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Royal Engagement CD2

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Kissing children. Hugging orphans.
What a vulgar, low, despicable, political trick.
Would you like to be a princess today?
I can't, I'm too little. Too piiccola.
Oh, no. Because I declare that anyone can be a princess today.
Well, why don't we get you a tiara,
and you can wave, and march in the parade?
In fact, why don't you all take tiaras?
All? Give them all free tiaras?
- I'll take care of it later. - Thank you.
- (giirl) Yo quiiero una verde. - (giirl #2) I want a silver one.
You won't be able to wave with your thumb in your mouth.
- I can wave with this hand. - Very good.
- (giirl) I want the purple one. - (boy) I want a crown.
- (boy #2) Can we be in the parade? - Of course, of course.
We could always use more princes in the world.
OK, so...
To be a princess, you have to believe that you are a princess.
You've got to walk the way you think a princess would walk.
So think tall, you gotta smile, and wave, and just have fun.
- So are you ready? - Yes.
Ah, she's letting the children join her. How charming.
Not for everyone.
Drumroll, please.
(shouts) Give the princess a drumroll.
(Kelly) Forward...
(# "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson)
Just remember, you are a princess.
# I'll spread my wiings and I'll learn how to fly
# I'll do what iit takes 'tiil I touch the sky
# And I'll make a wiish
# Take a chance, make a change
# And break away
There you go.
- Everybody having fun? - (all) Yeah.
# But I won't forget all the ones that I love
# I'll take a riisk
# Take a chance, make a change
# And break away
This has been Elsie Kentworthy and former Miss Genovia, Hildegaard Huffman,
at the best lndependence Day parade Genovia's seen in years.
Thanks to Princess Mia's special surprise.
May the rest of your day be sunny-side up.
(Miia) And so, gentlemen, the children from the shelter
will be housed at the winter castle in the mountains of Libbet.
The use of the castle as a resort
is sort of a perk for parliament members and dignitaries.
- Exactly. - Oh.
Well, I'm going to de-perk it, and convert it into a children's shelter
until money can be raised for one of their own.
I feel guilty having two homes while they have none.
(whiispers) We're going to have to do something. Where are we gonna ski?
Lord Crawley, how is your brother doing?
- I don't speak to my brother. - Oh.
Well, I've hired him to be the architect on the project.
- Mr. Crawley. - Your Highness.
- Jerry. - Dean.
Well, I look forward to getting your notes on these plans.
But no one else's.
- Oh, I'll give you notes, because I'm part... - Oh, no, you won't. I'm an architect.
- I am part of this parliament. - Oh, you just go skiing...
- So what if I go skiing? -...and you like to be an outdoorsman.
- Oh, and you're a couch potato. - Outdoorsman.
- You're a couch potato. - Outdoorsman.
- Couch potato. Couch potato. - Outdoorsman. Outdoorsman.
- Couch... - (knockiing)
The queen approves of the plan, and I intend to see it through.
Now, gentlemen, I don't think it'll take too long to raise the money. Do you?
We're setting up the ramp in the ballroom.
- Hello. - Hello.
My hello's insignificant.
Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, come with me.
- Are you crashing my bridal shower? - Sadly, no.
I wanted to tell you that I was very impressed by what you did at the parade.
Thank you.
I'm having a slumber party.
Congratulations on the children's center.
- Thank you. Thank you. - That's wonderful.
- She needs to get ready for the party. - She's busy.
Lenny, Squiggy, zip it.
Lilly? The princesses are arriving.
- Well, I should go and read my book. - I should go and get changed. Yeah.
- That's it. - Bye.
Hello, hello. Elsie Kentworthy here.
Weeks before her wedding, Princess Mia, in a stroke of skilled diplomacy,
has invited royal princesses from all over the world
to her bridal shower slumber party.
Hello, Princess Lorraine.
- Oh, braces. - Yeah. I'm getting two diamonds put in.
That must make it more comfortable.
Hi, Charlotte.
Princess Aimee of Mallorca.
- Is this my party? - No, this is Princess Mia's party.
(giiggliing and laughiing)
(Miia) So I want thank you all very much for my fabulous bridal shower presents.
And now, I have a present for you.
It's time for mattress surfing!
