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Subtitles for Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles (1999).

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Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles (1999)

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[TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] 0 [CD TRACK] 0 [BEGIN] ******** START SCRIPT ******** [00:01:32] l'm doing my part. [00:01:34] [00:01:36] l'm doing my part. [00:01:38] l'm doing my part. [00:01:40] l'm doing my part. [00:01:42] They're doing their part, are you? [00:01:44] Join the mobile infantry. [00:01:46] [00:01:50] The truth is the military|didn't need to advertise. [00:01:53] Basically everybody wanted to be|a Trooper after Operation Pest Control. [00:01:57] When the mobile infantry wiped out|the nasty bug infestation threatening... [00:02:01] ...our research stations on Pluto, enlisting|was no longerjustpatriotic, it was cool. [00:02:05] [00:02:06] Few thought there'd be actual combat,|and nobody thought the bugs would return. [00:02:11] Troopers of the Valley Forge,|we must meet this threat... [00:02:15] [00:02:16] ...with courage and strength,|secure in the knowledge... [00:02:19] ...that we will emerge victorious... [00:02:22] the name of the Strategically|Integrated Coalition of Nations. [00:02:26] [00:02:27] Sicon, or as most Troopers|affectionately called it, Psycho. [00:02:31] [00:02:32] Hey, atleast the bugs brought|the world together, right? [00:02:35] It was supposed to be a quick hit and run. [00:02:38] Who knew we were actually headed|straight for the firstinterstellar war? [00:02:41] [00:02:42] Many of these Troopers|were combat veterans of Pest Control. [00:02:46] Brutto, Doc, Gossard... [00:02:48] [00:02:49] ...all members of the squad|called Razak's Roughnecks... [00:02:52] ...heading back to Pluto for a little mop up. [00:02:54] [00:02:55] Dizzy Flores and Johnny Rico were rookies. [00:02:57] This was their first drop. [00:02:58] [00:02:59] They had no idea what they were in for. [00:03:01] That's me. I was trained|to be a reporter, not a fighter. [00:03:04] Higgins, let's go. [00:03:06] But right out ofschool,|Fed Netput me with the Roughnecks... [00:03:09] cover the campaign. [00:03:11] This is the guy|you got to keep your eye on. [00:03:13] [00:03:14] I know Johnny Rico doesn'tlook like|a hero-type right now... [00:03:17] ...but trust me, he's going to be a legend. [00:03:19] [00:03:20] Rico, our first drop. [00:03:22] We're talking huge life moment here.|You're not even a little excited? [00:03:27] No. [00:03:28] Think about the stories|we could tell our kids. [00:03:31] Dizzy.... [00:03:32] [00:03:43] She's too rich for your blood, my friend. [00:03:45] [00:03:47] Earth to Rico. Earth to Rico.|Come in, please. [00:03:51] [00:03:52] Sorry. Did you say something? [00:03:54] [00:04:08] Hatches sealed. [00:04:10] [00:04:12] Lock down complete. [00:04:14] [00:04:32] Prepare forlaunch. [00:04:33] [00:04:54] Sergeant Brutto, you've seen|the enemy before, face to face. [00:04:58] What can we expect? [00:04:59] Expect ugly, like nothing you've everseen. [00:05:03] Give the man a mirror. [00:05:04] [00:05:05] In fact, some got big red eyesjustlike you. [00:05:08] [00:05:09] Maybe you're one of them.|Might have to squash you. [00:05:12] -Sergeant.|-Lieutenant. [00:05:14] [00:05:17] l don't believe it. Mr. Razak? [00:05:20] [00:05:21] Heads up, Troopers. [00:05:22] You will be dropped at 8:00. [00:05:24] You will follow your POA. [00:05:26] You will engage the bugs|until all civilians are safely evacuated. [00:05:30] Do you get me, Roughnecks? [00:05:32] Sir, we get you, sir. [00:05:33] [00:05:34] Sir? [00:05:35] What is it, Paper Boy? [00:05:36] Have we tried to negotiate with the bugs? [00:05:39] [00:05:40] The bugs can smell human blood|from a kilometre away, through skin... [00:05:44] ...through suits, through steel. [00:05:47] They feel no pain and have no emotions.|Their only desire is to kill you. [00:05:51] [00:05:52] They are not life as we know it.|ls that clear? [00:05:56] [00:05:59] You can't negotiate|with something that has no soul. [00:06:02] [00:06:05] You blew it, man.|You should have got that on film. [00:06:08] -Did you know?|-No. [00:06:10] l knew when Razak quit teaching|he'd go back into the military.... [00:06:13] lt's not bad enough he flunked me,|now he's my commanding officer. [00:06:17] Lieutenant, we're missing a grunt. [00:06:19] Jenkins, Special Ops. [00:06:21] Private. [00:06:22] [00:06:28] Special Ops. [00:06:30] Psychic freaks. [00:06:31] [00:06:32] Carl. [00:06:33] Hey, guys. [00:06:34] Hey, where have you been? [00:06:36] Well, Special Ops decided l had|some talents they wanted to develop. [00:06:40] Like what? Eating steak with the generals|while we were sucking mud in boot camp? [00:06:44] [00:06:45] Not exactly. [00:06:46] Soldiers, suit up. [00:06:47] Drop in five. [00:06:49] [00:07:26] Live forever, Apes. [00:07:27] [00:08:21] Welcome to Pluto where the temperature|is a brisk 378 degrees below zero. [00:08:26] [00:08:33] This is a research facility with 125|scientists and their dependants. [00:08:37] We're here to ensure the safety|of these people, people. [00:08:40] [00:08:46] No movement. lf anybody's inside,|they're not breathing. [00:08:50] [00:08:53] Something's here. [00:08:54] l said, ''No movement.'' [00:08:56] [00:09:03] Maybe l should stay here with you guys. [00:09:05] You know, get some exterior shots. [00:09:07] Make sure you get my good side. [00:09:09] [00:10:12] Lieutenant. [00:10:14] [00:10:39] Come and get it. [00:10:41] [00:10:44] Cease fire. [00:10:45] [00:10:52] Flores, you're still making|the same mistakes you did as a student. [00:10:56] Think first, act second. [00:10:58] [00:10:59] Yes, sir. [00:11:00] [00:11:01] l think we're clean. [00:11:03] That's what your scanner said last time. [00:11:05] Hey, misreads happen. [00:11:07] -lt could have been magnetic interference.|-lt could have been operator error. [00:11:11] [00:11:13] Lieutenant, there's something out here|you should see. [00:11:16] [00:11:35] Diz, those stories|we're going to tell our kids.... [00:11:38] [00:11:43] Prepare to engage. [00:11:45] [00:11:50] Gossard, coordinates. [00:11:51] Coordinates? They're right here. [00:11:54] [00:11:55] 300 meters. [00:11:56] We're sitting ducks here.