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Simone CD1

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Mr. Taransky...?
She's walking?
Don't tell me She’s walking.
She can't walk.
- Nicola! - This, this...
- Not this. - Nicola!
- How was your massage? - You're in breach.
- Cigarette. - Is this about the new pages?
Because I made the changes,
all the changes you wanted.
You are virtually in every scene.
It is not the size of the role, Viktor.
Am l, or am I not entitled
to the biggest trailer on the lot? Hmm?
It's the biggest on earth.
I swear.
It's a 50-foot Airstream.
They don't make them any longer.
- Taller, Viktor. - Taller?
- Taller! - What?
You've insulted me for the last time.
You're right. It's actually...
It's actually taller.
- You're right. It's amazing. - Coffee!
Wait a minute.
The tires are over inflated.
See? It's just this.
See? Look. Here.
- The air comes right out. - This is sad.
See? It's lower already.
Nicola, I beg you. Don't do this to me.
You know, I had three other offers.
I only signed on to this picture...
- Out of loyalty. - Well, then show me some.
They're going to shut me down!
It's not working, Viktor.
I mean, my God!
The scene with the thousand geese?!
I don't understand this film!
Nobody is going to understand this film.
I already put out a press release citing creative differences.
So just let it go.
You went to the press?
Do we have everything?
All right. You know what?
You're right.
You are right. And when you're right, you're right.
- Thank you. - Let me help you with these.
'Cause you oughta go.
- I don't deserve you. - Oh.
This film doesn't deserve you.
It deserves much, much better than you!
Creative differences?
The difference is you're not creative.
To hell, please.
Jack, are you there?
She's good.
You can hardly tell she's reading off a teleprompter.
I'm right here.
Right beside you.
I've analyzed this footage.
We've got everything we need in the can already.
If I could just make the proper adjustments,
we can finish this film without her.
Viktor, according to the writ her attorneys filed at noon today,
they'll sue if the film is released with Nicola in a single frame.
They will sue, Viktor. They're serious.
So let's recast.
Nicola Anders is the only actress in the world
that could play that part.
- It's a remake, Hal. - That's right.
Nicola Anders is not bigger than this picture.
Of course she is, Viktor.
No other name is going to sign on now.
Who needs a name? We'll cast an unknown.
I'm not going to play opposite an unknown.
- We can't sell an unknown. - The numbers don't work.
If we ever want to be in the Nicola Anders business again,
we have to cut our losses and shelve the picture.
I will not give in to that blackmailing...
Viktor, let's take a walk.
Ridiculous performance.
I told you she was bad.
No, yours in there.
Why do you always have to make things so difficult for yourself?
Difficult? I'm being difficult?
Yes. Mm-hmm.
Elaine, do you know what these are?
Mike 'n' Ike's?
They're not just any Mike 'n' Ike's,
These are cherry Mike 'n' Ike's.
Do you know why I, Viktor Taransky,
two-time Academy Award nominated director...
Viktor, that was "Short Subject."
...overseeing the most cherished movie project of my entire career,
am walking around with... Iook, look, look...
pockets full of these... things?!
I have a feeling you're going to tell me.
I'm going to tell you why. Because Ms. Nicola Anders,
supermodel with a SAG card,
has it written in her contract
that all cherry Mike 'n' Ike's
be removed from her candy dish,
along with strict instructions that any room she walks into
must have seven packs of cigarettes waiting for her...
three of them opened;
that there be a personal Jacuzzi
within 80 paces of her dressing room;
and that any time she travels,
her nanny must fly with her first-class.
So, what's wrong with that?
Elaine, she doesn't have children.
Don't you see? They're mocking us.
They're mocking... we're at their mercy.
What happened? I mean, we always had movie stars,
but they used to be our stars, remember?
We were the ones who would tell them what to do.
And we would tell them what to wear,
- Who to date... - That's what you want?!
When they were under contract to us,
we could change their names if we wanted to.
- More than once. - Viktor,
do you realize you're nostalgic
for an era you weren't even born in?!
I do remember why I got into this business.
- You seem to have forgotten. - Oh, please. Come on.
New York... Cassavetes. Remember?
- Here we go. - What were we doing?
We were trying to make something important.
I don't know.
Shine a little light in that darkened cinema.
It's called a projector.
Illuminate hearts and minds with a ray of truth.
I thought that's what we were doing.
I have good memories of those days, too.
