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Siburay Bate Cafe

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Yutz! - Stutters! - Mussa!|- You Belgian!
Sometimes, what seems like|an impossible encounter,
random, wholly arbitrary,
may, in retrospect, turn out|to be the clockwork of fate.
"Cafe tales"
then again, I may just|be bullshitting you.
It all started yesterday|morning.
I got up to face another day,|just like the last 372,
since the day I fired myself|and quit work.
They call me Yutz. That name's|signed to two books of poetry,
which, more likely than not,|none of you have ever read.
For three years I've tried to put
a single word|to paper for my next book,
which nobody's|likely to read, either.
Thirty years running, I've|started off each day
at my local cafe, trying to|justify having woken up.
Yesterday was supposed to have|been a day like any other,
but fate made sure to kick off|my morning with extra misery.
Fucking shit!|- Repossession? - Repossession.
This is Leah Braun. She and|her husband, Mietek,
founded the cafe in '59.|- Repossession happens to
people who have jobs,|property. People who work,
not retired poets. - I made out|a check to some dipshit,
It must have bounced. - You're|handing out checks, while you
still owe me 5,000? - It's|a year old...
Show some finesse,|you Canaanite boor!
We met in Jerusalem,
hadn't seen each other|since we were kids,
suddenly he shows up,|disheveled, divorced, fat...
"Yutz, she cheated on me,|Yutz, she left me..."
lt'll be all...
What's become of you?
You look like you died and|got shat back into life
just to remind me how close|I am to the grave.
Put a lid on it! I can't stand|50 year olds who howl.
It'll be all right...
I'll live in|tel Aviv for a while,
forget all about her. You'll|help me, right? Yutz...
Yutz, Yutz...
So I look after the gobshite,|I have this weakness for the weak,
took him from one cafe|to another.
I've got temporary cash|issues, so the crybaby pays
knowing I'll pay him back|when my issues are resolved.
Sounds idyllic?|When did things go bankrupt?
May I come in? - I've got|a friend on the roof,
Shmu'eli, another patient,|he wants coffee.
And quit bawling before|I throw up on you! Get in!
Shpoon, it's hot, blow on it|before you drink.
You're crying, Shmu'eli,|I can hear you crying.
I can't help it, Yutz,|I'm depressed.
Enough, already! You've been|on my back for six months,
I waste my precious time on|you, when I should be writing,
so here's a new prognosis|for you: You're not depressed!
I am... - Are not! - Am so!
You see Shpoon? - Yeah.|- He's a musician. Gifted.
Half a year ago, this girl|broke his heart.
He stopped playing. Now he|just stands there like that.
He knocks, I let him in, he|stands there, silent.
What's that supposed to prove?|- That he's depressed.
Introverted. With you,|it's all outwards,
it's collective, it's bovine,|it's whining,
it's got nothing|to do with depression!
Did he try to kill himself?|- Never asked him. - I did.
That's what you keep saying,|but someone your age
should be able to pull it off
If I jump off your roof now,|would that prove it?
You won't. - I will.
Then jump! - I'll jump|- Jump, jump!
Are you jumping, or what?|I haven't got all night.
He jumped? - He jumped.
He jumped backwards, the oaf.
He was obviously too spineless|to do something that noble,
and off himself for me.
You see? I told you.
You wanted me to do it!|You wanted me to die!
Give me the money|you owe me.
Imbecile! I saved you seven|years' worth of therapy
plus medication, I just proved|you want to live,
and you're charging me for|six months over which
I had the grace to put up with|your presence, in those cafes?!
I've kept track,|you owe me 302 shekels.
You kept track, eh? Know what?|I haven't go it on me now,
I'll give you a check|for the end of the month,
take it and get the fuck|out of my life.
In retrospect, it might have|been better had he jumped.
I wouldn't have had to deal|with the envelope that morning.
But I probably couldn't have|helped it. Fate was in gear.
He passed the check to some lawyer,|300 shekels became 3,000.
They're due by the end of|the month, or else... - Repossession.
I'll get you some iodine.|- And beer. - Lowlife, it's 7:00 AM.
Stop that. I'm high strung,
just look at what's become of|Palestine. - There's nothing...
the crone likes hearing me|go on about Palestine,
it's like we share a mutual lie|that things used to be better here.
Then she lets me have|a drink. On credit!
Truth is, things used to be|better in the cafe.
You'd need a visa just|to get a hold of a table,
and you'd sit far off, so all|sorts of generals and poets
wouldn't glance your way and|see you were breathing.
Yutz... Good morning, Yutz.|Got a shekel?
On philosophic grounds,|I refuse to take part
in your ritualistic|self humiliation. - Say what?
Say "Fuck off, I've got|my own problems to handle!"
This is Shekel. - Shekel!|Your little bluebird is loose!
Come inside, I'll|see to your hand.
The shamelessness of beings|such as he, -Be right there.
The utter lack of inhibition|can be frightening. - Move it!
But fate is less prone to fear|than you or I, and often
allots Shekel and his ilk, the role|of Hero, on a day like today.
Ziv... Ziv, it's not funny.
Because I've been leaving you|messages for two weeks, and...
Come over. Tonight?
It was tuchterman who sent|you the repossession notice, huh?
The Junior, the son, the dog.
You missed him by two minutes.|- He came by to nag?
The usual nonsense.|- What'd you tell him?
That I shit on him.
Nurit, isn't it about time|your mom and I had a kid?
She'll pay the bills and I'll|teach him civility,
since she's something|of an ogre.
Tuchterman... this is the dog.|A lawyer, son of a lawyer,
runs errands for his daddy,|who's cup runneth over.
A horseman astride|the steed of evil.
Word is your dad had to bribe|half the faculty just to
get you your law license.
A line from one of those songs|of yours, Putsman? - A poem,
About a bastard who makes his|living fleecing old widows and
banging hookers at tel Barukh.|- Sounds like an OK song.
Poem, you illiterate!
I call it "tuchtervile",|after vileness, lowliness
and it's right to exist in a|miserable world. - Touching.
I see you've gotten|my love letter?
Allow me to quote a dear old|friend, here beside me.
"I shit,|On you"
You can wither and die without|seeing one red cent from me.
Nurit, come here, I'd like you|to see something.
Stay there, there's nothing|here for you. - Shut up, mom.
This is a municipal engineer|report, stating that
this building is|an unsafe structure.
Right here, on your mother's|table, I have this document,
that says that if I don't|appeal within ten days,
we can demolish this place|and build a new one.
So we've got two options,|patch up or tear down.
I'll tear down|that face of yours...
Should I choose to bring it|down, your mom forfeits
her statutory tenant benefits,|including her key money.
That's the law.
