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Run Silent Run Deep

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Setup on leading freighter.
- Mark? - 1-5-0-0.
50 port. Open outer doors, tubes 1 and 2. Stand by.
Open outer doors, 1 and 2. Stand by.
Firing two fish forward. Watch your depth.
Two degrees down bubble. Hold her at 60.
- Outer doors open on 1 and 2, sir. - Final bearing.
- Mark. - 3-2-0.
- Set. - Fire 1 .
- 1 is fired, sir. - Fire 2.
- 2 is fired, sir. - Time on that first torpedo.
Should hit in about 42 seconds, sir.
Crash-dive! 300 feet! All ahead full! Destroyer coming in fast!
Rig for depth charge! Silent running!
10... 9... 8... 7... 6...
Better hold on to these reports to Admiral Bowers, sir.
- Why? - His car had a flat tyre this morning.
Right rear. He's fit to be tied.
- Send 'em tomorrow. - Yes, sir.
Captain Field's a little touchy this morning, too.
Another flat tyre?
Almost the same thing. His wife. They had a quarrel last night.
- Oh, that. - l'm ready for action.
Passing up the decoy, sir. ln position.
Heading straight on towards the Akikaze.
- Stand by to dive. - Aye aye, sir.
Range 1800.
Akikaze bearing down on us, bow on.
- Clear the bridge. Dive. - Ready to shoot in 25 seconds.
Bearing. Mark.
Fire 1 .
24 seconds, sir.
Torpedo running hot, straight and normal.
You sunk him again, sir.
That makes 200 times you've sunk Bungo Pete in...
200 days.
- He only sunk you once! - Just once.
But it wasn't on a desk.
Where do you get all these things?
- Tables, desks. - Mueller, you're a thief.
l'm a collector, sir.
Bungo Pete! Let's put him next to his Akikaze destroyer.
The unknown factor. The sea dragon of Area 7.
There's nothing superhuman about him or the area.
Too bad they'll never give you another chance in that area.
Four submarines sunk in the Bungo Straits,
and they keep you behind a desk for something they can't even figure out.
How many subs? You said four, l think.
- Yes, sir. - The count was three a month ago.
lt's only scuttlebutt, but the word's around that the last boat sent out
was lost three days ago.
Get these things outta here!
when's the next sub due in?
Two weeks, sir. The Nerka.
Her skipper was wounded, but the Executive Officer's due to take over.
- He qualified for command? - Yes, sir.
- They'll send her out to 7. - l suppose so.
Get the Chief of Staff on the phone. Tell him l'm coming over.
Executive Officer to duty section. Now hear this.
The repair crew will take over at 1 300.
Duty section will stand by with the repair list.
You beach boys who'll be checking in at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel,
the hotel does not have a repair crew.
So have fun, but keep the damage to a minimum.
Break it up! Russo, Cullen, break it up! l...
For the next captain of the Nerka, sir.
What we mean to say, Mr Bledsoe... Congratulations!
Good luck, sir.
- So this is the way we start! Bribery! - Don't know what you mean, sir!
Next it'll be special privileges! Sunbathing, two-hour watches.
A sunburned crew is a happy crew! An old Navy axiom!
That you just made up!
Thanks a lot, men. Don't any of you get the idea l can be had.
- lt never entered our heads. - l'll bet!
- Go on, try it on, sir. - You'll look very sharp in that rig.
- See you a moment, Bledsoe? - Yes, sir.
We were just leaving, Captain.
l said we were leaving!
lt's sort of a gift, sir. The men, they...
lt's all right. Never mind.
- Any milk left in the galley? - Yes, sir.
- Oh, it's powdered, sir. - That'll do.
She belongs to the chief of the boat. Good-luck token.
The men give her a little... pat on their way to battle stations.
l'll get the milk, sir.
Submarines. They ruined my liver.
Couldn't take one again.
Terrible thought. Makes me old. Makes me antique.
- Do you like subs? - l chose the service, sir.
Of course.
- Good record. - Thank you, sir.
lt's a fact, not a compliment, so don't thank me.
l told you two years ago you were hot stuff, that you'd have a sub one day.
- Remember? - Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
Well, you're going to, Jim.
But not this time out.
The Nerka is being assigned to Commander Richardson.
He'll be your skipper for this patrol.
You see, Jim, she's going to Area 7. Richardson is acquainted with the area.
7 is a hot spot. We lost four subs there the last year.
All of 'em sunk by an Akikaze off the Bungo Straits.
His sub was the first. The Navy Board feels he deserves another chance.
That command was mine. Don't they think l can handle her in 7?
Of course not. Your ability isn't being questioned.
lt's just that Richardson's suggestion...
He presented a very strong case.
This whole thing is suddenly very clear to me.
- That all, sir? - That's all.
You won't mind if l keep this out of mothballs, Captain?
There are other boats besides the Nerka.
Hey, be careful!
- What's the matter? - Like me to fix some lemonade?
Sure, honey, you go ahead. l'll be down by the time...
- Better make enough for three. - Three?
- We have company arriving. - l can't see anyone like this!
l don't think this is a social visit.
You'd better put some gin in that lemonade.
