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Subtitles for Rusians Are Coming The Rusians Are Coming The CD1.

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Rusians Are Coming The Rusians Are Coming The CD1

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104, 105...
Why don't you go back to bed? I'll keep the kids quiet.
You know I never can get back to sleep.
- Is there any coffee? - It's not finished yet.
Have some orange juice. You'll feel better.
This house is damp. Doesn't the dampness ever bother you?
Any house by the sea is bound to be damp.
No. This house is special. It'll always be special.
It'll always be that damp summer place on Gloucester Island.
Two and a half months here, it'll take two and a half years for my bones to dry out.
Here, listen to my back.
There. Did you hear that?
- I don't hear anything. - Listen! There!
Tomorrow, we'll be going home.
You'll be nice and dry.
Your back won't make a sound...
...and we'll never go anywhere again.
We'll go.
Dad! Mom! There's some men outside!
- There are what? - There are men outside! Lots of men!
- There are? What are they doing, Pete? - I don't know. They're creepin'!
- They're creeping, are they? Listen... - I think they're creeping up on this house!
But Dad!
Pete! Annie's asleep upstairs.
- They've got guns! I saw their guns! - Maybe it's an ambush.
Why don't you go outside and play some tennis?
I warned you.
I know.
- Bacon and eggs all right? - No. I'll get dressed first.
It's too damp to eat.
Honey, I have to work today, I really do. What's the plan? Do I have to pack?
Walt, you don't have to do a thing.
Alison's coming. We're going to spend the day packing.
I'll keep the kids away, and you can work.
You know Larry's going to scream if I don't get that second act worked out.
I told him last Wednesday I already had it. I don't even have an idea for it.
You will. You know you will.
You know how producers are. He'll say it's a masterpiece.
And it probably will be.
You get dressed, eat a good breakfast, and just do it.
All right?
They're hidin' out by the garage now. And there's this great big one... Uncle Harry.
Like Uncle Harry?
Okay, Pete. You keep an eye on 'em.
I'll never get any work done today.
People runnin' around the house.
Hello, good morning.
Yes, yes.
- How are you? - Very good.
Annie was awake till 10:00. I'll let her sleep.
The toast is burning.
This darn thing.
Why I ever let that agent talk me into $125...
...for the dampest house in the...
- I counted them. There are nine of them. - Come on.
Two of them've got Tommy guns, and they're all talkin' some foreign language.
- They could be Russians or somethin'! - Sit down and eat your breakfast.
- You don't even believe me! - Just eat.
Someone at the door.
You always know everything.
- What? What do you mean? - It's probably Alison.
- I'll get it. - I'll get it.
Alison, this early in the morning? No, I'll get it.
Good morning, sir. A pleasant good morning to you.
Good morning.
Please permit me to apologize for this unusual disturbance...
...but we are hoping for some conversations, please.
Lady, and a young boy.
Good morning, also, my dear lady. Good morning, young boy.
We are two strangers in this island, and we wish to speak with you about boats.
- About boats? - Yes, that is most exactly correct.
I don't understand. I mean, who are you?
- I didn't hear a car. How did you... - Please, not to be afraid. We are nobody.
We wish only to inquire where to find powerboat.
Motor-powerboat for private use for some brief little time, you understand?
Sorry, but I still don't understand. There are no boats around here.
- No boats? - No.
This is an island with no boats?
There are boats, some boats, but not around here. In town.
In the harbor in town, but there are none around here.
- Big boats? - Yeah.
- Motor-powerboats? - All different kinds of boats.
Ask them if they're Russians.
A nice little boy there. Which way to harbor, please?
It's five miles down.
- Ask them if they're Russians! - Peter, be quiet.
A clever little boy, very clever, to see that my friend and I are foreigners here.
But of course, not Russians, naturally.
What would the Russians be doing on United States of America island...
...with so many animosities and hatreds between these two countries?
It is too funny idea, is it not?
No, we are, of course, Norwegians.
