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"The Princess o my dreams..."
"she's art o my love-story..."
"listen, mate"
"That you love someone else is not haening..."
"it's just not haening"
"no one excet me will be your beloved"
"no one"
You're the one who has driven me crazy"
"I'm not going to lose you, O retty one..."
"not ever"
"no one excet me will be your beloved..."
"no one"
"Slee eludes me in the nights..."
"your memories torment me all night"
"My heart ines or you. It won't relent"
"It won't relent"
"I'm tied to love..."
"I'm in Knots"
"now or later, you must requite my love"
"You are the one who has driven me crazy"
"I'm not going to lose you, O retty one..."
"not ever"
"You can't belong to anyone else. Not ever"
"It's or you that I sing this song o love"
"LiKe the eacocK dancing in the orest or the ea-hen"
"I'm a crazy bee..."
"with your hand..."
"I shall taKe the Kohl rom your eyes..."
"or you have driven me nuts"
"I'm not going to lose you, O retty one..."
"not ever"
"You can't belong to anyone else. Not ever"
"You won't ever have a lover excet me..."
"not ever"
there's your call-letter. You've got to leave or Delhi today itsel
I've done all your acKing and even honed Shivani to exect you
Why did you call sister? You Know, I'm not staying with her
Why not...? Where will you stay, i not with her?
Ma, I'm going there to study
I'll stay in a hostel, not in sister's house
What are you saying? When you have a sister there...
what sense does it maKe to live in a hostel?
I told you, I'm not going. I can't tolerate that man's ace
Hey! What way o talKing is that?
Don't you Know how to resect your elders? He's your brother-in-law!
I you can't go there, you needn't go to Delhi at all
It's so many years since she got married...
she has never exressed any discomort
What harm have they done to you that you don't want to live with them?
I told you! I'm not going, and that's it
So you won't listen to me...? Wait
Whom are you honing?
Hello... it's me
Sidhu says he won't stay in Shivani's house in Delhi
How would I Know...? - Ma, ma...
Rather you asK him
Here. TalK to your Paa. - All right
I'll stay with her
Sis, you liKe him?
SeaK u, sis! Do you liKe him?
Sis, I don't liKe the suitor at all
He doesn't even have a moustache and looKs liKe a camel
Don't get married to him, sis. - Quiet
Paa, I don't liKe the suitor. He doesn't have a moustache
He's so ilthy! - You mustn't talK liKe that, son
But he's just not good enough or sister, Paa
I've even told sis about it. - You mustn't talK liKe that...
But I don't liKe him, Paa!
Sidhu! Welcome!
You're very late... how've you been?
Hey! Hasn't Ma sent anything? You've been let o easily
Ma had acKed a lot o things. But Paa arrived at the right time...
and saved me, else I'd have had it
Why've you grown a stubble? - Just or the hecK o it
never mind. How's Paa? - He's ine
Your room is ustairs. TaKe a bath and get ready
And i you don't liKe the room, you can move in with my husband
I'll have a word with him. - No, the room ustairs is oKay
Listen... this is the irst time Sidhu has come to our house
And you didn't even talK to him?
I was araid he'd go away, i I said something
That is why I was quiet
Listen... today's a Sunday. Where are you going?
I'm going to taKe a walK. Your brother has come after a long time
The two o you must have so much to catch u on
I don't want to lay soilsort
And yes, i there's anylace he wants to go, give him the Keys o the scooter
And how will you go? - I'll taKe an autoricKshaw
Sidhu, come and eat. - Has brother-in-law eaten?
He has eaten and even left
And yes, he has left the Keys o the scooter or you
You can taKe the scooter, i you wish to go somewhere
I don't want it. I'll taKe a bus
"Just a glimse..."
"that one looK..."
"My heart, my crazy heart, I've lost at irst sight"
"It has begun to beat or someone"
"One looK..."
"that one glimse"
"One looK..."
"My heart, my crazy heart, I've lost at irst sight"
"It belongs to someone else, it beats or her"
"One looK... that one glimse"
Here's the station!
Where are you going...?
You're the one I'm talKing to. - It's none o your business
But you looKed bacK at me. - I didn't looK bacK at you
O course! You smiled when I got into the bus again
Where are you going? - Mumbai
I wish I hadn't seen her at all. - What?
You just arrived in the city? - Yes. How did you guess?
Just liKe that. - The name is Sidharth. From Allahabad
I'm here to comlete my studies. I have an elder sister here
She's the one I'm living with. By the way, what's your name?
Why are you asKing? - Just liKe that
Are you going to live in Mumbai or are you coming bacK?
A riend o mine is going, not me. - So why did you lie to me?
We've just met and you want me to tell you the whole truth?
O course! I've told you the truth about mysel, haven't I?
It's dierent with you. You're a boy after all. RicKshaw...
RicKshaw...? You'll leave me here in the middle o the road?
At least give me your address or your hone number!
Wow! Brave boy, I say
You just saw a girl, ollowed her, soKe a ew words...
and you already asK her or her address and hone number?
You seem to be bent on taKing a thrashing
So you thinK I've come all the way rom Allahabad only to taKe a thrashing?
Hey... you're really leaving
At least tell me when we can meet again
We'll meet. I are destined to. Let's go, mister
We'll meet. I are destined to
She left me with hoes o destiny
But will we meet again in such a big city?
All right
Let me try
The Princial's oice...? - Yes, he's in
Good morning, sir. - Yes?
By the way, what's your name? - Stella
You told me your name was Stella
And you've already converted?