Looking for me?
- Commander Richardson? - That's right.
l'm Bledsoe. Jim Bledsoe.
A pleasure. Mind throwing me up that insect spray, Jim?
Excuse me, sir, but l didn't come to spray insects.
Well, it's the leaves you spray. But it doesn't matter.
- What's on your mind? - A request, sir.
l'd like you to ask for another Exec.
- Just like that, huh? - My privilege, sir. Navy regulations.
- l'd have to take it to the Board. - You went to them before.
That's just it. l got what l wanted. Why should l change it?
Maybe l can enlighten you. The crew's accepted me as its captain.
They have me decked out as a groom.
Now you're taking my place, l'd rather not go to the wedding.
Are we discussing your pride or are you embarrassed to face them?
You'll be facing them in a couple of days.
The resentment's going to be twice as great with me on board.
Mr Bledsoe, let me be honest with you.
l don't care about their resentment or yours.
l wanted a boat. The Board gave it to me. That's all there is.
The Board didn't give you a thing.
You went to them, the poor desk commander with a tear in his eye.
You told them if you could have me for a backstop, you could do the job.
Mr Bledsoe,
your request for release is denied.
Well, Commander, l'm glad l came over.
- Get things straightened out. - We're going to get along just fine.
Don't worry, Jim. l'll take good care of the bride.
Anyone for a slug of gin? We're out of vermouth.
- Lt Bledsoe, Laura. My Exec. - Hello.
Thanks, Mrs Richardson. l'll take a rain check on the drink.
- Some other time. - Lieutenant?
lf there isn't another time, good luck.
Take good care of my husband.
l'll take care, ma'am.
- Take over, Mr Conwell. - Aye aye, sir.
Captain's off the bridge. lt won't be long now.
Captain's off the bridge.
- Order's coming up soon, Chief. - OK, Carver.
- ls he downstairs yet? - Below, Jessie. The Captain's below.
- How much is in the pool? - 200 bucks. Are all the areas covered?
- l got a five spot on Area 22. - 16 for me! l hear it's a pleasure cruise!
l took 7.
- You what? - l took 7.
- That's a one-way ticket, idiot! - Trying to jinx us all?
- What do you mean, one-way? - No return, Jessie. No return.
But l was born on the 7th. What with all that money in the pool, l...
7 is lucky for me, ain't it?
The money's all locked up inside.
Wilson, tell the engine room we're standing by.
- Hey, Chief, can l change areas? - Too late.
Gentlemen, l ask for silence.
The next voice you hear
will be the dealer.
This is the Captain.
I know aII of you are vitaIIy interested in our area assignment.
Here is a rundown of the orders under which we will operate during this patrol.
Number one.
And I'm sure you've heard this many times.: sink enemy shipping.
Number two.: proceed on a specified course to Area 7...
- l knew it! l just knew it! - For Pete's sake, turn it off!
Number three: avoid the section in Area 7 known as the Bungo Straits.
Number four.: take coast inteIIigence photos wherever possibIe.
A third of you are new men, and I know there are bound to be some questions.
FeeI free to ask your division officer any time.
That's aII. Thanks for your attention.
Hey, where are the Bungo Straits?
- Why? - He said we'll avoid it.
He didn't say anything about avoiding 7.
OK, give everyone back his money, Kohler.
No dice. Somebody took Area 7.
- Who? - He did.
Jeez, fellas, l didn't know! Well, it's my birthday!
7's my birthday!
Simulated target dead ahead, sir.
Range 2,000. AII hands standing by for driII.
Bail out. Lookouts, below!
Clear the bridge!
Dive! Dive!
- What's the depth? - 38 feet, sir.
- Ruby, where's the scope? - We're not at periscope depth yet.
Stand by to surface.
Now let's get this straight.
- l want this scope up as we dive. - As we dive, sir?
l wanna be ready to fire once we level off at 50 feet.
l know this is new to you, but you'll have to get used to it.
The purpose of this drill is to dive and fire as soon as we level.
Let's try it again. Surface!
Blow main ballast. Hard rise on planes.
- Blow negative! - Level off. 8-degree angle,
- Depth: 40 feet. - Steady on course, Captain.
- Mark: 50. Levelled off. - Fire 1 . Time?
42 seconds, sir.
- Not fast enough. Open the vents sooner. - Aye aye, sir.
Stand by to surface. We'll try it again.
Dive! Dive!
- Open the vents on the diving alarm. - Taking a chance, isn't it?
You can always shut 'em if you don't get a green board.
Aye aye, sir.
Dive! Dive!
Open 'em up! Flood those tanks!
Dive! Dive!
- Mark: 50. Levelled off. - Fire 1 .
- 37 seconds, sir. - That's good. Very good.
By the time we reach Area 7, l want it down to 33.
- 33, sir? - 33 is right.
- Yes, sir. Secure from battle stations? - Yes, Jim.
- Take the conn, Mr Cartwright. - Secure from battle stations.
Secure. Third section, take watch.
All ahead one third.
Light the smoking lamp.
l said secure. Your tails can't be dragging that much.
