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Subtitles for Sunday Lunch (2003).

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Sunday Lunch (2003)

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How cool !
It's the plane coming from Bombay.
I took it last summer.
I'd really love to go to India.
To surf in California.
In Fontanella Borghese street.
If my parents can't find me I'm in trouble.
We'll catch up in the afternoon.
Ciao. Oh God, the paper !
If my mother find it...
Mine instead, still smoke weed despite she is 45 years old.
- Mine too ! - Ciao, guys.

What are you doing ? It's sunday. Shall we cuddle each other a little ?
Sorry, honey. I have rowing's training at the club.
In a week you have the race in Turin, thus you must keep training.
Forgive me, I ensure you after Turin we'll make it up for it.
Your hands must be full of calluses.
- I don't need the hands... - You silly.
I'm going.
- We have to meet mum at 13 ! - I know it.
The sunday lunch... Chi se lo dimentica ?
Vorrei sapere quando migrano gli storni !
- # The cannon woman... # - Rude !
Excuse me.....I was just singing ''The cannon woman'' by De Gregori.
- Then you insist ! - I respect your problem.
- Plus the fat is not a problem. - Imbecil !
I'm not your enemy. I'm by your side !
I'm by fat people, the skinny, the homosexuals, black people...
- What is going on ? - People is confused, Sofia.
- It's the result of fascism. - Whny do you always have to argue ?
I have my reasons to be nervous.
- Why do we have Berlusconi ? - Also him !
- The majority of italians doesn't feel like you. - And like me !
- I feel like dad. - Granny vote for Berlusconi.
Yes, cause she made Emilio Fede fool her !
Later I'll tell granny you called her a fool !
You can say what you want. But i'll make a hole in your ball !
- How do you feel ? - Sick.
- Did you take the pill ? - Yes.
- Now you will feel better. - Let's hope so.
- I'm controlling the comunion of the prince - Do not leave me.
Do you want to come with me ?
Do you want to come with me ? Do you know how to take it off ?
What a balcony ! Easy with that Kenzia.
It's called center of the table cause it goes here.
Otherwise we would call it "side of the table". Sit here.
- Right. Easy... - Don't go far away.
Where do you want me to go ? Do I buy the crosswords ?
- I finished it. - Even the words without scheme ?
Even the labyrinth. Good.
Prince, you have to be good !
For fuck sacke and your grampa who is in the Pantheon !
- Did i make you laugh ? - How cool prince Ascanio !
Sure ! 9 years old and he already wear the 41.
Don't give up... Keep going...
You've been great.
It's like i've raced earlier in Turin.
- And you've won. - We won togheter as the Abbagnale brothers.
- Hi, honey. - Hi, professional.
#I saw a woman... #
So ?
Is there anyone ?
Va bene così... easy. easy !
I can't keep going any longer. I see you !
Stop ! There we are.
Good... excellent, thank you.
How anxious to be in there !
Now who is there ? Hallo ?
Susan ! Hallo ?
Where are ? Where are...
On the river ! I just got down from the boat. It was a massacre.
I'm dead tired. !
I arrive in time, wait for me at home.
You know....I use lies to survive to the boredom of marriage.
- You don't get bored with that, heh ? - No.
- Do i send the invoice to your place ? - Please ! I will pay now.
It's not possible... They are fooling me around !

- Do I open the door, madame ? - No ! I'm late, and now they will wait.

Hi mam. I'm sorry, I was stuck in the traffic.
- On sunday ? - Heh, yes.
- Hi, granny. - Hi, honey. - Hi Franca... - Hi, Massimo.
It's almost 14. The roast beef got burned.
If you don't want to come on sunday just say it !
Anytime all this bitching for 20 minutes of delay.
Actually they are 30.
- But it's fair. - Fair ?
- Hi, mum. - Hi, honey.
Miss Franca, I brought some pastries.
You know i have the colesterol at 300! Anyway thank you.
You never come to visit me, at least on sunday be punctual.
- Mum, please. I'm tired. - React !
- Leave her alone. - It's stronger than me.
Look at her, she is depressed, she has the look of it...
- She is a mummy ! - I like it.
Here other rudes people coming.
- I hope they don't bring pastries. - Here is granny's cutie !
Hi. You grown up so mutch !
- Hi granny. - Hi mum.
- MadameSignora...for you on the left.
...the middle-class lunch might seems useless..
...but I have some habits and I pretend respect.
Comunist people is respectful and anyway on sunday they eat.
- It's not an ideological problem. - Come on, Nicola.
I have 4 sons and an house to maintain.
Prepare the breakfast, bring them at school, and clean, and cook...
...bring them to private classes, to tennis, to swim, wash, iron...
- On sunday I'm dead tired ! - I'm sorry...
...any of us choose his own life.
- Call the guys, let's go ! - Sofia...
I call her 3 times a day....
...and i never ask for money ! What the fuck does she wants ? - Feel useful.
I'm so hungry !
- Easy, madame. - If I called you...
...there must be a reason. Bring back the pasta.
- Not for me, I'll wait for the second course....Sure...
Let's not kill ourself with the food and you are on diet.
- Franca, do you know who say hi ? - Who ?
- Madame Tonelli. - How dear ! Where did you meet her ?
At the Grand Hotel, at dinner by Tronchetti-Provera.
- We never have dinner without VIPs ? - If he invite me, I'll go.
- And what did you wear ? - A black tailleur, simple...
Very simple... for a minimum of 3.000 euros.
No. They borrowed it at the store.
Armani put everything available for her.
- That is my place. - What ?
That is my place since ever.
Is it your place ? I'm sorry.
When there is harmony, there is everything.
Have I told you that at the end of the month the concierge leaves ?
The neighbours don't want to pay him any longer, they will put video-intercoms.
- It's a tragedy. - Why ?
What a question ! the concierge is very useful.
When my husband was still around and we used to give parties...
...a tip was enough and used to stay all night long at the door.
- Even on sunday. - Do you think it's not good enough ?
If you are stuck in the elevator, on sunday, who is going to help you ?
- The firemen. - Sure, but they ask for big cash.
I'm sorry but i disagree.
The importance of the concierge is reactionary.
We know spanish firemen were fascist spies for Franco.
What does Franco has to do with it ? We had a concierge, Guido...
...he voted for democratic. - Guido by Sulmona.
He was very reliable. Do you remember of him ?
The concierge is a job very humiliating.
Enough ! Even on sunday ? They fired Santoro and you start ?