(# "Let's Bounce" by Chriisty Carlson Romano)
# Tiime to get the party started
# Everybody's ready to
# So let's bounce
# And iit's somethiing new
# Let's bounce
# 'Cause we all want to
# Let's bounce
# Gonna have some fun
# Everybody, everyone
# Everybody, everyone
# Let's bounce
# Get the party on
# Let's bounce
# From dusk 'tiil dawn
# Let's shout
# Gonna all go there
# Everybody, everywhere
# You know we gotta make iit bounce
# I'm ready, baby
# Let's bounce
# Let's bounce
(musiic stops)
Princess Aimee has to go potty.
(# "I Always Get What I Want" by Avriil Laviigne)
# Everythiing that I got
# So get me what I want
# 'Cause I'm a biig shot
I think I'll just have some milk and cookies in my room, Olivia.
- Yes, Your Majesty. - Perhaps some earplugs.
- Quite a party, darling. - Yeah. We're just having a little bit of fun.
Oh, Rupert and the boys used to love doing that.
King Rupert. May he rest in peace.
I did it too, you know. But a little differently.
- I thought you never slide. - I don't.
But I've done a lot of flying in my time.
(# "Trouble" by Piink)
Is she really going to do this?
May l?
# I've been working at the palace
# Just to pass the time away
# Can't you hear the bells a-ringing?
# Rise up so early in the morn
# Can't you hear the bells a-shouting?
# Maids, go do your chores
And now, to end our little show,
if we all give her a shout-out,
Her Majesty may sing us a song.
Thank you, no.
Queens rarely do karaoke.
Grandma, come on. The song you sang at my 1 8th-birthday party.
- Remember that? They loved it. - Dear, we had music then.
Mia had a CD made, so you can sing along.
Clarisse, Clarisse,
Clarisse, Clarisse, Clarisse...
Some girls are fair, some are jolly and fit.
Some have a well-bred air, or a well-honed wit.
# Each one's a jewel, with a singular shine
# A work of art with its own rare design
# Dear little girl, you are terribly blessed
# But it's your heart of gold I love the best
# And that will be your crowning glory
# Your whole life through
# lt'll always be your crowning glory
# The most glorious part
- # Of you - (# r&b beat)
What did you do?
Well, I might have tweaked it a little bit on my computer.
But I don't know how to do this sort of thing.
Asana, now.
Grandma, just follow Asana and sing.
- # Some boys can walk - # Some guys can groove
- # Strike an elegant pose - # Wear the really hip clothes
# Some seem to have no faults
- # But we never like those - # No, we don't
- # They'll praise your eyes - # Your melodious laugh
# Call you more lovely than others by half
- # The one who's right - # My gorgeous prince
- # Will be honest and true - # He'll believe in me too
# And prize your heart of gold the way I do
# He'll know that that will be your crowning glory
# Your whole life through
# Your love will see that it's your crowning glory
# The most glorious part
# Of you
- # And you - # And you
# And you
Go on.
# That will be your crowning glory
# Darling, when they tell your story
# They'll call your heart of gold your crowning glory
# The most glorious part
# Of you
(Mabrey) Gretchen, hot water.
- What are you saying? - Well, she's smart.
And she really cares about Genovia.
Well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she ran the country.
Are you mad?
She believes in Genovia so much that she's convinced herself
to marry someone that she knows she can never love.
I can't believe that I am hearing this. You want her to rule?
After all the effort that we have put in, to end up with nothing?
It wouldn't be nothing. Genovia would be in good hands, and she would be happy.
You've fallen in love with her.
No, Uncle, all that I'm asking...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you listen.
What do you think will happen? That she will leave Andrew and marry you?
I put in the effort to make you a king,
not to have you marry a queen. I will not have it, sir.
Don't worry, Uncle. That will never happen. Mia doesn't care for me that way.
Oh, but you care for her.
Uncle, I just want us to stop trying to sabotage her. That's all.
All right. If that's what you really want.
I just want your happiness, my boy.
Go to her.
Congratulate her.
And tell her that we surrender.
Thank you, Uncle.
Elsie Kentworthy, please.
That's enough flaming ones for now.
Are you sure I didn't burn you?
- (Liilly) Of course you did. Look at his coat. - No, no, it's very minor.
