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Subtitles for Rusalka CD2.

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Rusalka CD2

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Tell me,
tell me all, dear boy, and don't hold back any details!
ln whose honour are these festivities in the palace today?
The hall is filled with guests. You are so busy in the kitchen.
All sorts of exotic utensils are set out on the tables and sideboards!
We've been busy all day, Uncle Vanek,
from dawn to dusk, without a moment to rest.
Just think,
have you ever heard such a thing?
The Prince found
a mysterious being in the forest.
And now, would you believe, he might marry her!
They say he found her in your forest.
Deep in the middle of the forest.
But, wherever she came from, l find her a bit creepy, Uncle.
She cannot speak,
she has no human blood in her veins.
She runs around as if in a trance.
A fine wife she'd make!
May the Lord preserve us! l'm an old huntsman,
and l sense a magic spell
behind this love-match!
Our forest is haunted
by some sinister power.
Strange creatures
wander around the woods at night.
The weak in mind or body
risk falling under Jezibaba 's spell,
and the Water Goblin
lies in wait at the dam, looking for a chance to drag you down.
Whoever sees the Wood Nymphs,
nude from head to foot,
is in danger of losing his head completely.
Lord save us and deliver us from evil.
l'm scared!
it's no wonder!
May the Lord have mercy
on your sinful soul.
lf l were the Prince, l'd chase that strange girl away,
before she dragged me down into hell!
Send that good-for-nothing away!
Here come the Prince and the monster!
l've no intention of waiting for them!
You have spent a week with me,
and you still seem like some fairytale creature.
ln vain, l attempt to understand your secret
by gazing deeply into your eyes.
When we are married,
will l then experience what my love longs for?
Will you be consumed with ardour,
and will you be mine?
Will you be mine?
Why is your embrace so cold,
why are you afraid to surrender to passion?
Why am l overtaken by anguish
when l hold you in my arms?
l try in vain to ignore my melancholic mood.
l cannot free myself from your embrace,
and no matter how cold and diffident you are,
l must make you mine!
No, it is not love l feel,
but anger!
That another takes what should be my place!
However cold and diffident you are ... - But if l can't have him myself,
then l don't want them to be happy. - ... l must make you mine!
lt seems the joy of being in love
has led you to neglect your duties as host.
Must a foreign guest observe in silence
the happiness which has blessed you both?
Ah, this reproach
comes not before time,
and l am happy to receive it from your lips.
Even a bridegroom, fair princess,
is first and foremost your servant!
And this beauty,
the lady of your heart,
does she never utter a single word of reproach?
Or is there so much
tenderness in her gaze
that her eyes tell more
than words can say?
Her eyes have forgotten to tell me
that l've been a careless host.
Allow me to make amends
without delay
and carry out the duties l neglected.
What's the matter?
Why are you trembling?
Go to your room now and prepare for the ball.
Dress yourself in your finest clothes.
l enjoy his gallantry,
although you have his heart!
Poor, wan Rusalka!
Caught up in this dazzling world.
No one in the world can give you
what the watery world abounds in.
For no matter how long you're human,
you can't escape the bonds that tie you.
And no matter how much you are loved by a man,
you can't bind him to you forever.
Poor, wan Rusalka,
trapped in the magic of human bonds.
The underwater world longs for you,
your sisters attempt in vain to embrace you.
But when you return to them,
you will be a mere mortal.
You will return weary of life,
with a curse hanging over your head.
Poor, wan Rusalka,
caught up in this dazzling world!
White blossoms along the road, everywhere in bloom.
A young lad rode to see his lass, and the day smiled so brightly.
Tarry not, lad, hurry to your beloved, for soon you will be a man.
When you pass this way again, red roses will be in bloom.
White blossoms were the first
to be scorched by the sun,
but these fiery red roses
ornament the bridal bed.
Poor, wan Rusalka,
confused by this dazzling world.
White water-lilies dreaming on the water
will be your sad companions.
No red roses will ever
decorate your bridal bed.
Rusalka, do you not know me?
Water Goblin, dear Father!
ls that why l came to your palace?
To find you weeping bitterly?
Dear Father, Water Goblin, save me!
Terrible anguish overcomes me.
Woe is me because l betrayed you,
woe on all, who encounter a human being!
Woe on all, who encounter a human being!
Another has captivated him with her beauty.
With her wild human beauty.
he no longer cares to know me,
his simple
So, he has rejected you already,
he who loved you so?
You must be strong
and not give up.
All in vain!
All is in vain, and emptiness fills my heart.
All my charms are useless, for l am but half a human being.
All is in vain, he no longer cares to know me,
his simple Rusalka. All is in vain.
All my charms are useless.
Her eyes burn with passion,
that accursed human passion.
l am a creature of the cool waters,
and such passion is foreign to me.
All is in vain!
You cursed me,
lost to him,
Nothing more than a faint echo of the elemental world.
Neither a woman nor a nymph
can l be.
l cannot live,
nor can l die.
l can neither live nor die!
See them?
Here they are.
Dear Father,
help me, save me!
ln your eyes a strange fire burns,
and your words enchant me.
You are becoming ever more tender and caring.
My Prince, what does this mean?
Where is you your chosen one?
The mute girl
with no name?
Where is she? She should be here to see how her Prince has changed!
Where has she gone?
God only knows!
You alone have caused this change.
This summer night will never betray
that l have been ensnared by the charms of another.
You may call it a whim,
that once l loved another,
but from now on a blazing fire
will replace that moonlight in my heart.
But after my flames have burned you, and your passion has smouldered out,
when l am far away,
what will you do with the moonlight then?
When you are embraced by those tender arms
of your lovely, mute sleepwalker,
who will ignite your passions then?
Oh, how l pity you for your passions!
Even if the whole world were to condemn my desire,
you are my flaming flower, even if you bloom only for a moment!
Now l see that it is me he woos ... - Now l see what my body longs for ...
The groom himself can't decide whom to court: me or the other.
Your embrace is cold as ice,
you cold, white beauty!
You may throw yourself into the arms of another,
you will never escape Rusalka's embrace!
Save me from the clasp of this mysterious power.
Save me!
Rush after your chosen one
into the nameless abyss of hell!
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