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Rose Red (Stephen King) CD3

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Joyce: A house is a place of shelter,
it's the body we put on over our bodies.
As our bodies grow old,
so do our houses.
As our bodies may sicken,
so do our houses sicken.
And what of madness?
If mad people live within, doesn't this madness
creep into the rooms and walls and corridors?
The very boards?
Don't we sometimes sense that madness reaching out to us?
Isn't that a large part of what we mean
when we say a place is unquiet,
festered up with spirits?
We say "haunted,"
but we mean the house has gone insane.
( whispering )
Somebody help me! I'm lost!
( whispering continues )
Somebody help me!
Oh, for God's sake!
Help! Somebody help me!
Where the hell did I come from?
( woman giggling )
( whispering continues )
Your mommy was right. I'm a tramp.
Emery: Oh!
Somebody help me!
Help me!
Where is everyone?!
- Cathy: Nick, what's going on? - It's Vic, I think he's dead.
I'm trying to get to him!
- What's going on? - He says Vic is dead.
- Oh my God. - That's ridiculous!
Joyce, get real.
Nick: I said I think Vic is dead.
Thank God. Oh, thank God!
You don't understand. My mother is here,
unless the house is imitating her.
At first, I thought so, but the more I think about it,
the more-- and I got lost!
I've seen things you wouldn't believe!
Not now, Emery!
We shouldn't be here. Not any of us.
There's a bubble forming, I think,
a kind of psychic bubble, and I--
What would your mother be doing here?
She worries about me. I'm worried about me too, actually--
about all of us.
I saw Pam upstairs. I think she's dead.
- Where's Annie? - I-- I don't--
- It's stuck again. - It's not just stuck!
Of course it isn't.
- This is ridiculous! - Emery, come here.
Is that your mother's car?
Yeah, Mommy's little scootabout.
- What did you-- - Mommy's little scootabout.
Mommy's little scootabout. That's what she calls it.
Sometimes we scootabout for ice cream,
and sometimes to the movies,
some-- stop looking at me.
I think Mama's little scootabout is blocking another car.
- Is anyone in it? - I don't know. I can't tell.
- I'll check the kitchen door. - Sister: I'll go with you.
- Steve! - Not now, Dee.
Annie, are you out there?
Steve, come look at this.
Sister: It's coming to life, isn't it?
I think he's right outside there,
I didn't exactly see.
Oh my God.
God, no.
Cathy: Open, in the name of Jesus!
Open, in the name of God!
- Where's Pam? - Emery said she is dead.
Emery: She was in Ellen Rimbauer's room.
She said things to me-- bad things.
I can't be sure, but when I see people like that,
they're usually dead.
This place will kill all of us if we're not careful.
We were wrong to come.
That is a cowardly and mistaken thing to say.
Emery: Vic's dead, Pam's probably dead, and we can't get out.
You need a reality check, lady.
- Joyce-- - Leave me alone!
Sister: Annie, where are you?
Annie, are you-- oh God!
Annie, don't move!
Joyce, we've already established that that doesn't work!
You were saying? See? Just stuck, no big deal.
Mom, where are you?
- Sister: Is she all right? - I don't know.
Go down to the kitchen and get a lemon.
If there's no lemon, bring the vinegar.
Go! Hurry!
What about the windows in the billiard room?
Cathy: You were pounding on them with your fists.
You don't think the glass was stuck too?
Sukeena: You be careful, now.
( distant moan )
Who's there?
Oh, I shouldn't be doing this.
I shouldn't be doing this.
I shouldn't be doing this.
I shouldn't be doing this.
Screw it, I'm not doing this.
If there's someone there, stop fooling around!
( crows cawing )
- ( ruffling ) - ( moaning )
Who's there?
If you need help, I'll help you!
But if you only want to play games...
- Miller: Stay away from me! - Professor, wait!
Professor, wait!
Stay away!
Vic: Emery, look at me.
Please, look at me.
You're no good to anyone, bub.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you go hang yourself?
You could do it in the parlor.
Just like Posey... a ring around the rosey...
and not by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin.
Emery: Help me!
Miller: Stay away!
( Miller breathing heavily )
( Miller screams in horror )
- Is she awake? - No, but her breathing's regular.
- Get Joyce. - Can't I stay with her?
Get Joyce! She's closer to a doctor than either of us.
- I saw Vic. - You can't have. Vic is--
I know, Vic was another little Rose Red mind movie
like Pam and Deanna Petrie.