What's the matter? No gripes, no groans?
lsn't anyone gonna say it's a four-second difference?
Not a boat in the fleet could make it?
Ruby, you worried about drills?
- No, sir. - Poplin?
l never keep anything from a crew. l don't expect 'em to keep anything from me.
So, come on, speak up!
Well, l... l guess it's... lt's Area 7, Mr Bledsoe.
- You heard the operation orders. - That's just it, sir.
- They mentioned the Bungo Straits. - What difference does that make?
That's the section where those subs were lost - the graveyard.
- We've got orders to avoid it. - The Bungo Straits!
- Well, for Pete's sake! - Great!
- Lieutenant, we thought... - Don't think.
Grab some coffee. ln 30 minutes, you got another drill.
33 seconds!
Leave the hatch open, the boat might go down faster.
l heard you, Lieutenant.
Now that you've explained the orders,
how do you explain the purpose of these drills?
Captain to the bridge!
Easy, fellas! She's gotta last the patrol. One pat to a customer now.
- All ahead, standard on board. - OK, l got it.
Radar contact dead astern, sir. We think it's a Jap sub.
Has he seen us?
Hard to tell. Shall we open the outer doors on the stern tubes?
No. Keep her on present course.
Conning tower, aft engine room manned and ready.
Conn, forward torpedo room manned and ready.
How long shall we hold this course, sir?
Before we double back to get 'em.
We're not going to double back.
- Sir? - He might get lucky. l'm not risking it.
- We're faster. We could outmanoeuvre it. - Hold her steady.
- Aye aye, sir. - Keep a sharp lookout astern!
Lost radar contact at 6-5-0-0 yards, sir.
Very well. Secure from battle stations.
Secure from battle stations.
Second section, take the watch.
l'll take the conn. Lay below.
Aye aye, sir.
Well, you've had the boat for a week now.
l guess you noticed how quickly she responds.
Always a shudder when you push her too hard. Best to ease her into it.
- Thanks. Anything else? - Just one thing, sir.
She hates showing her backsides to Japanese submarines.
Permission to go below, sir?
Now hear this, now hear this. Orders of the day.
To your sacks, men. You've got 25 seconds to lay flat on your backs.
Any of you gripers want a sleeping pill?
He's a caution. lsn't he a caution!
Give the skipper a couple, will ya?
A Jap sub and all these drills. The Captain must be running scared.
lt's the craziest war patrol l ever started on.
Who said anything about a war patrol? You're all confused, my friend.
We're on a drill patrol. First time in the annals of the Navy Department.
What's it all mean? What's he got in mind, huh?
Haven't you heard? He's gonna challenge the Japs to a drill.
The winner will get an all-expense-paid honeymoon
with Tokyo Rose in the Bungo Straits.
Gentlemen, we are indeed fortunate. Let us pay tribute to that great motto.
''Caution with safety and safety with caution.''
Now. Let's do better than that.
Let's drink a toast to our beloved captain, the drillmaster!
For he knew our fleet boat was faster than a Jap sub.
l've had enough kidding, Jerry.
Why? A cautious captain with orders to ''avoid''?
lf we stay out of Area 7 as well as the Straits, we're in.
- l bet he's thinking of a way now! - Excuse me, sir. Your watch list.
What about that, Mueller? You're chummy with him.
l don't know what you're talking about, Mr Cartwright. Do you, sir?
Come back here, Kraut!
Get out, Mueller. Go on.
lf you have any questions, you come to me, not the crew. Understand?
And that goes for your opinions, too.
Maybe we'd better break this up. lt's getting late.
Shut up.
BattIe stations manned. Standing by for driII.
Lookouts, below!
Clear the bridge!
Dive! Dive!
Surface! Surface!
- Someone up topside, sir! - All stop!
- All stop, sir. - Emergency! Surface!
Open up!
- Are you all right? - l'm all right, sir. l'm OK.
Who gave you permission to dump the garbage?
- Mr Cartwright, sir. - l thought he'd asked the OD.
- l was on the bridge. l... - Get below.
Yes, sir.
Only the captain gives permission to dump the trash.
lnstead of losing time on this drill, we almost lose a man!
Stand by to dive!
- Check the watch, Mr Kohler. - Aye aye, sir.
Mr Bledsoe.
Yes, sir?
- Have you been with this boat long? - Over a year, sir.
And is this the kind of cooperation you usually get?
No, sir.
A man could've been killed today.
The responsibility is yours. You're in charge of the drills.
l have no excuses. But under the circumstances, the crew did their best.
- What circumstances? - Don't press it.
l want an answer.
lt's one thing to drill a crew. But when you duck a Jap sub,
they wonder why they should care when the Captain has no stomach for attacking.
Does he want obedience, efficiency,
or the best-drilled cowards in the Navy?
Mr Bledsoe, tell them l'm doubling the drills, starting tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
You might as well know, sir. l don't believe it.
Believe what?
That you ran away from that sub from cowardice.
l know what ya mean, but what's the cook supposed to do - eat the garbage?
- We haven't had a minute... - Hey, Vince.
SJ contact, SJ contact!
Bearing 3-3-0, range 1 5 miles.
