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Subtitles for Royal Tramp 2 (Stephen Chow).

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Royal Tramp 2 (Stephen Chow)

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Founder of Divine Dragon! You're the best!
Founder of Divine Dragon! You're the best!
Dragon! Why did your mission
to enter the Ching Palace fail.
Ajerk called Wei-Shou-Bou.
Spoiled my mission.
Is his Kung fu extraordinary?
He knows almost nothing about it!
Is he very good at using poison?
Is he a lady-killer and who bewitched you?
It's really funny! He looks like a hog and is as crooked as a dog.
He's absolutely a nerd.
So why did you lose?
I'm willing to accept any punishment from you.
It's fate! Wei-Shou-Bou could be your unbeatable rival.
You have to be more careful if you meet him again.
Yes, sir!
I know I'm old, just like a candle which burns to the end.
So I want you to succeed me!
Long! Jump into the blood pool! Soak yourself in the water.
Then you can be ready to take my place.
The son of the Ping-Shi Ruler will call on the damned Emperor.
You've to protect him 24 hours a day.
We've been assisting the Ping-Shi Ruler, Wu-Sun-Gwei, for three generations.
Now you succeed me.
You must do your best to help him ascend the throne.
Now I'll go in the pool first; then you follow you.
You'll be able to get all of my Kung-fu power.
But remember!
Our Kung-fu is very special. Once you lose your virginity.
Eight tenth of your Kung-fu power will be transferred to that man.
Don't forget! Remember!
Founder of Divine Dragon! You're the best!
Wei-Shou-Bou! I'll go back again!
Girls come here to attend to your guests.
Stinky eggs...
Jerk! Jerk...
Stinky eggs... Bastard...
Son of a bitch...
Son of a bitch...
Stinky eggs...
Son of a bitch...
You lost, you son of a bitch.
How dare you say I'm a son of bitch!
You said my sister and I were given birth to by bitch?
You're fined 100,000.
Brother! Mr. Duo didn't mean to say that! Please forgive him.
I really didn't mean it.
You favor him so much! Do you have some special relationship?
Don't talk nonsense! How could that be possible?
We're innocent.
We're pure! Extremely pure!
I hate to see you. I want to take a pee.
Pretty Lady Bastard
Don't say a word.
Make no sound! ls that son of bitch, Wei-Shou-Bou, in the next room?
Yes! No... No! Yes!
Yes or no?
What's the feud between Wen and you?
The son of bitch helps the wicked perpetrate their evil deeds!
Everyone should kill him!
Thank heaven! I've suffered disgrace and insults for so many years.
Thanks god! I've been waiting so long!
Are you... My whole family was murdered by him.
I was forced to be his rabbit!
This traitor! Everybody has the right to kill him.
Kill him as soon as possible! I'll bring the fire crackers.
Wait a minute! Take us with you!
Of course! Let me pick up my sunglasses first.
This way, please!
Brother! We're innocent!
Duke Wei... You son of bitch! Keep quiet!
Son of bitch! Now I'm son of bitch then.
What? Do you want to deny it?
I really want to cut you into pieces! Peel your skin and bite your bones.
Wei-Shou-Bou! Don't say you don't know how you were killed.
I'm Li-Ko. My master is the one armed Divine Nun.
I'm not Wei-Shou-Bou.
Murder! Help... Hurry! Attack them!
Why are you so nervous? Calm down!
Fortunately, I have a large army.
Of course! You're so many enemies.
Wow! It's a girl! What a pretty girl she is!
What is it about! I understand! I understand!
Hold on! Stop!
You want to run away now? You'll be killed.
Take it easy! I was not sure that you're an Anti-Ching person.
Now I have to reveal
my real identity.
I'm the follower of Prey, the bird hunting hero!
The master of the East never fails, the West always fails.
West always fails.
Are you that West Always fails who fights forjustice?
Don't move! Otherwise I'll kill the two girls.
Give him the poisonous wine!
Poisonous wine?
That kettle!
What? You!
Don't drink!
Don't drink! He'll lose his nature after drinking that.
If no woman makes love to him in half an hour.
He will be turned into blood.
Drink! No! No!
I won't bother you!
I've drunk the wine. Release them now.
OK! Let's go!
Son of bitch!
What's wrong with you?
The poison! Save me!
I can survive only if there's a young woman willing to make love to me.
No way! No!
If we both do that to you...
Can we save your life then?
Thanks! But I can't. Get out of my way!
Thanks for sacrificing yourselfto save our lives! We'll never forget you!
After you die, we'll burn paper money for you.
Wow! Where's the righteousness? Do you want to see me die?
You can't fool anybody, Y.C with your devious ways!
Girls, you can't believe that!
You... Let's go!
Young man! You're too meddlesome! Beat him!
Let's go!
Don't chase him!
Are you all right?
I'm Wu-ln-Shon. My father is Wu-Sun-Gwei.
I'm Ah-Ko!
Sister! Master said Wu-Sun-Gwei is a traitor.
If we get invaded by his son, our master will blame us.
I know how to control it!
Thanks for your help! See you!
Let them go! You've already made big trouble.
That man was Wei-Shou-Bou!
Is he Wei-Shou-Bou?
Wow! Their Kung-fu is so great!
Ou-Bei's Kung-fu was very good, but still he was killed by me.
Go back and get some men
We want to call on Ta-Jen!
What's the matter?
Imperial decree: he wants Ta-Jen to call on him as soon as possible.
Where's His Majesty?
Darling! Why do you want us to come here in a hurry?
Darling was hit on the street today!
After calling on his Majesty, let's beat him!
Who has the guts to do that?
The man who can defeat me has to be a superman.
His fist is bigger than a kettle. His eyes are as big as bronze balls.
His tongue is as long as that of a cow! Two heads taller than me!
Hi! Don't go away!
You look so much alike! Get closer to each other, and take a look.
So much alike! As though from the same mould.
Is my tongue as long as that of a cow?
Wow! Really it's you: the sissy!
How dare you take my place! Kill him!
Don't give up! I'm asking for help!
Your majesty is coming here!
My majesty! Stand up please!
Wei! What's the matter?
That sissy with a black hat ran into the palace without permission.
He even tried to peep at the imperial concubine's body.
I tried to stop him, but was beaten by him.
Really? Yes!
Ta-Jen Wei! What's your position in the imperial court?
Pimp! No! I'm Da-Shei-Shi and Lu-Ding-Kong.
May I help you, mister?
Take a close look to see who I am!
