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Come here.
320 04 86.
Leave your name and number and I'II get back to you.
Are you home? Are you there?
I'll call back later.
Michel... I was having breakfast.
First it was busy, now the machine. Are you alone?
All alone?
ALL alone. They just called me for a photo session.
They want to see me.
When did you get back?
Yesterday. I called, but you weren't home.
Our car was stolen in Poland. They got everything:
passports, money, clothes...
So what happened?
We found a nice guy who put us up.
The Embassy gave us money and passports. We made it home.
I felt lonely last night.
What did you do?
All night long I slept with your jacket.
I wanted to be with you.
I can't now, Valentine.
I know. What's the weather like there?
Typical English weather: it's pouring.
It rained here yesterday.
Now it's sunny. It's springtime.
What did you do last night?
I took your advice and saw The Dead Poet's Society.
What a good movie
I liked it a lot.
I'll call you tonight.
I'll be back at 7. I'II stay in.
I'll talk to you later.
I miss you.
Me too.
Personal weather reports.
Take that out.
Take your sweater.
Tie it around your neck.
The sleeve too.
Like this?
Give me a profile.
No, don't smile.
Be sad.
Sadder. Think of something awful.
Now it's coming. That's it.
Turn. And 6 and 7 on the bar.
And1and2 And 3 and 4 and stretch,
and 6 and 7 and 8 and bend,
and 3 and 4 and arch,
and 6 and 7 and stretch, and stretch and stretch.
Stretch out your chin, your arm, your fingertips.
Stretch out your hand, your neck.
Relax your toes. Stretch.
I almost fell.
Excuse me... the door was open.
I'm sorry. I ran over
your dog.
Rita. A German shepherd.
That's possible.
She disappeared yesterday.
She's in my car. Alive.
l don't know what to do.
Should I take her to a veterinarian?
As you wish.
lf l ran over your daughter,
would you be so indifferent?
l have no daughter, Miss.
Go away.
Don't close the door.
She's fine. We stitched her up.
Otherwise, she has a few bruises.
She'll need some rest.
She's pregnant.
Will you take her or leave her here?
I'll take her.
We'll help you carry her.
Are you alone?
Tell him something.
Did you hear? I have a dog.
A dog. I ran her over.
Michel, I'm sorry.
That wasn't funny.
No, it wasn't.
I knew it was a joke. I could see you laughing.
Do you remember how we met?
I remember...
We're lucky I stepped out during the break.
That's true.
Valentine, return the dog.
I tried. The owner doesn't want it.
Who is he?
I hear an alarm.
it's my car.
Wait for me to turn it off.
I'm in a rush.
I understand.
They prefer these.
They'll use the slogan: "A Breath of Life".
Which do you prefer?
I like this one.
Me too.
25 by 65 feet.
Will people recognize you?
Who are you thinking of?
Not you.
That's a bad sign.
I think I know why l won. Goodbye.
So long.
You're back already. The mailman left money for you.
Who sent it?
I have no idea.
Isn't that your brother?
Or someone who looks like him.
What a shame. Does your family read this paper?
I don't know. Thank you.
Can I speak to Marie, please?
It's Valentine. Will you see Marc soon?
Tonight, probably.
Tell him to call me at any hour.
I'II let you run around.
But don't run away.
You promise?
Go on.
Excuse me. My dog ran away.
Call her. She's yours.
- Was it you? - For the vet.
- You found my address? - That was easy.
You don't know the prices.
it cost 130 francs.
You sent me 600.
Wait. I'll get the change.
What about Rita?
She's a very intelligent dog.
Take her.
-You don't want her? - I want nothing.
Then stop breathing.
Good idea.
You don't breathe anymore?
If you don't come, you'll never see me again.
But today is Sunday.
Yesterday was Saturday and we were together.
I'm sorry, Sir. We're about to have lunch.
I ask one thing of you: don't call me ''Sir''.
Talk to me like yesterday. Call me Pierrot.
Call me ''my love''. Say ''my love''...
Sir, let me change rooms.
Pierre, I'm alone now.
So am l.
Far from you. I want you to come. I can't be alone...
I saw you yesterday. I miss you too.
Understand that.
I don't want to. I'm thinking of you.
You're naked in front of the mirror. But for someone else, not for me.
l want to kiss you. l lean forward,
I touch your lips...
What are you doing?
I'm spying.
I'm listening to my neighbors' phone calls.
You cut it off just as it was getting interesting.
You don't find it entertaining?
It's disgusting.
What's more, it's illegal.
Your 30 francs.
One minute, Miss.
You're persuaded you are right.
Then why
don't you do anything?
Can't I touch your scar,
like yesterday?
Go see this man.
Tell him someone listens to his conversations.
While you're at it, tell him
it's me.
I will.
It's that house.
May l see your husband?
He's upstairs on the phone. Let me shut off the gas.
