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Rote Sonne

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Do you have a cigarette? - You should have talked, yet you've slept for 2 hours.
Where do you want to get out?
Drive to the Take Five. l'll show you the way. Straight ahead.
lt's not in my direction. l must go to Salzburg. - Oh but you can.
You're a layabout, aren't you?
You'll only lose 10 minutes. Turn around. He'll make it, won't he?
Bye. - Bye.
Could you lend me 10 Marks?
No. - Sure. - Not wthout a tie. - l understand.
You'll get out here! - Why don't you come, lad?
The bag.
l'm in love wth a wonderful girl. She's a tremendous cook.
l want to marry her. l told her yesterday, but she wouldn't agree to it.
l don't understand it. l've been married 3 times. l'm Howard.
Thomas. - lsolde! l've been calling you all day.
You'd like. - l don't know. What's drunk here?
You're from abroad? - l was expelled. lt's pretty here.
lt's no better here. - shame. - Whiskey?
No, l've got a bottle of wne wth me. - You've got to do your tie up.
Don't you have any friends? Seldom. Nobody can keep up wth me.
l've got to change my life. - There's time.
You haven't advanced much further yourself.
Why haven't you married any of them? You've done it wth all of them already?
What does the guy want?
What are you drinking? - Gin and tonic. - Will you pay?
Can't one get credit here?
What'll l do wth you? l don't know.
Zigarette Can you give me a cigarette?
We can drive to Starnberger Lake.
What do you remember of it? - lt rained.
lt was cold. l don't like the Hamburg harbour.
You only wanted to sleep wth me. - lt was the very first time too.
Can l sleep at your place? l won't cause any problems.
l'll make breakfast. - Come on then.
Who else lives here?
Want anything?
Relax. l want to sleep at least 14 hours.
Can l drink a glass of milk?
Peggy, we need you.
lsolde's causing problems. - l tried to talk to her.
Wheren is she? - Opposite. She howled all night. - She hasn't the nerves for it.
Be reasonable. Come along.
Here, please.
We need the VW. - We're driving in the Dachau Moor again.
Got a light?
Do you also want something? - Put marmelade on it. - On ham?
We've got to break wth tradition. That's today's task.
Tastes horrible.
Would you peel me an orange? - This one or that one? - That one.
What are you're girlfriends up to? Aren't you curious?
Sylvie, this is Thomas. - Good evening Thomas.
Are you working today? The two of us wll get it done.
l'd love to help. - Christine, Thomas.
My new series is running.
My wfe's famous - A new series ba Christine Schultheiss.
Not very original.
What a splendid specimen. - We know each other from Hamburg.
Ah, that's him. Peggy spoke of you. - What?
Everything. - Yes? - Maybe not. - What's the little'un's name?
There you are! lsolde, this is Thomas. - Don't you want to eat?
That's my taxi.
The car keys.
Bye. - Don't come home too late.
Get out of the way.
Have you retired?
ls there anything breakable inside? - The goods are well packed.
Thanks Thomas
That's dumb. Here!
Love troubles?
Why torture yourself? Marry him.
Maybe he isn't deep enough. You're a still water, right?
He's really funny. He seems to have money, too.
You could separate then.
Who are you talking about? - About Howard. - Did Peggy say anything.
l saw her yesterday in Take Five. Do you know?. - l'd like a wne.
Which one? - That one thanks. He has gone back.
To America? - Montreal. You know him?
Fleetingly. And deserted such a pretty girl?
ls Sylvie there? - No - Of course she is.
lt's not true! - Your problem. - When is she back?
One would like to know when Sylvie gets back. - Not for at least two hours.
You're wrong. We wanted a little ride in my Mustang. She loves that.
Everybody does. l just got it newtoday.
l'll wait here for as long as it takes.
There's a cop show on channel 1 . - So?
l'm just saying. - Can't the guy wait in Sylvie's room? - Lohmann.
None of us have a room. - Just a bed. - We sleep here and there.
Do you have a light? Mine's stolen. lt was a Dunhill. - What? - Dunhill!
Sleep here and there?
Why didn't you come to me? - Why did you wake me up? - Oh did l?
Get over there. Lay down. We'll break- fast together. - l don't want to be alone.