Whoopi Goldberg, bring me some bread. I'll eat it on the balcon.
Enough... - You are right uncle.
- You tired us with these kind of talk. - wasn't him a communist as well ?
- No. I have a liking for Berlusconi. - Cutie of your uncle !
These are sons indeed !
- Why are you laughing ? - It makes me laugh, what can I do ?
When you have sons, you don't laugh.
You could have saved this one.
Maurizio, don't tell me you have to the stadium also today ?
No, but i want to watch Stream.
- What ? - The giant screen is better than the stand.
I see. I'll go get you the roast beef.
Mum is in shape: she is nuts...
Ahhh ! Madame !

Kids, stop it !
Mum !
- Madame is tired ! - Ahi...
- Madame...don't move her. - What's happened ?
- Where does it hurts ? - Ahhh !
- It's the knee, like Emerson. - Don't touch her !
- My God ! - So long, Stream ! Switch on the radio.
- Ahi... Oh, mum... - Is it all right, mum ?
Tell to Alemasc to turn off the fire below the coffee.
- Take it easy. - Give a phone call !
- (radio) Cassano keep going. - What is Rome team doing ? - They lose 3-0.
What a shakespearian sunday between your mum and the Rome team !
Fabiana, it's me.
Here is Massimo. How ''who'' ?
The lawyer. No, i didn't disappear...
Come on... No, let me finish.
I had some problems. When we meet I'll tell you.
A relative of mine was admitted at Pertini hospital.
If I remember well, your husband is sanitary director here.
Is he still ? Fantastic.
I see ? Put in the bag something for the night...
...a pullover, something for the toilette...
- And the pills.... - Cassano scored !
- It's a hospital. - Later someone of us will come.
Did oyu turn off the fire ? Good, Alemasc.
Ciao. Excuse me...
I'll take this.
- How mutch ? - 5 euros. - Here. Thanks.
- Madames Malorni ? - How is mum doing ?
She has the bone of the leg broken. we will admit her and then she will get a surgery.
- Is she in danger ? - Better not understimate...
..for further complications. The woman is strong, she is going to be fine.
The director is a friend of mine...
... and he will give you a room reserved... we will avoid the queue.
- The classic privileges. - Che Guevara, if you don't like it...
...take a walk around the hospital !
Easy ! Ahi !
Oh God !
Wasn't going to be a single room ?
This is an hospital, not a clinic.
We are lucky to have a booked room !
Is there the air conditioned ?
No madame. I have bronchitis !
Let's open the window, I can't breath !
- And what about the currents ? - I want to change room.
- Did Alemasc turn off the fire ? - For God sacke ! I'm sorry sister.
- I'll be the one to change room. - I think so.
- What does it means ? Did he turn it off or not ? - Yes ! He did !
- If you have doubts, give a phone call. - My leg is broken...
..and should I think about Alemasc ? - I'm sick as well !
I'm feeling worst, excuse me... At least I know what's the problem.
I'm not faking a sickness !
Is this the appropriate moment to argue ?
I'm here almost dead and you complain ?
- You are not almost dead. - Oh Lord...I know how I am !
We can't leave her alone, we need to shift.
Yes, but tonight I can't, I must go with Massimo for dinner at half past eight.
You don't giuve up on a dinner....
...while I can stay with 4 sons...
Ok, I will stay, the store tomorrow will be closed anyway.
- Where is your husband ? - Hedied 3 years ago.
He would have found for me a room with air conditioned...
... the greatest invention of the 20th century.
(Tv) Atalanta is in shape, and looks good...
...and could troubles the other teams.
(Tv) Even the Rome one. (Maurizio) What do you say ?
- Maurizio, who are you talking to ? - With these mummies...
...bitching about Rome. What are you watching ? - Channel One.
- ''A doctor in the family''. - Wasn't the hospital enough ?
- (Tv) Cool ! It's all ours. - What do we have to listen !
(Tv) In Milan Balbo kicked Piacenza.
When your mother died, how did yuo feel ?
I've felt very lonely.
I had a sense of emptiness...
Nowever it was 12 years ago.
It doesn't seems real.
I miss her so mutch...
...cause you go to sleep and she is not around, you wake up and she is not around...
I used to go visit her on sunday...
On christmas...
Do you want to call, who are you calling ?
She used to give me advices...
I never followed them you know how she was...
But I miss her very mutch.
Look what a goal scored by Doni !
- You used to bring me here when I was a kid. - You loved the pizza...
...and dad allowed you to drink beer.
It was quiet a while we didn't get along togheter.
Don't worry, not my type.
- And what is your type ? - Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant.
Then it's easy, you can go for a walk in Corso road.
- Ther eis a guy who courts me. - What does he do ?
- He courts me. - How ?
- Come on... - and how does he looks like ?
- As Chiambretti, but he is a funny guy. - At least that.
Dad is going to wash his hands, the hospital is dirty.
Would you order a pizza capricciosa with me ?
Lady, I'm the attorney Massimo Papi.
- Attorney ? - Let me explain.
I've noticed since you arrived.
Men can be divided in two categories hypocritals and sinceres.
I am sincere and I'd like to tell you are very beautiful.
- Look... - Let me finish.
You are charming and I believe, intelligent.
- Thank you. - Let me finish please.
- The man at the table with you, is your husband ? - No.
- Boyfriend ? - However. - Better. You are ?
- Monica. - May I invite you for dinner some time ?
- But, we don't even know each other ! - Be sincere with me.
- Yes or no ? - Maybe yes.
- Do yu have a cell phone number ? - 3492839220.
- Can you repeat it one more time ? - 3492839220.
Memorized. Ciao, I will call you.
220... Monica.
- Check out how granny is doing ? - Ok.
Mum, can you help me out ?
Giovanni, I thought you were in bed.
I must traslate a text in latin but I can't.
- Sure. - Look.
- It says ''cum pervastavisset''. What... - It's a particular form.
''Cum pervastavisset'' is ''after it devastated''...
..''with great destruction''. ''Agros''... ''the fields''.
Mum, you are super. You are better than dad.
At the college I used to help him.
- I wanted to become a teacher. - And why didn't you ?
Because you came out.
Dad is on Tv ! I almost forgot !
(Tv) On soccer market now we speak with the reporter Nicola Lojacono.
Thanks, Piero. I'm astounded !
Instead of talking about soccer, we talk about absurd ammounts of money.
Are we kidding ?