You say he's the conspirator of that sissy.
Don't talk nonsense!
This is the son of Ping Shi Ruler, Wu-Sun-Gwei.
He wants to discuss national affairs with me!
Princess! You're famous for your dignity and courage!
This man is my best general!
Brother! You're extraordinary! So glad to see you!
What did you say about me?
I say your Kung-fu is extraordinary!
My admiration for you is like running water lasting forever!
Shou Bou! No more words! Order them to prepare the food.
Will it be ok? Sure! Go ahead!
Brother! Cheers!
Let's just forget about our little mistake!
Princess! With a superior like him.
I'm sure you'll win every fight.
Even if you want to rise up against the court, you'll win.
What did you say? Do you want to slander the prince!
Today is... I like today...
Your Majesty! Why don't we just have some fun?
Great idea. Do you have any ideas?
I want to bet with 100 taels that the general official.
Can smash my superiors within ten Kung-fu moves.
I can't guarantee it!
Guarantee what? OK! So I'll bet with 1 million taels that you can't win.
OK! A deal! OK!
Crown Prince! Don't lose me any face!
My majesty!
Stand up! Thanks! Your majesty!
Dragon! Now you can start!
One more!
Dragon! Don't lose face for the Ping Shi Ruler.
Bugger! Thanks for your money!
Will it be ok if I say it's the equivalent of your compensation for my wounds?
Please forgive my rudeness?
That's OK! Boxing is dangerous.
Thanks! Your majesty!
I want to declare one thing here.
I want my sister to marry Wu.
He'll be my imperial brother-in-law!
Thanks. Your Majesty!
This is the happiest news today!
Well I'll designate you to be my lmperial lnspector General.
Escort my sister to Un Nang!
Do you know why I want to bestow the marriage?
My majesty! I don't dare to guess in front of you.
After Ou Bei was killed, everyone people is loyal to me!
Except for some traitors, like Tien-Di Gang.
and the One Arm Divine Nun, who say's she's a Ming Princess,
dare to against me!
Those ballheads! Let them run their course.
I've been restless due to a big problem.
That Ping-Shi Ruler Wu Sun Gwei.
Why did His majesty want to be Wu's brother-in-law.
I keep getting information from my spy that,
He collects troops and horses, conspiring with Divine Dragon Gang!
It's also him who sent the fake empress dowager here.
It's obvious he wants to rise up against you!
That's why I arranged for you to be the lmperial lnspector General!
To kill him when I've got chance!
No! Don't kill him but eliminate all the trouble.
I hope you can use a conciliatory policy,
to calm him down! So he can't rise up recently!
When the time comes. I'll round everything up.
I see!
Now what I'm worried about,
is that my spoiled sister won't marry him!
Help me persuade her!
Your Royal Highness. It's Wei-Shou-Bou!
Stand up! Thanks Princess!
Fu! Lu! You may leave now.
Princess! You'll choke me to death!
You devil! Why don't you just die?
You don't have to see me!
But I still come here! Now it's not so bad!
Princess! Congratulations! I've some great news.
Duke Wei! Congratulations!
I've some great news for you, too.
You do? You say yours first!
Our majesty confirms on the marriage. Really?
She'll marry Wu-ln-Shon, the second son of Ping-Shi-Ruler.
I'll accompany her when she gets married.
No way! Shou Bou!
Because I'm carrying your baby!
Your words make me realize that!
I was frightened out of my wits, and lost my soul.
Then what should I do?
The charge is serious! Maybe I have to be decapitated.
Persuade my brother to change his decision, so I can marry you.
I'll not hit you on the 1st and 15th day of the month.
That generous? Yes!
But how can we change the decision of his majesty?
I don't care! Otherwise, I'll tell my brother that you raped me!
Why does it still sound logical for you to describe things in the opposite way?
Otherwise. I'll still marry Wu-ln-Shon.
Tell him this is your son.
But you have to see me every evening from now on!
How can that be possible? That's adultery.
I will be disgraced!
So do you want to be decapitated or disgraced?
Your majesty! We're at Ten-Mile-Forest!
Order the army to take a rest!
Brother-ln-Law! Let's take a rest here!
Yes! Your majesty!
Ta-Jen Wei! Come here!
Ta-Jen Wei! You look very handsome in the helmet.
My respect to you is like running water...
Running your mother!
With the turtle shell, I feel my head has got shot!
Are you a big watermelon?
Sit! Yes!
Hope you have a nice trip!
Cheers! Cheers...
Shiu Bou!
I feel bored! What's the matter!
Shou Bou! Disguise yourself as a turtle.
It's your wedding ceremony!
Disguised as a turtle! What ajoke!
It's for your own good! Don't run away!
Like a needle gap arrester. The thunder will split you first!
It's really thunder! I'm not a needle gap arrester.
Don't be afraid. The thunder will split me first.
Take this with you.
Really troublesome!
Stand up! Be more energetic!
Ta-Jen Wei! You look fantastic!
Thanks! When I'm here. No one dares to touch My Majesty!
Damned Your Majesty!
Be careful! Bodyguard!...
Cold lce Slapping!
Damned Your Majesty!
What are you doing!
Protect the emperor!
Cold lce Slapping!
Shou Bou! Are you OK?
I'm glad that I'm wearing an invulnerable underwear inside.
Your Majesty! Are you OK!
I'm OK! You protected me.
So I'll bestow on you a title "Protector"!
Bestow that title on me?
Protect Our Majesty!
Protect Our Majesty!
What's your name?
Wen Shau Lun!
Go back and eliminate all your family! Thanks. Your Majesty
Why are there so many people here?
Damn it! Whose shoes are they?
Hi! Don't hit my back!
Who is holding my penis then!
Shut up! We're all unable to act according to our own will!
Who's being so bossy?
You son of bitch!
It's me! Are you OK?
In this situation it's hard to decide who's better.
Why don't we use our Kung-fu to get them out of here!
I want to kill you.
My Majesty! I'll accompany you.
Please! Be accompany me, too! Thanks.
How long do I have to wait?
Don't exert yourself so hard!
Son of bitch! Don't run away!
I'm OK! I'll follow you no matter where you go!
Go and catch both of them.
Why don't you run after them!
Don't worry! I'll save your lmperial-Brother-in-Law right now.
Don't forget to save Duke Wei!
Everyone, listen to me now!
Stop the old nun and the Crown Prince!
What are you doing now?
Your sword is in front of my neck.
So of course I cowered.
Your rascal! Believe it or not I'll kill you!
Master! How was that?
