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Shocking Asia CD1

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Today's westerners.
Often question their culture and values.
They are interested in eastern world.
They take long travels to reach Asia.
In search of extraordinary events.
Some of which are rarely seen.
To Asians, these could be de ja-vu.
To otherthese are fascinating.
So it really invites a visit.
Asia, to westerners, is filled with mysteries.
She has been viewed as a place of poverty.
Buddhism is widely observed in Asia.
Temples exist every where in China, Thailand and Japan.
People there are quite optimistic.
Asians accounts for half of the world's population.
She occupies a really vast area.
On this huge surface.
There exist rich resources and peculiarities.
In races, religions and social systems. There are big variations.
Aszu comes from an ancient Greek word. Which stands for sunrise.
Ancient Greeks thought the centre of the world was Aegean.
Surely this is incorrect.
But not Marco Polo and Vasca da Gama. Discovered the other parts of the world.
Was this theory corrected.
It is not simple to describe Asia.
We can't visit every corner also.
In facet in this continent.
Many mysteries are waiting for investigations.
Many shocking, cruel customs. Exist there
We can only be familiar with the superficials.
If we visit Asia as a tourist.
But here we'll use our cameras.
To record the precious scenes unreservedly.
Malaysia's capital is Kuala Lumpur.
Modern skyscrapers co-exist with colonial remains.
70% of the population are influenced by Chinese culture.
On the other side of this Malayan Peninsula.
The Hindus hold their annual gathering.
To celebrate the festival of Thaipusam.
Local Hindus gather at the Batu Cave Shrines.
At sunset. An astounding ceremony begins.
Drums sound phythmically.
Believers sing prayers to bless the audience.
The penitants sink into trances.
Many days of prepartion are required.
The ceremony is performed by the Hindu priests.
During the ceremony.
Junior priests take a long pin. To pierce into the believer's bodies.
Who show great willingness to receive.
Their friends and relatives. Would try to hypnotise them.
To help relieve pain and diffuse attention.
The suffering martyrs dedicate themselves.
To the god Subramaniam.
The pilgrims are in a unique state of ecstasy.
Cremated body ashes are used to disinfect wounds.
People often smearthemselves with pulverized ashes.
Of their departed relatives. They are convinced that the spirits of the departed.
Will gave them power and protection.
Surely many people are at a loss.
To find logical explanations to these phenomena.
One thing for sure is that we can't overlook.
Thousands of people who comes this day. To endure this harsh test.
Even children are shaved off their hairs.
They say they are offering their children. To their highest god.
In return their god will give. Life long protection to their children.
Myraids of people gathertogether at down.
The "Kawadi-Bearers" carry heavy altars.
Up the steps to the cave temples.
Even a tiny altar is heavy.
These unbelievable acts greatly astonish us.
They are surely supported by some sort of religious influence.
Sometimes westerners do arrempt to try it out.
This astounding ceremony is held in a huge cave.
Believers gather before the altar.
Those pilgrims would be brought out.
And pins removed from their bodies.
They say this would remove their sins.
To help bring them to the realistic world.
Some young penitants can take the pains easily.
While some others cannot. And have to be carried away.
And the ceremony is ended.
In fact this astounding act.
Could be merely a hidden human consciousness.
But to the Hindus.
This rite will cleanse their souls.
And provide courage and strength to the faithful.
Some Europeans believe that the Asians.
Have contradictory attitudes towards animals.
Some people eat dogs
while others treat them well.
Most people eat beef,
but the Hindu worship them.
In Japan some restaurants.
Serve animal organs.
To pep up customers' potency.
So do many other Asians, who have same opinion.
They like pig brains and paws.
These should have no medical foundation.
However many people believe in it.
They search for animal genital organs.
Saying that by eating these. Can help increase their sexual power.
Here we come to the Life-Saver
Which is a snake shop.
Here snake pancakes are sold.
This is a much favored delicatessen.
And gives powerto the body.
Snake is a multi-purpose reptile.
Its skin, meat, liver, blood all have values.
Now here it's full size snake.
Which is what we desire.
Fix it's tail.
Use scissors to cut it open.
Save the blood.
But not the head.
He can slaughter snakes skilfully.