Personally, I'd rather tear|it down and rebuild, but...
My father... this building has|sentimental value to him.
Your dad and I go way back.
First, he conned me,
and after my husband died, he|tried to woo me.
Leah, 202,000 dollars.|That's our final offer.
Any more is uneconomical.|- Go to Hell!
Nurit, I've had it with her.
If she doesn't comply|by the end of the day,
I'll say the word and|bring in the bulldozers.
Mom, we need to talk.
Sweet Nurit. Her dad|died young enough
to end up much too|pleasant a memory.
It's wreaked havoc with|the opposite sex for her,
and screwed things up even|worse with her mother.
Nurit, go home. - No. Finish up|with Yutz, and we'll talk.
This morning, she came in with|a weapon against the old lady.
But a gun's lot is to seek the|right act in which to go off.
The city council(Homonym,|"gunshot") helps scum like him
wreck a historical landmark.
Yutz... what's become|of Palestine...
And this is tzaler. Last week|he sold his penthouse,
in the building,|to tuchterman.
Ever since, he's been ashamed|to talk to Leah. Must be
some sort of European honor.|He walks in,
parks his elderly ass|on the Formica, orders tea,
and just stares at Leah,|like a Labrador,
frying our nerves|with that teaspoon.
But the old cow is too|obtuse to get mad at him.
Or might it be love?
What do we do? What do we do,|for fuck's sake?
Good morning, Yutz.
This is the Belgian.|He's from Belgium.
May I sit down? - No.
Why? - Because you're Belgian.
What've you got against|Belgians? - Can't stand 'em.
Since when? - Ever. - How come?|- 'Cause they're from Belgium!
As an immigrant, the Belgian lacks|familiarity with his environment.
He's a pain in the ass, and|he gets whipped for it.
That's why he has his camera,|behind which he hides.
But a shield may prove to be|a two edged sword,
on a day like today.
Belgium is like|a woman without tits.
It's not Holland, it's not|France, it doesn't exist.
But I exist. - Only|in your imagination.
Why are you laughing?|- You make me laugh.
Then buy me a beer.|- I haven't got any money.
You came here, blew all your|New lmmigrant benefits,
and now you can't afford|to buy me a beer?
How should I? I'm an artist,|just like you, Yutz.
I know, you're a brilliant|photographer, but
you were too good for Belgium,|Europe is no more than a ghost town,
so you came here, cause this is where|it's all happening in art.
Why are you so aggressive?
What have I done?
The Law of Return is the most|severely fucked law we've got.
Any mook who got|circumcised can just
pop in, eat my food, breathe|my air, and on my taxes.
You don't pay taxes. - Sit,|Belgian, no offense intende,
we're all refugees here.|- Let go of me.
Don't get all worked up,|I was just kidding.
Get a picture of this, "Yutz's|crusade against the global economy,
"and against tuchterman."|The Nazi!
We have to talk.|- About what?
For starters, tuchterman.|You've got 'till tomorrow.
If you don't move,|he'll send in the bulldozers.
Let them come, they'll have|to bury me alive.
I'll cuff myself to the toilet,|in the bathroom.
Mom, we're dealing with|town hall, court... - thieves!
A municipal mafia,|that's what it is.
I smell something burning.
Something's burning.
It's Vachnish's toast.
It's burnt to a crisp.
There you go.
I've been waiting twenty minutes|for this frigging toast,
and this is what I get?
This is the joint, that's|the toast. Want it? Have it.
Don't want it? We'll give you|your money back, just lay off.
Fuck this...
Nurit, what's with your mom?|She's been inside all morning.
What's with her, Yutz?|Why don't you tell me?
Don't worry, we'll handle|the tuchtermaniac.
You really believe this place|has a right to exist?
Your mother is an antique|Canaanite troubadour.
So long as she's here, this|country has a right to exist.
Her accountant's not buying|that. - Meaning what?
Moron! Get over your poems!|We can't run this place
on memories and a few|12 shekel toasts per day!
Last month, she loaned|me 2,500 shekels.
I don't want to hear it.
Another beer?|And for you?
Water. A glass of water.|And a newspaper,
have you got "Ha'aretz"?
There you go. Belgian,|this isn't a library.
You want water?|Get it from a tap.
Get up, get up, get up,|hurry, Belgian!
Get a picture, get this!
The New Jew, laid bare, a cross|between nothing and nothing else!
Good morning, Yutz.
This is Avram. He started|stuttering at age seven,
when his dad passed away. Two|years ago, when his mom went,
that was the blow that|broke him beyond repair.
Ever since, he's had|a thing with his pants.
Who stole your pants?
Some bi... Some bi... - tch.
Fucking Bitch, fuck her|and fuck her mother too!
I've got to have a drink.
You notice my stutter's|really b... bad today? - No.
I've been on ed... edge|all morning.
Where's Regina?
Died three years ago,|Stutters. Nurit's here,
she'll take care of you.|- Hey, Nurit!
Been a while, sweetie.|Get me a Zach...
Zachlawi with|water on the side.
No brouhaha today,|got that?
You drink what your head and|wallet can handle, check?
Start getting rowdy, and|I stuff you
and mount you on my wall.
Why are you s... here...
50 shekels for this b... Bottle,
and you decide about the next...|You... decide, Victor, y...
Whoa, what's up stutter-fuck?|Inherit a fortune, did we?
Cheers, Victor.
So, you drank? - Yeah.|By myself, solo, at first.
Just the... way I like it.
Nurit, get me more Z... Za...|- Arrack, get him some arrack,
before he chokes.
Right. And then|she came in, the s...
You drinking all alone,|cowboy? - Up to you.
If you want, I'm|a... all yours.
Nice pants, your|mommy get you those?
God rest her soul,|hallowed be her memory.
I could just cry. - 20 years|ago, on a trip to Greece,
she got me these. With|her sister Miriam, my aunt.
She passed away two years ago.|My m... mother, not my aunt.
I wore them to the funeral,|and lo... lo... - Lolobrigida.
Long after. Ever since.|- Don't get offended,
I like your stutter,|I find it sexy.
Can I buy you a d...|a drink?
I don't drink arrack.|That's for Arabs.
Victor, give me|a bottle of vodka.
Anastascia, dear, I'll give|you one shot, and that's it.
The night is young, Victor.
And you know it's not good|for me to get upset.
Stutters, let's make|tonight interesting.
Talk, darling...
You and me, one bottle each.
If I go under, I'll let you|slip into my pants
and take a tour of my vagina,|for as long as you want.
If you pass out first, I take|mommy dearest's pants,
and they go|home on me.
S... tupid cunt holds her liquor,|Yutz. - Drank more than you?