|Why aren't we retreating? [00:11:59] No retreat, no surrender. [00:12:01] [00:12:02] 150 meters. [00:12:04] l think you're going to want|to get this on tape. [00:12:07] [00:12:09] -Now?|-Hold your fire. [00:12:11] 75 meters. [00:12:12] [00:12:15] Let's go. [00:12:16] Steady. [00:12:17] [00:12:18] 10 meters. [00:12:19] Troopers, fire. [00:12:21] [00:12:28] Marauders, lock plasma. [00:12:29] Let's rain on their parade. [00:12:31] [00:12:41] That firewall gives us 10 minutes|to receive backup... [00:12:44] ...or rendezvous with the retrieval ship.|Roughnecks, up the ledge. [00:12:48] [00:12:52] Alpha Team to Blue Leader,|come in Blue Leader. [00:12:55] [00:12:56] Watching the war on TV|is a whole lot different than living it. [00:12:59] We have an R triple D. Do you read? [00:13:01] R triple D. That's code? [00:13:04] Yes, really deep doo-doo. [00:13:06] [00:13:08] Request immediate ground support. [00:13:09] Negative, Alpha Team.|No squads available. [00:13:12] Charlie, Delta, and Echo squads were|dropped in range of our position. [00:13:15] All squads designated R triple D. [00:13:18] We are in a crisis situation. [00:13:19] Will provide retrieval|at earliest opportunity. Over. [00:13:22] Crisis situation. [00:13:24] Like we need him to tell us that. [00:13:26] The bugs were waiting, planning. [00:13:29] Bugs got no brains. [00:13:31] lt doesn't mean they don't have|some kind of intelligence. Somewhere. [00:13:35] [00:13:38] Lieutenant, company's coming. [00:13:40] -Who?|-lndeterminate mobile mass. [00:13:43] Family size. [00:13:45] [00:13:54] Basic training never mentioned those. [00:13:56] We didn't know about those. [00:13:58] [00:14:09] The bug is like a walnut.|You can't crack the shell. [00:14:12] [00:14:18] Marauder is down. [00:14:19] Doc, Gossard, status? [00:14:21] We're turtles. [00:14:22] Brutto, Rico, go. [00:14:24] [00:14:44] lnbound. [00:14:45] [00:14:50] We are out of here. [00:14:52] [00:15:04] No. [00:15:05] What, they're just going to leave us here? [00:15:08] lncoming. [00:15:09] [00:15:19] Dizzy, Carl. [00:15:21] [00:15:43] Rico, wait. [00:15:44] Rico, fall back. [00:15:46] [00:15:51] l said, fall back. [00:15:52] [00:15:56] He's crazier than you. [00:15:57] l love that in a man. [00:15:59] [00:16:01] Say, ''Ah.'' [00:16:03] [00:16:25] Rico. [00:16:26] [00:16:29] -Rico.|-Looks like he found the tunnels. [00:16:32] [00:16:33] Rico, come in. [00:16:34] [00:16:35] Rico, come in. [00:16:36] [00:16:38] Anything? [00:16:39] Nothing on Rico, but l see|a pretty bird coming to fly us away. [00:16:43] [00:16:47] We can't leave.|We have a man down there. [00:16:49] With all due respect, little lady,|that Ape is a goner. [00:16:53] -No, he's not.|-Listen, nut case-- [00:16:55] Jenkins, Flores, l'm going in.|You up for this? [00:16:58] [00:16:59] One for all and all for one, sir. [00:17:00] [00:17:01] -Lieutenant?|-Tell the retrieval ship to wait 10 minutes. [00:17:03] [00:17:04] lf we're not back by then, move out. [00:17:06] [00:17:07] The Lieutenant's insane. [00:17:08] Hey, we're fighting giant bugs|on freaking Pluto, man. We're all insane. [00:17:13] [00:17:30] Brutto, take point. [00:17:31] Doc, Gossard, stay outside the crater. [00:17:34] lf the first thing that comes up is a bug,|blow the whole area and evac. [00:17:38] [00:18:28] Are you okay? [00:18:30] Ask me later. [00:18:31] [00:18:46] That looks like the overgrown tick|you rode up top. [00:18:50] [00:18:58] Apes, up! [00:19:00] [00:19:03] Rico, move it. [00:19:05] That's an order! [00:19:07] Come on, bug face. [00:19:08] Give me all you got. [00:19:10] [00:19:27] And l was hoping to blow something up. [00:19:29] -Been there.|-Done that. [00:19:30] [00:19:31] Big time. [00:19:32] Private, you disobeyed a direct order|and almost got yourself killed. [00:19:36] [00:19:37] That is not acceptable in my squad. [00:19:39] -You get me?|-Sir, l get you, sir. [00:19:42] [00:19:44] Gutsy, son. [00:19:45] [00:19:54] Come on, hero. [00:19:55] [00:19:57] That first day on Pluto was|a real learning experience for everybody. [00:20:01] Sicon learned the bugs|weren't going quietly this time. [00:20:04] We learned how to stay alive|another 24 hours. [00:20:07] And Johnny Rico discovered|a strength he didn't know he had. [00:20:11] [00:20:12] Good thing because|we were going to need it. [00:20:15] [00:20:33] Pluto: Day four. [00:20:35] [00:20:36] Things were not going well. [00:20:38] [00:20:41] Sicon had somehow underestimated|the size of the bug forces... [00:20:44] [00:20:45] ...and we Apes knew something|the Intel experts didn't: [00:20:48] [00:20:51] For every bug you see,|there are 10 more thatyou don't. [00:20:55] [00:20:56] Eventually official sources determined|that more than one million bugs... [00:20:59] ...covered Pluto versus 10,000 Troopers. [00:21:02] [00:21:04] Vegas odds. [00:21:05] [00:21:22] Doc, Rico, Carl, perimeter defence. [00:21:24] [00:21:27] Hey, hero, you got a bull's-eye|on your back? [00:21:29] What? [00:21:31] [00:21:34] You get their attention up there|while l pick them off... [00:21:37] ...from the safety of this trench. [00:21:39] [00:21:41] Rico, Carl, what part of the LT's|order did you not understand? [00:21:45] -Move your butts.|-Sir, yes, sir. [00:21:48] [00:21:52] l don't remember seeing this|in those recruitment commercials. [00:21:55] Maybe we should sue. [00:21:57] [00:21:58] After the war,|declassified psych profiles showed... [00:22:00] ...that a majority of the Troopers|enlisted forpatriotic reasons. [00:22:04] Victory appears imminent. [00:22:06] Military officials insist|the bug is no match... [00:22:09] ...for the fighting men|and women of the Sicon forces. [00:22:11] [00:22:12] Uncoveryourpotential. [00:22:13] Live the adventure. [00:22:15] Join the mobile infantry today. [00:22:17] [00:22:20] But Johnny Rico never fit the profile. [00:22:23] [00:22:37] Lieutenant Carmen lbanez|reporting for duty. [00:22:39] [00:22:40] lbanez, this is your flight training|officer, Major Zander Barcalow. [00:22:44] [00:22:45] -Sir.