But still no comparison with. Those in Taipei.
Add some onion to the meat.
And some seasoning.
Fry with soya sauce and then bake it.
A delicious dish is prepared.
Really delicious.
Snake blood can cure rheumatism.
But I prefer snake pancake.
A larger one.
Like this.
People of different origins have varied concepts.
The same applies to the application of drugs.
Besides using herbs.
Asians use animals also.
Snake is one of the main ingredients.
Its livers and skins, socked in wine.
Can help increase sex power.
Besides curing maladies like rheumatism.
In a market of Singapore.
You can easily see animals being slaughtered.
Inhabitants there can buy all kinds of animals.
Let me show you.
Here's all kind of bat, dog and turtles.
Are ready for sale.
This lady buys a turtle for his husband.
To help make him a powerful man.
It's a fine place here.
But something ugly is going to occur.
We all have pity.
When people slaughter fresh waterturtles.
What would our feeling be?
These animals have no defense power.
Though Malaysian legislation forbids killing.
It's hard to enforce it.
Due to insufficient manpower.
In remote places like here.
At last this has come to an end.
A huge turtle is slaughtered.
On our way to the south sea
there are many monkeys. Picking coconuts fortheir masters.
This invariably tells the relation of men and animals.
Some people treat birds and monkeys kindly.
While some eat raw brains of monkeys.
In Malaysia,
the coconut plantations keep many little monkeys. They pick coconuts.
Their masters treat them well.
Since they need for work. And can earn their living.
Monkeys become their valuable tools.
At other places,
monkeys perform othertasks.
They are used for experiments by scientists.
As in space technology.
Monkeys go earlierto the spatial areas.
Considering the co-existency between men and animals.
One may recollect that the Indians.
Exploit the snakes differently.
This often means playing a death game.
Usually the snakes are cobras.
To the audience this is terrifying.
But those Indians treat this easily.
Since they are acquainted to this game.
Their bloods are immune to snake bites.
To them snake bites means small stings only.
One thing may be newto you.
Cobras don't sing with the music.
They can't hear anything.
They imitate the phythmical movements of the snake charmers.
In the barren places of India
there's a grand Festival.
People worship serpents.
To them serpents are symbols of intelligence and power.
Especially the peasants, who feed them.
And treat them as pets.
Even small children treat them as toys.
People bring snakes to temples.
Where they are blessed.
When people gathertogether.
They showto each othertheir pets.
Small children take the change to get gifts and candy.
Indians treat snakes with special passion.
They never eat snakes.
Just like the way they treat cows.
They worship them and yet fearthem.
Here it's a tiny village.
Though India is a poor country.
This village is particularly rich.
Every village man possesses a money making skill.
Their snake-charming trade is unique in the world.
People come to learn this technique.
So they can keep out of poverty.
From places as far as Bombay, Calcutta or New Delhi.
Rich people send their children.
Many youths also come to learn the skills.
Which would provide them fortune in the future.
We can now see how it is done.
This snake is quite obedient.
Be sure don't let it get into the nostrils.
In Kajuraho there stands a majestic temple.
With many monuments.
Which were erected in ancient times.
On the walls of this holy temple.
Its nothing but out of the ordinary.
Sculptures of bodily union are portrayed explicitly.
It's said that these represent the mystery of Hinduism.
For reaching higher levels of consciousness and wisdom.
The sexual experiences are used.
Their god Krishna...
...also taught his disciplines. To enjoy all of life's pleasures.
To orderto ensure the continuation of human races.
All these ancient sculptures show.
That physical union of mankind is divine.
These are contradictory.
To the less meaningful pornographic portrayals.
Which serve the only purpose.
Benares, the holy city near Ganges.
Thousand years ago, Indians were classified in four categories.
Nowadays, no such classes exist.
This external river is pure.
Only in the eyes of the pilgrims.
Even the most hardened of western cynics.
Can't help but be shocked by the extreme human misery.
People here live in extreme poverty.
Leprosy is abundant
Children are starving. And many disabled.
Open wounds are swarmed with flies and maggots.
These are daily realities. On the banks of Ganges.
And not impressions out of any horror film.
The Gurus that stay here.