- A big one, huh? - lt's not a fishing boat, friend.
Picking up two of them now, sir.
Range closing. Enemy on southerly course.
Very well.
Right full rudder, come right to course 3-3-0.
Right full rudder, sir, coming right to 3-3-0.
- Very weII. - Looks like he's going to go in.
Sightseeing, Pat. Just sightseeing.
l can see them now.
Lead ship, possible Momo destroyer. Trailing ship, a large tanker.
We'll wait until the destroyer passes, then take on the tanker.
Shifting to TBT. Bearing coming down.
Bearing 0-2-0.
Set, sir.
Right full rudder, come right to course 0-3-0.
Open outer doors on tubes 1 and 2.
- Open outer doors on tubes 1 and 2. - Open outer doors on 1 and 2.
Angle on the bow now. Starboard 70.
Torpedo spread - one right, one left.
Solution checking. Everything's set, sir.
Destroyer's well clear now. Tanker range 3-2-0-0.
- AII ready to fire, sir. - Very well. Stand by, tube 1 .
Stand by, tube 1 .
- What's the torpedo run? - 2500 yards, sir.
- Commence firing. - Fire 1 .
Fire 1 .
- 1 fired, sir. - Stand by, 2.
- Spread set. - Fire 2.
Fire 2.
- 2 fired. - No.1 running hot and straight, sir.
Destroyer's angle on the bow now zero. Bearing?
- Bearing 0-4-5. - He's heading right at us.
Keep the sound down. We'll have orders to go deep.
Aye aye, sir.
lf you've had any questions about the drills, you'll have 'em answered now.
We're taking on the Momo.
Right standard rudder, come right to course 0-4-5.
- Coming right to 0-4-5. - Very well.
Open outer doors on tubes 3 and 4.
Open outer doors on tubes 3 and 4.
Range to destroyer: 2,000. Bearing steady.
Closing in fast. Coming head on.
At range 1-5-0-0, we'll crash-dive. At 50 feet, we'll give her two fish.
Down the throat? lt's a bow shot.
Range 1 ,800.
Lookouts, below!
Stand by to dive.
- Stand by to dive. - CIear the bridge!
Dive! Dive!
- Bearing. - Mark: 0-4-4.
- Set. - Depth: 34 feet.
- 10-degree angle. - 39 feet.
Level off.
- 44 feet. - Steady on course, Captain.
- Stand by on tube 3. - Stand by on 3.
- Levelled off at 50, Captain! - Fire 3.
Fire 3.
3 fired, sir.
Fire 4.
- 4 fired, sir. - Stand by to take her down fast.
- Stand by to take her down fast! - Aye aye, sir. Standing by.
- Captain, we got 'em! - ln 32 seconds!
32 seconds!
Left full rudder, all ahead one third.
Very well. Now hear this. Captain speaking.
You just gave a Jap tin can the deep six with a bow shot in 32 seconds.
This boat is ready for anything. Let's keep it that way.
Drills - no more than usual tomorrow.
Mr Bledsoe, take the conn and get us back on course.
Aye aye, sir.
- Boy, that skipper! - He knocks 'im down!
Hey, come here, you guys. Listen to this.
''Dear Commander, Japanese lmperial Fleet,
be it hereby known that on July 31st 1 943,
the USS Nerka, under the command of Captain PJ Richardson,
sunk a Japanese destroyer.''
''One down, 20 fish to go.'' Signed, Kraut Mueller.
How about that? We've been drilling for a bow shot all the time.
- Hey, Ruby, you were up there. - Right on the pickle, dear friend.
That tin can zigs right into us. l tell ya, l was shaking!
- What did the old man do? - Calm, you know. No excitement.
Orders two fish right down the throat. Just like you'd order ham and eggs.
lf we'd missed, we wouldn't have lived long enough to get into Area 7.
- We won't live long enough to get out. - lf, if, if! Go back to Sears Roebuck!
Forgive me if I interrupt the music.
You are Iistening to the voice you caII Tokyo Rose,
speaking to you from the heart of the Japanese empire,
teIIing you in your own Ianguage of a war you cannot win.
It has been substantiated that we have destroyed 1 6 enemy ships this month.
Oh, come on, Rosie, get up to date! You're missing one Jap tin can!
Jessie! Jessie, dear friend!
We've decided to be big about it.
We're not gonna hold you responsible for Area 7 any longer.
- We'll take back the money. - Gosh!
Well, that's nice of you fellas,
but my conscience hurt me so much, l threw it overboard.
- Not now, Kohler. - Don't shut me up again, Lieutenant.
l've seen all kinds of captains. We've seen 'em together.
But l never saw one run away from a Jap sub,
then take on a destroyer with a shot l didn't even know was in the book.
There has to be a reason.
That bow shot didn't just happen.
The drills were planned for it. The whole thing was...
l never heard of a bow shot being set up except in desperation.
lt's all like some experiment.
Suppose a bow shot was the only way he thought he could get an Akikaze.
An Akikaze isn't a Momo. There's a helluva difference.
This Akikaze's in the Bungo Straits.
But that's impossible. The orders say to avoid it.
l know.