I do, but this isn't about that...
or you, or me,
or some high-minded ideal. This is business.
- Spare me. - Look around.
Who do you think pays for all of this?
This is about investment and return.
I'm not interested in investment and return!
I'm not interested in who pays for anything!
I'm trying to make a movie!
I'm responsible for this, Viktor.
Those days in New York...
It's over, Viktor.
You're not renewing my contract?
How can I?!
Your last three pictures tanked.
No bankable star is going to work with you after this.
I mean, if you just compromised a little.
Well, it's not every day you're fired
by the mother of your own child.
You and I both know that I kept you on
after the divorce for old time's sake.
And so you could still hold your head up in front of Lainey.
- I fought for you. - Yeah, well...
I'm sorry, Viktor.
- Sweetheart. - Hey, Dad.
- How are you, honey? - Good.
I'm sorry Mom canned you.
I'm going to finish this picture.
Lainey, I'm going to finish it.
Because it's important.
I know you will, Dad.
You'reviktor Taransky.
I'm Viktor Taransky.
'Kay. Bye, Dad.
- Hi, sweetheart. - Hey, Mom.
Are you okay?
I'm Viktor Taransky.
Mr. Taransky?
Mr. Taransky, thank God.
I've been trying to see you.
I've been calling.
Your assistant won't put me through.
I told her it was a matter of life and death.
I was afraid I wasn't going to get to you in time.
Please, just...
- Keep your distance. - I did it!
I did it!
I licked skin, I licked hair,
- I licked every part of her. - I'm going to call security.
I'll call security if you don't back off.
I have her, Mr. Taransky.
The answer to your pray ers.
- The answer to this. - I was misquoted.
I have your new leading-lady right here.
In my pants.
Please, sir, I don't know you.
- I don't know where you come from... - It's me!
Mr. Taransky, don't...
Don't you recognize me?
The Future of Film Conference in San Jose.
Remember that? Hank.
Hank Aleno.
I was a keynote speaker. You must remember my speech.
- "Who Needs humans? " - Right.
You were booed off the stage.
- Whoa, that's got to be... - Eight years ago.
And that whole time I never left my computer.
U h-huh. Good for you, Hank.
Well, it's good and bad.
That's what caused this. The eye tumor.
- Microwaves from the s creen. - I'm sorry.
Don't be, because it was worth it.
You have to see her.
Oh, I've seen those.
- Not like this. - I'll take care of that.
Yeah, well, you're talking about a "s yn-thespian."
- A virtual actor. - No, we call them "v ac-tors."
"Vac-tors"? I need flesh.
- Flesh is weak. - It can't be done.
It can be done. With my new computer code,
it can be done.
You and me...
we can do this together.
I don't know anything about computers.
See, that's why... that's why you're so perfect.
You have something...
- That I don't have. - What's that?
An eye.
An eye for performance.
You know the truth when you see it.
I know.
I mean, I've seen your movies.
I love your movies.
- You love my movies? - "Straw God."
That changed my life.
You saw "Straw God"?
I have seen every frame of your work.
You're the only filmmaker
with the artistic integrity...
to realize my vision.
You and me, art and s cience...
We're the perfect marriage.
I've had a rough day today.
But, I tell you what,
I'll call you about this next week.
- We can talk. - I won't be here in a week.
- The tumor is inoperable. - I'll call you about it, okay?
That's what I'm trying to say. The tumor is inoperable.
I'll be dead.
Well, I'm already dead.
Call me!
This week!
What do you mean she won't work with me?
She's done nothing.
She doesn't have a single credit to her name.
Better no credits than a Taransky credit.
Art, you don't understand.
I've mortgaged everything to finish this film.
The creditors are calling me.
they're at the door for God's sake.
Damn it!
Mr. Taransky.
Mr. Taransky!
- Mr. Taransky! - No, I'm not him!
- Mr. Taransky! - I'm not him!
Mr. Taransky!
Hank Aleno!
I represent the estate of Mr. Hank Aleno.
It was his last wish that you have this.
What is it?
I have no idea.
he wanted you to have it.
Valarie, what are you running from?
From Valarie.
Jack, are you there?
Something like this can happen and what...
was it for?
Why are we here?
Is that what you're asking, Jack?
Why are we here?
No why...
just here.
Just here.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
I know I may be guilty of a crime,
but it was committed with the purest of intentions.
I wanted to send a message
to the acting community
put themselves above the work,
who put themselves above me.
