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Royal Engagement CD1

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(man) Although your diplomas are equally specific, remember:
you are all going out into the world as individuals.
I now proudly present
this year's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and lnternational Affairs
graduating class.
Go, go, go.
- Bye. We love you. - You have to write.
- Thank your mom for all the cookies, OK? - I'm very proud of you.
(Mia) Dear diary,
Well, it's me, Brand-new college graduate-slash-princess,
Oh, II can't believe it's been five years
since Grandma told me that II was a princess,
Me? A... a princess? Shut up.
And right after that, my mother surprised me
by marrying my high-school teacher, Patrick O 'Connell,
IIt must be going well, because they are now expecting a baby,
Lilly's remained the same, as she continues to cause turmoil,
but now as a graduate student at Berkeley,
Which she calls "Berserkeley, "
"How's Michael?" you may ask,
Well, we're just friends now, as he went off to tour the country with his band,
Princess Mia.
Look out the window, and welcome back to Genovia.
Oh, there it is, My beautiful Genovia,
Of course, II'm completely excited to be going back, but II'm also a bit nervous,
(man) Genovia One has landed,
(Mia) Grandma Clarisse will step down by the end of this year as queen,
and II'll be taking over, since II'm now 2 1,
Mira, la princesa Mia,
It's the princess from America! Hi.
(man) Viva la princesa,
II know II studied diplomacy and political science at school, but,,,
there is no course in "Queen, " or "How To Run A Country 1 0 1, "
But Grandma 's going to help me, and II'll take over when she thinks II'm ready,
Of course, II wonder,,, will II ever be ready?
IIn the meantime, II'm going to live in a beautiful palace like in a fairy tale,
and eventually sit on a throne and rule the people of Genovia,
IIs that scary or what?
Well, maybe Fat Louie can give me some help,
Her Royal Highness Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi
has arrived.
Welcome home, Princess.
And her royal pussycat, Sir Fat Louie.
The one downer in my fairy tale is II've never been in love,
Countess Puck of Austria.
However, this evening is my 2 1st-birthday party,
and our tradition says II have to dance with all the eligible bachelors in Genovia,
So maybe II'll meet my Prince Charming tonight,
(woman) The queen is coming.
Here she comes. Look alive.
She'll have a double-door entrance.
The eagle is flying. Repeat, the eagle is flying.
She's in the foyer.
But you're late, Your Majesty.
A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.
Of course.
(man) Her Majesty Clarisse Renaldi,
Queen of Genovia.
Greetings, good friends.
I am delighted to welcome you here this evening.
(# chamber music)
- Thank you. - I hope they have string cheese.
Ah, good.
Many of you will remember King Rupert's and my granddaughter, Princess Mia.
(all) King Rupert. May he rest in peace.
Will you please raise your glasses in celebration
of Princess Mia's 21 st birthday.
Presenting Her Royal Highness Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi,
Princess of Genovia.
To Princess Mia.
(all) To Princess Mia.
- It happens all the time. - Oh!
- And happy birthday. - Thank you.
(speaks Greek)
- Oh, I don't speak Greek. - (speaks Greek)
- And you obviously don't speak English. - (speaks Greek)
One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
- One, two... - Ow!
(muttering in French)
- Have you met the princess yet? - Briefly. But she wasn't very friendly.
I got a hello and a goodbye. Is this an American custom?
- I saw that. - Oh, uh...
Oh, I've missed you.
- Sebastian. - Majesty.
- Sheila. - Majesty.
- What have you been up to? - Oh, just partying, girl. You know.
Oh, your foot. I'm so sorry. Are...
Are you all right?
I'll survive, Your Highness.
The fault was entirely my own. I apologize.
Are you sure you don't want to exchange licenses and proof of insurance?
No, no. These shoes were a little big anyway.
The swelling should help them fit better.
Hey, get a load of this guy.
Shimmy shimmy.
Hey, hey, hey. Bitte,
- You are a beautiful dancer. - Oh, why, thank you so much.
Like a deer.
Or a chipmunk in the forest.
Looks like he's trying to land a plane.
Woodland animals are a lovely thing to be compared to.
May l?
- Your timing is impeccable. Thank you. - You're welcome, Your Highness.
Mia. I like to be called Mia.