Hold on, I haven't gotten|there yet. Like I said,
she drank a shot, I drank one,|until we went through a whole
b... b... - Ballast. - Exactly.|Then she tells the barman:
"Giv... giv... giv..." -Give us|two more bottles, Victor.
Uh Uh... you've had enough!|- You're kicking me out?
You and your mothers Russian|whore cunt!
Now, just because you talked|like a peasant, I won't budge,
And the stutterer stays with|me 'till I say otherwise.
Taking out the trash!
I like the way Stutters|narrates himself.
Sort of a mix between John Wayne|and Zalman(Euphemism: Doofus).
But the crux of this farce|has always been the pants.
Like the limerick says:|"If Zalman drops his pants,
"you'll see his soul|underneath."
What fun!
You b... You broke his balls,|you're lo... lo... - Lolobrigida.
I'm Gina Lolobrigida.
I'm in love.
I think I'm in love|with you, Anastascia.
So you lost the bet|and the tzar's daughter
made off with your mother's|pants? - Don't know, Yutz.
All I remember is we got to|my place, started drinking,
I woke up,|no Anastascia, no pants...
You know what's saddest, Yutz?
I can't even remember|if I f...
Found carnal union with|your beloved. - Fucked her.
Shoot this, Belgian,|shoot!
Sorrow dons a new face,|and that's the face of our times.
Tuchterman has an office,|at tuchterman & tuchterman.
For years the firm has|subsisted on the practice of
buying assets with key money|and hounding the tenants
until they evict themselves.|But I digress.
Tuchterman Junior's|love of Israeli folk music
is fated to provide the|orchestral score to our revels
when it inexorably|saves our cafe.
"...cossack horsemen,|galloping to war..."
"...cossack horsemen,|galloping to war..."
Israel? - Yes, dad?
Have you paid the hag a visit|yet? - I showed her the warrant.
And...? - She mouthed off,|as usual. But her daughter...
Nurit? - Nurit, yes. I believe|applying a bit more pressure
might get her to persuade her|mother. - Then press, press!
I want that old biddy out|Before I die!
What, what're those?!
Your mother was lucky|she died when she did,
didn't have to see the shit|you've become. Some lawyer...
I couldn't take it anymore.
I couldn't cope.
Tuchterman pushed and pushed.|How could I fight back?
I'm long past my prime.
He showed me some warrant|and... offered so much money
for the penthouse, for|the house. Mine and Bertha's.
And I... I haven't got any|kids, no one to inherit,
I thought I'd best go off|and die in a nursing home.
Die, nothing. What are|you going on about?
A home would be perfect.|You'd be with others your age,
you'd eat right, get medicine|on time. Life!
I've been dead a long while.|What will become of you?
What will be? Tuchterman got|us all out, I'm the last.
You're on your own now.|- Tuchterman and the council
will have to kill me before|I give any of this up.
You're a lioness, Leah.
He's calling in the 'dozers|tomorrow? T... tuchterman?
At the break of dawn.
I was there, I heard it all.|He means it this time.
He's got a warrant from|the city council. - My mom has
a c... cousin who was a mover|and shaker in the council.
Let's get in touch with him.|- Can't, he died ten years ago.
Yutz. - Mussa!
What are you doing here,|aren't you at Barbie?
I got out. Here's my|Declaration of Independence.
Mussa came to tel Aviv four|years ago, fairly talented.
He was an item. An Arab who's muse|was painting the Jewish pubis.
He fell in love with one of|his models, and she with him,
right up until he asked|her to marry him.
Don't take a picture,|Belgian.
He went home, to his village,|Got in bed, slept three months,
woke up in "Abarbanel"|mental institution.
Because he hung|his room from his ceiling.
Mussa! Mussa,|Mussa, open up...
Come on, Mussa, open up.
Open up, we don't want|trouble, just open the door!
Come on, Mussa. Let's go.|Just come quietly. Come on...
"His initial refusal to|cooperate was founded on
"the claim that he was engaged|in artistic pursuits,
"all egedly a showpiece..."|- Alegedly. - "and that
"the rage that erupted from|him was in response to
"an infringement of|his artistic liberties."
As far as we're concerned,|what's relevant
is not how they got Mussa|into Abarbanel,
but whether or not he was|released before his time.
His violence would join|the ranks of fate's pawns.
"After three months of|self imposed silence,
"the inmate began cooperating|with the hospital staff.
"In time, he also showed|marked progress
"in all matters of cog..."|- Cognition.
"And communication|with his peers.
"My recommendation is that he|be discharged under
"psychiatric supervision."|- But look at you, Mussa.
How'd you convince them|to let you go? - Tits.
T... tits? - Tits!
They showed me Rorschach|inkblots, I said "tits".
In art class, I sculpted tits.
On the wall in my cell, I|drew nothing but... - tits.
In my sessions with|my psychiatrist,
I'd just sit there and home in|on her tits. At last,
she said it was a past|traumatic reaction. - Post.
To my father's death.
I agreed with every word, so|she recommended my release.
So you're a fraud|and she's an idiot.
Ever since I quit work,|I've been abusive.
I tell people the truth.
Sometimes there's a beer in it|for me, sometimes a punch.
Let me tell you what|psyched you out, Mussa.
The Jewish cunt. That Hebraic|pussy which awaited you
the moment you left your|dirt farming village.
You came to tel Aviv, washed|some dishes for Leah,
hung some sketches on the wall|and all of a sudden you were
an item, a token Arab. A few|bleeding hearts thought
that entrusting their box|to your hands might just
narrow the divide between|our two peoples.
They made you a figurehead,|that's why they fucked you
but when you wanted more|out of it, you found out
they draw the line and border|at moving in with you, and
you knew you'd always be a|foreigner between their legs.
Have you lost it completely?
If I were your psychiatrist,|Mussa, I wouldn't let you off
until you agreed, in writing,|to keep screwing our women,
but for vengeance's sake, like|an Arab should screw Jews,
instead of mixing revenge up|with love. That fucked you up.
You're not my psychiatrist.|I'm released.
And today I'm celebrating.|What'll you have? I'm buying.
But you're a Muslim.|Muslims don't drink alcohol.
Mussa, don't Muslims|drink alcohol?
Stutters, you ignorant. You ignorant!
What's with you?!|Are you whacked?!
Where are your pants?!
I'll pay... - On me. - No way.
My folks taught me men always|pay their debts to women.
How many drawings have I made|for you over the years, eh?
If I go, there'll be|something left behind.
Tzaler. The nice old man|from upstairs.
Among our nation's most|venerable caricaturists.
He adorned this place since|the day it first opened,
it's walls are a testament|to the glory days of yore,
to an era on the move, little|boys who became generals,
little girls who penned|poetry full of vitriol,
and journalists with a shred|of conscience to their names.