It's hard to believe there's such a master of martial arts protecting Kang Hsi.
Is that because the Ching Dynasty is still fated to survive?
Sister! Do you want me to help you find a doctor?
Do you want to go? Master! Wei-Shou-Bou is such a sly person.
Maybe we should just kill him!
I just tried to help you!
No! He's the favourite person of Kang Hsi.
Now he's our protective shield!
No! No! No! Can't you
remember I saved you that day?
Ko! Did you see him before?
That day I went spying with Sister.
I was almost killed by Wei-Shou-Bou.
Fortunately, he saved me!
Why did I never hear you talk about that?
I think you still forget about one thing!
He's the son of Ping-Shi Ruler.
The master who hurt you is his superior.
Is he the son of Ping-Shi Ruler, the traitor?
Ko! Kill him!
No! Don't kill me!...
How dare you not listen to me?
Save me! Here I am!
Old nun! Release him!
You may come and take him back if you have guts.
The old man is hurt already! No need to be afraid.
You're lucky to be killed by my lnternal Thunder Palm!
I was too bold to help you with lnternal Thunder Plam.
Please forgive me by doing that!
What "Internal Thunder Plam"? That's a gun!
Why do you help me?
Why are you so nervous? I just attacked his sleeping point.
Now you can just say what you want!
Please forgive my rudeness.
Ching-Ming? Left for rebellion! Right foot for Ching-Ming?
Are you a member of Tien-Di gang?
Yes! I'm Chin-Mu-Tong leader of Tien-Di gang.
This is my badge of authority.
My master, Cheng-Ging-Nang sent me to spy in the Palace.
I'm so lucky to have the chance to see you!
Master! Don't believe him! He's very sly.
Is that right?
How's the General Leader, Cheng?
Thanks for your concern!
My master can eat, sleep, and usually only talks about you!
He said in the whole world his Wu-Kung is second best.
You're the No.1. Super No.1!
I don't deserve the praise!
I hope you could be my master, too.
I'm wondering if I could have that chance!
Mr. Wei! Stand up, please!
If you don't promise me that, I'll never stand up!
OK! Thanks!
Sister! I know you still kind of misunderstand me.
I believe that you'll understand me soon!
Mr. Wei! So for now you're just my disciple in name!
If General Leader Cheng agrees, I'll teach you my Wu Kung!
Thanks Sister! No! Thanks master!
We should leave this place quickly.
There's the other sister waiting for us at the lnn.
Master. May I ask you a question? ls One Arm Knife King your father?
There's an lnn!
Yes. You're right!
Ta-Jen Duo! Why do you keeping looking at that man?
That's a woman!
How do you know?
Because when men see me, they always vomit!
But he didn't. So I think "he" must be a "she".
You're so smart! My respect to you,
is as the running water lasting forever.
Damn it! Don't copy my words!
Master! Here!
Sister! Are you looking for me?
Get out of here!
Ah-Nong. Master got hurt. Take here into the room for treatment.
Ah-Ko! Watch him!
Shou Bou! Take a look around us. See if anyone is following us!
Yes! Master! But this guy...
I stabbed his pressure points. He can't hear us!
Don't worry!
Sister! I want to confess to you. Actually l...
Get out of here!
Ta-Jen Wei!
Ta-Jen Wei! You're really a big man!
You really flatter a lot!
I really can't stand you!
We got here very quickly.
We knew there's only this lnn in the neighborhood.
That's how we could get here so soon!
I don't need you help! That old nun can't defeat me!
The reason why I come here is because I want...
Your taste is unique! Even an old nun can interest you!
We really admire you!
Shut up! I want her disciple Ah Ko.
Did you bring my luggage!
Sure! Even your helmet is with us!
What a smart boy you are!
How dare you steal my show!
Marvelous! Ta-Jen!
You're so attractive!
Just as running water lasting forever!
My admiration to you...
Don't keep looking at my penis. OK?
Ta-Jen! I've got something interesting for you!
Don't waste our youth fruitlessly!
Erotic grandma and father-in-law!
Erotic balloon-guitar, Trumpet!
Ta-Jen! These three things are,
the worst things in the world!
Took a look at me, boy!
Wow! What's that?
It's "I love one match stick".
It's second only to "Love match stick on".
Forget touching, even smelling for a while will kill you!
Really! Try!
What will happen after I smell it?
Think about the name! After you smell it.
You'll have special sexual desire,
for sticks or bars.
You'll keep running after them for kisses.
No matter how hard you try to go against him or humiliate him.
Or hit him!
He'll still go on forever!
Ta-Jen! ls there anyway we can help?
Simple! I just have to spray medicine on it,
then it'll be OK!
Ta-Jen Wei! I think Miss Ah-Ko.
Won't be able to get away from you!
Ah-Ko. Why don't you let me go?
No! My master will scold me for that!
Why don't you go with me?
How dare you say this?
I'm telling you my true feeling.
The day when I first saw you.
I just fell in love with you.
But I just have no chance to confess to you.
So why did you marry the princess?
That's my father's conspiracy!
After overthrowing the Ching Empire, he'll be the emperor.
I'll be the prince! My wife the princess!
Maybe she'll be the queen very soon!
Why do you have to tell me this?
Don't you understand my love to you?
You're the only woman in my heart!
Only you are qualified to be my wife!
Sister! Did the son of bitch play any tricks on you?
He won't succeed!
Yes! You're right!
Two words are written here...
disgusting! Did you do this?
You'd better pray for yourself!
Sister! Tell me what that means! Because I can't read!
"Don't move"! I wrote it to him.
Sister! I'm afraid you're tired, too!
Come here! Take a seat first!
Thank you.
Master! You... Why?
Are you OK?
I'm fine! I just cured my internal injuries by myself!
No!... Are you really OK?
Shut up! Go out now!
We've something to talk about!
Don't go now!
Master! What do you want?
Can you really make sure no one was following us?
I'm sure!
Now you may leave here! Okay.
What's wrong?
The divine nun got shot by "I love a match stick".
I'm a girl. Who does she chase me?
Because you look like a stick!
Let's go away now!
Sister! lfyou go away, master will blame you for this!
Go with me! I will treat you well!
Old nun! Hand over Wei-Shou-Bou and the Crown Prince!
Get out or I'll rush in now!
Who are they?
Who are they? You go out first! Stop them!
Hu-Fa! Go away!
Let's get Wei-hou-Bou!
Why do they want me?
What do you want?
Ta-Jen Wei! Don't look at me that way.