Where are the others? - At work. - Work?
Could you get something for me?
Pick that up from the drugstore for me. Here's the address.
You can pay wth that.
ls it enough?
Have you changed? - ln what way?
You've become egoistic.
Good day. l'd like to pick up the package for Kramer. - Kramer?
What would that be? - A package. - For Kramer. Just a moment.
No, it's OK. - That's good. Bye. - Bye.
Where were you for so long? - That's for Peggy. - l know.
Seven hundred, carbon twohundred - What does it cost then?
Saltpeter 32, sulphur 52.50, carbon 10.
94.50. l've paid it. - lf it carries on like that, l'll end up broke.
Your stuff's nor exciting enough.
You've got to offer sensational wear in a boutique. Above and below
nothing, in between a piece of cloth. l think your stuff's chic. - Thanks.
lt requires time. lf it fails, then you do something else.
That's how easy it is. - Sulphur, 100 gramms.
We'll see whether it gets blown sky high.
At least a small firework show. - That's what the old Chinese managed.
We've got to consider howto get money. lt's so amateur.
We'll get no publicity like that.
Why didn't you marry the millionaire? Now enjoy the inheritance.
And now soldering.
How do you know all that? - From the library. lt's all in a book.
l've got to go. l can't let him wait any longer.
The guy wth the Mustang? - He speaks of nothing else. l don't care for quality.
When is it Thomas' turn?
Close the door please.
l don't like them.
Here please.
Be careful. - Blowthe apartment sky high.
That doesn't make sense. lt's not on. l don't have anything yet.
l'll call again tomorrow.
You can't call here. Sleep well. Don't drink too much.
l know. Yes, l know. Bye.
My daughter was stung by a wasp. - Since when did you have a daughter?
Since 3 years ago. - Are you married? - Was.
You still owe me 5 Marks 50.
The saleswoman didn't want money? - Why? - Because l could use it.
Can l keep hold of it? - Where's the rest?
What are you thinking about? - Lots.
l wanted to give you all a laugh. - Tell me, what sort of nonsense is that?
What you are doing here. Nobody said you should stay.
You emptied the fridge yesterday.
What have you got? - Did you call Hamburg?
Could have asked. Where was the girl?
Abandoned her. lt fits you. Pack your stuff and go. lmmediately.
Where should l go? l've got no money.
You want to send me out into the rain? - lt's not raining.
There'll be a depression coming from the Pisskaya. - Look for a room.
Can l move in out back. - No. - But nobody lives there.
l'll pay up front every week. - How?. - l'll look for a job.
Why didn't you stay in Hamburg?
A Himalayan expedition is being prepared here.
They're looking for people for their first expedition. - They've to carry you up.
l'll stay at base camp. - Just 50 %. As usual. - l'll cook for them.
You can cook. - l can do lots. All you need in order to survive in the wlds.
Cutting down trees, gutting rabbits, sowng on buttons.
Making a fire wth damp wood. l can't get going here wth that.
l've been thrown out by civilisation. - Why don't you go out into the wlds?
l can't be alone. You should come too. - And l should believe that?
l'm away from Hamburg at least. Otherwise l wouldn't have come.
Why didn't you ever get in touch?
l told all the girls about you. l knewthen, that l loved you.
lt can commence.
Give me the matches.
Look, over there.
We should do the test elsewhere. The farmer looks so distrustful.
All farmers are distrustful.
Not bad at all.
No sooner was l in the car when he ran three reds and had cops behind us.
l was furious. Tought the evening was through. But then the police were gone.
There was no stopping him. We raced here and there for 3 hours.
He only wanted to to sleep wth me. The Mustang's not comfortable for that.
We drove to the lsar. l got out, and he was upset.
He ran after me. l climbed upon a large stone that sat on the riverbank
First he was unsure of himself. Then he climbed after me.
He slipped and fell into the water. l only helped a bit.
l knewthat he couldn't swm He never called for help.
Then he was gone. l got in the Mustang and drove into the city.
Are you sure that he's dead? - He hasn't resurfaced. - You're careless.
People wll think it was an accident. That shouldn't be the case.
What does it come to? - 3 Marks 60.
Forty change. - Thanks.
l'm ready in a secoond.
Even if we have to change the weather to change society, then we'll do it.