|-Lieutenant. [00:22:47] lbanez, you must be looking forward|to joining the action on Pluto. [00:22:50] Yes, sir, l'm anxious to do my part|and make a difference. [00:22:53] But l have heard that things|aren't going well. [00:22:55] Rumours are for enlisted men, Lieutenant. [00:22:58] The bug infestation is well under control. [00:23:00] [00:23:01] Your mission is to retrieve the scientific|group located at the McHenry outpost... [00:23:05] ...on the north edge of Quad 18. [00:23:07] [00:23:08] Sir, if the bugs are well under control,|why do these people need to leave? [00:23:11] [00:23:12] This being your first mission, Lieutenant,|l'd think you had enough to worry about... [00:23:16] ...without questioning orders. [00:23:18] Sir, yes, sir. [00:23:19] [00:23:21] Lesson number one, being a fleet officer|isn't just about piloting a ship... [00:23:25]'s also knowing when to keep|your mouth shut. [00:23:28] [00:23:38] All the hull sensors are in the red. [00:23:39] [00:23:40] Slow down. [00:23:41] -Really, sir, l can handle this.|-That is what every rookie says. [00:23:45] -This isn't a simulator.|-Yes, sir. [00:23:47] [00:23:54] You know, sir, we've actually met before,|in high school... [00:23:57] ...right after a homecoming game|when you threw five touchdown passes. [00:24:01] l was dating one of your receivers. [00:24:03] He introduced us. [00:24:04] You'd think l would've remembered|something like that. [00:24:07] You'd think. [00:24:08] [00:24:12] lt came from the surface of the planet.|Anti-aircraft fire? [00:24:15] Sorry, Lieutenant, lesson over. [00:24:17] Escort One, Escort Two, this is Big Dog. [00:24:20] What is your status? [00:24:22] [00:24:28] Big Dog, this is Escort Two,|extensive damage. Peeling off. [00:24:31] [00:24:37] We're hit. Stabilising thrusters off-line. [00:24:40] [00:24:41] Heat shield compromised. [00:24:42] [00:24:44] Malfunction in the boosters. [00:24:46] l'm going to head for the target area.|Prepare for emergency landing. [00:24:51] [00:25:05] Are you okay? [00:25:06] [00:25:09] The radio is dead.|So are we if we don't move. [00:25:12] [00:25:22] The outpost. [00:25:23] [00:25:28] Open up. Somebody. [00:25:30] Open the door. [00:25:32] [00:25:34] lt's jammed. [00:25:35] [00:25:41] Lesson number two, Lieutenant. Your rifle|is more effective with the safety off. [00:25:46] [00:25:50] -Major Zander Barcalow.|-Lieutenant Carmen lbanez. [00:25:54] Thanks for the rescue. [00:25:56] Funny, that's what|we were hoping to say to you. [00:25:59] [00:26:13] -Are you whole?|-l think so. [00:26:15] [00:26:16] But that was cutting it pretty close. [00:26:18] l could've taken him earlier,|but l figured you'd want a pretty close-up... [00:26:21] ...for the Fed Net nightly news. [00:26:24] [00:26:26] Hey, guys. [00:26:27] [00:26:28] Nothing like a bug hunt|to get your juices flowing. [00:26:31] [00:26:32] So what do you do to relax, Flores,|bungee jump without the cord? [00:26:36] Hey, no guts, no glory. [00:26:38] [00:26:39] -No brains.|-No kidding. [00:26:40] [00:26:41] Heads up, Roughnecks.|New orders from command. [00:26:44] lmmediate recon with Delta Squad|in the southwestern quadrant. [00:26:47] [00:26:48] Check your rigs. [00:26:49] -Move in five.|-Sir, yes, sir. [00:26:52] Anybody bring sunscreen?|l hear it's a balmy 275 degrees... [00:26:56] ...below zero down south. [00:26:58] This is Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez|of the Federal Fleet. [00:27:00] This is an emergency. [00:27:02] -Does anyone read me? Over.|-Carmen? [00:27:04] What's she doing in bug country? [00:27:06] Copy that, Lieutenant. [00:27:08] This is Lieutenant Razak, Alpha Team. [00:27:10] What is your status? [00:27:12] Sir, l've reached an Ml unit. [00:27:13] Lieutenant Razak, Alpha Team. [00:27:15] This is Major Zander Barcalow,|Federal Fleet. [00:27:18] [00:27:19] My ship was downed by enemy fire|inside Quad 18. [00:27:22] Barcalow? [00:27:23] Hey, the high school football hero|hanging with the prom queen. [00:27:27] What are the odds? [00:27:29] Our position|is the McHenry research outpost. [00:27:31] [00:27:32] Two military personnel and seven civilians,|warrior bugs control the perimeter. [00:27:36] [00:27:37] Request immediate evac. [00:27:38] Affirmative. Your coordinates are locked.|Alpha Team responding. [00:27:41] l appreciate that, Lieutenant,|but my request is an emergency evac... [00:27:45] a fleet retrieval ship,|not by an Ml ground squad. [00:27:48] Please relay message to fleet command. [00:27:50] Major, as of 9:00 Quad 18|has been designated a hot zone. [00:27:54] Air support restricted. Do you read? [00:27:57] l read, Lieutenant. [00:27:58] Backup from your squad is appreciated,|but l think fleet will respond... [00:28:02] a distress call|from one of its premium pilots. [00:28:05] Premium horse's behind. [00:28:07] Copy that, Major Barcalow. [00:28:09] Alpha Team will relay that message. [00:28:11] Brutto, contact fleet command. [00:28:13] Roughnecks, move out. [00:28:15] [00:28:16] Why are we bothering, LT? [00:28:18] He thinks fleet can handle this better.|Let him wait. [00:28:21] [00:28:26] Another retrieval ship will be here soon. [00:28:29] Everything is under control. [00:28:31] [00:28:35] The place crawls, sir. [00:28:36] Here is a big surprise: [00:28:38] Fleet says there is a long delay|getting into Quad 18. [00:28:41] -Mucho bug activity.|-We can take them, sir. [00:28:44] -We can?|-Since when did you become a hero? [00:28:46] [00:28:51] Troopers, first priority is to clear|a corridor for air support. [00:28:55] But we have to get the civilians out, sir. [00:28:58] [00:29:00] Jenkins, what's your reading? [00:29:02] [00:29:07] This outpost has only two entry points: [00:29:10] The door you came in|and the loading dock... [00:29:12] [00:29:13] ...which we welded shut|after one of the arachnids paid us a visit. [00:29:16] We should be secure in this central lab|until the retrieval ship arrives. [00:29:20] Sir, maybe we should check the welds|on the loading dock. You never know. [00:29:24] l don't think we need to worry|everybody unnecessarily. [00:29:26] Do you? [00:29:28] You're right, sir. [00:29:30] [00:29:47] -Piece of cake.|-You can have my slice. [00:29:50] On the other hand,|what's life without a few tiny challenges? [00:29:54] Gossard, on point. [00:29:55] The rest of you Apes keep alert|and stay off the radios. [00:29:58] COM links only. Start climbing. [00:30:00] Move. [00:30:01] Rico, Brain Boy, it's your lucky day. [00:30:04] [00:30:05] You two greenies|get to haul this baby upstairs. [00:30:08] [00:30:11] -We should have moved on that outpost.