They pray for prosperous generations. Without regard to the many problems.
Which come along with uncontrolled population expansion.
The earthly problems are not their concern.
They only encourage fertility.
Which is one of the bases of their religion.
An Indian is born every one second.
That is thousands a day.
Ortwenty millions a year.
Subtracting the millions who die annually.
We bet a net increase of fifteen millions.
Many new born babies. Died of starvation.
And those elderly ones.
Will prepare themselves for death.
It is their wish that their miserable lives.
Would be changed forthe better in the nest generation.
This philosophy has lasted for generations.
Hindus say that death is the eternal solution to all problems.
And a release from all misery.
They believe that being cremated on the banks of the Ganges,
And having one's ashes strewn in it.
Is the best guarantee of a bitter existence in the next life.
No outsiders are permitted to take photos.
Trespassing is discouraged on these holy grounds.
Timbers are expensive in India.
Few people can afford a coffin.
They can only have an outdoor cremation.
Very often half burnt corpses are exposed.
It's really terrifying.
Forthe wealthy ones,
Funeral is performed by high priests,
Who arrange grand ceremonies forthe dead.
The cremated ashes,
Are then thrown into River Ganges,
Which are filled with debris and stinked of burnt flesh.
Even worse, people throw corpses,
Into the river once and for all. Giant vultures roost nearby.
Waiting fortheirturn to feed on dead bodies.
And gulp down the remains.
This way of body disposal is common in India.
Bodies are burned in the dark.
Indians have no fear of death.
They accept it in their philosophy.
To them death means re-generation.
Those living ashore the Ganges.
Pay high appreciation to its water. They bath in it and drink it.
It's a strange phenomenon.
It doesn't inflict diseases.
And no apparent harm to the health.
It's a really fascinating puzzle.
Or a miracle. There is no logical scientific explanation.
Here we shall witness.
In Asia, there is what we call Spiritual Boxing
A religious and mysterious cult.
It creates a supernatural force.
And provide unusual strength.
Which is hard to explain.
At the beginning of the ceremony.
The practitioner prays first.
To have the supernatural force endowed on him.
The oil is burning.
He'll splash boiling oil on his body.
The oil seems to do him no harm.
Afterthe exhibition. He'll pray to send the spirits away.
It's said that the spiritual boxing is connected with Taoism.
Ancient practitioner relied on this to cure sicks.
And detect water sources.
Westerners look down upon it.
Whichever way you look at it.
It still traces its roots from ancient times.
This report doesn't intend to make judgements.
About the mysterious cult activities.
It merely tells.
Strange acts arise elsewhere.
Our of people's basic needs.
The need of identity.
Knowledge, power and overcoming fear.
One of them is Faith Healing
Or Speaking in Tongues
Spiritual mediums sunk into a deep trance.
Speaking and commanding in languages and tones.
Which they can't master in normal states.
Few people can understand this language.
An Indian faith healer here can.
After putting himself in a spiritual medium.
He'll answer handout question.
And write down prescriptions and orders.
In letters and pictographs.
Which have to be decoded by linguists.
Maybe it's problem-solving. God knows.
Whatever religion you believe in.
You can come to this youth for cure.
He feels it is his duty to help the suffered.
Who only has to believe. In the existence of a supernatural force.
And will then be eligible for help.
These faith healers are students, teachers. Or other professions.
They treat themselves as a medium.
To help cure the needy.
Their services are free. It is an example of true charity.
Again the medium is possessed.
With a healing power. To be transmitted to the sick.
We can explain this as an illusion.
Orthe so called Placebo Effect
No matter how scientists interpret this phenomenon.
The important thing is that.
The patients are helped and healed.
Some South Sea islands are paradise like.
Except lacking doctors.
Here we introduce a famous medical practitioner.
He uses a piece of cosmo stone.
Which he say to possess secret lunar strength.
When he transmits the strength to a patient.
This strength diagnoses the case.
And cure various diseases.
Like this epileptic.
Let's watch.
He is cured in a short time.
The most interesting thing is.
This stone can revolve without stopping.
Until touched by the practitioner.
Few physicists can explain this.
In India, Fakirs commit their mission.
To raise themselves to their spiritual perfection.
They torture themselves.