On a small training exercise for the NATO countries...
- NATO. - NATO countries, of course, yes.
To reach place of power motorboats... necessary to make borrowings of automobile for short time only, sir.
- May I ask you something? - Yes, of course.
Are there nine of you out there? Are you all Russians with machine guns?
And does one of you look like Uncle... I mean, look like a wrestler?
I'm sorry to comply with your statement, but misfortunately...
...all of the answers to these questions are yes.
He's got a gun!
- Please, to step inside the house. - No, just wait a minute.
- You can't come in here. - Lady, not to worry, for no harm is coming.
No harm. Absolutely no harm.
Don't be frightened. There's an explanation.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you, son.
- All to keeping calm. - Yes.
I repeat, no harm is coming. All now, please, being seated.
It's all right, just take it easy. Pete, don't be scared.
- There's no need to be scared. - I'm not scared.
Good boy. Now, to answer some few questions...
...very quickly, so that there is no necessity howsoever...
- Whatsoever. - Whatsoever!
So that there is no necessity howsoever...
...why everybody in such a nice American family should get shot to little pieces.
You understand? Yes. Good.
- What else people are in this house? - What?
There's only our little girl. She's asleep upstairs.
But she's only a little baby.
So. First, is necessary to make borrowings of automobile.
Where are keys?
In my purse.
If you don't mind, please.
Very good.
What is population of island, please?
- It's about 200 people. - Honey, there's more than that.
In September? You're thinking of the summer.
No, in West Village, all the farms... You forgot to count the farms.
No matter! Not many people.
Please, you know of no boat except at boat place?
No boat close to where we are here?
No, there just aren't any boats.
Very few questions more.
Don't tell them anything! We'd be traitors!
Pete, just keep quiet. Here.
There is no establishment of US Navy or Army or Coastal Guardians on island?
No US of Air Force?
No, there are no bases on Gloucester.
Police constabulary? How many members of police department here? 20, 40?
No, there are not that many. Maybe three or four.
Don't tell 'em anything. He hasn't even tortured you yet!
- Pete. - Listen. No one's going to be tortured.
Couldn't you at least give us some idea what this is all about?
I know it's none of...
None of my business, but...
It is necessary for you to remain in this house...
...I hope, most vigorously, for short time only.
- We're not goin' anywhere, so that... - Good.
Please, to remain absolutely good-behaved, so that this man here...
...a marksman of prize-winning caliber...
...will not have the necessity of shooting you to small pieces.
- I forgot. I meant to, but I forgot. - Listen, there isn't much gas in the car.
The gas.
- Gasoline. - No time for stupid tricks.
Just to keep absolutely good-behaved, yes?
Madam, once more, I apologize for all this.
Why'd you let him do that? What'd you let him kiss your hand for?
- I didn't know what he was going to do. - You could have pulled it away.
I didn't want to make him mad.
- Pete! Come back here! - Walt!
I'll call the police, that's what!
It doesn't buzz. They must've cut the telephone line.
Is true. Now, please to sit down with Mama and Papa, all together, yes?
Listen to me. You're not to try anything like that again, do you hear?
- It's Annie! - It's my sister!
Good morning, Mommy.
Good morning, darling.
I'm hungry. I want my breakfast.
All right, Annie.
All right, you'll have your breakfast.
Please, Mister and Missus.
I am most sinceriously sorry for incident with little girl.
Suddenness of noise...
What's your name?
Alexei Kolchin.
My name's Annie Whittaker. I'm going to be 4.
Where did you come from?
From Soviet Navy submarine boat.
A submarine? You're off a submarine?
Last night, captain of submarine boat... putting submarine boat too close to land, against orders.
He want to look at America.
What for?
He never saw it.
All of a suddenness...
...submarine boat is becoming fixed on this place...
...GIoucester Island.
You went aground!
Honey, that's it! Their sub has gone aground!
Well, if that's... Wait a minute!
