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Subtitles for Rose Red (Stephen King) CD2.

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Rose Red (Stephen King) CD2

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Joyce: Houses are alive.
This is something we know.
News from our nerve endings.
( voices whispering )
Joyce: If we're quiet...
if we listen...
we can hear houses breathe.
Sometimes in the depth of the night, we hear them groan.
It's as if they're having bad dreams.
A good house cradles and comforts.
A bad one fills us with instinctive unease.
Bad houses hate our warmth, our humanness.
That blind hate of our humanity is what we mean
when we use the word "haunted."
Pam: Steve?
Are you all right?
I heard it, too. .
Then it stopped.
- What? What did you hear? - Nick: There were words.
It wasn't clear... did any of you?
Cathy: I might have heard something.
Or it might have just been my imagination.
- Steve, what was it? - How would I know?
I don't have a psychic bone in my body, as you well know.
You tested me yourself so there's no real--
What are you looking at?
can you come here?
We might as well get started.
Will you...?
All right.
Nick: Emers old boy, why don't you come and give us a hand?
It seems to be the butler's day off.
- Don't call me that. - Come on.
For $5,000 you can carry a couple of boxes, can't you?
I'm not being paid for my services as a porter.
Pam? You all right?
Man: I thought this house was empty.
Sukeena: You would be Mr. Bollinger, the reporter.
Joyce: Pam?
Man: I'm Bollinger. How did you know?
Come in, sir. You were expected.
Pam: This way.
Come in, sir.
You were expected.
This way.
How old were you when you got lost in there? Eight? Nine?
- What are you talking about? - The room with colored light.
The smell of sawdust.
What happened? What did you see?
What frightened you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You know, don't you?
But you're not saying.
What is it?
It's cold. Just...
cold metal, that's all.
But you spoke.
There was something there, but it's gone.
I didn't like the way it felt.
Steve: The caretaker must have left it there.
After he let in the guys who brought the equipment.
- Vic: He'll miss it. - Not after the summer.
Come September, there won't be a gate to open.
There's a flashlight for each of you.
I suggest you keep it on or near you at all times.
The power's fine most of the time.
Nick: And if it goes out, I don't suppose
looking for the fusebox does much good.
Nope. Neither does calling Puget Sound Energy.
What about your equipment?
If the power goes, everything of mine switches to batteries.
I think we better get started.
Where's Annie?
She's wonderful.
Friday afternoon, 3:17 p.m.
We've just experienced our first paranormal phenomenon--
a phantom draft.
The only thing I insist on
is that you don't go off exploring on your own.
The geography of Rose Red can seem unstable.
Pam: Maybe we should double up on sleeping arrangements.
I don't mind sharing with Cathy.
Or the three of us could go in together like summer camp.
I'll sleep with Emery and after midnight
we'll raid the fridge. Won't we, Em?
Joyce: The bedrooms are perfectly safe.
The important thing is not to go off wandering.
Joyce: I think you'll find this interesting.
You could make Thanksgiving dinner for a hundred people in here.
Maybe after the place was fumigated.
You're such a charmer.
Was I talking to you?
Ellen Rimbauer called this "the health room."
We call it a solarium.
A railroad executive named George Meader,
a friend and drinking buddy of John Rimbauer,
died in here after the end of the first World War.
According to a doctor he was stung by a bee.
Died of an extreme allergic reaction.
As I told you,
in Rose Red's heyday men didn't fare well here.
That's not very reassuring.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
Just use the buddy system when moving through the house.
- Now-- - Whoa.
What's this?
Vic: Did the caretaker leave that, too?
I doubt it.
Cathy: Well, then who?
Nick: Press redial and see who answers.
( phone dialing )
( phone ringing )
Recording: Hello, you've reached Professor Carl Miller
of the Psychology Department.
I'm not able to answer the phone at the present time.
Leave a message at the beep if you like,
but remember your Shakespeare.
Who is it?
Miller: Brevity is the soul of wit.
- ( beeps ) - Hello, Professor Miller,
this is Joyce Reardon's friend, Steven Rimbauer.
We have found a piece of your property here in Rose Red.
I'm fairly sure you didn't drop it yourself
since we saw you an hour ago,
but I've got a good idea who did.
The guy who wrote the newspaper story. Am I right?
