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Good morning, Raj.
Get up, son. It is morning.
Good morning, papa. - Good morning, son.
Hey, get up. You've to go to school. - Has he not got up till yet?
Hey, Raj, get up. See, grandma has come now.
The father doesn't have a night...
...and the son doesn't have a morning.
Come on, have your milk. And you tell me...
You have been sleeping half and incomplete...
...since so many months, how many more nights will you stay awake?
Mother, last night was the last time that I would stay awake.
The project on which I was working is over.
Come, I will show you. Come on, son.
Papa, you have made a wonderful car.
Did you like it, mother?
It is very good son. But you have worked on it too, isn't it?
Some companies have offered me.
After applying for the patent, I have to hold meetings with them.
I am Mr. Rakesh Kapoor. - Hi. - And these are my partners.
Please come.
This is an eight-cylinder V-engine.
And all this technology is controlled... computer diagnosis systems.
If the car meets with an accident, that is.
In making this car, I have paid...
...most of my attention to the high seating...
...and excellent road hold to the driver.
You have made such a beautiful design.
We like your project a lot.
Tell me. What kind of deal would you wish to make?
I want twenty percent of the royalty.
The car's logo will be of my name.
We are very impressed by your design.
But... But we can't understand these terms of yours.
Sir, my terms are because of the beauties of my project.
My car is a futuristic car.
And as you people must have seen...
...there isn't any car made like this...
...which has so many features in it.
And having such good fuel efficiency too.
We agree that you have made a excellent car model.
But we have to keep our company...'s value in the market.
Therefore, we cannot give your name.
But we will pay whatever you wish for this project.
But we cannot give you royalty or partnership.
I do not agree to your deal.
Give him back his disc.
You have made a very advanced machine.
I don't think that such a machine can be made... the automobile industry in the next ten years.
We accept all your conditions.
We will give you a royalty, and give the car your name too.
I have a discussion with my technical team tomorrow.
After that, the next week...
We will sign the agreement.
Hey, have you come?
My project deal is finalized. I am signing the contract next week.
I knew it. True hard work is never a waste.
Even I have made a car. - Is it?
You will become a greater engineer than me.
This can't be possible. - Why?
Because I can't keep awake at nights like you.
Papa, why do you wash it everyday?
I make you bathe everyday too, isn't it? - But why?
The thing that we love...
...shouldn't we keep his lovely always?
Do you love this car very much? - Yes.
Why? Papa?
Son, this is my father's symbol. He had gifted it to me.
I will gift it to you when you grow up.
Papa, why have you put this Tarzan?
I had kept it here in my childhood.
I believed this car to be Tarzan and...
...I had even named it as Tarzan.
Tarzan was a man.
Yes, he was a man. But was strong like this machine.
But papa, Tarzan used to eat food too.
Where does this car eat food?
Doesn't it?
Then why doesn't it wear clothes?
Even Tarzan didn't wear any clothes.
Just because the censor shouldn't...
...object, the movie and cartoon Tarzan...
...were made to wear a knickers made of leaves. - But.
Now don't ask me what a censor is.
It is your phone, son. - I am coming, mother.
I am Mukund Joshi speaking from Harsh Motors.
Yes, Mr. Joshi...
Our company doesn't wish to deal with you. - Why?
The design which you say is yours...
...and using which you wish to deal with the company...
...Four Fox company has patented it three months ago.
But... I have completed the design four...
...days ago and patented it. Then how...
...come Four Fox patent it three months ago?
We don't know that. You ask them.
I have an idea. - What?
We won't make this car ourselves.
Instead, we will give this car's design... some German or Japanese... and eat it's royalty throughout life. - Yes!
We cannot give royalty, but we can take it, isn't it? - Surely.
A stolen thing shouldn't be dangled by the neck as it is.
Because the one who owns the thing will strangle you.
You patented my design in your... by bribing the patent registrar.
We did that, all right.
And you cannot harm us in anyway now.
I have the receipt of the patent application.
I will take you four foxes and the...
...patent registrar to the court.
I still have so much proof that I can have you four arrested.
I will go to the police station right away and expose you.
I have got the information. They are not in the office.
They have gone to the farmhouse.
Have you brought your proofs with you?
The CD of my designs and the...
...receipt of the patent application is with me.
We will go to their farmhouse right away. - Come on.
But listen to me carefully. The agreement that we signed...
He has registered a complaint.
You people have stolen the designs of his car.
And at this time, he has the proof with him too.
He had come to us to sell his car.
We didn't complete the deal so we copied his CD.
We also knew that if he goes to the court...
...we will have to fight the case for many years.
And we won't have anything in our hands.
You are right.
Please give them all the proof.
The problem will be solved.
Hey, there isn't any need to be shocked.
We own that inspector.
It was your bad luck that you went to him.
And we know that you wouldn't give us the proof.
Therefore, he will kill you now.
And he will close your file too.
I had heard that every dog has it's day.
But I hadn't heard any phrase for foxes.
You committed a huge mistake my calling me here.
I am an automobile engineer.
I can ruin the design as well as make it!
He broke my leg! That dog!
I will call the police and press now.
I will strip your uniform with the skin of these four people.
What do you think? Are there saints and seers in business?
You will ruin the design? Take this!
You call us foxes?
Please stop.
Don't kill him here.
We will put him in his car and put him in the lake behind.
It will never be found out whether it was an accident or a murder.
The inspector is right. - Okay.
We will give you name and royalty both in your rebirth.
Go. Go and design a flying machine...
...for the God of Death, Go!
Hey, battery! Don't you see even after wearing glasses?
That place is not for parking your cycle.
It is for parking our bikes.
So where should I park?
Hey, do you think that we are parking instructors?
Come on, park it anywhere.
Hey, battery. Come here. Come here.
See, battery. You passed and came into our class.
What does that mean?
This means that you failed this time too?
Are you very happy? - No. I am sorry.
You are expressing your sorrow with such happiness. - Come here.
Come here.
Okay, tell me. How is two and two? - Yes?
What are you stammering for? Tell me how much they are?
Two and two are four.
You fool. Two and two are twenty-two, what?
Tell me, how much is it?
Now he has come in our category.
What is going on? - Oh God! Double battery!
What are you doing here? - Nothing sir.
Everyone calls this poor kid as battery.
We were just asking him his real name.
No sir. No body else, they call me battery. - Why?
Because I wear spectacles, isn't it?
This means that you must be calling me a battery too? - No sir.
These people call you a double battery. - What!
I will rusticate you people, what do you think?
You will sit here all through your life?
You will ruin his life too? I won't let this happen!
Battery, go from here!
Raj, you go.
You call me a double battery? Yes?
Raj, why are you late? - I met those four headaches.
It seems that those four heachaches...
...think you to be a Baburao. - Baburao?
What is this now?
I haven't been able to tackle battery till now...
...and you are giving me another surname?
Did you bring my books? - I have brought them. Take these.
It is such an item!
What a figure!
It seems she is coming towards us.
Can you tell me where the principal's office is?
In which college were you before this?
By the way, I asked about the principal's office.
Go straight and inside. There will be stairs there.
Go upstairs and left. There will be...
...the principal's office a little farther.
Please go!
I will come in too!
She is angry.
See. These are not good boys. I will show you the...
...principal's office. I am not like those.
Please come.
This is our principal.
Hey, Raj, what are you doing?
Look at this design. This car will become like this.
This car will become like this?
Wow! You have made such a design.
It's good.
Yes. Sir is calling you. Go and get you salary.
Fifteen... sixteen... seventeen... eighteen...
This is your salary. - Yes. -
Sign here.
Papa, should I lift it? - No. Manglu, lift the phone. - Yes.