And enjoy and endure this action.
They bury their heads in the sand.
That's one of their philosophy.
Indian holy men would peel off their clothes.
And parade naked to the gathering place.
These Fakirs assume that.
Merciless abuse of all their bodily senses.
Provides the base for.
Excelling above the lusts of the flesh.
In northern India, many youths. Undergo these spiritual devotions.
They often abuse themselves violently. Until they collapse, bleeding.
Are they redeeming fortheir sins?
Penitance or ignorant?
Getting a chance to let off themselves?
Is this a born with sense of abusement?
It's hard to tell!
In most major Asian cities.
Such as Singapore, there are red light districts.
Our interest is in one particular district.
Foreigners can hardly find the way.
We make use of a concealed camera. Covered up with curtains.
Otherwise the prostitutes would shy away. They don't want to be publicized.
Then you can see no secrets.
Here you'll find a mixture of people. They see all kinds of sexual aids.
In front of the brothels.
Forthose who don't want to pay money directly.
They can buy a coupon.
Which prostitutes can later redeem from the sellers.
At another corner.
The ladies' give first class services.
They are actually not ladies.
But they are even more popular.
For many customers would go forthe eccentrics.
They have normal jobs during the day.
They give us warm welcome.
And we can take photos at will.
The next day. We visit one of their residences.
Aftertaking off our shoes, we enter.
We see that they are all doing theirthings.
They work for Madam Noona.
Leisurely they chat, applying make-ups. Watch women's magazines.
What the problem is.
The mark of masculinity on them.
That's an unbearable psychological problem.
For being ladies with male organs.
What a pity.
External gaiety is only skin-deep.
And superficially covertheir ture feelings.
They feel like outcasts from society.
They need to correct this.
These mistakes of nature.
Though many health centres exist.
They are still far from sufficient.
Giving not enough operations.
They need to wait for years.
Awaiting list that has no ends.
Irene is one of them.
She's nice
and leads also a tragic life.
She tells her paingful dilemma.
She does not know howto make choices.
When she was a little boy. She used to dress up as a girl.
When she sensed her own femininity.
Which does not exist physically on her.
This is a ridiculous situation.
Which deeply affected her nature and behavior.
Irene wants to handle sex change operation.
She has a boyfriend deeply in love with her.
Who wants to marry her if only...
He is an office worker.
Who has just finished his military service.
Irene has two sisters and a sick mother.
She can only keep the pot boiling.
When her boyfriend pronounces his intention of wedding her.
His parents don't oppose.
They don't know she is a man.
Singapore has advanced medical equipments.
To handle any kind of operations.
Professor Ratnam developed an effective method.
To perform this sex change operation.
Professor Ratnam is a creative. Surgeon and gynaecologist.
His first encounter with this kind of operations.
Was by sheer accident.
In late 1969.
He was a gynaecologist in a gynecological clinic.
Where he saw an attractive girl.
Seated outside the clinic.
Later when she told him.
She liked him to perform operation on her.
Which he then had not the least knowledge.
He refused her.
She showed him two cut marks.
One in her neck, one in her wrist.
Telling marks of suicides.
She was a cheerful attractive girl.
Suddenly looked very depressed.
He tried to pacify her.
And sent herto the psychiatrist.
Since then on.
She waited for me at the clinic everyday.
He had no other choices.
So he tried to read the literature.
And there was very little in it.
He stood in front of a mirror.
To see how he could look like a female.
He practised this operation using corpses.
And designed this procedure.
At first he did it secretly.
But this was known by the public.
Though he did not write on the subject.
Many such patients. Would come to him for operation.
This is Doctor Lim, assistant to Ratnam.
Who checks all the necessary precautions.
To carry out surgical operation for Irene.
Since she will be operated in a private hospital.
She needs not wait long for it.
Ratnam prepares all examinations.
And tests.
Further more we have to look over.
Once more in details.
The surgical intervention.
And to discuss human problems.
Future likewise.
A few photographs are shot.
Forthe record.
She will be forthe last time a transexual man. For a long time
Ratnam doesn't know if he's doing the right thing.
He had been brought up as a doctor.
He thought he has no right to change another person.
As time went on.