Now trespassing isn't a very serious crime
and abetting a trespasser is probably even less serious
but your dignity is going to take a hit at the very least.
Guess who's going to be the cover boy
on next week's newspaper?
You have a nice day.
Nick: Bravo, Steve.
Cathy: You can't be certain that
that is Professor Miller's cell phone.
Oh, of course it is.
If you want proof, dial some of the numbers in memory.
I bet one of them is that son of a bitch, Bollinger.
Emery: If the reporter had the phone,
where's the reporter?
Pam: Maybe the house ate him.
Isn't that what it's supposed to do? Eat people?
Probably something frightened him,
the sort of thing that neither he nor Professor Miller believes in
and he just ran off.
Perhaps he's still in the house.
If he is, then we'll find him.
Come on, folks. Let's--
Pam: Joyce, are you sure
we shouldn't notify somebody?
Why should we?
If Bollinger's here, he's trespassing, like Steve said.
If we call the cops then we're apt to find ourselves
with half a dozen police tromping through the house
and roiling up the atmosphere and he'll win.
That pig Miller will win in spite of everything.
And I can't have it, okay? I just won't! I can't!
It's okay. He doesn't get to win.
If we find Bollinger we can give him a cup of tea
and a good spanking and send him on his way.
- Sounds good to me. - Yeah, me too.
On with the show?
On with the show.
It's a pity no one kept up those vines.
Steve: There hasn't been
a full-time groundskeeper at Rose Red since Omicron Oil
fell off the Big Board a quarter century ago.
I believe we're lingering in the kitchen
because Joyce wants to tell you about my Great-Aunt April.
- Go on, Joyce. - Are you sure?
Sure I'm sure. That's what we're here for, right?
Besides, it was all before my time. Go on.
April was six years old when she disappeared.
Her brother Adam was away at boarding school.
Boarding school at eight?
It was Rimbauer's idea.
Ellen ranted and raved, but John, at least this time,
put his foot down and kept it down.
He didn't trust Rose Red even then.
This was the last place April was ever seen.
Sukeena stepped into the pantry over there
for what she swore was no more than 30 seconds.
When she came out...
- April: I'm a little teapot... - April, honey, where are you?
( April continues singing )
( April screams )
Joyce: 50 men searched the house and grounds.
They found nothing.
Not so much as a lock of hair
or a thread from her dress.
Steve: Great-grandfather was convinced that
Sukeena had something to do with it.
So he had her taken downtown.
Ellen objected in the strongest possible terms
but John respectfully declined to listen.
( Ellen yelling )
Ellen, stop it!
Please, John!
Sukeena was taken to a small basement room
you can probably imagine, and questioned for 50 hours.
No sleep, no food, no bathroom breaks, no mercy.
I don't know. She was gone.
I don't know.
Steve: In the end she convinced them that
she didn't know anything about April's disappearance.
But it cost her...
it cost her three teeth, a broken nose and a broken wrist.
Eventually, Ellen's maid was allowed to return home again.
The only home she had left.
Emery: So when do we get to upstairs?
I heard that's where the really weird stuff is.
Joyce: No time like the present.
Come on, everybody.
Emery: I didn't notice that one before.
Neither did I.
For the rest of the weekend could you please remember
- who's running this expedition? - Sure.
Nick, could you come here, please?
If you could tie the end of your rope to that pole,
it'll help us find our way back.
Couldn't we just go back and get the plans?
In this house, the plans don't always mean a lot.
It's only a safety measure.
So follow me and prepare to be amazed.
I'm a little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle
Here is my spout
When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout...
Joyce: Ellen called this the perspective hallway.
It was her first major addition.
And no architect designed it, either.
Cathy: She made it up herself?
Way to go, Ellen.
But she didn't.
Sister: Then who?
- Emery: Her maid? - Joyce: Her companion.
It's so wild.
Like something in a fun house.
It's making my stomach turn.
I guess they're pieces built in perspective.
Camouflaging the real doors was Great-Gram's idea.
She didn't want them to spoil the illusion.
Hey, Bollinger, are you in there?
( wind blows )
Sister: Annie, no!
You be quiet!
If you wanted this place to wake up.
I'd say you've been successful in that regard.
Cathy: What was that? Who screamed?
Does she ever get assertive, or does she always waffle like that?