And you are?
Nicholas. Just Nicholas.
Well, I'm very glad to see that my clumsiness hasn't affected your dancing.
I'm sorry I stepped on your foot.
You can step on my foot anytime.
It is Prince Jacques' turn.
Your Highness.
If this were my party, we'd be kissing by now.
That's Prince Jacques. He's about 1 2 years old.
He's a very precocious prince.
He wears aftershave to make people think that he's older.
May I blow in your ear?
Can you reach it?
Princess, there's someone from parliament you should meet.
Charlotte, how many members of parliament are there?
Only two left, Your Highness.
- Cake, ladies? - Oh, dear.
Oh, Your Highness, pardon me, I am so sorry. It was only an accident.
It's fine, it's fine. No harm, no foul, no bruise.
Thank you so much.
You should be more careful, Your Royal Highness.
Somebody might try to take that away from you.
Oh, I hope not. But thank you so much for all your help.
Someone like me.
Welcome back to "Eggs with Elsie, "
II'm Elsie Kentworthy, and today's topic is Princess Mia,
Hi. How's it going?
- So sorry, I thought I was alone. - No, Miss.
I'm Brigitte, if it pleases you. At your service.
- And I'm Brigitta, Miss. - Brigitte and Brigitta, I'm Mia.
And, please, you don't... Don't curtsy like that.
- Not like this? How do you like it, then? - Like this, maybe?
No, no, no, I didn't mean, like, you know...
No, no, not that way. I didn't mean it, um...
The queen bids you good morning, Princess. She's in session with parliament.
- OK. - I see you've met your lady's maids.
Yeah. Um...
- How do you turn off the curtsies? - Oh.
Enough bowing. Back to your chores.
Her Majesty will meet you in one hour at the throne room.
- OK. - I'm sorry your suite isn't ready yet.
But you're welcome to stay here in Her Majesty's suite...
No, no, no, no, it's fine. It's...
Hey, can I explore the palace a little bit?
- Of course. - (dog barks)
Oh. Well, you've met Maurice.
(Mia) Hey, Mo.
The throne room, in an hour.
The parliament of Genovia is in session. Prime Minister Motaz presiding.
Viscount Mabrey, you have the floor.
(man) Monsieur Mabrey, s'il vous plaÎt,
As we all know, the 21 st birthday of an heir to the Genovian bloodline
is indeed a matter of great public significance.
It signifies that this young person is eligible to assume the crown.
Indeed, we are well aware of this, Viscount.
The queen has already indicated that Princess Mia
intends to learn more at her side before assuming the throne.
It was not Princess Mia to whom I was referring.
Oh, wow.
King Chevalier
was the great-great-great-grandfather of...
Ah... Oh.
(clears throat)
(Mabrey) So.
As of the 20th of October last year,
on the occasion of his 21 st birthday,
another Genovian of the royal bloodline became eligible to assume the throne.
My nephew, Lord Devereaux.
I beg your pardon?
My nephew's mother was my wife's sister.
Therefore, Your Majesty, I am pleased to say
that my nephew is ready to take his place
as Genovia's rightful king.
Shut up.
I beg your pardon?
- I mean... - "Shut up" doesn't always mean shut up.
"Taisez-vous" veut dire,,,
In America, it's like "Oh, my," "Gee whiz," "Wow."
- "Fantastique, " "Superbe, " "Oy vey, " - Yeah, thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.
But isn't Princess Mia first in line to ascend the throne?
Not yet.
Genovian law states that a princess must marry
before she can take the throne.
(Clarisse) We have never enforced that law.
A man doesn't have to marry to be king.
I mean, this is the 21 st century, for heaven's sake.
My granddaughter should be given the same rights as any man.
Genovia shall have no queen lest she be bound in matrimony.
Lord Palimore?
That is the law of Genovia for the last 300 years.
Princess Mia is not qualified to rule because she is unmarried.
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
Not all of us are sure that the princess
is the most suitable choice to govern our great nation.
(all) Ooh!
Now, now, gentlemen, gentlemen. Please.
I suggest this honored body
allow Princess Mia one year,
during which time she must marry,
or she forfeits the throne of Genovia to young Lord Devereaux.
What? No.
- I object. I object most strongly. - One year?
