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Rusians Are Coming The Rusians Are Coming The CD2

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Let's see what the butcher boy wants. All right.
Hold on a minute. Look...
The airport's only half a mile away.
We can't just barge in, like going to the ball park.
We gotta have a plan.
Let's leave the cars here...
...and sneak up there and surround them.
Old Blood and Guts Hawkins.
I thought you wanted to lead the charge, General.
What's the matter, you getting a little queasy now?
- You got no right to speak to me like that. - Yes, I have.
- With my military experience? - Come on, Charlie, let's get outta here.
Come on, what are we waiting for?
Let me get in here.
Fendall, will you stop poking me with that sword?
Come on, lady, just be nice and calm. Not nice and calm...
You don't say a word, and we don't kill you, yes?
Nice and calm.
I think he means it, ma'am, so please don't scream or anything.
They're kind of desperate.
- But who are you? - My name is Whittaker, they...
- Mr. Walter Whittaker? - Yes.
- Didn't you rent the old Selwyn place? - Yes.
I've put through some of your calls to New York City. I'm Miss Foss.
You and Whittaker Walt, you have nice conversation some other day, yes?
You had some idea of getting men from boat place?
Unless you create a diversion.
What kind of diversion, please?
Send some of your men out of town, and let them fire their guns in the air.
It's great idea. I send my men 50 paces, and...
I congratulate you on extreme genius of this idea.
- Not if you all disguised yourself. - What?
Like with those clothes downstairs at the cleaners.
You could sneak through town, and no one would notice.
Is good.
Are you really trying to help them? Are you on their side?
Of course I'm not! How could you say...
I think it would be a whole lot pleasanter if a lot of people didn't get killed.
All they're trying to do is borrow a motorboat.
- What did they say? - I don't know, I'm not with them.
Excuse me, please. I am here still.
Please, you should not be frightened of me.
You see? You.
I give you gun.
I'm not frightened.
Your forehead's bleeding.
- Guns? - Where are they?
Who? What do you mean?
- The parachutists. - The Russians.
What? What are you?
The Russian parachutists. We got reports that they were...
Quiet! Let's get to the bottom of this.
Stanley, we know that this whole island is under attack.
Where did they go?
I didn't see anybody.
Have you been sleeping, Stanley?
Come on now, admit it.
Are you trying to tell us that nothing at all has happened here?
Will you shut up?
Think, Stanley.
- There was one thing that happened. - What happened?
My phone is out of order. I just discovered it this morning.
His phone is out of order. That could be significant.
All the phones on the whole west side of the island are out.
Where are you going?
We're going over to Muriel Everett's house and check her telephone line.
After that, we're gonna go home. The rest of you go on home, too. Go on.
Wait a minute!
Don't shove that thing in my face, Fendall. Go on home, like I told you to.
You're not giving orders to my detail.
We are going, too.
Stay behind this jeep. Just follow me.
To your cars. We're moving to West Village.
Emergency. Everybody to get from street.
Emergency. Everybody to get from street.
Dear, kind lady. Sincerest apologies for what we do here.
For you, your equipment, for all of this.
Whittaker Walt, if you're a man who makes prayers...
...this is time for special prayer that all is going well.
I say goodbye for second time, yes?
Miss Foss, can you hear me?
On the count of three, let's roll over to the wall.
When I say three, follow me. Here we go.
...three. No, get off me!
Annie, go play in the sand.
You'll feel better when you eat something.
I'm sure you'll feel better.
What will become with me?
I must be arrested, surely.
But will Americans place me in prison?
I am a...
I confess to you...
...I have much fear of what will happen with me.
A Russian seaman in America.
Don't be afraid.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
What's your name?
Alexei Kolchin.
- What is your name, please? - Alison.
Alison Palmer.
Can I call you Alexei?
I never met anyone called Alexei before.
Here. Eat.
When I say three, press forward. We're going to stand up.
But whatever you do, don't fall over.
One, two... Don't fall over!
Everybody to get from street.
Hey, Mom!
Just take it easy, Beatrice.