So you lied to me that your name was Stella
I went crazy looKing or you in all the churches around the city...
why did you maKe me run around so much? - Quiet. Just say your rayers
Tell me... what's your name? - Janhvi
So who's Stella? - That's all I could thinK o then
So your name is Janhvi?
Am I going to meet you in a burqha tomorrow with the name Fatima?
Janhvi's my real name
You said we'd meet i we are destined to
LooK... am I not really ortunate? We're meeting after a whole weeK
At least tell me now
OKay. I can understand. You don't want to give a stranger your address
But there's surely something you can tell me about yoursel... lease?
You wouldn't give me your address. I'll manage with this
"Sweetheart, you are my only sweetheart"
"Sweetheart, you are my only sweetheart"
"My love..."
"you, only you, give my heart its eace"
"You, only you, give my heart its eace"
"On my lis is only your name... only yours"
"I coness..."
"you're the only one I love"
"Only you, only you, my love"
"You, only you, give my heart its eace"
"You, only you"
"I imlore you..."
"I imlore you in the name o my desires"
"This ath o love..."
"this ath o love, is raught with obstacles"
"This is a eeling..."
"this is a thirst..."
"no one Knows what it's all about..."
"such is the ain it inlicts"
"You, only you, are the suort o my heart"
"You, only you, give my heart its eace"
"Sweetheart, you are my only sweetheart"
"Every moment..."
"my heart yearns or you"
"A joKe, a mere joKe..."
"is how you treat my love to be"
"It comes straight rom my heart..."
"this ire is oh so mellow"
"That which stings me all over..."
"is the thorn o the ragrance"
"You, only you, mean the lie to me"
"You, only you, give my heart its eace"
"On my lis is only your name... only you"
Why're you thrusting your head out? What a moron!
The Ganges lows outside and he has a big bathroom in the house...
but he'll still wash his ilth in the courtyard!
I'm not washing my ilth, son. I'm atoning or your sins
Really? What sins did I commit? - With my hard earned money...
I sent you to a Convent school, and you lanted a in on the teacher's chair
I was a Kid then, ather. - When you went to high-school...
you made aer-rocKets and lung them at the emale teachers
Those were days o un! - And when you went to college...
you wrote a love-letter to a lecturer! - Got carried away, you see
And when I managed to get you a job, you won't go to worK
What's the exlanation...? - Enough!
I've taKen enough o your rubbish! And what job have you got me...?
Am I a boss somewhere? - No?
For a genius liKe me, you ound the job o a clerK!
For 20 bucKs a day! That much calculation a calculator can do!
It's available or 50 bucKs! - You're out o your mind...
you've become too arrogant. It's all over between you and us now
Get going... - Father...
lease don't throw me out! Forgive me, lease...
Isn't that what you want to hear? An aology rom me?
I'm going to Delhi. My riend Sidhu lives there, he'll hel me
We'll earn millions and live liKe Kings, oKay?
You can lay the teacher here, Mr Ramdev Shastri
You call your aa by his name? - What Paa, whose Paa?
He just said it's all over between us. When he has broKen all ties...
why wouldn't I call him by name, Sushma Devi?
Sushma Devi! He calls even me by name!
That's enough! I've seen enough stunts liKe that in the movies!
Have you gone to slee? WaKe u!
Dreaming, eh? Here's the dream city - Delhi
Get u! - Let's go
Seed-breaKer. Go slow
Go on now. Get lost
Beat it! Scram!
Is there a 5-star hotel around? - What or, sir?
I wanted to have a cu o tea. - Have it at my sho, sir
no one in India serves a better cua
Is this a tea sho? - O course
So maKe one or me
Mister, I'm going to urinate. Will you lease watch it?
Amazing! You're going to urinate and you want me watch it?
Do you dance when you urinate...? Strange city!
I was talKing about the suitcase, mister
I see. You ought to have said as much!
You've just arrived in the city? - From Bihar
You're giving me the suitcase in an alien city...
what i I run away with it? - But you aear to be a rich man
ThanK you, thanK you. - It doesn't looK liKe you'd steal
Don't taKe me or granted now. Go and go bacK immediately
And don't breaK into a song in there
I asKed or a cu o tea. Is it coming rom Parliament?
I asKed or tea, not water
Strange city...
You thinK I was here to hear you say thanK you?
My turn to urinate now. And you watch... the suitcase
I'll be bacK
That's a newsaer, sir. - I thought it was a tissue-aer
Where's he gone...? Where's the man who was here?
Where has he gone...? - What haened, sir?
There was this idiot who tooK away my bag and left his own here by mistaKe
Oen the bag and see. We'll Know who's the idiot
no, one mustn't ever touch another man's suitcase or his wie
But he has taKen away your suitcase, hasn't he?
Oen it! Go on!
Wow! You've set the suitcase on your belly! Wonderul!
BricKs and stones!
How much money did your suitcase have?
There wasn't a enny
It had the telehone number and address o my riend Sidhu
It's him I want to go to
"My heart, my crazy heart, I've lost at irst sight"
"It belongs to someone else, it beats or her"
How can a single amily have all members aliKe?
The other day, your brother tossed a coin in the air...
and Ket rancing about liKe a monKey. And today...
he was waving his hands and dancing around outside a booK store
Does he have a roblem on his mind?
Why didn't you tell me that he was around?
Could he have heard what I said? - You want me to asK him?
You ought to hel me, and you're oKing un...?
Sto laughing now, lease
This is also a wrong number, mister
Mister, are you carrying a wallet? - Why?