- 60 days. - Two months.
60 days?
30 days.
How could parliament expect me to fall in love in 30 days? It's like...
It's like it's a big trick to get me to have an arranged marriage, or...
No, there's no... That's it, there's no "or." There's... I...
An arranged marriage is my only choice.
What kind of person agrees to an arranged marriage?
You agreed to an arranged marriage.
- Right. - Yes, I did.
And it turned out quite splendidly.
He was my best friend. We grew very fond of each other.
I'm sure, Grandma, but...
I dream of love, not fondness.
But you don't have to do this, Mia. You don't have to become queen.
This is so unfair.
(man's voice) Amelia,
(both) Courage is not the absence of fear,
(alone) but rather the judgment that something else is more important...
than fear.
There are 550 years of Renaldis on these walls.
And I will be up there next to my father.
I'm sure I want my chance to make a difference as a ruler.
Spoken like a true queen.
You, my boy, a true-born Genovian.
You should be our king.
I agree.
But how can we make it happen?
Give me one of your arrows.
I'm going to show you a trick that I learned from an old ltalian philosopher.
Niccolò Machiavelli.
I can make this dart hit the bull's-eye every time.
Yes, but that is cheating.
You've got it.
Lord Devereaux will be arriving shortly, Mrs. Kout, with his snake of an uncle.
Yes, Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty. - Hm?
I know Lionel is the prime minister's nephew and he's interning for the summer
because he wants to learn about security.
But he never leaves my side. He sticks to me like Velcro, madam.
It won't last very long. He returns to school in the autumn.
- He wants an audience with you. - What, now?
I don't know if you've met Mrs. Kout, our housekeeper,
and Priscilla and Olivia, my lady's maids.
I'm doing a background check on Olivia.
Oh, that's not necessary, Lionel.
Everybody in this room has high-priority clearance.
Of course, of course.
- Your Majesty? - Hm?
I would gladly take a bullet for you.
Oh, how brave.
Most interns don't even want to fetch me my tea.
The limousine is at the gates, madam.
(Clarisse) The viscount is not staying, just the nephew.
Joseph, I want you to protect him and keep your eye on him at all times.
- Of course. Lionel. - Oh, hello.
So is this all right to welcome the viscount and his nephew?
Very appropriate. And pretty.
Oh, I can't believe parliament invited the guy
who's trying to steal the throne to stay here with us at the palace.
Oh, no, parliament didn't invite him.
I did.
I offered to have him hung by his toes in our courtyard.
- Excuse me. - Yeah, what about Joe's suggestion, huh?
No. If there's any mischief going on, I'd prefer it be right under my nose.
(Mabrey) It's not a very difficult job, you know.
You just have to open the door before the passenger dies of old age.
- Hello, I'm here to welcome you. - Your staff is incompetent and unreliable.
I just so don't want to be nice to this guy, you know?
I mean, he is rude, he's arrogant, self-centered, he's...
Ah, well, have you met him?
- No. - Neither have l.
Yeah, but he probably is, Grandma. I mean...
Like, now, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he wants to be the king of Genovia?
- What is that about? - Oh, tush.
Whatever he is, we will be charm itself.
We will present ourselves with grace and poise.
(man) Announcing Viscount Mabrey and Lord Devereaux.
(Mabrey) Your Majesty.
- Your Highness. - Mabrey.
Ma'am, may I introduce my nephew, Lord Nicholas Devereaux.
Nicholas. We are delighted to make your acquaintance.
Your Majesty, the pleasure is all mine.
And thank you so much for inviting me to stay at the palace.
May I present my granddaughter Mia.
Your Highness.
Mia, would you care to welcome our guest?
Lord Nicholas.
(Lionel sniggers)
She always does that.
I will personally get some ice for that foot,
and I'll be with you as quickly as I possibly can.
An accident.
Of course.
She's training to be a flamenco dancer.
Would you care to explain what was going on out there?
I, uh, have met Lord Nicholas, actually.
Yep. At the ball. Didn't know who he was, so, you know, we...
We danced, and I flirted.
I feel so stupid right now.
I see. Well, as your queen I absolutely cannot condone it.
As a grandma, I say, "right on."
Now, if you'll come with me, I have something to show you.