|-Rico, Razak has been here before. [00:30:15] He knows what he's doing. [00:30:16] Move out. [00:30:17] [00:30:26] Hey, Gossard, you're getting slow. [00:30:29] [00:30:30] That's what every rookie says. [00:30:32] [00:30:56] Rico, that suit is worth more than you|and your freaky pal put together. [00:31:00] [00:31:01] Get focused or the damage|is coming out of your pay. [00:31:04] Nothing from nothing is nothing. [00:31:06] -What was that?|-Nothing. [00:31:08] [00:31:33] Lieutenant, did l scare you? [00:31:35] [00:31:36] No, l just wouldn't want to shoot|you accidentally, sir. [00:31:39] You don't have to address me as ''sir''|when we're alone, Carmen. [00:31:42] [00:31:43] Call me Zander. [00:31:43] [00:31:44] l'm not sure l can do that.|l should check on the others. [00:31:47] l need you to get on that radio again|and dialog Fleet Command. [00:31:51] See what is taking them so long. [00:31:53] Yes, sir. [00:31:54] [00:31:55] Zander, sir. [00:31:56] [00:32:03] McHenry Outpost to Fleet Command.|Come in Fleet Command. [00:32:06] Carmen. [00:32:07] This is an emergency. Do you read? [00:32:10] [00:32:11] Lieutenant said to stay off the radio. [00:32:14] [00:32:16] Carmen, look behind you. [00:32:18] McHenry Outpost. Carmen, do you read? [00:32:20] Rico, is that you? [00:32:22] Get out of there now. Bug behind you. [00:32:24] -Anything?|-Get down. [00:32:27] [00:32:32] You did warn me not to sneak up on you. [00:32:34] l suggest we find a stronger defensive|position and relocate the civilians. [00:32:38] [00:32:39] Carmen, are you okay? [00:32:41] l thought l said, com links only, Private. [00:32:43] [00:33:38] You better check yourself|from the neck up, mister. [00:33:41] You have put this entire squad at risk. [00:33:43] There were bugs inside the building, sir.|Lives were at stake. [00:33:46] l felt it was the right thing to do. [00:33:48] War is not about feelings, Private.|Bugs have antennae. [00:33:51] lf your communication|gave away our position... [00:33:53] one is coming out|of that compound alive. [00:33:56] [00:34:03] Trouble. [00:34:05] [00:34:07] What is it? [00:34:08] [00:34:12] Bugs! [00:34:13] [00:34:20] That has got to hurt. [00:34:21] [00:34:45] Carl! [00:34:46] [00:34:51] Carl, hang on. [00:34:52] [00:34:59] l guess l won't be getting paid until l'm 80. [00:35:02] Radical reconstructive surgery|is the only option. [00:35:05] Leg is that bad? [00:35:07] Leg is fine. [00:35:08] l was talking about your face. [00:35:10] [00:35:12] Rico, Jenkins,|that marauder suit was your responsibility. [00:35:15] Sir, l thought that-- [00:35:17] You don't think, Trooper,|you follow orders. [00:35:19] Wrong, Sergeant. [00:35:20] [00:35:21] Private Rico used his head|to determine a course of action. [00:35:24] This time it was the right one. [00:35:26] [00:35:33] We're out of ammo|and the flame thrower is on E. [00:35:36] Perhaps l can whip up something|for a bug barbecue. [00:35:39] [00:35:44] Gossard, tactical assessment? [00:35:46] Small plutonium charges planted|under their shells. [00:35:49] [00:35:50] l'm good to go, sir. [00:35:52] Not with that leg. [00:35:53] [00:35:54] l'll do it. l'm the fastest guy you've got. [00:35:57] [00:35:59] lt's a mixture of psychohexane.|lt should detonate on contact. [00:36:02] [00:36:08] Look out! [00:36:09] We need to get out of here now. [00:36:11] [00:36:18] Release the red safety. [00:36:20] Sixty second delay. [00:36:22] Once the countdown starts|there's no stopping it. [00:36:25] l hope you're Olympic material. [00:36:27] [00:36:53] -Flores, evac now.|-Yes, sir. [00:36:55] [00:37:05] l thought our ride|would have been here by now. [00:37:07] They'll come, Lieutenant. You'll see. [00:37:09] [00:37:53] Blue Leader, air space in Quad 18 is clear. [00:37:56] [00:37:58] Alpha Team, this is Blue Leader.|Copy that. [00:38:00] [00:38:23] Somebody call for a cab? [00:38:25] [00:38:51] You're the one who saved them all,|she just doesn't know it. [00:38:53] [00:38:54] We know it. [00:38:55] What do you think this is, Apes? R and R? [00:38:57] Move out. [00:38:58] [00:39:01] That was the thing|about a victory on Pluto... [00:39:03] cheering, no ticker-tape parades,|just on to the nextsector, the next battle. [00:39:08] [00:39:10] There was always another battle. [00:39:12] [00:40:04] Don't you think you should|take me to dinner first? [00:40:07] [00:40:08] Since when do you play hard to get? [00:40:10] [00:40:29] After days of fighting,|Sicon forces have reclaimed... [00:40:33] ...a half-dozen enemy strongholds on Pluto. [00:40:35] Additional Ml units are currently|penetrating the southwest sector... [00:40:38] ...a territory the bug army has controlled|since the beginning of this conflict. [00:40:43] [00:40:45] Roughnecks, right flank assault. [00:40:48] [00:40:58] l'm in trouble. [00:41:00] [00:41:05] Definitely in trouble. [00:41:07] [00:41:18] Don't make me use this. [00:41:20] [00:41:28] -Lieutenant Razak.|-Higgins. [00:41:30] Higgins! Double back. [00:41:32] [00:41:43] -Lieutenant?|-You take care of the paper boy. [00:41:45] [00:41:54] Seven-ten split. [00:41:55] [00:42:07] Gossard. [00:42:08] [00:42:26] Gossard, are you okay? [00:42:28] The bug has got a nasty left hook. [00:42:30] [00:42:34] Better have Doc take a look at you. [00:42:36] -You hurt?|-No, l'm fine. [00:42:38] [00:42:39] Guys, thanks, l mean-- [00:42:41] [00:42:42] We know. [00:42:43] [00:43:07] No concussion. [00:43:08] Gossard's thick skull finally came in handy. [00:43:11] [00:43:13] Higgins. [00:43:14] [00:43:16] Higgins, son, nothing personal,|but your inability to defend yourself... [00:43:20] [00:43:21] compromising the safety of my squad. [00:43:23] l'm requesting you be shipped earth side. [00:43:25] [00:43:26] Lieutenant, this is my first assignment.|You've got to give me a chance. [00:43:29] -l'll do whatever you say.|-You don't belong here. [00:43:32] Sir, please, l studied to be a reporter,|not a Trooper, but l'm willing to learn. [00:43:36] [00:43:37] lt doesn't seem like you're being fair. [00:43:39] Rico. [00:43:40] [00:43:41] Higgins didn't sign up for this,|but he's willing to tough it out. [00:43:44] That should count for something. [00:43:46] Okay, Private, you want him, you train him. [00:43:49] Sir? [00:43:50] As of this moment,|Higgins is your primary responsibility. [00:43:54] You are to turn this greenie into|an efficient member of the Mobile lnfantry. [00:43:58] Failure is not an option. [00:44:00] -Do you read me?|-Yes, sir. [00:44:02] [00:44:03] Hey, thanks. [00:44:04] [00:44:05] No problem. [00:44:06] -You know, l won't let you down.