Yes? - This is your salary.
I have cut the money for three days. - Why?
You were absent for three weeks last month.
Don't you remember?
Yes... But I had to go out with grandma.
You tell me something.
Are you paid for my service or grandma's service?
Why are you staring at me now? Go away. - Okay.
Yes, papa?
I had kept the curd milk in the jug with ice to cool off.
Where has it gone?
There was a client here. His car was hot.
I put it in his radiator for coolness.
You put my curd milk in his radiator?
There was nothing more cold.
So you should have put my head in it.
I would have done that. But your head is hot!
What if the radiator caught fire?
Explain this son of a fool something!
Otherwise he will stay like a used the outside the garage.
The fool!
Tell me. How was your first day in college?
Grandma, is the first day of college...
...and the last day of school every good?
Yes, but seventy five percent of my day was very good.
Why was the rest twenty five percent bad?
Some of my seniors asked some stupid questions to me.
Grandma, can I ask you something?
How do I look like?
I mean... do I look good?
Son, you are one in a million.
Please don't joke, grandma.
Think that you weren't seventy but eighteen.
How would I look then?
Why are you talking about beauty and complexion today?
Did you see some girl in college? - How did you know that?
The boys of today are very smart.
They know that the girls of today...
...don't see their future but their feature.
Who is that girl?
A girl has taken admission in our college from London.
Quite some boys are waiting to be friends with her.
Some of them troubled her too. But I helped her.
I sent her to the principal's office.
I understood what was seventy percent nice in this day.
You like this girl, isn't it?
No, it's isn't like that.
See, I am not your mother, I am your grandma.
And if I was eighteen year old I would wish you... to approach me and talk to me.
What are you staring at?
For what?
You left me to the principal's office yesterday.
And I didn't even thank you.
Okay, I have to prepare some notes.
Even I have to prepare some notes.
Look at that.
How fortunate the library is...!
No, that rubber of the pencil.
If only, I would be that rubber.
All of you wait here and see what Rocky does.
I have been searching you to say sorry since yesterday.
The path to the principal's office that I showed you...
...I told you right turn instead of left turn by mistake...
...and you reached the gent's toilet.
As it is, some mischief is tolerated in friendship, isn't it?
If you do any mischief with me the next time...
...I won't complain to the principal...
...but to the commissioner directly.
Even a professor must not have scolded Rocky like this.
But you seemed more scared than Rocky.
No, why will I be scared? - Okay listen.
Our college came is going next week.
I have put your name in it too. And you too are coming.
No friend. I can't come. - Why?
There is a lot of work in the garage. And uncle will shout!
Hey, your uncle always shouts.
Let him shout. My household works because of him.
Okay, friend.
Your purse...
You here?
Your purse, it had fallen down in the college.
But you could give this purse to me tomorrow too. - I could.
But this purse had some your keys, money and credit cards.
And it even had your driving license.
I thought whether you would be worried the whole night.
You took such a huge risk for my worry?
What would something have happened to you?
You have come to my house for the first time.
You will have to drink tea.
What happened? - Sometime else.
That means I will have to drop the purse again, isn't it? - No!
I will surely come.
Are you hurt? - No!
I will come to have some tea. - Surely.
Why have you put this Tarzan?
I had put it in my childhood.
I thought that this car was Tarzan...
...and I had named it Tarzan too.
Tarzan was a man.
Yes, he was a man. But he had a power like this machine.
Hey, boy!
What are you doing here? What do you want?
Uncle, where did you get this car from?
This is not a car. This is a wreck.
Anyone brings it from anywhere...
...and sells it according to it's weight.
I want to buy it. How much will it cost?
It must be a wreck worth five thousand.
Five thousand?
I will give you five thousand. But I don't have it right now.
I will take it after a week.
All this won't do. Talk if you have cash.
It has half rotted already.
Uncle, the haste that you have to sell it...
...I have a bigger haste to buy it.
This car belongs to my papa. Just a week uncle, please?
Okay. But I won't keep it for more than a week.
Thank me after a week.
Grandma... - Yes? - Grandma! - Yes!
Hey, what is the matter?
You seem happier than seventy five percent today.
My happiness doesn't have any percentage today.
What is such that you got? - Sit down at least.
What is the matter?
Grandma, you loved papa a lot, isn't it?
You are asking a mother how much she loves her son?
So you must be loving every thing that papa had?
You ask this of yourself.
His color, character symbol, whatever I have.
All that is you itself.
Why are you asking me all this today?
Grandma, I need five thousand rupees.
Five thousand rupees? - Aren't they a lot?
Where have you asked a lot ever?
I have always have had less to give you.
Why do you want them?
Grandma, I will buy such a thing for you...
...Looking at which you will be very happy.
Son, I become happy looking at you happy.
See, my investments will open next week.
I will take that and give it to you. Okay?
You work here? - It's a part time job.
Pocket money with training too. - Yes.
Your nose! - It is a bit different, isn't it?
It is similar to papa's. - No, it has become black.
Just a minute, I will clean it.
Your papa's nose seems too good.
How did you come here?
I don't know. My car stops suddenly. - I will rectify it right away.
It seems that you haven't serviced your car since a long time.
I don't know. I never saw it before this.
How do you do your studies and part time job together?
I manage it. - Doesn't this hamper your studies?
It does, but what can I do? There isn't anyone to earn at home.
After my mom's demise in childhood, I had my papa...
...and he expired in a car accident.
Do you stay alone now? - No. I have my grandma with me.
Here, your car is rectified.
What is the cost? - Money? What money?
I have just tightened a screw. And you thanked me.
That is a lot itself. - No. You will have to take the money.
At hour place, we don't charge for tightening the screws.
If you ever have some major work, don't...
...take any tension I will do everything for free.
Bring your car sometime later, I will have it serviced too.
If you do like this, I will stand on the street and do like this.
What did you say to that girl?
If it is some major job, you will do it for free?
You work taking thank you? Do it!
Instead of giving you money in your envelope...
...while giving you your salary, I will write a thank you to you.
But uncle... - Shut up!
Why didn't you take money from that girl?
Is this a charitable garage?
I pay fifteen mechanics to tighten screws.
When a car enters in this garage, the charge is five hundred rupees.
Uncle. I knew her.
If you knew her, go home and tighten her screws.
If you tighten screws here, I will loosen your screws.
Uncle, this thing won't repeat.
See. I will cut your five hundred rupees.
And if you ever do something like this...
...I will cut your whole salary and sack you.
Go, go and work.
Yes, uncle.
Yes, uncle.
What are you doing?
Papa, I am putting oil in the engine.
Oh! You son of an ass! This is not...
...the bottle of a engine oil. It is the bottle of Roohafza sorbet.
Shut up!
Yes, uncle?
Close him in the boot of some car. - But papa!
He has started opening bonnets.
How will I learn, papa? - What are you learning?
You are putting all my eating and drinks inside cars.
Don't see any difference between car and Kartar?
Get lost from here!
See, Raj. You hide and look at her in the library.
You risk your life to return her purse.
And you repair her car for free.
And your expression says that you like Priya.
If you do like here, then tell her.
See, it is the rose day tomorrow.
You go and offer her a rose tomorrow.
If she does accept it, you have got your answer.
And what if she doesn't?
She will throw the rose at your face.
But you won't be insulted by that, understood?
The idea is not that bad.
Only Miss Oxford is worthy of giving a rose this year.
Will she take the rose? - Yes. -
She will take all our four roses. - Yes?
Did you understand it? - Yes, sir. - Now go.
See, the batter has come too.
See. What black and yellow coat has he worn?
He looks like a taxi.
This yellow suit, suites you very much.
Okay, listen. Look at that.
