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Run 2 U

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Knock your head off! What the hell are you doing?
Chosenjin! Sing 'Come back to Pusan harbor'
Sing Jo Young Pil's 'Come back to Pusan harbor', nicely
Did you hear me?
Stop it, please!
What a fucking pussy!
You chose the wrong opponents You're Kitano's gang, aren't you?
You know who I am?
Are you a Chosenjin, too?
Forgive me, please
- Let's get out of here - Yes
Sir, we're going to close the door
What the hell are you doing?
Just move on
What's wrong with 'Chosenjin'?
Sing it now!
Okay, take it
I've come a long way
And gone beyond limits
I'm tired now
Money is only money
Think about it!
You can get out of this low life
I'm tired of living as someone else's bitch, too
But, this is dirty money They got it by selling drugs
Nobody knows about it I killed them all
Are you crazy?
Anyway, this money isn't ours It's stolen!
Yeah, it's stolen, alright
But there's no way we could get our hands on such a load
I'll take care of it, so...
How will you take care of it?
Let's take this money just this once, please
They're here!
Get him!
Don't let him get away!
Go get him!
You, bastards!
It is always nice to see you
This way, please
We're from The lmmigration Office
How are you today?
Never seen him before
His name is Kimura Tsuyoshi Isn't he your man?
- What do you mean? - Nothing special
But I'm afraid you might know him
The guy next to him in the picture is a Chosenjin singer at the Fox club
That's not nice
- Is this what you call loyalty? - I've learned it from you
I have lost my men
and all the money
Stop it!
I'm telling you I don't fucking know him
Is that so?
She has grown beautifully
The singer is the culprit of the affair
I learned my loyalty from you, from you!
Good-bye, sir!
- Call the head office - Yes
Excuse me
Please feel at home
I can't refuse it because of Masako
She seems to wait for me until I come out
Masako is still naive
Treat her more rigorously
Yes, she's naive but her feelings for Tsuyoshi are deep
Please understand her as a father
But Tsuyoshi is a murderer
He killed Yamamoto's men
Even though I understand Tsuyoshi Yamamoto won't leave him alone
If I don't settle this with Yamamoto...
Don't tell me your going tol leave Tsuyoshi and Hiroshi to die
Do me a favor, please
Do you remember the time I saved your life from the assassins?
Think the matters over As a return favor to me
Tsuyoshi is my most valued student
Do you know what you've gotten yourselves into?
I've made arrangements for you to go to Korea
So, lay low until the situation gets better
I'm sorry, master
I'm very sorry, master
Everybody want's a happy ending
My life isn't over yet
California! This street...
On the day I decided to go to Japan
It looked as though it would rain just like tonight
Smoke, Scotch The singing man staring at me
These things make me feel at home
Since the past, I feel him as...
Tonight, I want to hear his breathe beside me
Excuse me
Your father wants to see you
You promised not to bother me when I was outside the house
Go way
You don't know anything at all
He's a dangerous man He killed several men
Yamamoto is waiting for a chance to avenge him
Where did you hide him? You know where he is
I don't know, and even if I did know I wouldn't tell you
We shouldn't make any trouble here
Please, father, help Tsuyoshi!
This is none of your business
I love Tsuyoshi
You know I love him!
I can't let him go
Please, father!
That's enough You better go out now
The situation is more complicated than you think
- Bad dream again? - No
Hows your boxing practice going?
Just as usual
Oh, I'm tired
What about your music?
We're runaways, hiding for our lives How can I wish for something like that?
I wish we were super heros Like the ones in cartoon
I'm sorry this is all my fault
Because of me...
Shut up
Let's just get some sleep
Stop! Help!
- Boss - Hum, what's wrong?
Well... Your daughter sir...
Why? Is there a problem with Masako?
I'm sorry, sir We lost her
We found out that she went to Seoul but...
Nakaoka what the hell are you telling me?
I'm sorry, sir
You were great Will you visit my bar again?
- Are we going for more drinks? - Sure
Oh, Mr. President Why are you standing outside?
Ah! Madam Kim, who's that girl? I've never seen her before
Oh, you mean Kyoung Ah?
She camer from Japan just a few days ago
Why? Is she your type?
Why don't you become her supporter?
She sings very well and...
- Her dream is to become a singer - A singer?