You're looking for a big motorboat to try to pull the sub off the sandbar?
Da, is it!
Why did you come in here...
Anybody could go aground like that. It happens all the time.
Please to disagree.
All are most sinceriously terrified of what will happen now.
Why? What will happen?
Unless Rozanov is finding power motorboat...
...will be coming many US of American...
...air machines...
...and the war vessels.
Blow up.
No more Soviet Navy submarine boat.
But they wouldn't.
They couldn't.
- Please? - Just because you've gone aground?
It wasn't deliberate. It was only an accident, wasn't it?
- They'd simply have to be sympathetic. - Honey.
When you get captured, you'll get shot.
And I hope you do.
- You know you don't mean that. - I do mean it.
Listen to me, son.
- I can't. You were the one who helped 'em! - What?
What do you mean?
You told them everything they wanted to know, just like Arnold Benedict!
That's Benedict Arnold, not...
What are you saying?
Are you saying you think your father is a traitor?
Yes, I am.
I bet I'm the only guy in the fourth grade whose father is a famous trader.
That's "traitor."
Just stop it. You're being silly.
Might as well give her a hand. Here, honey, let me help you with that.
I'm going to do something. I'm going to get that gun from him.
Walt, you're crazy! Don't.
You heard what Pete said?
He's only a child. Now you're behaving like a child.
He's bigger, younger and stronger than you are...
...and he's got the gun!
He's also just as frightened as I am.
Sailor, as long as you're here... about a cup of hot, cold... - Do not come close with that, please.
- It's just a little cold... - Please.
I do not want to hurt anybody. Not children, not parents, also.
Walt, I don't think he wants it. Really.
Who comes there? Who?
It's probably Alison, and all those men. Come in, Alison.
Alison. Did your brother Fred come with you?
- Hi, Fred, come on in! I've got him now! - No! Look out!
I got him! Grab him! Stop yelling!
Pete, I got him!
Hit him!
Let him go!
I got the gun!
All right, stick 'em up.
No shoot! No!
Darn curtain!
He's getting away!
But, Mr. Whittaker...
I'll bet he's hiding somewhere.
Walt! Don't shoot! It's us!
What are you gonna do?
Nothing. He ran for it. It's all over. Everybody all right?
- But who is he, Mr. Whittaker? - A Russian sailor.
Careful, Walt. If he's gone, where did he go?
- He's probably hiding right over there! - I tell you, he's gone.
Would he be silly enough to come back when I've got the Tommy gun?
He'll be tryin' to get back to the submarine.
All right, everybody in the house.
Pete, I guess we showed him.
We handled that situation all right, wouldn't you say?
You just let him get away! You didn't even shoot him!
You just let him get away!
Did you hear that? Did you?
- What are you raising, a delinquent? - He's only a child.
- He's getting too much, just too much. - He's a baby. Careful!
- He's eight and a half years old. - Nine and a half.
There, you see?
If that's those high school kids...
Operator! Hurry up!
That Alice Foss? Call Chief Mattocks.
The Russians have landed!
They're here. Do you hear? The Russians, in West Village.
And I'm being attacked!
Stop that! How dare you?
Excuse us, we didn't mean any harm.
- Yeah? - It's Alice Foss, Chief.
I'm sorry to bother you, Chief Mattocks, but I just had a call from Muriel Everett.
What'd she want?
She was shoutin' that I should call you, because according to her...
Muriel said the Russians have landed.
Wanna gimme that again, Alice?
Muriel said the Russians have landed, whatever that means, Chief.
And she said they were attacking her personally.
Remember when she called about that peepin' Tom?
You know who that was, don't you? It was Luther Grilk's horse.
I remember that one, Chief.
You handle it, will you?
Just go ahead and call her.
If all those men are in town, they all have guns...
...and they're desperate, I mean, anything might happen.
Nobody's gonna do anything! Nobody!
- Tell the police they took our car. - I will.
We have to find it before we go. It doesn't belong to us.