You just sort of seared the sleeve. Look.
(Miia) Sorry.
(Niicholas whiistliing Rachmaniinoff)
- Lilly? - Yes?
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Uh-huh.
Look over there.
Should I shoo him? Should I shoo him? Just tell me who I should shoo and I'll shoo.
I just want to talk to Nicholas for a second.
- Backing off, please. Andrew? - Yes?
Why don't you go introduce Lilly to your parents?
You know, just tell them I'll be up for brunch in a second.
(Liilly) Yeah, I'd love to meet Susan and Arnold.
We can have those tasty finger sandwiches together.
Would you like some help?
He's not the one she's marrying, is he?
Would you please try to keep up, Brigitta? He's trying to steal the crown.
- Ready? - Mm-hm.
- Take your stance. - OK.
Elbow down. Just a bit.
Use your mouth as an anchor.
- Excuse me? - Touch your mouth.
Relax this hand.
And breathe in.
How did that feel?
Turn around. We should give them some privacy.
I have to go. I really only came back to pack my things.
You're leaving?
I think it's time I bowed out gracefully.
Don't you?
- Bye. - Goodbye.
Could I see you one more time before I go?
Nicholas, I'm watched like a hawk.
Princess, Princess.
I'll find a way.
Um, nothing. I'm just supposed to watch you.
(crashiing and clatteriing)
With only two and a half days left, Olivia, I'm beginning to feel rather frantic.
Would you take Maurice out for me, please?
I have to check the orchestra selections.
And they asked you to approve a place setting for the reception, Your Majesty.
Very well.
(woman's voiice) Our selectiions for danciing at the royal receptiion.
(# waltz musiic)
Have you been thinking about us?
Yes, I have.
I see.
If you'll excuse me.
No, Joseph. You had to know what I was going to say.
Mia needs me now more than ever before.
It's the monarchy. I mean, as queen it's my responsibility.
You know how it is.
You were never just my queen, Clarisse.
You were the someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
But, if you prefer that I see you first and foremost as my queen...
- I shall oblige. - No, Joseph...
Your Majesty.
(musiic stops)
Your bed is turned down, Your Highness.
If you don't need anything else, Princess, we're going to supper.
Oh. Well, enjoy yourselves, ladies.
Ah-ah-ah. What did we talk about?
No more curtsy.
We're going to supper.
Thank you.
- Hi, Miss Lilly. - May we announce you?
I can announce myself. Lilly Moscovitz!
- Mia, look out your window. - Why? What's going on?
Just look out your window. Prince Charming is throwing pebbles.
Nicholas, what are you doing?
(clears throat)
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine.
Come out your window, climb down the vine.
The feat you ask, dear sir, isn't easy.
And I won't respond to that line, it's far too cheesy.
So what does he want?
He wants me to climb down the vine.
- Well, do you want to? - Yes.
- So go. - It's a recipe for disaster.
Mia, do something impulsive for once in your life. You're getting married.
Do you want a regular bachelorette party with 1 2 screaming girls,
or do you want a stroll in the moonlight with your almost-Prince Charming?
I always like a man in shades.
- Oh, Your Majesty. - No, no, ladies.
Come in, come in. I was just about to leave.
This really is more romantic in books.
My foot is stuck.
Oh, what was that?
# Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques
# Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Your Majesty, we never got to finish our routine at the slumber party.
And there's more dancing, too.
# Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques
- # Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? - (thud)
- And there's a big finish. - Yes, the big finale.
(grunts of paiin)
- I'm sorry. Did I hurt you again? - No, l... I'm used to it.
# Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines
# Ding, dang, dong
# Ding, dang, dong
What a pity we missed it at the party.
(Liilly) I'll cover for you. Go, Rapunzel, go.
- (Niicholas) Tell me your greatest desires. - Tell me a secret.
- lsn't that the same? - Almost.
But anyone can see your desires.
No one knows what's in your heart.
- Tell me something. - Um...
I love I Love Lucy reruns. And sometimes I dream in black and white.
I used to pretend I was sick when I had a test in school.
- We all did that. - OK.
Sometimes, I put chocolate milk on my cereal.
I am deathly afraid of jellyfish.
I haven't danced with you since your birthday.
