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Rumble in the Bronx CD1

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Then let's use it.
Nephew, listen, the more you speak English, the better you get.
After all, you're in the USA now.
Thanks for staying an extra week.
Of course. You're my uncle.
Wow, this place looks wonderful.
Of course, this is Manhattan.
Is your supermarket near?
I can only dream about having a market here.
My market's in the Bronx.
Stop that kid!
Looks like a really tough area.
Something's always happening here.
That's New York for you. You'll get used to it.
Honey, I'm home.
She must be at the market.
Uncle, this place is huge.
3000 square feet. If I brought it back to Hong Kong, I'd be set for life.
Yes, look at my pictures. See?
I have pictures of everyone. Here, the whole family.
Your father too. He's winning a tournament.
He won every tournament... you do now. We were inseparable.
But I came to America and stayed...
...almost 30 years.
Oh, I miss my family.
I'll get ready and we'll go down to the market.
You can meet your future auntie there, okay?
Hey, Uncle, you still practice?
That old thing? Your dad gave it to me...
...otherwise, I'd have used it for firewood a long time ago.
I see you kept up.
Just sometime.
Hi, Danny.
Hi, Uncle Bill.
Very good.
- My nephew from Hong Kong, Keung. - Keung. Good moves.
- You're number one. - Keung is the Hong Kong champion.
My neighbor, Danny Chan.
- Shouldn't you be in school? - I'm going.
Let's take him to the bus.
Bye, Danny.
Be sure to study hard. Let's go.
Danny, this is for you.
- For me? - Yes.
- Thank you. - Don't play with it in class.
Okay, bye.
- What was that? - I gave him my old video game.
The poor kid.
He has a hard life. His only sister neglects him.
Here. My life's work. I'm seeing a buyer today. I plan to sell and retire.
- Then why are you painting this place? - Well....
Fresh paint makes it look better. I can impress my buyer.
Why haven't they painted that side yet? You go in first, I'll go look.
- May I help you with something? - I'm Keung.
- Keung? - I'm Bill's nephew.
- You just arrived. - Yes, I just got in.
A small gift for my future auntie.
Not everyone is your aunt. She's Mrs. Chung, here to help with the wedding.
- Excuse me. - My nephew.
This is your nephew.
Oh, so you're Keung.
I've heard so much about you. Honey....
Has the champagne arrived?
Don't worry. Everything'll be okay. Go ask Tina.
The champagne was delivered this morning.
Hey, what's up?
- Surprised to see your future auntie? - A little.
Hey, what can I say to you?
Welcome to America. This aunt of yours, she is a great woman.
Hi, Mr. Chu.
Walter, I'm on my way.
Go give your aunt a hand, okay?
Hey, Walter.
- This is my client... - Oh, yeah?
...Elena. She's very interested in seeing your market.
- Glad to meet you. - Mr. Chu.
- How are you? - Come in. Feel free to ask me anything.
All right.
We're the only market within 7 or 8 blocks.
There's many regular customers.
That makes for great business.
Summer's our peak period.
Elena, this way, please.
- Please, have a seat. - Thanks.
Something to drink?
Oh, no, thank you.
You have a one-way mirror.
A good boss must keep an eye on everything. Right?
Here are my records.
Look at that.
I wish Uncle Bill had your muscle.
You're handsome too.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
Why sell? You're doing so well.
It's not Mr. Chu's idea.
His future wife wants to buy a ranch after the wedding.
Breeding race horses, you know?
I know.
The price's too high. Can't you come down?
Let me tell you...
I was offered three hundred ninety thousand for it.
I'll give it to you now...
...for that price.
You like that?
Are you happy with that price?
Me? No.
It's 20% more than I thought.
Maybe we can do something.
Okay. 370,000.
Okay, then we have a deal.
- Sign to show you accept the offer. - Here?
Yes, right there.
Meet my nephew, Keung.
- Keung. You just arrived? - Yes.
- This is Walter Lau. - There's a Stephen Lo outside.