I know.
- While you're there, call the plumber. - All right.
- Tell him to turn off the water. - Listen, if I'm not back in 20 minutes...
What? If you're not back in 20 minutes, what?
If I'm not back in 20 minutes, nothing!
I'll be back just as soon as... I'll be right back!
Totally unbelievable. I've got work to do today!
If I don't get that second act, Larry's gonna scream!
You look silly on a girl's bicycle.
If you wanna hit him, it's all right with me.
You're riding for a fall, buster.
- You're riding for a fall. - Hit him!
Get back! Just get in.
You change Annie, I'll start packing.
If that's the way she wants it, that's the way it's gonna be.
Fern, why don't you answer that telephone?
Mattocks here, who's that?
I'm awfully sorry to be bothering you again...
...but I think something really is happening.
- Did you talk to her? - I tried, but Muriel's line is dead.
I ain't a repairman. If you got trouble with the lines... call up Ed Spooner or Art Pinkney, the guys that work for you.
But Chief, Muriel Everett said...
I know what she said. She said that the Russians had landed.
She said the Russians landed in West Village.
Alice, come on, for the love of...
How could they land in West Village?
- There's nothing out there but sandbars. - Couldn't they drop in parachutes?
- How many of the lines are out? - The whole circuit. It's just dead.
All right, I'm up.
I said, I'm up.
Whatever is goin' on, I'm up.
While I'm gettin' dressed, you call up Norman, Charlie, Les and Oscar.
Oscar Maxwell.
Tell them I said to get over to the office right away.
Tell them I said they better bring their guns, all right?
Yes, Chief! But should I call the State Police?
No. I don't want them bastards.
- Shall I call the Coast Guard? - No, Alice, nobody. Just...
Let's find out what's goin' on first.
If there is somethin' goin' on, before we start spreadin' around a lot of alarms.
Okay, Chief.
The Russians have landed.
The Russians have landed in West Village and are attacking the Postmistress.
They're attacking Muriel Everett.
Where the hell...
I'll get it. Will you eat?
Oscar Maxwell speaking.
Chief Mattocks wants you at the station, and bring your gun. That's an order.
Bring my gun?
- What's happening? What's goin' on? - Russians.
Russian parachutists!
Muriel Everett...
...reported that Russian parachutists...
A Russian parachutist on Gloucester Island?
Get my gun!
- Where's my gun? - I saw it when I moved your shirts.
You shouldn't have moved it! Can't you understand, this is an emergency?
- And I can't even find my... - It won't be there, those are my things.
You're a great help! I can't get this thing on.
That isn't right. Here, I'll get it. Just where did you put my badge?
- It's right here. - Find that.
I can't get this thing fastened.
Will you watch what you're doing?
- What about me? What should I do? - Just stay at home, in the house.
- But if you're gone... - My cap!
The kids, why do they put things in my cap?
Kids, I want you to pay attention to me. This is very serious.
There's an emergency. Chief called me to the station.
Listen to your mother, too. Pay attention to her.
I don't want you goin' outside. Or near the windows, okay?
Better yet, all of you stay in the cellar. Understand?
Okay. Wonderful kid.
Norm, suppose they come here.
Suppose they start burning and looting.
- Suppose they start raping? - Do what?
I don't know, Sarah.
The way I see it, you could kick up a fuss and get yourself killed.
Or you could clear out the minute you see 'em coming.
- Clear out? - Yeah.
Clear out where? The ferry isn't even running!
This is Sunday!
Norman. Where you going?
Mornin', Norm. What's goin' on?
There's a report that the Russians have landed out there.
Russians! Holy jumpin'!
They must be comin' in at the airport. It's the only way.
Will you get outta the way?
I said, will you get outta the way?
The chief called me down at the station. I've gotta get there.
Will you get back in the house with the kids, like I told you?
That goes for you, too, Isaac!
Did he say they've captured the airport? The Russians have captured the airport?
I don't know, but there's some kind of general alarm out.