My respect to you is like running water lasting forever.
Like the overflowing yellow river!
You have no spirit of justice and loyalty to friends.
No! Ta-Jen Wei!
For only one man to die alone is better than two men dying together.
I'll give you respect after you die.
Founder! Let's attack her! You are here!
Why do you dress up like a girl? Sissy!
How dare you! Why don't you kneel down!
You don't have to dress up as a girl!
Wei-Shou-Bou! I said I'll come back again!
Don't you remember me! Divine Dragon Gang-Divine Virgin.
Did you have an operation!
Actually I'm a woman!
Now you look better! Better than before, right?
Since we all know each other.
Why don't we just make everything clear. Then it'll be OK!
Duo Long! Let's go!
Master! You know each other. But I don't know you.
Founder! Let's go first!
Wow! You're really cruel!
Nothing special! Bye!
Where's the old nun and the Crown Prince?
Yes! Let's go for here! She's up there!
You go for her!
What a big one!
Shut up or I'll cut off your tongue.
The tongue is the thing I use to make a living. Do you want me to die?
If you want to go, I'll cut off your feet!
You want to hit Divine Nun and you want to cut off my body parts.
So who are you helping indeed?
What's between you and me is personal feud.
You spoiled my plan in the court and even tried to kill me.
It's the emperor who wanted to shoot you. Not me!
If you want to avenge yourself.
Go for the Emperor. None of my business!
Come here!
I'm coming!
I shouldn't say that! Sorry! May I help you?
Help me up!
What are you doing?
Helping you up!
Nice smell!
You're even angry at my nice smell! Do you favor awful smell?
If you can help me go back to the Divine Dragon Gang.
Maybe I won't kill you.
Thanks! Come on!
I know! Wu-Sun-Gwei's getting involved with you.
The Ping Shi Ruler helps our Gang a lot!
How do you know that?
None of your business! My master told me that.
How about if your master fooled you?
What do you mean?
I mean maybe she was cheating you!
Will you cheat your father?
Yes! But it depends on whether I can gain profit or not!
How about if you can get profit?
Then I'll fool him around!
Bitch! Sooner or later I'll fuck you!
What did you say? Hurry up!
Hi... Look! This is a brown pig!
That's a donkey!
A dog which can bark!
What are you doing!
Founder! Ping-Shi Leader's son and his ambassador.
Feng-Shi-Fan have been waiting for a while!
Let them in!
Founder! Thanks for your help at the inn.
Its due to you that I escaped alive.
Are you saying that I can't beat the old nun?
Don't be so serious! My father is going to rise an army.
He appreciates that Divine Dragon Gang helps us,
to train people and contributes to us lot.
So he wants us to give this wine to you.
And name you "Hu-Kwo-Shen-Neu".
Give the wine!
I was getting involved with something important; I can't go there.
I do appreciate your help! Cheers!
Something's wrong.
You can really hold your wine.
I've heard that your Divine Dragon Virgin Kung Fu,
has lasted from generation to generation. It's vulnerable to all kinds of poison.
I wonder if it's true or not!
Don't mention that Virgin Wu-Kung. It's nothing.
I also want to know if this Wu Kung can defeat,
the strongest poison, Chi-ln-Ho-Hwang-Sun.
Feng-Shi-Fan. What do you mean by that?
Our leader is already unhappy about,
your Divine-Dragon gang's bullying behavior.
He ordered me to root out the gang.
Catch them!
Do you think you can make me surrender?
Before you came back, we already attacked and occupied Divine Dragon Gang base.
Now all the people are loyal to us.
Those who refused to surrender were all killed.
Dragon! I traveled everywhere just to find this,
"Chi-ln-Ho-Hwang-Sun" It will can defeat your Kung Fu.
I put it in the wine. Now do you feel hot?
You have to make love to a man before the day dawns.
Otherwise, your whole body will eject blood and then you'll die.
Maybe heaven can do you a favor!
Founder! We're here to help you!
Master! Your Wu-Kung is high enough.
So why don't you give me eight tenth of the Kung-Li.
Crown princess! You... Am I wrong?
Go! Please! Hurry up! Go away!
"Divine Dragon Shueh Dun Da Fa".
You look OK! Do you want to buy us a snack?
What happened? You!...
I used my last natural strength to pass my power,
Now the strength is bumping around in my heart.
Let me scrub your breast! Come here!
Don't touch me! Go away!
Who cares!
Big watermelon! You told me you will fool your father around.
To make a profit.
I am the only person you can trust!
Don't go!
I don't like him! But his words make sense!
My gang was so loyal to the Ping Shi Ruler,
but they still eliminated all of my people.
Is this my fate to die here!
Come here!
What for? Ask me to go and come back again!
What do you want? Make it clear!
Come over here!
Does she want to kill time with me?
Am I blessed or what?
Spider monster!
Wei-Shou-Bou, perhaps this is God's will.
I won't forgive you if you treat me badly.
You've woken up. I haven't slept.
Bou, I'm your woman now.
I'll listen to you from now on.
Get my pants for me.
Good girl.
It's dawns!
Bou, come here.
I heard people say Wu Sun Gwei was a big hero.
Now I realize it's not true.
Now I realize you're so beautiful!
I'm hungry! I want to eat now!
What's wrong?
You have eight-tenth of my Kung Li. No one can beat you!
Do I really have the greatest Wu Kung?
Only a virgin can have the greatest Wu Kung?
Once she loser her virginity, her Kung Li will be,
transferred into the man's body. Now I only have two tenths of my Kung Li!
I don't believe it! Would you mind if I give you two fists?
I'm joking! I won't!
After we're been together, you become royal King of my Gang.
You have responsibility to avenge me!
Against whom?
Wu-Sun-Gwei and Feng-Shi-Fan!
Even if you didn't tell me, I'll still mess them around!
Ta-Jen Wei!
Why are you crying? Tell me now or I'll kill you.
Princess! Ta-Jen Wei is my only good friend.
Our brotherhood is just like the running water lasting forever!
That night... What happened that night?
I fought 100 people at the same time, but I couldn't even help him them.
That evil woman caught him. Then, caught his left hand by her
right one and his right foot, by her right hand.
She twisted his head.
Did he die then? Yes!
Your words just make me realize that!
I was frightened out of my wits and lost my soul!
Why is the princess so enthusiastic about singing suddenly?
You don't understand! Only Wei and I do.
Princess! It doesn't matter if you do or not!
Only if they're the hips of Ta-Jen Wei, I'll be so willing to wipe them.
