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Subtitles for Rurouni Kenshin TV 1-9 2000.

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Rurouni Kenshin TV 1-9 2000

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A brush against the freckles that I hated oh so much...
A small flicker, that's all, and then I heave a little sigh.
The heavyweight love that I once shared with you
Miraculously dissolved with the sugar cube.
The little prick that I feel on my bosom that has shrunken
from the little thorn really hurts me now.
I guess I cannot trust those
silly horoscopes after all...
I wonder what it would be like
if we could go further away... right?
Iíd be so happy
just because of that!
Memories I have are always beautiful in my mind.
But they can't feed me: they can't fill up my stomach.
in reality tonight was supposed to be somber.
I really do wonder why...
I just can't see how all of the tears were streaming down his face that night.
I just can't see it anymore...
140 years ago...
In the chaos of the Tokugawa regime
there was an imperialist in Kyoto nicknamed ďBattousai the Manslayer.Ē
Amidst the bloodshed, he killed
and carved the way to the new Meiji era.
He was the strongest.
he disappeared into thin air as the chaos came to a close.
His whereabouts are still unknown.
Battousai the Manslayer
has become a man of legend.
Episode 1: The Handsome Swordsman of Legend; A Man who Fights for Love
Wait, Battousai the Manslayer!
I finally found you!
You're much weaker-looking than I expected, Battousai the Manslayer!
Prepare yourself!
A-Are you really the legendary manslayer?
I heard you slew three more people last night...
I am a wanderer.
Merely a wandering swordsman, that I am.
Do you think I could slay someone with this?
What is this?
The blade's on the wrong side.
A reverse-blade sword, it is.
A reverse-blade sword?
It cannot slay anyone.
And no evidence of it either, is there?
True, there isn't a single chip on it.
It looks as good as new.
I've proven my innocence, haven't I?
You know...
Battousai has been appearing every night
killing people on the streets with his sword!
Wandering around at this time of day with a sword, anyone would think...
But first, it's forbidden by Meiji law to carry a sword...
Is it the real one this time?
You all are too weak!
He's strong!
He must be the legendary manslayer with this kind of strength...
That's enough, Battousai!
Oh no...
It's rather reckless to fight a real sword with a wooden one.
It's Battousai!
Don't let him escape this time!
I am Battousai!
Battousai the Manslayer of the Kamiya Kasshin Style!
It's reckless, it is.
The Kamiya Kasshin Style is my family's style!
He's randomly slaying people in our name.
A courageous girl...
The wound I got from Battousai...
What in the world happened after...
The smell of miso soup?
This, too.
This, too.
Oh, don't put in that much, no don't...
What are you doing?
Oh, you're up, are you?
Your sisters are very cute.
I have become good friends with them now.
I was just borrowing your garden for a bit to make breakfast.
Care to join us, would you?
You made this?
T-This can't be...
D-Did you not like how it tastes?
You cook better than me.
The wound was treated quickly, so it has completely closed up already.
It's rather remarkable.
But no matter how I look, I don't see a swordsman.
He's perfect for babysitting my grandchildren.
Then these two aren't your sisters, Miss Kaoru?
No, they're Dr. Gensai's granddaughters.
I've been the Kamiya Schoolís family doctor for thirty years now.
Since her parents passed away, I've been her second father as well...
There, that should do.
Mr. Wanderer, if you like, you can stay here until you leave town.
Well, you did save me...
And you don't look like you can stay at an inn.
Call it a warrior's compassion.
You don't even know who I am...
Is it all right?
Iím sure you have your reasons to be a wanderer.
I see no reason to question you more.
Miss Kaoru, you're the assistant master of this school, are you?
The Kamiya Kasshin Style was founded by my father.
Our ideal is not to hurt people, but to bring out their potential.
The sword that revitalizes people.
That murderer is claiming to study the Kasshin Style...
Battousai is tarnishing my father's ideas.
I can't let him get away!
Little Kaoru...
It looks like your students are here.
Just watch.
I couldnít do it by myself
but Iíll beat him with everyone from Kamiya School.
Everyone, thanks for coming!
We'll get Battousai tonight...
We're going to quit as of today...
My friends all belittle me lately
asking if I study the style known for that murderer.
My mother insisted I leave the school that sides with murderers...
Even if I tell her it's not true, she doesn't believe me.
I can't go on...
We're sorry.
We were the last three students left in this school...
We're sorry.
Even if Iím all alone, Iíll protect this school...
Um, I think she's crying.
No, no, I have to be cheerful!
All right!
Miss Kaoru!
What is wrong?
Miss Kaoru?
Can it be...
Don't be so hasty!
Don't kill yourse--
Think about what you did for the rest of the night.
Got that?
Miss Kaoru, one question...
Do you know if any students of this school were
left-handed, with a paralyzed right thumb?
The assailant, that is...
Then you think he's one of our students?
The Kamiya Kasshin Style strives for a sword that revitalizes people!
There's no way a student who practices that would slay someone!
He's Battousai the Manslayer, right?
He's a bloodthirsty murderer!
Iíll risk my own life to defeat him and clear our name!
That's the only way to protect my father's style!
Iím sure your father
did not want you to protect his style if it meant the loss of your life.
Iím sure what your late father wished for was
your happiness, Miss Kaoru, that I do.
W-What does a wanderer like you know?
Don't speak as if you know!
Iím sure what your late father wished for was
your happiness, I do.
Forget it!
Um, about earlier...
I think I overreacted...
Iím sorry.
There, I apologized!
You're still up, right?
You could at least answer me and...
I wish I at least asked that wanderer his name...
With just his left arm...
Nothing less from our master Gohei.
Uh... I mean our teacher, Battousai.
Is our teacher, Battousai, going to kill some more tonight?
It's almost time to quit.
Then finally...
That's right.
Iíll make sure she has her fill of the curse from this paralyzed thumb!
Hang on!
So, who wants to bleed next?
Stand back, Kaoru.
Mr. Kamiya!
Hiruma, why did you do what is forbidden?
The essence of the Kasshin Style is to never hurt others!
Iím sick of learning swordsmanship from you!
A sword is a tool meant to cut people.
This blade wants to drink more blood...
Including yours!
I'm sure you will not be able to hold a sword again with that thumb.
W-Why you!
You are expelled.
I will never allow you to set foot in this school again!
I remember...
The man whose right thumb was crushed...
Here it is!
Expelled eleven years ago...
Gohei Hiruma...
So it was you after all!
Oh, you finally remembered me?
I've been in hell for eleven years hoping this day would come...
The day that I can throw the Kamiya Kasshin Style into the abyss!
So disgracing my father's name with all the street slaughters was your revenge.
Now, I feel more like thanking your dad.
I wanted to show him, too...
The killer swordsmanship that I built with only my left hand for eleven years...
My father's...
My father's Kasshin Style will not lose to the likes of you!
I can't feel that at all!
My revenge will be complete when I kill you and destroy the school.
I'll make sure you go to hell slowly
after making you crawl on the ground.
How about it?
Do your swords want to taste some blood first?
Let me do it.
Me too!
Swords exist to save people.
That's funny!
Then why don't you start by saving your own life?
Well, what's wrong?
Nishiwaki, what is it?
H-He's strong...
Remove that hand, if you will.
I remember you from yesterday...
So I should have defeated you back then.
Y-You can't!
You can't possibly beat him!
I see.
Another fool talking about swords bringing out one's potential?
A sword is a weapon.
Swordsmanship is learning how to kill.
That is the truth.
What Miss Kaoru says
is play-talk that only those who have never stained their hands can say.
However, I prefer Miss Kaoru's play-talk more than the truth, I do.
I wish
that in the world to come, her play-talk shall become the truth.
Get him!
He should get a slow painful death!
Stand back!
I don't wish to hurt anyone.
No one'll get hurt.
Only one casualty
and that's you!
H-He got four, or was it five guys in one swing...
It's witchcraft!
He's just so incredibly fast...
He predicts their movement, and gets them!
Red hair...
A cross-shaped scar on his cheek...
This guy...
I forgot to mention one thing.
The swordsmanship of Battousai the Manslayer
is neither Kamiya Kasshin, nor whatever original style you use.
He uses the Hiten Mitsurugi Style, an ultrasonic killer style
that is sure to slay anyone unless used with a sword like such as this.
Then you're the real Manslayer?
We only need one Battousai in this world.
I am the only one worthy of that name.
lf I defeat you, I am assured to be the strongest man.
I guess I have no choice...
Die, Battousai!
Over here!
I have no regrets or attachments to the name Battousai
but I can't give it away to someone like you.
Of course, with those fingers, you will never be able to swing a sword again.
I can't believe this...
They're all just knocked out.
None of 'em are dead...
Go to the police and tell them what this man has been doing.
I am sorry, Miss Kaoru, I am.
I didn't mean to hide it from you.
Itís just
I didn't want to tell you if it was not necessary.
Well, take care...
You idiot!
Are you just going to walk away?
How do you expect me to rebuild the Kasshin Style without you?
Can't you at least help me out a little?
I told you that I don't care about other people's pasts!
However, now that this incident is over
everything will be for naught if the real Battousai stayed here...
Iím not saying that I want Battousai to stay.
I want you, the wanderer, to sta--
lf you insist on going away
at least tell me your name.
Not the name of the legendary manslayer...
Your real name.
Kenshin Himura.
So why don't you be on your way now, Kenshin?
Iím a little tired of wandering...
Though I don't know when Iíll wander away again...
Iím a bad cook.
You're better than I am.
And I might accidentally peek into the bath...
That's all right.
lf you do...
You idiot!
I thought you were going to dodge it!
Y-You are pretty powerful, yes you are...
Now stop moving around so much.
Hurts, it does.
And so, a new boarder started living at the Kamiya School.
EPISODE 2: Kid Samurai! A Big Ordeal and a New Student.
What are you up to, that is?
Now... White!
White! White!
How peaceful...
So peaceful!
Now, now.
too peaceful!
any of the students coming back?
That fake Battousai incident is over!
Normally you'd think 10, no 20, people would be rushing back!
Such a...
Such a cute assistant master is offering an arm and a leg to teach, too...
Or is it that they can't approach me because Iím too beautiful?
Iím so out of luck!
What is it?
When will I be able to rebuild the Kamiya School?
Miss Kaoru, you don't have to rush.
And you too, Kenshin!
Why won't you let me practice with you?
I-Iím not one for wooden swords...
Kaoru, Iím hungry!
Me too!
Me too!
Oh, Dr. Gensai, welcome.
So what will it be today?
I know!
At times like this, we should be cheerful.
Treat me to lunch?
What luck!
I was just here to pick up my granddaughters!
Kenshin said he just had to treat us.
I see... Beef hot-pot!
Beef hot-pot!