Hey, Porter. Do you know what's goin' on?
They've captured the airport! There's a general alarm out!
Where are you?
What are you doin' up there?
Holy Mackerel, girl! What was it, a stickup?
Russians, Papa!
What are you doing, hanging up there on the wall?
Wilbert, I want you to get hold of yourself. Calm down.
Chief's here. I'll talk to you later.
- Hey, Chief. What's going on? - Is there any truth to it?
Take it easy. All I know is Muriel Everett called up Alice Foss...
...and told her the Russians had landed.
She said the Russians had landed, and they were attacking her personally.
Attacking Muriel Everett? That's just plain crazy, Chief!
Anyway, she hollered to Alice about getting attacked...
...and then her line went dead.
- What's goin' on? - Who are you, boy?
- Walt Whittaker. We're staying out at the... - Whoever you are, you better get movin'.
This whole danged island's under attack by Russians!
We're gettin' out!
- You're what? Wait a minute. - Can't wait! We're gettin' out!
Wait a minute. What happened here? Those Russians are just ashore.
That's right, they're all over Gloucester Island.
Those Russians are not...
Hey, wait a second!
Hey, listen!
Those Russians are not...
Is anybody...
"Suppose," my foot! There ain't any Russians anyplace.
But, I mean, just in case there are...
...what are we supposed to do, Chief? - I just got here. I don't know.
My wife is just about out of her mind!
I'll tell you what we do. We shoot 'em.
No. We're not gonna shoot anybody.
Will you call back, Fern?
What are you tryin' to do, start a panic here?
You talk about a panic.
There's people all over the streets, runnin', yellin', screamin'!
That's right, Chief. Some of 'em even got guns.
If we can just keep this thing quiet.
Look! Ed Spooner! He's carryin' a.22!
There's Joe Monsell, he's got a shotgun!
We gotta do somethin'. We really gotta do somethin'.
Those people are runnin' around down there with guns!
That's great.
That's just great.
I thought all the nuts went home after Labor Day.
We've gotta have a definite plan of action, men. That's what we need.
First off, we've gotta have ourselves a leader.
Yeah! That's right!
The democratic way, that's the way I'd be for.
Let's do it the Republican way!
Have nominations and a proper election.
But that might take time.
So I'm gonna suggest an alternate.
Anybody wants to be leader...
...ought to step up here right now, and we'll put it to a voice vote.
You do it, Fendall! You've got the sword.
Nobody else wants to do it, I guess it'll have to be me.
So, if there are no objections, I'll assume command.
One minute.
This may be it, men. This may be it!
All men with firearms, form a line across the street.
Come on, men! Keep out of the way!
If an armed man falls, an unarmed man will pick up his gun!
Don't fire until I give the order!
Men with shotguns, don't fire until you see the whites!
Get out of the way! It's Agnes Grilk.
Get out of the way!
- That was Muriel Everett with her. - They said Muriel was dead.
Stop it, Muriel! What are you doing?
If we can take some prisoners without a fight, all the better.
But if they want war, men, let it begin here!
Make it lively, boys. Step lively. On the double!
All right, the armed contingent here. Attention.
Now, count off!
One, two...
Mornin', Fendall.
What's cookin'?
Holy jumpin', haven't you even heard?
- Heard what? - The Russians!
The Russians have captured the airport!
- Anybody seen 'em, Fendall? - You got any witnesses?
Speak up! Anybody actually see any Russians?
All right, everybody go on home! Just get off the streets.
- Norm, break it up. - You heard the chief. Break it up.
Listen, Mattocks! What are you tryin' to do? Lotsa people have seen 'em.
Reports are comin' in every minute!
All right, men, every fourth man, run and get your car!
- Hold it. - Wait a minute.
- Just a minute there! - Now what do you want?
I'm goin' out to the airport. You ain't.
- You're gonna stay right here. - What?
You're gonna stay here until I find out what the score is...