I can't concentrate on music nowadays
And I want to go back to Japan
Wait a second, it's me
I'm surprised
Hi, Hiroshi
I'm here Good to see you
I missed you
You look Great!
That looks wonderful
And the bed is cute
You still have this picture! I remember
- Isn't it better than you imagined? - Yea
Well, it's too late, Tsuyoshi She's already here
What's too late?
Go back at once Do you want to kill us all?
Hey, he's here! Got to go!
- Hurry up - Hold your horses
- I'm leaving now! - See you!
Bye! Take care, Mr
Your shoes seem to refuse you as well
Sometimes I don't like being all alone
Ever since I've came back from Japan
Kyoung Ah! Do you want be a Cinderella by getting a sponsor?
Cinderella? You want me to put on glass slippers?
- Well, Masako - Huh?
Is it really okay for you to be here?
It's okay because nobody knows I'm here
I don't want to get Masako mixed up in this
I won't get in your way
I just want to be near Tsuyoshi
Is it okay?
Let's dance
Go out and dance
- Hurry up - Let's dance
- Thank you for the umbrella, the other day - Yea...
Your song makes me feel good
Thank you but I'm with my friends
I'll leave when they come back
I'll buy you a drink Do you want to one of these?
No, thank you I'm okay with this
Then I'll order the same thing Here! Give us two bottles of beer
Are you, Japanese?
No, Korean Japanese
I've been to Japan before...
No, Kobe
Me too I was in Kobe
To me It was like a junk yard
We could have met somewhere in Japan
Do you feel that way too?
Cheers for escaping thatjunk yard My name is Kyoung Ah
I'm Hiroshi Korean name is Kim Min Woo
Come to think of it your eyebrow, voice are sexy
No... No... That's enough
The songs about to end My friends going to be back
I'm sorry but you better go See you later
- What, What are doing? - Whist! Somebody is watching us
Don't move
I'm not myself tonight
I don't usually look at a man twice
But, you know that I come here every nightjust to see you?
Guess who's the watching us
Very small motives
Change my life
that's how my life was
Just as tonight
Why did you kill them?
If you'd discussed it with me before all this happened...
There was nothing else I could do
Did you need money that desperately?
It's too late, it's all over What do you want me to do?
I don't want the boss to be disturbed...
Anyhow, the fights started We can't pull back now
You're very brave
Don't you know that? Women in love are naturally strong
You back?
I thought you were alone
- I'm Sorry - No, I'm sorry to bother you
I have to take off
What's wrong?
Are you doing well with Mr. Kim? Wish you good luck
What is there to do well?
I think this chance is my last chance and I'm going to push it
If he betrays me I will tell him this...
Where's your house? I'lll tell everyone about our relationship'
I wish that Kyoung Ah could take after you
Why is she so gloomy these days?
Why don't you introduce someone to her?
Well, I'm not a procuress
- Can you excuse us for a moment? - Yes
Good luck
Want something to drink?
Who's the sponsor?
Do you really want to get a sponser? It could be your last chance
What sponser? Who is it?
Lee Doo Young you know him
He's president of Bosung Group and a powerful man in the entertainment field
I know Bosung Group, they own the Starlight management company
Yes, you're right He's closely related to the music industry
You said that you want to be a singer, didn't you?
President, Lee Doo Young
His wife and only daughter passed away 5 years ago
I heard that he has a huge fortune
I know it's difficult
Master Maki contacted me from Japan
He's worrying about you two
Thank you
Hold on a bit more
Hi, Tsuyosi
Hey, let's go home You could get cold
- No, I'll sleep in the bar tonight - Why?
Because of Masako?
What's wrong? Don't be ridiculous
No, I mean...
I don't want to disturb you and Masako
You don't need to worry She went to a hotel
So let's go home
How is Tsuyoshi nowadays? Is he still having a hard time?
The master called me He's worrying about him
Hiroshi! What are you thinking of? Let me guess
It's her! The girl with yellow hair who visits everyday
Her name is Kyoung Ah
What? You already know her name?
Well, did she approach you first?
- One more drink? - No, that's enough today
Let's have some more I'll buy this time
As time goes by I can't forget her scent
Her deep eyes staring at me
I suddenly have somebody waiting for me in Seoul
Kyoung Ah
I heard that your dream is to be a singer
It's okay, don't worry I just want to talk to you
Talk to me?
Madam Kim told me all about you
If you don't want to talk you can go now
No way What do you mean?