- Oh, yeah. - I think you could leave that right there.
Uh... Yeah.
Thank you, culinary people.
(whispers) I'll be back.
The renovations for your suite are finally finished.
Should have been ready for you when you arrived,
but unfortunately we asked Rupert's cousin to do the bathroom.
It's a good lesson. Nepotism belongs in the arts, not in plumbing.
This is your very own suite.
- Are you serious? This is... - Mm-hm.
- This is my room? - Yes.
Oh, Grandma.
This is very nice.
We just made the bed.
This is so cool.
(Clarisse) Ah, Fat Louie. I think he rather likes his new abode as well.
There's more.
- Is that mine? - Why don't you go and find out?
I have my own mall.
Ooh, very nice shoes.
(Clarisse) I'm glad you like it. Try pressing button number three.
They're charming. I love these.
What do you think? Grandma?
I'm here.
Oh, hello. Ooh, love that.
- This is... - Now press combination 656.
Um... They're a little... gorgeous.
(Clarisse) I had a selection of the crown jewels brought out for you.
They're yours to borrow, with great discretion, at appropriate times.
Now for the best surprise of all.
Gorgeous, Grandma. But kind of a letdown after the jewels, I'm not gonna lie...
- You're here. - I know I'm here.
- You're in Genovia. - I know.
- You're in my closet. - Yeah.
- You're blonde. - I'm blonde.
I'm so glad to see you.
I think this is as good a moment as any to bow out.
I think I'll let you two ladies catch up with each other.
(Mia) I can't believe you're here. When did your flight get in?
- Just a little while ago. - Oh.
By the way... I'm getting married.
- To who? - I don't know.
(Charlotte) Baron Johann Klimt.
(Clarisse) No, not appropriate. He's a compulsive gambler.
(Mia gasps)
Yes. Oh, yes, l, l, l, I absolutely accept.
Prince William. He's not eligible, because he's in line for his own crown.
If he's not eligible, why is he included in these pictures?
- I just love to look at him. - Mm. Me too. Mm-mm.
- Your Majesty. - Next.
- (Charlotte) Antoine Suisson of Paris. - Uh-huh.
Plays the harp. No title, but good family.
- What about the title "husband"? - Yeah, he's cute.
Mm. His boyfriend thinks he's handsome also.
Right on.
No matter. Put him on all the invitation lists. He's a divine dancer.
(Charlotte) Next.
(Clarisse) Too old.
Too young.
- Does this popcorn taste like pears? - Mm. Genovian specialty.
- (Joe) Arrested too many times. - Wait, no.
We need someone titled,
someone who can help you run a country without ego getting in the way.
Someone attractive, smart, but not arrogant.
Someone with compassion.
Someone like him?
Yes. Someone very much like him.
Good choice, Mia. I wonder I didn't think of him before.
- Andrew Jacoby. - Duke of Kenilworth.
Well, he looks... decent.
(Charlotte) He was an Olympic swimmer, rides motorcycles, loves photography,
and he's a pilot in the Royal Air Force,
- Can I do that? - No.
- You ever take those shades off? - No.
(Elsie) Here we are at the breezy seashore village of Mertz.
And our two lovers have perfect weather for their first public outing.
Along with Andrew's parents, Susan and Arnold.
Must be rather hard to get to know each other this way.
Oh, they're waving at us.
- My... Oh. - Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, Mia. A princess should not run for a scarf.
I got it.
Shall we have some tea?
- Your scarf, ma'am. - Why, thank you, sir.
I think you might be clumsier than me.
Oh, good shot.
No, no, let them bond. Let them bond.
- The glasses. Off. - I'm coming, Princess.
- I'm coming, I'm coming, Princess. - Oh, ow.
Oh, there you go.
# They were smitten
# While playing badminton
# Where's my kitten
(# "A Love That Will Last" by Renee Olstead)
# II want a little
# Something more
# Don't want the middle
# Or the one before
# II don't desire
# A complicated past
# II want a love that will last
(Andrew) Every marriage in my family for the past 200 years has been arranged...
- Andrew? - Yes?
Could you try to talk without moving your lips? The... the readers have binoculars.
Here we find our favorite new royal couple,
nestled under Genovia's famous pear tree.