...and don't you do nothin' till I tell you to, you got that?
Wait a minute, Mattocks!
You're gonna foul up the whole detail.
We've got a plan of operation all worked out.
That don't give you no right to tell the police what to do, Fendall.
We are governed by the laws of this town as authorized by the Commonwealth...
...and unless you got a federal warrant that supersedes that... can keep your big fat mouth shut, or I'll throw you in jail for disorderly conduct!
- Let's take him in, Link. - Right, Chief. Let's take the slob in.
Take me in? After I've been elected leader?
I'd like to see you try.
Put that thing away, Fendall.
All right, I want all the unarmed men to stay here in town.
Norm Jonas is gonna be in charge of the town defense.
Norm, you stay here and get things organized.
- You promised... - Don't argue with me, do like I tell you.
Why do you have to argue with me all the time?
All right, you can come along, Fendall. Go on.
All right men, we're going!
Just keep your mouth shut, and stay behind this jeep.
Get your cars and follow me.
Let's go. Move that car, will you? Come on, you guys.
Get that Volkswagen out of here. Come on, will you get it out of here?
What are you doin', Tom?
Are you tryin' to back over me? Move it!
- Holy jumpin'! Muriel, you all right? - I think so.
What happened?
Agnes, there's the Reverend Hawthorne and...
...I'm still in my night things.
Are you all right? Why, it's Miss Everett. You better come inside.
The telephone company says the Russians...
Had you heard about it? Some kind of invasion.
- Anybody know where Arthur Carew is? - He went to get his teeth fixed.
He took the Friday boat.
I want somebody to run up to Arthur's house...
...and get Millie to lend you keys to the store.
Everett, you go up there. Listen.
Tell her to give you all the arms she's got in stock. We got to have more guns.
Slim, go over to Mr. Paladini's. He's got a couple of guns over there.
Do as I tell you.
All right, on one condition, everybody pays cash.
Come on, they're openin' up the bar.
We've just got to get organized.
Hey, Marvin, it's Luther Grilk.
That's the final... Luther, how'd you get in there?
I didn't know you were there.
Mornin', Marv.
Mornin', fellows.
- What's goin' on? - The Russians!
I can't get anything but church services, and there's not even any news.
Maybe they captured all the radio stations.
What about that four-minute warning? Did anybody get a four-minute warning?
Double bourbon, coming up.
- Listen, Norm. - Not now. Can't you see I'm busy?
Why don't you go sleep it off somewhere?
Leave that space clear there, in front of that door.
Wait a minute. I just got an idea.
What if they captured all the radio stations? Ain't that the first place?
Luther, can't you see I'm busy?
- I'm trying to get something organized. - But we're helpin' you.
You wanna do something to help? You wanna do something important?
You know those people that live in those shacks past the dump?
They got no way of knowin' about the alarm...
...and there's no way of going without a jeep, and we ain't got one.
- Why don't you get your horse... - Beatrice?
Why don't you get Beatrice, and ride up there on horseback...
...and let those people know what's happening?
There are women and kids up there, and you could warn 'em.
I guess I could.
And I will!
Not that way. This way. Clear that door. I told you guys.
- What are you... - I got to get to my horse.
Norm! Where are you?
My things are packed. Get the children's things, and we'll go.
- The ferry's not running. - I don't care.
I'm not going to stay here with those Russians running around.
- You Miss Whittaker? - Yes, could you...
- My name is Bell. - Could you help me?
I live over in Corner Pocket Bay.
Is your phone out of order?
Yes, it is. They cut the lines, you see, some Russians from a submarine.
I can explain, but you wouldn't understand. Are you driving to town or to West Village?
My husband went to the police and hasn't come back.
Did you say Russians?
Why don't you ride into West Village with him?
- I want to come! - I don't think I ought to leave.
You go with him. We'll be all right.
All right. Pete, you stay here with Alison and Annie.
- I'll be right back. - Okay. I'll get the Tommy gun.