Go with confidence and give her the rose.
Is this for me? - Yes, it is for you.
How could you dare to wish me rose day?
I befriended you thinking that you were a simple boy...
...and you took this meaning out of it?
I didn't know that these cat eyes look... me with this meaning beneath these spectacles.
What are you hiding? - Nothing.
Okay, come on. We will dance.
No, I don't know how to dance.
Which competition is going on here? Come on!
But even then, I don't know how to dance.
Hey, what's this!
The glass with the intoxication pills has been taken by the battery!
The plan is ruined!
No, it is good.
The battery will be intoxicated now...
...and he will act insolently with her.
Now Miss Oxford will slap him and put him to a side.
What happened, Raj? - What happened?
I will tell you what happened right now. - Come on.
I haven't come here to jog wearing this yellow suit.
You asked me what I was hiding, isn't it?
I was hiding this, this!
I started loving you when I saw you for the first time in the college.
I started seeing you everywhere.
I became so worthless in your love...
...that I started to see you in my grandma too.
Even then, I didn't have strength to express my love.
Then my friend Vicky understood my sickness.
Vicky said, ' Raj, love is not silent, love is violent! '
Even I have become violent!
Hey, black crows...
If you love me, accept it, or throw it on my face.
I will not be insulted. Even this, my friend told me.
Now, whether you love me or not, I will tell everybody!
'When I saw you, I felt like this.'
'The magic of love set in my heart.'
'The aroma was mixed in the air.'
'The heart beats got a romance.'
' My state was excited! '
'Without you... '
'Without you, I am not interested in anything.'
'Without you... O beloved! O beloved!
' I stopped and refuse my heart, but it didn't agree! '
'O beloved! O beloved! '
' Ever since I got your love, this is going on.'
'There was some excitement in these breaths, my love.'
' My beloved! My beloved! '
'Your dreams settled in my eyes, my beloved! '
' I just ask God this now! '
' I should not leave your embrace now.'
Hey, Raj. You here?
Grandma said that I said a lot about you last night in my sleep.
You would have. You said a lot in my presence too.
What did I say?
Sit in the car, I will tell you.
Do you know? You had drunk a lot yesterday.
No. I haven't even touched liquor till now.
I think that someone did some mischief with me.
Someone had surely mixed something in my drink.
Whoever did this mischief did a good thing.
You seem so simple from inside...
...but you are a rascal from inside. - Rascal?
Not a rascal and great rascal. Do you know what you did?
You danced and made everyone else dance too.
You dance very well.
But you did one mistake. - What?
You know? You gave me your rose.
But you snatched your neighbor's rose and gave me.
You expressed your love to me in everyone's presence.
And that too under intoxication?
I didn't like this action of yours.
You expressed your love, but under intoxication?
Love is expressed in all sanity. Like this.
Did you understand?
I wanted to apologize to you for yesterday's mistake.
I thought that our friendship would be over today too.
But I have got you today. - I had got you yesterday itself.
Today is a very happy day for me.
What I am going to buy is my most loved thing.
Most loved thing? - Stop the car.
What is here?
That loved thing is here itself.
Yes, let it come, let it come back.
Attach it quickly. Will you take the whole day?
Hey, what are you doing, where are you taking it?
To melt it and make it into iron. I have bought it.
To melt it? But I was to buy it. - I don't know that.
Go and talk to Patel about it.
Uncle, you sold this car!
You said that you would buy it in a week.
It is the ten days today, you didn't come.
But uncle, the money could be arranged last night itself.
I came yesterday morning, but you weren't there.
But it is sold now.
Take the car back from him and give it to me.
Take it back? How will I take it back?
He has given me the money. He is my old client.
I will err in my counting. You go. Let me count the money.
It is iron for you. But for me... it is a priceless thing for me.
You take all my money and... please...
What is so special in this scrap that you are so worried?
This isn't scrap, Priya. This is my papa's car.
This is my papa's possession. He loved it a lot.
Uncle, you want to make iron out of a car.
Any car of scrap will do for you. Please give me this car.
I beg you! I request you!
Take this money and give me this car.
Okay, take this car.
Our work is to melt iron. Not to melt anyone's emotions.
Give him this car.
Didn't I tell you that I would bring something looking... which you will be happy? Look at this, Papa's car.
' I believe in you! '
Come on, mother. You sit here. And you sit here.
One photo with my Tarzan.
For a moment, I thought that you brought my son.
Yes, grandma.
When I saw it for the first time, I thought that my papa was with me.
I will make it now, grandma. I will design it.
I know that it will cost a lot of money.
But I will work day and night for it.
I will do overtime.
I will make it such a car with my mechanical skills...
...and hard work that people will be stunned.
Granda, this is Priya.
Greetings. - Bless you.
This is the same London one, isn't it?
About whom you were saying? - Yes.
You go inside, I will come.
Who is there?
I am Raj, uncle.
Hey, you haven't gone home so late in the night?
You haven't gone home? - I am doing overtime.
If you do part time in the day and overtime in the night...
...when will you do your studies?
I need money.
What is the matter? Is there some problem in the house?
No, uncle.
Son, barring Lakshmi and Kuber everyone needs money.
But what is so serious, for which... are ready to leave your studies too?
I had told you about my papa, isn't it? He had a car.
I have got it after twelve years.
I want to make that car once again.
Son, the kids of nowadays throw their parents from the house.
And you are doing such a sacrifice... save your father's memoirs?
You make that car. I am with you. And see son.
You are doing some part time in my garage... do that. Instead of the over time in my garage... spend that time making your car.
I will pay you for the hours that you put in making that car.
All of us are mechanics.
It is not only our profession to rectify problems.
It is also our religion.
You didn't go to the camp?
When you did go there, what will I do there?
I can't help you in building the car.
But I can be with you, isn't it?
'You are my craze, you are my ambition.'
'You exist in my breaths, you are my heart.'
'You are the emotion attached to my heart.'
' My name, my work... '
'Why did my heart beat as soon as I saw you? '
' My hopes increased, there was a dream in my eyes.'
'Our friendship is different in this whole world.
'There is a procession of memoirs at every curve.'
'The emotions are deep. You and I know this.'
'The relation is very delicate. You and I know this.'
Why are you tying this Tarzan? - This car is named Tarzan.
Yes. My dad had named this car Tarzan.
So, should we go on a drive in this Tarzan?
No, Priya.
This car won't start now. - Why?
It's fuel pump has jammed because of rust.
I have tried a lot but it didn't open up.
I have spoken to uncle. He will arrange something.
Okay. Thank you.
What happened, uncle?
Son, I tried a lot. I spoke to some...
...people who keep old cars, I asked scrap dealers...
...nobody has it. That company...
...has even stopped making cars of that model.
Therefore, son. It is difficult to get that fuel pump.
Now, you can only believe in God.
Son, didn't you sleep?
I am not feeling sleepy, grandma.
Even after so much hard work and tries...
...the fuel pump couldn't be got. I think...
...that my Tarzan will not be able to run now.
Why will it not be able to work?
If God didn't wish it, how would you get this car?
He gave you strength to make such a beautiful car.
Have faith in him. He will show you some way out.
Sleep, son. Sleep.
The fuel pump is made, grandma! My Tarzan has started, grandma!
Did you see that, son?
The fuel pump was made by God's grace, isn't it?
There won't be such a car in the whole world.
Bless you! Bless you!
Wow! What a car!
Hey, this is not a car. This is great!
I haven't seen such a car in my dreams!
Hey! This is the battery!
And he has Miss Oxford with him too.
This is my papa's favorite restaurant.
Why, grandma? Didn't papa bring you here often? - Yes, son.
Hey, how did this happen?
From a cycle to a car all of a sudden?