But I also saw Miller, and he was real.
- Miller? Professor Miller? - None other,
although I doubt the Dean of Arts and Sciences would recognize him.
He's out there in the high grass, running around like a madman!
- You're lying! - Nick: No, he's not.
Emery: No, I'm not.
My mother's somewhere behind the house.
But I can't get to the backyard.
- Calm down, Emery. - Don't tell me that!
You don't know what I've seen, so don't tell me that.
- I'll call 911. - I'd rather doubt it.
Joyce: We all need to take a step back,
take a deep breath and--
Annie's had an accident.
She's unconscious.
- Could you come? - Where is she?
This phone is working. Whom should I call?
- The cops! - An ambulance.
- No one. Not yet. - Emery: To hell with you, Joyce.
I'm getting out of here!
( high-pitched signal )
Honey, are you okay? Can you hear me?
Pam: Emery?
You're not there. You're dead.
Both of you are dead.
- Pam: No, we're not. - Deanna: We're not dead at all.
That's the beauty of it.
( whispering )
Pam: Please, Emery.
Life could be different for you here.
- It could be better. - Deanna: It would be nice.
Really nice.
I'll pass. Rose Red is too much like The Roach Motel.
They check in but they don't check out. Not there!
I'm hard up, girls,
but not quite that hard up.
Annie, what is it?
We seldom have company at Rose Red these days.
I insist you stay a little longer.
Emery: Look what it did to me.
We have to get out of here.
Nick: I'm afraid it's too late for that.
- Here, Annie. - Annie, no.
Be still, and let her help you.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
There you go.
You okay, honey?
You think you can stand up?
Let's try it.
Ah, there we go. Great.
It's okay.
Annie, look.
And the sweet secret of
A summer place
Is that it's anywhere
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love.
I know the song.
And I know the feeling.
To be safe.
To be free to dream,
and to have all the time in the world to enjoy it.
Later on, I'll let you play with it all you want.
I promise.
Uh-uh-uh. Annie...
look at me.
Annie, if you want to play with that dollhouse,
you'll look at me right now. Hmm?
Are you holding the doors and the windows closed?
Don't give me that blank stare, you understand me well.
We understand each other.
Are you?
That's what the house wants you to do...
and you just go right on doing it.
Soon, I'll take that dollhouse down
and you can play with it all you want.
In fact, we'll play with it together,
and we'll take all the time we want.
( whispering )
- Nick: Hey! Get off him! - Hey!
Nick: Get off him!
Get off him!
- It isn't going to do any good. - What's next, Sherlock?
- Any ideas? - No. You?
No! This place has always wanted me.
I found that out when I was eight. I should have stayed away.
- Why didn't you? - Because of Dee.
She needs someone to look after her,
so she doesn't go into the big nowhere.
Here they come again. Hey!
Get off him!
- Nick: Get off him! - Hey, get off him!
( Joyce humming )
Joyce: The power went out 15 minutes ago.
I don't think it'll be on again tonight.
Don't you want to know about Bollinger
and Mrs. Waterman, or Professor Miller?
Aren't you curious at all?
What about them? Any sign?
- No. None. - Hmm.
I think I knew that, actually.
( sighs )
what is there to be curious about?
we're all in the billiard room.
We need to talk.
Pam is also missing,
and if Emery says she's dead, we have to believe him.
About Vic, of course, there's no question.
- Joyce? - Hmm.
Do you understand what I'm telling you?
Of course.
Joyce: But since there isn't anything I can do about them--
not now at any rate--
I'll continue with my observations.
I am a scientist, you know?
Or did you forget that?
No, I didn't forget that.
Miller did.
Joyce: Running around like a madman.
I'd have liked to see that.
Thank God for battery packs.
Don't waste your breath.
She can't understand you. Can't even hear you,
not in the sense we understand hearing.
Steve's voice: Annie?
Steve: There you are.
Would you like to come with me into the other room?
We could visit with Rachel and the others.
Steve's voice: Do you hear me?
You do, don't you?
Steve's voice: Annie, come, please.
You sure you won't come with us?
All right.
Let's go.
Sister: This is the last one.
It may be a little old, but... sorry.
Emery: Beggars can't be choosers. Thanks.
I don't suppose you have any nail polish in there?
Nail polish? No, I don't use it. Why?
We could pour some into a handkerchief
and make her breathe it--
or what about drain cleaner?