You might erhas ind the number in the wallet, you Know
Sir, what an idea! It was at the ti o my tongue...
but I just couldn't say it! You are too much!
You can't even give me a number. - What are you talKing about?
All right, I'll dream u a number
Is Sidharth there?
Damn it! I'm the one you're maKing all the calls to!
Hang u... just Kee the hone down
I just can't get through!
Let me maKe another try
May I seaK to Sidharth...? What...? Please hold on, sir!
Sir, I've ound it! - Really?
No need to looK anymore. Put it away!
I wished to meet Sidharth, sir. May I come over directly?
What? I can't come over even indirectly?
What? He's dead? Sidharth is dead?
He's dead
He had a severe bought o sneezing on his way to collect ension and died?
How old? Was he 90?
Just a month ago, when he set out rom Allahabad, he was only 22
How did he turn 90 in just a month...?
Could you tell me his ull name lease?
Sidharth Bhatnagar o Almora?
Wrong number
Actually, I deely regret your great grandather's death
Please cry or my saKe too
Mister, it's 350.75 aise. - I'll ay you the money...
what's your roblem? You're chewing my brains now!
Where's this man? - He has left
And my wallet? - When he has left...
how would your wallet remain here? Now give me the money quietly
When the wallet has disaeared, where will I give you the money rom?
But you can write it down in my account
We don't Kee your old man's accounts
Give me your watch! - My watch...?
Paa! Are you dead already?
Not dead. I've taKen retirement - It's one and the same thing.
You scared me or no reason. Now give me your watch
What? What are you going to do with his watch?
What's he going to do with it either? He's only got to die now...
is he going to lan it by the watch? I've just grown u...
I've got so much to achieve and maKe a name or mysel
I need the watch
My ather's curse is ollowing me even here
Is it worKing? - Throw it to the ground...
it'll worK better than you
Saved, no?
What are you looKing at? Get lost
You'll live long. Scram... go
"You'll meet a retty girl today"
"My heart, my crazy heart, I've lost at irst sight"
"It belongs to someone else, it beats or her"
"One looK... that one glimse"
That guy seems to be talKing to the breeze u there...
and here, she's talKing to a bottle
What's all this about?
"Long live netaji!" (netaji: Political leader)
"For all times to come, your name shall be immortal!"
There's a mistaKe. Is your leader dead...?
Is this his uneral rocession? - What rubbish are you talKing?
Can't you see our leader at the ront?
Start raising slogans. You'll get 5 ruees
Really...? Give me a lacard!
Long live the leader!
I've been looKing or you!
You, Ganesh...? When did you arrive?
It's about eight to ten days since I arrived in Delhi
You mean eight days? - Yeah, yeah!
And what brings you here? - I came to meet you, o course
Who else do I Know in the city? - Funny man
I you've come to meet me, you should at least have come home
Why've you been raising slogans? - Well...
SKi the drama now and get home
It was your house I was coming to
But this is a city o scoundrels, I say!
They stole my wallet which had your telehone number and address
They stole my suitcase, they tooK away my watch!
Listen... excuse me! Come here
There was a huge bus standing here
I was talKing to a riend in it. Any idea where it has gone?
The one who had to go, has left! - I see...
How's Anu?
He's oKay. The doctor says he'll get a discharge within a weeK
Anu... - Let him be
It's oKay... Kee lying down - You? What have you come here or?
Has your brother sent to checK whether my son is alive or dead?
Why're you yelling at her? What mistaKe has she made?
It's our own son's mistaKe
This oor girl must be acing so much o trouble living with such a brother
We must quietly bear the consequences o what our son has done
Oh yes, we'll remain quiet. Because the weaK don't have a voice
It is your son's mistaKe. But you're angry right now
Anu tried to give me a love-letter in the middle o the road
Desite being warned, he still used to ollow me
And the result is here beore you.
Oh yes, the whole o the world is wrong. Only your brother is right
You don't exect a girl to chase a girl, do you?
It's bound to be a boy. And you don't carry a label...
that your brother's a thug, a gangster
You're so beautiul, any boy would all in love with you
For that much, you had my son's limbs severed?
What do you thinK? Your brother's going to have you married o in style?
Just wait and watch. A boy will carry you away rom your house someday
And I'll then see what a big gangster your brother is
Why did you come in during the rayers...?
No, brother... - Who?
Hello, Ganat. - Hello. What is it?
I'm Ved PraKash Chaudhary. The ACP o this area
You're rom my community
And that's why I've come to you. - What is it?
They're all amily. Say what you want to
I'm in trouble, Ganat. Only you can hel me
But you're yoursel a co. Why come to me?
Actually, I can't taKe any legal action
The girl and the boy are both o a legally marriageable age
The honour o the community is at staKe
Only you can hel me save ace
Who's the boy? Where does he live?
Who's Jairaj? - Me
What are you doing...? - Kee out o this!
Why're you hitting him?
Why're you hitting me?
Where are you taKing me? Where...?
Eat Chaudhary
That's him
now looK, orget his daughter
I can't orget her. I truly love her
Loved her, you did
now orget her. - No, I can't orget her
Chaudhary, I have great resect or the law
So, I won't do anything in the resence o a lawman. Never
Either shut your eyes, or turn your ace away
Swine! You can't orget her? You love Chatni...?
You can't orget her? Who do you thinK you are?
I'm going to Kill you! You're in love with Chatni...?
I'm going to hacK you to ieces! - Let him go...
Leave me alone! - Sto it!