I see Miss Oxford's support in this.
Battery's state and face, both have changed.
He snatched the morsel from our mouth.
He is showing off a lot.
Today, we will change his face.
Come on!
That's strange, battery.
You have become Pran from Kanhayalal.
Is it Miss Oxford's backing, or dad's insurance?
You made this fool a foreigner.
Don't do this two much and three much in front of us.
Or I will change the close up of your face.
What insolence is this? Leave her! - Shut up! Old woman!
Raj, no! Wait Raj!
Grandma, he has insulted you!
I will show them how much is two and two.
I won't spare him! - Leave me!
Wait! Or else I will have to call the police.
Mother, you please take him.
C'mon, dear - Wait!
We are going. That's it. We are going.
Leave us.
Where are you going? Are you getting scared and running?
Where are you hiding with women? If you have the guts, come out!
He has run away! That wretch!
Don't worry.
We will break him and his car tomorrow...
...morning, outside the college.
The battery has insulted us a lot today.
If the guards hadn't come in between...
...I would have made such a state of his...
...he wouldn't have faced us throughout his life.
Hey, who is there? Shut down the light!
Hey, shut down the light!
Hey, it is battery.
It seems that he is unlucky. He has come in the lion's claws himself.
Come on, we will settle his hands and legs.
As it is, there isn't any lame student... the college who comes on crutches.
Hey wait! Hey wait!
Hey, where are you running! Hey! Catch him! Fast.
C'mon, hurry up!
Where are you hiding, you coward?
There he is. Behind that pillar.
Catch him. Don't let him escape. - You Battery, wait there. Come out.
Hey catch him. - Where are you running to?
Break its glass. - But how?
Throw your helmet into it.
He thinks he's a hero. Catch him. - We'll break his legs today.
Why do you run, stop. - I will break your limbs today.
Maxi, catch him. Vicky, don't let him get away.
Are we chasing him or he's chasing us?
How did he come behind us?
I am running out of gas.
Hey you, son of a dog!
Do you think you are very smart sitting inside?
Just come outside then you'll see how I break you hands and legs.
Hey, Battery threw him in the gutters.
He'll die. - Someone should save him.
You should go. - No, you should go.
You should go. - You should go.
Hey, go now.
Bunty, are you alive? - Yes, I'm alive.
Open it, quickly. It stinks in here.
Just hold your breath, I'll be right there.
Help me.
I never thought, that Battery...
...would turn out to be so dangerous. - Yes.
What are you doing up there? - Come down soon.
Where is Battery?
What is this shh?
Why are you banging your head?
Can't you speak, you baldy? Have you become dumb?
Baldy, get down. Got dumb? And why are you crying?
Have you gone mad? Where is that Battery?
Get inside!
Hey, what are you doing? - My hands are stuck.
Who is it? - I think someone is coming. Hide here.
We are stuck! Pull!
How did you two get in?
Hello uncle. We two got stuck to each other. Please, help us.
You spilled all my fevicol? - No, we didn't. It got spilled by itself.
We are stuck together. Separate us.
Now I'll stick you two in such a way... we stick ply to wood.
Enough Raj, don't come ahead.
Or else the car will run over us.
No Raj. - You have squeezed out our hooliganism.
And only we know from where it came out.
No Raj. We didn't know that if we say something... your granny then you'll become so violent.
Please, spare us, Raj. - Forgive us, Raj.
Please, we beg of you. - Forgive us, Raj.
We'll never do this again. We are sorry.
We are saved.
We had so much of fun.
Raj? What a car Raj has brought!
I've never even seen such a car in books.
I made this car after thinking that only.
Your whole life is set, pal. After finishing college... start your own workshop. And design such...
...beautiful cars in it. Just watch as all the automobile...
...companies will have to pull down their shutters.
Raj, if you meet Rocky and his friends...
...then just stay away from them. - Why?
Any problems? - Yes.
Brother Raj! - Brother Raj!
Brother Raj, please forgive us.
What has happened to you all?
Didn't brother Raj tell you anything?
What would I tell? I don't know anything.
You don't know? Even we don't know.
We all have forgotten everything.
You didn't kill us, isn't that a big favor itself?
Raj, did you do all this? - Forget it, sister Priya.
With the evil intentions we use to see you... we'll never see you that way again.
If any of our eyes survive then we'll see... mother with one eye and sister with the other.
If we had one more eye then we would have...
...saw you as grandmother. But we don't have any.
Did you see? This happens when...
...a decent guy looses his decency.
A decent guy loosing his decency and becomes... dangerous, this is the first time I have ever seen.
Our hearts came up to our necks.
You just say it once that go away dogs, I forgive you.
C'mon Raj, forgive them.
C'mon now go into the class. And don't let me watch you.
Thank you, brother. - May God always bless you.
Just take care of yourself. - Yes, move. C'mon!
Yes Mr. Narang.
You run your bulldozers on their slums...
...without any worries.
I want that land to be cleared in a week.
I'm coming to Palghar tomorrow. We'll discuss the rest there itself.
Where are you getting the bulldozers to run over?
In a slum at Palghar.
I'm constructing a two-wheeler factory there on your name.
Ladybird bicycle and moppet company. Did you like it?
This Four Fox company will soon shut down.
And my partners are thinking of starting...
...a business in poultry and garments.
That's why I thought, in your name...
...I would bring up our own empire and...
...then throw my partners out within 2-4 years. Let's go.
Raj! - Yes, uncle.
Raj, go to Mr. Singhania's house.
He's having car troubles.
Uncle, Mr. Deepak's car's windscreen need to be changed.
And we have to deliver it today. - I'll get that changed from Manglu.
You take the towing car with you.
If Mr. Singhania's car doesn't gets fixed till evening...
...then tow it to the garage. Go. - Yes.
Hey Golu. - Yes papa.
Go and tell Manglu to change Mr. Deepak's car's windscreen.
Which one should be fitted? Of the fiat or of the ambassador?
You mad fellow, how can you fix some other windscreen?
It can happen, papa. Lots of people do this to save money.
For example as today the fan belt of D'souza's car was broken.
So I told him, it'll cost him Rs.110.
But he said, no. He said to use something cheaper.
So do you know, I have attached your pant's belt to it! - What?
Yes. In the evening when you wear it then you'll see...
...that your pants would keep on sliding down.
Hey Manglu! - Yes uncle.
Manglu, take him and lock him inside the house.
Or else he'll get my garage shut down. Take him. - C'mon.
Welcome, Mr. Chopra. Seeing you after such a long time.
Uncle, the headlights of my car are broken. Just change it.
I have to go to Palghar and return by night today.
By the ways Mr. Chopra, it's believed that...'s lucky when glass breaks.
I think you'll have a very lucky day today.
These are all superstitions, Mr. Singh.
If this was possible then I would have...
...lived in a glass house. And would have messed with...
...every crazy man carrying a stone.
If he believes it's lucky then it becomes lucky.
If he believes it's unlucky then it becomes unlucky.
Let's see, what happens.
Come Mr. Chopra. Until we fix your car lets sit in the office.
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
Changing lanes giving the wrong signal?
Hey, you'll get me killed!
These kids are getting irritated standing in this heat...
...for the past 3 hours. - What will we do for their food?
We'll have to manage something. We are very late.
Hey, a car is coming.
Stop! - Please, stop!
Look sir, we have been troubled since the past 3 hours.
Our bus is stuck. Please, help us.
C'mon kids, get into the bus. Hurry up.
Hey, what are you doing?
It'll kill me! Someone save me.
It's a very interesting funda.
The crossing is broken over there and...
...the car is found burnt here.
Even the body has been burned to death.
The entire area should undergo proper...