Tel Aviv masquerading|as a salon in Paris.
Today the cracks tell the tale|of the place's decay,
like that of the haggard|madam, and of the old man
who bore witness to her|lingering death throes.
And loved her.
You came. - You know I don't|have the time. What is it?
Follow me.
What's that? - I'm pregnant.|- Since when?
Three months.
Are you totally mental?|"Three months"?!
I'm late once in a while, or I|skip a month, no big deal.
Two weeks ago,|I took the test.
I've been trying to get|in touch with you since.
I told you, I had a major|production to handle.
Hold on, didn't you say you|were safe? - It's a fluke.
So fix it! - I'm not|going to abort, Ziv.
I'm forty, I've had|six abortions,
this is my last chance|to get pregnant.
And you made this choice all|by yourself, just like that?
It's my decision. - Then why'd you|ask me here?
The choice is made, what|am I doing here?
Just explain what it is I'm|doing here, Nurit. - Nothing,
when we were together, you|said you wouldn't mind a kid.
In midfuck. You asked me that|while we were fucking.
People say things|when they fuck.
I answer politely. So sue me.|Get an abortion, fuckwit.
Ziv, don't talk to me that|way. - I don't want a baby,
not now and definitely|not from you.
I don't expect anything from|you. - Then why am I here?
Why did you call me?|- I was wrong. - And how.
So long as I'm here, let me|make this clear.
I'm not giving you anything.|You won't see a cent.
And if you still decide to|have this baby,
I'll hate it and you 'till|the day I die!
So you may as well try|pot luck at a sperm bank.
Have an abortion!
Fuck this...
Just look at her. The 'dozers|will be here tomorrow,
and we just sit here like|the putzes we are.
He's in the neighborhood,|Yutz, I've seen him. Tell him,
tell Shpoon it's final, and|he should stop hassling me.
Will you tell him?|Here he comes!
I thought I'd have to look you|up at the coroner's, Shpoon.
Ever since that guy threatened|to jump, you've been gone.
Did he do it? - No, but nice|of you to take an interest.
I'm looking for rice.|A bowl of white rice.
I've been combing half this|town for a bowl of white rice.
What, to eat, Shpoon?|- No, to drink.
Where're you going to find|rice at this hour? - Nowhere.
I've been south, I've been|north. At this hour,
tel Aviv is a riceless city.
Forget rice for a sec.|Here, have a seat.
Hey, Mussa. Sorry I didn't|drop by Barbie to visit,
that place brings up|bad memories.
Go on, then, get off|that camel and sit down.
We'll make peace, come on.
Has Leah got any rice? - You've|been here twenty years,
and still you don't know|I haven't got any rice.
I thought you may have made|changes. I have. - We can tell.
That's rice for you.
Well, I guess I'll sit|with you for a while.
Afterwards, I've got to get|going, though, I...
I need rice.
Off like a shot, your|lover boy. What happened?
Did you tell him you were 40?
Mom, this isn't my day.|I'm warning you.
How much longer are you going|to waste on these flings?
He loves me. - Sure! - And I|love him, all right?!
When will you grow up? - Well,|how could you hope to
understand what I'm talking|about? - How could I?!
I spent thirty years with your|father. - Right, tell us more
about what a weak deadbeat|he was, it's been a while.
He was a deadbeat!|- Just listen to yourself.
Isn't that love?|- It's fear of letting go.
Just like you insist on|hanging on to this hellhole.
It put clothes on your back|and got you through school,
this hellhole, and it paid|for all your psychologists
who never taught you a thing|about life!
Tuchterman offered you|200,000 dollars!
Why are you bringing|up tuchterman?!
You lent Yutz 2,500 shekels.|- Nurit, something's cooking.
Tell me what you're baking,|and how much will it cost me?
I won't let you drag me into|doing it this way. Not again.
I used to be in love with her.|With Nurit.
I just got to tel Aviv,|right out of the army.
She was gorgeous. Gorgeous. Still is.
I wrote her poems.|- And... what happened, Shpoon?
She didn't give a damn.
But when I'm in love,|I get possessive.
Nothing else matters, I'm|clingy, like a second skin.
It pissed her off. Women today|don't like that sort of thing.
Did they ever?
Go figure. Old Spain, when|troubadours sang serenades
from beneath balconies.
Go figure. - You're|sharp today, Shpoon,
You're really focused,|you know?
So, what do you say about|what we told you?
About Leah? Tuchterman?
I say... I say you should go|kick his ass.
Violence is the recourse|of the weak.
Wrong, poet. It's the last|refuge of the helpless.
But what... what do you mean,|"you should go"?
I don't do that sort of thing|anymore. I'm through.
Good kid. Have a drink,|in the meantime. On us.
Not likely. I'm through with|alcohol, too. Finito.
I'm healthy, watching my|intake. But party away, Mussa.
I'm with you in spirit,|not in bottle.
Cheers, Shpoon!
Let go of him! Are you hurt?|How do you feel?
Get lost! Go on, scram, Mussa!
I don't want to see you|anymore. Go away, now.
Leah, Leah...|Leah... - What?
I can't go back...
I can't go back to|the village, Leah. - Why?
My brothers would kill me,|you've got no idea
what I've been putting|my mother through.
Fine, sit over there, and|not a word out of you.
If this happens just|one more time...
thanks, Nurit.
Are you all right?|- I'm all right.
Your mother's a good woman,|Nurit. A good woman.
This may be the wrong time,|considering that you've just
been strangled by a Man|of Sundered Identity...
I don't follow, Yutz. - Neither|do I. It's like this:
You've been here close to a|year, running low on funds.
You take pictures of us, and|more pictures of us, and more.
How come you've never|shown us any of them?
Maybe we'd see what we|look like, and change,
because, going on today,|we're not all that pretty.
I can't, Yutz,|I can't.
I told you, it's...
I'm right in the thick of it,|right now.
When there's an exhibit, I...|I promise,
you'll all be invited.
Great. We'll have to wait|for your exhibit,
just to mend our ways?|- No, no...
It's her!
There she is! And she still has|the pants! There she is!
That filthy bi... that bi...|- tch. - Yeah!
The one who took my pants!|She's wearing them!
There, there, she stopped,|Stutters. Run, chase her, go!
I can't run. I haven't|run in twenty years.
Shpoon! - Forget it, I'm|not running anywhere.
Who asked you to run? Take|Stutters on your motorcycle,
and catch up to her...
I haven't got a helmet, Yutz,
you want to get me|in trouble with the police?
Shpoon, please. Haven't I|ever... ever helped you out?
Tell me, wasn't I there|for you, Shpoon?
Don't grovel, Stutters, it|makes my stomach queasy.