- And I have something for you. - Oh, you don't have to get me anything.
- No, my birthday was last week, and... - Mia. Here you go.
Cool. You know, film. That's nice. It's... What is that? Is that...
It's a film canister.
What's in the film canister? What's in it?
- Why don't you open it? You'll see. - Oh, OK.
It was my great-grandmother's engagement ring.
She and my great-grandfather were married for 57 years.
So l...
I felt it could be lucky for us, maybe.
- Do I have to put it on myself? - No, I could do that.
- OK. - Yes.
Oh, my goodness. It was a ring.
A royal proposal has been made.
Fly the lovebirds.
- You ready? - If you are.
(man) Announcing the royal engagement
of Princess Mia and Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Kenilworth.
Here, just like the princess.
(Nicholas) Uncle, II hate to say this, but you were wrong,
Princess Mia has managed to find a husband within a week.
Mia cannot possibly be happy with the idea of an arranged marriage.
Your task is to romance her.
Show her what a real relationship could be like.
A relationship filled with heat and passion.
- And change her mind about Andrew. - Exactly.
And the 30-day deadline expires, and the throne is ours.
And you're sure my father wanted this?
It was his dearest wish.
His last words to me were:
"Help him, Arthur. One day he could be king."
I don't recall him ever mentioning that to me.
Well, you wouldn't. You were only six years old when he died.
But you do remember who he named you after, don't you?
Yes. Grandfather Nicholas.
No, no, no, no. Niccolò Machiavelli.
Power, my boy, means never having to say you're sorry.
Here, kitty kitty kitty. Come here, kitty kitty.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.
- Oh, Your Highness. - Shh.
(whispers) Andrew's plane just took off.
He said he'd call as soon as he arrives in London.
He won't be gone long. Why are we whispering?
(whispers) I'm hiding from my lady's maids.
But I'm fine, I'm fine.
(whistles Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto)
- Are you having second thoughts? - No.
Actually, on the contrary. I was just admiring my ring.
It was Andrew's grandmother's.
You know, he really is so romantic.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I really must go see to some wedding details.
I'm sorry, is there something you wanted to say to me?
No, no.
You are the one who stomped on me with your big feet.
Big feet?
Brigitte, I found her.
Uh, Brigitta.
(whispers) I'm not here.
It wasn't her. It was a ghost. Whoo...
Well, you know, you danced with my big feet.
Fine. I danced with you. Call The Hague, convene the war-crimes tribunal.
Mia, I would remind you that we only danced for about a minute.
It was more than a minute.
Well, maybe a minute and a half.
Fine. It was a minute and a half, but it was also a lie,
because you didn't tell me who you were and that you were trying to steal my crown.
Please pardon me, I just had a momentary lapse of good manners.
You see, usually, when I ask a woman to dance, I always show her my family tree.
Oh. Well, aren't you just...
- (Mrs, Kout) Let's look in the ballroom. - (Brigitta) The ballroom?
- I don't think she's in the ballroom. - Well.
Do you want to know what else you were doing,
while you were doing your little lie dance?
- Lie dance? - (Brigitta) The ballroom?
- Yeah, that is exactly what you did. - What is a lie dance?
(Mrs, Kout) I'll go look in the ballroom myself.
(Brigitta) All right.
The lie dance is not the point.
- The point is that... - What is the point?
The point is that I'm onto you. Oh boy, am I onto what you are trying to do.
- And what am I trying to do? - I think we both know exactly what that is.
Oh, oh.
Please forgive the intrusion, Your Highness, Lord Devereaux.
No, you don't... Uh...
(Joe) I'm told this Lord Devereaux boy is a native Genovian.
Recently graduated Cambridge, gourmet cook,
plays polo and rugby, and is known as quite a ladies' man.
- She was in a closet? - With him. Yes.
Does she have the makings of a queen?
Well, she's young, but I've always believed in her.
The wedding invitations have been sent out.
- She and Andrew make a fine pair, I think. - Yes, they do.
She's very set on it, you know.
Clarisse, my dear. Forget the wedding for a moment.
(clears throat)
In less than a month, you will no longer be queen,
and I will no longer be your head of security.
I think it's time we bring our friendship out of the shadows.
- Oh, Joseph, l... - Yes.