Hop, that's it, Miss Foss. No, not that way. That way.
Hold it! Please.
Let's try to turn around. We can hop better if we face each other, I think.
All right now, try turning around. Here we go!
All right now, let's start hoppin'.
Here we go.
Gloucester Haven.
Hop. Good. Miss Foss, over here.
Don't pull that way. We're not going over this way!
This way. Here we come.
Wonderful, Miss Foss.
You're doing fine. Just a moment.
We may have a problem here.
- A what? - I said, we may have a problem here.
Wait, Miss Foss. Courage.
Let's try it, Miss Foss.
We're going to go down one step at a time. When I say three, hop.
One, two...
Come out you guys.
- The Russians, they're out here. - Come on, you guys, down to the jetty!
We're fine, Miss Foss.
Over here. This way!
You're doing beautifully.
Come down to my step, only one step.
You're doing fine, but don't lean that way.
Miss Foss.
Come on, you guys, let's head on back to our cars.
Let's head back to the East Shore Road. Hurry up.
- Come on, everybody. Back to your cars. - That's East Shore Road, boys.
- Are you all right, Miss Foss? - I think so.
I think I'm gonna faint.
- Don't faint until you roll off me. - Yes.
You're squashing me! Just roll over, lightly.
What's the matter?
Sounds like it's comin' from the harbor.
It's your father! It's Daddy.
- Walt, are you all right? What happened? - I'm all right.
- Who's she? - Did the Russians do it, Dad?
What happened?
- Take the gag out, and I'll tell you! - He's okay, he's alive!
Take her gag out.
Alice, what did they do to you?
No boat in the harbor could catch that cruiser.
Don't you think I know that? All of you armed men, follow me.
You unarmed men, clear off the streets.
We're gonna head out that East Shore Road.
Keep your eye on that cruiser.
A shell!
Go get some more, Annie. Go find some shells.
In Union of Soviet...
...when I am only young boy...
...many are saying...
...Americans are bad people.
They will attack Russians.
...all mistrust American.
But I think...
...that I do not mistrust American.
Not really sinceriously.
I wish not to hate anybody.
This makes good reason to you, Alison Palmer?
Of course it does.
It doesn't make sense to hate people.
It's such a waste of time.
But it does not matter now.
Something has gone amiss.
Else otherwise, Rozanov, he is my officer...
...he would have come back for me.
But I think now that everything is...
...completed for me.
They tried to draw everybody away from the harbor so they could steal the boat.
They tied us up upstairs and... Where's Annie?
She's home. She's at the house. Don't worry, Walt. Alison's with her.
You shouldn't have left her there. That boy's liable to do anything.
- What boy? - That boy, Kolchin.
They'll stop at nothing. There's no limit to what they'll do.
They'll be shooting people in the streets.
They'll be grabbing our kids and usin' them as hostages!
Hostages? Come on, we gotta get Annie.
Walt, Pete!
Get in the car!
- What are you doing? - I've got to borrow your car. Gimme that!
- It isn't even paid for! - I'll explain later. You'll get your car back.
He took my car!
I can't figure out where they all went to.
The people in West Village. Who do you think I mean?
Muriel Everett. All of them. Where did they go?
Nobody there.
- Was that Matt Ferguson? - Yeah, looked like his car.
Where's he think he's going? Who's that?
Looked a lot like that New Yorker fellow. Took the old Selwyn place this summer.
- Name's Whittaker. - That nut!
There's some bullets in the back. Do you want me to load the gun?
Just sit still. Take those bullets away from him.
- Just turn around. - You shouldn't have left them alone.
You've no idea how desperate those men are.
- You said we'd be perfectly safe. - Who knew they would...
- Walt! - What?
- Not so fast. - It's all right. Don't panic.
Everything's gonna be all right.
He might do anything.
- What do you mean? - He...
Just don't panic!
Why didn't you stay in the house where you should've?
You just never listen!
Link, they were here! They were shooting all over the place!
They stole the senator's cabin cruiser! They wrecked the telephone office!