|-l know. [00:44:09] lt's going to be a piece of cake. [00:44:11] [00:44:32] Flores, 30 seconds, 77 enemy hits. [00:44:35] [00:44:36] Higgins, 30 seconds, two enemy hits,|two Trooper hits. [00:44:40] [00:44:41] Two of them, two of us. [00:44:43] At least he is fair. [00:44:45] [00:44:46] l can't believe l volunteered for this. [00:44:48] [00:44:50] Not bad, Diz, puts you second|in the standings right behind me. [00:44:54] [00:44:55] Keep looking over your shoulder, Goss. [00:44:57] Yes, ma'am, l will. [00:44:59] [00:45:00] -You okay?|-Fine, fine. [00:45:03] Still just a little fuzzy. [00:45:04] Come on.|l'll help you back to your bunk, old man. [00:45:08] [00:45:11] l'm hopeless. [00:45:12] l'm never going to get|the hang of this thing. [00:45:15] Yes, you will. [00:45:16] [00:45:17] You don't have a choice, and neither do l. [00:45:20] [00:45:22] Now, listen up. [00:45:23] When you fire a weapon,|there are only two things to remember: [00:45:26] Exhale and squeeze. [00:45:28] [00:45:33] Exhale and squeeze. [00:45:34] [00:45:37] Exhale and squeeze. [00:45:39] [00:45:49] -Hey, guys.|-Diz, sit, take a load off. [00:45:52] [00:45:53] Thanks, but l can't.|l'm taking this to Gossard. [00:45:55] [00:45:56] You two have been getting pretty tight. [00:45:58] What? You jealous? [00:45:59] Maybe you should, you know,|keep your guard up. [00:46:01] [00:46:02] And maybe you should mind|your own business. [00:46:04] You're not my father,|you're not my boyfriend... [00:46:06] back off, Rico.|l can take care of myself. [00:46:09] Get your gear, people. [00:46:10] Sicon has asked us to evac a demo squad. [00:46:12] [00:46:13] We move in 10. [00:46:15] Rico, take it easy with Dizzy, okay? [00:46:18] What are you talking about? [00:46:19] You know, try not to keep her hanging,|making her think she's got a shot with you. [00:46:23] Why would l do that? [00:46:25] Backup maybe, in case Carmen's a no go. [00:46:27] [00:46:28] Dizzy is like my sister. [00:46:29] Just looking out for her, that's all. [00:46:31] [00:46:37] Vectorsquad was surrounded by a pack|of bugs at the bottom of a canyon... [00:46:40] Southwest Sector Eight. [00:46:42] They were running out of ammo... [00:46:44] [00:46:46] ...and time. [00:46:47] [00:46:56] Gossard, pretty fast recovery for somebody|who couldn't make it to mess hall. [00:47:00] Maybe l just like room service. [00:47:02] [00:47:05] You're going to be fine, all right?|Just remember to breathe. [00:47:08] [00:47:10] Not that much. [00:47:12] [00:47:25] Vector squad, this is Alpha team. Come in. [00:47:28] Alpha team, this is Vector. Go ahead. [00:47:30] We are in position, propellerline drop|will begin afterscatter bomb diversion. [00:47:34] Affirmative, Alpha team.|The sooner the better. Vector out. [00:47:37] [00:47:39] Brutto, Doc, Jenkins, Flores,|scatter bombs along the south ridge. [00:47:43] Gossard, Rico, Higgins,|ready lines for deployment. [00:47:46] [00:48:05] What is that? [00:48:06] [00:48:23] Blue Leader, this is Alpha team. [00:48:25] We're under attack|in Southwest Sector Eight. [00:48:27] Request immediate aerial backup. [00:48:29] [00:48:34] Battle stations. [00:48:35] Report to battle stations immediately. [00:48:37] [00:48:53] Apes, cloud is rolling in. [00:48:55] [00:48:58] Move, move. [00:48:59] [00:49:06] Don't give up too easy, do you?|Well, me neither. [00:49:10] [00:49:19] Don't do this. [00:49:20] [00:49:23] Dizzy! Get behind that rock and stay|there. lf they get too close, take it down. [00:49:28] Easy for you to say. [00:49:30] [00:49:44] Better late than never. [00:49:45] [00:49:53] Eagle One, this is Big Dog. [00:49:55] Prepare for sequential attack.|Stay on my wing. [00:49:57] [00:49:58] Copy, Big Dog. [00:49:59] [00:50:07] Air to air missiles. Ready? [00:50:09] Engage. [00:50:11] [00:50:24] Those things can take a punch. [00:50:26] [00:50:27] Rico, can l ask you something? [00:50:28] [00:50:29] Higgins, you can do it.|Just exhale and squeeze. [00:50:31] [00:50:32] Not that. [00:50:32] l was just wondering,|why did you stick your neck out for me? [00:50:35] [00:50:37] lt just didn't seem right to blame a guy|for some higher-up's decision. [00:50:40] [00:50:42] Besides, there is no way|you're getting to go home before me. [00:50:45] [00:50:47] Exhale and squeeze. Exhale and squeeze. [00:50:49] [00:51:09] l think l'm getting the hang of this. [00:51:11] [00:51:14] Lieutenant, second swarm, northwest. [00:51:16] [00:51:23] They're moving for the canyon. [00:51:25] Vector's going to get BLT'd. [00:51:27] Vector squad, this is Alpha team.|Bogies out of the northwest. [00:51:30] [00:51:31] We need a diversion.|Brutto, check ammo reserves. [00:51:33] [00:51:55] Never knew what hit them. [00:51:57] [00:52:02] You want the honours? [00:52:03] Don't mind if l do. [00:52:05] [00:52:17] Very nice. [00:52:18] [00:52:23] Big Dog. [00:52:25] [00:52:29] Mayday, this is Eagle One. [00:52:31] [00:52:32] Carmen, l'm right behind you. [00:52:34] [00:52:51] Valley Forge, this is Big Dog.|Eagle One is down. [00:52:54] [00:53:34] Carmen, move it. [00:53:36] [00:53:44] 15 plasma rockets, 10 anti-matter grenades|and 7 laser mags. [00:53:48] [00:53:58] We dish it out, and these overgrown|mosquitoes keep coming back for more. [00:54:02] The pulse rifles are having no effect,|and the lasers are just drawing them in. [00:54:06] [00:54:08] Listen up. [00:54:09] [00:54:10] There's not enough explosives to knock off|the airborne threat one by one. [00:54:13] We have to draw the bugs away|from the canyon as a group... [00:54:16] ...and wipe them out with one big blast. [00:54:18] How about serving them|a big plate of laser chow? [00:54:21] Not enough laser mags left|for that much bait. [00:54:23] [00:54:25] What if we had something|to magnify the laser fire? [00:54:28] Such as? [00:54:29] [00:54:34] Flores, lock and load your marita|with the remaining laser mags. [00:54:37] Gossard, prep a toad charge|with the plasma rockets. [00:54:40] [00:54:41] lt's feeding time. [00:54:42] [00:55:03] Go. [00:55:04] [00:55:16] Lieutenant, new bug hole in the canyon.