So, what did you guys think?
So fake.
Totally artificial.
Like we're suppose to believe that was 1 9th century Lisbon.
- Come on. - Guys...
Who's looking at the sets when she's on s creen?
Oh, yeah.
There he is.
That's my dad, Viktor Taransky.
- She was magnificent. - She's absolutely unreal.
She wasn't too... cartoony, or anything?
The nun?
Or are you talking about the mother?
A star like that, who cares about the supporting cast?
Congratulations again. She's not of thisearth.
- You should bevery proud. - Oh, not of this earth.
And the rest of the film, what did you think?
She's a miracle. Where did you find her?
I saw her picture... on the computer.
A computer?
You really didn't notice anything unusual about her?
Only her brilliance. To be honest,
with what you had to work with,
I was expecting a train wreck.
- You really pulled it off. - I did?
Yeah. I have a feeling Mom's going to take you back after this.
Back on the lot. That's what...
I know. I know. Come on, let's go.
A dazzling new ingenue has come from seemingly nowhere
to capture the hearts of movie-going audiences around the world
to capture the hearts of movie-going audiences around the world
in her debut film "Sunrise, Sunset."
But who is Simone?
We know so little about her.
And why the secrecy?
All we know for sure is that she was dis covered
by little-known director, Viktor Tarinsky.
- Good to see you, too, Elaine. - Where is she?
- She's not here. - Why isn't she with you?
Why? Because she would never come to something like this.
She's intensely priv ate.
Back to work, everyone. She's not here.
hey, listen. Have you read the reviews?
they're love letters.
Listen to this one. Oh, here.
Simone has thevoice of a young Jane Fonda,
the body of Sophia Loren,
the grace of well, Grace Kelly...
ha-ha... and the face...
of Audrey hepburn combined with an angel.
- Almost right. - I can't wait to meet her.
Oh, I don't know if that's going to happen.
Why not?
She is somewhat of a recluse.
That's how she stays so pure.
She isolates herself in her art.
Viktor, it's my studio.
Elaine, it's my actor.
There are other studios.
There's only one Simone.
Okay, have it your way, Viktor.
hello, Walter.
Nobody came in or went out,
- Just like you said. - Very good.
- Mr. Taransky? - Yes?
Is Ms. Simone coming in today?
She's already here. She arrived before you got here.
She's going to leave long after you're gone.
Remember, under no circumstances
are you or anybody else ever to enter this set
without my express permission, understood?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Taransky?
What if it catches on fire?
Let it burn.
Good morning, Simone.
Good morning, Mr. Taransky.
Simone, a star is...
Do you know what this means?
We have stepped into a new dimension.
Our ability to manufacture fraud
now exceeds our ability to detect it.
I am the death of real.
...death of real.
...death of real.
Too much Meryl Streep.
A little less Streep.
And a little more...
Is this better, Mr. Taransky?
While we're at it,
there's a little something
I want to add to your repertoire.
You've got the wrong Holly Golightly.
Remember that thing Audrey hepburn does
in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?
How do I look?
Give me Audrey.
How do I look?
Perfect, Simone.
Oh, God.
I'm so relaxed around you.
I'm so myself.
You did create me.
I just brought someone else's dream to life.
Mr. Taransky,
we both know I was nothing without you.
I was computer code.
I was ones and zeros.
I was nothing.
that's true.
I don't want to boast, but...
Are you ever going to tell the truth about me, Mr. Taransky?
I'm going tell the truth about you.
Why wouldn't i?
Of course...
with Hank's tragic passing,
his secret did die with him.
This is a classic case of
technology in search of an artist.
Someone with integrity,
someone with vision, someone who can see.
See beyond this irrational
allegiance to flesh and blood.
Someone who can see
that with the rise in the price of a real actor
and the fall in the price of a fake,
that the s cales have tipped...
naturally in favor of the fake.
Someone who can see
that if a performance is genuine,
it doesn't matter if the actor's real or not.
And what's real anymore?
Most actors these days
have digital work done to them.
It's a gray area.
The only real truth is the work.
I'm going to tell the truth about you
after your next picture.
You're so beautiful.
You're too beautiful.
We're going to fix that.
Is this on?
I will not be taking any questions regarding Simone.
I do, however, have a statement
to read on her behalf.
"To Whom it May Concern:
I'm deeply grateful for the extraordinary
public response to Mr. Taransky's film.