W-When did we decide to eat beef hot-pot...
Oh, that one!
Which one?
That one! That one!
I see.
You want that one?
You'll buy it for me?
How much is it?
When did I drop that?
W-What are ya doing?
I just thought you were kind.
Because you were spaced out, everyone else went ahead!
Sheesh, what was that?
Oh, that man is carrying a sword.
Itís been two years since swords were banned.
I guess they can't eliminate the soul of a warrior, even in this Meiji era.
Hold it!
Kenshin, he's a pickpocket!
Your wallet.
Let go of me, ugly!
H-How rude!
Iím well-known around here as the Rose of Swordsmanship!
Shut up, ugly!
Now, now...
I can't help it if my pocket was picked.
You know...
Don't get caught next time.
Now, let's go.
W-Wait, Kenshin!
Iím not a kid!
Iím Yahiko Myojin of a family of Tokyo samurai!
I haven't fallen far enough to be pitied by others!
And you patted me on the head!
I was just teasing you because you had that sword on your belt!
Don't get me wrong, loser!
Iím telling you Iím not a kid!
You are still a child physically, but your heart is fully matured, that it is.
Iím sorry that I assumed less.
You should cherish that pride that you have.
What arrogance!
A descendant of samurai means he's the son of a former warrior.
That persistence is what they call a warrior's soul.
lf the world hadn't changed
he would've been a fine samurai, he would...
You should cherish that pride that you have.
I know that...
Even I...
Here he is.
We were looking for you, Yahiko.
Out with your earnings for the day.
Hurry up and put out!
Iíve got none.
How much more do I have to pay back to you?
Well, how much do you think?
10 years...
20 years...
You're going to return it with these fingers...
Miss, over here!
Two beef hot-pots!
Then that pickpocket...
Yahiko, right?
I think his folks passed away when he was young
and he was adopted by the leader of the Shuei yakuza.
Shuei yakuza...
Rumors say his mother was ill before she died
and the leader had paid for her medical bills.
And they made it so Yahiko had borrowed the money.
So that kid is forced to pickpocket in order to return the debt...
How sad...
That's just wrong!
Miss Kaoru!
To where that boy is!
I can't leave him!
Now wait a min--
Why are you stopping me?
Can you can let this happen?
Iím not saying...
Let go!
I didn't think you were so cold-hearted, Kenshin!
Double ones for "cho."
Those are well-made dice.
No matter how much you shake 'em, you get double ones.
We can make another fortune with this!
So here you are, Yahiko Myojin!
Who the hell are you?
So ya came here to play with us?
I have no business with you!
Iím here to say something to Yahiko!
You... no matter the reason, a pickpocket is a pickpocket!
You've got to escape this life, before your heart rots from inside.
D-Do you know where you are?
Missie, are you a friend of Yahiko's?
N-Not at all!
She's just a...
What are...
Yahiko owes us some money.
We'll be in trouble if he doesn't earn and return his share.
Or are ya gonna pay it all for him?
How much is his debt?
How about you earn it?
With dice?
Come on.
All right, Iíll accept your challenge!
However, only once!
Promise me if I win, Yahiko will be free!
lf you lose, you'll be a slave for the Shuei syndicate until you die.
Y-You idiot!
All right, let's begin!
All right, let's begin!
I didn't ask you for anything!
I don't want be indebted to you!
Kids should be quiet!
I can't forgive these people for taking advantage of you!
You got some guts...
lf you lose...
There's no way I can lose.
I have incredibly strong luck!
My fortunes always say ďgreatest luck.Ē
I won some rice in a raffle the other day, too.
That's enough!
lf you've got nothing to do with this, stay outta the way!
Evens are ďchoĒ, and odds are ďhan.Ē
Got that?
I know that!
All right.
Let's see...
F-Five and six?
Itís han!
I win!
Rokusuke, you...
That's strange...
Yahiko is free now!
This chick won!
Let her go!
Just let her go!
W-What are you saying?
You don't get it at all!
They had no intention of letting you out of this place alive!
I thought so!
Someone switched the dice!
S-Stop it!
Was it when...
Whoa, whoa.
You make me laugh.
What do you mean by this, Yahiko?
You should cherish that pride that you have.
Hit me...
Hit me all you want!
I'm gonna cut all ties with yakuza like you!
As of today, Iím quitting shameful stuff like pick pocketing!
I'll return all the money I owe by earning it with real work!
Debt, huh?
You idiot!
There was no debt to begin with!
That was a lie to keep you as our pet.
With or without it, you're our little dog until you die!
Stop kidding with us, ya hear?
Stop it!
Are you all right?
You're fighting me!
You bitch!
I see you know a few moves.
But can you defeat me, Gasuke the Manslayer?
lf you wish.
Here goes.
A trick staff?
Playtime is over.
This is just between me and you...
Wait, Gasuke the Manslayer.
I don't want to see a woman's blood during my meal.
Bring Yahiko here!
Now apologize
to the boss!
Get with it!
Yahiko, how are you going to live if you quit picking pockets?
Even for descendants of samurai, the Meiji era is very materialistic.
No matter how much pride you have, it's not worth even one mon.
You have to learn how to live dirty.
lf ya do, I can take care of ya for a long time as my servant.
Don't make me say it so many times.
I don't want to anymore!
How dare you talk like that to the boss!
Descendants of samurai?
Your dad was killed fighting the Imperialists during the Meiji revolution.
He was a fool!
As for your mother, the worthless...
Shut up!
Father joined the Shougitai and died an honorable death.
Mother sacrificed her own life to work and raise me.
They both were full of pride and led dignified lives!
I won't let anyone insult them!
Someone let him know who really owns his life
Gasuke the Manslayer.
Got it.
Please stop!
Shut up!
I made it in time.
W-Who the hell are ya?
What the hell do ya want?
An assailant!
Guys, get him!
They won't come even if you call.
They were rather reluctant to let me in
so I put all the others outside to sleep for a while.
Who the hell are you?
Kenshin Himura, a wanderer.
Iím here to ask that you hand over the kid and Miss Kaoru.
So you're another descendant of a samurai...
Iíll just kill all of you!
Iím not done yet.
Stay there for a while and be quiet.
How about it, Boss?
Why don't you show your generosity as boss
and sincerely let the two of them go, that is?
I think that would be much better than being embarrassed
by having all of your members defeated, that is.
A-All right.
Take 'em if ya want.
Thank you.
Sorry for the foolish request.
Sorry Iím late.
What were you doing?
Are you all right?
Who told you to save me?
I could've fought by myself!
I could've fought!
I see.
I underestimated you again, kid, that I did.
Then to make up for it, Iíll treat those wounds, that Iíll do.
Let's go, Miss Kaoru.
You're not getting away!
Quit it!
Don't mess with him!
He has a manslayer's eyes.
Not of one that works in a syndicate, but a real manslayer...
I didn't think anyone with such eyes was left in the Meiji era...
lf he got serious, we wouldn't be dealing with unconscious guys.
I wouldn't have enough coffins...
We got off cheap if he only took one kid.
Are you that frustrated with your lack of strength, kid?
Dammit, I want to be strong...
So that I don't need your help again...
So that I can protect my parents' pride on my own...
I see.
Well, we're here.
W-What is this place?
You can learn swordsmanship here starting tomorrow, that you can.
Become stronger, Yahiko.
I will even if you don't tell me to!
Iíll become stronger than you!
We have a good instructor here, too.
Assistant master of the Kamiya Kasshin Style, Miss Kaoru Kamiya.
Something about me?
W-Wait a minute...
You want me to learn swordsmanship from that ugly woman?
Are you by chance trying to make me his instructor?
I don't have any students, but that doesn't mean...
Same for me!
lf she's gonna be teaching me, I think Iím better off learning from a tanooki!
What did you say?
Ugly! Ugly!
Oh, sorry Kenshin!
And so the Kamiya School gained a second boarder...
Yahiko Myojin, a descendant of Tokyo samurai.
Episode 3: Swordsman of Sorrow; The Man Who Slays His Past
The Kamiya School has started the path to reconstruction.
Along with our boarder, Kenshin Himura the swordsman
we've added Yahiko Myojin, my first apprentice.
So, on our third day of training, we'll start with a deep breath as usual.
Close your eyes.
It's the first step of the Kamiya Kasshin Style.
Iím sick of this Kasshin Style already.
When are you gonna teach me how to beat enemies up?
That's the wrong way to think!
I've told you that the Kasshin Style uses a sword to protect people!
Protect people?
Kenshin, I came here to get stronger, not learn a style that protects people.
I want to learn your sword style, that defeats enemies!
I don't intend to pass my style on to future generations, that I don't.
Your teacher is Miss Kaoru, that she is.
Here, have a rice-ball.
Sheesh, Kenshin is so...
He's so cruel!
After telling me to get stronger...
He's making me deal with a brat like you!
Why don't you eat the ones you made?
Because the ones Kenshin made taste better!
You know, your spirit sort of reminds me of myself.
I feel like I have a delinquent younger brother.
I-I really do think you're strong...
But after seeing Kenshin...
But it's strange...
What's such a strong guy doing at a no-name school like this?
Hey, Kaoru.
What is Kenshin anyway?
How he fought
felt like he's killed a lot of people.
I know!
Maybe in the past, he was
a gangster!
And Iím sure the cops are still after him!
How cool!
That's true...
Why is he wandering, anyway?
He was an imperialist who made the Meiji Revolution possible...
It's a mystery why
Kenshin disappeared in the chaos at the end of the Tokugawa regime.
Rumors say it was because he had slain someone he shouldn't have...
Or because he knew too many secrets
and is wanted by the new government officials...
That's Miss Kaoru's lunch, that it is!
You'll bring it back here, that you will!
That moron.
Why is he keeping it a secret?
People are worried about him, too!
Now confess the truth!
I shouldn't pry into people's pasts...
Um, you know.
I probably shouldn't be asking this.
But can you tell me a little....
What is it?
Where's Kenshin?
He just went to buy some tofu.
Tonight will be a feast...
He's making enough for my family as well!
I-I see...
W-What do you want?
Bring us the headmaster of this school!
You should introduce yourselves before asking for favors.
W-Why you!
T-That's me!
Assistant Master Kaoru Kamiya.
What is it?
You're awfully rude!
We are the police!
Even a baby would know that just by looking at you!
Kenshin Himura, the Battousai, has to be here.
Do they mean Battousai the Manslayer?
Kenshin is?
Many suspects in the false ďBattousaiĒ case confessed
that the real Manslayer is at this school.
Hiding him is considered a crime against the government.
What are you saying Kenshin has done?
That is a government secret that only the man waiting outside knows.
Allow us to investigate!
Do you want to be punished by death along with the Battousai?
Yahiko, go tell Kenshin that he'll be caught if he comes back!