Are you coming? - lt's not impossible.
Have you thought something up? - My assistant is there for programs.
The guy from yesterday took my lighter.
Take it from him by chance. - He flewto Tokyo today.
He's left a pretty girl like you here? - l'll buy you a new one.
Sylvie, you have too many men.
Read the last page.
Me today, you tomorrow. Time's an intrigue. We must be careful.
Me must coordinate our actions - l'm not talking to you.
Why? - You've got a negative aura. You can give me a light.
You'll go to drink a coffee wth me.
Thanks. Hopefully you can swm.
l can't take on every job. The rhythm of life is important.
Work stands as a contradiction to that, wth the body consequently laid waste.
You are lazy. - That's not true. Work's the only thing that counts.
You haven't changed to your own advantage. Too bad.
You were together wth the wrong kind of men.
Who are you meeting? - My accountant.
ls he on the shooting list? - Yes.
Don't go. Please.
Either your girlfriends are there or you sleep.
Or you work or you go to your accountant.
As we're alone, l don't know what l can do wth you. lt's just not on.
Hopefully nothing disagreeable happens. My boyfriend is very jealous.
l don't know howthat could happen. l'm very sorry.
Why are you trying so hard?
Excuse me, but that's a break in style.
One longs to be back in the time of one's first real adventure.
The 1st flight over the Atlantic. A jet is still quicker, cosier and safer.
Where are we driving? - To my place. - Are you alone? - My wfe's there.
She won't cotton on. She'll like you.
Do you really do what you write in your novels?
Read my new one. Experts believe it to be my best.
l didn't know you were so important.
What sort of madness is that?!
Should we go up? - Soon.
Those above don't like me. -You must get out. - Yes.
You promised me. You don't trust me.
Sylvie has a lovely character and lsolde's a real treasure.
Christine....don't know l'll have to find out.
As long as you're there, l've got no interest. - You've got no idea.
Yeah, l've got an idea.
We'll rent an apartment. l don't see a problem there.
The three of you can pay the rent. l behaved badly in Hamburg.
l didn't know what l wanted. Now l know, and so do you.
Leave me, l'm tired.
May l sleep here? - How late is it?
Almost 6. - Where's Peggy?
Gone, finished, over. - l've got to get up soon. - What do you do during the day?
l'm a telephonist. - Do you flirt wth men on the 'phone?
When something occurs. - Doesn't it happen often?
There! The last page.
Do you know him? Sure. Read on.
He drove a Mustang, while he was still alive. - Him?
Stop! l still need it.
Was Lohmann Sylvie's boyfriend? - l only saw him once. lt wasn't him.
How long have you lived together? - Half a year. - How did you meet?
Christine and l did sport together. - Handball? - Athletics.
She didn't want you to marry Howard, right? - l must go.
Are you coming?
soon. - What do you do during the day?
l thought so. She supports these dropouts. - She knows what she's doing.
Even worse. l think it's all wrong regarding lsolde.
lsolde at least told us, that she can't do it.
lt's still too early. - We wanted to eat.
Don't you want to go to the movies? - What's playing? - Who cares?
What's playing here? - The program was a lot better. - Well noticed.
l don't want to go to the cinema? - Why not? - You're right. Why not.
lsolde wants to come too.
l don't want to discuss it.
l can't remain here alone.
No risk. lf you do such a thing again.
Next time. We'll talk about it sometime.
Careful! Damnit.
Shut up!
Come on lsolde. - Don't do that.
Let him live.
And? - That's a Mustang. Lohmann's. Been missing for 4 days
What does that mean? - Strange. The girls live right opposite. - Right.
He told me on the 'phone, he had a babe over there.
He got everything that he wanted. Also when he didn't want it.
lsolde got him. For 2 months he has vanished wthout a trace.
He wrote me a card. From Casablanca.
Very nice.
lt looks like his handwriting. But it isn't.
ln this apartment strange things seem to go on.
Why don't you go to the police? - l want to cash in on the reward.
Proof is our only trump card. We've got to cooordinate our activities.
You're nuts, aren't you?
What's that got to do wth it?
Look in the mirror there. You're afraid. Fear is written all over you.
You'll be the next.
They'll never believe it. One spoils me.