That's a fact. It's not a secret.
The secret is, is that...
I still want to.
(# "Love Me Tender" by Norah Jones)
# Love me tender
# Love me sweet
# Never let me go
# You have made
# My liife complete
# And I love you so
# Love me tender
# Love me true
# All my dreams fulfiill
# For, my darliing
# I love you
# And I always wiill
Good morning.
- Good morning. - Hello.
- We stayed out all night. - Yes, we did.
We stayed out all night.
Is that...
- There's a man in that boat. - What?
Do you see that? There's somebody over there.
He's probably some fisherman, I suppose.
With a video camera?
- What? - You're really low.
No, Mia. I have no idea who that man is.
You know, it's really a shame he didn't get juicier stuff last night, you jerk.
Mia, I have nothing to do with this. I swear.
Mia, please. Come on. Will you listen to me?
- That is not my boat. - Hey, Nicholas? Have a nice life.
But that is my horse. Mia...
Mia? Hello?
Good morning, my love.
I know it's a little early, but I've been thinking.
Things have been so pressured lately.
I was wondering whether we should spend...
Good morning, Your Majesty.
- What... What are you doing here? - I just wanted...
- What's going on? - Princess, I think you should see this.
(Elsiie) And here's the royal exclusiive I promiised.
After generatiions of boriing royals who never miisbehaved,
Genoviia fiinally has a world-class scandal.
Proviing that we should have brought iin an Ameriican long ago.
Wiill Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Keniilworth,
stiill marry such a naughty, naughty priincess?
Or wiill Lord Niicholas Devereaux be the new kiing?
It's out of the fryiing pan and iinto the fiire for Priincess Miia.
Keep your eggs sunny-siide up.
I'd like to tell her what she can do with her eggs...
- Could we have a moment alone? - Yes.
I got played.
Well, the big question is:
do we still have a wedding?
- Andrew, I am so, so sorry. - Excuse me.
Andrew, please wait. I promise you nothing happened.
Yes, but Mia, you still went, didn't you? You went.
I don't think you understand. I'm an extremely eligible bachelor in England.
I really am. I've got plenty of friends, lots of lovely women friends, and...
I still think this marriage is a good idea.
(cow moos)
The queen would not approve of spying.
I really want to say yes, but no. There's just, there's no...
Me too.
- Really? - Really.
- I mean, it was pleasurable. - Very.
- Very pleasant, but, but, but no fireworks. - None.
What are we gonna do? Look, we will...
We will figure something out.
You chose me.
No privacy.
You chose me, and I accepted.
And a gentleman never backs out on his word.
We are going to...
We're going to stand up in church and say "l do," and tomorrow we'll be man and wife.
And you are going to make an amazing queen of Genovia.
Thank you.
I'm getting married today.
(Clariisse) She's getting married today, Maurice.
Your Highness, we're running very late.
Grandma says the queen is never late, everyone else is simply early.
Your Highness, a strange woman came in
and said that she wanted to hide in your closet.
So I let her.
Well, dear, that probably wasn't the wisest decision in the...
Now, this is what I call a closet.
- Mom. - Oh, my darling.
- Careful. We're squashing Trevor. - Hi.
Hi, Trevor.
He's sleeping. Shh.
He is the most beautiful baby brother.
We were joking. We knew it was your mother.
Your stepfather's here too.
Now, I'm your mother, it's your wedding day, I have to say something.
Being married is about being yourself, only with someone else.
Thanks, Mom.
- How are you feeling? You look beautiful. - I'm... Well, I'm...
- You look so calm. - I'm a little...
Paolo is back to turn a caterpillar into a butterfly.
- There she go, butterfly. - Paolo.
Coat off. I tell you, when I say "butterfly." the coat comes off.
- Priinciipessa Miia. - Paolo.
- You remember my mother, Helen. - Piiacere.
- The hairdresser. - And a new baby. Monella.
All ltalian men love baby - except Paolo.
You got to get out now, because we have to go to work.
Five years ago, Paolo take you from that to that.
T oday, he give you this.
A wedding look for the bride.
I look like a moose.
Yes, but a very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go...
I have antlers.
I look like a poodle.
That's just the way I feel. Here we go again.
Good. Sit up.
She kind of does look like a poodle.