G-Got it!
Hey, wait! Hey, wait!
Stop! Stop!
I found you...
Soon, I will see you...
Himura, the Battousai!
Hurry! Hurry!
Me too!
lf you fret, the tofu will crumble, it will.
Look, he's still got a sword!
You have some nerve.
To break the sword prohibition in broad daylight.
In front of police swordsmen, no less.
How about a match?
We'll let you go if you win.
There are children here...
So I rather would not.
Besides, this is a reverse-blade sword.
A reverse-blade sword?
You couldn't slay a mouse with that thing!
Not even worth mentioning.
It's all right now, that it is.
They're bad people!
You have to say you're sorry when you spill something!
You have to!
You are right, you are.
Out of the way!
Make way for the police swordsmen who keep kids from crying in fear!
Police swordsmen...
You shoplifter, you've got this coming!
Please forgive me.
It was all spur of the moment...
Shut up!
P-Please forgive him...
He did shoplift, but it was only one hand-towel...
The police swordsmen do not have to take part in a small affair like this.
We can handle it now.
Is a small town cop trying to tell us what to do?
Are you saying this knowing that we are officers from Satsuma?
N-No, I...
Get lost.
Are you all right?
Hey, you look like you want to say something...
We are an elite group, the police swordsmen...
Unlike you wimps, we are allowed to carry swords.
Thus, we are authorized by the government to slay people!
Come on, fight us...
We're sure to chop you up.
Kenshin, where are you?
P-Please wait!
Why my father too?
He sided with a criminal.
Dammit, you're in the way!
someone, please, help us!
My father is innocent!
Arrest the girl too.
Stop it!
I dunno what's going on, but you guys are messed up!
Are you all right?
Teach them a lesson!
Execute them all!
We have to kill occasionally so we don't dull our instincts as swordsmen.
Let go of me!
An execution?
They're all innocent people...
This is for the public peace!
By picking out evil in its infancy, we prevent crimes from happening!
You are the ones who are evil!
Stop, they'll kill you too!
So where is that spirit from earlier?
Do it.
Hey, stop it!
Kenshin, run!
There's a bunch of people out to get you...
Who are you?
Name yourself.
Kenshin Himura.
All those who are restrained here.
lf they truly have committed crimes, I will repent for all of them.
So you are dissatisfied with us?
In this area of Tokyo, you must be very sure of yourself to carry a sword...
This guy is just a wimp!
No... Are you sure?
I smell
blood from him.
There he is...
I found him!
Red hair and a cross shaped scar on his cheek!
Someone that looks like Himura is fighting the police swordsmen!
Get her!
This may hurt!
I won't let the likes of you have Kenshin!
Now, draw your sword.
I decline.
Kill them off one by one.
This is oppression!
We can't stay quiet anymore!
Even if you are the authorities, don't let it go to your head!
You all have guts, insulting the police swordsmen...
I invoke the Government Opposition Crime Law!
Arrest every last one of them!
I authorize the use of swords!
I don't care about people who resist arrest.
Slay them!
Don't even scratch these innocent people with your blades!
lf you need an opponent, I will fight you.
lf you want to be forced to crawl on the ground, attack.
Self-defense has now been established.
Kill him.
Then there was one...
You will swear to these townsfolk never to be oppressive again, you will.
Afterwards, you can arrest me using the sword law or for assault...
Stop kidding!
Do you think I'd ever do that!?
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Just get out of the way!
Oh, this is...
That man!
Himura, the Battousai!
That stance!
The strongest style in Satsuma
the Jigen Style which is said to never need a second strike!
The Jigen Style is a strong style that is truly unique.
Facing Himura's Hiten Mitsurugi Style, it is completely useless.
That was great, man!
I can't believe it!
You defeated all of them without killing anyone!
You're our hero!
You don't have time to loiter!
The cops are coming for you!
You're a fugitive from the government, and you even fought police swordsmen!
Arrest him!
Y-Your Excellency!
Judging by the crowd's reaction, it is obvious who was serving justice!
Release those people!
And severely punish those men for their oppressive acts.
Yes! Yes!
Himura, we finally meet again.
I've been searching for you for ten years now...
You grew a mustache, Mr. Yamagata.
B-Be respectful!
Who do you think this...
Do you still not understand?
Himura is a hero who saved the lives of many imperialists with his sword!
Behave accordingly!
Aritomo Yamagata?
So, you mean that...
He's important or something?
You mean you don't know?
Aritomo Yamagata, Lord of the Imperial Meiji Army!
The politician that stands at the top of Japan!
I have a carriage waiting over there.
I have something that I must speak with you about.
Can't you tell me here?
It's just like you to say that.
Without you, the Revolution probably would not have happened.
As one who helped form this country...
I want to welcome you as a key officer in the Imperial Army.
Your comrades from the Revolution are waiting for you.
Please, lend your powers to the Meiji government, Himura!
Unfortunately, I have no wish whatsoever
to be given a key position as a reward for manslaughter.
As I thought...
Your disappearance was a show of determination to never kill again...
You say you killed people, but it was a noble aspect of the Revolution.
For those who cannot admit this, I will use my
authority to put them down.
That train of thought
is what creates conceited men like them.
We once fought with our swords.
Not for power or glory, but for a world where people could live in happiness.
And if you forget that
you're just an usurper.
But, Himura...
Times have changed.
It is the Meiji era now!
There is a sword prohibition, and the samurai have died out!
You can't do anything in this Meiji era with just one sword... without power!
Even if it's just the people that I see as I walk by
I can protect them with one sword, that I can!
I won't give up, Himura...
Even if it's just the people that I see as I walk by
I can protect them with one sword, that I can!
A sword which protects others, huh?
What's wrong, Yahiko?
What you are going to learn is not the sword style of a manslayer...
It is a sword that protects other people.
Become stronger... using the Kasshin Style.
To protect... other people?
Oh, all right!
Iíll be one of Kaoru's students!
Where'd that come from?
You've been my student from the beginning.
Don't treat me like a kid!
You are a kid!
Why, you!
Today I found out a little bit about why Kenshin is a wanderer.
To not be trapped in anything, to live life as it flows by...
To protect others freely with his sword.
That's the Kenshin that we know.
A-All right, we lose.
You're strong...
Please, forgive us!
I woulda quit even if you didn't ask!
You guys are too weak!
Man, I sure picked a boring fight...
Aren't there any tough guys around here?
Episode 4: Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hire
One potato, two potato, three potato, four...
Kaoru, you're good.
You're good, very good.
I haven't lost my touch yet.
Every woman has one good trait, no matter how ugly she is.
What was that for?
I was praising you, ya know!
Yahiko, you won't ever be popular with girls unless you fix your personality.
Shut up!
Iím sure that you won't ever find a guy that would marry you!
What did you just say?
Hey, Yahiko!
Well, I guess I will go prepare lunch, that I will.
Kenshin, what's the menu for today?
Let's see...
Cooked burdock, and...
Oh, the eggplants I pickled yesterday should be ready to eat, that they are.
Damn, that's boring.
Can't we splurge and go eat something good once in a while?
You freeloader, what are you saying?
Think about it, where is that money coming from?
That's true.
You would only get dust from this poor school if you were to shake it out.
Could you move?
Where was it?
I know it was here somewhere...
What is Kaoru doing now?
D-Did you hit your head or something?
I just remembered!
This... This thing!
My grandfather drew this
It's an ink painting!
Oh, those wonderful brushstrokes, if I recall correctly, are little Kaoru's--
Grandfather was a pretty well-known ink artist as well as a swordsman.
lf I sell this, I think I can get money out of it.
Oh, thank you, Grandfather...
So! Let's go to the beef hot-pot place, and eat a nice lunch!
All of us, we can party!
Beef hot-pot!
You're great, Kaoru!
You have other good traits!
All right!
You're the best in Japan!
Really, you sometimes hold nothing back...
Beef hot-pot! Beef hot-pot!
Yeah! Beef hot-pot!
Yahiko, it's bad for your body to eat so fast.
I know...
See what I mean?
You really are troublesome!
Even Yahiko is no match for our little Kaoru...
Not at all!
A world of democracy will never come from doing that!
Be more outrageous!
But that means we would pressure Dr. Itagaki to his death!
The lord of domestic affairs, Ohkubo, even charged the great Saigou head on!
I don't fear Ohkubo!
lf I can die and become a hero, the Doctor can too!
You're kidding!
What good comes out of romanticism like that?
lf Dr. Itagaki dies, freedom dies with him!
It seems they are desperadoes in a democratic movement, that they are.
What's that?
Right now, a single group controls all operations of the government.
But there is a movement
for many more people to be politically involved.
That sounds like a good thing, but looking at them Iím not so sure.
To me, they're just a bunch of drunks no matter what.
It's just as you say, Yahiko.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
What did you just say?
Say it again, huh?
Iíll say it whenever ya want!
What a real movement for democracy is!
You're just a blockhead!
What are you arguing about after you throw stuff at other people?
Forget about that, apologize first, dammit!
Shut up!
Kid, you couldn't talk back to us desperadoes of democracy
if you were 100 years older!
I don't care about kids or adults!
Iím telling you to apologize, you drunks!
Who are you calling drunks?
We're working for democracy!
Shut up!
Whatever, when you get sloshed, you're a drunk!
Excuse me...
We don't want a disturbance in the store...
Shut up!
Woman, butt out!
Miss Tae!
Hey now, democracy exists for the weak.
Or is this democracy
the freedom to make a ruckus by blaming it on your drinking?
What was that, you bastard?
You all right?
Oh, y-yes.
Are you trying to pick a fight with us?
Let's see...
It wouldn't hurt to occasionally.
Usually people pick fights with me.
But I hate abusing the weak, or watching others do so.
Especially hypocrites who speak of freedom, justice, and equality.
They piss me off to no end.
What was that, you bastard?
Go outside!
This is a strange set of events...
Do you think it would be wiser to stop them, that is?
I don't see why, they're the ones wanting this.
I won't forgive you even if you cried.
First, I wanna see how strong you are.
Gimme the best that ya got.
Take this!
That's unfair!
To have a hidden dagger!
Stop yipping!
Daggers are meant to be hidden!
What they say is true, that it is.
it didn't do anything.
This is all you can do, even with a dagger?
M-My arm!
Man, this is nonsense.
lf I give it all I got, I would be abusing the weak.
Here, Iíll fight you with one finger.
Man, I sure picked a boring fight.
One flick to the forehead...
I was patient with your drunken uproar
but if you're going to pull that out here, I won't show any mercy.
Democracy is fine in itself.
But for people like you
improving oneself comes before improving the government, that it does.
Now pay your bill, and go.
Thank you very much.
We were saved thanks to you.
Oh, I did it 'cause I wanted to.