Look, l know how you feel about him taking the boat and all.
But don't you think you're working at it overtime, sir?
We'll be hitting Area 7 tomorrow morning.
lt's a convoy all right, sir. Bearing 3-2-0 relative.
Sounds like a whole lot of 'em, sir.
- Cullen. - Aye aye, sir.
l have the dive. Depth: 60 feet.
- Forward torpedo room ready, sir. - We're undetected, sir.
Aft torpedo room manned and ready.
We're dead ahead of the convoy. What firing position shall we take?
Take her down, sir?
Take her down to 100 feet.
100 feet. Aye aye, sir.
Five degrees down bubble. Take her to 100 feet.
Secure from battle stations when we level off.
- Come right to course 2-8-0. - Right to course 2-8-0, sir.
Very well. Mr Cartwright, take over the conn.
Yes, sir.
What's he doing? What's going on?
- Give me a line on course 2-8-0. - Sir?
- A line on course 2-8-0 now! - Aye aye, sir.
- What's the skipper up... - Later, Beckman.
- Start levelling off. - Aye aye, sir.
There it is. You might as well post it.
A whole area to patrol and you pick the graveyard - the Bungo Straits!
lt's the only place we can get the Akikaze.
The one spot you're ordered to avoid.
You make it sound like a snap decision. lt wasn't.
That's quite obvious. Passing a Jap submarine to save your torpedoes.
Risking a bow shot. Ducking a convoy so they can't radio our position.
You planned it, all right! You knew it the day l came to your house!
l knew it before that, Jim. l knew it a year ago when my boat went down.
We have explicit orders. We have a crew that expects the captain to follow them.
You know that a captain can redefine orders
if he feels he has an advantage.
- What advantage? - You named it. A bow shot.
We did it with a Momo. We can do it again.
You call that an advantage when four subs before us never had a chance?
They were detected. Not even Pearl knows where we are.
What about the Japanese navy?
No, sir, that's no advantage. Not in my book.
But you're not the captain.
lf you should fail but come out of this alive,
there won't be a desk small enough for you this time!
That's strange, Jim. l never even thought of failing.
You've got a lot of guts, sir, with other people's lives.
That's my decision and my responsibility!
To whom? To a crew that died a year ago?
Yes! To a dead crew, a dead sub!
Believe what you want.
Well, this crew's still alive.
They have a right to know where they're going. Do l have to tell them?
What's the matter? Surely you've got guts enough for this, too.
This is the Captain.
Due to conditions of special advantage,
l have decided to take this boat to the Bungo Straits.
Bungo Straits, broad on the port beam.
We're there.
Bungo Straits.
We're at the Straits.
Bungo Straits.
We're there. We're in the Straits.
lf l'd only been born on the 8th.
See you a moment, sir?
- What is this? - We... We want to talk to you, Jim.
- l looked through the Navy rules. - We want you to take over.
That's very flattering, gentlemen.
Let's go. Everyone outside.
- They're Navy orders! - What right...
A captain's right. That's all he needs.
We might as well make up our minds now.
- We'll follow his orders. - Where? To the bottom?
lf that's what he's got in mind, that's where we'll go.
This boat - any boat - has one captain.
ls that right, Kohler?
Yes, sir.
- ls that right, Mr Cartwright? - Yes, sir.
Let's break this up.
Mr Cartwright, with all due respect to your rank,
may l say that l think you're an ass?
l see by this report that you called Mr Cartwright an ass.
- Yes, sir. - An officer?
That's right, sir.
- Mueller, you're a damn fool. - Yes, sir, l know.
But as long as l overheard, you might as well know, too.
They wanted Mr Bledsoe to take over.
- He put an end to that fast. - He would.
- Would you tell me something? - lf l can, sir.
- Am l a damn fool, too? - Sir?
Mr Bledsoe seems to think l am, and l have a great respect for his opinion.
Maybe you have to be, Captain, to do something like this.
You nailed that Momo with a bow shot. Why not the Akikaze?
The Akikaze never misses, Mueller. Never.
Well, he will this time, sir.
ls that a classified opinion or am l at liberty to repeat it?
lt's a fact, sir.
A fact they'll all realise at Bungo Pete's funeral!
Convoy now bearing 3-1-3. Range 7,000 yards.
Are we gonna set up on the leading ship, sir?
That's a decoy. Shallow craft. Used to draw fire away from the convoy.
You could shoot ten fish. They'd only run under it.
There! There she is, pulling up to the convoy!
- The Akikaze. - Yes.
She'll keep astern of both columns until they zig.
Look at her cut through there! Must be making 30 knots!
Doesn't stay in position long enough to give you a target.
Not unless he's coming toward you.
Take over in the conning tower. Track the next-to-last ship in the port column.
We'll give you a bearing. Right standard rudder!
Very well.
This is the Captain. The convoy we've been waiting for is on our starboard bow.
The pIan of attack is as foIIows. First, we'II strike a freighter going in.
If that doesn't bring the Akikaze toward us,
we'II attack the freighter nearest him.
When the Akikaze does head toward us, we'II dive and give him two fish
at 1 500 yards, just Iike the Momo.