...forensic analysis and detailed checking.
This accident happened due to this crossing.
The breaks of the car was not working... it broke the crossing, rammed into the train...
...and fell in the open ground after blowing up.
You are a gatemen. Didn't you notice?
If there would have been a flyover here then...
...the car wouldn't have rammed into the train.
Why don't you built a flyover over the crossing?
Constable, we don't have any funds.
The railway is suffering a loss. - Even I travel by train.
After booking the tickets before 2 months...
...240 passengers are stuffed into a 40 passenger coach.
And you are saying the railway is suffering a loss.
But sir why are you telling me all this?
Tell that to the government. - Where is the government?
Call him now. - What?
Sir, I have found out that this is a useless case.
You are unnecessarily standing in the heat.
Consider this as an accident case. Close its file.
Cool your head with ice and rest at the police station.
Sir, we have found tire marks of some other car with this car.
That means my suspicions are right. This is a murder case...
...which has been tried to be covered as an accident.
Now this case is in charge of Mr. Khurana.
Now the murderer's funda won't work any more.
Now Khurana's stick will do all the work.
Listen! - Yes sir. - I want the chassis number of this car...
...and the postmortem report of this dead body, urgently.
From that we'll know who the deceased was.
Mrs. Chopra, you are saying...
...there weren't any threatening calls for extortions.
But without enmity, without reason... one would murder someone.
Inspector, he didn't have any enemies.
My husband was a very humane and God like person.
This is a strange generation. Even God's are being murdered.
They should also receive security.
Alka, take sister-in-law inside.
Who is this lame fellow?
What do you think can be the reason for your partner's murder?
What can we say, inspector?
Since our brother like partner has died...
...if we even drink water then it would come out as tears.
It's the latest news.
Daddy that... - Shut up.
Inspector, for him every thing is latest.
The inquiry has begun.
If you people get to know something then tell us about it.
This is a new funda.
When we were talking then...
...what was the need to speak in between?
What's the latest news?
Once I had heard you two talking. - What?
That Chopra should be killed like dogs.
What was the need to say it in front of that inspector?
So that the killers get caught very soon.
Anthony, what son have you given birth to?
Now explain him. He'll get the both of us trapped.
Go and get the car ready, Jojo. Go!
Everything is ruined. - What?
Today there was a New Year's party and this Chopra...
...has flopped all our plans. It would have been so nice...
...if he would have died after 4 days.
At least we would have enjoyed in the evening.
Why won't we enjoy? He wasn't our brother.
He was a fraud partner. We have given our condolences.
We have cried our hearts out in front of his photo for 45 minutes.
Do you want to continue this, your whole life?
One of the partners of the Four Fox company...
...has left this country. The other has left this world.
And the remaining are we two. Partners by fifty-fifty.
In this joy we'll celebrate the New year today.
'Lf love is a mistake... '
'... then I'll definitely do it. Oh beautiful! '
'Lf deaths is it's penalty... '
'... then I'll definitely die. Oh beautiful! '
Manager, I left my beautiful wife at home...
...with an excuse for a conference. - Have you made...
...any special arrangements for the New year's party?
I have made such arrangements that...
...both your hearts will be pleased with it.
Come in and see the fun.
'I'm in your love.'
'I'm in your heart's passion.'
'I got robbed, I got ruined, I got killed, oh beloved.'
'Don't know what will happen to me? '
'The intoxication of your lips... '
'... I'll definitely taste it. Oh beautiful! '
'You are my dream.'
'My heart is restless.'
'You are in my heart, my life and my soul, oh beloved.'
'I have forgotten to count days, months and years.'
'I swear by God... '
...I'll definitely keep you in my heart. Oh beautiful! '
Who is there?
Hello! Is Mr. Mahesh Saxena there? Please give him the phone.
Mahesh, look, someone has barged into the house in a car.
And he's attacking on me.
Who is he? - I don't know, Mahesh.
I can't see anything inside.
You write down the car's number. And call the police.
Yes, I'll do that. You come here soon.
Come within 15 minutes. Please. I'm too scared.
All the glasses in the house are broken.
It's darkness everywhere. Mahesh, I'm getting sacred.
I'll just come and see who it is.
Hey Rich boy! Does this road belong to your father?
Move your car.
Hey, start the car.
It seems he's sleeping drunk. Hey, get out!
Open this. Come out!
The steering is moving.
How come it's moving?
What's happening?
The backside is up.
Someone save me.
The car has opened its back side. I'm safe.
I'm dead!
It also hits from behind.
Save me!
Some one, save me!
How did you people find out about this corpse?
Sir, we come here daily to pray to Lord Hanuman.
Today we saw the corpse floating in the water... we called up the police.
So this is the funda.
Sitaram, write down their statements.
Sir, the corpse has swollen so much due to water...'s very difficult to recognize his face.
And we found this wallet in the coat of the corpse.
This Mahesh Saxena. - Do you know him, sir?
I met him at the death ceremony of Kailash Chopra.
His wife has given a complaint that since the 31st...
...he hasn't returned home. And she also complained...
...that same night someone in car was causing trouble... making a lot of noise.
Is it possible that car's funda is related to this murder?
Shetty, Mrs. Saxena had given the car's number.
Just find out who owns that car.
Priya, what should we gift Vicky on his engagement?
Isn't it enough that we two are going?
Come here!
Me? - Yes you, come here.
Sir has been waiting for you past 15-20 minutes...
...and you are trying to sneak out?
For me, but why?
Is this your car? - Yes.
This is a nice funda. Come. - Where?
To the police station.
Police station? But why, sir?
Mahesh Saxena!
Mahesh was murdered last night between 12 and 1.
I have doubt that you have committed the murder.
Murder? No sir. You must have made a mistake.
We'll clear out all the mistakes at the police station.
Come with quietly or I'll drag you from here.
Inspector, it's the same car.
Last night this was the car that had come.
The car belongs to him.
Was he present in the car at that time?
I don't know.
It was not visible from my house's window.
If it's his car then he should be the murderer.
Murderer! Killer! I won't spare you alive.
What wrong had my husband to you that you had to kill him?
Tell me. What enmity did you have with my husband?
Constable, take her and make her sit inside. - Come.
You sit there. We'll carry on the investigation.
Go. - Come madam.
I have already told you I don't know any Mahesh Saxena.
And I don't know where is his bungalow...
Lower your voice! Speak softly.
If you didn't know his address then how did your car get there?
Then how did Mrs. Saxena give...
...your car number on the phone? - How should I know?
He won't agree this way.
I think we have to explain to him my funda.
The tire marks found at Mahesh Saxena's...
...murder location were made from these tires.
There is one surprise to this. When Kailash Chopra...
...was murdered, the same tire marks are to be found there.
Here, take this, sir.
So this is the funda.
Sir, I think he's a very big serial killer.
Now I have to begin this investigation from A, B,C.
Okay tell me. Why did you murder Kailash Chopra?
Kailash Chopra? Who is Kailash Chopra?
Really? You don't know who Kailash Chopra is?
The same guy who you killed on the 29th...
...between 3 and 4 near Palghar railway crossing.
Inspector, I have killed no one.
And on 29th I was working the whole day.
Where do you work? - At Karrtar Singh's garage.
Come here. Take Karrtar Singh's number from him...
...and call him here at once.
Yes, sir.
What happened, sister-in-law?
His killer has been caught.
His name is Raj. He's also killed Mr. Chopra.
This is latest news, dad.
Sister-in-law, you wait here. I'll be right back.
So this is the killer who has murdered my two partners.
You scoundrel, I won't spare you alive.
I'll get you hanged.
Are you an executioner? - What rubbish are you saying?
An executioner hangs everyone to death.