Come in, please.
Have a seat.
He'll be right down.
Caroline, don't play
with the phone. Daddy's talking.
Excuse me.
I'm at the wrong address.
This is number 22.
I'm very sorry.
No problem.
Have a nice day.
I'll call you later.
You lost this.
So? Did you tell him?
Would you like something to drink?
No, l wouldn't.
I came back...
I came back to ask you something.
Don't do this any more.
I've done it all my life.
What were you?
A cop?
Worse. A judge.
A judge?
You've never seen one for real?
Would you like to try? It makes...
a lovely sound.
l don't know whether l was on the good or the bad side.
Here, at least, I know where the truth is.
My point of view is better than in a courtroom.
Everyone deserves a private life.
Of course.
Why did you stop short? Why didn't you tell him?
Because he has a sweet wife,
devoted to him?
And a little daughter who loves him? So you couldn't.
Did you feel remorse...
or were you afraid to do harm?
Maybe both.
Let me tell you.
It matters little whether I spy or you tell them.
Sooner or later,
he'll jump out a window,
or she'll find out everything.
Someone will tell their daughter and it will be living hell.
What can we do about it?
Why are you so quiet?
Does this remind you of something?
-Yes. -What?
Say it.
A boy I know.
A boy you know who...
found out his mother was a whore?
Who learned...
he's not his father's son.
He was fifteen.
That man's daughter...
she knows too.
Stay a minute.
The light is beautiful.
Personal weather reports.
I'm driving to Turin tomorrow.
I checked. The weather will be fine to Chamonix.
From Chamonix to the tunnel, it may snow.
And after the tunnel... one minute...
l know the weather all over Europe.
Up to Turin, the weather will be fine.
Leave early to avoid the snow.
This service is a great idea.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Personal weather reports.
it's me.
Did you get any sleep?
A little.
I didn't tell you. By telephone it may be easier.
it was really great.
We'd never made love so well, so long.
We learned something. Me from you. You from me.
When l woke up, you were still sleeping. Like a child.
I'm older than you.
- One year! - No, two.
Okay. Two. When I saw you, l got scared. What is this leading to?
You sound a little down.
Are you nervous about your exams?
About what I'm going to do. Will it be enough for you?
Why not go bowling?
I opened all my books.
Maybe. Do you have a coin?
Flip lt. Tails is bowling. Heads is Penal Code.
Tails. Bowling.
I'll work for an hour, then I'll call you.
Or I will.
I'll wait. lf l go out,
It's just to buy cigarettes.
You didn't listen?
What a shame. It was romantic.
I heard the beginning.
They're in love.
He hasn't met the right woman yet.
How do you know?
l watch them from my window.
You think I'm a bastard?
Come look.
He bought a telephone in Japan that uses another wavelength.
My radio can't pick it up. Too bad.
I think he's responsible for most of the heroin trade in Geneva.
We have nothing on him.
He never takes risks.
Do you like him?
Very much.
I'II call him.
You have his phone number?
You deserve to die.
What did l do?
Here's his phone number.
If you feel like saying mean things to him, don't hesitate.
At 10 o'clock, l turned off the lights. I couldn't seep.
Next program. Not very interesting.
I kept tossing and turning. It kept hurting.
it still does.
I haven't done the errands.
I'm sorry, mother.
I have no milk or bread.
I bought you some. I put it in the freezer.
I ate it all.
You didn't eat 7 loaves
in #4##days. I'm sick##of##this#.
Go do her errands.
Maybe you'd feel better.
Maybe she's the one
who'd feel better.
Why did you pick up Rita?
Because I'd run over her.
She was bleeding.
Otherwise, you'd have felt guilty.
You'd have dreamt of a dog with a crushed skull.
So who did you do it for?
Don't bother doing that Lady's errands.
She has everything she needs.
She wants to see her daughter.
She already came 5 times,
when her mother faked a heart attack.
After she dies, I'II have to call the daughter.
She doesn't believe her any more.
You're mistaken.
About what?
About everything.
People aren't bad.
It's not true.
They may be weak sometimes...
The boy who learned his father wasn't his father...
your boyfriend or your brother?
My brother.
How old is he?
How long has he been shooting up?
How do you know?
it wasn't hard to guess.
I can only feel pity for you.
Maybe you don't know.
Your dog is pregnant.
It's Valentine.
Hello, darling.
Mom, did Marc come?
Two days ago. With his girlfriend. Do you know her?
Yes. Marie.
We're all together. They're watching TV.
I'm sorry l can't be there.
Too bad. It's like old times.
Your brother's a good boy.
Can l talk to him?
Marci He's coming.
Call me, Mom. I love you.
Hi, Valentine.
Thanks for going there.
We're leaving tomorrow. I can't stand it.
Mom didn't see the paper?
I don't think so. She'd never believe it...
