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Running Out Of Time 2

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Cat. Have Shan, KC and Avina call me.
Hi, KC.
Did you draft the contract?
Great! Bring it to the meeting.
I'm on my way. Hold on.
Hello Shan.
I'+B26ll see you in half an hour.
Avina, make sure the financials are ready.
I have an announcement to make.
The meeting was a success.
We have reached an agreement with BIC.
When Mr. Lee comes here next week to sign,
We will have completed the merger.
What we need to review is
Their proposal for a share swap merger.
But That's going to cost us 18% more.
And if the market changes, lt'll cost us even more.
The contract needs a lot of amendment,
We need a couple more drafts Before It's finalized.
We may not have the financials ready In time.
But if we get the PRC market share, Our profit will be very high.
Conservatively speaking, We will net at least 5 billion.
Therefore well have to make it work.
You guys will have to slave it out In the next few days.
By the way, in the last 2 weeks,
3 artifacts insured by us have been stolen.
The insured value is around 5 million.
We have someone verifying the claims.
Fine, approve their claims.
We don't need any distraction.
I have a hot tip! Wanna order something?
Hear me out! A couple days ago
My friend took me to see the owner.
He's got a great horse!
People are watching...
That baby is a great performer,
Loves a fast surface.
I couldn't believe my eyes...
That animal is the best sprinter!
It had the fastest time.
Next week...
Cut me a break.
Next week... I'll have it!
I'll have the money!
How many times have you said that?
If no money, just jump off a building.
Assistant Commissioner.
Assistant Commissioner.
What are you doing here?
What about you?
Morning. Morning.
What's all this?
What's the big deal with These burglary cases?
Your investigation hasn't picked up A thing for 2 weeks.
It's a waste of taxpayers money!
There may be a rat inside The insurance company.
Just because the art objects
Are insured by the same company?
Know what coincidence means?
You're over-reading it.
Wrap up the investigation If you don't hear anything.
I did.
Angelina rejected Mr. Unfulfilled again.
For the ninth time?
What's her name again?
Angelina. Nosy!
It is my business!
I'm Assistant Commissioner Wong Kai Fa!
This is for you, Inspector.
No senders address again?
Yes Sir.
This is the third one.
Is someone upset with you?
Be careful.
Leave me alone!
Don't say I did not warn you!
Thursday, I know...
I... will have it.
Of course not!
Sure! After work! 7!
He wouldn't talk to us.
No idea who he is.
Did you check if he lives around here?
We have nothing on him.
Thanks, Captain.
What's your name?
I'm Ken, the negotiator.
What's wrong? Can I help you?
Let's play a game first. Then I'll tell you.
Head or tail?
Head or tail?
Come, Let's play somewhere else.
You wont play?
No... Head!
Head or tail?
You thirsty?
We can get something for you.
You lost twice in a row. Don't you want to win?
Is that all You're going to say?
I have a 50/50 chance.
Let's see it.
You're kidding me.
Call your superior.
Yes, Captain!
Inspector Ho!
What are you doing here?
What about you?
I'm the negotiator.
What if the Commissioner wants A report on this?
I better have a look.
Fine. Just don't say a word up there.
Got it.
Inspector, something's wrong With your man.
He's been playing head or tail With our subject.
Give me a radio.
Inspector Ho.
This is Assistant Commissioner Wong Kai Fa!
How dare you, Ken!
You promised to shut up.
I couldn't stand it!
We don't know who the guy is.
I worry if Ken keeps losing
Hell jump off the building.
Why would he?
Yes he will!
Were bugged!
Ken's in great debt.
I'll talk to him
And grab him if there's a chance. Notify the firemen.
Don't curse!
I didn't!
Looking for me?
Head! No...
I'll toss!
See if you can win one out of three.
Don't fall for it!
I've been getting tail for 33 times, Inspector!
That's spooky.
It's just a game.
Quit if You're afraid losing.