She doesn't talk much, but what she says, she means.
Yeah, I'll say.
In the mid '60s, a team of scientists,
one of them a geologist, spent time investigating Rose Red
and heard the house scream several times.
They recorded a couple of them.
Although on tape they don't sound very impressive.
What did they conclude?
That they were hearing the sound of underground water,
perhaps amplified by the old water drainage pipes
that run under this part of Seattle.
Underground water?
People face with these sort of phenomena
tend to protect their belief systems ferociously.
This hallway was the last place Ellen Rimbauer was ever seen.
They moved in on January 15, 1909.
Ellen marked the occasion each January 15th
by wearing the same white dress she wore the day they arrived.
For many of those years Ellen threw a party on January 15th
and everybody who was anybody showed up--
politicians, hoodlums, sports players, stars.
When the actress disappeared, the parties stopped.
Finish telling us about old Mrs. Rimbauer.
Joyce: She disappeared on January 15, 1950.
She was 70.
Joyce: A maid saw her and wished her good evening
and she swept by as if she didn't even hear her.
And that was the last anyone ever saw of her.
Come on. Lots more to see.
Joyce: This is the gymnasium.
Although the exercise equipment is out of date--
Vic: This room demands a particular form of exercise.
What? How... ?
Steve: It's the mirror library.
It's not in the plans, but I remember seeing it as a boy.
I was afraid to go in because I thought I'd fall.
They're not in the plans? How can they not be in the plans?
Cathy: There's a camera.
( gasps )
Not good. Not good at all.
The property of Kevin Bollinger.
Oh, God. Mr. Bollinger! Mr. Bollinger, are you here?
What's wrong?
I told you this might happen. The lights will come back on.
In the meantime, use your flashlights.
Steve: I think we should go back downstairs.
Joyce: Shh. Nonsense.
Oh, my-- look.
Steve, roll tape, roll tape.
April: Annie...
Annie, no.
Annie, don't touch it.
Annie, no!
April: Annie, come here.
April: Come with me.
Stop her! Somebody's got to stop her!
Are you okay?
Nick: How did you know to do that?
I don't know. I just did it.
Here take it. I don't want it.
Here. Give it to me.
Try and get some pictures.
Good pictures of them being psychic.
What's that supposed to mean?
I don't know. I think it's someone talking to Bollinger.
Yeah, I bet I know who.
Is Bollinger alive? Can you tell?
He was when he dropped this camera. Beyond that...
I don't know.
I think we ought to get out of here, Joyce.
Okay, let's head downstairs. Break time.
Thank God.
Vic: Wait. It's not the same.
The hallway.
- No, nonsense-- - Pam: No, he's right.
We should be going back the way we came, but we're not.
- ( hammering ) - Cathy: What is that?
Steve, what's going on?
The building's started again.
You wanted to wake the place up. Now you got what you wanted.
But who's building? And what?
I don't know.
You're lying.
No, I'm not lying.
Is it too hard to remember? Or too frightening to remember?
It's gone. It stopped.
Then I suggest we go downstairs before it starts again.
Annie, I need your help.
Now put your hand here
and push from here.
( rumbling )
Annie, what are you doing?
Joyce: Nick...
Nick: Not now, Joyce.
Sister: Annie!
That wasn't funny.
I know another way down and there might be
something worth seeing along the way.
Nick: Are you sure you know the way?
Oh my God.
"Oh my God" is right.
Nick: More camouflaged doors, Stevie?
Great-Gram was never above using a good trick twice.
This was her little joke on her husband's business life.
Did he get it?
I doubt it. I don't even really get it.
Here's the real door right here.
Just press right there.
Emery: This house has everything,
but chow.
Joyce. It's this way.
Oh. Of course. I knew that.
Better, Emery?
Than nothing I guess.
Too much mayo in the crabmeat.
Nick: What do you want, big boy?
Bare-breasted nymphs to kneel at your feet
and offer you delicacies from silver platters?
Stop it right now. Stop harassing me.
There's a difference between joking and harassing.
Did you never learn that?
I learned plenty in high school, believe me,
from guys like him. And you.
Joyce: Come on, give it a rest.
Emery I might be able to provide you with something
you like better in a little while.
Tell us about the actress, Joyce.
I've always been a sucker for celebrities.
Well, that's her,
on Ellen's wall of fame.
