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Running Out Of Time

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Shit, it's spread too fast.
How much longer?
Four weeks.
But if you are bleeding internally, you will die soon.
Don't worry!
Just give me pain killers for 4 weeks.
Looks like we won't see each other again.
Only in this life, doctor.
Ho, the suspect is still inside.
Officer Wong is the control car.
Mr. Wong!
The suspect destroyed the surveillance camera.
We can't see what's going on inside.
We don't even know how many suspects or hostages are inside.
Have we talked to him?
20 minutes ago.
You go?
You must have told him that you are Chief Inspector Wong.
Tell them to surrender in 3 minutes, alright?
Hey, I am Chief Inspector Wong.
Are you a negotiator?
Sounds like he is wearing a mask.
I'm in charge of this case.
You are surrounded.
Release the hostages in 3 minutes.
Drop your weapons and surrender.
What you're telling me is going to get hostages killed.
Tell them your name and your job position.
Alice Lau, I am a bank teller...
What do you want?
Dismiss the snipers from the opposite building.
Move all the cops a block back.
And get me a bullet proof Benz with a full tank of gas.
I want the car in half an hour.
Why don't you just tell them you want a helicopter?
- Okay! I want a helicopter! - Shut up! You don't understand.
Stop wasting my time, I'm not saying anymore.
Half an hour, the clock is ticking.
Hey, I didn't mean that...
I'm not talking to you anymore, half an hour.
Don't try to waste time... I'm not going to talk to you.
Half an hour, the clock is starting to tick now.
Forget it, He's crazy! He said that he wants a helicopter.
I feel he's quite calm and very professional.
Turn on the walkie-talkie, I want to know what you're talking about.
Remember! Don't say anything.
Go over there!
It's only a dream.
I am Inspector Ho.
The helicopter can't park out there.
There are too many neon lights hanging.
I suggest you get a car.
But U want to see if the hostages are safe or not.
Go back.
If I don't see a helicopter in 5 minutes.
I will kill a hostage.
I'm here to help you!
My job is to resolve this case peacefully.
I'm not carrying any weapons.
Go back.
You're already killed someone, Ken!
Why are you using my name? I told you not to use real names!
If your chicken asshole brother didn't drive away.
We would have gotten away.
Don't cry...
Hey man, why don't we do this...
You let me take the wounded hostages away.
They are bleeding, they're in danger of dying.
I promise we will arrange a car to take you to the helicopter port.
No one is allowed to leave.
If anyone dies here.
This will no longer be robbery, it will become a murder case.
It's much more serious.
The cops will not negotiate with suspects under those circumstances.
So what if it is a murder case.
Why don't you let them go?
I know you didn't shoot.
You don't look like a person who would shoot someone.
I will make you a stained witness.
Even if the judge sentences you for 5 years.
I promise you'll be release within 3 years.
Don't be an idiot. He's using you.
If he shoots one more time. The SDU will storm in here.
No matter how many hostages there are.
They will not let you live.
Also they can hear everything we just said.
Time's up.
If you don't leave now.
It will be this girl's unlucky day.
You're going to kill her?
Don't do it, Ken.
You said my name again?
Ken, if you try to kill the hostages then I think you'll kill me.
You are going to get us killed.
You trust that cop?
- You're scared now, aren't you? - Ken!
No one ever escapes under a situation like this.
Asshole! Shut up!
Ken you are so selfish!
You want us to die with you.
- Let's see who will die first! - I dare you to fight me!
Hostages are coming out. Repeat, the hostages are coming out.
Officer, I'm a policeman.
I'm on holiday today.
Why is this case so much trouble?
You feeling sick today?
I'll help this security guard out first.
Don't be scared... Hold on!
The person on the phone was you, right?
You still want to kill me?
But you're too stupid.
How can a dead man talk?
If you shoot me with you own gun.
You can't get away, let's go.
Ho, what's going on?
Why are you turning off the walkie-talkie?
I almost lost my life.
There are three robbers.
Two suspects were killed by our men.
- That man is the prime suspect. - What?
