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Subtitles for Tabutta Rovasata 1996 CD2.

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Tabutta Rovasata 1996 CD2

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Ogün passes the ball into the penalty area.
Ericson tackles him. The national squad constantly..
attacks the Swedish side. Now it's Oguz.
Oguz passed the ball to Osman. Osman dribbles.
He's in the penalty area. Passes the ball back to Oguz.
Oguz is likely to score. He shoots.
And he did it. Goal!
He did it!
We're 1-0 ahead.
Tonight is our night, this is the Turks' glorious night...
Off to the streets.
Turkey! Turkey!
Europe, Europe, listen to the footsteps of the Turks.
Are you doing the laundry at this hour?
Don't you have eau de cologne? -No!
Why don't you get some, son? -We'll get it tomorrow, ma'm.
You handle money alright, why don't you buy some cologne?
Do buy some. -Thank you.
No need for that. -Miss!
This is yours! -Mine?
You forgot this yesterday.
I was thinking.. -Will you be here from now on?
You work at the coffee house. -I'm in charge of the restrooms.
Did they give you a bed? -Yes.
Upstairs? -Yes!
So you don't sleep in boats anymore.
Wouldn't you get bribes if you were in power?
I would. But not billions. -So you accept it.
No, I don't. There is an extent to which one should..
accept bribes. -There is no such extent.
Power corrupts. -You're bullshitting!
You talk as if you have been a prime minister.
Come on, talk! We were just chatting.
I was thinking about buying booze and going to Sari's grave.
If we could go together. All of his friends.
I got raki, nuts. And wine.
It's cold, but I thought it would be good if we go.
No! Well, maybe.
In fact I was going to.. -What?
.. ask you for a favour. -What?
I was going to ask if you could write 'men' and 'women' on..
the doors of the bathrooms. It's a bit confusing like this.
Find a pen! I will. -A pen?
Do you have cotton wool here? -Cotton wool?
Very little would do. -I'll ask if there is any.
A pen and cotton wool!
I'm coming.
Is there any cotton wool? -What are you talking about?
They need it downstairs. -No cotton wool here. Ask Zeki.
Cotton wool.
Will you be here permanently from now on?
I will. -Do you make the tea too?
I'm in charge of here. -Did they give you a bed?
Yes! -That's good.
Well, not bad. -I sometimes envy.
I'm in a worse situation than you are.
What do you mean? -You have a room!
Don't you have anywhere to sleep?
I do and I don't. I stay at my friend's place.
So do I. But friends are good. -I sometimes dream of a place..
of my own! I could sometimes do..
My friends are not always at home.
You can visit us sometimes if you like. When you can't..
find your friends. -Upstairs?
Is that possible? -Why not?
Impossible. -It may be raining, snowing.
Or if you can't find a bus or when you don't have any..
money, don't hesitate. -No such thing!
We have plenty of beds here anyway.
But I may have my friends with me.
I'm not sure about friends, but you can sometimes...
I mean not every night but you know...
If it is only every now and then, Zeki would let us..
sit at the coffee house.
This is the room. That's the key.
Come any time you like. Bring along your friends.
You better not. But if you do, don't let Zeki see it.
He's not in your crew, he's not your buddy, nor is he a relative.
Why are you trying to protect him?
How many? -I don't have sugar in my tea.
My father was a taxi driver. In the middle of the night..
at three or four o'clock, he had to drive along a narrow road.
This is twenty years ago. It was a very dark street!
The street was so narrow that only one car could pass!
There was a table in the middle of the road!
And a man at the table. Do you know what he was doing?
He was having tripe soup. Garlic, vinegar and pepper..
was there on the table. -Your father must have come..
across a circus! -A real dinner table.
My father got out of the taxi and asked the man..
'What are you doing? ' The man didn't reply.
He just drew his gun and bang! That's why everytime..
I go into a narrow street and.. I see a man drinking soup..
at a table, I take the reverse gear.
Mahsun, where are you, son?
Hello Mahsun, how are you? -Hello.
How is your work? -Fine Reis. How are you?
How is everything? -Well. It's always the same.
There is an old shirt on the boat. Come and get it.
I'll come shortly. -You can't find us in an hour.
As soon as I finish sweeping, I'll come.
Take this. You may need it to buy medicine.
No. I'm fine. -Come on, you may need it.
You've misunderstood me. I didn't do it for money.
You're ill. Take this. -No, I won't.
Here is the key and the money!
I could only take you. I'm sorry for separating you..
from the others.
I wish I could take you all away. But they won't let me.
They never let me do anything any more.
You drunken bastard! -What's up, asshole?
What's up? -God damn you!
Mahsun! Take me to Taksim.
Get the fuck out of here! -Take me.
I'm begging you to take me! -Those friends of yours take..
you to Taksim! Go and ask them!
Take me to Taksim. -Leave me alone!
Go away. -I have to go to Taksim.
I have no money. -Take your money.
No! -Take your money back..
and fuck off! -I have to go.
You've cheated me, you slut!
Fuck off! Don't come!
Mahsun, hurry!
Mahsun hurry! Hurry!
You wait for me in the car.
Come on, wake up!
You wait here.
Have you heard the joke about two Laz snakes?
No, I haven't. -Two Laz snakes were creeping..
along a street. One asks the other 'Temel, are we..
venomous or something? The other snake replies..
'Yes, why are you asking? '
'I've just bit my tongue. '
How did you steal the boat? -I didn't.
You didn't? Then you got permision to take it.
From whoever the owner is. Whose boat was it?
Someone who hired this man on his boat.
How did you crash? -I don't know.
Everything seemed to be normal, then the boat..
started to shake and another boat came to rescue us.
How is the girl? -The girl is fine.
Really? -She's having an operation.
What's her name? -I don't know.
Didn't you know her before? -I did.
You bloody rascal!
Shouldn't I kill you on the spot?
You bastard! Son of a bitch!
You ruined me!
Shouldn't I kill you!
Shouldn't I tear you down to pieces!
Son of a bitch!
How're you doing? -Hello.
Why don't you creep into the coffee house?
Zeki. -Zeki kicked us out.
Recently, huh? -Was it a week ago?
Five days ago. -So it was five days ago.
Such a long time. Where did you sleep last night?
In a construction site. You? -Me too. The one up the road!
We were in the one next to the mosque.
If you have money, buy some cognac.
If I had, I'd buy you the whole shop.
Hi, do you have any stale bread to spare?
You pimp! What did you do?
Are you going to ruin us? Do you want me to lose my job?
Come here! Don't run!
Come here!
That's my job!
Bastard! Son of a bitch!
And here's a news from Istanbul. Mahsun Süpertitiz..
who strangled and tried to eat one of the peacocks that were..
a gift from President Süleyman Demirel to the Rumeli Hisari..
Fortress, was caught red handed by the guards of the Fortress.
At the police station Süpertitiz said, 'I'm unemployed and..
I was broke. I was starving. I couldn't resist the idea when..
I saw the peacocks. If I hadn't been caught, I was going to..
eat it. 'It is stated that Mahsun Süpertitiz had been involved..
in many car thefts but always got away with them.
According to the police, his latest crime was usurping..
a boat and sinking it. Stay tuned if you want to..
hear about the details. We'll be back after the commercials.
I'll gulp you down sausage.
Fat sausage.
Long sausage.
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