It's just a game!
Remember what you came up here for?
Lt'll show head. Let me win!
Wrong again.
You cant win.
He means you don't have the luck.
What do you want?
Two chances left.
It can't be... Thursday...
Last chance!
I'll toss!
Head or tail?
It doesn't matter who does it.
It's destiny.
Have some confidence, Ken. Head or tail?
You got it! Yes!
Don't lie to him.
I didn't. It's for real.
Come see it for yourself.
I don't tell lies.
You lost, Inspector.
It's tail.
Then come see it for yourself.
So you can catch me?
You think you can get away?
Look at him.
Why are you doing this?
You'll soon find out.
Calm down.
Call ambulance.
The pier please.
Where are you going?
The police station.
I'm charging you with aiding and abetting.
And setting trash cans on fire.
Sounds serious!
You're a smart guy, Inspector.
Didn't expect you to catch up with me.
It just happens. Every time I drive a taxi
I would pick up dumb bad guys.
No one would believe that.
I agree.
How about this:
If I take you in, I win.
The station is far. It's not challenging.
How about the end of this block?
If you can drive me to the end of The block, you win.
I won't stop no matter what!
Why did you call me?
Have the lab analyze the handkerchief.
There's a feather.
Take it too.
Calling center.
This is Assistant Commissioner Wong Kai Fa.
Teresa speaking.
The 3 stolen art objects
Are under my possession.
Are you interested in getting them back?
What do you want?
Notify Inspector Ho.
Have the money ready.
Call everyone to a meeting.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
We should contact the authority.
If BIC finds out our company Is being extorted,
They'll walk out on the deal.
It's going to hurt us.
Not if the cops put a lid on the case.
That's the risk we cant take.
But we don't know who were up against.
This is a criminal were talking about.
What choice do we have?
There's only a few days left.
Let's keep this confidential people. Proceed with your work as usual.
Shan, call Central Bank
Call now!
Jackson? This is Shan from PFA.
Teresa wants to speak with you.
I need a favor. I need 20 million dollars In cash right now.
You two go over there.
Who are you guys? Clean the office later.
Mr. Unfulfilled.
Who are you guys?
I'm a cop.
Let's have a chat.
You know what's going on.
I need to see the person in charge.
Please cooperate.
Shan, get going!
You're... Teresa?
I'm Inspector Ho.
Can we talk in your office?
It's not true.
I'm here to help.
I don't think I can help you.
Excuse me.
The 3 stolen art objects
Are under my possession.
Are you interested in getting them back?
What do you want?
20 million dollars.
Is this a joke?
Then I'll make more scores To get the media's attention.
That'll scare your clients away.
Have the money ready.
It's illegal to bug my office Without my permission.
Your best option is to work with us.
I know my rights.
I don't have to report the case.
I know my rights too.
I can invite you to come down the station.
You can come in your own car Or we can send one over.
It's up to you.
Teresa please.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who is this?
Teresa? Yes.
Met Inspector Ho already?
Inspector Ho please.
You okay? Don't worry, The smoke was not poisonous.
It's you!
Remember you asked me Why I'm doing all this?
You said I'll find out later.
If I pick up the ransom, I win.
Where? When? Where? When?
Tomorrow at 9 AM. The Inspector knows the place.
Madam. Yes.
I have to get going.
Assistant Commissioner.
Please give this to Inspector Ho. I was waiting for him.
Why ask you?
Listen to me.
Our suspect is at the station.
Seal off the premise now.
Make sure no one leaves!
Thanks No problem.
Don't ask. Just do what I say!
Why do I have to do everything you said?
Back to the station!
Let's go get the money.
Remember what I told you on the phone?
Did you do it?
I couldn't make out what you were saying!
How was I supposed to understand?
Plus your friend was talking next to me.
The one on the rooftop
With long hair and mustache?
There is resemblance...
It is him!
He is the suspect!
I didn't know that.