Not necessary. Someone will do that definitely! Your may leave now!
Yes! Princess!
Ta-Jen Duo!
Forego formalities! Thanks!
Ta-Jen Duo, I'll have a party in my official residence tonight.
I hope Princess and Ta-Jen will grace our place with your presence.
Since Ta-Jen Wei suffered from such a misfortune
we've no appetite. So pay us in cash.
Yes, sir!
Besides. Ta-Jen Wei served his fatherland with unreserved loyalty.
We have to give him a glorious funeral ceremony.
With a gilded coffin, golden clothes, and a gold basin.
Yes! I'll ask the best gold smiths to make them.
Forget about it! Pay the cash!
Besides, he liked beautiful girls when he was alive.
Maybe he'll appear in my dream. I don't know "Who",
I can find to be his company. So select 10 beautiful girls to sleep with me.
Ta-Jen Duo is very considerate!
If Ta-Jen Wei knew this, he would feel touched.
Sure! I'm such a straight-forward and virtuous person,
it's really a dilemma for me to sleep with a dozen beauties.
What are you doing?
National humiliation makes my heart sorrowful!
The hatred is as deep as the sea! Unforgettable!
Fulfill my dream!...
Ta-Jen Wei! You didn't die? Thank Heaven!
I really saw my dream come true!
How could I give up my life having such a friend like you?
Yes! Yes!
Duo-Long! You are a good friend!
Ta-Jen Wei!... I suffered from insomnia and,
my eyes dripped until dawn after I tied you up that day.
I always remember two characters.
I even engraved them on my arms to remind myself.
That serious! Which 2 characters?
You may take a look yourself.
I didn't receive a lot of education! I'm wondering if I misspelled the word.
Seem's all right.
These are the characters that I keep thinking of day and night.
To "revenge" for you.
Wow! You're still bleeding!
Did you just engrave it?
No! I engraved it a long time ago.
But every time I get excited, itjust starts bleeding.
Since I see you now.
How can I not bleed?
So why do you carry a the knife with you?
Why do I have the knife? Who... who put it here?
Duo Long! You're my good brother.
You didn't forget I burned the paper money for you. I'll forgive you.
Thanks for your kindness.
Do you mind if I tell you one more secret?
Tell me a secret?
Actually, I am the man sent by the emperor to spy on the Tien-Di Gang.
The plan is to get close to Cheng-Ging-Nang.
According to my information. The organization is nationwide.
They even have a branch in Nathan Road.
So. I want you to do me a favor!
You run into the street, and say the password when you see a fat woman.
Then someone will take you into a branch of Tien-Di-Gang!
What's the password?
"Against Ching Dynasty to recover Ming Dynasty".
How can I say such a traitorous password?
In Rome do as the Romans do!
I'll engrave a special password on your back.
Anything else?
Sure? After you get there,
you'll see a man who dresses up like a Ching official.
That's Cheng-Ging-Nang.
You show him the password on your back. He'll give you one thing.
What's that?
A secret!
Shut up! I'm singing!
Princess! It's me!
Against Ching to recover Ming!
Against Ching to recover Ming!
Against Ching to recover Ming!
A branch of Tien-Di Gang! So brave?
Wow! Marvelous!
How come Wei-Shou-Bou is in Kun Ming now?
This man is very cunning. You can't underestimate him.
Father! Wei-Shou-Bou has humiliated me several times.
If I don't torture him to death, I can't feel satisfied.
Are you crazy! Now he's the lmperial lnspector General.
Killing him is the same as rebellion!
Besides it'll take us one month to get provisions and fodder ready!
How can we ruin our plan just because of a little personal grudge?
Yes! Crown Princess! After we invade the city,
it's just be little effort for us to mince Wei Shou Bou into pork buns.
You don't have to rush!
Moreover, you're the imperial son-in-law.
You should go to see the princess when you have free time.
And we'll pretend to arrange a wedding ceremony.
It will make that damned Kang Hsi think,
that we're still loyal to him! Do you understand?
Yes! I do.
There are agents from Kwang Tong. To discuss the war with me.
I don't want to have so many people here.
Evacuate all the soldiers into the back garden.
Just hang the sign here? What reckless behavior!
The door is open wide! No wonder why they can't beat us!
"Against the Ching Dynasty to recover the Ming Dynasty".
Who is talking nonsense?
"Against the Ching Dynasty to recover the Ming Dynasty"
Who have the guts to say that?
Who are you?
A perfect disguise! Just like an important Ching's official.
Are you a spy? Password!
What password?
"Against Ching to recover Ming Dynasty".
How dare you! Someone's coming!
Hi...We're with the same circle! I have the password! Look!
"Against Ching to recover Ming! Vow to kill Wu-Sun-Gwei".
Now you know who I am!
Go take a crap!
Son of bitch! I have the password!
Son of bitch! Someone's coming! We've an assassin!
How dare you hit me!
How dare you hit me! How dare you?...
We've an assassin
So you thought my kung-fu was bad?
Get me now.
Hit him for me.
Against Ching to recover Ming Dynasty?
Smash him until no one can recognize who he is!
Against Ching to recover Ming...
Wang Yeh!
The princess is coming accompanied by Ta-Jen Wei.
I'm sorry that I didn't welcome you earlier.
Stand up.
The princess will soon be Wang Yeh's daughter-in-law!
What's wrong with your eyes?
My eyes got hurt by accident.
Tell my son to come here!
Help! Help!
May I have your surname?
Ta-Jen! It's me! Duo Long!
Go take a crap! Duo Long isn't as handsome as you.
Confine the traitor to the stone room!
Yes. Ta-Jen Wei.
Of course!
We even bought stewed meat and had fun with whores.
Are you really Duo Long? Yes!
He ran into my Ping-Shi Palace.
And shouted "Against Ching to recover Ming".
He's a traitor!
Wait! He's really Duo Long!
Wang Yeh! Why did you hit the imperial official?
He's an official of imperial court? Yes! I am.
But even if you're an imperial official,
you still have to be decapitated.
But he has no reason to against the Ching Empire! He's a Manchu.
So he's going against his tribe! Yes...
Duo Long! Have you been wronged?
Yes! Ta-Jen! I'm wrong!
You're telling a lie! Take a look at his back!
Let me see!
Nothing! A spot! It's dirty!
You wiped it! I did see a tattoo!
"Against Ching to recover Ming". "Vow to kill Wu-Sun-Gwei!".
Wang Yeh! Are you accusing me of telling a lie, too?