What is it?
Write me a report!
Not only the pants, but the shirt is tight too.
We followed your measurements.
But I've already fixed the buttons so many times.
Have you ever seen a policeman's...
Bottoms fall of when on duty?
It's really embarrassing.
Who? Let me see. Let me measure it.
Okay, the new uniform will fit for sure.
If not, you can come back and hit me.
- Thanks! Officer! - It's okay!
- Waist size, 36 inches. - Yes, officer!
- Have you checked the tickets? - Yes, Sir!
Check it again.
Police today are illiterate.
Send this to the Judiciary now.
Come with me to go check on the warrants.
They're done, how many times can you check them?
You've arrested everyone you could possibly arrest.
Clean up the warehouse. It's really messy.
- Let's clean it up together. - Sir... I did it last week.
- Who told you to do this? - You!
Executive support...
I told you, sister Cute called in sick.
When she comes back, I'll tell her to clean up for you.
I'll go... What? Let me do it.
There's a draggle taking a dump on the 4th floor.
No one clean it up!
Piggy, go!
Let's go together.
Have the shoes arrived yet?
They're all in the warehouse.
You want to ask Yun to go fishing with you?
Yes, he wanted to go fishing a long time ago.
Really? Let's go together.
Say it!
Well, Alice...
Dad said he wanted to take Long fishing.
What about this Sunday?
Long will be happy.
Little girl!
What is it, sir?
Check please.
Someone paid for you already.
I don't know, he left a message.
He was sitting at the bar, He's gone now.
Was it a man or a woman?
A man!
Sir, can I help you?
I have a meeting with Mr. Lee.
Have you brought the deed of your house?
This won't take a long time.
If all the documents are here.
It'll only take 15 minutes.
Sir, are you joking?
Are you laughing at me?
You're off work.
Run, he has a gun...
Go take a break.
The robber is holding our manager.
According to the staff, there is only one suspect.
He's holding some kind of gun.
They're holding the manager hostage.
Call the SDU.
Yes, Sir!
Hey, call the negotiator.
Yes, Sir!
Almost, get up.
Sir, please calm down.
I am the negotiator, I am here to help you.
- I'm coming in now. - Open the door!
Relax! I'm not armed.
The whole building is surrounded, you can't get away.
Let him go.
What are you doing here?
Let me hear you demand.
You are here to talk to me? Open the door!
What's you name?
I'm Hau!
Mr. Hau, I don't like your voice.
Go get me someone else.
Open the door!
Let's go!
You go tell them, tell them to leave.
Let's go!
- Fine! - Go!
Mr. Wong, did you hear that? He won't talk to me.
I am Chief Inspector Wong of the Organized Crime Bureau...
Let's go!
You can talk to me, I am in charge of this case.
Let's go.
If you want him to stay alive.
Get someone else to come talk to me.
Go up!
The suspected robber has now brought the hostage to the roof.
All of you go to the opposite building.
I want to know the exact position of the suspect and the hostage.
Yes Sir!
Don't salute me, we belong to different departments now.
- Go back to your work. - Yes Sir!
The robber has taken the manager of the finance company to the roof.
- Where is him? - Right here.
Sir, the areas has been sealed, you can't use the lift.
I know, which floor should I go to?
The 28th floor.
It'll take at least 8 minutes for me to run up to the roof.
If anything happens in 8 minutes, will you take the responsibility?
Sir, I won't take the responsibilities either.
If you go, I'll be blamed.
Fix him, I have no time to fool around with him.
I'm trying to save someone's life here, do you understand?
You should be more flexible, you know?
Have you locked the lift?
- Where's the key? - I don't have it.
- Did you press the button? - No!
You're blocking the sensor, stand back.
Stand back!
Don't block the sensors.
Inspector Wong's come.
Give me a walkie-talkie.
Inspector Wong.
Who's calling me?
The lift is coming up.
Who's so nice to give you a helping hand?
How come the SDU is dealing with such a tiny matter?
The suspect doesn't want to talk to Hui!
So we're forced to change negotiator.
He's stalling.