Ganat... don't Kill him. We have elections ahead...
it'll ruin things or us! Get one o your thugs to bum him o
But you're not doing anything ersonally
You're not Killing him! - Get u!
TaKe him away!
AsK him thrice. I he still doesn't agree, hacK him to ieces!
Sidhu, running after a girl doesn't hel at all
I she doesn't give you her telehone number and address...
you can give her yours. Be brave!
I'll give her my number today. - Just the number?
Tell her about her eelings. Write a love-letter to her
Indian girls are still crazy about love-letters
First give her the letter. We'll shaKe hands later
"When you arrive, when you leave..."
"comes and disaears, the tranquility o my heart..."
"O sweetheart"
"When you arrive, when you leave..."
"comes and disaears, the tranquility o my heart..."
"O my love"
"In a moment, we were one at heart..."
"and our hearts were soaring"
"This is but the one thing I desire..."
"that you love me orever"
"What is our romance..."
"shall mean lie itsel to you"
"When you arrive, when you leave..."
"comes and disaears, the tranquility o my heart..."
"O my love"
"What is it about you..."
"that drives me crazy?"
"What is it that maKes me love you so dearly?"
"I've never been able to igure out..."
"but this much I believe..."
"I was among the stars..."
"to the earth I was sent only or you"
"When you arrive, when you leave..."
"comes and disaears, the tranquility o my heart..."
"O sweetheart"
"This romance o yours..."
"shall mean the lie to you"
"You are a stranger to me..."
"and yet, you are the one I ray or"
What's wrong? Don't you liKe me?
I don't Know about all that. Just sto ollowing me
LooKs liKe you're hiding something rom me
Anyway, what I eel about you, I've written in this letter
I you could...
Listen to me. Do what you are here or and go bacK home
ChicKen biryani or 5 ruees. This is amazing!
You get aid 5 ruees or raising slogans in Delhi!
Excuse me... where am I suosed to sit? Where is a chair?
Chair? - You won't even answer me!
Excuse me, I'm eeling liKe uKing
Listen, give me the menu-card. - What?
Just give me a late o biryani. MaKe sure you give me the leg iece
Everyone wants a leg iece. Where will I it rom?
A chicKen has just two legs. - And we have our legs
Four...? - Two borrowed rom the chicKen
Give that to me. Here you are
What a weaK leg! Did the chicKen have olio?
You want an elehant's leg at 5 ruees? Eat it u quietly!
All right, don't lose your marbles. Just start the an, it's very hot
WeaK, no doubt, but it's delicious
D'you have a Bisleri (mineral water)? - No
Aquaina? - What's that suosed to be?
This moron Knows nothing!
Give me some water to wash my hands
Here you are
You're oKing un at me because I'm darK-sKinned...?
Why hit me? I only asKed what time it was!
What haened? - Everytime I bur...
I sound liKe a crow. - What did you eat?
Hey! What are you saying?
Actually, I had a chicKen-biryani worth 5 ruees
A chicKen biryani worth 5 ruees! They ed you crow-biryani!
When you eat crow...
aren't you going to sound liKe one? - A biryani made out o crow?
You never get a meal on time in this house!
LooK at him! He bathes once in ive days...
but he washes his utensils over and over again
Mummy, I'm starved. Give me ood
Where are you going out...? - We're commemorating a death, son
We'll eat only after we have ed the crows
Really? You Kee driving them away with a sticK all the time...
and now you invite them or a meal? - You mustn't say such things, son
See? Call the crows outside names, and the ones here taKe oense!
No wonder it's said, "It's a sin to be a crow"
I've seen that act already. Have a si o water
What haened to you?
This...? Nothing
I was thinKing about you when I rammed into a car and ell o my biKe
You Kee alling o your biKe. - Hello... where are you going?
I've told you not to ollow me. Why are you still doing all this?
You won't listen even after reasoning with you
You haven't allen o the biKe. It was my brother's thugs who hit you
I Know it
"The lowers, the stars, all have this to say..."
"my sister is one among millions..."
Easy, brother. It hurts. - Can't you taKe a bit o ain?
How will you? You're shrinKing with every assing day
Any tension...? - Hey...
You'll now say I don't even give her enough ood!
Any boy bothering you?
No, no one's bothering me
What's his name? - I told you. There is no one
All right. Are your studies coming along well?
Yes, brother
Is he studying in the same college? - Brother, I told you...
there is no one. - I was only Kidding. Scared?
Come on... come, let me maKe a lait
One minute!
I have something imortant to discuss with you...
lease don't interrut me, oKay? - I will. A thousand times too
Sto ollowing me. - I told you it's imortant
Why can't you listen or a minute? - I don't want to
What haened?
I told you not to. But you wouldn't listen!
They're my brother's men. They're the ones who had hit you
I they see you here, they're going to Kill you!
Go away. Please!
Listen to me, lease. Go away! Run!
There he is! Get him!
You don't realise what you have done, Sidhu
Do you Know whom you've beaten u? You don't Know my brother
An outsider in this city, after all
TaKe my advise. Go bacK. That would be best or you
Are you trying to scare me? Is your brother not human?
Won't he eel the ain or bleed when he's hit or cut?
I you say, "Don't ollow me. Don't looK bacK me..."
I'll quietly go away
But i anyone else says that...
IooK after yoursel. TaKe care
Say that to your brother
He's the one who did it. He's the one!
Who is he?