He's brought a car.
Stephen Lo. I'll be there.
You can sign them for me.
I don't know. You really should sign.
- It's standard procedure. - Here you are.
Thank you.
The deal is done.
Look at the walls around here. They look so messy with that graffiti.
But my shop's clean. Everyone likes me, so they spare the market.
- That's right. - Stephen, I'll be a minute.
- No problem. - Now we're in business...
...l must invite you to my wedding tomorrow afternoon.
Walter knows where. Come at one 1 :00.
- I'll see you there. - Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, Stephen.
Oh, my friend.
Wow, isn't that a great car?
Of course, it's an antique.
I told my boss I'm taking...
...the car for a tune-up. Be careful.
I'll be careful. I'm picking up my bride in it tomorrow.
- My nephew, Keung. - We just met.
- Here, take this. - I can't.
- This is old tradition. Take it! - Thank you.
- Don't scratch it or anything. - Relax. I'll treat it like my baby.
Double or nothing.
Let's see the dinero.
Thousand bucks.
Yeah, go.
Hey, Angelo....
Let's do it.
Uncle, your friend's car!
Come on, Nancy.
Come on. Uncle, wake up.
Go! Yeah!
This is my car.
Let me in. Open the door.
Uncle, I'm freezing my butt off.
Have a drink.
I've got one.
- I'm Keung. - Yes, I heard yesterday.
Muscles Keung, right?
- Sit down. - Thanks.
Congratulations, you bought the market. Made my uncle's day.
- I'm happy too. - If you need help, I'll stay longer.
Elena, thank you for coming.
Congratulations. I've got some good news.
- Really? - Keung says he will help.
- He did? - Yes, every day next week.
Good, making yourself useful so soon.
- He's in good hands. - Told you I'd take care of you.
Keung's the best. With him there, I'll enjoy my honeymoon.
- Good. - Hurry up. Everyone's waiting.
Call anytime, he'll be there. Thanks for staying.
See you later.
I know what my schedule is this week.
We open at 6:30. We have so much work to do.
- Keung! - Wait.
What's going on?
He may have a girlfriend inside, you know.
Let me get my pants.
Here's the last of the paperwork. Give it to Elena.
Here's some spending money. See you in a week. The apartment is yours.
- Have a nice time. - Good for you, Keung.
Uncle, I'm coming.
It's okay. Bye! Have fun.
- The signed papers. - Thank you.
The check.
- Thank you. - This is the last...
- ...of the paperwork. - Good.
Will I get a discount?
A discount? My business is just starting.
When would you buy? You're going back.
So, when do you leave?
When Uncle comes home from honeymoon, we'll go back together.
Will you come back to visit?
- He already stole some candy bars. - This mirror's useful.
Oh, this guy's a jerk.
Don't worry...
...l'll make him pay for everything.
Hey, Nancy....
Anything else you want, babe?
Don't worry. It's on me.
How much for this candy bar?
Fifty cents.
And these drinks?
You drank them.
You want me to pay for this?
Why don't you drink it? Try some.
What's this bitch saying?
- You stealing? - What?
You say he's stealing? Say it again.
What's up?
You got a problem?
?Qué pasa? What are you doing, man?
So, you're a tough guy?
No trouble.
I'm sorry.
I'm wrong.
The chocolate--
You shut up.
Don't hit me!
Don't go!
Did you see him? I think he broke my nose.
Don't go!
Stealing? I'll teach you.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - You tell the lady.
I'm sorry.
Say it in Chinese.
You should be sorry.
- My arm. - Don't ever make trouble...
...or I'll beat you up each time.
Mind your step.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You okay? Did they scare you?
- No, no. - Good.
That was all right. I can't believe it. It's, like...
Man, it was just great.
- Did they hurt you? - No.
- You're amazing. - How do you do that? It was like....
That's Chinese kung fu.
See you tomorrow.
- I'll see you later. - Come on, Lisa, let's go.