Let me recommend you as a singer
You have great possiblities You're very attractive, you know
What do think? Is it all right?
- We're closed! Huh? - Oh... you...
- You're Kyoung Ah? - Oh, you remember my name
You're always smoking
I wish to drink alot tonight
Shall we go out together? I know a quiet place
Really? You speak Korean well
Great! Let's go I will buy you drink! Let's drink together
Shall we go then?
Please take us to the sea, Sokcho
We have to watch the sea at night, hurry please
- Hurry, Hurry - Hurry, Hurry
Hey, I will give you an extra $300
Hurry, please
Hey! Sea! It's me Kyoung Ah
I have come to see you
Even though you try to force me down
I won't surrender
Do not look down on me
Why are you so hard on me?
Don't ignore me Who the hell are you?
Hiroshi, yell at the sea like me
Any story you couldn't tell before and complains...
If you shout loudly It feels really good
Hey, Sea! I'm Hiroshi
Hiroshi has come to the sea
Hey, sea!
- What have I done wrong? - Though you try to force me down...
I won't surrender
To get into a mess like this!
I can do anything
Why won't anybody listen to my song?
I'm Chosenjin!
What mistakes have I done to Japan?
Why do they treat me like an idiot?
I sustained myself without any background
People in this world didn't give me any chance
Please give me just one chance!
I can make it...
Kyoung Ah
I love you! I love you so much
Is there something wrong?
What's wrong?
You're acting strange today Tsuyoshi
You want to sleep with me don't you?
Stop it! Let me go! No!
Get away! Stop it!
Stop please!
Stop! What are you doing?
I told you to stop
Get away from me! Stop!
Do you really want to hug me over?
Crazy wretch
You thought of loyalty
to be very important before
Didn't you?
I couldn't have reached my current position
Without your help
I always appreciate all that you've done for me
Your right! It's not good to forget the help you received
Humanity is involved in everything
- You know that too - But boss!
Let me ask you one more time
Where is Tsuyoshi?
I've heard rumors about you
I heard that your men are recently dealing drugs
If it's true the family won't let you do that
Turn back quietly
Boss, I won't turn back
You don't want to start a war, do you?
So tell me where they are
Excuse me
He want to see you
You can take care of them as you please
But bring back their ears
I already contacted people there
What about the girl?
Do as you like...
It looks so delicious What am I going to eat first?
This is great! Thank you for all of this
Which one first...
You look like you have a diet disorder
That's dangerous
Thank you for the dinner, sir
I appreciate to hear that from you
What's this, sir?
Take it! It's for you
Don't take it as a burden
Just give me time to see you when I want to
I can't receive this How could I take...
I want to give Kyoung Ah all I that I can
You remind me so much of a woman I know
Oh? Do I?
Take a look around the place if there is anything you need, tell me
I'm going on a business trip tomorrow
What's wrong? Do you have have a problem?
Your girl friend! I haven't seen the yellow hair these days
You, have to watch out She's not easy and naive
Are you in love? Your face tells me 'lovesickness'
Now, my waiting turns to
Deep sigh
At that moment I realize
That the sound of her high heel
Went deeply inside my heart
Waiting for someone
Is a heartbraking thing
Is this love?
Hey, you've changed Don't you know that?
You weren't like this before
You sit alone doing nothing
- Going on smoking... - Leave me alone
You're in love with her, aren't you?
- Come on, tell me - What do you want me to say?
You think she loves you too?
Well... she...
She what?
I can't hold on any longer
without going out of my mind
I'm crazy to see her
What am I going to say to her if we met?
Listen to me
This is nothing!
This is not love
You're just hurting yourself
Tsuyosho, tell me?
Since when?
I love you so much like this
I'm sorry
I'm don't deserve your love
Do you have any interest in me?
Then, have I lost my Tsuyoshi to a man?
Get in!
Nice car
Tsuyoshi, you're a fool!
I liked you so much loved you with all my heart!
How could you say that?
I don't Deserve your love?
Hiroshi! It's all his fault
Are you sleeping? I have a place I want to go
It's far way from here
My hometown where I was born
I want to visit there so desperately
I can see it in my dreams But I can't go back
I'm scared living in this world
Will there be any home for me to go back? Even if I've changed a lot?
Can you take me there? Just once?
Are you the man from Yamamoto?
- Do you know who I am? - I don't give a damn
Don't be puffed up!