You're right. You should go home.
Call me, Michel.
Please, call me.
Did you see the picture?
The picture?
Is that you, Jacques?
Isn't it amazing? You didn't see it?
I forgot. I've had a hard day.
Come meet us. it'll relax you.
Not bad!
I'm sorry to bother you...
Someone played a stupid prank. I can't get in.
Those kids...
Turks. Always trouble.
l don't know. They stuck chewing gum in my lock.
It's me.
I just called. There was no answer.
Someone stuck chewing gum in my lock.
I heard the phone.
Chewing gum?
I did an ad for chewing gum. That must be why.
I told you not to. They take advantage of you.
Forget lt.
There was no answering machine.
All l want is peace.
A life of peace and quiet.
Life won't be peaceful with me.
Did you meet someone?
No. I'm waiting for you.
Why didn't you answer before?
I told you. I couldn't get inside.
I understand.
How are you?
I'm going to Hungary next week.
What are you doing?
I'm going to bed.
Go ahead
Go on..
Are you there?
Michel, are you there?
It's starting again...
Are you asleep?
No, I'm not.
Get into bed.
Are you in bed?
I'm taking a shower. I was getting undressed.
No one is helping you?
Valentine, are you there?
No. Goodnight.
I knew you'd make it.
Did they ask the question?
From the book you dropped in the street.
You don't Like it?
Yes. Very much.
What will be the first judgment I sign?
Civil hearing.
The inhabitants of Pinchat
against Joseph Kern. Please enter.
I'd like number 432. Van den Budenmayer.
- Did I pronounce it right? - Yes.
This one?
just sold the last one.
I'll have others this afternoon. l can set one aside.
Whose paper is this?
I came...
I saw the newspaper...
I want you to know I didn't tell a soul.
I know.
No one. Not the police. No one.
I know.
l know who it was.
It was me.
You asked me to.
Won't you come in?
Let me show you something.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Won't you have some pear brandy?
I've had it for ages, but I've never had an occasion.
To my health.
Why did you do it?
Why did I turn myself in?
To see what you'd do once you saw it in your paper.
You thought
I would come?
After our last conversation, I thought so.
Do you expect something from me?
Before you left, you mentioned
Afterwards, I realized it was disgust.
Will you sit down for a moment?
Will you smile for me?
The day you left,
you cried.
I cried.
And I shut off my radio.
I sat down at my desk.
The fountain pen I'd used all my life was out of ink,
so I took a pencil
and wrote letters to my neighbors and to the police.
I mailed them that evening.
While you were sleeping soundly.
I wasn't sleeping.
I had gone bowling.
Do you remember that couple's conversation?
The boy and the girl?
I remember.
They wanted to go too.
That same evening.
Maybe you were right next to them.
You didn't like her.
It's almost over. I was right.
You seem happy about it.
Did you provoke it?
Yes or no?
Because of my eavesdropping and my trial,
the girl met
another man.
Good day.
Since then, she's been alone.
I asked my brother to go see her.
He stayed three days.
in one week I'm going to England.
I'm abandoning my mother and my brother.
Every day he gets a little worse.
I shouldn't leave.
Leave. It's your destiny.
You can't live your brother's life
for him.
I love him.
If only l could help.
You can.
What do you mean?
That's all: be.
Do you like flying?
Then take the ferry.
I've never taken one.
It's less expensive and healthier.
That's a good idea.
Do you like it?
Today is my birthday.
I didn't know.
35 years ago today, at about the same time, 5 o'clock,
I acquitted a man. A sailor.
One of my first big cases. it was a tough time in my life.
I have since realized I made a mistake.
He was guilty.
I'm all out of bulbs.
What happened to him?
I did my own investigation.
He's married with three children.
A grandson.
He is living in peace.
So you did what was necessary.
And you did it well.
Don't you understand?
You saved him.
But how many others could l have acquitted? Even guilty?
Deciding what is true and what isn't now seems to me
a lack of modesty.
Can l have a drop?
To you!
If l had to go to court...
are there still judges like you?
You won't go to court.
Justice doesn't deal with the innocent.
See that?
It's the sixth window they've broken.
The wavelength has been changed. I can no longer eavesdrop.
Where is the broom?
In the kitchen closet.
Put the stone on the piano.
You're not afraid?
I wonder what I'd do in their place.
The same thing.
You'd throw stones?
in their place? Of course.
And that goes for everyone judged.
Given their lives, I would steal,
I'd kill, I'd lie. Of course I would.
ALL that because I wasn't
in their shoes, but mine.
is there someone you love?
Have you ever loved?
Yesterday l dreamt...
I dreamt of you.
You were 40 or 50 years old,
and you were happy.
Do your dreams come true?
It's been years since I dreamt something nice.
Stay there!
I bought a ticket for the ferry.
I arrive in England next Wednesday.