- Can I help you? - I have to learn to do it.
- I have you. - I can't get down.
Of course not, you're holding onto the ropes.
- Thanks. - You're welcome.
- I need an electric gate. - That'd be good.
Why don't you go inside? I'll do it for you.
Hey, Keung....
You left your things.
You forgot this.
- I'll help you. - Thank you.
- I forgot to pay for these. - Don't worry, it's a protection fee.
Then I should take more.
- Then I'll have to charge you. - Hurry, lock it.
The spring's broken. Okay, bye.
- Hey there, sugar, you want a date? - No, thank you.
What are you doing?
What's going on? Help me!
Please, somebody, help me!
Don't move or I'll shoot you!
- You okay? - I'm fine.
Thank you.
No problem.
Come on! Bring it!
- There he is! - Get him!
Let's go!
Party time!
Hey, Angelo....
- This is the guy that busted your nose? - Yeah, it's him.
He don't look so tough.
Yo, shithead!
You're going to die.
Easy, Angelo.
Not yet.
Let's have some fun.
Rock and roll!
Are you ready?
Batter up!
Right down the middle.
Let's see an instant replay.
What's the matter with you, you stupid jerk?
Show time!
- What are you doing? - Shut up!
Enough. Are you crazy?
Don't you ever call--
Who do you think you are?
My broken nose, you stupid bitch. I'll kill you!
What do you think you're doing?
You asshole.
You loser.
- What? - Lisa.
- Watch it. - Stacey, wait.
- Where you going? - Man, you wrecked the party.
- Hey, guys.... - Come on, Angelo.
- Wait! - I'm out of here.
Hey, wait for me!
Are you here?
Why don't you ever answer me?
Did you eat? Let me fix you something.
If I waited for you to cook, I would have starved to death.
Where did you get that?
Did you use our food money to buy it?
No, Keung gave it to me.
Who's Keung?
He's our neighbor's nephew.
I told you never to go out with anybody.
Especially strangers. Do you know how dangerous it is?
He's not a stranger.
He's a nice guy.
You always tell me to stay home. How about you?
You always go out, every day.
I bet you don't remember the last time you took me to the park.
I have to work. Who else is going to support us?
Support, support.
I told you I need a new cushion...
...but you never buy me one. You just ignore me.
I'm sorry. I'll get you one tomorrow.
Tomorrow, tomorrow. Always tomorrow.
I said I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, really I am.
I'll get you one tomorrow...
...l promise.
What happened?
It's Keung.
What happened?
That's Keung?
Somebody help! Help!
Go get me a towel. Go!
Oh, Keung, you awake? Are you okay?
I got beat up.
There must've been a lot of people.
My sister, she fixed up your wounds and undressed... too.
She even made you breakfast.
Here, have some.
How old is she?
She's twenty-one...
...and she's pretty.
Where is she?
She went to school...
...and after school she usually works.
Hope you get to meet her soon.
What are you doing now?
- Going to the market. - Is that important?
I have to go.
- Why are you going? - Elena needs my help.
Get him!
Get out of my car.
Hey, buddy, are you all right?
There's no way out. Give up.
He's going up. Get him!
Get him.
He's going to the roof. Let's go!
Go around!
I can't find him.
Find him.
Come on, guys, keep looking.
Check those cars over there.
What the hell are you doing in my truck?
Man, he's in here.
He's going over. He's through. Keep pushing.
Where are you going?
Piece of shit!
You've got no place to run.
Let's make a deal.
You kiss my ass and we'll let you go.
Right there. Come on, kiss my tattoo.
Let me shake it for you.
Son of a bitch.
I can't believe this guy.
The cops are coming. Let's go.
Tony, it's the cops. Let's get out of here.
Jordan, pull over here.
Wait for my signal and keep your eyes open.
They're here.
Can we trust this guy?
These are the only guys who can handle a score this big.
They better--
Don't worry. Stay cool.
It's about three point fifty carats. F-color.
Man, they're all good.