|Vector's getting thrashed. [00:55:20] Flores, on my signal,|aim a direct stream into the lens. [00:55:23] [00:55:24] When the enemy is in range,|detonate the toad charge. [00:55:27] Blue Leader, inform fighters to clear area. [00:55:29] [00:55:30] Copy that. [00:55:31] [00:55:50] Maintain your fire. [00:55:51] [00:56:05] Vector squad|airborne threat is under control. [00:56:08] Prepare for evac. [00:56:10] [00:56:27] Finally, back to fighting bugs that crawl. [00:56:29] [00:56:43] Alpha Team to Blue Leader. [00:56:44] Request immediate retrieval|from southwest sector. [00:56:47] [00:56:58] That was so cool.|l'm beginning to like this soldier stuff. [00:57:02] [00:57:10] Lieutenant, all clear. Headed topside. [00:57:12] [00:57:23] Nice shooting, Trooper. [00:57:24] [00:57:25] Thank you, sir. [00:57:26] [00:57:28] We'll have to requisition you another one. [00:57:30] [00:57:38] -How is your head?|-Better. [00:57:40] Although, l think somebody|ought to keep an eye on me just in case. [00:57:45] [00:57:51] As it turned out, the airborne threat|had not been eliminated. [00:57:55] Not even close. [00:57:56] [00:57:57] Nobody had any idea where all the|reinforcements were coming from. [00:58:00] [00:58:01] If we didn't find the source soon,|winning this bug war wasn't a long shot... [00:58:05] was basically impossible. [00:58:08] [00:58:31] Day nine of the Pluto campaign. [00:58:32] [00:58:33] To say that we were in trouble would|be an understatement. [00:58:36] Intel reports claimed|the MI assault on Sector 459... [00:58:39] ...had a high probability ofsuccess. [00:58:41] [00:58:42] As usual, Intel was wrong. [00:58:43] [00:58:59] And the buzzer sounds. Final score:|Humans 30, Bugs 0. [00:59:03] [00:59:05] You got to admit,|she's got a real knack for this. [00:59:07] [00:59:11] Alpha team, this is Blue Leader. Come in. [00:59:13] Blue Leader, this is Alpha Team.|l read you. Over. [00:59:17] Report immediately to Field HQ|for reassignment, over. [00:59:20] We still have enemy activity in Sector 459. [00:59:23] Charlie and Tango squads|will engage, Alpha team. [00:59:26] Will advise further upon arrival. [00:59:28] Blue Leader out. [00:59:29] -We're breaking contact?|-No way. This luau was just getting good. [00:59:33] LT, Tango and Charlie couldn't find|snow in a blizzard without backup. [00:59:37] On the other hand,|an order is an order, right, sir? [00:59:39] [00:59:43] lf Sicon says move out, we move out. [00:59:46] [00:59:55] That's what you told me an hour ago.|Get me an accurate ETA now. [00:59:59] [01:00:00] Are you Razak? [01:00:01] [01:00:02] That's affirmative. [01:00:03] Lieutenant Earl Walker, lntel. Follow me. [01:00:06] [01:00:08] The POA is to capture a live plasma bug|and deliver it to lntel for scientific study. [01:00:13] Location of target is behind enemy lines. [01:00:16] [01:00:17] We will have 24 hours|before rendezvous with a retrieval ship. [01:00:21] What does he mean ''we''? [01:00:22] -When it is an lntel offensive...|-...they take command. [01:00:25] Lieutenant Razak, l need you|and your squad ready to move in 10. [01:00:29] You heard the Lieutenant, Apes! [01:00:31] [01:00:32] Sir, yes, sir. [01:00:33] [01:00:37] Because this bug hunt|was in enemy-held territory... [01:00:40] ...we had to move on foot and travel light. [01:00:42] Intel said, all transportation|for the operation would be found... [01:00:45] a former research outpost. [01:00:47] This time they were half right. [01:00:49] [01:00:50] Everything we needed was at the outpost,|but none ofit worked. [01:00:54] [01:00:57] Troopers, spread out. [01:00:58] l need a full inventory and working status. [01:01:01] [01:01:03] Working status? [01:01:05] [01:01:08] We should shoot this junk|and put them out of their misery. [01:01:11] ls there a problem, Troopers? [01:01:13] [01:01:14] No, sir. [01:01:15] l want these vehicles cleaned|and operational by 14:00. [01:01:19] -Any questions?|-Yes, sir. [01:01:22] The frames on these vehicles are shot. [01:01:24] A lot of the engine components are history. [01:01:27] ls it possible to renovate one|vehicle by salvaging the other for parts? [01:01:30] [01:01:31] Look, l'm not interested in finding ways|to make the work easier for your men. [01:01:35] l want two vehicles in working order. [01:01:37] No excuses. [01:01:39] [01:01:42] You heard the Lieutenant, double time. [01:01:44] [01:01:46] Lieutenant Walker, this may be|your mission but it is my squad. [01:01:50] Talk to me like that again in front|of my people, you will regret it. [01:01:55] [01:02:05] Try it again. [01:02:06] [01:02:15] Genius. [01:02:16] l guess that proves there is life after death. [01:02:18] [01:02:23] Lieutenant Razak,|we are 30 minutes behind schedule. [01:02:26] [01:02:28] Both engines required extensive overhaul.|Repairs are near completion. [01:02:32] Departure in five. [01:02:33] [01:02:34] Very well, Lieutenant. Five. [01:02:36] [01:02:37] Are we clear? [01:02:38] Crystal, Lieutenant. [01:02:40] [01:02:50] Intel did make one wise decision|regarding this assignment. [01:02:53] We were ordered to capture a baby plasma|rather than a full-grown adult. [01:02:56] [01:02:57] Less volatile, easier to handle. [01:02:59] [01:03:01] Atleastin theory. [01:03:02] [01:03:11] All right, only one incubation nest|is still being guarded. [01:03:14] Mobilise for immediate assault. [01:03:16] [01:03:33] Hey, mutant breath. Come and get it. [01:03:35] [01:03:40] Where is everybody going in such a hurry? [01:03:43] Party is over here. [01:03:44] [01:04:07] There has to be an infant. [01:04:08] The nest was still being protected. [01:04:10] [01:04:13] Behind you. [01:04:14] [01:04:29] Roughnecks, weapons at the ready. [01:04:31] l need that bug alive. [01:04:33] [01:04:34] Lieutenant Razak. [01:04:36] [01:04:43] l am not bluffing, Lieutenant. [01:04:44] Fire, and l'll make it my personal mission|to end your military career. [01:04:48] [01:04:49] Defensive angle, 45 degrees. [01:04:51] [01:04:53] Fire at will. [01:04:54] [01:05:06] Doc, Gossard, a round of tranqs|through the back door, now. [01:05:09] [01:05:20] -Yes.|-Congratulations, Lieutenant Razak. [01:05:22] [01:05:23] Secure the prisoner for transport. [01:05:25] [01:05:33] How long will the|tranquilliser darts keep it quiet? [01:05:36] We hit that thing with four of them|and lntel said... [01:05:38] [01:05:39] ...about an hour each. [01:05:40] So it's not going to wake up again|until we're back on the Valley Forge? [01:05:44] Then again, we are talking lntel. [01:05:46] [01:05:53] Hold it. [01:05:54] ls there a problem? [01:05:55] l don't feel like exploding today,|Sergeant, that's my problem. [01:05:59] This plasma bug reached saturation point|right before it was tranquillised... [01:06:03] it is now at a highly volatile state. [01:06:05] Any impact could cause|a catastrophic blast. [01:06:08] l suggest you handle the cargo|more carefully... [01:06:11] ...and have it secured|on the flatbed in 15 minutes. [01:06:14] So which one of the Lieutenant's|brilliant orders should we carry out first? [01:06:18] Hurry up or handle with care? [01:06:20] You forgot one: This end up. [01:06:22] [01:06:26] Lieutenant Razak, company is coming. [01:06:28] [01:06:30] Move the flatbed out of the area.