At this time I will be conducting no interviews,
or making publicity appearances...
- This is unbeliev able. - I politely request that the press
respect my priv acy and let the work speak for itself.
Yours truly, Simone."
Viktor! Who is Simone dating?!
Where did you find her?
- Is Simone her real name? - Didn't I make it clear?
No questions regarding Simone.
We're just trying to get some answers.
I will make my final statement.
Ms. Simone begins production on her new film today...
"Eternity Forever."
This is a project which has been near and dear
to my heart since I wrote it
nine years ago.
Thank you.
Would you answer a question regarding Hank?
Hank? Who asked me about Hank?
Funny, why is the movie dedicated to Hank?
Are they involved?
they were at one time inseparable. Yes.
And now?
sadly to say, only in spirit.
Thank you.
Your car will be ready in just a minute.
We gave you a complimentary car wash.
- Oh, really? - They're cleaning the engine now.
Thank you.
- Viktor, hey. - Hal.
I am so happy for us.
The film, the chemistry.
Nothing against Nicola Anders,
but I think that Simone and l,
we really worked great together.
- You were never together. - Still, the connection was undeniable.
You can't...
Look, I have not read "Eternity Forever,"
but it is fantastic.
And I know I would be perfect for the part of Clive.
- Clyde. - Clyde, right.
That's what I'm talking about. Yes, perfect.
Come on, man.
Look, I ran into Simone on the lot.
- Really? - Yes, really.
- She never mentioned it. - She's bus y right now.
People coming at her from all angles.
Maybe she didn't want you to know, huh?
I strongly sensed
that she thought I would be perfect for Clyde as well.
- Really? - Strongly.
Excuse me.
Simone, it's so great to hear from you.
How are you, sweetheart?
You'll never guess who I'm with.
- You met him on the lot the other day. - It was more in passing.
No, you're not even close.
- Hal Sinclair. - What's wrong now?
I'm getting nothing from her side of the conversation.
No, I don't think he put on weight.
Anyway, listen. Do you think he'd be right for "Eternity Forever"?
he's not the right type?
You want to go in another direction?
Well... we'll try and talk her into it, don't worry.
Anything you can do.
- Anything. - Yeah, listen, honey.
What is this, some kind of jamming device?
This is a bad place to talk.
Maybe he's just talking to himself.
Taransky's not that good an actor.
Honey, I know you want to do charity work.
No, they've taken special precautions.
Some kind of new encryption.
Why would they do that?
Well, whatever it is...
it's dark.
Yeah. Very.
All right, we'll talk about it
at the beach house this weekend.
- Can you ever stop doing that? - Why?
You'll lose yourself in that thing.
You gotta get out more. How you gonna meet boys?
Dad, I know plenty of boys.
You do? Who?
Where do you meet them?
You meet them in those chat rooms?
How do you know you're not talking to some middle-aged freak?
Dad, I can spot a middle-aged freak a mile away.
It's beautiful today. Let's go outside and eat.
And Lainey, leave the computer, please.
Dad, it might be better to eat inside.
Stay here.
What is this?
What the hell is going on? What are you doing here?
- You're trespassing. - You can't hide her forever!
Simone appears only when I want her to appear!
Sounds like a prisoner.
- What are you, holding her hostage? - You're the hostage.
I mean, you look kind of captive to me.
Lainey, don't you ever wonder
where I'm really hiding Simone?
Just as long as I know where you are, Dad.
- Bye, Dad. - Bye, honey.
hello, Viktor.
Sorry I got her back late.
Oh, no problem.
hey, you want to come in?
- Hi. - Hi, Honey.
- Hi, Vik. - Kent.
Viktor, we simply have to dis cuss
"Eternity Forever."
I still haven't received Simone's s cript notes.
There aren't any.
If the filmmakers are happy,
she's happy.
She considers herself, you know, an instrument.
So she's really going to do all this nudity?
It's on the page.
We have to do something about this budget.
It's completely unrealistic.
You allowed nothing for limousine service.
- She drives herself. - U h-huh.
- Hair and make-up? - Does her own.
- Theater training. - Oh, she was in the theater?
You want her resume? I'll send it to you.
Okay, great. Thanks.
At least, Viktor, contingency for wardrobe.
Anybody can go up a size.
I guarantee she will not gain an ounce.
She is so dis ciplined.
Well, we've gotta do something about this...