Did you talk to him?
I didn't say that much.
You can't keep your mouth shut!
How can I not say anything when he's standing right in front of me?
There you are! I've been waiting for ages.
I'm sorry. I was stuck in traffic.
You mind...
I get closer to talk to you?
I'm not armed.
Sniper 1, report you position!
Sniper 2?
Sniper 2, wait...
Sniper one reporting, we can't see the suspect.
Sniper two reporting, the suspect is blocking himself with he hostage.
He's behind a pole.
I'm Inspector Ho Sheung-sang, how can I help you?
I think you pretty much know in these situations what they want.
Some want money, a car.
An airplane, or sometimes to see his wife.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Never mind.
I don't want those things.
Don't move!
Officer Ho is blocking the suspect, we can't get a good shot.
Smart, eh?
Can you tell me your name?
You can find out pretty easily.
What the hell do you want?
I just want to play a game with you for 72 hours.
Shit, a fool meets another fool now.
You just want to play a game with me?
That's right!
Okay but the hostage is innocent.
Please let him go.
I'll take his place.
The suspect has shot the hostage.
A Team break in!
This is a pressure starter.
If I drop it, a bomb will explode.
Wong Kai-fai, look at where you are standing.
You're holding this piece of shit and want me to believe it's a bomb?
You don't believe it? Try me!
I don't believe it, go ahead.
Go ahead!
I believe you, don't do it!
The bomb's a fake!
How do you know?
Would you please trust me for once?
Why should I trust you and not him?
If it explodes, I'll be blamed.
If it doesn't, I won't be blamed.
You're a policeman, would you be a bit braver?
You don't even know if it's real of fake.
Don't move, there are more that two bombs.
If it explodes, I won't take the responsibility.
Don't move!
So, you will watch me leave.
Command car!
Ask the bomb disposal unit to come up here.
Help... l'm still alive...
Help! Is there any anybody?
What's it say?
What a mess!
Check where the shaft leads to...
Ask the manager to come up here.
How can you let him escape?
Forget about it, I'm asking you where this pipe leads to.
All doors lead to the control room.
But don't worry, he can't escape this building.
Check the blue prints now.
Don't talk to me, you had a great opportunity.
But you said one sentence that you shouldn't have.
And now it's turned into this.
How do we get him back?
Every comer of this building is covered, how can he escape?
He can disguise himself...
As a SDU member and escape.
By now he could be walking on the street.
What are you, writing a script?
Senior, what's happened?
One of our men has been attacked.
Officer Wong, we're on the 18th floor.
One of our men is suspected to be attacked by a SDU member.
I'll be right there.
You'd up to the 18th floor.
What did you say?
Where in Tsimshasui?
The pier, please.
Where do you want to go?
To the nearest police station.
You alone?
You're not armed.
Aren't you afraid that I might kill you?
If you shoot.
The car will flip over.
Yes, it's dangerous.
If you can take me to the police station, you win.
I don't always aim accurately.
After "three", I'll shoot.
Sorry, the men from the Organized Crime Bureau want your statement.
Sir, I can't hold it, I need to go to toilet.
You can't remove this, we need to do some tests.
I need to go, I can't hold it anymore.
You can't remove the stuff off your face.
Don't wash your hand.
Just keep quiet and you'll be fine.
Move over.
What is this?
Old clothes!
Open it and let me see.
Where are you talking them to?
I'm going to take them to my relatives living in Mainland China.
Driver, you can move.
Thank you!
Stop at the intersection.
Stop at the gas station.
Why are you following me?
I live here.
This is yours.
No... just remember one thing...
Sometimes one plus one never equals two.
I bet you, he will not leave Hong Kong.
So, is he waiting for the police to catch him?
You should think over the whole case.
Then you will find out he is not your ordinary robber.
What is his target? What is his motive?
Isn't it worth it to think it over?
I know he's been transferred as a clerical staff.
He ruined the case just because he didn't listen to my orders.
That's why the robber was able to escape.
I've put up with enough.
This is not the first time.
Just like the last time...