When he got responses from the patients.
He knew he was right.
Some patients wrote to him.
Saying that they were given eye sights.
Afterthe operations.
Some said that in their eyes.
He was Christ.
But no signs show. Someone regrets.
This is perhaps due to great considerations taken.
Before carrying out the operations. And careful examination too.
For perfect mental conditions.
To add to his confidence.
These patients need.
To be inspected by independent psychiatrist.
To certify that they are of stable mind.
And no who will benefit from the surgery.
One thing to be sure is.
The patients all feel contented afterthe operations.
Though the degree of satisfaction varies.
Most of them feel happy.
The less were despited, some of them have neglected.
And their virgina have not been very good.
But there have been no regrets.
Japs often have crazy ideas about sex.
They stage a sex festival.
People of all ages celebrate during that day.
Even women get hold of it.
Exposing men's exaggeration.
They make a carved penis.
In different shapes and sizes.
Most people touch it.
It's somewhat awkward.
But we can just look at it.
With a sense of humour.
There are many kinds of films.
Which you have seen.
But this underground theater.
Is catering to stimulate your senses.
Produces scenes of.
Sado, Masochism-Disgusting torture of young actresses.
One place stages this sadistic nazi show.
Which is nothing but perversion.
In fact, manyJaps, more or less.
Are pro-german.
With spectular ad campaign.
Which they parade on every possible street corner.
Just look at a few scenes.
We'll blend them in without commentary.
They even have a nudity festival.
Thousands of youths take a mass sauna in sub zero temperatures.
To steel their condition and resistance.
They sway their bodies. To keep warm.
As it ends, a fetish would be thrown out.
People should pick it up.
Tattoo, is an olden traditional art.
Which is practised to perfection.
But surely very expensive.
A famous film actress.
Gets a tattoo on her skin.
The procedure is complicated.
Its stays permanently on the skin.
Does this have to do with subconscious masochistic instincts.
Or certain overt tendencies towards brutality.
In Yokohama there's the women's wrestling.
You've never seen wilder women elsewhere.
They are trained.
In dirty tricks.
If the audience didn't demand it.
Which they wouldn't do.
Now it is the dwarf wrestling.
It's brutality with comedy.
These are not sports. But mass vulgarity.
Which seems to be universally pleasing.
There is a tiger-balm garden in Hong Kong. As well as in Singapore.
There are many statues.
Telling Asian myths.
And modern fables.
Asian's ideas about hell fire and brimstone.
Are vividly and powerfully portrayed.
A horrifying fantasy land.
Pain is but the birth of super human natures.
You may have visited a museum?
How about a sex museum?
Which avoids all norms of decency and taste.
In Toba, Japan.
Let's show you.
All that are displayed are parodies.
Of human desire and lust.
We have showed you many unbelievable facts of Asia.
That was end is our world. Aworld where we all want to live.
Where we have to get along. With one another.
While on earth. Man can do nothing better. Than to learn. Howto be human.
When we come across something that draws attention.
We must take interest.
Then we shall rejoice. Until the end of days.