Told you weren't making any sense.
Inspector Ho! Here's 20 million!
Where's the drop-off place?
What 20 million? What drop-off place?
Write down the serial numbers. Yes.
All one thousand dollar bills.
500 bills per stack. Half a million.
Mr. Unfulfilled?
Who is Angelina?
Central precinct. Please hold.
It's for you, Inspector.
Sorry It's me again.
What do you want?
Forget about real bills. I want color copies.
Make sure they are double-sided copies.
No problem. Any other requests?
No! Photocopying bank notes is illegal!
Why color copies?
I'll take full responsibility.
How much do you really want?
Can you stop complicating things?
Of course not. Right, Inspector?
That's exactly what he wants to do, Teresa.
Kiddo! This is Assistant Commissioner
Wong Ka Fa!
Either make your demand or hang up now!
Assistant Commissioner please.
It's him!
Remember to give Inspector the envelope.
Otherwise he wont know Where to make the drop-off.
Hell have nowhere to go tomorrow.
I know.
What money?
Drop-off... 20 million...
Why fake bills?
Wong Kai Fa!
Wong Kai Fa!
Did you touch my things?
Did you forget to give me something?
Do you have it on you?
Inspector Ho!
Great day today.
Had breakfast yet?
Ate already.
You sound upset.
Stayed up all night?
Or couldn't figure out the puzzle?
I can set a new date.
No. I'm dying to meet you.
Same here.
Know where to make the drop-off?
Yes. Figured it out last night.
See you soon!
You had me worried.
Why didn't you say so last night?
They look real.
Well be in trouble If They're out on the streets.
What building is in gray?
With no windows?
There's one like it in Chicago.
You should get going. Where to?
Thought you already knew.
Looks familiar.
Of course.
The trash can?
Why would this be the drop-off place?
Don't touch it!
He's here for the money!
Keep calm! Stay where you are!
This is Assistant Commissioner Wong Kai Fa.
We need backup! We have a crisis here!
We have bigger problems here!
An organized attack!
Keep an eye on the money!
Where are you, Mr. Unfulfilled?
Don't answer!
Hold your fire!
We Didn't fire!
Wong Kai Fa!
I Didn't carry my gun!
The money is gone!
No! I have it here.
The windows are intact. We Didn't have to evacuate.
Are these bills real or fake?
They're color copies.
Were in trouble!
He got away with the money!
Madam. Madam.
You two come with me.
The Commissioner wants to know What happened.
What should I tell him?
A suspect detonated smoke bombs here.
Only smoke.
The counterfeit. It's are all over the streets
I'll take full responsibility.
Take a vacation.
A vacation?
I've approved it.
Assistant Commissioner, You'll take over.
Yes, Madam.
Here's the labs analysis of The handkerchief.
Thank you.
You're on vacation. Hell handle it.
Take some time off.
See what you've done?
I'll have the money.
See you have the money or not tomorrow?
One person?
Ready to order?
That day...
Did you play tricks on me?
Did you cheat?
Head or tail?
Inspector Ho please
One more time.
Inspector Ho please.
Inspector Ho please.
It's not hard to imitate.
Inspector Ho please.
There she is... wait for my signal.
Hi Teresa. Going home?
What do you want?
I'm a cop.
Please give me a minute.
I've got new leads.
None of my business.
I gave him the money. It's over.
But think about it, Teresa.
Why go through all the trouble?
Besides the trash can,
He sent me two other things.
It's not over yet. Hell call you again.
I can contact you superior!
If this guy can pick up money From your station
What more can you do?
Listen to me...
What are you doing?
Inspector Ho please.
This is he speaking.
I'm not afraid of you.
Don't harass her over the phone!
We found feather on the handkerchief.
It belongs to American Bald Eagle.
It's not found in Hong Kong
Unless It's in captivity.
What does it mean?
If we find the eagle,
Well find It's owner.
Could the feather belong to a specimen?