- "Stuntwoman." - What about it?
- Well, there isn't one. - She doesn't need one.
- Does all her own stunts. - Even the fall from the plane?
- Even the fall from the plane. - Oh.
Shoot it on the last day.
Listen, Viktor.
I want to talk to you now, not as Elaine, Studio head,
but as Elaine, ex-wife. hey, second ex-wife.
Seriously. You got lucky this last time.
But you need to be careful.
We both know you wouldn't be making this overblown art film
if you hadn't convinced Simone to be in it.
talking to you now, not as Viktor, Director,
but as Viktor, your first former husband,
what happened to you? Huh?
Experience, Viktor.
That's what happened to me.
Yeah, I've seen this a hundred times.
- Really? - Yeah.
These young stars destroying
thevery people who dis covered them.
I'm worried about you, that's all.
This woman, she controls your destiny.
She doesn't control my destiny.
There's something about her I don't trust.
hi, Jane.
Thanks for taking me back, Mr. Taransky.
I know that it looked like I sided with the studio,
but I've always believed in you. Honestly.
Don't worry. I understand.
- Are they... - They're all here.
Okay, thank you. hello.
I just want to say I am delighted
to have such a wonderful cast
assembled here for "Eternity Forever."
A reminder:
as a condition for working on this picture,
you will not be rehearsing with Simone.
You will not be shooting with Simone.
Actually, you are forbidden from contacting Simone
at any time, for any reason, whatsoever.
- Works for me. - How will you shoot our love s cenes?
- Body double. - For her?
For you.
Anyway, Simone insisted on speaking with you herself
before filming started.
I believe she's on the line now. Simone, are you there?
I certainly am, Mr. Taransky.
So are we, Simone.
Why don't you leave me alone with my co-stars, Mr. Taransky,
so we can get to know each other better?
Absolutely. I'll be back in a minute.
H i, who's there?
Don't be shy. Introduce yourselves.
I'm Mac.
I turned down a Bertolucci film to be here.
hi, Simone. I'm Corel.
hi, I'm Claris.
You used to date my cousin, Dell.
I'm hewlitt.
We can rehearse in priv ate if you like.
My name is Lotus.
God, I can't believe I'm talking to you.
We are going to become such great friends.
hi, Simone, it's Hal.
It's great to be working together... again.
Is that everyone?
Well, ob viously, as you know, I'm Simone.
Who else?
I just want to start
by apologizing for my process.
I know it's an unusual way to work,
but I just find I relate better to people
when they're not actually there.
Oh, of course. Of course.
I don't have much to say,
Except, that I know it's gonna be a great project
if we all just trust Mr. Taransky's vision.
Always do what Mr. Taransky says.
If in doub t, do it the Taransky way.
I know we're gonna make a wonderful movie together.
What you don't understand, Clyde, is that love...
Still too big.
I like it, but it's too big.
All right. Smaller teardrops this time.
What you don't understand, Clyde,
is that love is like a wildflower.
But that flower only grows
on the edge...
of a very high cliff.
Simone. Simone.
Gonna be a little change in plans, Simone.
You have no idea the effect
your performance is having on people.
We can't stop now.
These films, they're speaking
to the human condition.
We're changing lives.
People need to believe you're real.
To reveal the truth now,
it would be too cruel.
You're gonna get in a lot of trouble, Mr. Taransky.
Now, why do you have to bring that up?!
I mean, everything's a risk.
But it's worth it, isn't it?
We've done enough work today.
You've been cooped up in there too long.
So how about...
you and I going out on the town?
Tonight, they're going to see you
with their own eyes.
Excuse me.
I will be checking in a very special guest.
- A Ms. Enomis. - Ah, Ms. Enomis.
Now, Ms. Enomis demands her priv acy.
So, you will switch off all surveillance cameras.
I alone, will es cort Ms. Enomis to her room
via the rear exit.
She must not be disturbed at any time,
for any reason whatsoever.
I'm sure I can rely on your dis cretion.
U nderstood, sir.
Thank you.
There she is!
Who is it?
It's Simone.
Okay, I think everybody's here.
I think we're all right now.
Oh, thank God for you, Faith.
Thank God for you.
This is way above and beyond
the call of duty for a stand-in.
I must tell you, you have no idea
the service you've performed for Simone,
shielding her from these animals.
Oh, no, Mr. Taransky. Thank God for you.
- For me? - Yeah.
