left you in|one too many pitches.
Jessie needs to learn how to|keep a secr et with her f ather.
-- How ar e things going?|-- Things are good.
Hunter's got a field trip|on Friday,
and the rest of us|are talking about --
Honey,|that's not what I meant.
I know.
It's not bad.|We'r e a little behind.
[ Groans ] How much?
Well, they took the bed,|but they left the nightstand.
[ Sighs ]
You all right?
I'm just tired.
[ Smacks lips ]|I love you.
Love you, too.
Good night.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
[ Sighs ]
Listen, man...
This is the only|long-distance phone|we have her e at The Ritz.
You see someone waiting, you|keep it to 10 minutes, okay?
What?|Now you all talked out?
Use it all up|on your girlf riend?
It was my son.
He needed help|with his homework.
[ Sighs ]
[ Crack ]
[ Crack ]
Get out of her e.
It looks like a little screen|time's coming for Kenny Justin.
[ Crack ]
Hey, Jim,|come here a minute.
Jim, I want you to meet|Tim Stewart f rom "ABC News. "
Hey, Jim. It's a pleasur e.|Thanks f or taking some time|with us.
You want to sit down?
I got a jersey for you.
Can you believe that?
I go four-for-five last night|and look where they got|the camera.
Man's been pitching good enough|to talk about it.
Dude's old enough.
He needs to talk|about retiring.
Player: Come on, let's go.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Player #2:|Hey, grab my magazine.
Old Man River,|you'r e moving kind of slow.
Yeah.|Six hours on a bus.
Never mind.
Come on, man.
Look, I got just the r ecipe|to loosen them bones up.
[ Rock music plays ]
Waitress: Here you go.
To the diet that put Babe Ruth|in the Hall Of f ame.
Hey, River, what was it like|watching The Babe play?
Mm-hmm. Okay.
You sur e|you want to start this?
How many f ans|did you guys lose
when you raised ticket prices|to 50 cents?
Not as many as we lose|when you pitch.
Ohhhh!|And this game is over, baby!
River, I swear, if you were|this f unny all the time,
nobody'd say nothing --
About what?
What do you mean?
What ar e they saying,|Brooks?
Look, some of the guys figur e,|you know,
the way the team's pushing|your story and all, that --
Oh. What? Do they think I'm some|kind of publicity stunt?
[ Sighs ]
Is that|what they'r e thinking?
They think|I'm taking somebody's spot?
What do you think, Brooks?
You'r e too f ast f or me.
That's all I know.
[ Crack ]
Player: Go, Brooksie!|That's in the gap!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Player #2:|All the way, Brooks!
Boy: Come on, Brooks!
Umpire: Safe!
You want to warm up?
Player: Nice job, Brooks!
Vendor: Peanuts!
Vendor #2: Get your programs!
Announcer: [ On P.A. ]|Now batting for the Bulls,
number 38,|Kenny Bryerson.
Vendor:|Get your ice-cold soda!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Mac, we both know|it's gonna be Brooks.
I've had mor e than one player|called up bef or e.
Anybody my age?
So, what ar e you thinking?
I got a...pile of unpaid bills|at home.
I got a good job there.
I only make $600 a month|here.
And I got a f amily I haven't|seen in thr ee months.
We still got|some season left.
Somebody, uh, once told me
that it's okay to think about|what you want to do
until it's time to start doing|what you wer e meant to do.
Just so you know,
you wer e my best r elief pitcher|this past month.
Thanks, Mac.
Hunter: Jessica, give me|that back! It's mine!
-- [ Telephone ringing ]|-- Jessica: No, Hunter!
I'm gonna tell mommy!
Shh-shh-Shh.|Jamie's asleep.
You're gonna be|in big trouble.
-- Hello?|-- Jimmy: Hey.
Hey! I didn't think I'd hear|f rom you till tomorrow.
I'm coming home.
What? Did you get hurt?
I'm fine.'s just time.
You called Fort Worth,|didn't you?
Uh-huh. Uh, I told them I'd be|ther e in, uh, two weeks.
So, pitch f or two weeks.
Mm, no. T- T- There's, uh,|too much to do.
I'll take car e of it.
-- We've been okay|for three months.|-- Lorri?
-- We'll be okay|for two weeks.|-- Lorri?
No, no, I'm --|I'm wasting my time out her e.
[ Sighs ] Listen, Jimmy.
Lord knows I am r eady|f or both sides of the bed|to be warm again.
But if you'r e gonna do this,|you make sur e you'r e doing it|f or the right r easons
because you'r e the one|that's gonna have to live|with it, okay?
I'll be fine.
You still love it?
Just think about that,|okay?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ "Holding Pattern" by Dave Hole|plays on jukebox ]
Charles Gibson:|[ On television ]|Finally tonight,
dreams that don't die.
