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Rose Red (Stephen King) CD1

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Man: What the hell were you thinking taking her that way?!
- The park is the other way! - Girl: Annie wanted--
Man: What-- what does Annie want? I mean, Annie can't talk,
- she can't think, she can't-- - Girl: She can think.
If you ever looked at her you'd know.
Woman: Please. She's all right. That's the main thing.
- Can't you just stop it? - Man: Oh, you know this?
You know she's all right. What if the damn dog was rabid?
Girl: It wasn't. Mrs. Stanton told me.
Man: What? And you believe her? Just like that?
( Theme from "A Summer Place" ) That woman's an idiot,
a careless idiot. Anyone can say anything, Sissy.
Maybe someday you'll learn that, that anyone can say anything.
Sissy: I saw the dog tag, Daddy. Why do you always
- treat me like a fool? - Woman: Stop it! Both of you.
She'll hear. Do you want to upset her?
Father: Oh come on, honey, give me a break. You might as well...
( music blasting )
Boy: Come on, guys! ( children laughing )
Wait up!
I figured you could use something stronger. I know I could.
Down the hatch, come on.
It's quick, isn't it?
What they do. And it doesn't hurt them.
It's quick, it doesn't hurt, they just go to sleep.
Come on, drink your drink.
Woman: You know as well as I do
that Buddy never bit anybody before in his life.
It was her.
He sensed something in her.
( music blasting )
Sissy: Annie, please open the door!
Father: Annie, open this door, now!
( door rattles )
Drink your drink. It'll make you feel better.
I'm telling you, there's something wrong with that little girl,
and I don't just mean that she's autistic.
( humming to music )
Sissy: Please open the door!
Father: Annie, turn the music down! Somebody'll call the damn cops!
Mrs. Stanton: There's something about her
that's wrong.
And Buddy sensed it.
Dogs know, oh you bet.
( rumbling )
Did you hear that?
Someone has it really cranked out there.
( loud music continues )
( humming )
( rumbling )
- Oh! - What the hell?!
It's an earthquake!
It's not coming from the ground-- It's--
( Annie sings )
( screaming )
Come on! Run!
- Mr. Stanton: Run! - Ahh!!
Come on, come on!
- Sissy: Open the door. - Father: Now, Annie!
Come on, hurry! Hurry!
( Mrs. Stanton screams )
- Oh God! - What's happening?!
I don't know!
Father: Annie, let us in!
Sissy: Annie, please, open the door.
( door shaking )
Kill it, Sissy.
( music stops )
Just what the hell are you doing?
What the--
Sister, look at this.
Sister, I got Baby.
Yes, I know.
what have you done?
( crows caw )
Woman: And that concludes
this years' course-work in the psychology of the unseen world.
I would like to leave you with three thoughts if I may.
The first, is that the investigation of psychic phenomena
is an honorable pursuit, in spite of the field's tattered reputation.
The second, is that reality is not always quantifiable.
Our inability to count, weigh, sort or photograph some things,
does not mean that those things are non-existent.
Third, and most important,
next week's exam will not be graded on the curve.
( laughter )
Seriously, I thank you all for your attention
and to remind you of what someone rather famous once said,
"The truth is out there."
Enjoy your summer.
Student: Professor Reardon, a question please.
A question.
Your question?
There are rumors that you're planning
a scientific investigation of Rose Red this summer,
the Rimbauer Mansion, a sort of psychic field trip.
Is that true?
- You are...? - Kevin Bollinger, Class of 'O3.
I don't recognize you, Mr. Bollinger.
Is that because the group is so large,
or could it be that this is your first visit to our happy family?
( class chuckles )
Actually, I'm a reporter for the campus newspaper.
Oh, my sympathies, Mr. Bollinger.
Kevin: Is it true, Professor Reardon, and if it is,
are you planning on using departmental funds
or college general funds to finance your latest spook hunt?
As any regular attendee
of these classes will tell you, Mr. Bollinger,
I'm extremely interested in Rose Red.
I talk about it all the time. Have a picture on my office wall,
not to mention one of Ellen Rimbauer.
But as Professor Miller can tell you, I have filed no request
for either general funds or money from the department
to underwrite what you term "a spook hunt."
Reardon: If you feel like asking him to confirm that, he's--
he's right up there.
Reardon: A question of mine, Mr. Bollinger.
Did Professor Miller, perhaps,
suggest you stop by my class to pose your question
instead of dropping by my office like a normal reporter?
Reardon: Never mind, Mr. Bollinger.
Let's consider the issue closed, shall we?
- But you never answered my question. - Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Exam next Tuesday at 2:00 and I'll see you then.
If I embarrassed you, Professor Reardon, I am sorry.