Let's go. All ahead standard.
- All ahead standard, sir. - Very well.
How's the target course and speed check with the TDC?
Course checks. Speed, one knot slower.
Plane contact, sir.
Captain, radar's picked up enemy planes.
Lookouts, planes coming in. Watch for them.
Aye aye, sir.
- 1 5 miles. Range closing. - Planes 1 5 miles. Range closing.
They're closing fast, sir.
- Planes closing fast, sir. - The Japs must've known we were here.
We're going in according to plan.
Give me the setup.
- Stay on that freighter. - Aye aye, sir.
Range on freighter 2,000, sir. Track 7 0, gyro 20 right.
- Recommend firing course 2-9-7. - Come right to 2-9-7.
- Right to course 2-9-7, sir. - Planes six miles.
- They'll be on us in a minute. - Stand by.
Ready on tubes 1 and 2. Outer doors open. Standing by.
Range 1800 yards.
- Commence firing. - Fire 1 .
Fire 1 .
- 1 has been fired. - 1 fired, sir.
- 1's away. Fire 2. - Fire 2.
- 2 has been fired. - 2 is fired, sir.
- 2's away. - Make ready stern tubes!
Make ready stern tubes.
- Aircraft now one mile. - Come to course 0-8-9.
Coming to course 0-8-9!
Very well. Time check on first torpedo.
Five seconds, four...
Both fish hit. She's headed down.
Stern tubes ready, sir.
Aircraft range steady. Appear to be circling overhead.
Right full rudder, all ahead flank.
Shift target to Akikaze. He's coming on. Bearing coming down.
- Bearing 2-5-0. - 2-5-0, sir.
Radar to bridge. Aircraft returning.
Range 4,000. Tubes 3 and 4 ready. Outer doors open.
- Want me to take her down, sir? - Not yet, not yet! Lookouts, below!
Range 3,000.
We'll have to fire from surface. Stand by.
- Commence firing! - Fire 3.
- 3 fired, sir. - 3's away, sir.
Clear the bridge!
Dive! Dive!
- Take her down to 300 fast! - Aye aye, sir!
- Gimme a time check on that fish. - 24, 23...
Torpedo screws, sir. Heading toward our port side.
- Must be that last torpedo, sir. - lt's a runaway.
Coming back at us! Crash-dive! Sound collision alarm!
Passing 7-5 feet, sir.
Passing 9-0 feet, sir.
Destroyer coming in, sir.
He's shifting to attack frequency, sir!
Picking up splashes, sir. Depth charges on the way down.
Passing 1 50 feet.
lt's all right! Leave it! The governor'll stop it at 2100rpm.
Forward torpedo room reporting. Hatch was bIown on the main...
We cannot make...
Forward torpedo room.
Forward torpedo room.
- Phone circuit's out, sir. - Check on the damage.
- Captain wants a damage report. - A couple of dogs sheared off the hatch.
- Can you fix it? - l'll know in a minute.
Turn on emergency lights.
Torpedo room. Forward torpedo room, report.
Forward torpedo room.
Take the conn. l'm going to check.
- LeveIIing off. - All ahead one third!
- ls the hatch sprung? - A couple of dogs sheared off.
Close the hatch! Close the hatch!
Close the hatch!
Losing depth controI. Heavy forward. Request more speed.
Forward room must be flooding. All ahead standard!
- You OK, sir? - Yeah.
- ls the compartment flooded? - Partially.
Three dead.
They're coming in for the kill, sir.
Only way to get out of this alive is to make 'em think we're all dead.
- Send up an oil slick? - Send up blankets, gear, everything.
the men that were killed, send them up through the tubes.
Yes, sir.
Screws diminishing, sir!
Captain? Captain, there's something else here. Listen.
What is it, sir? l can't make that out.
What's the situation in the hatch?
lt's OK. The engineer should have the new parts ready in a couple of hours.
lt's well secured with block and tackle, sir.
Clear the compartment.
OK, everybody out. Come on. On the double. Let's go, fellas.
What is it, sir? I can't make that out.
Here. Better take a swallow, sir.
- What is it? - A stimulant from the medical safe.
lt's 100 proof, sir.
- How long have l been out? - Just a few minutes, Captain.
You'd better worry about yourself. You'll be in for a rough time.
Hendrix knows his stuff. You've had a pretty bad concussion.
lt's worse than that. There's a medical term for it,
but it all adds up to blacking out now and then for quite a while.
lf you don't keep off your feet, sir, you'll be blacking out permanently!
- You'll keep this to yourselves. - But, sir...
That's an order, Hendrix.
Send for Mr Bledsoe.
- Well, go on! - Yes, sir.
The torpedo firing circuits will take 24 hours to repair.
We'll have to set up a jury-rig for the radio,
and the radar needs some work, too.
That's another 24 hours.
Not bad, considering. We'll lay over for two days, then we can get moving.
Yeah, the timing's perfect. Those convoys come out every 48 hours.
- You really got shook up, didn't you? - No.
- No, l couldn't feel better. - Then maybe l didn't hear you right.
You heard me right. l'm talking about the Straits.
Going back to the Bungo Straits.