In italy there is people living with 500 euros a month of pension !
There are no structures, and you give 200.000 euros a month to that kid...
...he wants the Ferrari and he get engaged with a super chick !
The company is on the market, and we have to deal with stocks owners.
- Soccer is not a business. - I don't accept this logic !
Soccer is a game !
It's a sport with 22 strong players following a ball !
I don't accept the business politic by Silvio Berlusconi !
What does, our great president Silvio Berlusconi has to do with it !
- He has all our esteem. - I don't hold him in high regard, can I say it ?
I'm just saying, our President...hold !
He say ourt economy is in crisis and then he buys Rivaldo and Nesta !
A person like that will never have my esteem !
Di Lojacono, who write in a minor league, to President Berlusconi...
...nobody cares !
How dare you ! I've been to the Manifesto.
- You are a poor guy ! - Take your hands off !
..Restaurant La Baita, close to Raccordo Anulare.
On sunday you'll watch the games with the PayTv !
- Stop ! - So long to the presence token.
So long to october's salary.
# Ahi, nel mar che mormora... #
- Good evening. - # ..l'eco dei miei lamenti... #
Good evening, don't worry: doctors smoke more than patients.
You'll have to quit anyway, but I can't.
- How is your mother doing ? - She bugs me, it's a good signal.
I've noticed she is a woman with a slight personality.
Yes...sometime too mutch.
- Antonio Vagnozzi. - Susanna Papi.
I'm the assistent of Professor Peglioni.
- I've heard he is a very good one - One of the best in Italy.
(Franca) Don't be arrogant sister !
- What have I told you ? She bugs people, Sorry. - Don't worry about it.
- Mum, what's up ? - That sister took my remote control.
She doesn't let me watch ''I Bellissimi'' on channel 4.
- With all those naked women ! - Did you hear ?
That's why i sent you at school by the sisters !
If we watch TelePeace, I'll give it to her.
- Can I ? - Good morning, Sabrina. Please, come in.
I've heard about your mother in law, I'm truly sorry.
What do you want to do about it ? We can never relax.
Madame Mereghetti is here. This is the notification to sign up.
- Approve it... - Yes.
Madame Mereghetti ?
- Dear madame Mereghetti... - Lawyer.
- Always so charming - If you weren't around to cheers me up...
- Two wonderful otters. - Martens. - Please.
- Do you what my husband have been doing yesterday ! - What ?
I was in the gym, he got into the house...
...and he took two paintintgs. - Very good ! - But how ?
- They were two De Pisis, they are worth a lot. - Let me finish.
Taking away furnitures from the house is illegal.
Let him have the fun he want, and in two months, he'll be in front of a judge...
...and he'll lose the will to have fun. - Are we going to destroy him ?
I really think so !
Out of curiousity: how did you find out that your husband was cheating you ?
- By his cell phone. - Cell phone ?
He used to call a certain Eve in a restaurant all the times.
- What surname is Restaurant ? - Like Monica Pizzeria...
- What ? - It's just a way to say.
Men are terrible.
But we are here to...
- To ? - Make them pay for it !
Good !
Cymbidium Mericlone, the top of the snob.
- Do you remember everything ? - Yes.
It's for his mother in law, hospital Pertini...
..stand number 2, third floor. - Fourth floor.
You are not paying attention ? Go, come on.
- What about the card ? - You are making me lose focus.
Hold a moment. Meantime load it !
- Cutie, how are you doing ? - Same as usual.
I'm sending flowers to your mum. Tell me if you like the card.
''May the perfume of these flowers make your staying sweeter...''
''...of our dear mum.'' - Did you copy it from Harmony ?
- No, it's mine. I thought it sounded nice. - Yes, it does. Send it like that.
I wanted to tell you...
- I love you. And you ? - Yes, a lot.
Cool !
are you still here ? Take this, come on !
If you open it, I... Go !
Since my mother got into the hospital I feel worst.
- Why ? - I'd love to help her, and be close to her...
...but I can't. - Phisically ?
Yes, also that.
When i wake up, I don't feel like getting out of the bed.
- I feel like an oppression on the chest. - Does your husband help you ?
Poor him... I ruined his life.
We never get out, we don't travel...
...but he doesn't make it hard on me.
- He is a wonderful man. - Madame...
...I believe the accident of your mother should help you.
His sickness is ciclic, To some moments of down, like now...
...follow moments of happyness.
- You mus find equilibrium. - I'd love to find it.
It's not true. You are not working hard to find it.
To get better, medicines are not enough...'s necessary a shake inside. - Yes, but how ?
Use the pain of your mother to cure yours.

Hallo ?
All right.
Lojacono, the director want to talk to you.
- Do you know how to peel an orange ? - Yes.
- Were you looking for me ? - Do you know who called me ?
- Tell me this secret. - Our editor.
- He saw you in the show ''Penalty''. - So what ?
He saw the recorded part ! When you are there... represent this magazine and you can't do assembly !
What assembly ?
The assembly are done by those in TV, I say what I think.
- A bunch of craps ! - Do i say bullshits ?
Yes, they are all recorded here.
- They ruine the magazine's reputation. - Do you want me to shut up ?
What are you talking about ? when you go on TV to talk about soccer...
..look like Tosatti, not Bertinotti !
Here it is. I was waiting for this moment.
You know how the editor think...
I should go there to talk about soccer...
- Cool. - I have to deal with the penalty !
Nicola Lojacono is leaving, he is quitting this magazine !
But not before to have sent everyone to hell !
Honey !
- Luigi ! - Hi. mum.
Oh Lord ! I have to go to take Enrico at tennis.
- Can you take care about Luigi ? - Yes, I will.
Thanks, Ciao.
Madame Lojacono, I need to talk to you.
The cheque you gave me came back.
- How come ? - It wasn't covered.
There must be a mistake, I'm sorry.
Please, verify witht he bank and we'll meet again.
- Yes, I apologize. - No problem, good bye.
For fuck sacke.
I'm Lojacono's wife. Can I talk to him ?
- I'm sorry, but he is not here. - When does he come back ?
- He is not coming back. He did quit. - How "he did quit" ?
Ah, I see.
All right, thanks.
- Hi. - Hi, are the kids sleeping ?
The kids, yes, Giovanni is finishing his homewors.
- How did the work go today ? - Everything went well.
Everything ?
Then why did you quit ?
It's already the 7th time !
Actually it's the 8th.
- And how do you feel ? - Very well.