Yes, my dear. I would kneel if it weren't for my knee replacement.
Joseph, there's a wedding to be planned.
Mia needs to win over the people of Genovia, all in less than 30 days.
Perhaps it's time to consider the duty you have to yourself.
My darling, please think about it. Please.
I will.
(Mia) Dear diary, My queen lessons continue, Surprise, surprise,
To fulfill one Genovian tradition, II must learn to shoot a flaming arrow
through a ceremonial ring, which will happen on the eve of my coronation,
IIt's symbolic for lighting my own eternal flame,
(# "Fun IIn The Sun " by Steve Harwell)
# We all want a holiday
# Let's take a little time for a getaway
# IIt's all good, and better still
# We can go crazy and you know we will
# We'll have fun in the sun
# Everybody wants some
# Yeah, yeah
# Fun in the sun
# Everybody needs some
# Yeah, yeah
# Fun in the sun
# II'm talking about a good time
# Yeah, yeah
# Fun in the sun
# You know
They're here. The sparrow is flying.
Sorry, I'm sorry. I am almost in time though.
OK, sorry, got it, I got it.
You know what? I'm OK. I'm fine.
- What are we learning today? - We are learning the art of the fan.
- Fascinating. - Yes.
Get up. Get up. We only have about ten minutes in which to communicate this.
Now, first of all, one handles a fan very deliberately.
It's a tremendous tool of communication. That's it.
You can say things like, "I'm feeling flirtatious. Come hither."
(# "Three Little Maids From School" by Gilbert and Sullivan)
You can say, "l never wish to speak to you again. Go away."
You can say, "I'm feeling terribly shy today."
# Pert as a schoolgirl well can be
# Filled to the brim with girlish glee
# Three little maids from school
# Everything is a source of fun
And you...
Are you sassing your grandma?
I would never sass you, Grandma.
This is also a way of showing you're annoyed.
We will have somebody come and visit your farm in the morning,
and perhaps we can repair the well and save your field.
This is for your table.
Thank you.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
You do this so well. They just adore you.
It's part of an ancient Genovian tradition.
One has to be fair and very honest.
Even if you can't help, you have to show the people you care.
(woman) Citizen Jacqueline Grenough.
We will review your scholarship application,
and someone will be in touch no later than the end of next week.
Oh, merci, Your Majesty.
Here is a melon for your table.
Oh, merci, Jacqueline. C'est gentil,
(woman) Citizen Tiny Duval.
- Your Majesty. - Bonjour, Tiny.
May I present my granddaughter, Princess Mia.
- Princess Mia. - Monsieur.
Thank you for seeing me today. Something for your table.
Thank you.
She's my favorite.
I hope you like omelets.
- May l? - Of course.
Be careful.
- Aw, it's a chicken. - Careful.
We have a chicken situation in the throne room.
A princess never chases a chicken.
(Mia) Dear diary,
Tomorrow my stress level goes to 1 1, as II review the royal guard,
The whole court will be watching, plus the troops,
And II'm wearing a floor-length dress,
II also have to be ladylike while riding sidesaddle, Hah!
- I can't ride sidesaddle. - No, no, no.
I couldn't ride sidesaddle either when I was your age,
and frankly, dear, it is acutely uncomfortable.
Herbie is my riding companion. Here he is.
- It's a wooden leg. - Yes.
That is impressively sneaky, Grandma. Did you come up with this on your own?
Oh, no, it's a centuries-old idea,
- And you put the riding boot on it,,, - Exactly,
Our ancestors knew a thing or two, right?
You just drape your skirt over it and nobody suspects a thing,
(man) Hear ye, hear ye.
Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi
reviews the Royal Guard of Genovia.
Now, the last time we spoke, you mentioned that Princess Mia's horse,
Sandy, gets easily spooked by snakes.
So let's get it really spooked, shall we?
This is a fake snake.
Oh, you're very observant. A regular David Attenborough.
That's rubber, yes. But it will spook the horse.
I'm Nick. Viscount Mabrey's nephew.
Ah, the chap who's trying to stage the palace coup.
I'm Andrew Jacoby. Nice to meet you.
Lilly Moscovitz, official best friend of future queen. I don't like you.
Atten... hurgh!
I like all these men wearing helmets.