We're through playing with lives. lt's the end of the line.
Why? Because a torpedo went wild?
You know that's 100 to 1 , an accident.
The whole Japanese air force... dropping everything it's got.
- That's an accident, too? - Next time around, we'll make it.
What are you gonna do? Swim back to the Straits or use a lifeboat?
Because that's all the help you're gonna get.
Those are tall words. You'd better stop and think a minute.
l have thought about it. That wasn't a tea party the crew held before.
They wanted me to take over then. They'll feel the same way now.
You make one move to take over and, l swear, l'll see that you're hung!
Then we'll hang together. Orders were disobeyed. No more technicalities.
A fleet boat of the Navy, a sub with her fighting power intact,
and you'd take her back to Pearl?
l don't believe it!
Mr Cartwright!
Yes, sir?
We'll lay over two days for repairs before returning to Pearl.
l'll be in command.
Get a detail started right away.
- Yes, sir. - That's all, Cartwright.
Yes, sir.
The best Exec l could get in the whole Navy!
The backstop, l think you said!
And the first command you give as a captain is to order a retreat!
Goodbye, Bungo! Hello, Pearl!
- Funny, funny, funny! - What's with you?
We're trying to eat. Knock it off.
- ls this a private dining room? - Wanna sing? Go to the head!
lt'll take more than you to put me there!
Break it up! What's the matter with you guys?
We're going back to Pearl, aren't we?
How many patrols have you had, Mr Sears Roebuck?
- This is my second. - Well, l've had five since '42.
l've taken depth charges, shells, strafings,
even a bombing run off the Solomons.
This is the first time l've gone back to Pearl with 1 5 torpedoes still aboard.
Kohler, better start the torpedo check.
- Aye aye, sir. - Mr Cartwright?
- Do you think we could've had 'im? - What?
Suppose that fish hadn't gone wild, sir.
You think that aircraft was playing games? The Japs had us detected.
- The Captain said... - He's flat on his back.
Be better if somebody had put him there sooner.
- Kohler, get started. - Mr Cartwright...
This time words just fail me!
- lt's this way, sir. l... - Why didn't you stop it?
- l didn't know it was gonna happen. - You let it go on.
- No, sir... - Then it didn't happen?
lf l have to put every crew member on report, l will!
lt was my fault, sir.
Go on up to the bridge. Tell the OD you're on report.
- Sir... - What did you say?
l told you once to keep your opinions to yourself!
Now get out of here!
Yes, sir.
l'm not going to stand for any fighting or insubordination.
lf you think you've got a soft touch, you're mistaken! You hear?
Wow! How about that? Chewing out an officer in front of us!
He was chewing us all out. What's he so sore at us for?
- Turn it up a bit. - lt's OK. Let's leave it.
What are you trying to do - break the plate?
You are Iistening once again to the voice you caII Tokyo Rose.
- Turn it off. - Yes, sir.
I pIay the music for the wives and sweethearts of the submarine Nerka.
You'II never see these men again. The Nerka has been sunk.
- It's at the bottom of the Bungo Straits. - They bought it. They chalked us up.
We send our regrets to the reIatives of Captain PJ Richardson,
of officers James BIedsoe, GeraId Cartwright,
CarI Beckman.
Of seamen Jessie Warner, Kraut MueIIer...
- Kraut Mueller? How... - Listen!
You'II never see them again. Think about it.
Think what your country has done to these men
as you Iisten to the music.
They even named us! The officers, the crew!
How could they possibly know?
- Welsh? - Yes, sir?
Were any messages sent after we entered Area 7?
No, sir. We cut off all transmission. Captain's orders.
No information, no transmitting of any kind left this boat?
That's right, sir.
Yes, sir?
Did you ever sign your name ''Kraut'' Mueller?
Only on that notice l put up about the Momo destroyer.
- Where's Russo? - Yes, sir?
The trash you put in the sacks - how do you weight it?
- How do you weight it? Answer me! - Tin cans, broken tools.
- Anything l can find to weight it down. - Does it sink?
- l think so, sir. - You think so?
l can't say for certain, Mr Bledsoe.
Did you dump any sacks off the Straits?
Yes, sir.
What have l done now?
How do you feel?
l'm all right.
Repairs are completed. We're ready to move.
The crew must be very happy.
Aren't you? That's what you wanted, isn't it?
That's what l wanted.
l see.
- You're going back to the Straits. - That's right.
What changed your mind?
l found out how they detected us.
Those fishing barges along the coast have been picking up our garbage.
For the first time, we have a real advantage.
Sure, Jim.
l made the same speech.
But you and l both know that the odds are still against us.
There's always a calculated risk, the unknown factor.
Let's not kid ourselves.
You're going back because you've been through it,
because you have to go back.
You knew all along l would.
Let's say l had a hunch your order to retreat wouldn't be carried out.
OK, Rich.
l guess the real reason l came in here was to tell you that l...
Good luck, Jim.
We know they think we're sunk. There's no way for them to know we're here.
Every angle has been covered except the risk of battle.
We're gonna make that risk pay off.
Any more questions?
There must be something you wanna ask.