It's nothing to be thanked for.
And Iím sorry to make such a scene.
So, Mr. Swordsman, is your head all right?
Oh, it was nothing much, that it was.
Of course.
It would be silly to be hit on purpose, and get wounded.
lf you had evaded that, this girl's face would be covered in blood.
So you purposefully didn't move, and used your head as a shield.
Isn't that so?
You think too much of me, that you do.
You belittle yourself.
I like you.
Will you accept a challenge?
Iíll decline, that I will.
Well, if you ever feel like it, come and get it.
Iíll be in the Ruffian Row House.
See ya.
What kinda person was he?
I can't tell if he was good or bad.
That ďwickedĒ character must mean ďwicked bad tasteĒ.
He is an interesting fellow...
That reminds me!
You know him, Miss Tae?
That man...
He left without paying!
Skipped out, that he did?
That's the fighter-for hire from the recent rumors, Zanza...
lf I use him, Iím sure to be rid of that annoying guy.
You want me to ace someone?
Are you mistaking me for some kinda hitman or something?
Get this straight, whether or not he dies depends on how lucky he is.
Iíll be fine as long as I enjoy the fight.
Iím sure you will enjoy it 120%.
I guarantee it.
The way I see it, you're not that bad yourself.
And the opponent is so strong that you need someone else to fight for you...
Nothing less from Zanza.
So, what kinda guy is this Kenshin?
Takes one to know one.
You live in the underworld, so Iím sure you've heard the rumors.
That guy named Kenshin is actually...
You sure about that?
How is it, Zanza?
Iím sure the opponent isn't lacking.
Besides, don't you think this is the prime opportunity to raise your name?
That doesn't matter to me!
It's been a while, but I finally have someone who can face this, my partner.
The legendary manslayer, Himura Battousai!
Zanza, fighter-for-hire, has been looking for a tough guy like him!
Zanza, the fighter-for-hire.
A man who will fight your enemies for you, well-known in the underworld.
An arrogant lone wolf whose fee is based on how much fun he had.
But he is strong!
Those who have fought him are plagued by nightmares
of the character on his back, which means ďwickedĒ.
Just you watch, Himura Battousai...
Because of you, I can never hold a sword again.
I will never forget the hatred I feel for you.
This isn't good.
I didn't know it was this late.
I should go home soon.
You can stay a bit longer, right Dr. Gensai?
Little Ayame and little Suzume are fast asleep.
Iíll walk you home later.
Oh, Yahiko says something nice every so often!
The ďevery so oftenĒ was unnecessary.
We have a guest, that we do.
W-Wait, Kenshin, what's wrong?
I felt a presence, that I did.
Foolishly straightforward...
No attempt to hide.
A fighting sprit!
Iím here to pick a fight.
He's the one from this afternoon!
The guy with the forehead flick!
So it is you.
I said that I had no wish to fight, that I did.
I can't accept that.
Iím fighting as a fighter-for-hire, so I can't turn back.
On top of it, the opponent is an imperialist
he's even Battousai the Manslayer.
H-How did you know?
imperialist soldier from Choshu...
Himura Battousai, also known as Battousai the Manslayer.
User of the ancient style, Hiten Mitsurugi.
You researched well, that you did.
Part of your job as a fighter-for-hire, that it was?
You don't need to research to know that.
There're also things I don't know.
What the Hiten Mitsurugi Style can do, for example.
And why the merciless manslayer became a wanderer who doesn't kill...
I have no idea.
Because I don't know...
Here I am, asking for a simple duel with no strings attached.
I do not know some things, either.
Why is a man who hates abusing the weak
working as something like a fighter-for-hire?
Why do you proudly wear the character ďwickedĒ on your back?
What twisted your logic so much, that is?
What, you ask...
Never mind.
Sappy stories are not to be told before fighting.
I just want to defeat the legendary manslayer
said to be the strongest of the imperialists
from the bottom of my heart!
Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself yet.
My name is Sanosuke Sagara.
In the underworld, everyone calls me Zanza.
It's short for Zanbatou wielder Sanosuke.
Zanbatou? What's that?
It's the largest sword ever made, to slay the enemy leader horse and all.
It has been said that nobody has ever mastered it due to its sheer weight.
I suggest you lose that ďno killingĒ sweet-talk right now.
you're gonna die!
He's quick!
And with such a heavy weapon, too!
I've seen through all your moves now!
You won't escape this time!
Now draw!
Where, Where?
Where is Ken?
Little Ayame!
Little Suzume!
Real fights shouldn't be seen by women or children...
there seems to be a filthy little death threat about, that there is.
What's that?
Looks like someone was there.
Nothing less from the Battousai...
But I will warn you of this.
Even if you're not up for it, I, Zanza the fighter-for-hire
never lets his prey escape.
Why do you hate imperialists so much?
It seems that I have no choice but to fight you.
What's wrong?
Big brother!
Now, little Ayame, little Suzume, Iíll walk you home with Yahiko, that I will.
We love you, Ken!
Episode 5: The Reverse-Blade Sword vs the Zanbatou; Beyond the Battle
Oh, Miss Kaoru, Yahiko.
It's a fine morning, that it is.
What kinda easygoing comment is that?
That fighter-for-hire might come to fight you at any time!
You shouldn't seriously go up against someone like that!
Got that, Kenshin?
I agree, but it seems that Zanza has quite a reason to do this, that is...
Kenshin, surely you aren't going to go up against him?
Oh, all right!
If you have to, I'll practice with you, Kenshin!
You don't have to do extra training!
What do you mean extra, you ugly woman!
I'm your assistant master!
You little!
I give up!
Ow, ow, ow!
I just want to defeat the legendary manslayer
said to be the strongest of the Imperialists
from the bottom of my heart!
Why does he hate the Imperialists so much?
What happened in his past?
Hey Kenshin, why are you spaced out like that?
No time for that now.
Good morning, little Kaoru.
Dr. Gensai.
Hello, little Ayame, little Suzume.
Big brother!
Let's play!
Let's play!
There now...
What shall we play, that is?
Here we are, all worried, and Kenshin is so...
Captain Sagara...
Watch closely, Sanosuke.
Soon 300 years of Tokugawa rule will end, and a new era will begin.
The time of the weak being oppressed and crying in their sleep will end
and a time where all people are equal, with no high or low, will begin.
We of the Sekihoutai are taking the lead.
So we should do our best to create a new world as soon as we can, right?
I've heard that so many times!
Hey, Captain, when everyone is equal, can I have a last name too?
Then can I take yours, Captain, and make my last name Sagara?
Can I, Captain?
Sanosuke Sagara, huh?
You shouldn't, that name sounds too weird.
I take it you're the captain of Sekihoutai troop one, Sagara.
I am Tatewaki Shindou, staff officer for the government army!
From our main camp at Shimosuwa
I bring you orders from the government-general!
From the government-general?
W-What are you doing, Zanza?
What about you?
What are you doing sneaking around like a thieving cat?
I-I was only thinking about how you were going to finish that fight...
I'll tell you one thing.
Now that I've taken it on, this fight is my fight.
I won't allow anything to get in my way.
I-I understand.
It's not that I didn't trust you.
I know it won't be a normal fight, since you know he is the Battousai.
Considering that you were one of the Sekihoutai...
In any case, I have no complaints if the Battousai bites it.
I don't care if you have a complaint or not!
I, Zanza, will be sure to defeat that guy!
Hop, jump, hop, jump!
What's wrong, Ken?
Oh, rumors about that guy?
A patient I visited today knew about that fighter-for-hire.
Apparently, he's a survivor from the Sekihoutai.
Is the Sekihoutai like a bunch of hooligans or something?
No, it was a fake government army.
A fake government army?
The Sekihoutai was a group
formed during the Revolution from normal people like farmers and traders.
It was the vanguard for the government army.
However, the group lied to many farmers, saying they would halve taxes
causing confusion among the people.
The Imperialist government punished them for that crime.
I see.
That's why he's picking a fight with Kenshin, an Imperialist
to get back at them.
They were the ones who did wrong!
That is unjust resentment!
And he whips around that Zanbatou, too!
So dangerous!
That's it, I'm going to do anything to stop Kenshin!
No fair!
Little Ayame, where is Kenshin?
Kenshin went with that spiky-haired man from yesterday.
Yup, spiky-hair!
Kenshin went with the fighter-for-hire!
Let's go!
So, shall we begin now, mister Battousai?
Kenshin Himura, the wanderer
will fight you with this sword.
Really, where did Kenshin go?
Someone saw Kenshin and the fighter for-hire going towards the river!
Let's go!
A reverse-blade sword...
You've seen the power of this Zanbatou once before.
And yet, you still think
something silly like not killing will work now?
Well, you're the one who decides if someone dies.
It has
nothing to do with me!
There they are!
Serves you right!
Even if his Zanbatou is powerful, it's meaningless if he keeps missing!
Major victory for Kenshin!
He got up after a hit from Kenshin!
His strong point isn't raw strength, or even the power of his Zanbatou.
He takes punishment much better than most also!
You really are strong.
It figures that you would become a legend...
Kenshin's Hiten Mitsurugi Style has put each enemy down with one blow
but that one blow won't work against this guy!
Hey, mister Battousai...
A fight, unlike a duel, isn't won by the guy with better swordsmanship.
The guy who doesn't drop wins!
Say that if you are the one standing in the end, that you should.
Shut up!
All right, round two!
Here we go!
I win this round!
Over here.
The Zanbatou has limited usage due to its sheer weight and size.
Either it is swung down, or to the side.
One in two.
Extremely easy to predict.
And this will be the end, that it will!
One blow won't work against you.
Successive strikes!
The Hiten Mitsurugi Style...
He's strong...
I do not want to point my sword at you any longer, that I don't.
Calmly accept your defeat, that you should.
I'm going to lose
against an Imperialist...
We Sekihoutai are impersonating a government army?
What do you mean by that, Mr. Shindou?
You went rogue to inform people that taxes will be halved
making people severely confused.
The Imperialist government has lost faith in you.
Therefore, your crime has been deemed inexcusable.
We've decided that you face execution for impersonating a government army.
That's ridiculous!
We were spreading the word just like the government-general told us!
I get it now...
To the Imperialist government
the news of low taxes we Sekihoutai have been spreading is problematic.
They promised to halve taxes, getting many farmers on their side.
But the Imperialists, who are having financial problems, cannot afford it.
Therefore, they decided to brand us so they'd have a scapegoat
and pretend that nothing had happened...
Is that right, Mr. Shindou?
What are you going to do if it is?
We fought valiantly, believing that the Imperialist government was just
and that it would help the weak.
Dreaming of a new era...
Such talk is idle in times of war.
The winners in war are just, and the losers are evil.
That is all.