How many directors would go
to so much trouble to protect an actress?
It's incredible.
You know, we're gonna have
to go back to my place,
just to, you know, keep them off the s cent.
Of course.
You look so...
So much like... um, like her?
Oh, yes, of course. Like her.
But you're so very beautiful
in your own right.
I do find myself strangely attracted to you, Mr. Taransky.
Call meviktor.
- Oh. - Oh, Viktor.
- Viktor. - Yes?
- This is so exciting. - Yes.
Do what you do to Simone?
What? What did you say?
I said do whatever you do to Simone.
What I do to Simone?
Call me Simone!
Yes. Say it again, please.
I want to know what it's like to be her just for one night.
Please, call me Simone.
You're with me so you can be close to her?
Is that a problem?
Okay. Excuse me just a minute.
Is something wrong?
Well, actually,
maybe we can do this some other time
- Or something. - Are you bus y tomorrow?
Gentlemen, the Presidential Suite.
I think that should take care of everything.
Yes, sir.
I believe it will.
Leave me for a moment.
- Brilliant. - Elaine!
- There she is. - The picture...
The picture. It's a revelation.
Thank you. Thank you.
We all worked so hard.
- It was you. - No, it was all of us.
It was incredible.
Thank you all.
Thank you.
- Whoa! - Viktor!
- Is she here? - Viktor, is she here?
Oh, I'm fine, Hal. How are you?
Somebody said she was here.
Jesus. That's her glass.
Jack Daniels, straight up.
- My kind of woman. - Come on, where is she?
I don't know. She's, uh...
Is that her by the fountain?
You know, between you and me,
- She doesn't really exist. - Simone!
- Simone! - Simone's here?
- Why didn't anybody tell me? - She's here?!
- Simone! - I got your glass!
I'm your biggest fan!
- Simone! - Simone?
Get out!
Not you two.
She goes to a major Hollywood A-list party
and we don't get an interview,
a comment? We don't even get a photograph?!
Is that what you're telling me?
Nobody got a photograph.
Nobody ever gets a photograph.
We have our best people on it, Mr. Sayer.
Get better people!
What about the 2 4-hour tail on Taransky?
they're camped out every place he goes; every concierge,
every maitre d', they're all on the take.
But this Simone woman is good.
Ob viously, that is not her real name.
She uses an assumed identity.
She travels under a false name.
She checks into a hotel under an alias.
Never stays in the same place two nights in a row.
What about the satellite photos? What happened?
- Nothin'. - Nothing from space?!
What about the fingerprints?
What happened when we dusted that whole hotel suite?
Well, we have some of Taransky's fingerprints,
a lot of yours...
and none of hers.
No one is that perfect, that pure.
You know, I had something on Mother Teresa once.
But then she died
and it just wasn't worth it anymore.
I know how to flush out this Simone woman.
A tell-all story from her childhood.
You have one?
I will when you're finished writing it.
Please don't make me do this.
Guard, open this door right now.
Mr. Taransky gave me specific instructions
never to open up this door.
- What are you doing?! - Mr. Taransky!
- Why did you do this?! - We have to talk to her!
- We know she's in there. - Okay.
What is this about?
We've got the tracking numbers for "Eternity Forever."
they're in the toilet.
She's gotta get out there and sell the film.
What do you want her to do, go door-to-door?
even Garbo would be on the talk show circuit if she were alive!
It is precisely because she doesn't crave the limelight
that people love her!
- This is bullshit! - She is about the work,
- And only the work! - This is overshadowing the work.
If you can't handle her, I will.
It's not a good time. She's emotional.
Today, her mother dies.
Scene 4 2 of "Good for Nothing."
- This is not a good time. - It never is.
- Step aside! - We're going in!
- This is ridiculous! - No! No!
- What are you doing?! - Simone!
I trusted you.
- Simone? - You can come out, it's Elaine!
- We just want to have a meeting. - We can talk,
- Girl-to-girl. Just us. - Where is she?
- She's gone. - Where are the sets?
- God, that is so like her. - Where are the cameras?
Viktor, we're not paying for this are we?
What is all this?
What is all this?
I suppose
it was gonna come out sooner or later.
I guess I'm actually relieved in a way.
I can just say it finally.
She's a computer...
She's a computer addict!
She's buried in here.
Day in, day out.
Of course. I should have guessed.
It's why she never goes anywhere,
- Why she's never seen in public. - Now you're getting it.