Deanna Petrie was a fairly big star in the '40s.
Musical comedies mostly.
She could dance, sing a little,
and she was sexy as hell.
She was one of Ellen Rimbauer's favorite guests
at her January 15th parties.
In 1946 she showed up
in what Hedda Hopper called "the cocktail dress."
It was what she was wearing when she disappeared.
She spent most of the night, here in the billiard room,
wowing the guests with her many talents.
She left behind a single earring. A maid found it the next day,
but there was no longer a girl to go with it.
Deanna's disappearance made Rose Red's reputation.
And now Annie, if you've finished eating,
I have something to show you.
It's nice.
You'll like it. I promise.
It's okay.
Go up, Annie.
Go up and see what you find.
It's not dangerous, is it?
No, not a bit. Go on, Annie.
You okay, son?
Yeah, sure. I'm fine.
Nick: Annie.
What in the world is it?
Whatever it is, she likes it.
( whispers )
( organ music plays )
Cathy, you were right.
- Revelation 12. - Oh, yeah.
No corporal presence in six centuries.
No psychic pulse.
Emery, are you thinking of dressing for dinner?
You tell me. Read my mind.
Annie, Glen Miller.
That doesn't work.
I tried it while I was setting up. Sorry, Annie.
( doorbell chimes )
It's all right.
( doorbell chimes )
Got three loaded for Reardon.
Large, with two six-packs of soda.
Yep, thank you.
Told you there might be something you like better.
Loaded. Excellent.
( record plays )
Vic: Miss Asbury?
May I?
Do this often?
Every chance we get? How much?
Pizza guy: This is some place. Is it haunted?
Emery: Yes, by the ghosts of delivery men
who asked too many stupid questions and never escaped.
This is unbelievable. What are you doing to me?
She's terrific.
( whispers )
( Vic sings to himself )
Wouldn't think you'd need a telemetry readout
- just to count heads. - Not human ones certainly.
I'm really worried about Mr. Bollinger.
Don't bother. He'll show up eventually.
I wish I could be as sure of that as you seem to be.
By the way, where's Vic?
Vic: Right here. Anyone care to dance?
Not me. I'm pooped.
Where have you been?
I lost my book.
Nick: Nice story time.
We've heard the one about the actress.
Tell us about Rimbauer's partner, Mr. Posey.
Remember that seance I told you about?
Starring the famous gypsy psychic, Cora Frye?
Joyce: Mm, yes.
That was 1914 and the war in Europe
was heating up the American economy.
Omicron Oil was in clover. Money was rolling in.
And John Rimbauer was tired of sharing it.
So in October of that same year
he gave Douglas Posey the bum's rush.
Steve: According to family legend,
Uncle Posey had a taste for cowboys.
He liked chaps in chaps?
Was he into roping or branding?
Probably a little bit of both.
Joyce: John Rimbauer bought him out
at distress sale prices.
He was told never to come back to Rose Red, but he did.
Once and that was in 1915. John was in Europe
and Adam and April were at home with their mom.
( beeps )
Grand-dad never forgot Posey tossing him that Tom Mix hat.
He wanted to keep it and he threw a tantrum
when his mother tried to take it away.
And the rose. He never forgot April catching the rose.
Why did Posey wait a year to do it?
And why here? Any ideas?
If you wanted answers, you came to the wrong place.
Joyce: Following the suicide,
John and Ellen kept Adam out of Rose Red as much as possible.
As I told you, he was at boarding school
when his sister disappeared.
He knew damn well that something was very wrong here.
Even then.
Steve: The male descendants in the Rimbauer line
mostly stayed clear of the family manse.
I wasn't here more than half a dozen times as a kid.
I got off on my own just once, I was eight.
- Wait, I thought your father-- - My father hated this place.
He was afraid of it.
But it was my mother who brought me.
I forgot until today. Blocked it out, I suppose.
Nick reminded me.
She probably couldn't find a babysitter.
Sister: What was she looking for?
Steve: Antiques, loot...
I think she was drunk. That's my memory of it.
She so often was in those days.
( whispers )
I know she and Dad were broke. After we lost the oil company,
it's been a family disease, broke-itis.
Nick: While your mother was treasure hunting,
you got lost?
Yeah, I mean it was no big deal--
You were upstairs before you realized how lost you were.