Wow! This is the latest news. - What?
This is strange, dad. You never told us...
...that you were also an executioner.
This is the police station. We are doing our investigation.
You go and sit outside. - Come, Jojo.
Sardarji, has brought the whole gang along.
What is this, son? - I don't know, uncle...
Listen Sardarji, do you know this boy? - Absolutely.
He's one of my kids. He works as part time in my garage.
This boy has committed two murders. - What?
The first murder on 29 and the second one yesterday evening.
I have called you here to ask if on the 29th was this boy with you.
What are you thinking, Sardarji?
I was thinking that on what qualities...
...the government has given you this uniform. - Sardarji!
You just look at this boy properly.
Do you think he must have committed any murder?
Sardarji, you just tell me where this boy was on the 29th.
Doing my work. I had send him to one of my customers... Mr. Singhania with my towing van.
Where was his car at that moment?
When he took the towing van then no doubt...
...his car must have been in the garage.
And you are talking about yesterday evening's murder...
...then we were all with Raj from 7 to 1 at club 24/7.
Yes, we were all together.
And sir, we have also brought the manager of the club...
...along with us. If you want you can ask him to.
Yes sir. From tomorrow evening till night he was in my club.
Now how can you say...
...that both the murders were committed by Raj?
Sir, don't put your hands in the beehive. I'm getting scared.
They have more witnesses then the evidences we have.
Inspector, if you give us the permission...
...then can we take him with us?
The law also has a concept.
Either the file is closed or the criminal is closed.
But this case is still open from both sides.
Shetty, write down their statements.
And release him for the time being. - Go out in a queue.
I can never fill up Mr. Saxena's place.
But if you ever need me then you can...
...even call me at midnight, I would come to you.
This is latest news. What happened?
The killer is released.
Don't be worried, pal. - Worried about what?
I haven't done anything. They are forcing...
...these two murders on me.
You at least remember that tomorrow... two are coming to Poona, for my engagement.
Yes, I'll come.
You have been spared from here. But I won't spare you.
This is the latest news. - What?
Your face has been blackened. - Shut up!
What's the matter? You didn't call me from many days.
Is everything okay over there?
I'm fine, papa. How are you?
I'm perfectly alright. Tell me how is Raj?
He's fine, papa. I'm just leaving for an engagement... Poona with him. - Really?
Papa, Raj is here.
Don't waste time on these Hi and Bye. Get in, quickly.
Open the door. - But it's unlocked.
I have applied henna on my hands.
Raj, my hairs getting into my eyes.
Please tie a scarf around it. - Where's the scarf?
Raj! - What happened? -
Just take a look, please.
Where? - There.
Here? - No, a little lower.
Here? - No, further lower
Here? - No a little bit on the right.
Not here, not there. Not up not down.
Then where are you feeling itchy?
A little lower.
Yes, right there.
Your hand is just like itch-guard ointment.
What are you doing?
It seems that I have to become the complete itch-guard.
Can't you see while driving?
'Oh beloved! '
'You have taken away my heart.'
'There is no one as adorable as you.'
'Now I have said it once again.'
'You call me crazy or call this craziness.'
'Oh beloved! '
'You have taken away my heart.'
'You don't know in what state my heart was before meeting you.'
'I was very Lonely, all by myself.'
'You have given me the sweet pain.'
'I got peace but yet I was restless.'
'Even I got crazy, for you.'
'Without you I can't live.'
'Now I have said it once again.'
'You call me crazy or call this craziness.'
'Oh beloved! '
'You have taken away my heart.'
'Your craziness has such a trance.'
'No matter what, but I must have it.'
'Hiding you in my heartbeats.'
'I'll take you away from you.'
'My heart has confirmed the deal with your heart.'
'Your love has murdered me.'
'Now I have said it once again.'
'You call me crazy or call this craziness.'
'Oh beloved! '
'You have taken away my heart.'
Raj, that was good that you braked on time...
...or else we would had an accident.
Hey Michael Schumacher!
Wow, what a lovely car! - Thank you, uncle.
What thank you? Didn't you see there's a long queue of cars?
Oh God! Such a big queue?
What else! We crawled for 3 and a half hours...
...and then we reached here. And you just...
...barged in like Formula-1 racing.
Hey, what's happening there?
Constable, this car owner just barged in the queue.
Who is barged into whom?
He came from behind like this and barged in like this.
He came like this and barged like this.
Have you gone nuts?
Is this car some crab, that can walk on its sides?
How can he barge in such a small space?
He must be waiting too long in the queue.
Hey truck driver, take the truck ahead.
C'mon, keep moving ahead.
Hey, bring it forward.
It's a nice car. Is it imported?
No sir, I have built it myself.
So, you have built it. C'mon get out.
Heroin is transported in such cars.
Sir, which heroine has been kidnapped?
I'm not talking about heroine but heroin. Drugs!
C'mon, open the trunk of the car. - No sir, there's nothing in it.
All say the same thing. I feel this car is trouble.
C'mon, open the trunk of the car.
Not the glass, open the trunk. - I'm doing the same, sir.
Sir, I'll check. - No, I'll check.
Get me out! - Sir, wait! Pull!
Don't pull me. Open the trunk.
I'm dead! What's happening? It's too much of pain.
C'mon, take your car and get out. - Get lost.
Call for the doctor. - Yes.
Take this omen car away from here. - Go away.
Sir, did you get hurt?
Shut up! First tell me who pulled my leg?
I didn't pull it. - Nor did I pull it.
Then who pulled it.
Here comes the slow poke. - Finally?
Do you know there was too much of checking on the highway.
There was long queue. - You forget all that and get ready.
That nuisance car jammed my neck just like a rusted steering.
Hey, from where did this come?
You dare to dash a policeman's jeep!
Where did go? It just vanished in to thin air!
Hey, have you gone nuts?
You have messed with me! Now, I won't leave you.
Get out from the car.
Get out from the car or else I'll kill you in an encounter.
You try to intimidate me!
You try to intimidate an policeman and run showing your back.
Hey, stop! I insist that you stop. Stop!
Hey, will you stop?
I'll break all your bones. Hey, stop!
Are you a man or an animal? Stop, man. Stop!
You bastard! Why doesn't it stop?
You started running again.
You dare to make a policeman run after you!
You make a heavy man like me to run.
Just let me get hold of you. I'll kill you...
...just like a bug is pulled out from the chair and smashed.
When I fired in the air one time... came to your senses!
Now, get out from here.
Goodness me! There's no one in here.
Hey, this car is moving without a driver.
Hey, what are you doing? Why are you making me run backwards?
Let me see, what's behind. You make a policeman run backwards.
Hey, you'll hurt me! You'll hurt me. What are you doing?
I can't even see, what's going on behind.
Stop, at once!
Hey, you all don't move from here. Or else, I'll become the scapegoat.
Run from here. Run! Run from here, quickly.
Hey, where's the key, man?
It seems it got lost when the jeep overturned.
What will I do, now? I'll sneak in through the garage.
I'll get in through the garage.
Goodness me! This reached here, too!
C'mon. Fast! Fast!
Hello, headquarters. This is Vijay. I mean Ajay.
I forgot my own name. I'm inspector Sanjay Sharma.
A Mumbai car is hell-bent on taking my life.
The number of that car is MH-01-M-37.
And the most startling fact is that the car...
Now, we want to hear good news from you.
From us? - Or else, from whom?
Thanks for coming, buddy.
What is this inspector?
Anyone is being killed! Anyone is being murdered!
Not anyone, Mr. D'costa.
Only those people are being killed...
...whose funda is related to you.
Mr. Sharma and Mr. Chopra were both your partners.
After investigation it has been revealed that even inspector...