Probably spends her whole life in chat rooms.
- The one place she can be herself. - Anonymous.
Only it's worse. It's far worse.
She's extremely agoraphobic.
She has a morbid fear of people,
of germs,
places, heights...
- Name it. - This is terrible.
How is she going to plug the film?
- Yes, indeed. - She has to do publicity.
Maybe I could get her to do something.
Maybe a television talk show or something.
- Taped. - Make it live, please.
- Live? - Please.
She'd never go there. It would have to be remote.
We can work with that.
I can't promise anything.
- We understand. - Thank you, Viktor.
- Thank you, Viktor. - Don't grovel.
Thank you.
Give her our best.
That agoraphobia... it's like a plague.
It's out of control in Europe.
It's so good of you to protect her like this.
She wanted you...
No, no. Don't touch that.
She wanted you to have that.
She was there. She was right there.
Oh, my gosh.
She didn't, by any chance,
happen to mention me?
Actually, she did.
She, uh...
she said that she thought you werevery beautiful.
- Really? - Yeah.
Would you want to go
and get something to eat, or something?
Viktor, I'd love to, really.,
but don't you have to go talk to Simone?
If I can find her.
All right. Good.
- Thanks, Viktor. - Thank you.
I'm gonna... Bye.
Tonight, on Frank Brand Live...
Since taking the nation by storm
in her debut movie, "Sunrise, Sunset,"
no one has managed to land a live television interview
with this fabulous shooting starlet, Simone...
until now.
she's agreed to talk with us tonight
from the set of her new film.
Welcome, Simone.
So glad you can find time in your hectic s chedule to be here.
It's my pleasure.
Wonderful to be with you, Frank.
No one can accuse you of being overexposed, Simone.
Why have you stayed so completely out of the limelight?
I guess I just think actors talk too much.
Does the world really want to hear my life story
just be cause I have a movie opening on Friday?
She is all woman.
Of course, the problem
with shying away from publicity these days
is that it tends to attract even more.
Don't I know it.
But the only reason I'm here now,
is to put the attention back where it belongs,
on Mr. Taransky's film.
And you don't secretly want the attention?
I'm not even sure I deserve it.
You see, after tonight,
I'll have just as much s creen time on your show
as I have in my movies.
Now, how is that healthy for a performer?
Because you have to understand, Frank, none of this is real.
Who I am on s creen and who I really am,
they're two totally different people.
Change of topic.
You have been romantically linked
to dozens of men in the press...
Mick Jagger, Steven Hawking, Fidel Castro,
most recently, Viktor Taransky.
Is there a Mr. Right in there somewhere?
You know, Frank, I'd rather not dis cuss my priv ate life.
But Viktor and l,
we are inseparable.
Oh, Viktor.
You dog.
I wouldn't be here today without him.
Would you like a moment, Simone?
No, I'm okay.
Then let's talk about this work
you care so much about.
Where would you like to start, Frank?
- How about the nudity? - I know where that is.
Nudity's just never been an issue for me.
I know that tree.
- Clothes are simply an option. - I know that tree.
I know where that is.
What exactly was it that attracted you
to your first two projects?
I suppose what I like most about the movies I'm in
is that they're not about special effects.
And they are better for it, I might add.
We appear to be having some satellite difficulties.
But, before we lose you completely, Simone,
I just want to say thank you.
Thank you, Frank.
Ladies and gentlemen, Simone.
I've been here before.
On my honeymoon with my ex-wife.
Yeah, look.
It's the exact same tree.
And look in the distance.
The mountain.
It's a hotel.
I don't understand.
Could they have built that hotel sincey esterday?
Get in the car.
Simone! Simone!
We don't do the photos, you don't get the cover.
It's as simple as that.
Yes. Written answers to written questions.
Didn't we have this conversation before?
Yeah, web site interviews, no problem.
I think people are gonna love "Eternity Forever."
"Eternity Forever" is my finest work.
I loved working with the director
of "Eternity Forever." he's a genius.
You wish.
It's wonderful being a movie star.
But there's so many other ways I want to express myself.
But it's not enough to be a movie star.
You have to be a pop star, too.
If you really want to make a difference.
Nice boat, Taransky!
It's not a boat,
it's a yacht.
I know what you're up to.
You know, I really don't have time for this.
I think you do, 'cause I know it's a fake.
It's bogus.
You used an old library shot for the background.