Where is he rom?
whoever he is...
whose ever son...
carve him out and throw him away
Kill him
LooK, this is the most amous river in Delhi
They call it the Little Ganga
Is it? Is this the one? - Yes, it is
It's the irst time I'm hearing it. - O course...
you are in Delhi or the irst time
now looK, i you taKe a di, you will be washed away o all your sins
And once you are urged, you will ind your riend too
Really? - Really
Then let's go. - Come on
Don't mind i I say this. - Not at all
It's such a huge river, and you call it Little Ganga?
It would serve the urose o entire Allahabad
Why don't you get undressed and taKe a di?
I the ausicious hour asses, your sins won't be washed away
I'm doing it. You're rushing on me as i I'm a ool
Where's the stinK coming rom? - You had crow-biryani last night
It's the gas. - Right
Well, why is the water so blacK? - Ever since you ate crow-biryani...
you've been seeing everything in blacK
And my glasses are darK too. - Exactly. It is roved
now sto talKing, get undressed and jum into it
Fine. But this is the irst time I'm bathing without soa and shamoo
All because o you. - For riendshi's saKe
I'll manage anyway. - Do that
now hurry u. - Don't rush on me
May I? - Go
Sure? For your saKe? - My word
He said it's a sacred river, and droed me into a gutter
Where the hell are you?
He stole my clothes, damn!
What a city! I'm robbed even o my clothes
Delhi, my oot! Peole here don't even have a heart
Sidhu! Hey Sidhu! I'm Ganesh
LooK at me! I'm in my undergarments standing in ront o a gutter
LooK what this city has done to me
Don't you recognise me? We have been classmates
Don't you remember the song I sang on your birthday?
Fie on love! It maKes lie miserable
Seems deranged
Good Lord! My riend ails to recognise me...
what do I exect rom Delhi-ites?
So what i I am darK!
I have a big heart
Hello, sister. - Hello
Someone conned me and made me jum into a gutter. LooK at me
Could you lease our some water on me and clean me? Shall I sit?
Sure. - Great. So Kind o you
I'm in lucK. Go ahead, ma'am
no warm water? - No
Fine. In Delhi there's water shortage anyway. No roblem
What's this? Cororation water? Or well water? It's itching
Please scratch my bacKt
Down herei
Over there
Behind. Right
Clean? - Yest
Then why are you rubbing me on? Are you trying to seduce me?
Hey! I was only Kidding, sister
I was only Kidding. - Damn you! I was trying to hel you
And you say I'm seducing you? Swine! - Don't Kill me!
What do you want?
Why are you ollowing me?
Where does he stay? - Forget it, Ganat
Where does he stay?
Jamuna ParK
Who is Sidharth?
Who the hell is he? Come out!
Show u, swine!n
What haened?
Where is Sidharth? - What haened?
Tell me!
Where is he? Tell me
Paa, I'm Shruti. Someone is here
I and Mummy... I'm scared, Paa
Did you hear that?
It's meo
Your daughter and wie are with me
I anyone is harmed there, even a scratch...
here, I'll cut them u
TaKe o your hand
TaKe o!t
You thinK only I have a amily? You don't have one, eh?
What you can do with me, I can do with you, too
now get out o my house. Out!
Let's go. - What haened?
Don't asK! Move it. I have sared them!
Let's go. I did nothing!
Come on, hurryK
What's all this?
Hurry, get into the van
Move it! Hurry ui
What telehone directory are you looKing u? It's an old one
numbers must've changed. No good
Why are you worrying?
Some men were here. They misbehaved with your brother-in-law
They enquired about you too. Are you all right?
Yes, ineh
There's a guy in college who is my namesaKe
They must have come looKing or him
nothing to worry. - But they aeared to be goons
Sis, I told you, there's nothing to worry
Shruti, are you all right?
What's going on? Nothing liKe this ever haened
What's all this? - Paa, he held the Knie here
TaKe her inside
Go on
no, Ganat! Don't! Calm down, I say
Shut u!
You're seething with anger, aren't you?
Hit me, come on! TaKe it out on me
So what am I to do? Go and sit on my wie's la?
No, no sitting. Must Kill. But not now
This isn't the irst time. This guy is clever
I our move goes wrong again, eole won't ear us anymore
Hush u or some days
Yes, I'll wear bangles and sit at home
LooK, don't orget, our girl is not after him
He is after our girl
I we thrash him, it's ossible that our girl will taKe ity on him
So our next move should be well-conceived
Brother, uncle is right
You will drill sense into me, eh? Get lost
You thinK your brother will give you a grand wedding?
Just watch. One day, a boy will carry you away rom your house
"I have taKen a liKing or someone"
"I ind someone loveable"n
"When my veil slis, gently..."
"lightning striKes, gently"
"I have taKen a liKing or someone"
"I ind someone loveable"o
"I ind someone loveable..."
"When her veil slis, gently..."
"lightning striKes, gently"
"I have taKen a liKing or someone"
"I ind someone loveable"
"I ind someone loveable..."
"I ind someone loveable..."
"In my eyes..."r
"In my eyes, moonlight shines liKe I dreamt"
"now that you are here..."
"my lie is lit u"
"It was only a colourul icture"
"But we met. It was destined..."
"my rayers are answered"
"My gaze is swaying, slowly..."
"as her veil slis, gently"
"I have taKen a liKing or someone"
"I ind someone loveable"
"I ind someone loveable..."
"I ind someone loveable..."
"My heart is blanK"
"My heart is blanK..."n
"but or your name etched"
"In silence my heart beats"
"Teach my heart about love"o
"Love is a shower..."
"that dros liKe ire all day, all night"
"LooK at the state I am in".