She's getting away, Shpoon!|She's getting away, Shpoon!
Come on, you degenerate.
I knew I shouldn't|have come here.
What are you doing?|Get your hands off me.
I can't stand it when|men touch me.
Fine, let's go, already,|we're losing her.
Move aside! Avram, are|you all right? - Mommy?
You fuckwad, look|what you've done.
Instead of shouting at him,|get him to a hospital. - What?!
Avram, Shpoon will get you|to a hospital, all right?
Yutz, is that you? Is she|still there, Yutz?
Is she still there,|with my pants?
Avram... - Mommy?
Easy, easy...
Hug me|this time, Stutters.
Hug, hug.
But if you fall off again,|I'll leave you there to die.
Watch it. - The pants did|their part, and Avram
was the first one to make|his way towards the hospital,
towards the third act.
And the third act|is when the pistols go off.
What's this? - I saw Katz,|your accountant, yesterday.
This is a summary of your|balance and transactions.
You made a withdrawal out of your|pension plan just to pay off debts.
You went to Katz to|look into my accounts?
He asked me over, because|he's worried about you.
Then he's no longer my|accountant. - Listen to me!
Tuchterman gave you|a lucrative offer. Take it!
Get those doodles off|the wall, take them home and
end your life with dignity.|- You call that dignity?!
Letting someone wreck what|your father and I built?
Enough with "your|father and l"!
Dad hated this place,|and so did I.
All day long we'd sit at|home and wait for you,
me and your deadbeat, but|you were always here,
because this place was|all that mattered.
I see. You went to see|Katz yesterday, and now
you're worried about your|inheritance? - You old witch.
And you're a shriveled old|spinster, that's what you are.
Until you have a child|of your own, you won't know
what it's like to care about|someone, to fight for them.
How could you understand,|princess? You had a Polish dad
who spoiled you rotten.
Because of what just|happened outside?
I'm a miserable excuse for a mother,
I'm a miserable excuse for|a mother, Yutz.
Tell me, did we really|have nothing? Nothing?
Everything we used|to have here, nothing?
You should know, you've|been here thirty years.
Was it all really nothing?
The sound of your voice.|I ache.
If we weren't both so old, I'd|want you to have my baby.
Just you. - Well, really...|- Palestine's brooding queen.
Get me a beer, you Philistine.
The arrow unerringly|found my heart.
This place, once a home,|was now but a shelter.
And everyone needs a shelter,|particularly the homeless.
God damn it, what do we do?
I'm pregnant, Shekel.
Kids are a good thing.|God loves the children.
Got a shekel?
I wrote a song, Belgian.|- Will you read it to me?
Only if it comes back.
"With the voice of a thousand|ancient whores
"and a swollen vagina|awaiting her sailor,
"His mast docking in her with|the love he forsook,
"For an instant of love at her shores,|Hebraic queen of the brothel.
"I've been watching you|from babe to old man,
"you asked for an answer,|I'll reply if I can
"So Once upon a time you were here,|you've been here since time can recall,
"you owned a cafe, on a street with|no name,
"you've always been here,|Donna Braun."
"To whom it may concern,|I, Franz tzaler,
"hereby bequeath the entirety|of my assets and estates
"to Leah Braun,|of Braun's Cafe,
"and instruct that the income|from the sale of my house to
"tuchterman, attorney at law,|be transferred to her,
"to aid in her struggle|against his closing the cafe.
"This will annuls any prior|such document written by me.
"Signed, Franz tzaler.|ID: 632457."
God is a whore.
Shut up!
Mussa, come sit with us,|the Belgian forgives you.
So I'm the one who should be|forgiven? - You shouldn't choke
even if I did something|wrong, you shouldn't choke.
You could have landed me|back in the asylum.
Whatever, enough of that.
He's new here, he doesn't|know the ropes yet.
You were out of line, too.|Come on, make peace.
Go on! Get up, both of you.|Belgian, get up. Up!
No, don't take my picture.|- But we're making peace.
Please, don't take my picture.|- It's for the exhibit.
Feel like saying anything yet,|buddy?
Have it your way. Leah,|thanks for calling.
We should call an ambulance.|- No need, we'll get him there.
Come on. - Thanks.
Hold on, hold on, hold on,|let me help you.
Like so...
Jacob, there's no film|in the camera.
It's all right.
That's that. The Belgian and|Mussa went off to hospital.
As far as I was concerned,|I was out of the game.
I considered downing another|beer, saying goodbye to Leah
and getting on the roof|in time for my cafe's funeral.
Dad. - Ellushka,|I didn't see you.
I was...|Why no kiss?
Mom sent me.
She asks what happened to|the 1,500 you owe her.
End of the month. Tell her.
You go home and|tell her, then,
not my fucking problem, not|getting my cunt into it.
Ella, don't talk to me that|way. - Go tell her, then.
I got a repossession|notice this morning.
It's been chaos here all day,|and I'm pissed off.
Your mother and you should|know better than to see me
when I'm... defunct like this.|- What do I tell her, then?
I've got an idea.|Tell her this:
I'm on my roof, naked,
with two young female students|in wet t-shirts.
I'm reading them Yona Volach|poems while they
spray me with a fire hose.
But I don't touch them,|disciplined tutor that I am.
When the lesson's over, I'll|come by with the money.
At the end of the month.
I slept with the chief Rabbi's son.|- Really? - Your story's better.
Way more absurd, the thought|of two young girls
agreeing to spray anything|your way, you old fossil!
Don't talk to me like that,|you hear me?!
Fuck off! What's|your problem?!
I'm warning you, don't|talk that way to me!
Yutz, enough! - Nurit, it's|my daughter, and I'll
talk to her however I|damn well please.
You're drunk, go away.|- Ella will explain everything.
"Ella wakes from naps she takes,|Ella sleeps 'till morning breaks,
"Dad just farted, and that got,|Ella to laugh quite a lot."
I'm not laughing, dad.|Grow up!
Come on Ella, go home.|Dad's not feeling well.
Lashing out at people, saying|what's on your mind,
that's one thing. But when|your daughter lashes out,
and with a poem you|wrote for her,
that's when you have to|strike back against fate.
"Tuchterman & tuchterman,|attorneys at law"
I don't give a shit about|your repossession notice,
you won't get a dime out of|me, just lay off Leah.
Not only are you guilty of breaking|and entering and trespassing,
you also spit one me and stink|up my office with liquor?
Lay off Leah, got that?|- And why would I, precisely?
Because I say so! - I don't|give a shit about you!
I'm not leaving here until|you call off your bulldozers.
I'll call the cops|to show you out.
Call mommy, call daddy,|call God, for all I care.
You see me? Here I am,|and here's your desk.