Just a whiff of that, and bingo, out like a light.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about survival, darling. Did I stutter?
Sister: I think you're insane.
- Those things could kill her. - Oh yeah? Gee.
Having a good time, Professor?
Enjoying the idea of visiting your former department head
in the local nut-barn?
It'll try and take us tonight,
- one by one, or all together. - Sister: Every time you speak,
you say something unpleasant.
- So why don't you be quiet? - Cathy: And not just unpleasant,
it's wicked.
I know that you have had an accident--
An accident? That's right, I had an accident.
Unpleasant Emery knows something about our reporter friend.
- Bollinger? What? - Emery: No, I don't think so.
No, you wouldn't want to hear it from me.
Every time I speak, something wickedy-wickedy-wickedy comes out.
Why don't you tell them, Nick? I'm tired of being wicked.
You do some of the dirty work.
Do you know something, or is he just talking?
The mirror library, right?
What about the mirror library?
Nick: Kevin Bollinger is dead.
He brought Emery's mother into the house
and then hung himself in the mirror library.
Not so much as suicide as being...
Rose Red's latest victim.
What about... Mrs. Waterman?
I can't see her,
or Professor Miller.
- What about you? - I don't know,
which means they're probably still somewhere around here.
They're somewhere in this place.
Annie: Place
A summer place
( humming )
( laughing and chatter )
You said you wanted to talk?
Let's talk now, because I have to check on the--
Did you intentionally decide to sacrifice us, Joyce?
Or did you simply ignore the probability of our demise?
- I don't know what you're-- - Yes, you do.
Or part of you does.
Supposing you never get your proof.
Did you even think about that?
Supposing the proof isn't here to get. What then?
Supposing Rose Red is the paranormal version
of the Energizer Bunny,
and it just keeps growing and growing...
Stop it!
Stop it.
You're crazy.
Can't you see that he's crazy?
I'm not crazy.
I'm a mind-reader.
You know that, and that's why I'm here.
Now, sit down!
Rose Red won't let you have what you want.
It won't let anyone have what they want.
Ellen Rimbauer designed it to break hearts as hers was broken,
to hurt as she was hurt.
Then we have to get out of here before it--
Nick: What? Kills us?
A real death would be merciful.
Because I doubt if Vic is really dead.
And that's the worst of it,
- the very worst. - Steve: So how do we get out?
There are no secret tunnels-- not that I know of.
Oh wake up! She's the one keeping us locked in.
Yeah, her!
Little Miss Mental Illness of 2-0-0-1.
- Stop it! - Cathy: Losing his fingers
has affected his mind. Don't hold it against him.
Wake up, sweetheart. Wake up, all of you!
It locked us in when she was awake.
Then, after she knocked herself out, everything opened up again.
It was like a cramp letting go.
We could have gotten away then if we had known,
and acted fast enough on what we knew.
And one of us did understand.
Joyce understood. Didn't you?
And when the little bitch woke up--
I can't-- my hand hurts too much.
You know as much as I do.
- You tell them the rest. - Tell us he's insane.
Start with that.
But he's not.
Why did you want psychics
and telekinetics and automatic writers here?
It was to recharge a cell that was never dead, merely dormant,
and we have all played our part.
But Annie has been key.
What Emery doesn't understand...
is that Steve has been key too.
Joyce: Steve?
Steve is about as psychic as a ham sandwich.
Please, be quiet, Joyce.
Don't you tell me to shut up. How dare you?
He asked you to be quiet.
Cathy: And do it, please.
I want to hear this.
Everyone has some psychic capacity, Joyce.
I've read your books and articles. You used to know that,
before all this psychic superstar infatuation stuff.
And I know that Miller isn't
the only imagination-challenged idiot you've had to deal with.
But you've become blinded and misguided.
I have not become blinded.
Whatever Steve's psychic ability in the outside world,
here in Rose Red, it's amplified to the power of 10,
because he's blood. Ellen's blood.
You said it yourself, Steve, you are the last of the Rimbauers.
Tell it any way you want, I'm not the one holding the doors shut
and turning the window-glass into whatever it is now.
Nick: Of course not. Ellen's doing it through Annie,
but also through you. And don't sit there
and say you don't know it or at least sense it.
She's not doing anything through me!
I don't sense that! I--
Hello, Stevey.
No, Stevey, look, please.
Would you like to help me build, Stevey?
I'll show you how.
Mother: Steve?
Where are you?