In 1983,|the Milwaukee Brewers
drafted a pitcher|named Jim Morris.
You've never heard of him --|arm troubles.
He quickly dropped out of|baseball, married, had kids,
taught high school chemistry.
Pitching batting practice|to the high-school kids,
he found he was throwing|the ball 95 miles an hour --
f aster than he could throw it|years ago.
He doesn't know|how that happened.
But guess what it did|to his dr eam?
Here's Aaron Brown.
Aaron Brown: [ On television ]|Jim Morris is af raid|to tell his mother
he quit his old job|as a high-school teacher
for his new one, a relief|pitcher in the minor leagues.
He is really old --|too old to be in the minors --
but he's also throwing harder|and better
than he did|as a 20-year-Old kid,
and so he's back in that|strange and wonderf ul land
called minor-league baseball,
where the bull snorts smoke|on every home run,
and f uture stars|run the bases between innings.
Jimmy: [ On television ]|I made a challenge to the guys|to, uh, follow their dreams.
Really, it was something to...|to motivate them.
And, uh, they turned it around|on me
and, uh, told me I wasn't|f ollowing my own dr eams.
## ...And washed|the spider out ##
Be quiet.|Listen to Mr. Morris.
Jimmy: Uh, l-l grew up here.
I had a lot|of really good support
f rom my f amily and f riends|and townspeople around there.
This game, it's been the true|love of my life,
other than my wife Lorri,
uh, since, uh,|I was a little boy.
I had a dream as a little boy
of playing|professional baseball.
I used to pitch|and imagine myself, you know,
Iike every other kid|in this country,
of being in the World Series,|pitching in the seventh game,
ninth inning,|big-league ballpark.
Ther e's drama in it.|Ther e's, uh, suspense.
Ther e's a camaraderie|with the other players,
the f ans in the stadium.
You add that to it.
It's -- It's a great game.
[ Cheering and applause ]
[ Applause ]
[ Indistinct conversations,|cheering ]
Man: Heads up out there!|Heads up!
Man #2: Energy up, now.|Come on, boys!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Woman: Ready to play!
Man: Come on!
[ Hands slap ]
You know what we get to do|today, Brooks?
We get to play baseball.
[ Slap ]
[ Cheering and whistling ]
Announcer: 0 and 2|the count on Williams.
Morris really on top|of his game.
Coach is r eally bringing it|tonight.
[ Air whooshes ]
Called strike three.
Caught him looking|with a f astball.
That's Morris's third strikeout|of the evening.
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Air whooshes ]
[ Crack ]
Infield! lnfield!
I got it! I got it!
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Thanks f or cleaning up my mess|tonight.
Hey, you pitched|seven good innings.|I wouldn't call that a mess.
Uh, go ahead|and close the door.
Jimmy, I just got off the phone|with the big club.
They'r e calling up Brooks.
That's gr eat.
He won't be back.
He respects you and...
I thought you might want to be|the one to tell him.
Sur e.
Being as that you'r e going,|too.
They'r e calling me up?
Two of you fly out of here|tonight.
You catch up with the team|tomorrow.
[ Inhales sharply ]
Wher e?
Well, they're on the road|right now...
In Texas.
[ Br eathes deeply ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
Hey, Lorri.
Hey, you.
Uh, um, do you know that blue|sport coat that I never wear?
[ Water bubbling ]
Oh, hang on a sec, hon.|I'm boiling over.
[ Sighs ]
[ Chuckles ]
Now, what about the blue sport|coat you never wear?
Would you mind bringing it|to Arlington tomorrow?
Arlington?|I thought you wer e in --
You tell me right now,|Jimmy Morris.
Uh, appar ently...
Ther e's a dr ess code|in the major leagues.
[ Voice br eaking ]|Yeah, I'm her e.
[ Laughs ]
They'r e flying me out|in an hour.
Can you tell everybody?
Sur e. You just have to tell|one person first.
Your daddy's got something|he wants to tell you.
Hunter: Hey, Dad.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, guess what?
Um, your daddy is gonna be|a major-league pitcher.
Yeah, really. What do you|think about that, huh?
I can't believe it.
Who are you gonna play for?
They're called|the Devil Rays.
What's a devil ray?
Uh, it -- it's a fish.
What color is it?
Can you eat it?
I don't know, bud.|It's got a stinger.
That's cool.
My daddy's|a big-league pitcher.
[ Indistinct shouting,|horns honking ]
Joel:|Coach Morris made it!
Rudy: Coach Morris|made it to the bigs!
Wack:|He's a big-leaguer now!
[ "Ther e ls A Light"|by Duane Jarvis plays ]
## There is a light|at the edge of the shadows ##
[ Indistinct conversations ]
## Show a little f aith|and try and believe ##
## Better days|around the corner ##
## Droppin' on your knees|before you plead ##
## There is a light|at the edge of the shadows ##
## There is a light ##
[ Music f ades ]
Team won't be her e|f or a couple of hours.