Shou Bou. How can you be so rude to Wang Yeh!
Wang Yeh! Let me be the judge!
It's my pleasure!
I say it's you fault!
Duo Long is the lmperial lnspector General!
He is responsible to protect me on the journey with the,
Shan Fong Sword. Now he's going to teach you a lesson,
with this Shan Fong Sword bestowed by the emperor.
I can't help you, either,
Which son of bitch hit me?
Don't be so rushed...
You hit me.
Duo Long!
You just decapitated the man who insulted you!
Its you Don't act foolishly!...
I am going to kill you.
Tablet of death amnesty is here!
Even if you have the sword. You can't kill me!
Dad! Don't you remember the tablet?
Tablet of death amnesty...
Tablet of death amnesty?
Oh! I almost forget about that tablet bestowed by the late emperor.
Now you can't threat me!
Can't l?
Of course you can't kill a man with that tablet!
But those who don't have the tablet...
Father! Would you lend it to me for a while?
Give it to me!
You run fast, so you go first. I can't.
No! You're the Ping-Shi Ruler! He doesn't dare to kill you.
No! I must take the tablet with me at the same time.
No! No!
Mine! Return it to me!
Stop! Who should I chop first?
Give it to me...
You don't have the tablet! You did enjoy beating me a lot!
Give it back to me!
Give me that!
Give it to me... To me...
Where is it? Where?
It's here!
Hi! I have it!
Son! What's wrong with you?
Husband! What's wrong? Yes!
Take him to rest. Yes!
Let me see what happened to the lmperial Son-in-law.
It's OK now! You may leave now! Yes!
Husband! Are you ok?
It's painful!
Painful! so why don't you just let me take a look at you?
It's embarrassing.
Don't be silly! We'll be a couple! Why do you still say that?
Don't act recklessly! I've the tablet!
Don't rush!
Leader Duo! Men aren't perfect! We can't change the reality.
You just pay him some money? OK!
He's not seriously hurt, anyway! Well I'll pay 500 thousand taels to him.
What did you say?
Nothing! Go on!
Come on! OK! I'll pay!
Gilded Knife! Jade Stamp!
This... No! This is...
Wu-Sun-Gewi! It's your fate!
Against Ching to ascend the throne!
Gilded Knife and jade stamp can testify to that!
Wang Yeh! You...
It's none of my business! Someone blamed the crime on me!
I've never had the intention to go against the Ching Empire!
It's terrible! I'm so scared!
Son! Princess!
Son! What's wrong with you?
Princess! What did you do?
He... He wanted to rape me!
So I just used the knife to cut him!
Son! The princess will marry you sooner or later.
Why are you so rushed at this moment?
Now you make a mess like this. How can I make an excuse?
I'm scared!
Well done!
I learn from you!
Some one's coming!
Wang Yeh! What's the matter?
The princess is in shock! Send her back to Phoenix Villa.
Yes! I'm so scared!
Ta-Jen Wei! I'm sorry for all of these things.
Please forgive me!
So many things that aren't supposed to happen, happened today.
I couldn't know what to do if I were to go!
Princess! Let's go now.
I'm so scared...
Master! You son has fainted!
Tell Mr. Feng to come back now. Yes!
Tell all the army to be on the alert! Go! Yes!
Wang Yeh!
How's my son?
The crown princess is ok now! But his penis is seriously hurt.
I'm afraid he won't be able to have children!
Ridiculous! How dare Kang Shi.
Send his sister and Wei-Shou-Bou to cut off my family line.
I'll take revenge! Gather all the troops! I want to fight them now!
Don't be angry! We're not prepared yet.
If you open fire so recklessly, I don't think we can win.
Keep cool! After six months...
I'll say open the fire!
I'm the leader. Do you want to go against me?
No! I don't dare!
Tomorrow Surround the Phoenix Villa with troops and horses.
Torture the damned couple to death!
Falling flowers in the air. Moon light so bright!
A glass of wine on the Phoenix table.
So romantic!
My royal highness. Please drink!
You curry favors and flatter all the time! What's the matter?
Princess! Your suspicions are unnecessary.
I just want to introduce you to a girl.
So that's the style you favor! Don't touch me from now on!
Come on! She's a girl.
You're sister now. Be happy!
Don't even dream about that!
Who does she think she is? Does she want to take my husband away!
No way!
Of course not!
You only have one fourth of me!
I was already suspicious that you'd had love affairs with them.
It's common for a big man to have 3 or 4 wives.
So far I only have 3 wives and one concubine!
Shame on you!
Don't keep dreaming!
How dare they want to enjoy the same thing as me?
No way! Never!
They are my wives, and you're my concubine!
When they have a seat you must stand up.
When we sleep, you've to cover the quilts for us.
You're dreaming!
Didn't we have a deal that you can't smash my face?
Who cares!
It's really bad for a concubine to hit you.
Dear sisters! Give her a lesson!
Wait! How dare you?
Yeah! This is Wei's Child
Hit it! Please! Hurry!
Of course you can't hit my flesh and blood!
But you can just hit her breast!
Princess! Don't be afraid! I'm here to protect you.
They abuse me!
Duo Long! My fist is called "Divine Dragon Dismemberment"!
After you're attacked, your body will be dismembered.
If you want to try. Please hold on a moment!
I'll count to 3! Hit him!
Wow! When did you learn Kung-fu?
Do you still want to be a concubine?
Can I be a wife?
OK! You may call me big sister from now on!
They're the second and third sisters!
I'll give you a name Dai-Tsi!
Hope you can deliver a son for my husband!
"Dai Tsi" sounds awful!
So how about if I call you "Wu-Yu-Tsi"?
"Wu-Yu-Tsi"? It sounds better!
Do you eat dinner so early?
General Leader!
Master! Let me introduce you to the Dragon!
This is the leader of the Divine Dragon gang! Now she's my sweet heart!
You Know Da Swan and Shau Swan, right?
This is Wu-Yu-Tsi! Come in and take a seat!
I heart that Feng-Shi-Fan is serving Wu-Sun-Gwei.
The man has a very cunning nature. And his Wu Kung is better than mine.
I'm afraid you can't handle him.
I haven't seen him yet!
But I've followed your instruction,
to cause a great disturbance at Wu-Sun-Gwei's palace!
I'm sure he'll rise up against the Ching Empire soon.
I'm sure of it! He's been here tonight!
And he'll catch you at home and peel your skin!
He's stirring us up with these sensational statements! I'm not scared!