The two of us are|now inseparable.
Watch out, jackass!
I'll let you use my phone|to call for an ambulance.
When I get back, I don't want|to see your face here,
Laugh all you want, but fate|has it's own sense of humor.
"Fate's Whimsy", it's called.
And fate never favors|the simple solution.
It delights in confounding|and controlling us, the jerk.
In what remains of our story,|it has but one seed to sow,
that we might reap success|and save our cafe.
Are you a painter?|Could you paint me?
They once painted this nice|painting of me, but I lost it.
Maybe I didn't. Maybe I gave|it away and think I lost it.
A painter painted me. Nude.|He called me a model.
Maybe God took|the painting away,
because it's lewd, with my|bluebird out, like Leah says.
She's a good woman.|God loves her.
take this, step into Braun's|place, give it to Nurit.
Nurit... - You know her?|- No. God loves her.
Good for her. Give this|to her, come back here,
and I'll give you a shekel.|Lots of shekels.
God bless you, Doc.
At this stage, I was on route|to the hospital, as well,
on my way to|the big encounter.
You've got a serious fracture|there, in your shin.
The pain's killing me... - He|won't be able to use this leg
for a long while.
Half a year, at least, before|your friend can ride with you.
He's not my friend.
Shpoon, aren't we friends?|Shpoon? - We are, Stutters.
Look... - then why did you...|- Shut up! - But yo... - Shut up!
I left home with a purpose.|I knew exactly what I wanted.
Rice. That's it.
Then I met you guys,|and I knew I shouldn't stop,
but you convinced me. It's|been a mess ever since.
All day long I've driven you|around, bike to wheelchair,
it's nearly evening, and I|still haven't eaten, Stutters.
And that's not good for me.|All this anxiety, the hunger,
is very bad for my stomach.|And my soul.
Know what, Shpoon? You r...|really have changed...
It all comes down to|the stomach, Stutters.
All about the stomach. Calm it|down... and there's quiet.
And her? Did you handle|your problem with her?
"Doubtful you know me
"as I truly am,
"doubtful you love me
"as you truly say...
She touched God. That's|how she put it, Stutters.
That night, on stage,|she saw God.
I thought it was|a spotlight...
But if she says so,|I believe her.
Now she won't sing|anymore, because
she heard her God doesn't like|women singing for men.
It's a shame.
I don't remember ever falling|for someone like that.
Except my mother, maybe.
This talk isn't good for me.|I need rice.
I need a bowl of rice.
You know what?|I thought of this earlier...
Good thing the pants|weren't on me.
Let's say I'd have fallen|off your bike like that,
with them on... - What gives?|We were after the pants.
Yeah, but... theoretically,|anything could happen.
I found that out long ago,|anything can happen.
Theoretically... - I'd have|fallen and broken my leg,
and they'd have to put it in|a cast. What'd happen?
What'd happen?|- They'd cut the pants open.
With scissors, the whole|pants leg, they'd ruin it.
I co... couldn't stand it.|- They could open the seam.
Greek pants, Shpoon. Them Greeks|really know their workmanship.
Excuse me...
Look up, look down...
Are you sure you won't file|a complaint against that Arab?
You're a Jew. Think about it.|- Look right.
It's O.K. No need.|- Your eye, your life.
Look at me... that's it.|Looks like it's all out.
You're very lucky,|all those shards of glass
could have scratched|your cornea off.
But there you have it. I guess|we can seal it up now.
Tell me, do you have to take|pictures while I work?
Sorry. I have to|take pictures, period.
I ran away from home for it.
Here, look, this is a picture|of me, from back there.
You sure? - Why, what's wrong?|- It doesn't look like you.
Right, that's the|Lubavitcher Rabbi.
There you go.|I'm the little one.
They didn't understand me,|the family.
I never got along. Not in|Belgium or Israel.
People... I annoy them.
Too many questions,|not enough answers.
Life's a mess. I don't|understand it.
Take your picture, I've got to|seal your eye up afterwards.
He won't press charges.
The immigrant, he|won't press charges.
Here's what we do,
we take him aside, wail on him|a bit, then we'll see...
I've got a game to catch on t. V...
Law firms, they're open|to the public, right? - So...?
It's a public place. - So...?
So what's with the fan|on such a low ceiling,
when there's a chance|someone might get hurt?
I'll be damned, your laughter|is like the cantors bell,
calling for prayer in|the days of repentance.
I know that line. "Her laugh|is like the cantors bell,
"calling for prayer in the|days of repentance.
"And verdant Mons Venus unfeasible|to saint and sinner alike,
"and I, her creator, already|detesting the droves to come
"of wooers and lovers."
Something like that. I read|a bit of poetry when I was 16.
I kinda liked your book.|- Have my baby, then.
You're hand is slipping, Poet...
My only daughter, for whom|I happened to write that line,
Scorns my talent, scorns|the torpor of my talent
and is deeply scornful|of my love.
I'm so ancient. Isn't|it too cruel a way to die?
Hey, I'm not sixteen anymore,
I haven't got time|for poetry.
You think that's poetry?|- More or less.
Then you don't have|to have my baby,
I can die right now.|- Quit putting on airs.
Yutz! - Stutters! - Mussa!|- You Belgian!
It wasn't right, I just|wanted to take a picture...
Sometimes, what seems like|an impossible encounter,
random, wholly arbitrary,
may, in retrospect, turn out|to be the clockwork of fate.
Have you all lost it?!
Pedants refer to it|as serendipity, when
fate takes the fore, becomes|virtuoso and king in one,
and all it's machinations|merge in one point of time,
compelling people to|take responsibility, to
take charge of fate. Because|fate is tired, it needs a rest.
It's labored over some nations|for over 2,000 years,
and still hasn't got|the job done.
Then again, I may just|be bullshitting you.
What's relevant to the story|is that we met.
Ease off the words, Yutz,|I've got to have a drink.
Shut up and listen to|what I'm telling you, lummox.
Tuchterman the son of a bitch|is going to wreck Braun's,
unless we do something.|You won't have anywhere left
to put drinks on your tabs,|and you won't have anywhere
to strangle people. - What|about you? Thirty years,
you've been clinging to her|like a tick. - Precisely.
That's why I went over to|tuchterman and threatened him.
It didn't work, I'm|no good at it.
We've got to think this through.|What do we do?
I say we go back to tuchterman|I say we beat him to a pulp,
I'll pound his head|into the wall,
vent all those nerves this day|set off in my stomach.
Let's roll...|- G... giddy up!
Nurit, 205,000 dollars really|isn't all that much money.
What I thougt is:|You take this place,
you haven't got a job,|anyway, and I'm already...
I guess I really am too tired,|past my stride.