- You'll get the what? - Come on, you come with me!
Wait a minute!
If you could give us a lift, we'd be so grateful.
Take care of Annie. We'll be right back.
Come on, Gustav!
My name is Walt Whittaker.
I want to report that nine Russian sailors came to my house...
What? Norman, come over here.
- This fellow says nine Russian sailors... - What?
Aren't you that Whittaker fellow from out there at Duck Head Point?
My brother was at your house last month, cleaning out a clogged drain.
I want to report that nine Russian sailors came to my house...
Sailors? You mean, their navy's landing, too?
My God!
- Listen, fellows, come here. - No. They're off a submarine.
It's not just parachutists. The Russian navy's landed.
That means they've captured the whole west half of the island.
Will you tell me, what's all this about parachutists?
There's a shore party of nine men off a Russian submarine, stranded.
My God. It's all over. It's finished.
We haven't got a chance, not a chance. My God, how could such a thing happen?
Listen. All they...
We're surrounded! The navy's here!
You're in charge here, aren't you? One of those Russians, he told us...
He said the other eight are coming here to Gloucester Haven, to the harbor.
He said they wanted to get a boat.
Sam, we've got to do something. You listen to me.
- Call Link and tell him what's happened. - Link's out at the airport.
- We've just got to do something. - What?
I'll tell you what. We gotta call the President!
The President of the United States. He's got that there hot line.
- You've heard about that? - Sure.
He'll either know what's happening, or he'll get on the hot line and find out.
The Russians are... Just a second! Those Russians just told me...
You can't use a hot line. That's not for us to...
Hello, yes?
It's true, Mr. Carmichael. It seems that the Russians have landed.
One small noise, you are dead. You believe me?
Yes, I believe you.
Hello, Beatrice.
Hello, beauty. We got a big job to do.
Come here, Beatrice.
Come here, sweetie. Take it easy now.
This way.
One small noise, and you are dead. Where's Kolchin?
I don't know. He ran away.
We had a struggle, you see.
I took away his gun.
You took Kolchin's gun? You?
Kolchin would not run away.
He would stay near house. This is what he was told.
He was?
You mean, he's still there? He wouldn't do anything to hurt...
We have big problem here.
We cannot get boat except kill some men by boat place.
I don't care about your problem.
Would that kid do anything to harm my family?
- lf he touches them... - No, Kolchin is good boy.
Is doing nothing howsoever to hurt anybody.
Not to be worried, only listen.
Has Coastal Guardians or Navy of United States been told that we are here, yes or no?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
Some men in a bar down the street...
...they were speaking about telephoning the President.
What is communications with mainland?
- You mean, the telephone office? - Yes.
It's right upstairs.
- Is there a battle going on at the airport? - Office of telephone is upstairs?
Are there are parachutists all over...
- There are parachutists on island? - No. I mean Russian parachutists.
Everybody on the island is saying that...
Everybody on the island is crazy!
How many people in office of telephone?
I don't know.
Can I give you some advice?
You'll never make it down to the harbor.
Why don't you give yourselves up? Either you'll kill somebody, or you'll get killed.
Either way... could start a war.
- What is your name? - Whittaker, Walt.
Pay mark to this, we must have boat. Even now, may be too late.
This is your island, I make your responsibility.
You help us get boat quickly, otherwise there is World War III...
...and everybody is blaming you.
Hello. He said they were trying to get a boat. Is that right?
They were trying to get a boat?
The fellow said the Russian said they're trying to get a boat.
Tell you what we gotta do.
We gotta post a dozen men there with guns to keep an eye on those boats.
That's right.
Will you put that drink down? You've had enough of that stuff.
But, Norman, I've already paid for it.
Hello. Alice? Where the hell is she?
I don't know whether Chief Mattocks has alerted anybody, Mr. Nelson. Hold on.
Just a minute, please.
All I know is...
Mr. Nelson! You've got no right to address me in a tone like that!
You want the who? The President?
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