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Shijushichinin No Shikaku (1994 aka 47 Ronin)
Shiki-Jitsu (Hideaki Anno 2000)
Shin Zatoichi monogatari (1963)
Shine (1996)
Shinjuku - Triad Society (Takashi Miike 1995) CD1
Shinjuku - Triad Society (Takashi Miike 1995) CD2
Shinning The
Ship of Fools CD1 (Stanley Kramer 1965)
Ship of Fools CD2 (Stanley Kramer 1965)
Shiryour gari
Shiver Of The Vampires The
Shocking Asia CD1
Shocking Asia CD2
Shogun 1980 Part 1
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Shogun 1980 Part 4
Shogun 1980 Part 5 and 6
Shogun 1980 Part 7 and 8
Shogun 1980 Part 9 and 10
Shop Around The Corner The 1940
Short Circuit 2
Short Cuts CD1
Short Cuts CD2
Short Film About Killing A (1988)
Short Film About Love A (1988)
Short Film About Love A 1988
Shot In The Dark A
Show Me Love
Show Time
Shredder (Greg Huson 2003)
Shree 420
Shrek 2
Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th
Shuang tong (2002)
Shutter (2004)
Sib - The Apple
Sibiriada CD1
Sibiriada CD2
Sibling Rivalry
Siburay Bate Cafe
Sicilian The 1987 CD1
Sicilian The 1987 CD2
Siege The (1998)
Siegfried I
Siegfried II
Siegfried III
Silence of the Lambs The
Silencers The (Phil Karlson 1966)
Silent Trigger 1996
Silent Warnings
Silk Stockings
Silmido CD1
Silmido CD2
Silver City
Silver Hawk
Silver Streak 1976
Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park
Simon of the Desert
Simone CD1
Simone CD2
Simpsons 01x01 - Simpsons Roasting Over An Open Fire
Simpsons 01x02 - Bart The Genius
Simpsons 01x03 - Homers Odyssey
Simpsons 01x04 - Theres No Disgrace Like Home
Simpsons 01x05 - Bart the General
Simpsons 01x06 - Moaning Lisa
Simpsons 01x07 - The Call of the Simpsons
Simpsons 01x08 - The Telltale Head
Simpsons 01x09 - Life on the Fast Lane
Simpsons 01x10 - Homers Night Out
Simpsons 01x11 - The Crepes Of Wrath
Simpsons 01x12 - Krusty Gets Busted
Simpsons 01x13 - Some Enchanted Evening
Simpsons The
Simpsons The 05x01 - Homers Barbershop Quartet
Simpsons The 05x02 - Cape Feare
Simpsons The 05x03 - Homer Goes To College
Simpsons The 05x04 - Rosebud
Simpsons The 05x05 - Tree House Of Horror
Simpsons The 05x06 - Marge On The Lam
Simpsons The 05x07 - Barts Inner Child
Simpsons The 05x08 - Boy Scoutz N The Hood
Simpsons The 05x09 - The Last-Temptation Of Homer
Simpsons The 05x10 - $pringfield
Simpsons The 05x11 - Homer The Vigilante
Simpsons The 05x12 - Bart Gets Famous
Simpsons The 05x13 - Homer And Apu
Simpsons The 05x14 - Lisa Vs Malibu Stacy
Simpsons The 05x15 - Deep Space Homer
Simpsons The 05x16 - Homer Loves Flanders
Simpsons The 05x17 - Bart Gets An Elephant
Simpsons The 05x18 - Burns Heir
Simpsons The 05x19 - Sweet Seymour Skinners Baadasssss Song
Simpsons The 05x20 - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Simpsons The 05x21 - Lady Bouviers Lover
Simpsons The 05x22 - Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
Sin 2003
Sin noticias de Dios
Sinbad - Legend Of The Seven Seas
Since Otar Left 2003
Since You Went Away CD1
Since You Went Away CD2
Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine
Singin in the Rain
Singing Detective The
Singles (2003) CD1
Singles (2003) CD2
Sink The Bismarck
Sinnui yauman
Sinnui yauman II
Sirens 1994
Sirocco 1951
Sissi 1955
Sister Act
Sister Act 2 - Back in the Habit CD1
Sister Act 2 - Back in the Habit CD2
Six Days Seven Nights
Six Degrees of Separation (1993)
Six Feet Under
Six String Samurai
Six Strong Guys (2004)
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Sixth Sense The
Skammen (Shame Bergman 1968)
Skazka o tsare Saltane
Skulls The
Skulls The (Collectors Edition)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Slap Shot
Slap Shot 2
Slaughterhouse Five
Sleeper 1973