I don't believe it, Mr. Bollinger.
Carl Miller stuck a key in your back and wound you up.
And it was his intention that I be embarrassed.
I am not.
Even if you're not planning on using college
or departmental funds for your Rose Red expedition,
won't you be using a lot of psychology department equipment,
a lot of very expensive equipment?
Haven't you already entered into an agreement
with Steven Rimbauer, the last remaining family member?
Good afternoon, Mr. Bollinger.
- Girl: Hi, Professor Reardon. - Hello.
Man: Well, Joyce.
- We have to discuss this. - I think not.
Well, we'll have to discuss it sooner or later.
You know, speaking for the department, I think I can say
our patience with your shenanigans has grown quite short.
Reardon: "...spooks.
Somebody call..."
( sighing )
Professor Reardon?
I was wondering if you could discuss my--
Not now. My office hours are clearly posted, can't you read?
Oh. Sorry.
Oh, um, uh, wait...
Ms. Spruce, isn't it?
Kathy Spruce, that's right.
I- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bite.
Office hours are between 2:00 and 3:00. Try me then, okay?
Yes, Ms. Reardon.
Far out.
( telephone rings )
( rings )
( rings )
( rings )
Waterman residence.
Mr. Waterman, Joyce Reardon.
Waterman: Oh, hello, Ms. Reardon.
I've been meaning to call, but I've been uh...
Reardon: Joyce, please.
I've been kinda busy.
Reardon: I understand, but I'm finalizing my list of participants
for my little Rose Red field trip, and I 'd really like you in.
- Have you thought about it? - Rose Red is a dangerous place
to conduct psychic experiments, Ms. Reardon--
Joyce. As I'm sure you must be aware.
Reardon: With all due respect, Emery,
Rose Red is a dead cell.
I'm sure it is,
if you're not psychic.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I'll just let you get back to what you were doing, shall I,
and move on to the next name on my list?
I doubt there are that many.
Not post-cognates of my calibre.
You might be surprised. Good afternoon.
Wait-- wait-- wait--
I didn't say no, did I?
Reardon: Didn't you?
No. But 5,000 is a trifle low.
If you were to be offering a bit more, say...
7,500 for instance?
- Mr. Waterman, - Emery, please.
5,000 is my first, last and only offer.
And a generous one considering the fact that there have been
no phenomena in Rose Red for five years or more.
Since they stopped the tours and took away the fresh meat.
Isn't that what you mean?
Forgive me but I find that ridiculous.
The funding for this expedition is coming out of my own pocket.
And 5,000 is all I can afford.
So what do you say, Emery? In or out?
All right, I'm in. But I warn you,
if you want a videotaped debriefing afterward, I get extra.
That's fine, Emery. Memorial Day weekend.
Mark your calendar.
You send me a check, Joyce, and I will.
Good day.
Guess not.
Whispering voice: Emery...
Hey, whoever you are,
save the warnings for someone who's not broke.
( door opens ) Woman: Emery?
( door closes )
Here you are.
There are some more bags out in the car.
They're going out of business at Griffin's.
Everything's 25%off.
That's too much cream, you'll make yourself fat.
- I beg your pardon? - Fat-er.
I'm already fat.
Cream clogs up your arteries, Emer.
A little's okay but that's too much.
Get my things out of the car. I tell you, I made a killing.
Mom, I was doing the bills just now.
Well, what about the bills?
A lot of them are past due. It's the credit cards, Mom--
I'm very careful with the credit cards.
I'm a very wise shopper.
I'll get your stuff.
Isn't this just the best bear?
I'm gonna put him on the end of my bed with Hester and Fester.
What rhymes with Hester and Fester, Emmy?
The woman from the college
who wants to investigate Rose Red called again.
See? Something always turns up. God provides, I've always said so.
Rose Red's supposed to be dangerous.
If you take the usual precautions you'll be fine.
And we'll pray, of course. Were you able to get her up to 75?
No. She's financing the expedition herself.
Or so she told you and you believed her, of course.
You want to call her back? I have the number.
No. A deal's a deal.
One of the few sensible things your father ever said.
Did you tell her it would be extra for interviews after?
- Physicals? EKG's? - Yes.
And no X-rays. They give you cancer.
Now run along and get my bags. Then you can have your pie.
( door slams )
( loud knocking )
Office hours are over. Come back tomorrow.
( knocking )
- I said office hou-- - Extra credit, Ms. Reardon.
I'll do anything, look good in a bathing suit,
look great in one of those French maid's outfits.
Come in, you idiot, and close the door.
All right.
Teach, you're looking good today.
- Ooh... - Mmm.
The idiot wants to know how you're doing.
Well, I won't lie to you, it's been a tough day.