Nearly killed Alice Foss!
See, what did I tell you?
- Where are they now? Where's Norman? - Up the East Shore Road!
Norm's chasing them!
They were here! Fendall! They were here!
Some of them are in disguise! Some of them look like us!
Get them! Up the East Shore Road!
Gustav! Come back here!
If I am to be imprisoned...
...could you perhaps come and see me there?
If I could be a little with you, on some occasion...
...I think I would say:
"Never mind...
"...I have my friend...
"...Alison Palmer."
Is permitted to say...
...that I have...
...feeling of affection for you already?
Does this cause offensiveness to you?
You kissed me.
This mean the same as in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, yes?
They must be all right. Who'd want to harm them?
I'll get the gun.
Gimme that gun, please. Wait in the car, both of you.
Give me those...
Just stay behind me.
How do you load this darn thing? Just get behind me, will you?
Stay back of me.
- I don't see anybody. I don't see Annie... - In the house.
I'm frightened.
Stay back there.
- Be careful. - Never mind.
- What are you gonna do? - Annie!
Hey, where's my gun? Come back! Stop or I'll fire.
He's in there.
Come here. Here, take this.
They've got Annie!
You, stop.
Stop, or I'll fire. Where's my daughter?
I warn you to stop or I'll kill you!
Hello, Mommy!
Always I am saying goodbye to you, and always I am meeting you again.
Alison, where were you? We looked all over for you.
You better surrender, 'cause my dad has a gun, so you just better surrender.
Are you hurt?
I am wounded in dignity only.
I know everybody in this island is complete and total crazy.
But you, Whittaker Walt, you are crazy, too?
- I came back here only to get Kolchin. - But I thought...
We saw this strange car here, don't you see?
We thought something happened to Annie, our daughter.
I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to...
I was trying to kill you, I'll admit that, but it wasn't...
I mean, it wasn't anything personal.
- Don't do it no more. - I promise, I won't.
The last time I'll shoot anybody.
You're wasting ammunition. Knock it off. Cease fire.
It's no use.
You're wasting your ammunition.
We gotta head 'em off.
I tried to tell you, let's get the boat.
You tried to tell me nothing.
I finally got you.
We chased them out here. They're going around the island.
Get in. Come on, Charlie, put that away. We gotta get started.
- Wait a minute. Hold it. - Get out of the way, Fendall.
Listen, Mattocks, I'm warning you. This whole operation has been a foul-up.
- And it's your fault. - What?
You brought us out here, and you let them get away.
- I'm warning you. - You're warning me?
You big, incompetent flatfoot.
That does it. That did it. I'll punch him in the jaw.
I'm holding you responsible.
As commander of the civilian forces... this emergency, I'm charging you with treason.
Give me that thing.
You see that?
That's the Dexter F. Meadows Memorial Sword.
You traitorous fink!
For God's sake, why is it we can't learn to live together?
You're right, Norman.
Let's get organized here.
You can do it, Beauty. Steady there. Come on.
Now we're going. Now we're swinging.
We ought to call the Coast Guard and the Navy. This thing's too big for us.
If it was a sub, it'd be clear out to sea by now, Chief.
We've still gotta call 'em.
But the phones are out. They're all out.
Then we'll radio.
Ed Spooner's got a radio in his store.
Whittaker Walt, this is very bad.
This captain has bad temper. These people should get away!
What am I supposed to do?
Tommy, let's go up to the steeple and see what's going on.
It's impossible.
Alison Palmer, listen. This is dangerous situation.
- The boat never reached him. - He wants all men on board.
- He thinks men have been captured. - Men are missing.
In three minutes, he's going to destroy this town.
Tell him. He can't just...
Captain, sir.
Walt Whittaker. And he's telling the truth.
You're making a mistake. You can't go around shooting here.
- He wants to know if you're an official? - No. I'm a writer.
What do you write?
- He writes musical comedy. - I'm working on a musical.
Listen, you can't.
Don't you realize you could start a war? You can't do that.
- Stop, you'll make him mad. - So what?