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Sleepers (1996) CD2
Sleepless in Seattle
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Sleepy Hollow 1999
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Smell of Fear The
Smokey and the Bandit
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Snake Of June A (2002)
Snake Pit The
Snatch - Special Edition
Sneakers 1992
Sniper 2
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937
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Sobibor 14 Octobre 1943
Sol Goode
Solaris (Solyaris)
Solaris (Tarkovsky) CD1
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Solaris - Criterion Collection
Solaris 2002
Solaris 2002 - Behind the Planet
Solaris 2002 Inside
Soldaat Van Oranje 1977 CD1
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Soldier CD1
Soldier CD2
Soldiers Story A (Norman Jewison 1984)
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Sombre 25fps 1998
Some Kind of Monster CD1
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Someone Special
Something The Lord Made CD1
Something The Lord Made CD2
Somethings Gotta Give CD1
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Son In Law
Son The
Song of the South
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Sose me
Soul Guardians The (1998) CD1
Soul Guardians The (1998) CD2
Soul Keeper The (2003)
Soul Plane
Soul Survivors
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South Park - Bigger Longer and Uncut
South Park 01x01 - Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
South Park 01x02 - Weight Gain 4000
South Park 01x03 - Volcano
South Park 01x04 - Big Gay Als Big Gay Boatride
South Park 01x05 - An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig
South Park 01x06 - Death
South Park 01x07 - Pinkeye
South Park 01x08 - Jesus VS Satan
South Park 01x09 - Starvin Marvin
South Park 01x10 - Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo
South Park 01x11 - Toms Rhinoplasty
South Park 01x12 - Mecha Striesand
South Park 01x13 - Cartmans Mom is a Dirty Slut
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Spacehunter 1983
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Spartacus Fixed 1960
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Spawn (Directors Cut)
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Spider (2002)
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Spun (Unrated Version)
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St Johns Wort - (Otogiriso) 25fps 2001
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Stargate SG1 1x01 Children of the Gods
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Stargate SG1 1x03 Emancipation
Stargate SG1 1x04 The Broca Divide
Stargate SG1 1x05 The First Commandment
Stargate SG1 1x06 Cold Lazarus
Stargate SG1 1x07 The Nox
Stargate SG1 1x08 Brief Candle
Stargate SG1 1x09 Thors Hammer
Stargate SG1 1x10 The Torment of Tantalus
Stargate SG1 1x11 Bloodlines
Stargate SG1 1x12 Fire and Water
Stargate SG1 1x13 Hathor
Stargate SG1 1x14 Singularity
Stargate SG1 1x15 The Cor AI
Stargate SG1 1x16 Enigma
Stargate SG1 1x17 Solitudes
Stargate SG1 1x18 Tin Man
Stargate SG1 1x19 There but for the Grace of God
Stargate SG1 1x20 Politics
Stargate SG1 1x21 Within the Serpents Grasp
Stargate SG1 2x01 The serpents lair
Stargate SG1 2x02 In the line of duty
Stargate SG1 2x03 Prisoners
Stargate SG1 2x04 The gamekeeper
Stargate SG1 2x05 Need
Stargate SG1 2x06 Thors chariot
Stargate SG1 2x07 Message in a bottle
Stargate SG1 2x08 Family
Stargate SG1 2x09 Secrets
Stargate SG1 2x10 Bane
Stargate SG1 2x11 The tokra part 1
Stargate SG1 2x12 The tokra part 2
Stargate SG1 2x13 Spirits
Stargate SG1 2x14 Touchstone
Stargate SG1 2x15 The fifth race
Stargate SG1 2x16 A matter of time