But I have a very important call to make.
- Oh... - So...
What, this is the Wheaton girl? The one you really want?
Her sister. If you can sit there and keep quiet you can stay.
But if you feel an attack of monkeyshines coming on,
then go. Get out now.
That's pretty tough talk considering
it's my old family's homestead you want to go exploring in.
But... I'll be good, Dee, I swear.
( bell chimes ) I won't do that, sorry.
( phone rings )
Hello? Ms. Reardon?
Yes, how are you?
Sissy: I'm all right. But you know how hard it is
to keep people away from a phone in this place?
Also I'm on my break, so let's make this fast.
Reardon: Uh--
I could call you later.
Sissy: No, I don't think so. I still live at home
to be near Annie and...
my father knows who you are and what you want.
He doesn't approve.
What are you saying? Annie won't take part?
Sissy: I'm saying that if I bring Annie to Rose Red...
the chances are good that I could never go home again.
That'd be all right with me but,
Annie shouldn't be there without someone who understands her.
Mm-hmm. And-- and your parents don't?
Sissy: Well...
my mother's scared to death of her and,
my father...
I think my father hates her.
What can I do?
There's a school just outside of Tacoma for people like Annie.
No, there's no one like Annie I don't think...
it's a place for autistic teenagers. A good place.
I might as well cut right to the chase, Ms. Reardon,
5,000 isn't gonna be enough.
If you can promise 10 I might try to make this happen.
10,000 done. I-- I'll bring the check to you myself.
This afternoon. Where-- where do you work?
No, you need to slow down. I need to think about this.
Reardon: Look, my time is short, Ms. Wheaton.
Please, call me Sister, why don't you? Everyone does.
Mr. Rimbauer has agreed to open Rose Red for my group
over the Memorial Day weekend. It's only nine days away.
I need to know if I can count on Annie.
In fact I'm having an orientation meeting this Monday night,
for the participants here in Wimser Hall at the University.
It would be great if Annie could join us.
You understand that if Annie goes to Rose Red I go too, don't you?
Reardon: That-- that's fine, of course.
When can I know, Ms. Wheaton? Uh, Sister.
I-- I might be able to scrape up as much as $12,000
if uh, that is,
if you can make a solid commitment to the expedition right now.
I can't do that.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Reardon. - Reardon: Wait!
When can I expect to hear from you?
- I'll be in touch. - Wait! The-- the--
orientation Monday night?
I don't know... it...
I don't think so.
Ohh. ( dial tone )
$10,000? $12,000? You know, I'm-- I'm
starting to think that I sold the old homestead cheap.
You didn't sell it, you're renting it. For a single weekend.
I've gotta have Annie Wheaton.
I've got the makings of a good group here, but they're candles.
Annie Wheaton is a searchlight.
If anyone can wake up Rose Red, she is the one.
I told you before, Dee,
waking up Rose Red isn't a good idea.
I want Annie. I want Annie Wheaton.
( creaking )
Hello, dear.
Hey, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Mrs. Wheaton: Long day? You look tired.
I'll microwave you a TV dinner.
It's okay. I had something to eat at the restaurant.
Is Annie okay?
- Annie is fine. - Yeah, wearing out her ears again.
Not to mention ours.
If it isn't "A Summer Place" it's that other crap.
"Pennsylvania 69,000" and "In The Mood."
Same two, over and over all afternoon.
- I guess she just likes it. - Mr. Wheaton: Yeah, I know that.
I just can't figure out why.
( "In The Mood" plays )
( whispering )
( music stops )
Thank God for small favors.
( whispering ) Annie...
Annie... come...
( whispering continues )
Reardon: Despite what some people may think,
psychic powers-- telepathy,
telekinesis, precognition, all the rest,
have no moral gradient.
They are neither good nor bad.
Houses are different.
Shirley Jackson was right.
Some houses are born bad.
Houses like this one.
Houses like Rose Red.
I knew it was big,
but that's enormous.
Reardon: Fortunately for us,
an enormous dead cell.
There have been no overt manifestations in Rose Red
since 1995 or so.
I believe that some houses
have their own inner life
that may or may not be conscious.
If there was once consciousness in Rose Red,
it manifested itself early.
The Seattle of 100 years ago was a different world,
more different than any of us can imagine.
Survival was an actual issue,
not a TV show.
Fortunes were made, often by bandits in tall hats.
You could get out of the way or get run down.
Those were the options.
In the year 1906, you were on your own.
Rose Red...
was built by John P. Rimbauer
at the top of Spring Street in the center of Seattle,
as a wedding present to his wife.
Rimbauer was founder of Omicron Oil Company, until 1950
the biggest oil company in America.
1950 was the year
Ellen Rimbauer disappeared.