That's not what the lab says.
Where can we find it?
I've seen it!
So That's why. I thought that eagle lost It's way.
You observe wild birds?
I majored in ornithology in college.
What is it?
Ornithology. The study of birds.
Last time I spotted the eagle By the harbor.
If I get my bird watching buddies
To the buildings around the area,
Well be able to find the eagle!
A Grey Plover! It's a fat one!
Haven't seen one Tercel all day.
Didn't fall migration begin already?
Didn't you see the news?
Northern Japan is experiencing a heat wave.
Look at the sailboats!
Paul, what are you doing?
Black-faced Spoonbill! Can you see it?
It normally migrates to Taiwan, Hardly comes to Hong Kong.
Did it lose it's way?
It's beautiful...
Shan, what are you doing?
I see it!
Inspector, the eagle is heading toward Bank of China.
You see it?
Get in, Let's go.
What are you doing?
Don't lose the eagle!
Straight ahead!
That way!
That way!
It's gone!
I thought you kept your eyes on it.
Shan, where is it?
I lost it.
How can you lose it? What the hell are you doing?
Fanny, do you see it?
It's behind the skyscraper.
It's flying too low.
Should be around Queens Road.
Open the sunroof and take a look.
Do you see it?
Yes, It's there!
Where? Left or right?
No... Right!
No, it turned that way!
Which way?
That way!
Left or right?
That way like I told you!
Which is left?
Can you tell left from right?
You'll drive.
You first.
Please hand me the binocular.
Please drive...
Please pull over.
Please wait here.
Throwing a concert?
Think You're Robin Hood?
You're just a thief!
No. I'm a magician
Who brings joy to people.
You got the wrong audience.
I always hated magic shows.
They're fake.
I want you to be my assistant.
Every magicians got one.
Should I wear a sexy costume
And do the opening dance act?
That's not your role.
You're going to help me to finish This illusion.
I prefer arresting you more!
Watch where You're going!
Water please.
5 dollars.
Ice cream please.
5 dollars.
Taking a stroll, Sir?
I'm pursuing a suspect.
You're joking, right?
Inspector, your determination lmpresses me.
Thanks. I'll catch you no matter Where you go.
Finish line is the end of this road.
If I win, You'll come with me.
If I win, the game continues!
Hi, Teresa.
We've talked before on the phone.
Nice to meet you.
I have something for you.
What is it?
He returned the money.
He gave it to you?
It was left in your car.
He raised the ransom to 100 million.
How did you know I was here?
He told me.
Ate already?
It's really late.
You told me to wait...
Want one?
One wonton noodle please.
BIC is going to sign on Friday. We cant have any troubles.
Can you help me?
Well sign... I understand.
What do you want?
He wants you to deliver the ransom.
So I've become his assistant!
Your leg...
I'm sorry.
It's part of the job.
You okay?
Call BIC as soon as I leave,
Tell them I'll arrive early.
See if they can move up my meeting With Lee Wen-Qi.
Have a good trip.
Keep your eyes on the company.
I will, good luck!
Inspector Ho!
Wait here.
The money doesn't matter.
Be careful.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
What did she say?
What's it to you? Nosy.
Sorry to make you get up this early.
What now?
The money is pretty heavy.
I got you a backpack To save you the trouble.
Where is it?
Figure it out yourself!
You have the key.
What is this?
Why do you have my key?
It's yours?
I recognize the key chain.
I bought it last time When I went to Japan alone.
What is it for?
My locker at the station.
Hurry! You're not supposed to be here.
Yes. Triangle Garden
Madam, I was just looking for you. Asst. Commissioner.
I need your help on this.
Sergeant Lee wants to move to a new desk.
He's superstitious...
You have to see it for yourself.
But now Sergeant Chan is upset.
He claims It's bad Fong Sui.
The two are arguing everyday.
What should I do?
What is it? What's in the bag?