I'm not giving you a hard time, I don't mean that...
I know you two are buddies.
I'm sorry, I understand that now.
Good-bye, Sir!
It's best if we put ourselves in the shoes of the robber.
Think what he is thinking.
Of course, he must be a very smart guy.
Officer Wong!
Go and check the evidence.
Many shops sell SDU uniforms...
Check this out.
The sergeant is doing it now.
Take this to the armament department and check it.
The expert said this is regularly sold.
He can't see anything special.
Check the finger prints.
Officer Ho said there weren't any finger prints.
The guy may have put some glue on his fingers.
Get a picture for me, okay?
It's done, we've got the warrant already.
What are we forgetting?
Stupid. I'm so stupid!
I forgot the most important clue, the finance company.
I forgot the most obvious clue.
We can check there.
Ask someone to change the light in the corridor.
I haven't seen you for ages, I thought you were dead.
Don't think that I'm back to help you.
I just want to take a look at the diamond.
It's short 5 million!
Each person gets 2.5 million.
The other two guys didn't come!
They're dead...
And the Russian Mafia are still looking for us!
It's your problem, not mine.
If the diamond's real, then you can leave.
Is it real or not?
It's real!
I say it's fake.
I say it's real.
- It's fake. - What games are you playing?
Don't waste my time.
Give me the money,
and let me get the damn out of here.
If you want to sell it, I've got a buyer.
Fix him.
Call me, 20%% % commission for me.
I have nothing to say, I told you everything I know.
You've been asking the same questions.
- I'm bored, aren't you bored too? - Yes, I'm understand.
Never mind, just tell me all the details.
An eyesight, a movement, a smile.
Andy words you heard...
- I've got you name card. - Just anything...
You remember.
I'll let you know if I remember anything.
- Don't forget to call me. - Thank you, Officer.
Anytime will do.
This diamond worthies 80 million.
Be smart, keep an eye on it round the clock.
What's up?
Nothing, I'm just looking.
And you company...
I think it's beautifully decorated.
What are you?
Why do you ask?
I'm a cop.
I work in the transportation field.
A robbery happened there.
Did you see anyone suspicious?
The police have asked thousands of time.
Thousands of times.
Sorry to bother you.
Thousands of times!
I was just going to go to the toilet.
Okay, I'm not going.
I have two questions for you...
First, why did he rob the finance company?
There are jewelry and antique shops in the same building.
If it was for the money, he could have robbed those shops.
Why did he rob the finance company?
This means he wasn't concerned with the money.
Second, why me? Why did he chose me?
Why did he plan so many things on the roof?
So, I'm positive.
He wanted to get something from me.
Or, he wanted to achieve something by using me.
So everyone think it over.
What do you say?
It's five o'clock, it's already five o'clock.
Right, your son is getting off school.
You have a mahjong appointment.
You want to go home for dinner.
And you want to go to Shenzhen.
I want to go to a concert.
Time to get off work...
It's a already five! It's definitely time to get off.
Officer Ho, see you.
- See you! - See you!
Officer Ho, I almost forgot, this came for you.
This is what you asked for.
You're really good! If you work fast, you'll get promoted fast.
No one knows more than you.
You've worked in almost every department.
Luckily you don't know anything about music.
Otherwise you'd join the police band too.
You're right! I don't like to blow things.
Who is this guy?
His name is Peter Cheung, he is the Master of Bald Cheung.
Three years ago, he was kicked out by Cheung.
We don't have any news on him.
I heard that he's gone to the UK.
The UK?
I've sent an e-mail...
To seek help from Interpol.
It's lunch time now...
In the UK!
I think we should get an answer later.
Where are we going to eat now?
I think there are...
Some British people on diets.
They may stay at the office to work.
Okay, you go back to the office and wait.
Inform me it you get anything.
You don't have a wife and you don't fool around.
You know, many colleagues say you're gay.
Do you think I'm gay?
By the way...
How's it going with the finance company?
Nothing suspicious. They run a clean business.
That bastard has no motive to rob that company.
What'd you just ask me?