Hello? Room No. 1707, please
Stop it!
Hiroshi I want to stay with you forever
Don't leave me
I want to get married to Hiroshi
I want to be Hiroshi's wife and the mother of our children
I want to clean up my life and have my own family
Can you promise me that you will stay with me?
I can't understand Why you want to marry me
I don't know why but I believe you can hold me up
If you're with me
I don't need to go back to that low life
This is a present for you
Call me whenever you want to talk to me
Just press 1, it's easy
What's wrong today, sir?
Is there something wrong?
You don't look well
No, not at all, I'm okay
Madam, will you drink with me? I want to get drunk
Nowadays I feel like Cinderella
I'm wearing glass slippers want to see?
- Don't you see them? - Glass slippers?
Yeah, glass slippers...
Only kind people can see them
You're not kind, are you Hiroshi?
But I...
I'm worrying that these glass slippers might break one day
- You can take it off and keep it away - What?
See! It's good to see your smiling face
What's wrong You don't look so good
You're worrying about me Thanks!
Hiroshi Did you give up your dream?
No, I didn't give it up but I can't make it
Now I have no chance...
Oh! Sir
Yes, I will set off now
Hello? Tsuyoshi
Should I report everytime I go somewhere?
I'm not a two year old
You seem to have drunk so much tonight
Really? Do you think so?
Well, did the other guy go back to his place?
- What are you talking about... - What?
You know him You meet him everyday
Then until now you watched me...
I just wanted to help you
And if you wanted I would've given everything to you
Sometimes you looked so pitiful...
Then you've met me because of pity? I don't need it
I don't want any pity from you
That's right, I also wanted to use your background, okay?
But I'm going to stop begging you
Leave me alone! I have some pride left
Don't touch me!
Pride! Crazy bitch Have prostitutes pride?
What? Prostitute? That's right I'm a prostitute I have no pride and sense
Is that all? Are you putting this up because of your dignity?
You're just like the other snobs
Do you think money can solve everything?
Did you think me as your pet doggy or something?
Bastard, don't get the wrong idea
I thought that you were different
Trying to controy my feelings Well that's not goning to happen
That's right, I have been meeting him So what are you going to do?
Don't do this to me...
Stop, Kyoung Ah! I have been loving you so much
- Even though I didn't show my... - Stop it
Don't leave me, Kyoung Ah
Tsuyoshi, why do you often...
Kyoung Ah?
Where are you?
Why, What's wrong?
Okay, I got it
Should I call the police?
I'm so afraid Would you protect me, Hiroshi?
Kyoung Ah, foes anybody know that you were here?
No, I don't know Suddenly I can't remember anything
Listen! You were'nt here
You and I were together until now, you got it?
- Wake up, Masako - It's dangerous!
Tsuyoshi! Tsuyoshi!
Tsuyoshi! Tsuyoshi! Tsuyoshi!
Tsuyoshi! Tsuyoshi!
Masako! Masako!
I'm going to kill myself if I lose Tsuyoshi
Don't worry
When I was a child I read the Cinderella story
I wished I could put on the glass slippers just once
I thought that It would last forever
It was just a one day dream
Hiroshi, do me a favor
I want to go some place
The place where I was born
Your hometown?
I want to see the landscape of my hometown
Even though I don't know anybody there
It isn't a dream, is it? Can I see my hometown really?
- I love you! Don't worry - Thanks! I love you!
You asked me to save your glass slippers
I will protect you forever
- Wait a second, I have to call! - Who? Where?
Just give me a second
Hello? Is that you, Tsuyoshi?
Sorry, I have to go some place
Why? So suddenly
I don't want to be alone! You promised to stay with me
I know! Don't be afraid!
I will be back early before the train sets off! I promise
Don't go away! Please!
I'm so scared to be alone! You promised to stay with me
I promise! I will be back before the train sets off
I promise! So please hold on a minute
You are coming back?
Can you promise me?
I'm sorry, sir
(Bosung Group, Lee Doo Young's dead)
Tsuyoshi! Tsuyoshi!
Are you okay?
You okay? Shit! Tsuyoshi!
Are you all right? Fuck! Tsuyoshi!
Wake up! Tsuyoshi!
- I missed you - You, idiot
Don't go
You can't die here
I've come along so far
And I have gone beyond the limits
Is there a place for me to go?
I don't know
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