Open ranks... hurgh!
Sandy... Oh! Oh! Oh!
My goodness. Oh, my...
- Easy. Sandy, easy. - Princess.
Princess. It's OK, Princess. I'm here.
No wonder she's so clumsy. She's got a wooden leg.
(laughs loudly)
Talk about getting off on the wrong foot.
(man) The ceremony has officially ended.
You shouldn't hide.
It only makes them gossip more.
What do you want?
Just think, Mia. One more leg and you could've easily outrun your horse.
I don't need this right now.
Mia, I'm...
I'm sorry, l...
No, you're not. You never think about anyone but yourself.
So just this once, can you please let me be miserable,
and not make me feel worse about myself?
- Just go away. Go away, go away... - Mia...
Princess, excuse me. The queen has arrived.
Am I going to be disappointed in you?
Unfortunate incident, that.
I'm just leaving. You going to come and see me off?
I'd like to speak with your uncle alone, Nicholas. Please.
Viscount. You may not be aware of what my job entails as the royal head of security.
My job is to protect the crown, to make sure no harm comes to the crown.
To step in when someone toys with the crown's emotions, you see.
I think the entire country understands how well you cater for the crown's emotions.
If you hurt my girl, you will answer directly to me.
And whatever crimes I commit against you, remember:
I have diplomatic immunity in 46 countries.
Including Puerto Rico.
Sir, you will find that the word "fear" is not in my vocabulary.
But it's in your eyes.
You forgot something.
- Au revoir, Pierre, et merci beaucoup, - Très bien, Majesté,
Nicholas, l... I want to ask you a question.
Of course, Your Majesty.
Why are you so against Princess Mia being queen?
Well, my uncle feels that Princess Mia doesn't know the people.
And you feel you do know the people?
Yes. I was born here, I went to primary school here.
I am a true Genovian.
Mia didn't even know she was Genovian until high school,
and to be frank, she's spent little time here since then.
Well, I happen to feel that she'll make a great ruler.
She's terribly bright, sensitive, caring.
- I know that. - You do?
Yes. Yes, I do. But...
How can one rule the people if they do not know the people?
Touché. That's a very good question.
(# "Sempre Libera" by Verdi)
Opera's new rising star, Anna Netrebko.
Looks good enough to eat.
How are your grandchildren, Lily, Charlotte and Sam?
They're wonderful. Thank you for remembering.
How are you? Good to see you.
How's your dachshund? Maury, right?
He is great. You remember him from last summer?
(speaks Croatian)
Mia's doing well.
Some major mingling, I see.
A little higher, Olivia.
(woman) Mia.
- Did you happen to see who's here? - Who?
The king wannabe with Lady Elissa.
Is she his... girlfriend?
Nicholas doesn't have girlfriends, he has dates.
But attractive ones.
- You talk to him much? - Uh...
We acknowledge each other.
- Andrew? - Yes, dear. Coming.
- Well, the camera's all ready to go, so... - All right.
Let's go this way.
No more straggling for me.
- You did very well, Mia. Very charming. - Oh, thank you.
- Wait, wait, wait. The light is perfect. - What?
- Just one more, please. - Please, no more pictures.
- Come on, please. One more. - It's very flattering, but...
Mia, one more picture...
Hello. I'm Andrew Jacoby.
- Oh, hello. Lady Elissa. - Pleasure.
- Lady Elissa. - Your Highness.
Elissa and I were just discussing her latest achievement.
- She's received a Rhodes Scholarship. - Nicholas, please.
Why not brag? You're an amazing woman.
Elissa, congratulations. You know, Andrew has a PhD in anthropology from Oxford.
- Oh, really? That's wonderful. - Fantastic.
- Elissa was in the Peace Corps. - Really?
Andrew spent four months in Papua New Guinea studying the bark of a yam tree.
- Elissa single-handedly... - Andrew...
Elissa is actually trying to say something. Yes, Lady Elissa?
Andrew, would you like to get a drink?
I have a feeling they're going to start a "My horse is bigger than your horse" run.
I would absolutely love to. Excuse us.
You know, her horse actually is very huge.
- Oh, really? - Yes...
- Fantastic party. - It is.
- You two make such a lovely couple. - We do. Thanks.