The trouble with Rose Red
started even before there was a house.
Construction crews worked 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. But that wasn't the problem.
The problem was that even before there was a house there,
that piece of ground made people mad.
Literally mad.
The Teamster made no effort to get away,
just dropped the gun in his wagon and went down to a Seattle saloon,
which was where the police found him.
The Teamster's name was Harry Corbin.
When he was tried, he claimed
he remembered nothing from breakfast
till the time he woke up in jail with a knot behind his ear.
The judge didn't believe him, neither did the jury.
He got 25 years.
I think Harry Corbin
may have been Rose Red's first victim.
First male victim.
There has always been a difference between the way Rose Red
treats the ladies and the gentlemen.
- What do you mean, exactly? - In time, Nick.
All in good time.
John Rimbauer and Ellen Gilchrist
were married on November 12, 1907.
He was 40 and she...
was 20.
By the day they said their I do's,
Rose Red had been under construction for a year.
Already there had been three deaths,
in addition to the murder of Rimbauer's first foreman.
Pick it up!
Reardon: One man was decapitated
by a sheet of falling glass.
Another fell from a scaffold and broke his neck.
And the third...
choked to death on a piece of apple.
This is the way Rose Red looked
when it was completed in 1909.
In case your memory needs refreshing,
this is the way it looks today.
It's as if it metastasized.
Rose Red has how many rooms?
- No one really knows. - Man: On Monday you can count
7 4 and come back on Friday and come up with 87 or 97.
That's impossible, isn't it?
That's Rose Red, sweetheart.
Nick: How many people have disappeared?
There must be an accurate account of them.
23 since the end of the first World War.
Emery: You'll forgive me if I say
I find that impossible to believe.
Reardon: Of course you do. Anyone would.
But I assure you it's true.
Five men and 18 women.
Rose Red has always been particularly fond of the ladies.
Remember we're speaking of a house
- which has fallen dormant. - Woman: It better be,
because $5,000 isn't enough if it isn't.
- When was the last disappearance? - Reardon: 1972,
almost 30 years ago. As I said before,
there have been no observable phenomena since--
- Who was the last one? - Reardon: Pam...
We've got a lot to cover, we don't need to focus on--
A woman on the Historical Society's annual tour.
She was with the group when they went upstairs.
It wasn't until the tour was over
that they realized she wasn't with them anymore.
Officer: What's that?
Man: They didn't find her, but they found her purse.
Reardon: Finished?
Thank you.
The lady's name was Liza Albert.
Since her disappearance, the house has been closed to tours.
With no psychic energy for the house to feed on,
it seems to have fallen into a sleep, then a coma.
- And now... - It's a dead cell.
Reardon: Exactly.
I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.
Reardon: Rose Red wasn't finished when John and Ellen got married,
but they weren't in a hurry to set up housekeeping.
They passed the time with an enormous, leisurely honeymoon.
They were gone a year.
They circled the globe on liners like this one...
The Ocean Star.
John Rimbauer's favorite part of the tour was Africa.
Ellen didn't enjoy it quite as much.
In fact, she nearly died.
- Was it malaria? - Reardon: Probably not.
In her diary she called it
"an unmentionable disease
carried by men and suffered by women."
Doesn't exactly look prostrate with worry, does he?
With or without him, Ellen recovered.
When she and John finally took up residence in Rose Red,
she was pregnant.
January, 1909, that would have been.
John thought the house was finished.
They're here!
How beautiful you are, Rose Red.
Reardon: He didn't know that the house would never be done.
Not in his lifetime, not in hers.
What makes Rose Red
one of the world's most fascinating psychic artifacts...
is that the house continued to grow
until its death in 1995 or 1996.
Until 1950 changes and additions were made
according to the will of Ellen Rimbauer,
and her will, ladies and gentlemen, was iron.
After 1950...
after 1950...
Rose Red grew on its own.
( whispering )
( baby crying )
Reardon: In the fall of 1909,
Ellen Rimbauer gave birth to a son.
- Your grandfather, really. - Yeah.
I'm afraid so.
In her diary she wrote, "I have called him Adam,
for he is the first."
Sukeena, the woman who came back from Africa with her,
saw her through the difficult labor.
In her diary, Ellen never refers to Sukeena as her servant.
First she calls her, "my friend."
Later, "my sister."
When Ellen gave birth to a daughter with a withered arm,
she blamed her African sickness
and her husband's sexual appetites,
although she wrote,
"In my mind they are one," to which she added,
"Damn all men."
John and Ellen's daughter was born in April of 1911 .
And April was what they called her.
In the years following the birth of Ellen's daughter,
Ellen became convinced that her fever,
which recurred periodically, would kill her young.