Duo Long! Prepare a fast horse for me. I'm leaving!
I think they'll rise up now.
Especially now, they'll have Princess to as a hostage.
What should we do?
Show Bou. Let's evacuate now! Get away from Kun-Ming.
Leader! I'll listen to your plan!
Shou Bou! Take care! At least you'd take care of one of your wives.
Don't worry! I'll take care of all of them! You go first!
Shou Bou! You'd better go with Dragon first. I'll follow you!
Shou Bou! You're smart and can adapt yourself quickly.
If you don't desire honor and wealth,
I'm sure you'll overthrow the Ching emperor and recover our fatherland!
Yes! Master!
But I really have a question.
Go on!
After Kang Hsi ascended the throne, it's been very prosperous and peaceful.
Especially after the death of Ou-Bei.
All the people lead a good life.
Why do you still want to over throw him.
Because it's my dream.
I see!
But if you want to overthrow him
just to fulfil your dream.
Don't you feel it's kind of...
This is not the time for an argument.
You stubborn old man! Even your disciple won't submit willingly.
Feng Shi Fan! Get back!
Brother! Long time no see! I'm surprised you're now a lackey.
Being a lackey of the rich is better than being a poor man!
Can't you understand this?
You're shameless!
"The Grand Transposition"
Where's your Kung Li gone? Who did you give it to?
Young boy! How dare you hit her? I'm here!
Do you want to kill me with that circle?
Wow! Do you have more?
I don't want to play any more!
Wow! ls that great?
How come?
You've very strong natural strength! But it's so wild that, I can't control.
So she gave her Kung Li to you!
So what?
Shou Bou! Dragon's hurt! Take her away!
Master! Can you handle it by yourself?
If even you can make it. Why can't l?
Yeah! Go!
Sword Style!
"The Grand Transposition"
Brother! You used to make disparaging comments to our master.
That's why I was driven out by him. Now it's your turn for retribution.
The master asked me to do it.
I'm so sorry I didn't kill you at that time.
So now you can just blame me for your foolishness.
Brother! I'm surprised you lost today!
Shut up! lfyou want to kill me, do it now!
I'm reluctant to kill you! With your help,
I can get fame and property!
Dragon! Are you OK.
Are you all right.
I'm fine!
Shou-Bou! I didn't hurt you seriously! Why are you so sad?
I have many passions! It's my shortcoming.
Shou-Bou! Don't be silly!
Actually! You've many merits!
I have only one "Iongcoming".
Please! Would you please notice me first next time when you appear?
Didn't you hear the sound "fit"?
Mr. Wei! She...
She's my wife.
Does she surrender to you, too?
Hard to say! You monks won't understand this!
We common people can never understand you!
How did you catch them?
Wu-Sun-Gwei was too busy arranging the troops.
Then, the traitor, Ah Ko went in Ping-Shi Palace.
So I just got her back.
Also! I found the book, 42 Chapters Script!
42 Chapters Script!
You have the book with you?
This book is very important to our Reconstruction Plan.
Mr. Wei! Where are they?
How should we deal with both of them?
Everyone has the right to kill them!
But if he's willing to redeem sin by good deeds.
I'll consider giving them the chance!
You... Thanks!
Die first! It's you! Kill him!
No! Forgive me, please!
We decide to die together!
You decide it! I didn't!
Ta-Jen Wei! Please forgive me.
I'll like to be a slave for all my life!
Why are you so afraid of him?
You said will never separate!
I was joking! Are you serious?
How can you say this to me?
Now I'm a eunuch. Why do you still want me?
Don't get me involved!
Why are you crying? Please...
Get away! Son of bitch!
Wow! How could you say things like that?
I've been good enough to you. What do you want?
He treats you like this, but you treat him like that.
What the hell do you want?
Shou Bou. What are you talking about?
Nothing? Why don't you come home?
I serve my wives in the morning they serve me at night.
You're lucky that Wei gave shelter to you.
Otherwise, I'd just kill you.
You should thank Mr. Wei!
Yeah! Thanks Mr. Wei!
Thanks for not killing me!
A good lesson! You too!
Although I hit you. I feel pain in my heart.
Another girl sacrificed!
Come on! We're just making a living!
Happiness lies in giving help to others.
Your Majesty!
Stand up! Come on over here!
I care so much about your Majesty! How's everything going?
Fine! Do you want to tell me anything?
Sure! The Ping Shi Ruler wants to rise up against the Ching Empire.
I think Your Majesty should just punish him right away!
Kill him before he gets everything ready.
I already opened fire two days ago!
Your Majesty is so intelligent and able to predict the future! I do admire you!
You must feel strange Why can I predict the future?
I want to introduce a new colleague to you.
You've to cooperate together and assist me.
Who's that?
You son of bitch!
Shou Bou! Don't be so impolite!
Your majesty! Duke Wei is a man who doesn't bother with small matters.
It's natural for him to say vulgar words.
Duke Wei! Now we're both loyal to Our Majesty.
Please forgive me for what I've done to you!
What did you do to my master?
Look at my clothes. Can't you see?
Did you take him to Your Majesty?
Feng Shi Fan has already turn in Wu's map of the troops to me.
Also, he caught the head of the Tien-Di Gang. Cheng Ging Nang.
So you have to be friendly to each other from now on!
Yes! OK!
Shou Bou! That fake queen dowager slandered you saying you're a traitor.
I feel very sorry for that.
I don't want you to be under the suspicion.
So I decided to send you to be the supervisor of Chen's execution!
Then people won't guess that you've any relationship with Cheng!
How do you feel about it?
I appreciate your kindness!
After darling got back from the Palace.
He looked very depressed! I wonder what's wrong with him!
Even you don't know. How can l?
Hi! He favors you so much. Do you have any idea?
He never told me anything. How would I know?
My brother has been taking baths by me from his childhood.
I know everything about him.
So he can never hide any secret!
So what happened?
I don't know!
I used to do every thing with the help of divine power.
But I have no confidence at all today!
Because the emperor was on your side before!
Now he helps Feng-Shi-Fong.
So how can you be confident at all?
42 chapters script.
I've been reading the book thousand of times.
Burn it for me!
Darling! Why do you want to do that?
I'm going crazy!
The princess is coming!
Your Royal Highness!
Your Royal Highness! Stand up!
Stand up! You may go now! Yes!
Big sister! The Second, third,
and fourth sister!
Wu-Yu-Tsi is paying respect to you! Ok.
What's the matter with you? Wu-Yu-Tsi!
My brother ordered the highest general to watch you.