|Doc, shadow Walker. [01:06:33] [01:06:34] The rest of you, target engagement. [01:06:36] [01:07:01] The flatbed is still in firing range. [01:07:02] [01:07:03] Walker, enemy fire, southeast. [01:07:05] [01:07:23] Gossard, Jenkins, Rico, commence evac. [01:07:26] [01:07:43] This is insane,|just to save some stinking bug. [01:07:47] As far as Sicon is concerned, that bug|is more valuable alive than you are. [01:07:51] Sergeant Brutto was merely responding|to the stress of this mission. [01:07:55] [01:07:56] This squad is legendary for its discipline. [01:07:58] Are you telling me that that's all a myth,|Lieutenant Razak? [01:08:01] [01:08:02] The Roughnecks have taken you this far,|Lieutenant Walker. [01:08:04] That should speak for itself. [01:08:06] [01:08:17] What's a bridge doing in bug country? [01:08:18] [01:08:19] Before OPC, this was the main supply|route for all of our research outposts. [01:08:23] [01:08:32] We'll send the flatbed over first.|Driver only. [01:08:35] [01:08:36] Are you volunteering? [01:08:37] l would, but you said it yourself,|the Roughnecks have taken me this far. [01:08:41] [01:08:46] Do me a favour, Carl, when this is over,|erase the memory, okay? [01:08:50] You're going to be fine.|All you have to do is drive a few feet. [01:08:53] [01:08:54] Piece of cake. [01:08:55] [01:08:56] Private Rico, proceed with caution. [01:08:58] Low gears only. [01:08:59] And in the event of structural failure,|evacuate the vehicle immediately. [01:09:04] Do not attempt to save cargo. [01:09:06] -You get me?|-l get you, sir. [01:09:08] [01:09:28] Private, the cargo is slipping. [01:09:30] Reduce speed. [01:09:31] [01:09:42] That whole thing could come down. [01:09:43] [01:10:11] Rico! [01:10:13] [01:10:32] Rico, stay put and sit tight. [01:10:35] We have to elevate the rear wheel|of the flatbed above the breach... [01:10:38] ...and use the other truck to push it|across the damaged area. [01:10:41] Brutto, take the truck. [01:10:43] The rest of you Apes, lizard lines. [01:10:45] Yes, sir. [01:10:46] [01:10:59] Rico, neutral. [01:11:01] [01:11:04] Roughnecks, on my count. [01:11:05] [01:11:09] One... [01:11:10] [01:11:11] ...two... [01:11:12] [01:11:13] ...three, lift. [01:11:14] [01:11:25] Gun it. [01:11:26] [01:12:02] Gossard! Man down. [01:12:04] [01:12:21] Pull. [01:12:22] [01:12:31] Diz, l got a new plan. [01:12:33] l'm going to stay attached to you, 24-7. [01:12:36] [01:12:50] The L-Z is due east two miles|across the ice field. [01:12:52] [01:12:53] I would advise an alternate route. [01:12:55] These tires don't have sufficient traction. [01:12:57] Lieutenant Razak, we have 10 minutes|to reach the rendezvous point. [01:13:01] There isn't time to debate|yet another of your concerns. [01:13:04] [01:13:21] What's happening? [01:13:22] [01:13:57] Rest in peace. [01:13:59] That retrieval ship will leave without us.|We'll be stuck behind enemy lines. [01:14:03] Sergeant Brutto, take Gossard, Rico,|Flores, and Jenkins. [01:14:06] Rig a rope harness for the bug. [01:14:08] [01:14:09] -Lieutenant, we finally agree on something.|-Don't bet on it. [01:14:13] [01:14:32] lt is still here. The ship waited for us. [01:14:34] [01:14:41] Lieutenant Walker,|l'm Lieutenant Zander Barcalow. [01:14:44] [01:14:45] We were afraid you wouldn't make it. [01:14:47] Lieutenant, prepare your ship for takeoff. [01:14:49] [01:14:50] lt takes one to know one. [01:14:52] [01:14:55] We have heavy casualties|in both the north and south. [01:14:58] The bug army has retaken|six sectors in the last 24 hours. [01:15:01] [01:15:02] The insect we captured|will provide crucial information... [01:15:05] ...regarding the bugs'|destructive capabilities. [01:15:07] [01:15:08] The importance of this mission|cannot be stressed enough. [01:15:11] [01:15:13] That LT is asking for it. [01:15:15] [01:15:20] This is Eagle Two, sustaining plasma fire|from the planet's surface. [01:15:24] Copy that, Eagle Two.|Sectors Ohio, Dakota, and Utah... [01:15:27] massive enemy resurgence.|Bug numbers off the charts. [01:15:30] MI suffering heavy casualties. [01:15:32] [01:15:40] Looks like nap time is over. [01:15:42] [01:15:43] Tranquillisers on the double. [01:15:45] [01:15:48] Lieutenants, Sicon advises|Pluto situation deteriorating. [01:15:51] Ten Ml squads forced to retreat. [01:15:53] [01:15:54] Unit currently trapped by the enemy. [01:15:56] [01:15:58] Eighty-six the tranqs. [01:15:59] We're dropping this oversized tick|right on top of his pals. [01:16:03] You don't have the authority to do this. [01:16:05] My only concern is the men on that planet|that are fighting for their lives. [01:16:10] Lieutenant Barcalow, any interest|in making a little bombing run? [01:16:13] [01:16:14] Absolutely, Lieutenant. [01:16:15] [01:16:29] Approaching target in five... [01:16:30] [01:16:31] ...four, three, two, one. [01:16:33] [01:16:44] Direct hit. [01:16:45] Bravo company wants to kiss you, sir. [01:16:48] [01:16:49] Tell HQ this was your idea, Lieutenant. [01:16:51] They'll give you a medal. [01:16:53] [01:16:55] Walker did tell HQ that|Operation Bug Drop was his idea... [01:16:58] [01:16:59] ...and they did give him a medal. [01:17:00] What did we get out of the whole thing? [01:17:02] The usual: Two hours ofsleep|and another mission. [01:17:06] [01:17:17] Report to battle stations immediately. [01:17:19] [01:17:26] Take it easy, Diz.