That made her easy game for Madame Stravinsky,
as she called herself.
If you have anything to say to us,
you may use my body...
to speak.
Stravinsky: Give us a sign.
Show us a sign.
Reardon: Not even Sukeena
could convince her that the old lady was a fraud.
Stravinsky: Beloved spirits,
we invite you to commune with us.
Show us a sign.
Reardon: Fraud or not,
Madame Stravinsky,
known to police in San Francisco and Los Angeles
as Cora Fry,
changed Ellen Rimbauer's life
one night in August of 1914.
- You must build. - What did she tell her?
Rimbauer: That Great-Gram wouldn't die until the house was finished.
Great-Gram told her it was finished, and Madame S. told her,
"It isn't finished until you say it's finished."
"Until you say."
Ellen took it seriously,
probably she was right to.
Everything else aside,
she never had another attack of her African fever.
- It was probably psychosomatic. - Just PMS, right, Em?
I wouldn't be at all surprised.
A new wing, the first of many, started going up the next week.
What did her husband say about that?
Rimbauer: Nothing, she gave him a son in 1909,
a daughter in 1911 . She had a withered arm,
but the son was fine. It was the son John Rimbauer
cared about. In his mind Ellen had fulfilled her function,
and could do what she liked. Would you agree?
Yes. Besides...
he had affairs of his own to tend to.
Ellen continued to make additions to the house
until her disappearance in 1950.
Over 40 years of well-financed eccentricity.
When she ran out of conventional things to build,
she hired contractors and architects to build
- unconventional stuff. - Such as...?
Reardon: The so-called tower folly
was completed in 1921 .
John Rimbauer jumped to his death from it two years later.
Was it suicide...
or did he run into something he couldn't deal with?
The certificate said accidental death.
The gossip said suicide or ghosts.
In any case, during its active years,
and they were very active,
women in Rose Red tended to turn up missing,
and men tended to turn up dead.
- The bad days are over. - Reardon: Yes.
Are you sure?
Then what do you want from us, Ms. Reardon?
First off, let's all get on a first-name basis, shall we?
That will make things less difficult.
This can be...
a difficult field.
People either don't understand our goals,
or refuse to credit our findings.
Some people are actively cruel.
Research goals?
Yes, yes.
My research goals...
specify measurable psychic phenomena.
Hard data in other words. Telemetry readouts...
and anomalous energy levels, primarily.
I want readouts that even the most...
stupid, sarcastic, obtuse member
of this so-called scientific department will have to accept.
If I get a little crazy on the subject
from time to time, please forgive me.
I've put in a lot of long days.
If Rose Red is a dead cell,
how much proof can you expect to find there?
Reardon: If you apply electricity
to the muscles in the leg of a dead frog,
the muscles will contract hours after the frog has died.
You people are my psychic equivalent of electricity.
My goal is modest...
a single twitch.
One single twitch.
If I get it...
my reputation will be secure for the rest of my life.
More importantly,
together we can legitimize a branch of psychology
which has been treated as a poor relation for far too long.
What are you doing here, Mr. Rimbauer?
What are your special talents?
Just protecting the family interests. I promised the professor
one good shot at the mansion and then the developers await.
Tech-Star Condominiums, the future.
You're gonna let them tear it down? It's a piece of history.
History don't pay no rent and the kid is broke.
Hardly the most noble of motives.
Are we the team? The whole team?
- She hopes not. - Beg your pardon?
I was hoping for one more, but that's looking iffy.
If I have to make do with you five,
then I'll count myself lucky.
I'll see you this Friday at 2:00 p.m. sharp.
I'm sure it will be a Memorial Day weekend to remember.
If you could all please join me...
I'd like to close with a circle.
This sort of thing went out with high-buttoned shoes.
Joyce, is there anything you'd like us to focus on?
Good will, good thoughts, each other.
- That's lovely. - Thanks.
Say cheese.
Vic, are you okay?
I'm gonna go make some room.
He looks a bit gray about the gills.
No, no.
Maybe half a glass, but no more.
Man: Just a minute, please.
TV: The Huskies were caught off guard by the weak-side blitz.
The linebacker starts to drop back, and then rushes the quarterback.
( phone ringing )
Hello. I'd like to speak with Rachel. Is she there?
- Who is this? - I'd like to speak with Rachel.
I know who this is. The crazy lady from the college.
- How you doin', crazy lady? - Is that for me?
Reardon: My business is with your older daughter.
- I'd be grateful-- - You've got it wrong.
You have no business here.
Not with Sissy, Annie, or any of us.
Don't ever call here again, got that?
- that was my call. - That was some crazy lady.
- That was my call. You have no right-- - Yeah, I do,
as long as you live in my house and eat my food.