...Sanjay Sharma had an old connection with you.
This is the latest news.
This means that dad is fourth on the list.
Shut up! What nonsense are you talking?
Mr. D'costa, he's right.
The way in which your mates have been murdered... seems that even you can be on the hit list.
That's why, I'd suggest you to take police protection.
Yes, Mr. D'costa. Take police protection.
Or else you'll die a vague death. - Good gracious!
Because that car runs over you and breaks your bones.
And bones don't get joined in old age.
He gives you such a death...
...that any witness gets frightened to death!
No! No, inspector, please save my dad.
There's no one for me in this world besides him.
Dad, please don't go away leaving me alone.
I'll become an orphan, dad.
Shut up! I'm still alive.
Why don't you arrest the killer instead...
...of giving me protection?
This is the funda.
I don't have any evidence to prove that Raj is the killer.
I can't give you anything except protection.
Whenever you need the police you can call me.
Stay indoors. Don't venture out in the open.
Jojo, you always frighten me.
I get scared, seeing you get scared.
No, dad. I get scared, seeing you get scared.
All right then. We'll not get scared anymore.
We'll fight back with courage.
Dad, he's come? - Who?
Your killer! - Killer? - Yes.
Hey dad, wait for me.
Hey, monkey. Down. Let me close it. It's done.
Why are you closing the door?
Where should I hide?
Hey, fool! You left me stranded there!
What, dad? - Yes. - You made such a big house.
You didn't even make at least one place to hide.
Now, when that killer is coming to kill you...
...then, where shall I hide?
Fool! He's coming to kill me and you are hiding.
Go. If you are really my son... - No!
...then go and finish the enemy.
Go. Go, you worthless fellow.
Oh God, where shall I hide now? Shall I hide here?
He's come!
It seems that dad's mouth has been gagged.
I must find another way to go inside.
The killer has come. Please save me.
Please don't kill me. Don't kill me.
I'll die. - Dad, it's me.
Don't kill me! - Dad, it's me, Jojo.
It's you! - Yes. Here's the latest news.
The car that we got frightened of was our own car.
The mechanic had come to deliver it. You, son of a donkey!
What was the need to break the window pane...
...and come inside for that?
I banged against the door. But you didn't open the door.
I thought that you'd get a heart attack.
That's why I entered through the window.
Your entry through the window...
...was itself a big heart attack for me.
My heart was in my mouth. If it had been big enough...
...then it would have come out.
This is the latest news. - Shut up.
Now, I'll leave for Nagpur for some days, tomorrow itself.
So that the killer doesn't get to know about me.
Or else that killer will kill me afterwards...
...but this worthless fellow will kill me first. Donkey!
I'm tired of being called as donkey and worthless.
Just see now. I'll prove it to you.
That I'm quite intelligent.
No, he's being just engaged... - Raj, you've a call.
Hello, who is it? - Your well-wisher.
Well-wisher? - Yes, I had called you to give a tip.
Which tip? - The fourth partner of the three people...
...that you've killed, Mr. Anthony D'costa, is going...
...for a business meeting in Nagpur.
You've a really golden opportunity.
Finish him off between Mumbai and Nagpur.
This is the latest news.
He takes the right message and says it's wrong number.
Boss, what should we do now? - My plan has become successful.
He got the tip.
In a few time from now he'll set off to kill dad.
We'll follow him.
Before he finishes dad, we'll finish him off!
I've escaped.
Man, I escaped from my worthless son...
. and I've escaped from that killer too.
You always considered me as your worthless...
...and good for nothing son.
There's no need to consider that. You were in fact born as worthless.
But from now on, your misunderstanding...
...will be gone forever.
You are Raj's fourth target.
I'll prevent you from being murdered.
But, that will only happen if the killer comes to know of it.
Dad, I've told your killer Raj that you're going to Nagpur.
He'll try to attack you and I'll catch him red-handed.
Hey, you donkey! Are you going to get your father killed!
I have not told him that you are my dad.
Well done! You are really not my son.
This is the latest news. - I'll give you the latest news.
If I escape alive, then you'll not escape alive from me.
Oh God! What son have you given me!
Now, what shall I do?
If I go back to Mumbai, then he'll kill me from the front.
If I go to Nagpur, then he'll kill me from behind.
Now where shall I go? Where shall I hide?
I'm confused about what I should do?
Hey, these are tribal hutments.
Tonight I'll have booze and sleep here.
Let it happen, whatever happens? I'll deal with it.
The hutment is shaking.
It started moving now.
Goodness me! Why is this following me?
Let me run from here.
Hey! This hutment is following me.
My God! How did this hutment get on my car?
You dare to get on my car! Dare to get over me?
The... the killer's car!
There's no one in the car! How's this possible!?
Who's driving the car, then?
Goodness me! How can I stop it?
No idea, who called.
Raj has come. Let's hide quickly.
Priya! - Yes. My car is not to be seen.
What!? Where had you parked it? - There, in front of the white car.
Oh God, Priya! If something happens this time...
...then all the blame will come on me.
I must go and write a complaint in the police station.
Or else inspector Khurana will not let me go free this time.
Then, let's go in my car.
Thank goodness! That the car stopped following me.
I had told him to go towards Nagpur and follow dad.
Why did he come to the police station?
Good gracious! Its back!
The car stopped because of the kid.
Come. You want to kill me, right? Come.
Run over my body. Come.
Kill me!
So, this is the funda. - Yes, sir.
What do you think?
Who must have phoned you to kill Anthony D'costa?
I don't know.
I'm Anthony D'costa here.
Yes, Mr. D'costa. Tell me.
Inspector, please save me. Raj's car wants to kill me.
But, Raj is sitting here in front of me.
How can this be possible? Check properly, who is in the car?
He is my death.
I've no idea who is driving it and how is it being driven!
From, where are you talking?
Inspector, that car is coming. It's coming towards me.
Hello Mr. D'costa, tell me. Where are you?
Inspector, please save me. Please save me.
What happened, sir?
Someone killed Anthony D'costa.
Don't know who is that person...
...who drives the car time and again and kills people.
And why does he want all the blame to fall on me?
No idea, where's Tarzan right now?
I fear that a mishap is going to happen.
Don't worry, Raj. When the police have sealed...
...all the exits then Tarzan certainly will be found.
And it may happen that the person is caught, too.
Now, let me drop you home.
Can I talk to inspector Khurana?
So, when you came here, then this car was already here? - Yes.
Does a computer drive this car? - No.
Then does a robot drive this? - Sir, what are you talking?
Then, what's the funda? How did the car get here?
Mother, you were here previously.
Can you tell us something? - No. I don't know.
You don't know.
While you were writing a complaint...
...that your car has been stolen, right at that time...
...someone bumped Anthony D'costa...
...along with the telephone booth, with your car.
And this car reached its owner's house...
...just like a faithful dog. What does this mean?
Sir, how can I tell you that? I was with you at that time.
I'll tell you the real funda. You give this car... someone else and make him do the murders
How can you say this? When you don't have any evidence...
...against my grandson?
Will you believe it, if someone tells you...
...that this car did all the accidents?
I say that your jeep did all the four murders.
What nonsense are you talking? - I'm talking nonsense?
You say that this car bumped off the telephone booth.
Do you see any scratches on it?
Well, even if a truck bumps off a telephone booth...
...even it's bound to suffer damages.
You are a senior officer and... don't have the brains to understand this?
You've been talking fundas since a long time.
My grandson himself phoned and called you here.
And conversely, you are blaming him.
Now I'll take this car to the commissioner...
...and ask him personally, whether do you feel this car...
...has dashed a telephone booth?
You'll go to the commissioner?