One floor above the mirror library.
Or was it three floors? Or 10?
Because when this place gets going, when it feels lively,
when it has energy to draw on,
Rose Red can make itself as big as it wants, can't it?
Finally you got to the top.
and that's where--
( rumbling )
Oh my God.
Joyce: What is it? Do you know?
It's a cluster manifestation
with rising elements, like an earthquake!
Pam: It's the house! It's coming alive!
How many are there? Can you tell?
Damn this thing!
I'm not so sure there is anyone here!
I know it sounds crazy, but--
Vic: Be gone!
Annie, don't touch it.
( soft music playing )
( gasps )
- Go. - April: Annie.
Go ahead.
April: Annie, come.
I'd advise none of you to go wandering tonight.
- You'd agree, wouldn't you, Steve? - As a matter of fact, I would.
Pam: If you're quiet,
if you listen,
you can hear houses breathe.
Sometimes, in the depth of the night,
you can hear them groan,
as if they were having bad dreams.
Could I ask you something?
Of course, Emery.
Will-- will you come to bed with me?
Look, isn't that your mom?
Emery: That's not my mother.
That's just an old--
What are you doing?
Say cheese!
Say cheese, Emmy!
Oh man!
Five grand wasn't enough, Ma. Not at all.
20 wouldn't have been enough.
- Ah! - Voh-doh-dee-oh-doh.
Want to get it on?
We've got all night, Emery.
- We've got forever. - You're not there!
- No there! - But I am.
I'm your girl.
I'm your dream girl.
Not there. Not there.
Not there. Not there!
( whispering )
( clock chiming )
( snoring )
( rumbling )
- Say cheese! - ( gasps )
( knocking on door )
- Who is it? - Cathy.
Come on. Hurry up!
What is it?
It's Steve. He's found something amazing.
- It explains so much. - Explains what?
What are you talking about?
( April whispering ) Annie.
Annie: There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I am safe and warm...
turn the record player off. Dad'll be pissed.
Reach out
To me
There're no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed
With love.
Sister: What is it?
Did you open that?
If you opened it, close it.
I can't sleep with the closet door open.
I'm afraid of the bogeyman, aren't you?
No... ogeyman.
- No bogeyman? - Og--
Annie: Night-night.
You are going to get it now!
( both laughing )
We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Just pay your bill and kiss my ass!
- No luck? - No.
My mother is going to go crazy.
It's not a very long trip for her, even at the best of times.
- I'm sorry about that. - Yeah, well...
I'm thinking of getting out of here before she shows up.
I get very tired of her... showing up.
Also, Rimbauer gets on my nerves.
Joyce too, actually. "If you look to your left,
you will see the ghost of April Rimbauer and Douglas Posey.
Don't worry, they're perfectly harmless."
And you know what? Underneath that phoney tour guide shtick,
she is as crazy as the Red Queen. "Off with their heads."
And that creepy kid with that creepy doll...
She's... nuts too. Rimbauer is just smart ass du jour.
What's this? Your shrink routine?
Just get it off your chest.
A dead cell, isn't that what Joyce called it?
You want to know about dead?
I had a dead movie star in bed with me last night.
- Deanna Petrie? - Yeah.
It didn't last long but it was a very...
physical manifestation.
I'm getting tired of Rose Red's little tricks.
If Joyce wants some of her $5,000 back,
I'll just see her in court.
If my mother doesn't hear from me soon,
she is really going to go nuclear.
- Operator: ...And try again... - I will not try again later!
( humming )
Good morning, Annie.
All right, then.
Good morning, Steve.
Ah, good morning.
- Is that Annie? - Annie it is.
Would you like some eggs? It would be a pleasure.
No, thanks.
- Have you seen Joyce? - Yes, fiddling with her equipment.
Looking as if she last had a good night's sleep circa 1972.
I'd tread carefully if I were you.
- She's crabby, huh? - Very.
The video was cloudy, the audio garbled,
no recorded telemetry of any use.
What's that?
That's the wine cellar. Isn't it marvelous?
The door was open when I came down this morning.
- Haven't you seen it before? - No.
Rose Red hasn't just woken up.
It's become the House & Garden version
of Frankenstein's monster.
- Steve: That's ridiculous. - Nick: Is it?