Stop it, both of you.
I know what the crazy lady wants.
Just like I know you've been talking to her behind my back.
Let me tell you this, Annie's not going near Rose Red.
- Mama? - She doesn't say. I say.
Mama? Won't you help me once?
Please, just this once, will you speak up?
I've told you 1000 times,
I won't take sides between you and your father.
Sister: Mama.
What about Annie's side?
- The Gatt School-- - What planet are you living on?
You'll put her in the Gatt School with $5,000?
- Professor Reardon has promised 12! - I knew she was crazy.
What's your excuse? $20,000 is what it would take.
- $20,000 at least. A year. - Rose Red is famous.
If something happens while we're there, it'd be worth a fortune to Annie.
Sure. I can just see her on Geraldo.
"Hi, I'm Annie Wheaton.
I'm gonna tell folks all about a haunted house."
- Sister: Stop it! Don't mock her! - I'm saving her.
From crazy lady number one, and crazy lady number two!
That is it, Sister.
This case is closed. I won't hear any more about it.
- Sister: I'm calling her. We're going. - No, you're not.
- Stop it, Annie! Stop it! - ( glass breaking )
Make her stop!
What do you think, Dad?
What do you think Annie wants?
- Stop it, Annie! - ( radio switches on )
Make her stop! For God's sake!
Please, George, make her stop!
( country music playing )
Nick: We thought you were lost.
No, just misplaced.
- May I propose a toast? - Pam: Sure.
To Rose Red.
All: To Rose red.
Vic: Joyce...
she's looking, still hoping for one more.
A sixth.
Six is the number.
Nick: A girl. A teenager.
And I think our dear professor will be in luck.
Is that something you see?
What's your special trait, Pam?
I'm what psychic journals call a touch-know.
It doesn't always work,
but sometimes when I handle things,
I see stuff, or I get feelings.
Of course, a lot of times
there's nothing.
What about you, Vic?
Two people...
She's in a blue dress.
Vic: He's in jeans.
He's blonde
He's got a case of Roman hands and Russian fingers.
What in the world are you talking--
Man: ...Go outside.
- You wanna? - Woman: Sure.
Trés chic, n'est-ce pas?
- You're precognitive! - I can tell a hawk from a handsaw
when the wind's in the northwest.
What about you, Cathy?
I'm an automatic writer.
- A Ouija board. - Cathy: Yes.
But I don't like the Ouija board.
The channel's too wide,
and sometimes what comes through is unpleasant.
This is better.
Sometimes it's precog, sometimes it's astral.
Mostly it's just people to people.
Someone concentrate hard. You, Pam.
Oh. Okay. Let's see.
I guess it's not going to work.
What about you, Ste-- Nick?
( chuckling )
He calls her Dee.
Why does he do that, I wonder?
I do a little of this, a little of that.
Sometimes I get lucky and things turn out all right.
What about our new friend, Emery?
What do we know about him?
- Your friend, not mine. - Cathy: I think Emery is
post-cognitive. He sees the past.
Not the most comfortable of talents.
Here's to good thoughts. Goodwill.
Nick: Good thoughts, goodwill.
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Where are you from?
When are you from?
Is it Rose Red?
Read my lips.
Save the warnings for someone who's not broke.
I remember that day.
She was happy, wasn't she?
- We all were. - Oh, man...
- Would you look at this? - Huh?
Mr. Wheaton: Those were the days, huh?
Ignorance is bliss.
what Annie is, isn't anyone's fault.
It's not hers, it's not mine, it's not yours.
I know that.
But you're too busy thinking about what you want for Annie
to think about what she can do.
Have you forgotten what happened
after she got bit by the Stantons' dog?
How the stones came down?
Or what she did to those pipes?
After what she did tonight...
how can you have any doubts about what she wants?
taking Annie into a genuinely haunted house?
That's like using a lighter to see how full your gas tank is.
It's a chance. That's what you don't understand.
It's a chance for her to get out--
And for you to get out from under.
I just want what's best for Annie.
I know, Sissy, but you don't know what that is.
Believe me.
Whispering voices: Annie...
( whispering continues )
Pity you can't do the same with the other 40,000 or so.
People read it today and line their kitty litter boxes with it tomorrow.
I think they'll remember the photo.
Some will take that for inspection the next time
the university bond issue comes up before the voters.
A photo like this could put 100 worthwhile programs to beggary.
But what do you care?
Do you have a point, Carl? If so, get to it.
- I have a lot to do. - Crystals to polish?
Ouijas to wax?
Did you put that kid Bollinger up to this? You did, didn't you?
You told him where to go and when to point his camera.
( whispering ) Your paranoia's showing.
Reardon: Ah!
It's a nasty little cut.