At 7:30 a.m.
Why the ferry?
So I can visit my mother near Calais.
I'll meet you at 8:00.
I'm happy you're coming.
Michel, tell me...
do you love me?
I think so.
You love me or you think so?
It's the same thing.
The battery.
Personal weather reports.
I've tried calling for a few days.
I was sick. I'm sorry.
What will the weather be on the English Channel next week?
Wonderful. Sunny, a slight breeze, chilly in the morning.
Why are you laughing?
l intend to go there. Even farther.
For your work?
No, for pleasure. On a yacht.
It's a nice sail.
Yes, very.
You'll be closing?
I'll have to.
That's too bad. It was a good idea. Goodbye.
We told you not to smile!
Be serious!
Can you send an invitation to this address?
Just one person?
Are you okay?
- So long. - Have a good time.
There's no make-up remover?
Everyone noticed
that guy.
During the entire show I kept staring at him.
You came.
You knew the invitation came from me?
I'd hoped so.
Did you look for me?
During the entire show.
I'm leaving tomorrow. I wanted to say goodbye.
I'd like you to tell me in detail
the dream you had.
You were 50 years old
and you were happy.
in this dream...
was there someone else?
There was.
You woke up
and you smiled at someone next to you.
I don't know who.
That's what will happen?
in 20 or 25 years?
What else do you know?
Who are you?
A retired judge.
I feel something important is happening around me.
And it scares me.
is that better?
I used to come here often.
Where did you usually sit?
Where l sat today.
That's why you couldn't see me.
One day, during the intermission,
the elastic holding my books broke.
One of them,
a big one, fell down...
somewhere around here.
it was just before my exams. I ran down immediately.
The book had opened to a certain page. l read a few sentences.
it was the question they asked during my exam.
Getting out of the house did you good.
I had to recharge the battery.
it was dead.
The storm.
Lousy coffee.
I was wondering
why you mentioned that sailor.
Do you know why?
you didn't want to tell me something more important.
About the woman that you loved.
She betrayed you.
She betrayed you,
and you never understood why.
And you kept on loving her.
How do you know all this?
it wasn't hard to guess.
What was she Like?
She graduated two years before me.
She was blond,
radiant, with a long neck.
Her clothing and her furniture were all light-colored.
In the foyer there was a mirror in a white frame.
it was in that mirror,
one night,
that I saw her white Legs spread,
with a man between them.
did that happen?
Do you know?
This man, whose name was Hugo Holbling,
could offer her what she wanted.
They left.
I followed them.
I crossed France, the Channel...
I was...
Until the day she died in an accident.
Since then, I've never loved another woman.
I stopped believing.
Maybe I never met the woman...
Maybe you're the woman I never met.
The story doesn't end there.
A while ago,
I was given a difficult case.
On it was written the name of the defendant:
Hugo Holbling.
The same man.
He'd come back here.
I'm closing up.
Did you see a woman with a bucket?
The storm flooded the wardrobe.
If you see her,
tell her I'm upstairs.
You shouldn't have taken the case.
I didn't want to.
At first, I wanted to kill him.
I would have, if it would have changed something.
he was waiting for my verdict.
He was building a covered market which caved in.
Several people died.
I said he was guilty.
It was a legal sentence.
Afterwards, I asked for early retirement.
Did you see her?
I'm always running after her!
There you are! Give me the buckets. They're heavy.
You seemed to Like my pear brandy.
I have another favor to ask you.
I'll be gone two or three weeks.
I'll come see you afterwards.
Please give me one of the puppies.
Will the fashion show be on TV?
I better buy a TV.
I have one l never use.
My brother can bring it to you.
His name is Marc.
I'd Like to meet him. I'II see you soon.
Do you have your ticket?
Where do I go?
This deck. That corridor.
Excuse me, I'm lost. F38?
The deck above.
TRAGEDY ON THE CHANNEL Seven passengers escape.
Very bad weather on the English Channel
is making the rescuers' task all the more difficult.
Several fishermen are reported missing
as are two people aboard a yacht.
The cause of the accident is unknown.
According to sources,
the ferry was carrying 1435 passengers.
Rescue operations are still under way.
Hundreds of bodies have been recovered.
Many passengers are still missing.
A police boat, responding to the SOS,
retrieved 7 passengers. ALL are reported unharmed.
The widow of a French composer who died last year, Julie Vignon.
Steven KilIian, English citizen, barman on the ferry.
A businessman
from Poland, Karol Karol.
Dominique Vidal, French citizen.
Frenchman Oliver Benoit.
Among the survivors are also two Swiss citizens:
Auguste Bruner, judge,
and a model, student at the University of Geneva,
Valentine Dussaut.
OCR by Subrip 1.02
Conversion & QC by NuckingFuts
with support from p-face
Translation: Andrew Litvak
Processed by C.M.C. - Paris
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