You can make this place|as good as new,
using modern methods. - I'm not|having a baby in any cafe.
What baby?
I'm pregnant. - Again? - Only|I may see this one through.
"Tuchterman & tuchterman,|attorneys at law"
tuchterman, open up!|Tuchterman!
I hear that music again...
What do you wanna do? Dance?|We've knocked for 15 minutes,
he won't answer or open up.|- I'm telling you,
the bastard heard us and|won't let us in.
Stop standing around like|houseplants, help me up!
Cut it out, Yutz. Enough,|already. - Shpoon,
Shut your trap|and think of Leah.
Give me a boost.
"...Cossack horsemen,|galloping to war..."
Oh, dear. Oh, dear me.
What is it? - I can't tell you,|Mussa. - Yutz, what's up?
Shekel and tuchterman, in|a primeval pagan ritual.
What, what's a p...|- Screwing one another?
Worse, Shpoon. Much,|much worse.
Yutz, get the Belgian up, to|take their picture. - Nice...
What? - You wanted to be|a photographer, go be one.
No, no, no, it's illegal.|- In Belgium, not the east.
Say "ride you whore"-give me|A shekel. "ride you whore"!
All right, I got it.|Let's run. - Wait...
Who was that?|Who's there?
Someone took our picture.|That was a camera flash.
Please leave,|please leave now.
God loves you.|God loves us all.
That's that, Leah.|The Belgian got it all.
You got the picture, Jacob?
Did you tell tuchterman?|What a bunch of morons.
Tuchterma, it's Nurit.|Leah's daughter.
Just a while ago you|were caught posing, right?
Oh, it's quite simple.
The photos will go to your father,|then spread all over town.
I'll hand over the negatives.|Bye.
You'll be fine, you old harpy.|- You promised the negatives?
Well, why are you all standing|around? What do you want?
Zachlawi. - Nurit, there's|a sack of rice in storage.
Rice in Braun? - Seven years|ago, I tried to make you all
some chicken soup with rice.|It never caught on.
But Leah, it's seven year old|rice. - Long shelf life.
That's another virtue of rice,|Mussa. - Right.
Go get the rice, already.
What about you, poet?
You can't hate anyone, Leah.
It's a problem,
You can't hate anyone.
I ache.
Beer, you Canaanite cow!|We've got to celebrate.
Well Braun? You got|what you wanted. As usual.
I didn't get anything. - What?
You handled tuchterman well.|You're a true Braun.
Had Stutters' pants not been|stolen, had Shpoon not come by
and laid him out, had Mussa|not decked the Belgian,
had I not gotten that fan|to the head,
we wouldn't have met at that|hospital and saved our cafe.
Life had no plan yesterday,|but fate did,
and it beat like clockwork.|That sort of gives you hope.
Maybe things really|can get better.
Soon, I'll pop by Leah's to see|tuchterman recall the 'dozers,
in exchange for|the Belgian's negatives.
Things will be all right.|Yesterday was all right,
I suppose tomorrow will|be all right... right?
Anyone want to buy a balloon?
Stutters, aren't those|your pants?
"Cafe tales"
Starring: Moshe lvgy,|Elisheva Michaeli,
Arie Moskona, tsahi Grad,|tsipor Aisen-Lior
Sharon Reginiano, Gonny Arbid|Yossi toledo
Written and Directed by: Amit Leor
Producer: Mosh Danon
Devlopment:|Yoram Mandel, Mirit toovi
Director of Photography:|Giora Bejach
Editor:|Arik Lahav-Leibovitz
Music: Uri Ophir
Produced by:|JCS Productions
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Sherlock Holmes 1x09 - The Greek Interpreter
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Sherlock Holmes 1x12 - The Red Headed League
Sherlock Holmes 1x13 - The Final Problem
Sherlock Holmes And The House Of Fear 1945
Sherlock Holmes And The Spider Woman 1944
Sherlock Holmes And The Voice Of Terror 1942
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death 1943
Sherlock Holmes Returns
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Sherlock Holmes The Scarlet Claw 1944
Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943
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Shes So Lovely
Shes out of control
Shes the One
Shield The 2x01 - The Quick Fix
Shield The 2x02 - Dead Soldiers
Shield The 2x03 - Partners
Shield The 2x04 - Carte Blanche
Shijushichinin No Shikaku (1994 aka 47 Ronin)
Shiki-Jitsu (Hideaki Anno 2000)
Shin Zatoichi monogatari (1963)
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Shinning The
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Shop Around The Corner The 1940
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Short Film About Love A (1988)
Short Film About Love A 1988
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Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th
Shuang tong (2002)
Shutter (2004)
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Sibiriada CD2
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Siburay Bate Cafe
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Siegfried II
Siegfried III
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Silver Hawk
Silver Streak 1976
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Simone CD2
Simpsons 01x01 - Simpsons Roasting Over An Open Fire
Simpsons 01x02 - Bart The Genius
Simpsons 01x03 - Homers Odyssey
Simpsons 01x04 - Theres No Disgrace Like Home
Simpsons 01x05 - Bart the General
Simpsons 01x06 - Moaning Lisa
Simpsons 01x07 - The Call of the Simpsons
Simpsons 01x08 - The Telltale Head
Simpsons 01x09 - Life on the Fast Lane
Simpsons 01x10 - Homers Night Out
Simpsons 01x11 - The Crepes Of Wrath
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Simpsons 01x13 - Some Enchanted Evening
Simpsons The
Simpsons The 05x01 - Homers Barbershop Quartet
Simpsons The 05x02 - Cape Feare
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Simpsons The 05x04 - Rosebud
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Simpsons The 05x06 - Marge On The Lam
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Simpsons The 05x08 - Boy Scoutz N The Hood
Simpsons The 05x09 - The Last-Temptation Of Homer
Simpsons The 05x10 - $pringfield