Watch a vampire film some time.
l've got to speak to you. Shall we go into the kitchen?
Take a seat.
How do you rate my chances of survival? A day? Two days?
Or wll it happen tonight?
Just ask Peggy.
Let's start wth your history. Parent's hoouse. School.
The first sexual experience. Alone
Threesomes, foursomes, etcetera.
What's up wth you , damnit?! - We kill men. - That's obvioius.
There's not a lot to say.
Sylvie killled her lover 18 months ago. She was jealous.
He slept wth others. She worked up courage to push him from the balcony.
We thought it was right.
We told the police it was suicide. They believed us.
We thought we should continue. Peggy got us all active.
At first, we didn't have a plan. - You killed men?
Yeah. They deserved it.
Our rule is that nobody may be wth a man for more than 5 days.
After 5 days, he must be dead, otherwise it could be dangerous.
One falls in love, or even worse. You understand.
There should be no feelings involved. We don't do it for fun.
l've been here a week. - Well. Peggy can allow herself more.
l don't find that right. But that's always the way wth me.
There was a scene when Howard was still alive after 5 days. - You loved him.
lt was painful. He was so much fun.
l couldn't go on any longer. l'm too sentimental.
Maybe we could try it together again sometime.
Then the men would have to change. Or we'll have to change.
Maybe we'll get something going.
Today they're planting a bomb. They want to do it for the publicity.
lt's going off in 5 minutes.
Now she's angry.
That was Thomas. You saw him too. - Yes, maybe.
l know him. - That l don't doubt.
His stuff is gone. - Of course. He took them wth him.
Did he say where he was going? - Be happy that he's gone.
Did you tell him anything? - No.
What are you paying for it? - A lot. l want to keep a certain standard.
Otherwise it'll be over. Come, please.
The planet's annoying. One enjoys good days, knowng that rain's on its way.
Where are you going?
Go where you want. Just say where to and how much you need. - 2,000 Marks.
You'll go if l give you a cheque? - l keep to my promises.
Under the condition that you join me.
Then l don't need him any more.
l can't join you. Then l'll stay here. - No.
Why do you want me to leave? - l'll tell you later. - On the way? - Yes.
Then you'll join me? - Yes.
Don't leave. - l've got to earn money. - l'll pick you up. - No, l don't like that.
Can you give me a note? So that l can pay up here.
We're going to Morocco. lt's sunny there. We'll become better people.
lf you don't come back, l'll not leave. l'm not giving up on you.
You know him already from before. - Why should you enjoy privileges?
Wait until you return. - What else?
He's in the Residence Hotel.
Get undressed, the water's still warm. - You promise too much.
l've brought you something.
l'm out in 10 seconds.
Say something. - A tale from the 1001 Nights. Storytellers live longer.
l know a nice story. Yet now l've forgotten it.
Too bad.
Nice. - l know.
Let's take a look at the city. - Why don't you attempt to sleep wth me?
lt would be a shame. l'd only think about Peggy. You're too god for that.
That's astonishing. A man who doesn't take up an opportunity.
Was that a test or did Peggy send you along? - lt simply interested me.
What did you say to him? - Nothing.
Sure you did! l told him everything.
l'm not participating any longer. l'll warn him.
When you don't do it, then one of us wll have to. - You!
You'll decide wthout me. - That's why l'm here. You've got to be thorough.
Then you'll do it? - He's dead.
Thomas? - Yes, l was wth him an hour ago in the hotel.
Today we'll drink champagne! - What are you celebrating? - l'm travelling.
Where are you going? - We're travelling to Morocco.
We're driving to Lake Starnberg. - Are you coming wth us?
l'm going to sleep. - You really don't want to? - No.
Where's Thomas? - They've gone to Lake Starnberg. - Why? - Their business.
lt doesn't make sense. You won't make it. Leave it be.
They gave you ea last chance. You can't go back to them.
We're travelling to Moorocco. - You're making a mistake. - l'm not.
You thought l was too clever to handle contradictions.
Tactics were never my strong point. But my broken charm is irresistible
Shall we go to Starnberg for breakfast? The banks are still closed. lt's too early.
Why don't you shoot?
Are you injured? - A wee shot through the lung. Not too bad.
ls everything okay?
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