Even if a group itself is good, it will lose and become evil if it is weak.
Just like you guys.
Your work is now done.
I thank you for it.
There he is!
Leave me here and run, Sanosuke.
What are you saying, Captain?
Just go.
Captain Sagara...
The Imperialists blamed the Sekihoutai for everything, and then killed them...
They're filthy...
Too damn filthy...
I won't forgive them...
Apparently he's one of the surviving members.
That's it, I have to kill him with my own hands...
Die, Battousai!
T-This can't be!
If you take even one step, I'll cut these guys' throats out!
Gohei Hiruma...
I thought you were apprehended by the police...
So long, Battousai!
I thought I told you.
This is my fight.
And I won't let anyone to interfere!
I will not lose!
I can't let myself lose!
He really is a soul that cannot be saved.
Shut up!
You can't defend from this distance!
Hiten Mitsurugi Style.
Sanosuke Sagara.
To think that you are a survivor from the Sekihoutai...
Let's settle this once and for all
against the one called the strongest Imperialist!
That's enough!
Aren't you, the Sekihoutai, the ones who are evil?
You guys are the bad guys!
You're barking up the wrong tree if you have a grudge against Kenshin!
Such happy people...
Normal society honestly believes
that the Imperialists are a force for justice.
Those filthy guys.
They sure got us, saying we would be in the government army if we won.
What are you saying?
It isn't like that, Miss Kaoru, Yahiko.
The Sekihoutai were used by the Imperialists, and ruthlessly cut away.
I can see why Zanza has a grudge against the Imperialists, that is.
However, Zanza...
Don't say it!
Those Imperialists that pretended to be just...
They put the character for wicked on the backs of Sagara and the Sekihoutai
and then killed them.
I can't ever forgive them!
And I will never lose to them!
All right.
We will settle things once and for all.
He flipped the reverse-blade sword!
Since the Sekihoutai disbanded, I became a fighter-for-hire.
Because I forgot everything while I fought!
It has been ten years now, and I have become stronger!
And with that strength, now
I will defeat the strongest Imperialist!
Such weak-spirited strength cannot defeat me.
Hiten Mitsurugi Style.
You really are tough.
You're the first person to stay standing after a Ryu-tsui-sen, that is.
However, it seems you are barely able to stand, that is.
I'll call a doctor, wait a while, that you should.
Not yet!
It's not over yet!
I haven't fallen yet!
I haven't lost yet!
For Sagara and the Sekihoutai, I can't lose against an Imperialist!
That's right, come!
Come over here!
Don't you think you're fighting the wrong person, that is?
Did the Sekihoutai teach you to defeat Imperialists
or complete the Revolution?
Shut up!
That's not something for you Imperialists to say
who created a new era full of lies and are profiting from it!
That's not true!
Kenshin isn't an Imperialist like that!
He Just refused an offer from a high-ranking government official!
He's just a wanderer who protects people freely with his sword!
You only know Kenshin as Battousai the Manslayer!
You started this fight!
Don't just state your arguments and be done with it!
Don't group Kenshin with those others!
Kenshin is trying to protect everyone with just his sword!
If you don't get it yet, then I, Yahiko Myojin, will fight in place of Kenshin!
Zanza, the Revolution is not over yet.
It is true that in this Meiji era, the Revolution's outline has been drawn.
However, many are still part of the old world, where the weak are oppressed.
That is why I became a free wanderer
and I wield this sword to protect those people.
Battousai the Manslayer
is trying to protect the people...
I believe that doing so is my atonement to the people
who were sacrificed for the Meiji Revolution, that is.
Now, let's go fetch Dr. Gensai.
It's the same thing
as Captain Sagara who fought for the dream of a new era...
And he is still fighting for it...
I could only feel despair, give up, and fool myself by fighting.
I'm sorry, Captain Sagara...
I really lost against this guy...
I can't believe he survived.
Yes, bruises all over his body and the blood loss...
Dr. Gensai said he needs to be in the hospital for three weeks!
He said that it was a miracle that he didn't die!
Zanza was many times stronger than the others
so I couldn't really take it easy, that is.
In any case, everything is settled now.
So why don't we have some beef hot-pot, and...
Those men...
It's those desperadoes for democracy from the other day.
I don't care if you get drunk and pick a fight with me
but do it after you become a little stronger.
W-Weren't you hospitalized?
My strong point is my stamina.
These little scratches are nothing.
It's really nothing!
Don't play with other people's bodies!
You're not taking the wicked character off your back?
The Sekihoutai is a memory I can't ignore
so I can't take this wicked character off.
Besides, I can't change my prejudices now.
I'll follow you
and see if you're different from the Imperialist con men with my own eyes.
And one more thing.
I'm no longer "Zanza"...
Nor a fighter-for-hire.
Now, I'm just Sanosuke Sagara.
Just like you aren't Battousai the Manslayer anymore.
So, I won't allow you to go wandering without my permission, Kenshin!
Oh well...
It seems I have gained yet another weird comrade, that is...
I don't like how you said "another"...
You're the weirdest of all of us!
Mr. Sanosuke!
He didn't pay again...
And so, we gained another comrade, by the name of Sanosuke Sagara.
I'll pay whatever money you want.
Please spare my life...
M-My legs...
Episode 6: The Appearance of Kurogasa; Visitor From the Shadows
So, how is it, everyone?
So, how is it?
I rolled up my sleeves for this!
Say something!
Oh, Sanosuke is drooling all over because it's so good!
Just kidding.
Too Salty! It's too spicy...
Don't cry!
To live on, people have to tolerate some things!
It must be tough for you if it's like this everyday...
N-No, Miss Kaoru's cooking is good...
It tastes better each time I eat, that it does.
It's not food from a strange land...
If you have complaints, don't come here!
You come here for free food every day anyway!
I quit fighting for money, so I'm broke!
Don't be so petty!
What is with this!
I'm sorry to interrupt here...
Oh, you're...
The Chief of Police.
The police chief?
I apologize for causing so much trouble the other day.
And what is it today, that is?
Mr. Himura...
I come here today to ask for a favor.
This is a problem concerning federal authority.
An incident that has been kept away from newspapers for ten years.
Please, I want you to defeat a serial murderer.
A serial murderer?
Known as Kurogasa...
A swordsman of amazing skill.
For the past 10 years, he has only gone after big-name politicians.
And they are all Imperialists.
He announces his targets before going to work.
First he slices through the police guard
and kills bystanders as if he enjoyed slaying men...
Among the victims have been countless women and children.
That's horrible.
Why can't you just shoot him?
Police gunmen are on guard every time.
However, everyone is slain before they pull their guns...
Before they pull their guns?
That man called Kurogasa...
He must be a manslayer from the revolution like myself, that he is...
Even ten years into the Meiji era
his heart is taken by the smell and color of blood.
He can not stop being a manslayer.
Poor man, that he is.
Soon it will be midnight, when Kurogasa claimed he would strike!
I'm counting on you!
The one who slays him will be rewarded whatever money he wants!
Leave it to us, Mr. Tani.
We'll kill the murderer.
It's all right!
I'll take him down!
I don't like these guys.
But, why are you here?
I won't let you hog such a fun fight by yourself!
It's not a fight...
But all of 'em were slain before they could pull out their guns!
What does it mean?
It probably...
Do you have a clue?
By any chance, do you know who Kurogasa is?
It's midnight!
It's time!
W-Who is it?
W-What is it?
L-It's not from in here, it's outside!
He's coming!
I'll take the front with Sanosuke!
Everyone, follow us!
H-He's not coming...
W-Was it just a prank?
Here they are...
Little bugs with no lives.
One, two, three...
About 14 or 15...
Less than I thought there would be.
T-Those eyes...
He's too dangerous!
I'll deal with him.
I trust you with Mr. Tani!
Whoever defeats him will be paid five times over!
I'll get you into the army as an officer, too.
Five times!
All right, he's mine!
I will have it!
Are you going to throw away your lives for greed?
This is a good feeling...
I won't let you escape!
T-This is...
That man called Kurogasa...
He must be a manslayer from the revolution like myself, that he is...
Why is it that I have a bad feeling?
I-I can't move my body!
It's wrong to run away.
Once men draw swords, they must face each other until someone dies.
It's not fun otherwise.
W-What the hell did you do?
Oh, you can still move?
You aren't as weak as I thought.
What would you like me to cut off?
Your arm?
Or your head?
Nikaidou Method, Shin-no-ippou.
Another name for it being...
The technique of freezing in fear!
So it was you!
I heard rumors in Kyoto during the Revolution.
One who could targets by forcing energy from his eyes into theirs!
The user of Shin-no-ippou.
Rogue manslayer, Jinei Udoh!
I have also heard of a legendary Imperialist using Hiten Mitsurugi Style.
A manslayer with a large cross-shaped scar on his left cheek!
Himura, the Battousai!
This is fun, I haven't had this much fun in some time.
To think that I would meet the Battousai...
The days of Revolution that I long for have returned.
I no longer care for pigs rotting in money and power.
I change my target to you!
The one who was the strongest Imperialist!
Shin-no-ippou is a competition of wills!
If my swordsman's spirit is at your level, I will not fall pray to it!
You slew many men during the Revolution.
Just to see blood, regardless of foe or ally...
now is a time of peace.
The Revolution, a time when murder was common, is over, that it is!
Open your eyes!
For yourself!
I doubt my own ears...
Battousai the merciless manslayer, who froze men's blood from fear.
Kenshin is no longer a manslayer!
Since the Revolution, he decided that he will not kill ever again!
He's not like you!
You idiot!
Boring, truly boring.
You're nothing like what you were during the Revolution, as the Battousai.
When a manslayer stops slaying men...
When you don't kill anyone for ten years...
You should realize how much your swordsman's spirit will go down!
I can move again.
I will give you one day.
By then, return to who you used to be!
Become again the manslayer who froze men's blood!
I want to kill that Battousai from the Revolution!
That guy has totally lost it.
You've became the target now.
I don't care.
This works out better, that it does.
You accepted the offer
knowing that this would happen?
He does seem to have a point.
Right now, there is no way for me to win against him.
However, I will defeat him...
As someone who also lived as a manslayer during the Revolution...
This battle is a part of my life that I cannot continue to avoid, that is.
It looks like
I'm completely out of the picture.
Sano, I have a favor to ask.
Please relay a message to Miss Kaoru.
That isn't the face a girl her age should show others.
She said she was worried about Kenshin last night, and couldn't sleep.
I see.
That's a funny face!
Welcome back.
Yeah, I'm back.
Wait, where's Kenshin?
Kenshin won't be comin' back.
Not coming back?
He's to throwing everything away to fight Kurogasa.
Throw everything away?
If he came back and saw your faces, his heart would soften.
He wanted to stay away for a while, and concentrate.