( hammering and sawing )
- Have you heard much of that? - Enough to worry me.
And Bollinger's persistent non-appearance worries me too.
You would think, if he were still here-- here and alive--
that we'd have run into him by now, wouldn't you?
I don't know.
And the longer we go without reporting his disappearance,
the more peculiar our position becomes
if he turns up dead or if he doesn't turn up at all.
( blows on the bottle )
Dom Perignon 1949. It's a very good year.
In my experience, they're all good years.
What goes better with scrambled eggs than champagne?
Pull the cork, Steve.
Will you wet your whistle?
It's a little early for me.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
You know this place is feeding off us.
And although I'm sure it finds us all rather tasty,
its primary sources of nourishment are little Annie
- and you. - Me?
I don't have a telepathic bone in my body.
I don't know what you were before you came here,
but I know now that you are a powerful psychic transmitter
operating on Rose Red's wavelength.
It almost had you once.
It wants you back.
- It wants Annie too. - You're crazy.
But I vouch that Joyce is crazier,
and she means to have her proof, even if someone has to die for it.
- You're wrong. - Really?
Let's ask Mr. Bollinger if we meet him again.
What are you doing?
Trying to make sure Miller actually sent Bollinger here.
If he did, I'll call the police and report him missing.
- Joyce won't like that. - According to you,
she's not very happy anyway.
( humming )
( vacuum roaring )
Professor, what are you doing here on a Saturday morning?
Minding my business, as I hope you will yours.
( voice on answering machine )
Ah! Who locked this door?
Janitor: I imagine you locked it yourself,
it being your office.
You must have the number. It's your cell phone.
Will you talk to him if he calls back?
- I'd be delighted. - Thanks.
Steve's voice: Guess who'll be the cover boy
on next week's paper? You have a nice day.
( machine beeps )
Damn you!
- Recording: ...received at 8: 42 a.m. - ( machine beeps )
Steve's voice: This is Steven Rimbauer again.
I need to talk to you about Kevin Bollinger.
He slit his wrists and wrote your name on the wall
in his own blood before he died.
And Joyce suggests you come out here before we call the police.
Maybe we can work out a way to minimize this scandal,
but it's imperative you come the second you get this message.
Recording: End of message.
You have no more new messages.
Have a nice day, Professor.
( humming )
Good morning, Annie.
Good morning, Annie.
Good morning, Annie.
Good morning, Annie.
Good morning.
Good morning, Steve.
Good morning, Steve.
Steve: Right.
knock yourself out.
That's pretty good.
( Glen Miller music playing )
She can also bend spoons,
turn on the lights, and set off car alarms.
- I got babies. - Steve: Yes,
very nice babies.
I got Adam...
I got April.
She never talks to strangers. I'm impressed.
In fact, I'm stunned.
Well, I've never heard Glen Miller playing out of a flower before.
Steve: You're-- you're Rachel?
- That's right, isn't it? - Yeah...
most people call me Sister or Sissy, for short.
I think I prefer Rachel.
So this is a very big deal for Joyce, right?
The biggest. Because of all the disappearances,
Rose Red is a white whale in the field of psychic research.
And now that Miller's gotten her tenure revoked,
it's even more important.
If Joyce comes back with proof of paranormal activity,
she'll be okay. If not...
I had no idea things were so dire for her.
Sister: She's paying me a great deal of money--
paying Annie, I should say.
- I wonder if she can afford it. - I wonder too.
You really don't know?
Forgive me, but I thought you two
- were closer than that. - In some ways, we are.
In other ways, we're not even in the same neighborhood.
Tell me about her.
She's 15.
She's autistic. She loves a summer place.
She loves big bands.
She's also telepathic and psychokinetic...
which are probably the least important things about her.
- Can I show you something? - Sure.
Everything was dead at this end of the room yesterday.
The house is coming to life. We all feel it.
Maybe, but the house didn't do this.
Annie did.
It's the other side of what she is.
It's not all frozen pipes and falling stones.
When I look at her, I don't see ruin.
I see roses.
When Annie was five, a dog bit her.
- ( dog barking ) - Ah! Annie, make him go away!
Annie! Make him stop!
Make him go away!
Woman: What happened? Oh my God.
He bit her! Your dog bit my sister.
Woman: Oh my God. Buddy, get back in the house!