Well, sir, we all thought...
Would you mind stepping over here a moment, sir?
Be my guest, Mr Bledsoe.
Thanks, Kohler. lt's a privilege.
Decoy leading as before.
There she is - the Akikaze.
Travelling about 30 knots and coming up.
Stand by to surface.
What is it, sir? I can't make that out. What is it, sir?
What is it, sir? I can't make that out.
Port side clear, sir.
Steady on course 0-5-0.
- Due course 0-5-0, sir. - Very well.
What is it, sir? I can't make that out.
All ahead one third, sir.
Very well. Lookouts, to the bridge!
Mr Cartwright, same plan of action.
We'll attack the last freighter in the starboard column.
When the Akikaze comes in, we'll give her a bow shot as before.
All tubes ready for firing, sir.
ln firing position. Good setup on freighter.
- Outer doors open on tubes 1 and 2. - Fire 1 .
Fire 1 .
- 1 fired, sir. - 1's away, sir.
Fire 2.
- 2 fired, sir. - 2's away, sir.
Left 10-degree rudder. Come to course 0-4-1 .
Akikaze moving up starboard side of burning freighter.
Bearing on Akikaze.
- 0-8-9, sir. - Come right to course 0-8-9.
Coming right to course 0-8-9, sir.
At what range will we fire, sir?
1 ,500 yards. We'll take her with decks awash.
Shift to battery. All ahead one-third.
Shifting to battery. All ahead one third, sir.
- Control room. - ControI room, aye aye.
Flood down to 26 feet.
Aye aye, sir. Open main ballast tank vents. Flood down to 26 feet.
- Range to Akikaze? - Range 2400 yards.
- Use tubes 3 and 4 on this run. - Tubes 3 and 4. Aye aye, sir.
Rig out bow planes.
Range 2,100 yards.
Open outer doors on tubes 3 and 4.
Stand by to fire tubes 3 and 4.
Ready on tubes 3 and 4. Outer doors open.
Range 1 ,800.
Lookouts, below!
Range 1-6-0-0.
Commence firing at 1-5-0-0.
Stand by to fire.
Fire 3.
- 3 fired, sir. - 3's away, sir.
Fire 4.
- 4 fired, sir. - 4's away, sir.
Clear the bridge!
Dive! Dive!
1 5-degree angle. Take her deep!
That's it! We got her!
All ahead one third!
Level off and bring her up to periscope depth!
What is it, sir? I can't make that out.
Take a look.
Sir, listen.
That transmission again. l can't make that out.
Bledsoe! Take her down! Sound collision! Take her down fast!
Sound collision! All ahead full! Flood negative! Take her down!
Flood negative! Hard dive on planes!
- Torpedo coming! Another runaway! - But both were hits!
lt's not ours. lt's theirs. lt's from another sub.
That's what sunk all our boats. A Japanese submarine.
She missed us.
Captain, hadn't you better go below?
Passing 90 feet, sir.
All ahead one third.
Level off at 1 20.
Rig ship for silent running.
Shift to manual control. Shut down ventilation. Secure all machinery.
No unnecessary movement or talking.
Here he is, sir.
l've lost him.
They've stopped their motors.
Let's make it a standoff.
All stop.
All stopped, sir.
Can't hold her down too long without some speed.
We'll have to start the motor soon.
Let's hope they start theirs first.
- What was his last true bearing? - 1-3-5.
The bearing's no good without knowing his depth.
And we can't get that. We gotta get him to surface.
There's a convoy still up there.
With the Akikaze gone, he'll have to come up to protect those ships.
Suppose we sink a couple.
- Do l have your permission, sir? - You're the captain now.
- Stand by to surface! - Standing by!
Secure from sound running and collision!
All ahead full!
Re-load forward tubes when we surface.
Shift targets. Angle on the bow 70 starboard, bearing coming down!
Commence firing when set!
- Radar, any sign of that sub? - Not yet, sir.
- Keep a sharp lookout, Johnson! - Aye aye, sir.
Fire 3.
Fire 4.
New radar contact. Bearing 3-0-3 relative.
That should be our friend.
There he is.
He's changing course.
Moving in behind the decoy. Using it as a screen.
Right standard rudder, come right to course 0-6-9.
Very well.
That decoy, you say it has a shallow draught?
Yeah, that's right. We could shoot under it and hit the sub.
Open outer doors on tubes 5 and 6. Set torpedo depth at 16 feet.
Steadied on new course, sir!
Range 1-5-0-0. Standing by to fire, sir.
He's all yours, Captain.
Fire 5.
- 5's away, sir. - Fire 6.
SJ radar contact! Aircraft coming in fast!
- Clear the deck. - Lookouts, below!
Hurry! Clear the decks! Stand by to dive!
Dive! Dive!
lt's 38 days now since we left Pearl Harbor.
l know how some of us felt then. l think l know how some of us feel now.
But let no one here, no one aboard this boat,
ever say we didn't have a captain.
Unto Almighty God we commend the soul of our shipmate departed,
and we commit his body to the deep in the sure and certain hope
of the resurrection unto eternal life
when the sea shall give up her dead in the life of the world to come.
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