- Namely, you are happy: - Yes, there are principals...
...and I don't accept compromises - And the rent of the house, the shopping, the cost of the life...
- I don't care about principals ! - You use to share the same feelings foe them before..
- I was 18 years old. - Principals don't have age.
But the disappointments do.
Tevere's club win.
Good, lawyer !
- What a chick ! Who is she ? - My secretary.
- What a son of a bitch ! there was the race my wife is relaxed.
What do you tell to your secretary after this hard work ?
I brought a book with fairy tales.
Congratulations ! You all have been good.
- Thank you. - Sabrina, he is the notary Luzi.
- Nice meeting you. - Charmed.
Sabrina, tomorrow we have a case in Cuneo.
In Cuneo... I've been in the army in Cuneo.
- Pardon me. - You welcome.
- They called you. - Did you reply ?
No, but I checked who was.
- Your wife. - Oh Lord ! Madame Papi.
Mum is in the operating room.
No news.
Yes, there is also Ilaria.
Ok, i'll pass her to you. Later.
- Ilaria, here is dad. - Hi dad.
How was the race ?
- Yes. Come back soon. - Here is granny.
I have to go. Granny is coming out. Ciao.
Mum... Ahi...
- How is she ? - The operation was successfull...
... and there is no need of artifical part - Thanks.
- Don't mention it, we are here for this. - When is she able to walk ?
A lot of physiotheraphy will be necessary.
The recovery depends from how mutch the patient help herself.
- Then it's going to be difficult. - Sofia...
Barbara, she woke up ! She spoke !
- What did she say ? - To record ''Cento vetrine''.
I'll go for a moment to visit Malorni.
- What does madame Malorni has to do with it ? - Open the window.
I want the legs up and a bottle of fresh water.
- Hi, granny. - Honey ! She is my nephew.
You can go. My nephew will take care of me.
Hi, honey. How beautiful you are !
- My mother send these. - What is it ?
- Magazines, thank you ! - You welcome.
- This is for you. - Thanks, what is it ?
A cell phone, so you can call me.
- I have no idea how to use it. - It's very easy.
- Let me see. - How are you today ?
I'm fine, my nephew came to visit me.
- Can you see how beautiful she is ? - She looks like her mum.
And like her granny. When I was younger....
...I was a beautiful girl as well.
- I've been Miss Smile Lazio. - Ah, here it is.
- She is still a beautiful girl. - Thanks.
I like that doctor very mutch.
- Can I help you ? - I like this one very mutch.
With his perfect body.
- Can i try it ? - Which size ?
- 42. - Carla, it's a 42.
Hallo ? Hi.
Yes, I'm your cutie. Are you free for tonight ?
And your wife ?
Does she has the shift in hospital with mum ?
Then we'll meet at nine and a half in the same place. Kisses.
- Where there is the dressing room ? - Right over there.

- Cutie, what happened ? It happened that you are an ugly asshole !
Susanna, why do you say that ?
Pack your stuff and get out of my house !
- Hi, I'm back. - You said at eleven.
- It's half past midnight ! - I was in a cinema.
- Tomorrow will be hard to wake up. - Where is daddy ?
Is he at the club ?
- Ilaria, daddy has left. - What are you talking about ?
Unfortunately these kind of things happen, but maybe it will go away.
- Does daddy has another woman ? - No...
The thing is, lately I don't hang out well with daddy.
You. I do.
The salt please.
I've forgot the salt.
Good evening. I'd need a favour.
- I'm the new neighbour. - Ther lawyer Papi !
- Yes. - The concierge told me about it.
I'm Giulio De Crescenzo. I work in the fashion.
Nice to meet you. I was cooking pasta...
...but I don't have the salt. - I'll give it to you. Come with me !
Please, come in. You had an argument with your wife.
- Well, a certain sense. - It has happened to me as well.
- This is a temporary solution. - That's what I said 20 years ago.
Don't tell me. You are here since 20 years ?
You'll see, it's not bad. If you feel alone knock at the door and I'll cook for you.
I'd love to.
- Thanks. - You welcome.
Her name is Anastasia.
She is from Saint Peterburg. She say to be a model...
...but she is the lover of a business man from Ancona, who come here once in a while.
Excuse me a moment.
Madame, excuse me.
Good evening, I'm lawyer Papi, the new neighbour.
I was cooking and I've noticed not to have the salt.
- I'll borrow it to you. - (in russian) Thank you.
(in russian) - Are you russian ? - Yes.
- Can I come in ? - Please do.
Hi mum.
Hi, You say nothing ?
- About what ? - About Massimo leaving.
- And you say nothing ! - Who told you ?
- Her ! - Hi.
- How did you know ? - Barbara told me.
- She heard it from Ilaria. - If you knew it already...
...what can I tell you ? We broke up.
- Why ? - This is not your business.
It is also my business. This story makes me uncomfortable !
- To me too. - Talk, let it out !
- Enough with this attitude ! - Go fuck yourself !
Whay do you act this way ? There are many ways to put things.
- There are already enough problems. - So do I have problems !
Nicola have quit his job, and I don't know how to pay the rent !
- Hi. - Good morning !
My my... it looks like ''Incantesimo 5'' !
- Let me do it for you. - Thanks.
- Is everything ok with your mother ? - No.
- I'm not living a good period. - Sorry to hear that.
The keys of the car ?
- Here they are. - Excuse me.
- I'm confused. - Can i walk you to the car ?
Yes... No, it's over there.
- Paolo. - Nicola !
Long time !
How are you ? What have you been doing ?
I'll cut the craps: I'm in the shit, and I need your help.
Ask what you want, Nicola.
Devi farmi riassumere al giornale.
Nicola, you worked 5 years there.
- Yes. - You walked away shutting the door...
...and you pretend they would hire you again ? - You are head editor...
...put a good word for me... - It's not going to be easy.
I would do it for you.
- Yes, but I am not you. - What do you mean ?
I'm a normal person, i don't send to hell the directors...
...I don't explode. - I only say what I think.
I'm still that sincere guy who used to work at the Manifesto.
- Those were other times. - At that time you were sincere as well.
- What do you mean ? - When people grow adult...
...forget of young thoughts...
...they become wiser, opportunists.
I just made a choice of life...
...I decided not to humiliate myself to beg for favours.
The forget I asked you one favour.
You became taller.
You have a wonderful family. and a wonderful daughter...
...and you mess everything up over a fuck ? - Please don't start...