Otherwise, he can't defeat that monster. he said.
I think he's trying to come as close as he can to becoming a manslayer again.
Hey, where are you...
Where else?
I'm going to look for Kenshin!
Don't be so stupid!
Are you going to get in his way?
Kurogasa is many times stronger than his other opponents!
If Kenshin...
If Kenshin doesn't come back again, what are we going to do?
Yes, I'm sure he's not going to come back!
If he defeats Kurogasa, he will return to his old self...
And he's gonna go off wandering again!
Though I don't know when I'll leave again, because I am a wanderer...
Father and Mother passed away...
And if Kenshin leaves now...
I don't want to be alone again.
No, I don't!
Where did she go?
It's because she's so worried about being separated from Kenshin.
What a selfish girl!
But then, love and selfishness can't be seperated...
In any case, we have to find her!
We don't know what she could be doing.
We have to get her!
Can I win with
a reverse-blade sword?
I found you!
She's scarier than Jinei, that she is...
I heard the story.
I'm not going back to the school, either.
I'll stay here with you.
You heard about Jinei, that you did?
I heard.
But I'm not going back.
If I fight while protecting someone
I cannot possibly win against Jinei.
Miss Kaoru?
My favorite indigo ribbon...
I'll lend it to you, Kenshin.
Even if I borrow it, I have...
Just borrow it!
All right, I'm just lending it to you!
You have to return it!
If you go on a journey after you fight Jinei, and forget to return it...
I won't forgive you.
All right.
I promise I will return to the school with this.
So rest assured and wait there, that you should.
All right.
That's a promise...
Miss Kaoru!
I see that this girl is your woman!
Angry, get angry!
Return to the way you were ten years ago!
Hate me!
Return to a manslayer, Battousai!
My favorite indigo ribbon...
I'll lend it to you, Kenshin.
All right, I'm just lending it to you!
You have to return it!
All right.
Miss Kaoru!
I take it that this girl is your woman!
Angry, get angry!
Return to the way you were ten years ago!
Hate me!
Return to a manslayer, Battousai!
Episode 7: Deathmatch Under the Moon; Protect the One You Love
Don't glare at me so much.
It's not like I'm going to kill and eat you.
You kidnapped me because you can't beat Kenshin otherwise!
You don't get it.
I can defeat the present Battousai before finishing one cigarette.
That's boring.
If I take you hostage, the Battousai will be angry.
Anger will return him to the manslayer he once was.
Y-You don't know how strong Kenshin is.
You're the one who doesn't know
how he really was.
The power of Battousai the Manslayer
gave everyone goosebumps during the Revolution.
Back then, I was in Kyoto as well
a member of the Shinsengumi.
The Shinsengumi?
Your bloodthirsty sword is a disgrace to us, the Shinsengumi!
We will execute you!
I was fighting in Kyoto like him.
A deathmatch with the former Battousai, both of us on the edge.
Sounds fun.
Is there anything as fun as that?
Kenshin isn't like that!
He's not like you, just out for blood!
Kenshin will never return to being a manslayer!
was abducted?
Kurogasa has stated where he wants the battle.
If I don't return, I ask you to rescue Miss Kaoru with the police chief.
That guy...
He's gonna go rescue the girl all by himself.
To put an end to the battle between two manslayers...
Two manslayers...
B-But, Kenshin is no longer a manslayer!
That's why he might lose!
But even then, he's going to go fight
You've got to be kidding!
I'm going with him!
Wait, you idiot!
Let go!
I want to go!
I don't know what happened in his past!
But I don't care about the Revolution!
I'm going to save Kenshin and Kaoru as they are now!
Who's stopping you?
You're forgetting this.
Let's go, punk!
Move it!
Same goes for you!
It's about that time...
Now, it's time for much fun to begin.
Those are good eyes.
He is angry.
Oh yes.
Angry at you for involving Miss Kaoru...
and at myself, for not stopping you.
That tone of voice...
No, that's not the usual Kenshin!
I sense a pleasing intention to kill.
Now, you reverse that silly sword.
Then, the legendary manslayer will be back.
Shut up.
How conceited...
T-This is Battousai the Manslayer?
Be angry.
Be more angry!
Is that all you can do?
One-handed thrust...
Next, form one, side slash...
Then cross form, a straight slash down...
And here
I break his stance!
where is he?
If we can't find Kenshin soon, he and Kaoru will be done for!
Not yet.
This is far from what Battousai used to be.
Because you don't want to kill me yet.
While you have the silly thought of defeating me without killing
I can kill you before finishing three cigarettes.
This is boring.
You are completely insane!
You are a monster!
A monster!
I want you to be even more angry...
Miss Kaoru!
You bastard!
What did you do to Miss Kaoru?
I gave her an extra strong version of Shin-no-ippou.
So strong that her lungs are paralyzed.
At most, she will last 5 minutes before dying of suffocation.
There are only two ways to undo it.
One is for the target to overcome it on her own...
But only if her swordsman's spirit is stronger than mine...
It is utterly impossible for that girl.
The other way
is for me, the user, to die.
In other words, unless you kill me, that girl dies.
What's wrong?
There's no time left.
Are you going to do nothing and let this girl die?
What's wrong?
There's no time left.
Are you going to do nothing and let this girl die?
Death from suffocation is ugly and disgusting...
You have no time for chit-chat.
If you have anything to say, say it with the sword.
With that silly sword of yours.
T-That attack...
Not only couldn't I see the sword's path, but I couldn't see his body move!
This is the Hiten Mitsurugi Style!
This is Battousai the Manslayer!
Good, this is a good feeling!
There is no time to talk.
I'll kill you
so why don't you hurry over?
I'll kill you, huh...
This is good.
A phrase appropriate for a manslayer!
You finally came back.
Back to the Revolution!
Back to Battousai the Manslayer!
The true battle begins now.
Here I come, Battousai!
What's wrong?
Nothing less from the legendary manslayer...
You really are different when you intend to kill.
I guess it is time for me to take this seriously.
To defeat the strongest man.
Shin-no-ippou uses hypnosis to make a target stand in his tracks...
I will now use it on myself!
In other words, I will use hypnosis to bring out all of my potential!
I am undefeatable!
I am invincible!
am the strongest!
The hidden usage for Shin-no-ippou...
The Hyouki technique...
I haven't used this
since I left the Shinsengumi 15 years ago.
You can use all the skills you like.
Now that I've said I will kill
your death is inevitable.
This is the stance for Battoujutsu...
Attacks that accelerate the blade by pulling it from the sheath
and slay the opponent in an instant...
His unsheathing is at god-like speed...
A speed that matches the gods!
I will give you a taste of where the name Battousai came from.
However, Battoujutsu are all one-shot attacks
leaving the user momentarily defenseless...
If I can evade that one moment of unsheathing...
But, can I do it?
I can!
I can evade it!
It's a reverse-blade sword, so the drawing slows for an instant!
I can win!
I challenge you, Battousai!
So fast!
I win, Battousa...
A double Battoujutsu using the sword and its sheath...
Hiten Mitsurugi Style Battoujutsu.
I am fully aware that the reverse-blade sword is not suited for Battoujutsu.
I have perfected Battoujutsu in every way
so I was named Battousai.
I crushed your elbow joint, and tore the ligaments.
Your life as a swordsman is over.
And now
the end of your life as a human.
What's wrong?
Why are you hesitating?
To get rid of the Shin-no-ippou I put upon that girl, you have to kill me.
To protect Miss Kaoru...
I will become a manslayer once again...
That's right!
Let me, Jinei, enjoy the blade of the legendary manslayer!
A sword is a weapon.
Swordsmanship is learning how to kill.
That is the truth, no matter how much you try to give excuses for it.
However, I prefer Miss Kaoru's play-talk over than the truth, that I do.
I prefer it, that I do.
Don't go back to a manslayer...
Don't use swordsmanship
to kill...
Miss Kaoru!
Miss Kaoru, you all right?
You have to hold steady, that you do!
Hold steady, that I do?
Are you all right, that is?
I am all right, that is.
I'm all right...
I'm all right, so...
To think that my Shin-no-ippou would be defeated by a girl like her.
Stop, Jinei.
You have no chance
with only a short-sword and your left arm, that you don't.
Everything is over now.
Peacefully be arrested now, that you should.
No, it is not over yet.
There is something left.
Cleaning up!
This is a good feeling...
Don't look at me like that, Battousai...
I liked your eyes when you said you were going to kill me.
You truly are a manslayer inside.
I, another manslayer, is saying this, so there is no mistake...
A manslayer is only that until he dies...
He can never be anything else.
I'll see how long you can stay a wanderer
from the edge of hell.
A manslayer is only that until he dies...
Let's leave the rest for the police.
I found something!
Kenshin's footprints!
Kenshin's footprints are going this way!
That's a cow's hoofprints!
You're kidding!
Let go, dammit!
You're all right now.
Now that I'm here!
Where is Kurogasa?
It's so boring that there was no need for me to save you!
You said it.
I'm hungry now that I stayed up all night running around.
Idiot, how can you be hungry without doing anything?
I dunno why!
Are you all right now, Miss Kaoru, that is?
Thanks for saving me.
I'll just give you thanks for now.
No, I am the one who should be thanking you, that I should.
If you didn't stop me back then, Miss Kaoru...
I would have completely reverted to my old self, Battousai the Manslayer...
Thank you so much.
What are you thanking me for?
Oh, nothing...
That's right, I have to return your ribbon, Miss Kaoru, that is...
What is this?
Blood from my wound...
This was my favorite one, too!
I can't believe you!
I shouldn't have promised!
I-I'm sorry, Miss Kaoru!
You stepped on my foot!
What's this about a promise?
It's nothing a kid should know!
What was that?
Even if my true self is a manslayer
I will never return to being one, that I won't.
I will stay a wanderer forever, that I shall
as long as I have these comrades.
Wait, bitch!
Wait, we said, wait!
Episode 8: A New Battle; The Mysterious Beauty From Nowhere
I'm counting on you, Kenshin.
What's the next toss?
Han, with a 5 and a 6.
All right, I'll buy it!
2, 4, Cho.
All right, it's mine!
Mr. Sano, looks like you're out of luck today.
You've lost a few tosses in a row.
I had my hopes up, too!
What happened to your predictions from Hiten Mitsurugi Style?
None of that was right!
Even if they are both competitions
predictions I make during swordfights are completely different, that they are.
And you said that you had an important duty today, Sano...
Isn't gambling illegal, that is?
Nah, this is just a game between friends using spare change.
And each is a good friend from way back.
They're all good guys.
Though they look like thugs.
That last line was unnecessary, Mr. Sano.
No matter how you see it
you look most like a thug out of us, Mr. Sano.
I have to agree, that I do.
Damn it, don't be laughing!