I'm so sorry.
He's never done this before. He's never bitten anyone.
I'm so sorry. We'll take care of that.
It'll be all right. It'll be just fine.
Everything is going to be just fine.
Man: Sister, look at this.
I got Baby!
Sister: Stones from the sky.
And they all just fell on the Stanton's house.
Nowhere else on the street.
It was the dog that hurt her,
and the dog had been destroyed, but--
Annie didn't understand that.
- Sister: Stop it. - Answer me! Are you proud of this?
- Oh, stop it, Daddy. - I'm not gonna stop it!
Come on, how could you be so stupid?
How could you let a reporter get a hold of Annie's drawings?
Sister: Annie came in while I was arguing with my father, and...
You could say she launched a protest.
( rattling )
Sister: She froze all the water in the house.
She's a big time telekinetic
and that's all Joyce cares about.
- Joyce is-- - No!
No, I-- thank you.
I do understand.
I think even Annie understands why we're here, in her own way.
But for me,
the thing that's important about Annie,
all that's important about Annie...
is that she responds to love with love.
There has to be a place
for the Annies of the world.
Steve: It would be nice to think so,
but the world isn't always fair. That's all.
I know it.
I understand.
For the lamb shall feed and lead them
unto living fountains of waters...
We must drink from the grape,
and not the grain.
Maybe later.
You sure?
Could we...?
What is she thinking? Any idea at all?
Not the slightest.
Miss Asbury, you look lovely this morning.
Vic: If only I'd have known,
I'd have dressed for the occasion.
( crying )
What's wrong?
Vic: Ms. Asbury? Pam?
It's not much further.
( grunts )
( honks horn )
Who are you?
I might ask you the same thing.
Patricia Waterman, Emery's mother.
Carl Miller, Professor Miller.
Nice to meet you. Are you going in there?
- I'm afraid so. - Good. I've come to get my boy.
Get the gate, would ya?
Come on!
Put your back into it!
( starts engine )
- What is it you found? - Something amazing,
it explains so much.
- Maybe we should tell the others. - We will,
but I wanted to show you first.
( whispering )
Dastardly bitch!
What is wrong with you? Look what you've done to my car.
Emery! Come back!
Patricia: Emery!
Woman! Could we exchange insurance information?
Where are you? Woman!
Patricia: Emers!
Not there. Not there. Not there.
( whispering )
( beeping )
Emery, what's wrong?
Stop running!
Let me help!
Where are you?
Be not afraid, only believe.
Be not afraid, only believe.
Where am I?
Patricia: Emery!
Oh my God.
It is her.
Where are you?
Is that you?
Vic: Only believe.
( panting )
I don't believe.
( stone cracking )
I don't believe.
Help me, Mommy, I'm so scared.
- Emers. - Help me.
( screams )
Mrs. Waterman?
Where are you?
( whispering )
( sighs )
Vic: Somebody, help me! She's alive!
Please help.
Not there. Not there
Not there.
I don't want to go!
Open the window.
- Let me in! - Emery: Not there.
I'm having a heart attack!
Call 911 .
Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.
- Vic: Call 911 . - Not there.
Not there. Not there. Not there...
Emery, look at me!
look at me! I'm...
for God's sake, open the window!
Emery: Not there, not Mommy, not Vic,
not the actress, not anyone, not there...
Not there. Not there.
( gasping )
Emery: Not there, not there in my hair,
foul or fair, don't you dare,
no one there, peach or pear,
no one there, in my hair, foul or fair...
Don't you dare, no one there...
- What's going on? - No one there...
He came to you for help,
and you turned your back on him.
What the hell's going on?
Oh God.
Sir, pardon me, sir?
Are you here for Mr. Bollinger?
- Is he here? - Yes...
waiting for you in the solarium.
If you're Professor Miller, that is.
He's all right? He's not hurt or...?
I believe he's impatient to go home, sir,
but otherwise he seems quite well.
It's Rimbauer.
What is going on?
I'm sure I cannot say, sir.
Ms. Reardon's body seems rather rambunctious.
Does it indeed?
Take me to Bollinger.
Right away, sir.
How did I get up here?
( whispering )
Miller: Will you slow down?
Where are you going?
Where are you?
( whispering )
( beeping continues )
( giggles )
( screaming )
( whispering )
( whispering )
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