I like it.
This time I'm so sure, I use my own pictures.
So. Un, deux, troiis.
(Mabrey) Gretchen? I can't find my gloves.
You go on. I think it would be better if I didn't go to the wedding.
My boy.
Don't give up so easily. Come to church. Sweep her off her feet.
In a week or two, she'll be yours.
The game is over, Uncle. She's going to marry Andrew.
Ah, you're so right. Ah, well.
This is a disaster in the making. Wouldn't miss a moment of it.
I'll try to catch the garter.
(shouts) The royal carriage approaches.
- What did he say, Artie? - The princess is coming.
Suki Sanchez here from the USA.
A long way from home, but happily following a story
that started in the streets of San Francisco,
and is about to have a happy ending here in the small, beautiful land of Genovia.
Prepare for the arrival of Princess Mia.
Psst. Sir.
I don't mean to talk out of school, but there's something you must know.
Your uncle called Elsie and set you up with that video.
Why doesn't that surprise me? I should have known.
He's up to something.
He was much too delighted that you aren't going to that wedding.
- I must get to that church. - Yes, yes, but how?
Everything on four wheels is already rented for the wedding.
- Doesn't matter, I'll run. - No, no. It's too far.
No, no. You'll take the bike.
The bike? Gretchen, what bike? We don't have a bike.
Your grandfather's bike.
- Buenas tardes, Tanya. - Buenas tardes, su Majestad.
Aquí le presento a mii tío, que nos viisiita de Rosariio.
- Oh, how do you do, señor? - I do better if you and I get married.
I'm sorry. My uncle learned his English watching the old Three Stooges movies.
Yes, well...
You're not going to believe this.
Lord Devereaux's riding up the road on a bicycle.
(Niicholas) Sir!
Sir, may I borrow your horse?
Oh, he needs my horse.
(Niicholas) My bike is yours.
How am I supposed to herd sheep with a bike?
Outspoken American activist Lilly Moscovitz, the maid of honor,
glides forward as a vision in pink.
I'm a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.
(all) Aww.
(Elsiie) And Duke Andrew's little nephew, Viscount Ludlow,
affectionately known as "James of the Cherub Cheeks."
comes down the aisle as the royal ring bearer.
- Hey, Joe. - Hm?
I just wanted to say, before I do this...
I'm sorry you're retiring.
- Who told you that? - The maids know everything.
Well, the heart does things for reasons that reason cannot understand.
You're preaching to the choir.
And you should know that Nicholas did not set you up at the lake.
- Are you sure? - The maids know everything.
We're ready when she is.
(organ musiic starts)
(audiience murmurs)
(musiic falters and halts)
- Is this part of the plan? - No.
(clears throat)
I'm going to need a minute or two.
Thank you, Your Highness.
(Elsiie) Now the bride is moving swiftly back up the aisle and out the door.
- Let me. - (Elsiie) Not the traditional route.
(woman) Princess Mia!
- Princess Mia! - Mia!
- Helen. - Honey, I'll be right back.
I gotta change Trevor's diaper.
Please, be seated. There'll just be a momentary interlude. Thank you.
- Do we rush after her? - No, we never rush. We hasten.
- You'll take care of this? - Yes, yes. Yes, just one moment.
(Clariisse) Out of my way.
Oh, my dear. Mia.
Oh, Grandma, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- l... I just need a minute. - No.
- I can do this. - No.
- I can't do this. - I know.
Darling, listen to me.
I made my choice.
Duty to my country over love.
It's what I've always done, it seems. It was drummed into me my whole life.
Now I've lost the only man I ever really loved.
- (radiio) Anyone got a 20 on Joseph? - I'm with the eagle and sparrow.
Mia, I want you to make your choices as a woman.
Don't make the same mistakes I did.
Make your own mistakes. There'll be plenty of them, believe me.
Now, you can go back into that church and get married, or you can walk away.
Whatever choice you make,
Iet it come from your heart.
- Excuse me. - She's back.
(Elsiie) The princess is reentering the church.
She's walking down the aisle.
More like cantering down the aisle.
(musiic speeds up)
Andrew, wait.
Everyone deserves the chance to find true love, right?
Including us?
Thank you.