I've been asked to deliver the ransom.
I knew you wont take time off.
Give me a report tomorrow.
Yes, Madam!
Inspector Ho.
Be careful.
What did she say?
She said you should be careful. Don't make more troubles.
I thought you were on the lookout.
Where were you?
You're never reliable!
Wait, I have to make a call.
Sorry, Inspector,
I've changed my mind.
Say it.
Be at Central at 11.
Let's go!
Where to?
Don't keep it a secret!
Inspector Ho?
Party of nine? Your table is ready.
Let's take a break.
Order something.
Running around all morning Should make you hungry.
Have lunch with your men.
The food here is good. Try it.
How considerate of you!
Remember to pick up the bill for me!
Fine. Enjoy.
Lunch break.
Great food! I'll come here again.
Head or tail?
How many times have we played?
372 times.
I lost 372 times.
Why keep playing?
Why keep playing?
Excuse me.
Now It's time to take a stroll.
Please make a donation.
Please make a donation.
Thank you.
So? Where to now?
Are you afraid to show yourself?
It's late, I'm tired!
What? You're upset?
Why don't you try it?
Carrying a big bag around all day And You'll see why.
Tired? Then throw the bag away!
I'll really do it!
Asst. Commissioner.
Asst. Commissioner.
Asst. Commissioner.
What are these?
The 3 art objects he stole.
He's got the money!
Call the coast guards!
Yes, Sir!
And call the dive team!
The money is fake.
Hold off your calls.
What a relief!
You made counterfeits again?
I will meet you on the rooftop.
Be there before dawn.
If you don't come, Teresa will complete the merger.
And You'll end up with nothing.
You think he can hear you?
Were ready, Asst. Commissioner!
I'm not scared of your smoke this time!
Give me a mask later.
Yes Sir!
Were ready.
There's no way hell get away!
Tell your men to leave.
It's a private date tonight.
You guys can leave now.
Yes, Sir!
Hurry! Get moving!
And you?
Me too?
Thought this is a private date!
Go now.
You just have to be like this.
Inspector Ho.
Be careful.
Asst. Commissioner, All the lifts are going up!
Who can it be?
I already locked the lifts!
Who's inside them?
The security cameras are down.
We have no visuals.
Listen up everyone. The suspect is in the lifts.
Make sure he doesn't escape!
Lift A stopped on the 12th floor.
Watch closely, I'm coming down!
There's no one inside!
Get out of my way!
Lift B stopped on the 25th floor.
I'm coming up!
The lift is empty!
Lift C stopped on the 18th floor!
I'm coming down!
Lift C is empty!
Lift D stopped on the 30th floor.
I'm coming up!
Lift D is also empty!
Understood! I'm coming down!
What floor is this?
25th floor.
This is too weird!
You're amazing.
Kids would love to see you.
So are you happy to see me, Inspector?
But catching you Will make me happier.
I'm almost there.
Be careful, don't fall over.
If I pick up the ransom, I win.
Of course. A promise is a promise.
I got the ransom, I win.
But I'm happy because I've caught you.
If I fall, You'll come with me.
I won't let you go!
Where's Wong Kai Fa?
28th floor, almost there!
I arrested the guy. Hurry!
I'm on my way!
Why call me to the rooftop If you ended up down here?
Where is he?
He fell.
He fell? Then?
Maybe broke into pieces?
Broke into pieces?
You've been fooled again!
Where to now?
I'm hungry.
You've always like this. Always say You're hungry at the end.
Asst. Commissioner, what do we do now?
Have the men standing by.
Merry Christmas! Gifts for everyone!
You'll get one! Naughty!
You'll get yours!
Local citizen Ho Shong Sang
donates 100 million dollars worth
of sweets to children in need
Give them candies instead of food?
They'll need dentists!
Congratulations on the merger.
Thank you for your help.
Don't mention it, It's part of the job!
Inspector Ho!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year! Teresa!
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