Nothing... can you take me to my car?
Inform me if you hear any new.
Organized Crime Bureau, please wait...
Officer Wong, line three.
I am police officer.
An officer Ho here...
Who wants to check the crime scene.
My supervisor instructed me...
To notify the police station first.
Never mind him. He isn't in charge of this case.
If he comes again, call me immediately.
Don't think I'm such a whimp.
That office said you're not in charge of this case.
You'd better call him first.
I have to lock up now.
I am sorry, please help yourself.
Where's the milk powder?
Shit, I've forgotten to tell him the number.
Camera face.
Go check the corridor.
Suet, do you hear me?
Someone is coming.
Is there someone coming up?
He's here, Someone's come up!
He's here, Someone's come up!
Someone's come up!
You go up there and I'll go in the back.
Boss, there's something going on in the office.
Is the diamond there?
Yes, but a camera is set up next to the safe.
Take the case,
and wait for me at the parking lot in 15 minutes.
Why did you hang up?
Who are you?
It's me, Officer Ho!
Don't you know...
The hails almost killed me?
You think I'm someone you can around with.
Don't take the lift.
Let's go jogging.
Don't look for it anymore.
Someone's coming up.
Three guns for the three of you.
What do you have? An ash-tray?
No one messes with me.
Me too.
What are we going to do now?
What time is it now?
Ten twenty nine, don't you have a watch?
Which floor are you on?
The fifth floor!
How many floors can you run in one minute?
What do you want?
Let me tell you, there's an emergency exit on the ground floor.
It locks automatically at 10:30.
You still have thirty seconds... No, 28...
27, 26...
10, 9...
- The system is armed. - 8, 7...
6, 5...
So, you used me to draw the others' attention away.
You asshole!
No more cursing, think of a way to escape.
Thank you!
Why did the tire blow?
Get in!
Wake up...
Wake up!
After him!
You following me?
You're really something else, how dare you use me!
Not bad. You're able to keep up.
But you're looking for trouble.
What do you suggest?
Don't ask! You'll figure it out.
Don't light it so fast.
Give me the gun. I'm getting out of here.
The car is bumbing against us, run!
Has it exploded?
Shut up! Check what's happening.
Isn't it gonna explode?
Nothing's happening.
Go take a look.
I haven't experienced such excitement in years.
I have you to thank.
What did you steal?
It was stolen by the bald guy.
It's a diamond worth 80 million dollars.
We've swapped positions.
Last time I drove and you had the gun.
You are heartless.
Do you remember how you got out of the building?
If it weren't for me.
How would you be able to escape?
We're using each other.
So don't forget to watch your back.
Right! Do you know where the nearest police station is?
Same rule, if you're able to take me to police station, you win.
Don't think you'll be able to get away.
What's the matter with you?
There's nothing wrong with your brain.
If you're still worried, come back for another check up it two days.
Okay, thank you.
Officer Ho!
Officer Ho, Officer Wong asked you to wait for him.
Tell Officer Wong for me that.
I've already waited for a long time, I have to go now.
No... Officer Ho, don't give me a hard time...
Officer Ho, come here for a moment.
Officer Wong.
Wait for me in the lobby please.
Yes Sir...
Don't lie to me.
Well, I have a lunch appointment with a friend.
- On the way, I come across... - We found your car.
It's like the one that crashed, bullets holes were everywhere.
Someone's after me, there's nothing I can do.
We're the police, we have a lot of enemies.
Are you still trying to lie to me?
What's this?
This was found near your car.
I asked the doctor.
There are pain killers for a cancer patient in his last stage.
What a pity. You're so young.
It's my fault that I'm biased against you.
You always pick on me.
And you know I'm the Chief and I'm your senior.
If you keep taking these pills, they'll agitate you.
I'm sorry...
Be honest with me.
Maybe, I can help.
Inspector Ho.
Any news?
What happened to you? I just saw you a couple hours ago.
Is Peter Cheung dead?
He died in England on October 13th of last year.
It's be a year tomorrow.
Is tomorrow the 13th?