For, for, uh...
saving me from doing the proper thing for once in my life.
Now all I have to do is tell Mummy.
I have to tell everyone else.
(both) Good luck.
A few moments ago, I realized the only reason I was getting married
was because of a law, and that didn't seem like a good enough reason.
I won't be getting married today.
Sit. Sit. There may be a dinner.
My grandmother has ruled without a man at her side for quite some time, and...
I think she rocks at it.
So as the granddaughter of Queen Clarisse and King Rupert...
(all) King Rupert. May he rest in peace.
I ask the members of parliament to think about your daughters,
your nieces, and sisters, and granddaughters,
and ask yourselves:
would you force them to do what you're trying to make me do?
I believe I will be a great queen.
I understand Genoviia to be a land that combiines the beauty of the past
wiith all the best hope of the future.
- Not now. - Shh.
I feel in my heart and soul that I can rule Genovia.
I... I love Genovia.
Do you think that I would be up here in a wedding dress if I didn't?
I stand here,
ready to take my place as your queen.
Without a husband.
(woman) Viiva Miia!
Every time...
Every time this charming young lady opens her mouth,
she demonstrates a contempt for the customs of Genovia.
The law clearly states an unmarried woman cannot be queen.
there is another heir.
No, there is not.
I decline. I refuse to be king.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Princess Mia who should have the crown.
She's bright, and she is caring.
But more importantly, she has a vision.
One that will take Genovia forward, and if the parliament were astute,
they would name her queen.
Listen to her. She'll lead us into the 21 st century.
And besides, just think how lovely she'll look on our postage stamp.
Lovely on a postage stamp?
You would look lovely on a postage stamp!
Don't you walk away from me, sir! You have a duty, sir, to Genovia.
He's, uh... he is very distressed.
Your duty, sir, to the country! To me, sir!
To Genovia! For your father! Nicholas!
- The door. - Shut the doors, quickly.
Nicholas. Nicholas!
Nicholas, I cannot have you giving all, all this up just for a girl.
- Now, look, we can still... - Enough, Uncle.
We're finished.
What is happening here?
Who's next in line for the throne? The Von Trokens?
We accept.
Sit down.
(coughs) Make a motion.
- Are you OK? Do you need a... - (coughs) Make a motion.
- Prime Minister? - Yes, Princess?
I move to abolish the marriage law,
as it applies to present and future queens of Genovia.
Will anyone second my motion?
Keep eye contact with them. Stare them down.
No, not, not... Soften. Soften.
I second the motion.
It's time we had a new tradition. I like change.
I may grow a mustache.
I think you'd look marvelous with a mustache.
You know, my father always favored a Van Dyke...
Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please.
All those in favor of abolishing the marriage rule, say, "Aye."
- Aye. - Aye.
- You're not in parliament. Sit down. - Someday.
(all) Aye.
The ayes have it.
Congratulations, Princess.
If I may say so myself,
you rule!
Your Majesty?
The princess would like a word.
Oh. Erm...
Just because I didn't get my fairy-tale ending,
doesn't mean you shouldn't.
Oh, uh...
- Did you hear that? - Not if you didn't want me to.
Oh, Charlotte.
Your Majesty.
Dear Joseph.
Am I too late...
to ask you to accept my hand in marriage?
(clears throat)
Well, I thought you'd never ask.
You're in charge now. Good luck with Lionel.
I'm going to a wedding.
(Mabrey) Open up, I say! The door is shut.
Let me iin.
Put me down. Put me down!
I know it was short notice, but you were all dressed.
My Lord Archbishop, I would like to take this man as my husband, if you please.
We have come together for a different wedding...
- What did I miss? - She's not getting married.
- She's not getting married? - No.
With this ring, I thee...
- Now the queen's getting married. - The queen's getting married?
Yeah, to Joe.
I pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
(man) The ceremonial shooting of the flaming arrow through the coronation ring.
(Elsiie) Good morniing. It's been almost a week siince the almost weddiing,
and busy workers are setting up for Genovia's grand day.
The coronatiion of a new queen.
Somewhere iin the palace, Priincess Miia 's gettiing ready for the ceremony
that will change her life forever.
So what do you say, Fat Louie?
Think I'll make a good queen?
Indeed you will.