I did a bullshit. But these things can happen.
- It never happened to me. - You never cheated on your wife ?
- No. - How come you didn't, it's impossible.
- I'm a traditional. - You are an ancient roman.
Maurizio, convince Barbara to talk with Susanna.
- Help me. - We are relatives, I will help you.
Even if you never invited me for dinner, and we know each other since 18 years...
- Are you serious ? - Yes.
- And the dinner with Scaravatti ? - When ?
Not casually they are not Tronchetti-Provera.
Speaking about Provera, I'll give you a plant of the happiness as a present...
...hope it brings you good luck.
- Thank you. - Of what ?
- I'm in your hands. - I'll try, but you know how your wife is.
- She doesn't listen anyone. - Yes, but you insist.
- Don't worry. - At dinner with Scaravatti you were there !
I saw him just one time at the union labour.
Don't put it close to the heating, or it dies.
- Hi, Maurizio. - Sofia.
- Do you need help ? - Yes, I'd need your help.
It's my day.
- What's happened ? - Nicola quit the job. - Again ?
I can't pay the rent.
- I will borrow you some money. - Absolutely not !
Maybe you...
can help him to find a job in another magazine ?
I only know the director of ''Gardens and Plant''.
- It would be perfect, call him please. - They only talk about flowers...
A good reporter is capable to write about anything.
- I will give it a try - Thanks, but don't tell anything to Nicola.
Are you joking ? Favouritisms are fascist style !
- I love you. - I love you more.
The villa belong to my family since 1540.
The villa belong to my family since 1540.
Since one of my ancestor, Guelfo Della Tolomaia...
..inherited from his cousin, affiliated with Medici De' Calli...
...the famous clan of Medici De' Calli.
We are nobles since the '200...
...since the emperor of the Pope for God sacke...
...gave us the title as Marquises.
All right, marquis.
But we are interested in botanic...
...more than history. - We'll get there.
It was my grandpa to start to plant roses...
...and so on, all this collection of plants...
...that you can see now. - Are you considering to go public with it...
...maybe with guided tours ? - Open the gate to the people ?
Nahh, also that communist of the major asked me that.
Here there have been kings of italy, and Margaret from England...
...and I should let peasants get in that dirty the place...
...and pee onthe roses ?
I believe you have the wrong picture of the people.
This is a private property...
...and till private property will exists I'll handle it as i want.
- And the people...Out ! - I disagree.
- Beatiful things belong to ev everyone. - Good.
In your opinion, a rude person, understand the beauty of a rose ?
And why do they have the house full of fake flowers ?
This park is like a painting and it takes culture to understand it... appreciate it - Iper apprezzarlo. - I got the degree in Letters and Philosophy.
- Is it enough to show appreciation ? - Try it.
Well, you are a gigantic dickhead.
- Who says that ? - Me, and I'll tell you more...
I did my thesis on Robespierre in the French revolution...
...and the guillotinee which cut the dickheads like you..
...should be restored ! - Piss off !
Get out of the gate, and go meet your peasants !
With pleasure. I'll go through the gate and go back to the people...
...but before, not to disappoint you, I'll pee on the roses.
Did they kick you out even from ''Gardens and Plants'' ?
No, I autokicked myself out, I left.
- It's different. - You made me look bad one more time !
- With whom ? - With Maurizio.
- What about it ? - Why did they call you in a flowers magazine ?
You can't make me help by a fascist !
What does the politic has to do with this ? He is your brother in law.
It's not an assembly, mum and I talk.
I did it for you and don't yell in front of the kids.
How do you know what is good for me ?
What is good for you ?
Maurizio, it's Nicola.
From now on I forbid you to take care about me...
...and to say hi to me. And to be sorry !
And to send me to hell !
May I ? You know a lot of things why dont you go to the tv show Amadeus ?
- You can win a lot of money. - Life is not a quiz.
In 10 minutes, extraordinary assembly.
Sì. Nowever I'm here since a month.
It's not bad at all.
Everybody cuddle me, they come to visit me...
...I don't think anymore about the house.
Who's there ?
It's Maurizio, madame Franca.
Hold a moment ! I have to go.
I told you, there is the queue outside to visit me. I'll get back at you. Ciao.
Ahi, ahi... Come in !
Good morning, how are you ?
How am I...not well. Actually very bad.
Sorry to hear that. I brought you a palm.
Enough with these plants.
- I'm not Wanda Osiris. - I'll trash it right away.
I have a surprise for you.
- Mum ! - Barbara !
- I've gout out the depression ! - Cutie of mum.
- I'm so happy ! - And the sister ?
She left.
- Sorry about that. - No...
She went back in a monastery.
- Ah ! - Madame Malorni, how are you ?
- Are you ok ? - Me ? Yes.
Sure. I'm havin some problems...
I went all the way up the stairs with the palm in the hand.
My son in law has a garden.
- He is always out of breath. - Does he has pression problems ?
- Me ? - Yes. - It doesn't look like it, why ?
Your pupils look dilated...
Hold a moment.
- Still out of breath. - Do I have to worry about it ?
300 ? Neither I was a Ferrari ! Do I have the minimum high ?
If you know the maximum !
Hold on, i have to take a test.
- Do you admit me ? - Thers is the ''parable''. - Even at home.
Still one Km left to the White Mountain and I don't have the canteen.
Win the pink t-shirt ! Enough.
- Tell me what's the problem. - Nothing serious...
...but the track doesn't convince me.
- Let me monitor your heart. - What ?
You'll be plugged to this machine for 48 hours... keep the heart under control and the pression. - ''Robocop'' !
In you lounge, the Anturium you'll be great.
- What's happening ? - Nothing.
It's a check up for the heart.... Excuse me.
Garden at half past four. Maximum 170, excuse me...
- Minimum 105... - It's pretty high.
The mandarins ? Below the window ?
- No... - Don't tell me no or the minimum get higher.
(Tv) Come on ! This carpet is a jewel ! A real jewel !
- What is that stuff ? - The doctor recomended it.
It keeps the pression under control.
Then i have to walk, I have to work hard...
...I must run, up for the stairs....
...I have to make love. - I was wondering if I remember how to.
- Do you want a lesson ? - Yes.
What are you talking about ?
With this machine you look like an alien.
Lay down please.
- Careful with the wires ! Don't unplug them. - Wait.
- Wait..there you go. - Good.
This is way is defintely better.
- Congratulations ! - Maybe ! It's the centraline.
Centraline ?