- Go to her, but come back. - Mother: Stop playing games, Stevey.
- Mother: We have to go right now. - Come back and help me build.
Help me build, Stevey.
Sister: Steve...
what's wrong?
That was a false memory. The house planted it.
- Are you sure? - No, I'm not.
Emery: For the time being, let's stick to the kid.
We take her out of the equation. The doors still won't open.
We'll worry about Rimbauer then.
No one will hurt this child.
Of course they're not.
And there's the rub.
We're in trouble, ladies and gentlemen...
big trouble.
( whispering )
( whispering continues )
Hey, you want to play a game, Annie?
You take 10 or 12 real deep breaths
and squat down and blow on your thumbs.
You'll get all floaty and then you'll go to the North Pole
with Santa Claus and his eight tiny reindeer.
- The rest of us, meanwhile-- - Stop it!
will scurry on out of here, like the good little mice we are.
- It's not funny. - Neither is this!
I'll tell you what, Sissy,
let's find some dry-cleaning bags so we can wrap her up
until she passes out,
- or pinch her nose shut. - Don't!
How about you, handsome?
You're the utility infielder on this team.
Can you knock her out with your mind?
Five minutes would be enough for us to make like bees and buzz.
Hell, three.
I can't see her thoughts,
but it's the most peculiar thing--
- They're high. - Nick: Yes.
High above me as if she were a princess in a tower.
And she's waving, but there's no way to reach her.
At least, not for me.
Steve: Annie, look at Nick.
What will we do with you, little sister?
Emery: How about this?
The back of the head's the best place, above the nape of the neck.
Hit her hard, lights go out.
- Hit her harder-- - Oh, you ugly man.
You ugly little troll.
Don't tell me you've never thought of it.
Come on, do us all a favor. Do yourself a favor.
Back of the head. Or you want to spend your life
- wiping your kid sister's ass? - Stop it!
Stop it!
Where are you going, Cathy?
I'm going to get a glass of iced tea.
I saw a nice big pitcher of it in the fridge.
You shouldn't go alone.
I'm not. God goes with me...
( ruffling )
( cawing )
Get away!
( squeaking )
- Aaaah! - Ah!
You killed my boy!
You killed my Emery!
I beg your pardon.
- Would you mind letting her go? - ( yelling )
I guess not.
- ( coughing ) - Cathy, are you all right?
I think so. What about her?
My goodness, you really are a good Christian.
Is she all right? Is she even alive?
Her pulse is strong and steady.
You know who she is, of course.
Emery's mother. We'll have to tell him.
- You don't want to tell him? - "Your mother just popped out
of the wine cellar like Jack out of his box.
And forget around the bend she's off the planet."
How does it sound to you?
And given the condition he's in already...
It sounds very bad.
What should we do with her?
Annie, can you open the doors?
Can you open the doors and let us out?
Steve's voice: Annie, look at me.
Don't touch her! Don't touch her!
It wasn't her.
I thought it was April Rimbauer.
I'm sorry.
Damn this house.
If only there were a way to get through to her,
- to reach the Annie inside. - You talked to her with your mind.
- I've seen you do it. - But it's not high.
It's not where Annie lives.
If only there were a way to--
- What are you thinking about? - I'm not sure.
Nick and Cathy should have been back by now.
Why did she have to go on her own?
That was extremely stupid.
This is wrong to me. The woman is ill.
She is also dangerous to herself and to others.
Will those hold her?
I'd have preferred clothes-line, but I think so.
Besides, Emery gave me the impression that her interests run
more to the Home Shopping Network than amazing escapes.
Drink up. It'll do you good.
Here's to damsels in distress.
And the knights who rescue them.
Coming in here alone was very stupid,
- but Emery so upset me. - Emery upsets everyone.
Look at her.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
I think she's coming around.
Now we only have to worry about Professor Miller.
- Mrs. Waterman. - ( groaning )
Have you seen Professor Miller?
Joyce's department head?
You killed my boy!
Nick: Mrs. Waterman.
You've got it wrong. Emery's fine. Have a sip.
Liar! Limey Jack-tar!
Limey Jack-tar? I've been called many things,
but never that.
I'm afraid we'll have to leave you alone for a little while,
- until you feel yourself again. - ( Mrs. Waterman struggling )
Cathy, come here.
We're doing that and it's feeding off us.
And you must feel it too.
Cathy: Of course, I do.
Oh, dear Jesus, please get us out of here.
We have to get out of here.