Yes, Friday the 13th.
Who's he?
The guy who robbed the finance company.
He's Peter Cheung's son.
He's been living in England.
Since Peter Cheung's death...
His son's where abouts are unknown.
You're gay. I'm not.
I'm sorry, thank you!
Are you okay!
I'm fine! I owe you one. I'll remember.
I'm leaving now.
- See you! - Good-bye!
Who is she? She's got a lot useful information.
Head of Interpol.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Madam, let me give you a ride.
The lift's here.
Thank you!
I am Chief Inspector Wong Kai-fat...
Boss you've got a DHL document.
You're kidding me, Peter.
An eye for an eye.
I've already kicked you ass before...
So what makes you think you can beat me now?
So, we have nothing to say then.
What the hell do you want?
Money, I just want 20 million.
So much money! How are you going to spend it all?
You can't take it with you when you die!
When? Where?
I'll call you again. Bye!
- You know where the bar is, right? - Yes!
I'm going now but remember, never...
Never use the walkie-talkie.
As soon as you give me the word, my buddies and I will go.
- Alright? - Smartass!
You're early, Inspector.
Yes, I've got a date.
Sit down.
You're made some accurate predictions, Mr. Cheung.
Have you checked that out?
You've stolen the diamond and you've avenged your dad.
Why do you want to see me?
I told you before, this game lasts for three days.
Did you forget?
Today's included.
But now you're not in charge. Remember, I'm the police.
Clear the warehouse and change the lights.
So much time, how are we going to spend it?
Aren't you bored?
Or are you afraid that you might lose?
If you are afraid of losing, then take me back.
It's useless trying to make me mad.
Besides, you're not afraid of being arrested.
And you're not afraid of being put behind bars.
I think, you'll die before we send you to court.
Right, nothing to be scared of.
I'm sorry...
Alright, I'll give you one minute to convince me.
If you convince me.
I won't ask my buddies to come in.
59, 58...
The bald guy has to deliver the diamond in three days.
I've got the diamond.
I make an appointment with him and of course he'll show up.
There, you'll catch him red handed and arrest him.
I'm just helping you out.
Thirty seconds left.
There are many in Interpol working on this case.
If you can nail him, you'll achieve something big.
You'll get a chance to transfer.
Fifteen seconds...
You seem to enjoy this game very much.
There's one more day. Why don't you join the game?
Ten, nine, eight...
Do you know what you look like these past two days?
Only the tail is missing, otherwise you look like a dog.
- You're dragged around... - Four, three...
You were tricked into coming here.
That's the rear exit.
Let me mess with you again.
Haven't they come yet? I'm leaving now.
He's gone.
What's wrong with you? You know I've been outside.
My urine was really yellow this morning.
I'm sorry...
Don't worry, just drink some herbal tea.
My urine was yellow too.
I have an idea to get you definitely promoted.
I was sorry.
Sit down and talk.
What did you say?
Minibus DW9363, stop and park to the side.
Turn off you radio and engine.
What's the matter, sir?
You're asking me what's the matter? You just ran a red light.
No, I didn't run the red light.
No? Everyone in the EU car saw it.
Let me see your license and I.D. Card.
I'm giving you a ticket for running the red light.
License, ticket.
Keep your radio down, goon.
Bastard! Giving tickets for no reason.
Damn it! Bustard.
Everybody off!
The borsh soup and fish filet please.
Don't you want to eat?
What's your name?
Leung Yuen-ting!
There's no use in knowing my name.
I read the paper, I know who you are.
Thank you!
You're welcome!
It's a shame I have no time.
Why does time matter?
- Boss! - How is it?
Don't worry, we've checked it.
Nothing's wrong in there.
Keep an eye on all the exits.
When the stuff arrives,
no one is allowed to leave.
Calling Officer Wong, target's appeared.
I'm sorry...
How are you?
What a crowd, even Wong Kai-fat is here.
You bastard!
Take a seat!
Who's this woman?
Go tell him that Peter sent you.
If the bald guy has any problems.
Tell him the diamond's fake.