- What is it ? - It started working.
I have to write soon !
- Then we do it again - You overstimate me.
- And yo uunderstimate me. - Let me write. One moment.
Minimum at 90 ! Maximum...
- Who cares about the maximum ? - True.
How boring is this centraline !
- It's not that this time. - No ?
Who was waiting for 4.000 euros a month?
PLus the rent, the maid and the insurances.
- We received a lot. - You have been very good !
- Thanks, and have a good day. - Thanks again !

One moment ! Un momento ! Hallo ?
Susanna ! Yes, sure.
See you in half an hour at the bar. Yes, I'm on my way !
- You don't know what Ilaria did yesterday. - What ?
She didn't go back to sleep. I've spent the night looking for her.
- Where was she ? - With that cretin of Benedetta.
Since when you've left, Ilaria take advantage of it.
She thinks it's my fault if you've left.
- You have to talk to her. - What did you tell her ?
Don't worry. I didn't tell her the truth.
She doesn't have to know that you are a cheater.
Why do you say that ? I made a mistake and I apologize.
I miss you and Ilaria too mutch. Let me back in, I beg you.
I've been in an investigation agency.
- Read if you want. - What...
It's the detailed list of the bullshits you've done.
- You must know how to read a document - How can you not be ashamed ?
- You disgust me. - Susanna.
She never let you finish to talk.
(in japanese) Hi.
- Ilaria ! - Hi dad.
- How tall is your Chiambretti ! - He is not Chiambretti, he is anotehr one.
- Chiambretti is not there anymore ? - No.
I've spoke with mum. You don't have to behave that way.
I know, but I'm not comfortable at home.
Mum doesn't talk, she is always hysterical.
It's a difficult situation for everyone...
...this is why you have to be close to her. - I can't stand her.
So do I used to have problems with your mother.
But the person who will love you more is her.
And you.
Sure,and I will always love her too. matters what happens.
- # You won't run away anyway ! # - True !
I'm concerned. She has left this morning, and since then no news from her.
Can i stay cool ? Other suggestions ?
I'm sorry, if you know anyting, let me know. Ciao.
What did auntie Barbara say about it ?
Let's eat. Time to eat !
Hallo ? Sofia ?
- Finally ! Where are you ? - On the high way.
- And what are you doing on the high way ? - I'm exausthed...
... I can't load on my shoulders all the responsabilities.
- I need to be alone. - where are you going ?
- I don't know, but don't worry about it. - I don't know where you are, or when you come back...
As soon as I feel better I'll be back. Ok ?
- Giulia, this is a paradise ! - Yes.
Altough sometime I miss the town..
..the cinema, the teathre, the pizzeria. Here we have only the Tv.
I know. Sometime we make choices...
...and then we regret. - Whats up with Nicola ?
Nothing... Nicola is always the same...
...he is a bit crazy, stubborn... - Honest. - Yes ! Honest.
He is so honest that he screwed his own life...
...and also mine. - You have 4 beautiful sons !
Five, Giulia: Nicola is more child than the others.
You were the best couple of the whole university.
Those were nice times.
Now everything goes wrong.
Even my sister....
Barbara is very stressed, Susanna is getting ready...
- And you are here to let it all out. - That's what friends are for...
Giulia ! The food is ready.
Since when we live here, Sandro is cooking.
I told you it's a paradise.
She is with Giulia, in Umbria. But i promised her not to tell you that.
She went to Umbria and she left me with the kids ? Is she crazy ?
You are crazy and irresponsible to quit job all the times !
A father has to take care about his kids before than politic !
When Sofia married me, she knew how I was.
I didn't agree with her, but I accepted Sofia's choice.
I was sure you both were going to be happy, but neither that happened !
- Where are you ? - Here. - Don't let me go or I'll fall.
Come on, Daniele ! Enrico, come to daddy.
Damn ! Go !
- Did you take some snacks ? - Yes.
- Daddy ! - Luigi.
Here are the slippers.
Let's go.
- Give it to me, come on ! - Careful !
Thanks for the hook, but now sit down.
Come on.
Eat everything, salad included.
- There is plenty of salt. - Oh God, the potatoes !
Dad, when is mum going to come back ?
Assembly. Do you remember about Giulia, mum's friend ?
- The one who lives in campain. - Well, she is sick.
- As the granny ? - More or less.
- Mum went to visit her. - And when is she going to get better ?
I don't know that, Luigi.
Dad, you didn't close the door.
Dad, as "mum" you suck.
- Look what a place ! - It's wonderful.
- We don't come here since the honeymoon - Yep.
Long time is passed ! I was 20 years old.
And i was 20 kilos less than now...
If I knew you were going to dress like this...
...I would have take you to Saint Peterburg.
Lara !
Maurizio !
- It's the table of the honeymoon. - And what do I have to do ?
I sent a painting via fax to let them understand.
- Thanks. - Thanks.
You gave me this here.
I'll never forget that ! A crazy expense !
- I used to work with daddy in the garden. - Yes.
- He didn't give you a lot of money. - I also remember what I told you.
''I have to come back here for the golden wedding...''
''..with wife, sons and nephews.'' - It's going to be difficult.
It's ok even without sons and nephews. I'm with you.
Sweetie ! Casanova is waiting for you !
I'm on my way !
Are you ready ?
- Oh God ! Honey, did you fall down ? Ahi...
- My love ! What happened ? - What did I do ?
- How do I know ? You tell me. - I fainted.
- How come ? - I have dry throat and nausea.
- I'll call the doctor. - It's a panic attack...
..nowever I can recognize them. Oh Lord... - Damn !
- If you are again in depression. - Oh Lord....Oh mum !
I went to meet my father and i got into his room.
Massimo was going out...
..and I almost broke his nose with the door.
We've met this way the first time. He was funny, intelligent...
...and he used to make me laugh.
After one year, we decided to get married.
- And your father ? - He told me to be careful...
...because Massimo was very ambitious and he would have never been happy.
And he was right. I haven't been enough for him.
- Marco ! - Hello mister notary.
- Marco ! - Hello mister notary.
I lost a bet with my team mates...
...and I had to invite them. Take it easy.
I have a table that does for you. Please follow me.
- Isn't it nice ? - Yes, good evening.
Massimo, there is your wife.
- Where ? - There.
- Check who she is with ! - Let it go, let's go.
Take it easy.
I'm a civil person. I don't show off in the restaurants.
- Keep this for me please. - Massimo ! Damn...