Well, listen...
I'm afraid I have bad news for you, old girl.
I'm not old. Not yet anyway.
And I'm certainly not your girl.
- What are you talking about? - The Executive Committee
has been in session regarding tenure.
What? Why? No one in the department's up for tenure.
The only thing that--
You really are a bastard.
The Committee voted five to two to revoke your tenure.
We tried to contact you so you could attend.
You'll find a message on your machine.
I'm surprised the spirits didn't tell you.
The general consensus is it's time to stop the silliness.
I will fight you every step of the process.
Of course, and you'll lose.
Your days of haunting the Wimser Psychology department--
to coin a phrase-- are not quite over,
but they're numbered.
When I come back from Rose Red with proof, you--
This is the rallying cry of crackpots and deluded religionists.
Since the Stone Age, the proof is out there.
This is sad, really.
You used to be a respected writer and lecturer in child psychology.
But then you got bitten by this... virus!
It is a legitimate field of psychological investigation.
It's crap! It's sleazy!
It's a spit in the eye of rational thought!
But the good news is, that Rose Red
will be your last goose chase as a member of this faculty.
You're an idiot and you're blind!
What if you find proof? Let's just suppose.
Proof, photographs, audio recordings
of the clanking chains, telemetry of some sort.
What good would it do? Have you considered such thoughts?
I feel remarkably well today,
in spite of all your crap.
This is the world we live in
and experience with our five senses.
Skin... smooth and rational.
Reardon: Every cause has its effect,
and every effect can be predicted with the right database.
But there's a world under that world,
blood, under the skin.
That's what rationalistic asses like you never see.
It's a world that's liquid instead of solid,
hot instead of just warm.
It is a world full of mystery, Carl.
You don't like it, do you? No.
So don't give me your bull about bond issues and busted programs.
You're afraid of what's under the skin.
But I'm not. Do you hear me, Carl?
I'm not.
- If you've given me something-- - That's what it comes down to, huh?
The bottom line? You're afraid of catching something.
Go on, get out of here. Go wash your face,
then you can trot to the infirmary and get an AIDS test.
When the semester's over, you're done here.
You're finished teaching. You're crazy!
- You're totally insane! - Good day, old boy.
- What are you looking at?! - Nothing.
Then go look somewhere else!
We did it, didn't we? We nailed her.
What's on your face?
Never mind.
Never mind.
We have a great deal to talk about, young man.
The story's not over?
It's just beginning. It's just beginning.
Steve: From the Department of Questions Better Not Answered,
if a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it,
- does it make any noise? - Mm-hmm.
Who cuts the barber's hair?
Who leaves money under the Tooth Fairy's pillow?
How come no one realizes
Clark Kent is just Superman wearing glasses?
- Mm-hmm. - If I didn't own Rose Red,
would I be in bed with you right now?
- How was your day, dear? - Give it back.
How was your day? Or would you prefer that
I just rolled over and made myself small?
They revoked my tenure.
Carl Miller dropped by the office to give me the news himself.
- Wait. Can they do that? - Maybe. Probably.
Bollinger's article in the paper made us look
like the Stupid Family, with me as the Head Stupid.
You want to turn off your light?
You're pretty damn calm about it.
I heard from Sister.
She accepted the $12,000 I offered.
When I come back from Rose Red with hard data,
there'll be four dozen universities willing to hire me.
First, I'm going to write a book.
It is going to sell a gazillion copies.
I once heard you say
that the only certainty when dealing with the paranormal
is that nothing is certain.
What if you spend three days in Rose Red and nothing happens?
But it will.
Annie Wheaton is my guarantee.
Let's just say she's one of a kind.
You know, Rose Red is not a true dead cell.
Annie's going to wake it up.
And if you would just let the house stand for another six months,
- the research possibilities-- - No. No.
It's coming down in July, and I can't wait.
I cannot wait.
How can you hate it so much?
It eats my relatives!
- I'm sorry. - Did you miss that in your research?
It's just that it means a lot to me.
Yeah, too much maybe.
You'll need some down time when this is over.
Some serious R&R.
( whispering )
Well, you have the cell phone.
Right here.
- And you've got plenty of film. - Of course,
but I don't know if this is such a good idea.
Don't tell me you're afraid.
No, of course I'm not afraid.
It's just big.
What if I get lost?
Kevin, you know, you're about to step out
in the real world in a couple of weeks.
That's where you're apt to get lost.
But you nail this story, you can write your own ticket.
I thought that's what you wanted.
Why don't you come in there with me?
I do have a few things to do,
like running my department, overseeing finals...
Call me when you get the pictures,
either I or my wife will come get you.
She can't stand that Reardon bitch either.
If they catch me in there, they'll tear me apart.