Feel f r ee to look around.
[ Sighs ]
We ain't in Kansas anymor e,|ar e we, Riv?
Announcer: [ On P.A. ] Good|evening, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to The Ballpark|in Arlington.
It's baseball time in Texas.
Tonight's game,|the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
against your Texas Rangers.
[ Air whooshes,|ball slaps mitt ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
[ Air whooshes,|ball slaps mitt ]
[ Slaps ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Air whooshes ]
-- Hmm...|-- [ Chuckles ]
[ Slaps ]
[ Air whooshes,|ball slaps mitt ]
[ Fan whistling ]
Jimmy Morris!
Hunter: Dad!
Man: Let's go, Rangers!
Boy: Come on,|let's play ball!
Jessica: Hi, Dad.
[ Chuckling ] Hi.
You look gr eat.
Kids, doesn't your daddy|look gr eat?
-- Yup.|-- Yeah.
[ Laughing ]|I can't believe it.
[ Giggling ]
Hi, sweetheart.
Hi, Daddy.
-- You'r e so big.|-- Yeah.
Hey, partner.
I missed you.
Me too.
P.A. announcer:|Here are the starting lineups|for tonight's game.
Well, kids, we'd better|let your daddy get to work.
See ya after.
[ Man shouting indistinctly|in background ]
[ Chuckles ]
Come on.
Radio announcer:|Down at The Ballpark,
the Devil Rays went down|1-2-3 at the top of the first,
and now the Rangers try to get|their high-scoring offense
on track in the bottom|of the first.
P.A. announcer:|Leading off for the Rangers,
the center fielder,|number 2 5, Tom Goodwin.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Radio announcer: Three balls|and a strike, one out.
The pitch on the way.
It is low. Ball four.
Runners at first and second --|a scoring chance for Texas.
P.A. announcer: ...Page 2 5|in your souvenir program.|Here's tonight's...
Radio announcer: Here's|the pitch. It is swung on|and lined to center field --
-- [ Cheers and applause ]|-- A base hit.|A run will score.
-- You see Daddy?|He's right ther e.|-- Runners at first and second.
It's 1-0, Texas,|and the Rangers have|a 1-0 lead.
There's a swing|and a base hit to right field,
and this game|is now a 1- 1 tie.
[ Organ plays f anf ar e ]
-- Charge!|-- Charge!|-- Charge!
Radio announcer:|Last half of the 5th inning|about to get underway.
It's the Rangers 1|and the Devil Rays 1.
[ Slap ]
-- The pitch in the dirt again,|the third one he has thrown.|-- [ Telephone rings ]
And we're about to get|some action, it appears,|in the Tampa Bay bullpen.
Pitching coach:|Blanton, Miller.
[ Telephone hangs up ]
The pitch is on the way.
Swung on, and a shot to the gap|in right-center field.
It looks like extra bases.
One run is home.
Two runs are home.
The throw cut off.
The play at third --|out at third base!
Rangers 3, Devil Rays 1,|here in the bottom of the 6th.
P.A. announcer: ... On this day|in baseball history.
Radio announcer:|Runners at first and second --
a golden chance|for the Rangers.|Here's the set.
The pitch on the way.
A swing and a smash up|the alley in left-center field.
That will score two.
It's the Rangers 5,|the Devil Rays 1.
Texas has broken it open.
[ Cheers and applause ]
P.A. announcer:|The Devil Rays and Rangers|also play on Sunday night.
Game time is 7 :05,|and it's Cap Night.
-- [ Telephone rings ]|-- All f ans 13 and under|receive a Rangers cap.
Game time Sunday is 7 :05.
Start warming up.
It's daddy in the bullpen.
Oh, my Lord.
Cal: Hey. Hey, guys.
-- Is that him?|-- Ther e he is.
Ther e he is.|Ther e he is.
-- Look, he's in the bullpen.|-- [ Frank chuckling ]
There he is.
Yep, he looks good.
Come her e.|Her e, have a look-see.
Radio announcer:|Blanton trying to|get out of a bases-loaded jam.
There's a swing and a smash|right back at him.
He retrieves the ball|in f ront of the mound,
-- [ Cheering ]|-- Throws to first.
And he throws it away.
Another run will come home.
Two runs for Texas|on the play,
and the Rangers have|busted this game wide open.
And Blanton|may have been hurt
on that rocket|right back to the mound.
-- [ Air whooshes ]|-- Jim Morris continues|to throw in the bullpen,
-- Mmm. Mmm-hmm.|See? It's coach.|-- The left-hander
P.A. announcer: ... Gift shops|and novelty stands located|throughout the ballpark...
Let's go! Come on!
Get loose, coach!|Get loose!
Radio announcer:|The Tampa Bay trainer
-- [ Telephone rings ]|is on his way|out to the mound to check.