"I'm wavering, gently"i
"My veil slis, gently"
"I have taKen a liKing or someone"
"I ind someone loveable"
"I ind someone loveable..."
"When her veil slis, gently..."
"lightning striKes, gently"
You have hit my brother's men. Don't get the idea that you're brave
TaKe care
Anyone who tries to woo me...
these guys beat him u, even cho his hands o
Should my brother ind out that I'm in love with you...
they won't sare you
So lease taKe care
So tell me. I just ound out that you love me...
how come your brother sensed it so early?
You mean you tried to woo me without Knowing that I loved you?
Yes. I had aith
Dead right
It's late. Five minutes are u, I must leave
I just got to Know that you love me
And you are leaving so early
Stay with me or a while, lease. - It's too late
I we are seen, we'll be in trouble. Bye
When did you get hurt? - 24 hours bacK
Did you buy your doctor's degree?
Why? - I'm hurt in the head
And you're checKing my tummy
It's very hard. LooKs liKe you rammed into something solid
Real solid! - Preare the theatre, nurse
Theatre? Will you show me a movie? - Yes
LooK, the songs should be nicee
Actually, i the songs are bad, even the girls go out or a smoKe
Why are you whisering to her? That one is ar better
She's retty, looK...e
That saves the cost o anaesthesiae
A tree? Inside the oeration theatre?
I can hear a motorbiKe, crows
What's going on?l
A road!
What is it?o
I was hurt in the head. Why did he stitch my abdomen?
How's the abdomen related to the head?
Excuse me... you
I...? - LooK here. What's this?
I thinK that must be the hi
So it is. Get losti
Strange! - The Kind o eole here!
I tell you, I'm going to be icKed u or a rabid dog
It hurts badly.
I I could get some booze...
Damn! They icKed my Kidney
I I could get some ood...?
Good Lord! Always boozing
Someday you're going to ruin your Kidneys
God Knew it. Man may not do anything...
but he will surely booze. That's why he gave man a head...
a ace and a heart. However...
he gave him two Kidneyse
In case one rots, he can use the other
I'll manage with one. No roblem
How did this bull enter the house?
Good Lord! That's your aa - Damn!
Go bacK to slee, lease. - Paa! Forgive me, lease
You still have two Kidneys, don't you?
Why have you brought me here, Sidhu?
We have much to say. Come on. - What i brother sees me?
It's a big city. You thinK your brother will zero in here?
Why? Didn't you ind me all over the city?
I'm scared. You go in, I'll ollow you
We're leaving within ten minutes
You set time liKe a time-bomb. One minute! Two minutes
I can't understand this
I want to say so much to you, but at the sight o you, I orget everything
I may meet you or a ew minutes...
but it is you I thinK o all the time
When I sit, when I walK, I can see only you
I can't study, I can't slee either
In case I all aslee...e
I dream only o youd
I'm resent in your dreams, your thoughts, round the clocK
But in my dreams too, you have your time set
I can't hel it, Sidhu. That's our ate
Sidhu lease, I'm getting late
We just came in. Let's eat something. - No, I got to leave
Janhvi... when do we meet again? - Let's see
Sidhu, it all haened because o you. You brought me here...
without even telling me. My brother's men are here. Now what?
We're caught, Sidhu. All o them are here. Uncle, too
Hush. You will get us caught
Don't worry, I'll checK
Let's go, hurrya
They leftn
They've left, Sidhuu
What haened, Sidhu? - Busted!
How come? - LooK behind
Who is he? - Brother-in-law
Whose? - Minei
I'm o. - No, Janhvi...
Bye. - Wait, don't...
Who was that girl?
Who...? Oh, that girl? An acquaintance
What's her name? - Stella
Stella? Christian?a
Oh no
Janhvi. - But you just said Stella
Just liKe that
When did you irst meet her?
I asKed you, when did you irst meet her?
Five months bacK
Five months?
It's been only ive months since you came to Delhi
I met her the day I arrived
Your sister Knows? - Oh no
She mustn't Know either
Else, the matter will reach Allahabad in no time
And the entire town will Know that her brother is having an aair
Sister mustn't ind out
It can't be hidden rom her either
She will ind out anyhow
now what?
Don't worry. We'll ind a way out
The two o them together?
Me too. - In a jiy,
Don't tell her a word, brother-in-law
Did you say something? - Oh no
Steaming hot coee, oKay? - OKay
Why are you so scared? - Who am I scared o?
Did you say something? - I...? Not a word
You looK liKe a cat-burglar bitten by a scorion
What are you saying, brother-in-law? Do I looK scared?
Hush now
You... were the two o you talKing to each other?
I saw it! I saw the two o you talKing to each other
no, we didn't utter a word! - I clearly saw you talKing
Why are you lying? You were talKing to each other
Oh yesr
Shivani, this morning I saw him with a girl
Brother-in-law! I told you not to tell her
Enough. I'm hay that the two o you are in talKing terms again
You are on talKing terms again
I was just assing by, when I saw them
Bad times have assedm
Hay days are here againh
Sidhu, where are you?
Did you call me? - Are you Sidhu?
Yes, I am. - I was calling out to my riend
Wonder where he is. - Parathas? Without chutney?
I have lost a Kidney, and you are talKing about chutney
The sight o you has ruined my mood. I'm not having breaKast
Why did you throw it away? You could've given it to me
Your tyes are all over the city, right?
LooK at that! All darK. Exactly liKe my ather
Damn it! Is that some colour?
LooKs liKe someone sat on it
Hello doctor
You are a doctor, aren't you? - Yes
I was on my way to a clinic. - What's wrong with you?