If you can't get it right next time, I won't leave you unharmed!
Got that, Kenshin?
Where the hell is she?
That way!
2, 6, cho!
2, 6, cho!
The toss!
2, 6...
2, 5, han!
I won again!
I won again!
Don't be mindlessly sipping tea, Kenshin!
Someone like you should be able to get at least one right, even if by luck!
You say that, but...
You are such a...
Mr. Sano, you sure are spirited about this today.
Of course!
I have a little debt to Yoita the candy-man.
And I wanted to return that money with interest today.
Oh yeah, whatever happened to him?
He always came running over when he heard we were gonna gamble...
What's wrong, guys?
passed away...
From illness?
The guy who had nothing but good health?
Tell me what happened!
L-It was... opium.
I don't know who he got it from
but apparently he was told that it would be good for him...
By the time he realized that it was opium
it was...
Who in the world sold Yoita opium?
Please help!
Bad men are chasing me.
Help me!
Hey, Megumi!
You can't run away anymore.
And now men?
What the hell?
Shut up!
We only have business with the broad!
You keep outta it!
I'm pissed off right now!
Watch what you say!
Y-You think you can get away with doing this.
We're personal bodyguards of Mr. Kanryu!
I'm tellin' ya, watch what you say!
Henchmen of Kanryu Takeda...
That's an unfortunate opponent, even for you, Mr. Sano.
Kanryu Takeda?
He seemes to be a young entrepreneur.
Underground, he has a few dozen bodyguards
and is doing some pretty bad business.
A shady guy.
You, how are you related to him?
I don't know anything, I really don't...
Lies aren't good for you, Megumi Takani!
W-Who is it?
When did...
Trying to buy pity playing the role of an innocent woman...
Cunning little fox, don't forget that I, Beshimi, am watching you.
Go back to Kanryu, and tell him!
I will make sure I escape
no matter what!
You are so cute...
Especially how you think you can escape it all...
Next time, I will use my spiral darts to blast out both your legs.
It will double as punishment.
I don't understand the situation well
but I can't stand to watch people who hurt others out of mischief.
S-Shut up!
I'll get you too next time...
You dare hurt my friends!
Kenshin sure is late...
He must be making a fortune.
What are you saying?
Only delinquents gamble!
When they get back, I'II
give them a piece of my mind!
It may rain blood soon...
I'm back...
They're back!
I really don't understand her...
Kenshin, welcome ba...
I'm sorry I am so late, that is.
This is a pretty run-down place.
A kendo school?
W-Who is this?
Oh, this is Miss Megumi Takani.
Miss Megumi is being chased by villains...
And dear Ken helped me out.
D-D-D-D-D-Dear Ken?
To make a long story short, he flirted with the woman he saved.
I can't leave you alone, can I, Kenshin?
Um, that really is not the case here...
Then what is your excuse?
A-As I was saying...
Dear Ken was so handsome when he saved me!
What is this, just look at you, all smitten like that!
Such a disgrace!
I trusted you, Kenshin, you're an idiot!
My, I'm surprised.
She is such a violent girl.
Are you all right, Dear Ken?
Wait a minute, how are you related to our Kenshin?
Oh, Dear Ken is an important person who is going to protect me.
And how are you related to him?
H-How I am...
I'm sure that you can't be his lover.
I mean, such a sweaty little girl can't be what dear Ken looks for in a woman.
Well, excuse me for sweating.
What of it?
C-Calm down, Kaoru!
Don't kid with her too much.
This girl here is really simple-minded.
Unlike some cunning fox woman I know.
You prefer me over that violent girl, right dear Ken?
Help us!
We won't screw up again...
Forgive us!
We'll do...
We'll do anything!
I guess it's my nature as an entrepreneur.
I'm uneasy if I don't immediately get rid of things that are useless.
In that regard, you are very perseverant, Commander.
I am the commander of Beshimi and his comrades.
I will not have you trying to butt in.
I-I fully understand that.
In any case, I have no complaints if Megumi comes back to me.
Hannya, you know where Megumi Takani is?
Yes, she is in a school downtown.
All right.
You and Hyottoko go and help Beshimi with his job.
All right, Beshimi?
I won't allow for any more mistakes...
l-I will engrave that thought into my heart...
I'm begging you, Commander.
She is my hen that lays golden eggs.
I cannot possibly let her go.
Kanryu has about 60 bodyguards...
But the worst are the Commanderís men.
Former spies, separate from his personal bodyguards...
The Oniwaban, defenders of Edo castle
gave command to a 15 year old prodigy
just before the Revolution...
Aoshi Shinomori.
But if dear Ken is with me
I'd feel at ease even if those guys come all at once.
I-I wonder if that really is the case, that I do.
If the Oniwaban group really starts moving, even you...
I guess I can't stay here long...
Now, then, Miss Megumi.
Why are you running away from Kanryu, Miss Megumi?
And why is Kanryu so obsessed about chasing you, that is?
Listen to what others have to say, that you should!
I don't want to tell you!
Only thoughtless men pry into a woman's past!
When it comes to the heart of the matter, this is all I get, that it is.
Eavesdropping isn't good, missie.
Your title of Kasshin Assistant Master is shamed.
But, but, but, but, but, but!
Kenshin sealed himself in a room with her as soon as he came back!
You know him, missie.
Kenshin is strong at swordsmanship
but bad at dealing with people.
Especially women and children.
I know that, but...
In any case, there are limits to how good a person can be...
No, nothing.
Well, I'm sure Kenshin will be all right.
I won't settle for "probably"!
Sano, there is nothing suspicious?
Yeah, nothing for now.
Considering that we face the Oniwaban group
it's better to assume that they know of this place already.
We can't let down our guard, that is.
The Oniwaban group!
They're ninja, right?
Looks like this isn't over...
I didn't want to trouble Miss Kaoru...
But all things considered there might be one or two incidents.
But I will make sure to protect you, Miss Kaoru.
I heard that, Kenshin!
So there's gonna be something going on?
How cruel!
You were gonna leave me out of it?
I'm a member of the Kenshin group too!
The Kenshin group?
What's that?
They can bring arrows and guns!
No matter who the opponent, I, Yahiko Myojin, will defeat them all!
You're pretty arrogant for a kid.
I'll get you for that!
Stop it, Yahiko!
Oh well...
If there's infighting
the Kenshin group will face a lot of problems...
They're here...
Calmly give Megumi back to us.
If you do, we'll take it easy on you.
I take it you're from the Oniwaban group?
Yeah, I'm Hyottoko, one of the Oniwaban group!
So, which one is my opponent?
Or both of you together?
H-He's huge!
A boasting big guy, huh?
Kenshin, leave this guy to me!
Sano, we are facing members of the Oniwaban group.
He's not just brute force...
I don't care what he is!
I have no wish to protect that broad, but I accept all challengers!
So I start with you?
Even if you are proud of your power, it's useless if you can't hit me!
That was close, you loser!
I see
you managed to escape my lethal Fire Breath.
But with those legs, you won't be able to evade the second one!
Nothing less from the best fire user in the Oniwaban group...
Hyottoko is written Fire Man in kanji, after all...
There is nothing he cannot burn!
You're old enough to know better than to play with fire, that is.
Playing with fire?
With little tricks like that, you can't even burn one hair on my head, that is.
I will burn you to a crisp first!
Do you think that you can withstand it like that?
Have a taste of this and think about who is up to little tricks!
Where are you going?
That man is different from Beshimi from earlier.
There is no way he can win!
Kenshin is fighting for your sake.
It would be cruel to escape while their attention is diverted.
The Oniwaban is a group who think nothing of killing people.
They won't even have mercy on women.
You might be killed by them too...
No matter how strong the enemy, Kenshin will always protect me.
Kenshin is not the kind of man to break a promise.
Impossible, all of the oil...
It's time to stop playing with fire, that it is.
He did it!
That man...
You bastard!
I'm not done!
Wait, Kenshin!
I told you to leave this guy to me!
Thanks for the help.
I'm sorry about this, but let me have another go at him.
I've filled up on oil!
Hey, loser, over here!
I'm sure to make a fireball out of you this time!
An extreme Fire Breath!
He surely can't escape it!
Good decision.
Easier to attack and with less harm
than haphazardly trying to dodge the flames.
This is the magic trick?
And now what?
You're out of tricks.
The fight is not over...
Piece o' cake!
But for that, you're hurt all over the place.
indescribably strong...
What in the world are those two?
My comrades
I am proud to have.
Hey, are you two all right?
Oh, this is bad!
It looks like he barely won!
It looks that way.
Kenshin, you're the one...
I'm one of them, too!
That idiot Hyottoko lost so easily...
This is another failure!
If that's the case, that broad...
I don't know why Kanryu Takeda insists on having you back...
But you, who made me feel this way...
...I'll kill you!
I'm one of the Kenshin group, too.
I have to show my good side too, you know.
You don't have to grin and bear it!
Now, show me that wound.
Don't make a fuss over me...
Scratches like...
That's what he gets for butting in!
That kid won't last an hour!
Death Poison Spiral Dart!
This is the ultimate attack of me, Beshimi of the Oniwaban group!
I'll get rid of all of you!
Starting with that swordsman guy...
To think that a swordsman like you still exists in this day and age...
We were taking our opponents too lightly.
I am sure I will be fighting you myself someday.
Until then, we'll leave the match unfinished.
He's good!
Hold yourself together, Yahiko!
We have to suck the poison out, in any case!
Stop it!
Don't get in our way!
Sucking poison out of a wound causes infections
and makes things worse.
Out of my way.
This is not something normal people can do.
Fever, unconsciousness...
Slight pain, and the eyes are dilated...
This is the poison from a thorn-apple!
Girl, I will write up the medication, have it brought here!
Dear Ken, boil some water.
And bring a towel and the medicine chest.
You with the headband, go to the store and buy as much ice as you can.
What are you standing there for?
Detoxification is a race against time!
That it is...
Hang in there!
I don't want you to die!
By the time Yoita realized that it was opium
it was...
Why does she have opium?
Maybe she's the one to really watch out for...
Sanosuke took Kenshin to a gambling house, where they found out...
...that one of Sanosuke's friends had died from opium.
It was there that Kenshin saved a mysterious woman, Megumi Takani...
...from the personal bodyguards of Kanryu Takeda.
However, employed as henchmen for Kanryu Takeda...
...were the Oniwaban group led by the genius Aoshi Shinomori.
They assaulted the Kamiya Dojo in hopes of recapturing Miss Megumi.
As Kenshin and Sanosuke defeated Beshimi of the Oniwaban group...
...Yahiko had his arm wounded by Beshimi's poisoned spiral darts.
We were surprised by how skillful Miss Megumi's treatment was.
Meanwhile, Sanosuke picked up a medicinal packet she had dropped...