- I see you have been cheered up very soon... - Please let's not show off in public...
You always go in hospital... flirt with that puppet. - Please stop it.
- Shut up, asshole ! - What did you say ?
Sit down or I send you to the hospital with a punch.
You got that ?
You really disappointed me. Punching people in a restaurant !
- Actually I got punched. - Maybe you deserved it.
So did I feel betrayed.
For my husband you were a son...
...I left you the study.
- I died for you. - Franca is right.
I've behaved as an husband...
...which I defend in my causes. - Then defend yourself.
I know, but it's not easy. All the proves are against me.
My only defense is I always loved her.
- Odd way of loving someone. - I can't make it without her.
If you are in love for her. you must be capable to wait.
Time heal everything: a leg, or a marriage in crisis...
...a livid eye.
- Ehi ! - Ciao.
It's a present for the nurses, they have patience !
- Now they are not here, but you can give it to me - Thanks.
- How is your husband doing ? - I don't know.
And I neither care about it.
- I'm giving the shift to my sister. - Hold a moment.
The past night I wanted to talk to you...
- Can't you talk now ? - I wanted to tell you that...
You are wonderful.
Wait a moment.
- I have to go. - No, wait.
I beg you, Antonio. the nurses could come back.
How many buttons do you have ?
It's a new style autumn-winter.
I understand.
Lamberto introduced me two friends.
I organized for tonight. Do you want to join ?
- No, I don't feel like it. - How come ?
Are you silly ?
You went back as single... don't need excuses with your wife, and you don't feel like it anymore ?
I'd rather stay home. There is a game on Tv...
..I'll prepare some rice... - Sure ?
Look, they are beautiful.
No, I thank you very mutch.
I just don't feel like it.

Daddy !
Ilaria ! Daddy came to drink something with the notary.
- I'm Luzi ! Ciao. - Do you remember him ?
I told mum that I was going to come back at midnight. Have fun.
Honey... Ilaria... where are you going ?
- Excuse me, I'm the father. - I'll wait for you outside.
- Daddy wanted to exaplin... - What ? That you have other women ?
Nowever you have left. It hurts me, but I understand.
No, Ilaria. Mum told me to leave...
...because i get along with other women since the beginning.
As husband I'm a total failure.

Oh God ! You scared me.
- I was waiting for you. - Ciao.
''La Norma'' is long, but very beautiful.
- Did something happen ? - No, nothing.
- I wanted to apologize. - About what ?
About many things.
- Do you like it ? - It looks great.
- It was a long time I didn't read something. - With five sons !
- I can dig it. - So do I.
We are not the only to have a complicated life.
Excuse me. Hallo ?
Ciao, Barbara. What ?
Ilaria, ciao.
- How is the granny doing ? - She got worst yesterday.
She doesn't talk, or react...
How is she ?
like that.
Mum ? Does she hear ?
While I was driving, i thought about all the things I still would love to tell her.
I was thinking abotu the same thing, about when I treated her rudely.
Yea, don't mention it !
Yesterday morning I was very tensed.
I was worried. Since she got sick...
...she had a problem after anotehr.
Lately we think about ourselves and we've forgot about her.
Namely, it's like this since long time.
Yes, but unfortunately, everyone have his own problems.
- We don't have to keep everything inside. - And what do we have to tell each other ?
- We know we love ourselves already. - But admitting it is different.
In your opinion, mum would rather stay in Naples with dad...
...or in the family's grave ?
Did you bury me already ? I'm not planning to die !
(togheter) Mum !
How nice to open the eyes and see you both hugging each other !
Did you fool us around or you were sick for real ?
No...I was sick.
It's not nice to see your own daughters suffering.
Even if I'd like to live for another 100 years, it's unlikely.
I'd love to spend well the time I have left to live...
...knewing that you both are happy. Most of all you, Barbara.
and you have to go back home.
Mum, you are looking great...
...why did you choose a more complicated life.
If I'd give up now, I'd find you a little less "great".
And you, Susanna... have to give one last chance to your husband.
Help him to grow up.
Promise ? Yes ? All right.
Come over here !
My daughters are beautiful !
Granny, you are a myth !
- I'm going to get some water. - Thank you.
Ilaria, go get a bottle of water for your granny, will you ?
- Mum ! How nice ! - You are back !
Hi !
- Hi, Nicola. - Hi.
- Mum, how Giulia is doing ? - She got better.
What happened ? Didn't we argue ?
I need to work, help me.
This time I'll behave.
- Anything ? - Anything.
There would be a friend of mine who work in the parliament...
...a guy called Torrisi. He has influences with everyone.
- We are close friends, maybe I'll introduce you to him - Maybe.
Nicola, don't get upset...
..Torrisi is a congressman...
- Is he right side ? - Right side, yes.
- I have family... - Never give up ! - Maurizio !
My brother in law is a very good reporter.
For many years he was for the left side.
- A little. - We all make mistakes.
Right ! But now he chilled out.
HE has a wife, 4 sons and he is in trouble.
- If you could help him... - I'm looking for a person...
...that keep the relationships with the press.
Who better than a reporter that knows the enemy ?
- Who better than Nicola ? - I join 30 meetings per year...
...namely 30 speeches. - But !
- Someone must prepare them for me. - Nicola makes miracles.
- As salary I was thinking about 6 millions a year. - 6 ?
- Yes. - Deal.
Thank you, madame.
- Barbara ! Hi. - Hi.
- It's a pleasure ! - Do you know what I did ?
- No. - I trashed the medicines.
I want to manage it on my own. and to start i want to have a tailleur.
Sure ! I have a wonerful one.
Here it is. What do you say ?
- How nice ! - Excuse me.
Hallo ? Hi.
Ye, I'm at work. Sure, I would have called you.
Fine. I'll talk to you later.
- Since Massimo has left, I'm meeting someone else - Come on ! Who is he ?
He is nice. He helped me to get back the confidence in myself.
- But...I don't know. - What about Massimo ?
I meet him tomorrow, I go to sign up the papers for the separation.
- So ? Will you try it ? - Well, yes !
How many greetings do I have to sign up ?
still 100 more to go.
Thanks God i'm trained with the sport.
Susanna ! You arrived before.
- I'll come back later, the documents are there. - Than you.
Sabrina, this year no presents for christmas.
It's like I bought it already not slapping her.
I came to sign up.
Susanna, did you think through this well ?
Before to make a rush call let's reflect about it.
You know well why we got to this.