If I may be so bold, I would like an audience with Your Highness.
What is your dilemma, young man?
You are, in fact.
I'm in love with the queen-to-be.
And I'm inquiring if she loves me too.
Do you have a chicken for my table?
No. No, my kitchen is out of chickens.
(Kelly) Company, atten... hurgh!
Forward march.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left...
Left, right, left.
Left, left...
Left, right, left.
Left, left...
Company, halt.
I heard you're going back to Berkeley to finish up graduate school.
You heard right.
May I call you in California?
I think I can hear you without a phone, but, uh...
Sparrow is taking off.
The eagle is flying for the last time.
- She looks beautiful. - They both do.
(man) Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Genovia,
according to the statutes in parliament agreed on,
and the respective laws and custom of the same?
Will you, in your power, cause law and justice and mercy
to be executed in all judgments?
(Miia) I solemnly promise so to do.
# Genovia
# The land I call my own
- # From the green clear summers - Present arms.
# From blossoming pear trees
# Magnificent her mountains and seas
# Genovia, Genovia
# You're noble, proud and brave
# Genovia
# Genovia
# Forever
# Will your banner
# Wave
(man) Presenting Her Majesty
Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi,
Queen of Genovia.
(# "Thiis Is My Tiime" by Raven)
# Thiis iis my tiime to shiine
# Thiis iis my place to fiind
# All that I have iinsiide
# I never knew
# Can dreams come true
(# "I Deciide" by Liindsey Lohan)
# I deciide how I liive
# I deciide who I love
# Choiice iis miine and no one
# Gets to make my miind up
# I deciide
# I deciide where I go
# Where I sleep, who I know
# I'm the one who 's runniing my liife
# I deciide
# I deciide how I liive
# I deciide who I love
# Choiice iis miine and no one
# Gets to make my miind up
# I deciide
# Don 't thiink that you can tell me what to thiink
# I'm the one who knows what's good for me
# And I'm statiing my iindependence
# Gonna take the road I'm gonna take
# And I'm gonna make my own miistakes
# It's my liife
# I deciide
# I deciide where I go
# Where I sleep, who I know
# I'm the one who 's runniing my liife
# I deciide
("The Meaniing " by Liilliix) # Say iit all, or not at all
# Don 't want to hear what you're really feeliing
# Forsakiing the meaniing
# Take away the words I say
# Realiistiic thoughts that I'm dreamiing
# Are you beliieviing?
# Tell me what I wanna do now
# How far do
# You see the soul?
# My truth iis spoken whether
# Or not you want to hear iit
# I'm sorry
# Don't worry, though
# Don't you ever say never
# Or turn away
# Say iit all, or not at all
# Don't want to hear what you're really feariing
# Forsakiing the meaniing
# Take away the words I say
# Realiistiic thoughts that I'm dreamiing
# Are you beliieviing?
# Don't stray too far
# The closer you are
# The further the paiin wiill fade away
# I don't really care where you are
# It'll be eiither here or far
# I wiill always feel iit
# Free to call my name
# Say iit all, or not at all
# It'll be eiither here or far
# Take away the words I say
# Free to call my name
# Say iit all, or not at all
# Don't want to hear what you're really feeliing
# Forsakiing the meaniing
(# "Because You Liive" by Jesse McCartney)
# Stariing out at the raiin wiith a heavy heart
# It's the end of the world iin my miind
# Then your voiice pulls me back liike a wake-up call
# I've been lookiing for the answer
# But now I know what I diidn't know
# Because you liive and breathe
# Because you make me beliieve iin myself
# When nobody else can help
# Because you liive, giirl
# My world
# Has twiice as many stars iin the sky
# Because you liive, there's a reason why
# I carry on when I lose the fiight
# I want to giive what you're giiviing me
# Always
# Because you liive and breathe
# Because you make me beliieve iin myself
# When nobody else can help
# Because you liive, giirl
# My world
# Has everythiing I need to surviive
# Because you liive
# I liive
# I liive
(Joe) And don 't forget, the next tiime you're planniing a famiily vacatiion,
consiider viisiitiing Genoviia.
A country of majestiic mountaiins and sunbaked beaches,
fiilled wiith friiendly, peppy people.
Come see us. Genoviia awaiits you.
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