Where are the rest of the stones?
You think I'm crazy? Where's the cash?
Okay, I want the diamonds...
The king and queen are here.
Shut up. Where are the boys anyway?
- They've gone shopping. - Great.
- What's up? - You don't have to come up.
Why don't you get rid of her? She's a pain in the ass.
I won't hear any more shit from you, Angelo.
Okay, whatever.
- Did I say something wrong? - Let's go.
- What's going on? - Take a look.
Get the gold.
Holy shit.
I'll take that.
What's going on?
Hold it.
Freeze, now!
Shoot them.
Take care of this mess.
Let's go.
It's him.
Who are these guys? Why are they still shooting?
Don't shoot.
- Don't move. - Please don't shoot.
I ain't got nothing. Nothing.
Give me my stuff or I'll blow your head off.
I got nothing, man.
I know you got it. Where is it?
- I got nothing. Nothing. - Where is it?
- I'm clean. - Cops are all over the place.
What's going on? What's happening?
Move. Keep your hands up.
Move it!
Move it down.
What happened?
The bad guys were here, but the police caught them.
Boy, you're heavy.
So, this is your home?
- Bet your sister's not here. - I think you're right.
Let me get your racing car.
Keung, come and...
- ...look at this. - What's up?
Come here. Come here.
What is it?
My sister bought a new cushion for me.
Nancy, are you home?
Is there anybody home?
Keung, could you please get...
- wheelchair? - Okay.
How come your sister is never home? What does she do?
She's a flight attendant and a model.
She's very busy.
Last time, didn't you say she was in school?
She just graduated. She has all kinds of jobs.
Well, that just means she loves you.
Just be good to her.
When I go to the park and I see other kids playing with their sisters...
...and I can't, I really get mad at myself.
That's not your fault. You can't blame yourself. You're a smart kid...
...looking after yourself.
I wish my legs were like other kids'... I could take care of her myself.
And I wouldn't have to worry about her.
Because I really love her.
Nancy, you're home. Why are you crying? What's wrong?
This is my best friend, Keung. And my sister, Nancy. Isn't she pretty?
- Well, not right now. - I'm sorry.
Never mind. Forget the past.
You two know each other?
Your sister...
...bumped into me on the staircase.
Bet your cushion works well.
- Come on. - Okay.
Come on.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- What about the guns? - Guns? What guns?
- I'm a tourist in this city. - What about the explosions?
You been out there playing with your toys?
Come on.
So we have a list of missing diamonds, guns without fingerprints... empty briefcase and an explosion that destroyed most of the evidence.
These boys are professionals.
I'm sure they had something to do with that heist last week.
- What? - The lawyer's here.
Damn it, not now.
- I'm afraid we gotta let them go. - Why?
The lawyer's too well-connected.
Go on, get out of here.
Everyone in this damn town is connected.
Let Angelo go. We'll sit back and watch what happens.
- You better say a prayer for him. - Yeah.
Who are you?
- What are you doing here? - I live here?
Have you seen anything unusual today?
- Who are you? - We're the FBl.
I heard some gunfire, explosions, but I went home. I saw nothing at all.
We're trying to recover some stolen property.
If you find anything, give us a call.
Okay? There's a big reward.
- Okay. - You've been very cooperative.
You're free to go.
I'll take the stairs.
Keep searching.
Thank you.
Good to see you. What went down this morning?
I don't know. I don't want to talk about it.
- Angelo still in jail? - I heard he got out, but disappeared.
Where's Nancy? Go find her.
- I'll get her. - I think Angelo's hiding something.
Angelo? That wouldn't surprise me.
Hey, baby!
- Here you go, hon'. - Thanks.
- He's kind of cute. - Jackie!
Thanks for coming.
Thank you. Nice place.
Aren't you afraid of the tiger?
We've been friends for a while.
Do you really like this job?
It's good money. What's wrong?
Nothing. You dance well.
Very good.
Thank you.
Hey, Nancy, what's up?
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