It appears the Devil Rays|might have to make|a pitching change.
You'r e in!
[ Cheering ]
Go, coach Morris!
Whoo!|[ Whistles ]
[ Cheering continues ]
Let's go, coach!
Just three months ago,|he was grading chemistry tests.
And now Jim Morris|finds himself on the mound
in a major-league ballpark.
-- [ Organ plays ]|-- Little louder|than back home?
Well, then let's not|make this too hard.
You r emember that f astball you|wer e showing me bef or e the game?
-- I think so.|-- Well, I need thr ee of 'em.
P.A. announcer:|Ladies and gentlemen,|your attention please.
Coming in to pitch|for Tampa Bay,
a fellow Texan making his|major-league debut, Jim Morris.
[ Indistinct talking,|papers rustling ]
Radio announcer:|Morris will be f acing|Ranger shortstop Royce Clayton.
Royce has had|a very strong second half,
and has not cooled off any|here in the month of September.
Come on, Dad!
[ Scraping ]
[ Cheering and whistling ]
[ Br eathing heavily ]
[ Sighs deeply ]
[ Cheering intensifies ]
-- [ Grunts ]|-- [ Air whooshes ]
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Devil Rays player:|One more time!
Come on, baby!
[ Air whooshes ]
Strike two!
Oh, what?
Yeah! Whoo!
[ Cheering continues ]
Come on, get him!|Get him!
Come on, Jimmy! Whoo!
-- Whoo!|-- Yeah!
[ Scraping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Inhales deeply, grunts ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Air whooshes ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!|-- Yeah!
Good job!
Congratulations, man.
-- Thanks, man.|-- Gr eat job.
[ Laughing ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
Reporter: Jimmy? Jimmy?
What pitches did you throw|to get that strikeout?
Um...f astball...
-- Mm-hmm.|...Fastball...
And...f astball.
-- [ All chuckling ]|-- Reporter #2:|How'd it feel --
pitching in the major leagues?
Just like I hoped it would.
How's the arm f eel?
Uh, could you ex cuse me|f or just -- f or one second?
Could you ex cuse me?
Sir...l-l didn't know|you wer e her e.
Wasn't missing this one.
Watching you tonight...
...Not many f athers|get a chance to do that.
I guess I let too many|of those things get away.
[ Sighs deeply ]
S-so did l.
[ Chuckles softly ]
Well, then...
[ Sighs ]
Hey, Dad?
Thanks f or coming.
[ Footsteps departing ]
Does this mean I don't|get a baseball?
[ Both br eathing heavily,|moaning, smooching ]
That's all I got left.
Well, a girl|could do worse.
[ Chuckles ]
So, how did it f eel
to be the oldest rookie|in the last 30 years?
Oh...l don't know.
I'm -- I'm tir ed.
[ Chuckles ]
So, where are --|where are the kids?
Hunter is with Henry,|and Jessie's with Cal.
Oh, don't tell me you|left Jessie with Cal.
Oh, Cal had a little help.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Jessica: Daddy!
Hunter: My daddy!
[ Cheers and applause continue ]
[ Indistinct talking,|car doors closing ]
[ Clanking ]
[ "Some Dr eams"|by Steve Earle plays ]
## When I was a little guy ##
## My daddy told me ##
## "Mister, don't ever try|to climb too high ##
## "'Cause it's the f all|that gets you ##
## "And some dreams|can never come true ##
## They'll never come true" ##
## Well, I heard|every word he said ##
## But I don't guess|I listened ##
## But every time|I banged my head ##
## Against the wall or system ##
## Yeah, some dreams|don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## Don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## But some dreams do ##
## lf you just hang on ##
## And your heart is true ##
## And your hope is strong ##
## Well, just because|you've been around ##
## And had your|poor heart broken ##
## Ain't no ex cuse|for lyin' there ##
## Before the last word's|spoken ##
## 'Cause some dreams|don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## Don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## Oh, but some dreams do ##
## When you're feelin' low ##
## And you think|you're through ##
## That's when you will know ##
## Yeah, when you|wish upon a star ##
## Buddy, don't you miss it ##
## Catch it 'fore|it f alls too f ar ##
## And keep it|with your secrets ##
## 'Cause some dreams|don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## Don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## Don't ever come true ##
## Some dreams ##
## But some dreams do ##
[ "Shining"|by Eileen Rose plays ]
## Sore head,|and I'm calling rain ##
## Full stop --|home to meet my mama's pain ##
## Cry like she does ##
## Try like she does ##
## Oh, the world|still loves a dreamer ##
## Keep on, keep on, keep on,|keep on, keep on shining ##
## Ooh ooh-ooh ##
## Keep on, keep on, keep on,|keep on shining ##
## Ooh ooh-ooh ##
## Ooh ooh-ooh ##
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