If circumstances force me then I'll even meet the home minister
Sir, it seems that our end is near.
Before this lady calls the home minister to her home...
...and endangers our home...
...let's go to our home.
Mother, you better talk about your influence...
...till the commissioner, home minister and the top... those officers whose earnings depend upon the top.
Not with an officer like me.
And about this car. This car is related to every murder.
I take this car in to custody, right now.
Sitaram, bring the ropes. - Yes, sir.
And tie this car to the jeep.
Please sir, don't take this car away from me.
This is my father's last souvenir.
Sir, I promise you that this car will never...
...create a mishap or an accident.
And what if it happens? - Then I'm responsible for that.
You can arrest me.
Think again. This time I'll not charge you with four...
...but five murders. That time I'll not take this car in to custody.
I'll crush this car like a matchbox...
...and throw it in some corner.
Did you get me?
What are you doing, son?
Granny, when I made Tarzan I felt like papa is with me.
If Tarzan goes away from me...
...I'll feel that papa has gone too.
'My car.'
'My car.'
What a pleasant surprise, papa?
But, you were supposed to come tomorrow.
Why? Don't you like surprises?
Of course, I like them.
First tell me, how's Raj? - He's very good, papa.
That's fantastic! Do one thing.
When you go to college today, tell Raj...
...that I'll come to meet him at his house in the evening.
And till that time, I'll meet my old friends. Is that Ok?
How are you? And why is the security all around here?
Kapoor uncle, you are still alive?
Hey, I'm absolutely fit and fine.
Tell me where's my friend Anthony.
Don't you know that dad went along with Chopra uncle...
...Saxena uncle and inspector Sharma?
But, where did they go?
Did they go to some hill station for picnic?
Then, tell me. I'll go and meet them.
Well it's Priya's engagement...
...and I came to personally invite them.
If you want to invite them personally...
...then you've to go up. - What?
Come. I'll tell you.
These... - These three have been murdered. - What?
Dad was run over and killed by a car.
And police said that the same car...
...had killed Chopra uncle and Saxena uncle.
Has the murderer been found?
The police are still searching for him.
And the car with which, they were killed belongs... an automobile engineer Deven Chaudhary's son.
Yes. Police doubt that that guy killed them...
...or made someone kill them.
Uncle, If he comes to know that you've come...
...and you are their partner, then... won't require to get a London visa on your passport.
You'll die standing there and your passport will get expired.
Uncle, what are you thinking? - No... nothing.
I'll look in to this after Priya's engagement.
You don't worry.
This is the latest news. Why should I worry?
My dad's already dead.
Papa, this is Raj.
No, my son. A son-in-law is just like a son.
And a son gives a hug. C'mon.
Granny, this is Priya's father. And this is my granny.
Greetings! - Greetings!
Please come in. - Yes. - Have a seat.
I'm happy that you came here.
Priya always talks about you on phone.
She tells that whenever I meet granny I forget you. going to become the daughter-in-law of your house.
This is your greatness and...
...honestly speaking, this is our good fortune.
Thank you. - I'll bring tea for you.
Uncle, that my father's photo.
Papa!? - Yes.
Murderer of my father, now do you know understand...
...why I pretended to love your daughter.
To bring you here from London.
I've killed your other friends.
Now, it's your turn.
What happened, uncle? - Nothing.
What happened, papa? - Nothing, my child.
It seems like I'm not well.
Let's go from here. - But papa... - Let's go.
How can you go this way?
You've come for the first time in our house.
At least have some tea. - No. It's all right.
But, uncle... - We'll talk later son.
Come, Priya. - But papa, what happened?
We had come just now.
What happened to him so suddenly?
He was telling that he was not well.
He was not feeling well?
Papa, you were all right.
Then why did we come from there?
Because I don't want you to marry him.
What happened to you so suddenly?
Why are you saying like this?
No arguments. I don't want to hear anything.
We'll both go back to London.
And you'll marry a boy of my choice.
And this is my final decision. Understood?
Then, listen to my decision too.
I'll marry no one, but Raj.
If you want to go to London, then you can go alone.
Raj, my son. A calamity has struck!
That scum Rakesh Kapoor is taking your Priya to London.
He wants her to marry someone else.
What?! - Please save Priya.
Dear Priya is immersed in tears.
If it was under my control then I would have cut...
...that scum Kapoor's rear with an axe.
But, what can I do, son? I can't lift in this old age... the axe.
But, who are you? - I'm Kapoor's gardener.
Son, you are coming, right? - Yes, I'm coming.
Latest news. Uncle, he's coming.
You uncultured brute!
You were heaving curses on me, in my presence.
Uncle, if I had not cursed you, then... would have he believed that I was in his favor?
You don't know. To catch a lion you have to cut a pig...
...and throw it as a bait in front of him.
Where are you going, son? - I got a call from Priya's house.
Her father is taking her to London forever.
How can he take her in this way?
Priya and I love each other very much.
Granny, I can't live without her.
I won't allow her to go. - Wait, son.
I'll come with you too. How can he hurt children's hearts?
I'll talk to him. Come.
Raj, are you going to meet Priya?
But you'll never be able to meet anyone again.
Because it was me who deceived you to come here.
I'll kill you and throw you here.
I challenge you. Come out.
Granny, that is Tarzan.
But, how did it reach here?
Sir, your planning was very good!
You threw that Raj along with his car...
...from the mountain and killed him.
People will think that this is an accident, but not murder.
No! - Priya!
Priya, stop.
Granny, my Tarzan! How did this happen?
Who did this, granny?
I was shocked when I heard that papa...
...threw you along with Tarzan from the mountain.
That means, your papa did all this.
Yes, I've done it.
And look, what I do next.
Papa, please stop. - Move aside.
Uncle, please leave her.
Take her away.
What are you doing? Leave him.
Move aside. Move from here.
I won't leave you. Come.
Uncle, what are you doing?
First, you killed my accomplices.
Now, you want to kill me?
Uncle, I didn't kill anyone.
I'll kill you in the same way like...
...I drowned and killed your father
This car! This had been shattered to pieces.
How did this get here?
No, Devan. Please forgive me.
Have mercy on me. - Did you have mercy on me?
Did you ever realize, what would happen... my mother and my son after I'm gone?
My soul was writhing for twelve years...
...seeing you and your accomplices alive.
Perhaps, it was my mother's blessings...
...that my son brought my car before you.
If I wanted then I could have killed you there itself...
...where you were drowning my son.
But, I wanted to prove that my son was innocent.
That's why I brought you here.
I accept in front of everyone that I'm your culprit.
My accomplices and I had stolen your car's design.
And killed you by deceit.
Inspector, please arrest me.
Mr. Kapoor, this is called the nature's funda.
Humans commit sins and try to conceal them.
But nature unfolds it and reveals them.
Son, I was sure that an ill-omened...
...thing had happened to you.
Otherwise there's no place in this world...
...where a son goes and forgets his mother.
When a mother dies in front of her child...
...then that mother lives forever.
When a child dies in front of his mother...
...then that mother dies a thousand deaths.
Isn't that son unfortunate who had to leave...
...his mother and son crying and perplexed?
See, even after my death these eyes are open.
At the time of my death it wanted to see you and Raj.
But neither could it see you...
...nor did your hands close the eyelids.
Mother, if there is a rebirth...
...then I'll be born again as your son.
Papa, you'll leave us and go away?
I had gone away twelve years back.
But, it was you...
...who brought me again to my mother and you.
I'm sad that your father couldn't do anything for you.
But, I'm happy...
...that you made a better car than me.
And yes, the next time you take Priya on a ride...
...don't take your hands of the steering wheel.
I'll take your leave.
'You are the feeling...
...attached to my heart.'
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