- Steve-- - Steve couldn't hold this by himself.
Not with me, you and Emery working against him.
The problem is Annie.
Emery was right about that.
Could you--
Could I hurt her?
I have the power.
But no, of course I couldn't hurt her.
( groaning )
( Mrs. Waterman trembling )
What is it, Mrs. Waterman?
Do you want to buy a vowel or spin again?
- That's not funny. - Sorry.
What are you trying to say?
No! No!
Nick: Anything?
but it's so cold.
It's coming from in there.
Close the door, then.
Nick: We're going to leave you, but not for long.
You'll be perfectly safe.
Cathy: Something's happened to her.
Rose Red has happened to her.
- Let's join the others. - Wait.
I'm sorry we can't make you more comfortable,
but we'll be back to get you soon.
I promise.
I promise.
- Come on, she's fried. - That's also unkind.
But it's also true.
This is not the way we came.
You're telling me.
- Cathy: Thank you. - Nick: You're welcome.
Seattle Livery, 1924.
But it's brand new.
You'd have thought after all these years,
she would've had Rose Red eat
at least one half-way decent carpenter.
Of course, the real question is,
how does it go?
Cathy: What is it?
The reincarnation of Emery's mother.
- Nick. - Sorry, Cathy.
The truth is, just now I'm rather scared.
- Let's find the others. - We won't.
- We'll never see them again. - Of course we will.
I promise. And I never break a promise.
Come on, Cathy. Old friends, is true friends
They're the friends you love the best
You never know with new friends
Old friends is best...
Where's Rimbauer? And Frankenbabe's big sister?
They went to look for Nick and Cathy I imagine.
And then there were three little Indians
sitting on a shelf.
I've got to check the equipment.
It's quite delicate, you know?
Equipment which interfaces with the invisible world
must, by its very nature, be quite delicate.
Come with me, Annie?
Leave her with me, why don't you?
I'll take care of her.
Come on, Annie.
Joyce: Want to play with your dominoes?
One little Indian,
down to one little Indian all by himself.
Hey, Joyce, wait for me!
What are you doing here, Cathy?
Getting the... scared out of me.
For the rest of us, yes, but not for you.
My therapist said I was a compulsive quitter.
He said I keep starting things so I could stop them.
And what did you say?
I stopped seeing him.
So, here I am.
( whispering )
Nick: Listen.
Run, Cathy! Run!
What about you?!
This is wrong, Jesus.
Give me strength!
( screaming )
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy.
- I'm not crazy. - Woman: Help us.
Woman: We have to build.
Help us. Help Rose Red.
Help us or die.
( whispering )
Cathy: Please...
Woman: Cathy...
Cathy: Where am I?
Jesus! Help me.
( whispering )
No! That can't be.
( whispering ) Cathy...
( whispering ) Cathy...
Not now.
John: Uh...
I can explain this. She enticed me.
Still... I entice you!
Ellen: You can explain it?
Can you? Explain it to your whores!
Explain it to them down in hell!
( growling )
( screaming )
Sister: Where does this one go to?
It goes to the tower in the attic. Come on.
( whispering )
Steve: Cathy? Nick?
- Where are you? - Here!
( whispering ) Build with us...
I'm here.
( ruffling )
What is it? What do you see?
Steve: I could hear her breathing.
And I could smell her.
Sometimes I see her with a doll, and sometimes with a hammer.
Maybe she's really the same.
What are you talking about?
It's no one. Nevermind.
Come on.
( whispering )
That's for scaring me all those years ago.
For trying to make me take the hammer.
- Can could Ellen still be alive? - Where has she been?
In a part of the house ordinary people can't see.
Her husband was no suicide. She killed him.
Steve: A withered arm.
- That wasn't Ellen. - Then who?
Cathy: But that means...
That Ellen's somewhere still around here. Yeah.
( footsteps )
Sukeena: You just hush now, Mama.
Mrs. Waterman: Help! Help me!
Help me! ( screaming )
( clock chimes )
I'm telling you it was April Rimbauer.
Where is your proof?
We all saw it.
How many Indians left by midnight, you think?
Please, don't expect me to believe
that your 90-year-old great aunt
is a vampire living in a tower.
- As a scientist, I just can't-- - Steve: Don't be deliberately obtuse!
It's the house that's the vampire.
- And I think you know that. - Obtuse?
What a dreadfully big word for a college dropout.
- Wouldn't you say? - What a sharp tongue you have, Grandma.