...and started having doubts about Miss Megumi.
Episode 9: The Strongest Group of Ninjas; The Horrible Oniwaban Group
Miss Kaoru?
Yahiko is...
That can't be...
Dr. Gensai! Yahiko!
He'll be all right.
If he sleeps for a full day, he will recover.
You're a bad woman, Missie.
You took ten years off my life doing that.
Miss Kaoru, your tears were those of joy, that they were.
Of course, because Yahiko's life was spared!
In any case, everything is all right, that it is.
Thank you so much, Dr. Gensai!
You really are the best doctor in Tokyo!
Thank whoever wrote this.
It's very impressive.
The ingredients for the antidote and how to mix them are perfectly written.
The writer is not only knowledgeable about medicine...
...but is also a master of chemical drugs.
You really can't judge someone by how they look.
To think that Miss Megumi is a master of chemical drugs...
Miss Megumi's full name was Megumi Takani, I believe.
Takani, is it?
I think a little bit better of her now.
I see...
Beshimi and Hyottoko were defeated...
He must be an extraordinary man.
From how he handles a sword, I believe that he is quite an individual.
All right, find out who that swordsman is.
Inform me as soon as you do.
Yes, immediately.
Red hair and a cross shaped scar on his left cheek...
Could he be...
I wonder how many years it's been since I last made ohagi...
It's ohagi! It's ohagi!
I love ohagi!
Kaoru, where's Sanosuke?
He's not around.
Maybe he went back home to take a nap.
I'm sure Sano is tired from staying up all night with the patient, that he is.
He'll show up eventually, I'm sure.
I guess we'll just start the party to celebrate Yahiko's recovery.
Then I'll dig in!
Thanks a lot!
Yahiko, you're just getting over an illness, you shouldn't eat too much!
You're mistaken if you think that I'll let you eat my share, Kaoru!
You found me out...
U-Um, Miss Megumi, can you teach me how to make ohagi?
Sure, it's easy.
All right, I'll make you some next time!
If I was served ohagi made by you, Kaoru...
...I'd eat cakes of dirt first!
Sheesh, your illness has been cured but your badmouthing hasn't!
How dare you, Kaoru?
Oh, Yahiko's face is like ohagi now!
Yahiko turned into an ohagi!
You all are so friendly with each other.
You're just like family.
You've got to be kidding!
I don't want an older sister as ugly as her!
And I don't want someone like Yahiko as a younger brother, either!
They really are like quarreling siblings, that they are.
Just like ohagi!
I'm gonna have some more!
...what's your family like, Miss Megumi?
I don't have any family.
Well, I'll go make some tea now.
Did I just say something wrong?
They really are all such good people.
So how are you going to explain to all those good people...
...why you have something like this in your possession?
Why don't you say something?
I was the one...
...who made this.
I see, so you're the one who did Yoita in...
The one who killed my good buddy!
Wait, Sanosuke!
Miss Megumi, please tell us why.
Why do you have opium, Miss Megumi?
Could it be that you're the daughter of Ryusei Takani, Miss Megumi?
How do you know my father's name?
Um, here.
It's your turn, Suzume.
This is a difficult one... But...
This is a difficult one... But...
Just as I thought, that it is.
The Takani family from Aizu... a family of doctors spanning many generations.
However, they got involved in the Aizu War...
...between the Imperial Army and the Aizu clan...
Mr. Ryusei ended up missing...
...along with both brothers and their mother.
Only the young daughter of the Takani family was left alive.
So that's Miss Megumi...
You must have been through many hardships.
The hardships and pain I faced back then...
...were much better than what happened afterwards.
I came up to Tokyo from Aizu five years ago... become an apprentice under a certain doctor.
What I didn't know was...
...the doctor was partners with Kanryu and making opium.
Then they had an argument, and the doctor was killed.
I was forced to make opium in his place...
I strove to become a wonderful doctor like my father.
Instead, I ended up being forced to make lethal drugs.
How many times have I thought of killing myself?
Yet, I couldn't go through with it...
So, what was the reason you ran away from Kanryu, Miss Megumi?
I was forced to make a new kind of opium...
...that could be mass-produced cheaply.
If such a thing reached the public, it would be a disaster.
So, I took what I had made...
Since only you know how to make this new opium...
...Kanryu will always pursue you, that he will.
Kanryu really is a villain!
I can't forgive him!
That group will not let up any time soon.
It is better for you to stay here for now, that it is.
Do not blame yourself anymore.
You have suffered long enough, Miss Megumi.
Isn't that enough, that is?
Is that all right, Miss Kaoru?
It's all right.
I know how tough it is to be all alone...
If Dr. Gensai, or Kenshin and the others weren't around...
I might still be all alone, just like you...
Oh man!
Unfortunately, I can't be good-natured like you guys.
One of my friends is dead, you know.
Right now, Sano needs to sit down and think things through.
He will understand someday, Miss Megumi.
Let's play, Miss Megumi!
Miss Megumi, play with us!
...when I'm done with this.
Then we'll wait for you!
Thank you for your repeated patronage.
Do you need anything today?
I see...
Even though you don't need anything...
...we need something...
...from you.
Kanryu Takeda is waiting for you.
The Oniwaban group!
There is no need to worry.
Just as I've written there, I promise not to hurt you, Miss Megumi.
All I want is for you to come back on peaceful terms.
And you want me to make opium again.
Of course.
That is your job.
You had been all right with it until recently, right?
I just couldn't go through with killing myself, that's all...
If I stay alive, and remain in the medical field...
...I might someday be reunited with my family.
Each time I think that, I just can't...
That's all right, Miss Megumi.
I'm sure you will meet your family someday.
But I finally made my decision.
I don't care if I never see my family again...
If it means that I make a drug that kills people...
I would rather be dead!
I won't let you die alone.
Perhaps the Kamiya Dojo will have a mysterious fire...
...and in the ruins will be a few dead children.
W-What are you saying?
Don't be so alarmed.
To the Oniwaban group, one or two fires is a piece of cake.
That bastard...
You cannot run away from me, let alone kill yourself.
That is, if you don't want to bring trouble to those around you.
Your life is tied to mine.
We shall be on friendly terms as before.
From now on...
So, I will be waiting.
Oh, yes, yes...
Oh, yes, yes...
Please be watchful of any fires tonight.
Why are you not taking Megumi Takani now?
Even the Kanryu Takeda feels threatened...
...knowing he faces Battousai the Manslayer?
If we make sure Megumi Takani leaves under her own will...
...even the Battousai cannot involve himself.
After all, he is just a manslayer.
He won't have any reason to make a move.
To make a move... huh?
Commander, there was one rat in hiding...
Leave it.
Only Battousai the Manslayer, Himura Kenshin... worth mentioning...
I can't run...
From Kanryu...
...or from opium.
I can't ever run away...
Miss Megumi, would you like a bath?
Miss Megumi?
I'm coming in...
Miss Megumi...
She left a note?
Miss Megumi says she's returning to Aizu...
At least she could give us a quick goodbye.
I haven't even thanked her yet!
But that's funny...
Even if she goes back to Aizu...
There is nobody waiting for Miss Megumi...
What are you planning to do?
Going back to Kanryu and all...
Don't worry.
I won't make more of the opium that killed your friend.
I promise you.
You know that Kanryu isn't going to like that.
I told you, I will keep my promise!
So don't get in my way.
I'm in a hurry.
Don't hurry yourself to your death!
Missie, you got Kenshin and me, Sanosuke, at your side.
Don't you go worrying too much.
The girls are waiting for you at the Dojo.
And somewhere out there, your family is too...
It's all right.
Even if I were to find my family, how could I face them?
I'm part of an illegal opium ring.
I can't erase such a dirty past!
Don't be so stuck up!
You're not the only one with a past that you want to erase!
It's not like my friend will come back to life if you died!
If you stay alive, you can repent.
Someday, you will see your family again.
If you die, all that becomes nothing.
Look out!
To avoid one of my attacks...
...pretty good!
Who the hell are you?
I'm Shikijou, Keep Guard of the Edo Castle Oniwaban group.
If you don't surrender that broad, the next strike...
...will crush your bones to dust!
Take this!
Fight without these stupid toys, you third-rate underling!
Calling me, who served as a Keep Guard, a third-rate underling...
You'll regret taking my powers so lightly!
Let's go, punk!
Here I come!
That doesn't even tickle!
Now, you will experience the strength of Shikijou of the Oniwaban group!
W-What kinda strength is this?
Stop that.
I'm impressed that your skull didn't split after one of my head butts...
...but what's inside can't be as tough.
The shock to your brain won't let you lift a finger for a while.
My entire body, trained as part of the Oniwaban group, is hard as steel...
...any part can be used as a weapon.
It was just bad luck that you had to face me, Shikijou...
...and my invincible strength!
I'll show you some mercy.
I'll make you rest in peace with one strike!
To think he has so much strength left...
The strongest...
Kenshin is the only one who needs words like those...
The Oniwaban group, who became henchmen for a shithead like Kanryu...
...shouldn't boast like that!
You bastard, just because I haven't shut you up...
No matter how hard your skull is, what's inside can't be as tough...
...was that it?
Okay, let's go.
That bastard!
I'm taking Megumi!
Are you all right, Sanosuke?
D-Don't worry about me...
S-Save her instead...
Miss Megumi!
She was threatened by Kanryu.
And she went back to protect you, Missie...
...and those around you...
So it was that after all...
I'll risk my life to get her back!
If I can't do that, what's the use of the Kamiya Kasshin School...
...a sword to protect others?
That's right!
Let's get them!
Miss Kaoru...
All right!
Oh, Sano!
Nothing less from Sanosuke!
What stamina!
Shall we go, that is?
When seeing those eyes of yours with that gleam... heart skipped a beat that lazy afternoon.
My whole body felt nervous and very stiff... if you were testing my love for you.
Feeling the point from the air and from you...
...I shivered all over from my love for you.
A crunch on the sand, I bite down the grit.
I aim at your will as the day turns to night.
I am hoping soon you will use your delicious lips...
...and let me have some of that good wine that's over there.
When they are united under the bright full moon...
...a man and a woman will find true eternity.
Passionate lady, ah gimme your love.
Mysterious lady, I need your love.
The lonely eyes you show once in a great little while...
I can't tell if it's the truth or just a lie.
Honestly lady, ah gimme your love.
Now feel it coming lady, I need your love.
I'm always thrown right around by all the things you always do.
The fervor of passionate love crazily dances within my heart.
We barged into the Kanryu estate to rescue Miss Megumi...
...and waiting for us was none other than the genius Aoshi Shinomori.
The deathmatch between Kenshin and Aoshi is about to begin.
Next Episode of Rurouni Kenshin...
Please look forward to it!
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