|We did our best down there. [01:17:28] You must have taken|half the bugs out yourself. [01:17:31] [01:17:34] For the third time in two days what was|supposed to have been a routine skirmish... [01:17:38] ...proved overwhelming. [01:17:39] No matter how many bugs|the Sicon forces destroyed... [01:17:42] ...there were many more|to take their place. [01:17:44] Cap it, Paper Boy. Listen up, Apes. [01:17:46] Sicon thinks the base of enemy operations|is somewhere beneath the surface of Pluto. [01:17:52] Orders are to locate Bug City|and wipe it off the map. [01:17:55] Lieutenant, any chance we can grab|a little siesta or something first? [01:17:59] [01:18:00] Sorry, Private, your beauty sleep|is going to have to wait. [01:18:03] Get your gear back on, we drop in 10. [01:18:05] [01:18:25] Live forever, Apes. [01:18:27] [01:18:44] A total of 10 squads were part|of Operation Clean Sweep. [01:18:48] Each assigned to a differentsector. [01:18:50] [01:18:51] Each given different coordinates relating|to Bug City's possible location. [01:18:55] [01:18:56] The lucky squad that found the bug's HQ|would call in a strategic airstrike... [01:19:00] ...and hope to get out alive. [01:19:02] [01:19:13] Two more on patrol. [01:19:15] [01:19:16] Hold the phone. [01:19:17] [01:19:18] Looks like we're just in time|for a changing of the guard. [01:19:21] [01:19:30] Eight warriors,|two on either side of the tunnel entrance. [01:19:33] So what are we waiting for? [01:19:35] Stand down, Flores. [01:19:36] Bet you he picks me. [01:19:38] Gossard... [01:19:39] ...draw the patrol away from the entrance. [01:19:42] Rico, Flores, with me, dogleg right.|Hit the bugs that take the bait. [01:19:46] Brutto, Doc, Jenkins,|ambush the stationary guards. [01:19:48] [01:19:49] Higgins... [01:19:50] [01:19:51] ...take cover. Wait for the ''all clear.'' [01:19:53] [01:21:47] Clock is ticking, Apes. [01:21:48] Let's move. [01:21:50] [01:22:12] Some furniture, big screen TV,|this wouldn't be half bad. [01:22:15] [01:22:16] Jenkins, can you give me a read|on these tunnels? [01:22:18] [01:22:23] This way. [01:22:24] [01:22:28] Ever think of hiring yourself out|for parties? [01:22:30] [01:22:32] Eyes open, weapons at the ready. [01:22:35] [01:22:54] Sir, under phobias if l were to say|that l had a fear of dark... [01:22:58] ...tight underground spaces,|would that disqualify me? [01:23:02] Just answer the questions|as truthfully as you can. [01:23:05] [01:24:02] l'm sorry, Lieutenant, l slipped. [01:24:04] lt happens, Private. [01:24:05] -Any injuries?|-No, sir. [01:24:07] [01:24:08] Then let's double time. [01:24:09] Roaches are going to smell this blood|and come running. [01:24:12] [01:24:20] Hey, Diz, what's up with you? [01:24:22] l'm not 100 percent today. [01:24:24] lt's no big deal, let's just drop it, okay? [01:24:26] High alert, greenies. Cut the chitchat. [01:24:29] [01:24:30] Must be jealous because he can't walk|and talk at the same time. [01:24:33] [01:25:22] Man, it's like a sauna in here. [01:25:24] Check your suit's temperature control. [01:25:26] Maybe you've got it cranked up too high. [01:25:28] [01:25:34] Are you feeling okay? [01:25:35] Yes, l'm fine. l'm just a little light-headed. [01:25:38] [01:25:39] Watch your step there, Dizzy. [01:25:41] [01:25:50] Bugs. [01:25:51] [01:26:07] Okay, pal, lights out. [01:26:09] [01:26:14] Move out. [01:26:15] [01:26:46] ls that an earthquake? [01:26:47] [01:26:48] Fire at will. [01:26:50] [01:27:00] Roughnecks, fall back. [01:27:02] [01:27:18] Dizzy, what gives?|Your sight out of whack? [01:27:21] l don't know. [01:27:22] [01:27:36] Diz, a little help here? [01:27:37] [01:27:39] Hey, Trooper down. [01:27:41] [01:27:46] Dizzy, come on, it's Rico. [01:27:47] [01:27:55] LT, stress point. [01:27:56] [01:27:57] Blast it. [01:27:58] [01:28:01] Brutto on point.|Rico, Gossard, grab Flores. [01:28:04] Doc, cover fire. Go. [01:28:06] [01:28:44] -Head trauma?|-No evidence of injury... [01:28:46] [01:28:47] ...but she's nonresponsive. [01:28:48] Jenkins? [01:28:49] [01:28:59] -Claustrophobia.|-She's afraid of being in closed spaces? [01:29:02] [01:29:03] She could have mentioned|that detail a bit sooner... [01:29:05] before we got trapped|in a bug shoot. [01:29:08] -Back off, Sarge.|-You want to make me, Greenie? [01:29:10] -That little gal pal of yours is a liability.|-Enough. [01:29:13] Doc, any meds that'll help her? [01:29:15] Tranqs, but she'll have|to be carried out of here. [01:29:18] Area is too hot. [01:29:19] Carl, can't you plant some kind of|hypno-suggestion or something? [01:29:22] [01:29:23] l read minds, not alter them. [01:29:24] What is the difference? [01:29:26] l could screw it up|and hurt her permanently. [01:29:29] [01:29:33] There is no other option. [01:29:35] lf we don't evac immediately,|every member of this squad could suffer... [01:29:38] ...permanently. [01:29:39] [01:30:03] What's going on? [01:30:04] Welcome back, Diz. [01:30:06] [01:30:08] No. [01:30:09] [01:30:10] Lieutenant, l'm sorry. [01:30:12] Private, by not revealing your phobia|you put this entire squad at risk. [01:30:16] [01:30:18] Move out. [01:30:19] [01:30:21] Carl, did you do something to me? [01:30:24] [01:30:25] Yes. [01:30:26] Wow, is it gone, the fear, forever? [01:30:31] l doubt it. [01:30:32] One of these days you'll need|a booster shot or something. [01:30:35] So what is it like inside my head? [01:30:38] [01:30:39] Scary. [01:30:41] [01:30:44] Come on, Trooper. [01:30:45] [01:30:54] ls that what l think it is? [01:30:56] [01:31:26] Gossard, Jenkins, the post. [01:31:28] [01:31:30] Apes, break contact, move ahead. [01:31:32] [01:31:49] lnbound. [01:31:50] [01:32:25] Move out. [01:32:26] [01:33:08] Lieutenant... [01:33:09] [01:33:11]'re going to want to see this. [01:33:13] [01:33:21] Bug City. [01:33:23] [01:33:26] lt's an incubation area. [01:33:28] [01:33:33] Blue leader, this is Alpha team. [01:33:35] Request airstrikes|at coordinates bravo niner. [01:33:38] No current enemy activity,|but we have located Bug City. [01:33:42] Battle stations. All personnel|report to battle stations immediately. [01:33:45] [01:34:39] Lieutenant? [01:34:40] [01:35:22] No way. [01:35:23] That's where these eggs came from? [01:35:25] l got a better question:|Where did that thing come from? [01:35:29] [01:35:30] From that moment on,|it was a completely different war. [01:35:33] [01:35:35] The bugs weren't native of Pluto,|they were travelling from somewhere... [01:35:38] [01:35:39] ...deep in space... [01:35:40] ...which meant they weren't the|mindless drones we thought they were. [01:35:43] And mostlikely they weren't contained|to just this planet. [01:35:47] [01:35:48] We were no longer dealing|with an infestation. [01:35:50] [01:35:51] This was an invasion. [END] ******** End Script ********
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