Listen. You just... Have you gone crazy?
You get outta here. Tell him.
Reason with him. Talk to him.
- Honey, think of something. - What am I gonna do?
Their submarine's in the port.
- What's happening? - I think I can tell you what happened.
What's going on here?
One at a time, now.
The sub got free by itself. That captain there thinks that somebody...
That captain there, he thinks somebody's holding his men.
Unless somebody produces them, he says, he's gonna open fire on the town.
- He does, does he? That right? - That's what he says.
- Who's that one? - He's all right.
- What? - I mean, he's with me.
- What do you mean? - He's been to my house.
To your what?
What did he say?
He says that you have one minute.
- I have one minute for what? - Before he begins shooting.
It looks like we got a situation here. That's what it looks like to me.
All right, you tell the captain he's under arrest.
Tell the captain he's under arrest.
Norman, get the women and kids out of here.
He says...
- He is angry, yes? - Yeah.
He says... stupid idiot, he will blow up the town.
I'm going over to Ed Spooner's. I'll radio the Air Command.
Look out.
All right.
Let's have your name and address.
Tell him this, and get it straight.
He's under arrest.
You're all under arrest.
You come in here, scaring people half to death.
You steal cars and motorboats.
You cause damage to private property.
Then you threaten the whole community with...
...grievous bodily harm and maybe murder.
Now, we ain't gonna take no more of that. See?
We may be scared.
I am, anyway.
But maybe we ain't so scared as you think we are.
Now, you say you're gonna blow up the town?
Well, I say...
...all right.
You start shootin' and see what happens.
Watch out!
Mommy! Daddy! Help him!
Hang on, Jerry! Get something to catch him in.
Get the fire truck.
No, it'd take too long. We need a rope.
- Get a ladder. - We make ladder.
We make ladder of men.
Pyramid, we make pyramid.
What are we going to do?
Please, Mommy!
They're coming to get you, baby, it's all right.
Okay, get up.
You get on my shoulders.
Like that. Make a pyramid. Like that.
Walt, hang on, honey.
Push it. Hold it.
Some more people, please.
Please don't move.
Please child.
Watch it.
Too slippery. We need more men.
Help. Get me down.
Mommy, Daddy, help me.
Get up, boy. Hold on. Tight.
Take boy.
- You okay, Norman? - I'm fine.
My shoulder hurts a bit, but...
...up there. Little boy.
We got the kid, didn't we?
Look out. Let me through here.
Get out of the way!
Listen to me. Quiet!
I got 'em!
I got the Air Force, and they're calling the Coast Guard and the Navy.
The whole bunch will be here inside of five minutes.
Now you're gonna see something.
Say, what is this?
Didn't you hear what I just said?
I got through to them on Ed Spooner's radio.
They're on their way.
You better get going.
It's not possible.
It's not enough time. I still have seven men on the boat.
It's not possible.
It isn't fair.
Think of somethin'.
We could give them an escort.
I mean, we could use all the little boats out in the harbor.
A convoy.
An escort?
Could we do that, Link?
Go out with them. Take them out of the harbor.
Can we help them get away, Dad, can we?
Anybody wants to go with them, I ain't gonna stop 'em.
Charlie, get over here, will you?
I must go.
But I promise my word to you that I see you again.
All right, get that thing out of here. Come on.
Move it out.
You and I, Alison Palmer...
...we have somehow, a long life of peaceful coexistence.
Hey, can you drive a big boat like this? Turn boat around quickly.
Be careful and jump.
There they are.
- Tiny Tim control. Juliet Papa 3-8. - Roger, 3-8.
It's a Russian, running on the surface. Heading zero, niner, zero.
Must be the same one the Navy had alert on.
- Listen, the Russians are being escorted. - Say again?
She's got an escort. There are 15 or 20 small boats down there.
There are 100 or more people on those boats.
Request instructions.
Juliet Papa 3-8. Recalled and return to base.
- We'll find out what it was about later. - Somebody ought to know.
Roger. How about that, Charlie Brown?
They didn't do anything!
The Russians are coming!
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