Stargate SG1 2x17 Holiday
Stargate SG1 2x18 Serpents song
Stargate SG1 2x19 One false step
Stargate SG1 2x20 Show and tell
Stargate SG1 2x21 1969
Stargate SG1 3x01 Into The Fire II
Stargate SG1 3x02 Seth
Stargate SG1 3x03 Fair Game
Stargate SG1 3x04 Legacy
Stargate SG1 3x05 Learning Curve
Stargate SG1 3x06 Point Of View
Stargate SG1 3x07 Deadman Switch
Stargate SG1 3x08 Demons
Stargate SG1 3x09 Rules Of Engagement
Stargate SG1 3x10 Forever In A Day
Stargate SG1 3x11 Past And Present
Stargate SG1 3x12 Jolinars Memories
Stargate SG1 3x13 The Devil You Know
Stargate SG1 3x14 Foothold
Stargate SG1 3x15 Pretense
Stargate SG1 3x16 Urgo
Stargate SG1 3x17 A Hundred Days
Stargate SG1 3x18 Shades Of Grey
Stargate SG1 3x19 New Ground
Stargate SG1 3x20 Maternal Instinct
Stargate SG1 3x21 Crystal Skull
Stargate SG1 3x22 Nemesis
Stargate SG1 4x01 Small Victories
Stargate SG1 4x02 The Other Side
Stargate SG1 4x03 Upgrades
Stargate SG1 4x04 Crossroads
Stargate SG1 4x05 Divide And Conquer
Stargate SG1 4x06 Window Of Opportunity
Stargate SG1 4x07 Watergate
Stargate SG1 4x08 The First Ones
Stargate SG1 4x09 Scorched Earth
Stargate SG1 4x10 Beneath The Surface
Stargate SG1 4x11 Point Of No Return
Stargate SG1 4x12 Tangent
Stargate SG1 4x13 The Curse
Stargate SG1 4x14 The Serpents Venom
Stargate SG1 4x15 Chain Reaction
Stargate SG1 4x16 2010
Stargate SG1 4x17 Absolute Power
Stargate SG1 4x18 The Light
Stargate SG1 4x19 Prodigy
Stargate SG1 4x20 Entity
Stargate SG1 4x21 Double Jeopardy
Stargate SG1 4x22 Exodus
Stargate SG1 5x01 Enemies
Stargate SG1 5x02 Threshold
Stargate SG1 5x03 Ascension
Stargate SG1 5x04 Fifth Man
Stargate SG1 5x05 Red Sky
Stargate SG1 5x06 Rite Of Passage
Stargate SG1 5x07 Beast Of Burden
Stargate SG1 5x08 The Tomb
Stargate SG1 5x09 Between Two Fires
Stargate SG1 5x10 2001
Stargate SG1 5x11 Desperate Measures
Stargate SG1 5x12 Wormhole X-Treme
Stargate SG1 5x13 Proving Ground
Stargate SG1 5x14 48 Hours
Stargate SG1 5x15 Summit
Stargate SG1 5x16 Last Stand
Stargate SG1 5x17 Failsafe
Stargate SG1 5x18 The Warrior
Stargate SG1 5x19 Menace
Stargate SG1 5x20 The Sentinel
Stargate SG1 5x21 Meridian
Stargate SG1 5x22 Revelations
Stargate SG1 6x01 Redemption Part 1
Stargate SG1 6x02 Redemption Part 2
Stargate SG1 6x03 Descent
Stargate SG1 6x04 Frozen
Stargate SG1 6x05 Nightwalkers
Stargate SG1 6x06 Abyss
Stargate SG1 6x07 Shadow Play
Stargate SG1 6x08 The Other Guys
Stargate SG1 6x09 Allegiance
Stargate SG1 6x10 Cure
Stargate SG1 6x11 Prometheus
Stargate SG1 6x12 Unnatural Selection
Stargate SG1 6x13 Sight Unseen
Stargate SG1 6x14 Smoke n Mirrors
Stargate SG1 6x15 Paradise Lost
Stargate SG1 6x16 Metamorphosis
Stargate SG1 6x17 Disclosure
Stargate SG1 6x18 Forsaken
Stargate SG1 6x19 The Changeling
Stargate SG1 6x20 Memento
Stargate SG1 6x21 Prophecy
Stargate SG1 6x22 Full Circle
Stargate SG1 7x01 Fallen
Stargate SG1 7x02 Homecoming
Stargate SG1 7x03 Fragile Balance
Stargate SG1 7x04 Orpheus
Stargate SG1 7x05 Revisions
Stargate SG1 7x06 Lifeboat
Stargate SG1 7x07 Enemy Mine
Stargate SG1 7x08 Space Race
Stargate SG1 7x09 Avenger 2 0
Stargate SG1 7x10 Birthright
Stargate SG1 7x10 Heroes II
Stargate SG1 7x11 Evolution I
Stargate SG1 7x12 Evolution II
Stargate SG1 7x13 Grace
Stargate SG1 7x14 Fallout
Stargate SG1 7x15 Chimera
Stargate SG1 7x16 Death Knell
Stargate SG1 7x17 Heroes I
Stargate SG1 7x19 Resurrection
Stargate SG1 7x20 Inauguration
Stargate SG1 7x21-22 The Lost City I n II
Starship Troopers (Special Edition)
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Story Of A Kiss
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Strange aventure de Docteur Molyneux
Street Of Love And Hope (Nagisa Oshima 1959)
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