But before you go, at least give me a kiss.
Thank you!
Get ready.
How are you?
Why aren't you playing?
Peter asked me to make the deal.
Hold on a second...
Open it!
Sorry, Officer Ho said...
We should move when the bald guy takes it.
Are you clear?
Damn it1 Damn you fag!
Are you trying to rob me, pal?
Where's the money?
How do I know the stuff is real or not?
If you pay me, then I'll show you the real stuff.
Is she your girlfriend?
You stay. Your girlfriend will get the money.
Is he going to get the money?
Honey, he said he'd take you to get the money.
Be careful!
Follow the girl.
Hung, do you read me?
Send someone to check it out.
Copy, I'll be right here.
Keep an eye on this place.
Cheung, watch out.
Calling Hung...
- Go over and take a look. - Yes, sir.
- Chung, what's the matter? - Hung, what's the matter?
- Chung, what the hell happened? - Hung, what's happened?
Go over there?
Don't worry, the stuff is here.
If you don't believe me, you go get it first!
They're the robbers, keep an eye on them.
Mr. Chen, Peter told me to come and make the deal.
Kid, what the hell are you trying to do?
That stuff is fake, the real stuff is here.
You are so stupid,
you don't even know what game you are playing.
Stop thinking that girl still likes you.
She is fooling you, stupid! Your stuff is fake.
No one ever tricks me!
I'll let you take a look.
Is it real or fake?
What happened?
Do you want to see the real one?
Damn it! You're working with her.
Let go...
It's mine...
Don't move...
Before you give the stuff to the bald guy, don't move!
Mr. Wong, Hung has been knocked out.
They're unconscious and the money's gone.
A man dressed up like a woman and another one's messing around here.
Try to trick me with a bowling ball? Do you think I'm stupid?
Bowling ball?
Police, don't move!
Put down your gun... Let me see your hands...
Police, freeze!
Drop your gun!
Right! I am Chief Inspector Wong from the Organized Crime Bureau.
Now we get both the thieves and the stolen stuff.
I have reason to suspect...
That these diamonds are the stolen goods from the financial company.
Everyone put your hands on your head and get on your knees!
Get in the car!
Did I pick the wrong person?
If I take you back to the station, I win.
Of course!
We are friends, right?
Do you think we are still friends?
You have to match out for others all the time.
It will take less than 5 minutes from here to the station.
Take that turn and the station is right there.
Even a blind man knows how to get there.
Let's see where you can run to!
Here we are, can you move now?
I've done everything I am supposed to do.
Not me!
If I don't take you back to the station tonight.
I'll be sorry for the rest of my life.
Then you'll remember me forever.
Don't worry! I will always remember you.
I'm sorry!
No way? This game again?
It's real!
You don't believe me?
If you don't believe me, then push it yourself.
You're not kidding this time?
You pressed it.
Everyone, don't get too close.
There's a bomb in the car.
Don't get too close.
Are you scared?
No, I'm not!
How am I going to die? Where I am going to die?
All of that doesn't matter to me anymore.
The most important thing is...
That I don't die in a police station.
Don't get any closer, stop the car!
Everyone listen.
I am Chief Inspector Wong.
The suspect has a bomb in the car which will go off any minute.
Everyone, be careful! Take cover!
- Go after him! - Yes, Sir!
- There's a bomb in the car. - Stop!
Why did you let him go?
He said there was a bomb in the car.
Why do you...
Trust him now?
He tricked you, stupid!
Where are you going?
I'm hungry.
"A unknown man made a donation in the name of Ho Sheung-sang"
"A donation of 30 millions for the Children's Cancer Fund"
Sorry! Miss, I got the wrong person.
That diamond looks very pretty, where did you buy it?
A friend gave it to me, it's cheap.
Let me see.
Your boyfriend gave it to you?
Haven't seen him for a long time.
Why? You guys fighting?
I don't know! I haven't seen him since he gave me the diamond.
He's got great taste.
Even though it's fake, it looks real to me.
You should take good care of it.
May be he'll suddenly show up again...
And surprise you!
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