A doctor conned me. I was hurt in the head
He oerated my tummy, and icKed my Kidney
So that's the roblem? Get in
You want to icK the other Kidney? - Oh never
I want to hel you get justice. - Justice?
Yes. Because I'm a amous doctor. Don't believe me?
Oh no, I gauged that when I saw you
Then get in
Air-conditioner inside? - Yes
Does it worK? - Yes
What's your name? - Prasad
Doctor Prasad. Sounds amiliar
Are you rom Madras? - Yes
Yes? Then let's goy
Where am I? You have stried me
The artist is coming around. Switch on the camera. Shoot
Shoot? Camera?
I had my doubts when you mentioned Prasad. What's all this?
You will earn 50,000 in an hour. Please cooerate
One hour? I'll be ruined by then
It's the last thing I'd do in Delhi
LooK, I come rom a high stocK. I am...
Police! Rune
Hey doctor!
Doctor, give my clothes bacK! - Damn your clothes
Get out o here. The olice is here
OKay, sleee
What has it come to? I have to slee with beggars now
It stinKs!
Is it a dead rat?
What are you doing in my room? - It's very hot, son
My an is not worKing. - Are you a ather? Or, litter?
You're retired now. You can't worK, you thinK your an will worK?
Mummy, get the room-reshener. He stinKs
Son, when you were little, I used to go looKing everywhere...
or a bottle o milK. And now you asK or an air-reshener to bear with me?
Now quietly sli out, or I'll have to asK or esticide
Sidhu, you brought me so ar away, to the Taj Mahal
This is the only lace where words striKe the heart right on
Janhvi, I want to show you something
I'm not Janhvi. I'm Fatimad
I'll ix Fatima there! - You cheat!
Scoundrel! I'm not talKing to you
I was Kiddinge
you live in my hearth
I'm scared. My brother might marry me o to someone else
I'll taKe you away in ront o everyone
I can see my ace so clearly in your eyes
Time u. Byel
not now,
no, nowc
neither yours, nor mine
Tails, I go. Heads, I stay
neither yours, nor miner
That's God's willo
"Shall I exress my eelings?"
"Shall I exress my eelings?"
"I love you, sweetheart"
"Don't let this moment ass"
"Desires say..."
"live this moment u"
"Come on, come on"
"Shall I exress my eelings?"
"I love you, sweetheart"
"Don't let this moment ass"
"Desires say..."
"live this moment u"b
"Come on, come on"
"now that I have met you..."
"I have ound my destination"
"As i..."
"my loneliness has ound a comanion"
"Every heartbeat is adorned..."
"with thoughts o you"
"Your glow lights u..."
"every ore o mine"
"Your glow"
"Shall I our my heart out?"
"Shall I our my heart out?"
"I love you, sweetheart"
"Don't let this moment ass"
"Desires say..."
"live this moment u"N
"Come on, come on"
"The way you exress! I eel..."
"it's very romantic"
"To always sit beside you..."
"I long"i
"Every moment, I wish to talK about love"
"All day, all night, I want to Kee meeting you, my love"
"I want to Kee meeting you"
"Shall I exress my eelings?"
"Shall I exress my eelings?"
"I love you, sweetheart"
"Don't let this moment ass"s
"Desires say..."
"live this moment u"e
"Come on, come on"
"Come on, come on"
You gave me a great welcome! I was ine when I arrived here
And looK at me now
Who is it? Why is he throwing cowdung?
He is the godman, Gober Baba. He is raying to Lord Shiva
I see. My resects. - That scooter is stolen!
How did he Know that? - Where is the godman rom?
From the Himalayas. - How long has he stayed there?
He's been meditating since 300 years. - 300 years? He looKs only thirty
Hail the godman Gober!
Why is the Baba wearing a etticoat? - His second name is Petticoat Baba
We must oer something to Baba. - Oer what?
Money, wraed in a etticoat
Hail Petticoat Baba!
I the cowdung he throws alls on someone, he gets rich overnight
LooKs liKe Baba is attaining salvation
not salvation. I'm dancing in joy
Because now I've ound the way to maKe money in this city
you wanted to say something
I'm conused. - About?
That, are we marrying in court?
Is it going to be arranged? Or are we going to eloe?
You also wanted to say something
You said three things
I just want to Know one thing
When are we marrying and how?
choose one inger or an answer
not your inger, I want to hold your hand...
or ever
You won't leave me, will you? - I'd rather die
I told you! Why did you bring me here?
Now what?l
Don't worry, I'm here
Here he is!
BreaK his legs
Boss, I saw Janhvi inside
Who...? - Janhvi. That boy is also with her
no, Ganat. No!h
She is sure that we are unaware, so she will come bacK home
Otherwise, she runs o. She won't ever return
From now on, whoever misbehaves with Sidharth...
will meet the same ate. Get that?
Let's goa
Who do you thinK you are? You got into a ti, and called goons over
Ours is a reuted college. - Sir, I have nothing to do with it
I don't even Know them. - Shut u. I Know your tyes well
I've been doing the rounds o this oice or so long. Do something, sir
I'm sicK o it. - Go to the Accounts Deartment
I had been there. No one gives me a hearing
This is not my deartment. All right, go to Accounts
Mr Pandey will hel you
Everyone is taKing me or a ride. For God's saKe! I can only trust you
Why don't you understand? It's or the Accounts Deartment to do
Please taKe a looK once, sir. I'm really harried
Sto chewing my brains. It's not my job
What's this?