If they feel anything wrong, they'll surround us.
Take care!
It must be Feng-Shi-Fan!
Why did he keep burning for such a long time?
I can see some words!
East...Read the word!
East Never fails! He's coming back!
The Mausoleum in the East Suburb!
This part is fireproof.
Can we find the secret there?
I've a plan!
Your Majesty!
I wonder why Your Majesty wanted me to be here so late!
I've caught some today, but I want to go hunting tomorrow.
Would you like to go with me?
Sure! It's my pleasure.
OK! Give Feng clothes and the Shan-Fong sword!
Feng! Don't forget!
The sword can't leave the scabbard. Once it's out of the scabbard,
you have to see blood!
I know!
OK! See you tomorrow!
I'm leaving!
Master! I'm useless, so you're tortured me so harshly.
None of your business! It's my own fault!
I want to say good bye to you. I played a trick on him.
Tomorrow I will avenge you at the hunting ground!
Your Wu Kung can't rival Feng-Shi-Fan's.
Now I have eight-tenth of Dragon's Kung Fu. Besides...
You can't control Dragon's natural strength!
Feng has Liou Ho Boy to help him.
His Wu Kung is matchless.
I still want to try!
Shou-Bou! Come over here!
Master! What do you want?
Why can't I see anyone here?
Feng She Fong! You were fooled!
Wei Shou Bou! Come out if you've got the guts.
Don't be a turtle!
I'm here already!
Wei! You inherited a woman's Kung Li.
Now you're neither a male nor a female.
Yes! I really favor you.
I'm making underwear for you.
You're really cruel!
So cruel that you don't even give the kids clothes!
Come here! I'll give you some clothes to wear!
Liou Ho Ba Styles!
Golden Snake Twisting Hand!
Liou Ho child eating so much!
Itjust fits!
I used to respect you.
But today I've got the Shan-Fong Sword. I'm afraid it's too late,
for you to feel regret.
I've no time to play with you. I want to see His Majesty.
Our Majesty is here!
Your Majesty!
I want to go hunting tomorrow!
I wonder if you'd like to go with me!
You were in the study last night?
Wei! We used not to interfere with each other's affairs.
But you just pushed me too hard! Don't blame me for this.
You son of bitch, traitor!
You harmed my master! I'll kill you!
Liou-Ho Divine Kung!
No! Sorry!
That's ok! I want to use the right Kung-fu.
Stay cool over there?
Liou Ho Divine Slapping!
Wei-Shou-Bou. How did manage such a huge improvement?
Are you scared?
Shou Bou. You're my only hope!
You've all my skills & Kung Fu.
From now on, you're the General Leader of Tien-Di-Gang.
You're crafty!
Sure. Otherwise, how can I kill you?
Wei! You expend all your mental effort to crush me.
But it's of no use.
Spirit moving!
Dragon claws!
Scratch you son of bitch!
Crab's Nippers!
Hi! Can't you feel pain?
Very relaxing! One more time!
Bone melting slapping!
I've got it! Game over!
Shou Bou! Needle & Thread.
Shou Bou! Cold lce Slapping!
I've got it!
I'm very good at playing this kind of trick. Can you beat me?
Shou Bou!
Hi! Shou Bou!
I didn't expect that I don't have to work hard.
The gold kept by Ching before now has been changed into gold sand!
They declared that the gold was still buried for away!
But it's here already!
This is an underground mausoleum.
Maybe the secret of the book is here!
This dragon wall was designed by a master.
It represents the geomancy of the Ching Empire.
Let's share this ourselves!
I agree! Didn't we work hard just for this?
We can only be rich if I have a little bit of that.
Don't hit! What a big watermelon!
Yes! You're right!
OK! Sure!
I knew you'd do this!
What did he step on?
A machine!
You're bleeding!
That's ok! His wound is more serious!
You don't have to stab yourself like this even though you're crazy!
He's stimulating himself in the way he stimulated the Liou-Ho child.
To produce all of his potential energy by covering his extra meridians.
Does that work?
Definitely! You must do your best to catch the slapping.
Shou Bou!...
Shou Bou, are you ok?
Dragon! Stick all your silver needles into my hair.
To produce all of my potential energy!
I don't know the way he really used them.
I know only one way.
To exert our potential energy!
What way?
I'll insert the needles into your painful points.
You must stop breathing. Don't make any sound!
You can only burst it out at the last minute.
Bite my sandals! Thanks!
The first needle! Goki Wo Point!
Bei Chei Point!
Da Chi Point!
Open your mouth!
I'm surprised it works so well!
Shou Bou! You win! Marvelous!
This fortune really kills people!
I wonder how many people died for this?
I decided to move it back home.
So it won't be harmful to the world.
Shou Bou! Smash the dragon wall.
Then the Ching Empire will go into demise.
Why do we have to go against the Ching Dynasty?
Now Kang Hsi is the ruler. Everyone can go to school and make money!
There's nothing wrong with that!
What we care about is that whether the ruler is qualified or not.
Is that right? Dragon!
OK! Now let's take Feng's body back to the execution ground.
Otherwise, we'll be late.
Why aren't they here yet?
We're coming!
Master! I'm so happy you're OK!
I know you're my good disciple!
Darling! It's late! Let's go now!
If the emperor found out we swapped the criminal, we'll have big trouble!
Your Majesty!
Put them away!
I'll talk to him!
Your Majesty!
How daring you are!
You killed my officer and took the criminal away! What a crime!
Duo Long! You...
Ta-Jen Wei! You got it! I betrayed you again!
You can never change your bad nature!
Your Majesty! To tell you the truth,
My Wu Kung is the greatest in the world.
I don't think any of you can stop me from doing anything!
Yes! lncluding talking your head away!
But I really can't figure out any good excuse,
to kill a good emperor like you.
Please be kind enough to let us go!
Spare our lives! OK?
Stand up! Thanks! Your Majesty!
Your Majesty! Here you come again!
I've heard that your Wu Kung is the greatest.
I want to prove it! When I caught it.
I really felt it was as hard as a stick.
The traitor, Wei-Shou-Bou, has been scratched to death by me.
His body was disposed of in the wild forest! All his companions have gone way!
There's no Wei-Shou-Bou in the world.
Treat my sister and my nephew well.
Thanks for you "scratching"!
Don't let anyone abuse them!
I know!
We're always good friends.
Take care! Bye!
Ta-Jen Wei! Good Bye!
I just fooled Your Majesty around so easily!
Wives! Let's run away!
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