Simpsons The 05x11 - Homer The Vigilante
Simpsons The 05x12 - Bart Gets Famous
Simpsons The 05x13 - Homer And Apu
Simpsons The 05x14 - Lisa Vs Malibu Stacy
Simpsons The 05x15 - Deep Space Homer
Simpsons The 05x16 - Homer Loves Flanders
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Simpsons The 05x18 - Burns Heir
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Sin 2003
Sin noticias de Dios
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Since Otar Left 2003
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Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine
Singin in the Rain
Singing Detective The
Singles (2003) CD1
Singles (2003) CD2
Sink The Bismarck
Sinnui yauman
Sinnui yauman II
Sirens 1994
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Sissi 1955
Sister Act
Sister Act 2 - Back in the Habit CD1
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Six String Samurai
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Skulls The (Collectors Edition)
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Slap Shot 2
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Son The
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South Park 01x09 - Starvin Marvin
South Park 01x10 - Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo
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Stargate SG1 1x05 The First Commandment
Stargate SG1 1x06 Cold Lazarus
Stargate SG1 1x07 The Nox
Stargate SG1 1x08 Brief Candle
Stargate SG1 1x09 Thors Hammer
Stargate SG1 1x10 The Torment of Tantalus
Stargate SG1 1x11 Bloodlines
Stargate SG1 1x12 Fire and Water
Stargate SG1 1x13 Hathor
Stargate SG1 1x14 Singularity
Stargate SG1 1x15 The Cor AI
Stargate SG1 1x16 Enigma
Stargate SG1 1x17 Solitudes
Stargate SG1 1x18 Tin Man
Stargate SG1 1x19 There but for the Grace of God
Stargate SG1 1x20 Politics
Stargate SG1 1x21 Within the Serpents Grasp
Stargate SG1 2x01 The serpents lair
Stargate SG1 2x02 In the line of duty
Stargate SG1 2x03 Prisoners
Stargate SG1 2x04 The gamekeeper
Stargate SG1 2x05 Need
Stargate SG1 2x06 Thors chariot
Stargate SG1 2x07 Message in a bottle
Stargate SG1 2x08 Family
Stargate SG1 2x09 Secrets
Stargate SG1 2x10 Bane
Stargate SG1 2x11 The tokra part 1
Stargate SG1 2x12 The tokra part 2
Stargate SG1 2x13 Spirits
Stargate SG1 2x14 Touchstone
Stargate SG1 2x15 The fifth race
Stargate SG1 2x16 A matter of time
Stargate SG1 2x17 Holiday
Stargate SG1 2x18 Serpents song
Stargate SG1 2x19 One false step
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Stargate SG1 3x01 Into The Fire II
Stargate SG1 3x02 Seth
Stargate SG1 3x03 Fair Game
Stargate SG1 3x04 Legacy
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Stargate SG1 3x06 Point Of View
Stargate SG1 3x07 Deadman Switch
Stargate SG1 3x08 Demons
Stargate SG1 3x09 Rules Of Engagement
Stargate SG1 3x10 Forever In A Day
Stargate SG1 3x11 Past And Present
Stargate SG1 3x12 Jolinars Memories
Stargate SG1 3x13 The Devil You Know
Stargate SG1 3x14 Foothold
Stargate SG1 3x15 Pretense
Stargate SG1 3x16 Urgo
Stargate SG1 3x17 A Hundred Days
Stargate SG1 3x18 Shades Of Grey
Stargate SG1 3x19 New Ground
Stargate SG1 3x20 Maternal Instinct
Stargate SG1 3x21 Crystal Skull
Stargate SG1 3x22 Nemesis
Stargate SG1 4x01 Small Victories
Stargate SG1 4x02 The Other Side
Stargate SG1 4x03 Upgrades
Stargate SG1 4x04 Crossroads
Stargate SG1 4x05 Divide And Conquer
Stargate SG1 4x06 Window Of Opportunity
Stargate SG1 4x07 Watergate
Stargate SG1 4x08 The First Ones
Stargate SG1 4x09 Scorched Earth
Stargate SG1 4x10 Beneath The Surface
Stargate SG1 4x11 Point Of No Return
Stargate SG1 4x12 Tangent
Stargate SG1 4x13 The Curse
Stargate SG1 4x14 The Serpents Venom
Stargate SG1 4x15 Chain Reaction
Stargate SG1 4x16 2010
Stargate SG1 4x17 Absolute Power
Stargate SG1 4x18 The Light
Stargate SG1 4x19 Prodigy
Stargate SG1 4x20 Entity
Stargate SG1 4x21 Double Jeopardy
Stargate SG1 4x22 Exodus
Stargate SG1 5x01 Enemies
Stargate SG1 5x02 Threshold
Stargate SG1 5x03 Ascension
Stargate SG1 5x04 Fifth Man
Stargate SG1 5x05 Red Sky
Stargate SG1 5x06 Rite Of Passage
Stargate SG1 5x07 Beast Of Burden
Stargate SG1 5x08 The Tomb
Stargate SG1 5x09 Between Two Fires
Stargate SG1 5x10 2001
Stargate SG1 5x11 Desperate Measures
Stargate SG1 5x12 Wormhole X-Treme
Stargate SG1 5x13 Proving Ground
Stargate SG1 5x14 48 Hours
Stargate SG1 5x15 Summit
Stargate SG1 5x16 Last Stand
Stargate SG1 5x17 Failsafe
Stargate SG1 5x18 The Warrior
Stargate SG1 5x19 Menace
Stargate SG1 5x20 The Sentinel
Stargate SG1 5x21 Meridian
Stargate SG1 5x22 Revelations
Stargate SG1 6x01 Redemption Part 1
Stargate SG1 6x02 Redemption Part 2
Stargate SG1 6x03 Descent
Stargate SG1 6x04 Frozen
Stargate SG1 6x05 Nightwalkers
Stargate SG1 6x06 Abyss
Stargate SG1 6x07 Shadow Play
Stargate SG1 6x08 The Other Guys
Stargate SG1 6x09 Allegiance
Stargate SG1 6x10 Cure
Stargate SG1 6x11 Prometheus
Stargate SG1 6x12 Unnatural Selection
Stargate SG1 6x13 Sight Unseen
Stargate SG1 6x14 Smoke n Mirrors
Stargate SG1 6x15 Paradise Lost
Stargate SG1 6x16 Metamorphosis
Stargate SG1 6x17 Disclosure
Stargate SG1 6x18 Forsaken
Stargate SG1 6x19 The Changeling
Stargate SG1 6x20 Memento
Stargate SG1 6x21 Prophecy
Stargate SG1 6x22 Full Circle
Stargate SG1 7x01 Fallen
Stargate SG1 7x02 Homecoming
Stargate SG1 7x03 Fragile Balance
Stargate SG1 7x04 Orpheus
Stargate SG1 7x05 Revisions
Stargate SG1 7x06 Lifeboat
Stargate SG1 7x07 Enemy Mine
Stargate SG1 7x08 Space Race
Stargate SG1 7x09 Avenger 2 0
Stargate SG1 7x10 Birthright
Stargate SG1 7x10 Heroes II
Stargate SG1 7x11 Evolution I
Stargate SG1 7x12 Evolution II
Stargate SG1 7x13 Grace
Stargate SG1 7x14 Fallout
Stargate SG1 7x15 Chimera
Stargate SG1 7x16 Death Knell
Stargate SG1 7x17 Heroes I
Stargate SG1 7x19 Resurrection
Stargate SG1 7x20 Inauguration
Stargate SG1 7x21-22 The Lost City I n II
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