Another country heard from.
- Tell me, big sis'. - Be quiet.
- I don't want to talk to you. - But I want to talk to you.
I'm curious.
How often do you dream of her dying?
Tell the truth and shame the devil.
Stop talking like that!
Why do you have to be so miserable?
Because I am miserable, you over-Christianized idiot!
- Sister: Don't you touch her! - If he does, he'll regret it.
Oh, so strong and brave, threatening the man with four missing fingers.
Emery: What good is she anyway?
Does she even know she's alive? I doubt it.
- Steve: Cut it out. - Emery: Please...
what can you do to me that's any worse
than what this house will do?
Send you out of the room, maybe. How would that be?
- Cathy: Don't go out there alone. - Steve: Hey!
It's true enough.
She's no good to herself or to me, or to anyone.
All she can do is help the house kill us. And it wants to.
I'm not psychic but I can feel that it wants to.
( hammering )
We're running out of time, aren't we?
Yes. That's why we have to stay together.
Come on.
Steve, you have to get through to Annie.
- You're the only one who can do it. - Steve: I've tried.
Maybe I could on the outside, but whatever's in here has closed her off.
Maybe you--
( computer beeping )
No change in the temperature readouts!
No change in any of the readouts!
Damn it!
- It has to be you. - No, I--
Joyce: I forbid this!
You have no idea how dangerous it is!
- Joyce: You can't interfere-- - Steve: Leave it alone.
They can't open themselves up to the forces of this house!
It'll swat them like flies!
- We don't have any other options. - No.
Here... Do you want to try, Annie?
Steve: Yes, Annie. Try it.
Let's do it together, shall we?
- That's good. - You'd better stop.
- I'm warning you. - Go on, Annie.
Yes, go on.
Make her stop!
Joyce: You'll get us all killed!
Steve: Keep going!
Joyce: Stop it! You're tearing it apart!
Stop it!
It stopped.
Steve: Joyce?
Joyce, what are you--
Not there! Not there!
It's time to go.
Joyce: Go?
I'm all right. I have 1000 things to do.
Annie, come on.
Steve: Dee, the house is open. We have to leave.
Go on, get out. Take that traitor with you.
Joyce, please!
- Let's get out of here. - Joyce, listen to me!
Get out!
First thing I want is a morphine milkshake.
Mrs. Waterman: Emery?
The second thing I want--
Come here, Emmy!
I want to see if you've been cleaning your nails!
I want to look behind your ears!
I need to look at your teeth! And what about down there?!
Come to Mommy, Emmy. Come to Mama!
Have you been doing that nasty thing again?
I hear you in your room at night!
Mommy hears everything!
Help me, for God's sake! Help me!
Emery! For once in your miserable life,
fight her!
Not there! Not there!
Not there! Not there!
Not there! Not there!
- Not there! - Come to Mommy, Emmy!
Mrs. Waterman: No!
I'll always be there for you.
After all, I'm your mother!
Not there!
Not there!
Ellen: Stevey?
Great grand-boy.
Take it. You wanted it then and you want it now.
If you don't take it, you'll never sleep without dreaming of it.
Take it. Help me. Help us.
Help Rose Red. Help us build.
Steve! No! Please, don't take it!
He has no choice. He's one of us.
But I do have a choice.
I don't want this. You take it.
Let's get out of here!
( Ellen groaning )
You took my Emers.
Bollinger: Say cheese.
Stay away from me!
He's gone.
Stay away from me.
- Nick: Joyce. - Pam: Let me show you the garden.
There's lots to investigate there.
Miller: You were right. I apologize.
There is another world.
- No. - It's quite wonderful.
- And the best part is... - You'll never have to leave.
- Joyce: Stay back! - Deanna: Joyce.
Welcome home.
Bad place.
Bad house.
That's right, Annie.
Very bad.
( rumbling )
Oh dear God.
It's the stones again.
Make her stop!
I can't.
And I don't want her to.
Come on.
I think it's over.
It'll never be over as long as the house stands.
Roses mean...?
Roses... mean...
That's right. Roses mean remember.
- Monday. - Monday it is.
A wrecking ball arrives promptly at 7:00.
I'll keep an eye on her.
Annie, who's that one for?
I like your dress. It's very pretty.
Can you still reach her with your mind?
No. But I don't have to.
We communicate pretty well, don't we, Annie?
( car door opens )
( car doors close )
( engine starts )
( humming )
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