- It's a shame you're not attracted to him. - I know, it...
You... I... Come back here.
(# "Miracles Can Happen" by Jonny Blu)
Ladies and gentlemen, a special treat for our friends from Asia.
Jonny Blu.
(sings in Mandarin)
Come back here. You... you can't just say something like that and walk away.
I will have you know that I am very attracted to Andrew.
Well, obviously.
I am. He's... We are perfect for each other.
- He understands me... - Understands you? Wow. What passion.
I didn't hear you mention love.
- You are so jealous. - Why would I be jealous of Andrew?
He's got to spend the rest of his life married to you.
I loathe you.
- I loathe you. - I loathed you first.
Wait. What are you doing? What is wrong with you?
You can't just go around kissing people.
- Particularly not engaged people. - You enjoyed it.
- You want to kiss again? - Well, l...
No! Stop trying to confuse me.
What's confusing about a kiss?
You're just trying to make me like you so that I won't want to marry Andrew
and so that you can have the crown. Oh!
Well, maybe I am, and... maybe I just like kissing you.
You... You stay away from me.
You know what? I have an idea. I have a brilliant idea.
Why don't you go underwater and I'll count to a million?
Mia, careful... Mia.
Do I want to know?
I don't think so.
I'll be two seconds, Mia.
She's going to be a handful, isn't she?
You'll never be bored, Andrew.
- Olivia, enough goodbyes. - Yes, ma'am.
- Eagle is leaving! Eagle is leaving! - In hushed tones, Lionel.
Hushed tones.
(Clarisse) When are you going to start acting responsibly?
Hiding in a closet with a man who is not your betrothed?
Coming out of a fountain dripping wet with the same man, who is not your betrothed?
Do you think I plan for this kind of stuff to happen?
I lost it. Sometimes you just lose it.
You can't afford to lose it. Other people lose it. We're supposed to find it.
People look up to us, and we're held to higher standards of behavior.
Can you try to grasp that concept?
The concept is grasped.
The execution is a little elusive.
Oh, I would say so.
Try to get some sleep. You'll want to look fresh for the parade tomorrow.
Good night.
Good night, Grandmother.
(mutters and grumbles)
Well, Maurice, it's just you and l.
Or are you upset with me too?
(shouts) Royal Guard of Genovia, fall in.
Big parade day.
Identify, Mustang personnel.
Why do you talk like that?
I'm Captain Kip Kelly of the Royal Guard.
What if we all talked like that?
(shouts) Lilly Moscovitz, best friend of Princess Mia, riding in the 'Stang.
That was very nicely done, Miss Lilly.
- It's a pleasure to meet you. - Hi.
The prettiest girl is riding in the 'Stang.
- Flag? - Thank you.
Flag? Welcome.
Welcome, Viscount Mabrey. May I offer you a flag?
Thank you, I am not a waving aficionado.
But I will wave our national flag
when a true Genovian king once again sits on the throne.
King Nicholas.
How do you feel today, my dear?
Honestly, Joe, not that great.
Well, would you feel better if you called me Joey?
- No, Joe. - Good.
- Come on, Joseph. We're already late. - Her Majesty is ready.
Can't keep the people of Genovia waiting any longer.
Happy lndependence Day, Genovia!
Here we are in Pyrus, capital of Genovia, for the big annual parade.
Here they come.
(crowd sings Genovian national anthem)
(Elsie) There's Prime Minister Motaz, strutting his stuff.
# Genovia, Genovia
(Elsie) People are coming from all over Genovia.
Here's the Mertz Marching Band, led by Lucy Carmichael.
And now, of course, the Libbet's folk dancers.
Also known as the "Leapers of Libbet."
And now the queen, with Princess Mia.
(boy) Na-na, I don't like your braids.
(boy #2) Hey, thumb-sucker.
Stop the carriage.
What... what's going on? Mia?
- She's stopped the parade. - How rude.
(Elsie) Uh-oh. What's the princess going to do now?
She's walking towards the children's shelter.
- Hello, everybody. - (all) Hello, Princess.
Hello. What's your name?
And what are your names?
- John. - Blake.
Did I see you messing with Carolina?
They were tugging on my braid.
Excuse me. These children are?
Most of them are orphans. We care for as many as possible.
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