She never was in New Mexico.
She never even left the studio.
I've done my homework.
- I've studied her. - I bet you have.
I've looked at every piece of publicity she's done.
And as far as I can tell,
there's no evidence
that she hasever left the studio.
And for some reason,
this woman leaves no paper trail?
Now, I've ob tained a copy of your bank account.
I know you have power of attorney,
but so far, you have not turned over
a single solitary cent to this woman.
I keep it in a trust.
I know that's what you want people to believe,
but I gotta tell you,
embezzlement is a serious matter.
Not to mention abduction.
- Abduction? - Yeah.
Off the record.
I want to know how you're doing it.
Is it drugs? Is it mind control?
Is it blackmail? Is it all three?
What do you do? Do you keep her locked in a box somewhere?
What is it exactly
that you want?
I want to see her.
U nless you show me Simone live and in person,
I show these photos to the authorities.
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Stargate SG1 4x12 Tangent
Stargate SG1 4x13 The Curse
Stargate SG1 4x14 The Serpents Venom
Stargate SG1 4x15 Chain Reaction
Stargate SG1 4x16 2010
Stargate SG1 4x17 Absolute Power
Stargate SG1 4x18 The Light
Stargate SG1 4x19 Prodigy
Stargate SG1 4x20 Entity
Stargate SG1 4x21 Double Jeopardy
Stargate SG1 4x22 Exodus
Stargate SG1 5x01 Enemies
Stargate SG1 5x02 Threshold
Stargate SG1 5x03 Ascension
Stargate SG1 5x04 Fifth Man
Stargate SG1 5x05 Red Sky
Stargate SG1 5x06 Rite Of Passage
Stargate SG1 5x07 Beast Of Burden
Stargate SG1 5x08 The Tomb
Stargate SG1 5x09 Between Two Fires
Stargate SG1 5x10 2001
Stargate SG1 5x11 Desperate Measures
Stargate SG1 5x12 Wormhole X-Treme
Stargate SG1 5x13 Proving Ground
Stargate SG1 5x14 48 Hours
Stargate SG1 5x15 Summit
Stargate SG1 5x16 Last Stand
Stargate SG1 5x17 Failsafe
Stargate SG1 5x18 The Warrior
Stargate SG1 5x19 Menace
Stargate SG1 5x20 The Sentinel
Stargate SG1 5x21 Meridian
Stargate SG1 5x22 Revelations
Stargate SG1 6x01 Redemption Part 1
Stargate SG1 6x02 Redemption Part 2
Stargate SG1 6x03 Descent
Stargate SG1 6x04 Frozen
Stargate SG1 6x05 Nightwalkers
Stargate SG1 6x06 Abyss
Stargate SG1 6x07 Shadow Play
Stargate SG1 6x08 The Other Guys
Stargate SG1 6x09 Allegiance
Stargate SG1 6x10 Cure
Stargate SG1 6x11 Prometheus
Stargate SG1 6x12 Unnatural Selection
Stargate SG1 6x13 Sight Unseen
Stargate SG1 6x14 Smoke n Mirrors
Stargate SG1 6x15 Paradise Lost
Stargate SG1 6x16 Metamorphosis
Stargate SG1 6x17 Disclosure
Stargate SG1 6x18 Forsaken
Stargate SG1 6x19 The Changeling
Stargate SG1 6x20 Memento
Stargate SG1 6x21 Prophecy
Stargate SG1 6x22 Full Circle
Stargate SG1 7x01 Fallen
Stargate SG1 7x02 Homecoming
Stargate SG1 7x03 Fragile Balance
Stargate SG1 7x04 Orpheus
Stargate SG1 7x05 Revisions
Stargate SG1 7x06 Lifeboat
Stargate SG1 7x07 Enemy Mine
Stargate SG1 7x08 Space Race
Stargate SG1 7x09 Avenger 2 0
Stargate SG1 7x10 Birthright
Stargate SG1 7x10 Heroes II
Stargate SG1 7x11 Evolution I
Stargate SG1 7x12 Evolution II
Stargate SG1 7x13 Grace
Stargate SG1 7x14 Fallout
Stargate SG1 7x15 Chimera
Stargate SG1 7x16 Death Knell
Stargate SG1 7x17 Heroes I
Stargate SG1 7x19 Resurrection
Stargate SG1 7x20 Inauguration
Stargate SG1 7x21-22 The Lost City I n II
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