I don't know why I did it.
Maybe I was looking for confirmations.
Maybe I was afraid to get old.
But I want to tell you something.
You are the person I loved more.
when a woman betrayed comes here, you say...
..''We'll destroy his husband !''
Are you a good lawyer, ain't it ?
- I think so. - Good.
I want a fair economical compensation...
...for the bills of hotels, restaurants... had to go look for comfirmations. And what about the presents you bought for them...
...cause you were afraid to get old. I want my money back.
But from them, not from you.
The court already expressed itself.
And as long as you are a good lawyer, I want you to take the case.
- Namely we don't get separated anymore ? - No.
But I want the compensation from them...
Susanna... let me finish.
We destroy them.
- Lucy ! - Welcome back.
- Let me take the suitcase. - Thanks.
Honey ! It would have been a horrible christmas without you.
Lucnh is ready. I prepared some rice.
Ah, the rice ! Nice idea !
- Ciao. - Ciao.
- How was in hospital ? - Fine !
Mum got better.
- What is it ? - A speech...
...for my new boss at work. - How did it came out ?
Quiet a "masterpiece".
- Should I cook something - Nothing heavy, my ulcer came back.
And it's just the beginning.
To conclude, there is too mutch foresight in our welfare.
To deal with all the comunitary rules...
...Italy has a lot to learn from the U.S.A.
And now the word to Congressman Torrisi.
- They called her already. - Strike in Catania's airport.
Union labours broke our balls.
- The speech. - Here it is.
''The raising question from all politic sides is very clear...''
''...can we modify the already acquired rights of the workers ?''
''The answer of our government is crystaline...''
''...who touch these rights is a fascist !''
Lojacono...what the fuck did you write ?
- Do you want to go for a walk ? - Sofia, what are you doing here ?
I came to listen the speech.
I made some modifies.
It didn't sound as written by you.
Logically they fired me.
Who cares !
Better bread and onion than a ulcer.
The only thing I mind is we won't be be able to buy christmas presents...
...for the kids. - All right.
Let's say the letter got lost...
...and that since we have this government the snail mail doesn't work well.
Can you believe it ? They sent soubrettes to the Parliament !
It's unbelievable ! In 2 hours I called 12 times.
No. Now Madame Malorni is waiting for us.
Thanks God today she will leave.
- Why are not they coming ? - Maybe they are busy.
- Why are not they coming ? - Maybe they are busy.
It's midday and at 13.00 I'll leave.
- I need to shower and dress up... - What are you doing ?
- I can take care of myself. - Let me help you.
Don't worry. You are sick.
- Easy ! - I'm not a child !
- Ahhh ! - Madame Franca !
Ahi... Oh Lord...
You broke the other leg.
- The lady will need a surgery. - What a christmas !
- Poor mum ! - Sofia, Susanna !
- The Professor said... - Yea, the other doctor told us.
- I'm pregnant ! - So do I.
- It's a wonderful news ! - Good.
- Heh ? - The tragedy and comedy...
- Who cares ! - It's the "anthem" of the country.
It's wonderful. Maurizio, care to buy us a coffe ?
- How did you do that ? - To buy you a coffe ? - Nahh...
Good, stay still.
Honey, Robertino ! He looks like his grandfather.
- They say he also looks like me. - Hell no !
- He is a Malorni ! - No doubt.
Same eyes, same color...
- He dealed with it just fine. - Now he goes with the walking stick...'s better not to contradict her. - Who dares ?
- Have I been baptized here ? - Yes.
And granny said: ''He looks like his grandpa. He is a Malorni''.
- So, how are you doing ? - Sofia and I gives private classes.
- I write novels. - About everything I care about.
No, thanks. I'm waiting for an answer from the television company.
Go to mum.
You can do it.
Attention, Nicola. We are at the 8th and 9th question.
Attention, Nicola. We are at the 8th and 9th question.
- Are you ready ? - Go, Amadeus.
For 350.000 euros this is the question...
..''In the 1917 the thesis of April was published. Who wrote it?"
Before to show you the options...
...I'd like to know if the question concern me.
Politic always charmed me...
...but it ruined my life. - I'm sorry to hear that.
In this case, it could change it in better.
- Let's hope so - Let's see the 5 options.
O ''Lenin''. You have 40 seconds.
I would exclude Marx, died in London in 1883.
For the same reason I exclude Engels, died in London in the 1885.
Trotsky wrote one, published in the 1917...
...called ''The new world''. Therefore I exclude Trotsky.
Stalin e Lenin are left.
I don't think che Stalin ever wrote an essay.
For me, the author, of ''Essay of April'' is Nikolaj Lenin.
- Then Lenin is your answer. - Yes.
What is said is said. In the good and the bad.
- I meet your wife...what is her name ? - Sofia.
- Good evening, Sofia ! - Good evening. - Make yourself home.
Come to support Nicola.
We are going to verify if your answer is corrrect.
It would be the first time that a person win the maximum price.
- Are you emotional ? - Yes.
Nicola, first of all, you did right to exclude Marx.
And also Engels.
You did right to exclude Trotsky.
Then you said Lenin, excluding also Stalin.
Let's see if your decision was right.
Attention... For 350.000 euros...
..700 milions of the old Liras...
...the right answer is...
..Lenin ! Correct ! - Yesss !
350.000 euros ! 700 milions of the old Liras !
- Congratulations ! - Did you see that Lenin was useful ?
Congratulations ! Togheter with Elena and Giovanna we pass the line to the news.
Tomorrow with the ''The Inheritance''. Nicola !
Amadeus is a good person !

- Here they are ! HI, cuties. - Hi.
- Hi. - Hi, Giovanni.
- Hi, mum. Sorry, we are late. - How good looking you are !
Nowever you can even go to the restaurant.
No. Nicola had an appointment with a producer.
It's an interesting project...'s a series on the russian revolution. - A fiction ?
- I have to write the script. - Hi !
- (togheter) Hi. - I'm going to change the diaper.
For the sits of the Jaguar you need a cleaning agency.
You have to get used to it, the first two years they filt.
- Other two years ? - Granny, wait - Excuse me.
- Hi granny. - Hi honey - Hi mum.
- This time we have a super excuse. - Namely ?
- Today it's 18 years of marriage. - We took it easy.
- We cuddled each other. - I'm really happy.
- Good, Massimo. - You are good, madame Franca.
Alemasc, get the champagne !
We have to celebrate ! Ahhh !
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