There's no reason why they should.
If you're reasonably careful.
I guess.
Don't forget this.
And try and get a good picture of them being psychic.
- Professor Miller, I don't think-- - Stiff upper, boy!
Stiff upper!
Professor Miller...
You're a step away from stardom, dear boy!
Just get the pictures!
( gate creaking )
( crows cawing )
tool-shed... back door...
front door...
Kevin: Oh.
- I thought this house was empty. - It would be,
Mr. Bollinger, I believe.
- The reporter. - Yeah, I'm Bollinger.
- But how did you know? - Come in, sir.
You're expected.
Where are you?
Sukeena: This way, sir.
Kevin: Hello?
( door creaks open )
Ma'am, I seem to have lost you.
Is anybody here?
( gasps )
Screw this.
Okay, very funny, but I want to leave, all right?
Let me out!
( bees buzzing )
I could use a little help in here!
- I'm in the greenhouse! - ( bees buzzing )
Let me out!
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
I'm out of here.
Come on.
Get a grip, Bollinger.
( cell phone rings )
( loud music playing )
( continues ringing )
Miller over phone: Hello?
Who is this?
Bollinger, is that you?
Steve: Hey.
They'll be here. Come on.
Don't make me chase you, Emmy!
- Mom, I'm okay. - Yes, you're always okay?
Now, listen to me.
If anything happens that you can't handle,
anything beyond a few telesmic manifestations,
- call me and I'll come and get you. - I will, Mom. I have to go.
You call me anyway so I know you're all right.
I always do. I have to go.
- Emery: They're waiting. - Let them wait.
They won't do much without you, huh?
Now, turn around.
- Mom... - Turn around.
And stay away from that blonde girl.
She looks like a tramp. Now give Mommy a kiss.
You're all over lipstick.
Fix yourself.
Nick: Friends, I see new frontiers in abnormal psychology
stretching out before us. How exciting!
Mrs. Waterman: ...Especially if you move your bowels!
Gosh, the day before summer camp must have been a busy time
- in the Waterman household. - Shut up!
Off to the house on haunted hill, I see?
Oh and with--
with about $100,000 worth of department equipment.
I've got all the proper paperwork
if you want to see it signed in all the proper places.
Oooh... signed by Rogers.
When I was on vacation, he was acting in my stead.
Very clever of you.
- Is there a point to any of this? - Just trying to be pleasant.
If you'll excuse us, Professor Miller, we're in a hurry.
Yes, of course. Places to go,
ghosts to bust. Isn't that right, Mr. Rimbauer?
Yeah, more or less.
Well, keep the equipment in one piece.
Good luck.
The spirits have done it all in one night.
That's what Scrooge says when he wakes up a changed man.
That's what he made me think of. Scrooge on Christmas morning.
I don't trust him.
Hello. Are you the group?
Pam: The Rose Red group?
I'm Pam Asbury.
This is Cathy Kramer.
- Victor Kandinsky. - Vic. Just Vic.
Pam: Nick Hardaway.
Pam: And Emery Waterman.
- you must be... - I'm Sissy Wheaton. This is Annie.
I was sure we were going to miss you guys. Traffic was horrible.
- We're glad you didn't. - Sister--
- or do you prefer Rachel? - Either is fine.
Just quit it.
Emery: Good God. She's retarded.
If you keep your psychological evaluation
of Miss Wheaton to yourself,
we won't ask you any embarrassing questions
about your relationship with your mother. Chin, chin.
Reardon: Folks,
I think we're ready.
( phone ringing )
Recording: You've reached the cell phone of Carl Miller.
Please, leave a message after the tone.
( beep )
Bollinger, where are you?
I told you to keep that phone with you...
In any case, they've left the campus.
They'll be there in 40 minutes,
so be ready.
Then call me back.
There she is.
It seems to be looking at us.
It is, Cathy. It is.
Boy: Mommy?
Where are you?
( whispering )
I'm scared.
Where are you, Mommy?
Nick: Steve.
Steve, you okay?
Yeah, sure. Fine.
You wanna know a secret?
I've never done anything like this before
and I'm pretty much scared to death.
Be not afraid.
Only believe.
We're lucky most of the electronic stuff
was delivered and installed earlier this week.
- What are these? - House plans.
Probably as useful as a 14th century map of Africa.
And here, a coil of rope.
How are you doing, sweetie? Are you okay?
Boy's voice: Mommy? I'm scared.
( whispering )
( whispering ) Stevey...
Stevey... come...
Nick: What is it? What can you hear?
- Steve... - It knows we're here.
Steve: It wants us here.
( whispering )
( whispering continues )
God help us. It wants us here.
( whispering ) Come in...
Come see...
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