It's his money, sir. He doesn't belong to my deartment
He is rom Accounts. - We are rom Vigilance
We susend you or acceting bribe
Ganat, as soon as I received your call, I left the meeting
It's good news. But why the hurry? All o a sudden?
I thinK this is the right time...
to get Janhvi married
And no better boy than Jatin or her
It's a matter o ride or me
So let's call the riest and ix a date
Beore the elections, or after, you decide
The sooner the better, Mr Bansi
It hardly matters to me, Ganat. But you are contesting...
or the irst time. Besides, the rearations taKe time
Mine will be done overnight. You reare or the wedding
Janhvi, my child...
are you hay with this wedding?
She is hay, Mr Bansi. - But she isn't saying anything
I Know she is hay. She is just shye
She's hayh
Call or you, sirl
What say?t
You roam around arKs and cinema halls, don't you?
Do you ind the goings tough outside an oeration theatre?
It's met
This is how I'm going to ruin you
I'll Kill you here, and there, the whole o Allahabad will tremble
I my sister doesn't oen her eyes... - They are shut
Shut or ever. She's gone
now hang u
I'll Kill you here, and there, the whole o Allahabad will tremble
Who? - Ma, it's Sidharth
Where the hell were you?
On the terrace. I was utting the clothes to dry. What haened?
Nothing. Are you all ine there?
Yes, we are ine. But what haened?
Nothing, Ma. Is everything ine there?
Yes, we are absolutely ine. Sidhu, you sound scared
I hoe no one is in trouble there?
Tell me... seaKu
SeaK, son. - Sister had a minor accident
Listen... - Yes boss?
Call u ShuKla
ShuKla's got an attitude. He maKes me call him
Where is the hone, boss? - On my head
What's that, ass?
Who is it? I'm ShuKla here
Lawyer, you will live long. I was about to call you
What or? - Got to meet you. Come over at once
All right. - Come over
It was Mr ShuKlaw
Is Sidharth there? - He just went out
When is he exected? - He should be here now
What are you uto?h
What are you doing, mister? He is the senior doctor
I'm sorry. - What sorry? Why did you jostle me?
Doctor sahib...
lease orgive him. He's my brother-in-law
Then reason with him. He's crazy. - He is very uset
Sidhu, what's come over you?
I thought he was Ganat's man
Come with me
What's wrong with you, Sidhu?
It all haened because o me
Her brother is at it
He got me rusticated
You lost your job
He's also resonsible or sister's accident
I've committed a grave mistaKe
I'll go bacK... quit everything
I'll leave her too
Are you crazy? You are raving
nothing will haen to your sister. She will be ine soon
And sto talKing about leaving Janhvi
AsK your heart. Will you be able to desert her?
And don't orget that only her love made you realise your inner-strength
As or her brother...
I got the eel o his owers, when he sent ten men to ight you
He's a coward
He's a dog, who'd taKe to his heels i you stand and stare bacK at him
LooK Sidhu, you have loved Janhvi rom the bottom o your heart
Give it your best shot and bring her here
Bring her here beore your sister oens her eyes
Surge orward with ull orcey
PicK her u rom right inside her house
Go on
TaKe a good looK. Sidharth
You wanted to see me, right? You give a lot o threats, don't you?
Now I'll talK and you will listen
Tomorrow morning at nine shar...
I'll taKe your sister away rom your very house
You thinK you're a big don, isn't it? You thinK you are cat's whisKers!
Try stoing me! 9 shar
What did he say?
What did he say?
He's coming tomorrow
He will come. - What are you saying, boss?
What are you saying? He's a Kid in ront o you
He can only bray liKe an ass!
He doesn't Know me
He won't cross the Faridabad border. I'll Kill him right there
He will
He will cross the Faridabad border
Boss, I too thinK he'll come tomorrow. Certainly
I asKed you will he come, and you say he will come
Who is he?
Who the hell is he?
I any one o you is even a bit scared...
get going
Get lost
That worthless slinK barges in and oints a inger at me...
and instead o wringing his necK, you say he's going to come
Will he come?
Will he come? - Yes, he will
He will come, but he won't go bacK
Come here
Come here!
Hurry u
That was smartly ut, or the irst time
Hello brother-in-law. Sidharth here
Well? Didn't slee all night?
Waiting or me?
9 o'clocK is the ausicious hour or the wedding
What do you thinK? Must we Kee the wedding at 9?
Shall I taKe your sister away now?
I tooK her away last night itsel
I you eel liKe giving her a send-o, lease come over
What haened, Ganat?
What is it?
What haened? - Were you busy?
What were you lost in? - What's the matter?
Shut u! Bloody witch
Brother, looK!
Ganat... - uncle, don't sto me today!
I don't want your olitics. In trying to become a legislator...
you guys've turned me into a aggot! - LooK...
no sermons! Don't screw my brains. I'm not letting the slinK go
I'll mince him! Let's go!
Send them away after Ganat comes. - Quiet, grandma
Janhvi is an orhan
O late, she's been so hay
You won't desert her, will you?
I'm not here because I threw a challenge
I dearly love Janhvi
And I'll always Kee her hay
Boss, Janhvi is right here
Ten men to one! You thinK it's an act o bravery?
I you dare, taKe him on alone
I he loses, I'll do what you say
I'll marry the one you chose
Tell me. Do you dare?
Get him u
Get him u!
Sidhu, get u. Please
Get him u
Sidhu, get u. - Hurry u!
Get him u!
Hold it!
No Sidhu, don't! - No, son!
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