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Taipei 21

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and this apartment...
is best for the first-time couple buyers
Now the mortgage rate is so low
Don't miss it
This place...
is a perfect long-term investment
Even with a baby
You'll still have enough space...
to enjoy Provencal resort style living
Ms. Lin,
where do you work?
Near the Regent Hotel
Ah... That's great
Close to the MRT station
Easy commute, isn't it?
And Mr. Lin?
I'm not married yet
My boyfriend's surname is Tsai
Today is his birthday
Sorry, sorry...
And... What does he do?
Same as you
I'd like to leave early today
If it's possible
No problem, you still have off days
And your work is remarkable
I'm impressed
Going to the English class tonight?
It's ok, but I improve slowly
Don't worry
Keep practicing and you'll get better
I like your work performance very much
Thank you, sir
Call me Paul
Excuse me
Hello? Yes?
It's me
Hi Jack! How are you?
I'm good. Yes.
Yes. I'm leaving next week
We can meet, but my schedule is tight
Not Wednesday
I'll be in Shanghai by then
You've performed below average for three months
I know you need a second job
But what would your co-workers think?
Sleeping in the office
You took it for a hotel?
What are you going to do?
I'll work it out
You've fucked up many times
I've told you this many times
You are not even my son
I don't need to defend you.
You know?
I'll change
A Japanese client...
is coming to see the villa tomorrow
I expect your good performance
Wait till you see the money!
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday!
Don't you have English class?
Knew you'd play hooky when you enrolled
What a waste of money!
For you!
I don't think this is a good place
The ventilation's terrible
An illegal utility hookup
And it's not safe
What's not safe?
This was a whorehouse!
If it were safe
I would have moved in with you
That was before
The old bad vibe is still here
Staying here is bad for our health
And bad for our luck
Is it?
I think it's fine
Didn't you say you've been unlucky?
I reserved a studio
Down payment is 300 thousand
Monthly payment is only 20 grand
I think we can afford that
What is it? Don't get fooled!
I'm only thinking...
We've been together for seven years
We need to think for the future
Already you give home 20 grand monthly
How much is left?
Make the calculation
Food, transportation, cell phone
Movies, concerts
Is there any money left for a mortgage?
I sell real estate too
You should at least ask me
Help me with my sales
I'm getting fired, honey
I don't need movies or concerts
Not even studying abroad
I just want...
I did this...
...because I want to be with you
Why did you say all these?
As if I'm messing with you
The timing isn't right
What timing?
The question is whether you want it or not
We've known each other for so long
Why don't you understand me?
We can't afford it
You only have two options
Buy a place...
...or I'll go study abroad by myself
10 thousand..., no...
200 million...
500 thousand...
200 million and 500 thousand
Whole place 200 million 500 thousand
OK... Wait...
come and interpret for me
What are you doing?
Get over here!
Please wait
Tell him it's 250 million
250 million?
250 million New Taiwanese Dollars
250 million?
Has he that much money, Wanda?
That's his business
Maybe he's the heir of Sony
Who knows?
The Japanese are kind of weird
You never know what they're thinking
Give him your bar business card
Make friends with him and figure him out.
Perhaps he'll go visit you later
To relax...
Relax! Yeah!I
My name is Hong Tsai
I work at a Japanese bar at night
You're welcome to drop by
If you have some free time
No wonder you speak Japanese
Ask him why he's buying this place
This villa
Mr. Nakajima
Why do you want to buy this villa?
Because... I like Taiwanese cinema
I want to live in Taiwan
I see
What did he say?
He liked Taiwanese cinema
So he wanted to live here
I told they're weird
I'm relying on you
Go! Don't act silly!
Will you buy the apartment...
...or go study abroad?
I won't buy the apartment
You've been together for seven years!
Won't the breakup be awful?
You'll quit the job and go study?
It costs a lot to study abroad
Is your family helping you out?
Paul wouldn't let you go
Your performance is swell
Where would he find someone like you?
He's interested in you
He's transferring to Shanghai next week
I always play this role
What role?
Whoever breaks up
I'm always the sidekick
And yourself?
Had you any love affairs?
I had so many love affairs
That I could write a book about them
I've had them all second hand
I really don't get you
Saying you've got different personalities
That you can't communicate
But you've just found that out...
...after seven years?
What's wrong with you?
You have a point
what's wrong with you today?
Are you haunted or looking for trouble?
If something is bothering you just tell me
Don't hold it inside
Do you hear?
I've turned my cell off
If Hong comes for me
Tell him I left for the day
Where are you going?
I'm going home
I'll go see Mr. Wang this evening
Bring him the fall collection catalogue
Is he interested in you too?
He shops at the store all the time
Oh please!
How come you see everyone...
as adulterers?
What? You robbed the bank?
You're taking it?
Isn't this garbage?
OK... take it...
But the guy...
who took off without paying.
You have to pay for him
Why me?
Because you're the subletter
Or what I'm doing here?
Charging you only a few grand
You think I'm doing this for charity?
As soon as I get paid
And the toilet, two grand
I have to pay for that too?
You're the subletter!
Sis! You're off work?
I asked for leave this afternoon
He's my supervisor
Call me Paul
Where are you going?
Uncle Quinn said they need an attendant in the hospital
The hospital?
I can give you a ride
This should be the right one
Doesn't look like it either
OK, no problem
Tell me what hospital it is
I'll ask
Yang-Ming Hospital
Turn left at the next traffic light
You'll see it
OK... Thank you
Thank you, bye
You eat betel nuts?
It's fun!
It's close. We'll be there...
in 2 minutes or you can have the car
I am sorry!
Looks like the car is yours
You nuts?
Stop dreaming
The guys who come here...
are all dodgy
They'll make you a prostitute in Japan
Save the daydreams
You're here?
Business's slow, just some tips
I want to take leave tonight
He's taking leave again
Busy boy
Give me back my money
Wow... big tip!
It's our welfare fund
Treat or trick!
Eating out...
... just clean up the bar counter
Then get the hell out of here
Save my breath
Thank you, Lady Gigi
Work harder
Lady Gigi...
I want to take leave too
You want to take leave too?
You've taken so many days off
Why don't you be the boss?
You're not being fair
You say I'm unfair
Meaning you don't want this?
Hong, come, have some tea
Hello, Uncle
What special occasion is it...
... that you're giving Jean flowers?
Stone, you're son-in-law is so romantic
Young people are all like this now
Jean didn't come home with you?
She's not home yet?
I'll wait for her
Come have some tea
She was here
She didn't go out with you?
When are they getting married?
I don't know what these kids have in mind
Who knows?
Who knows...
...what you two old guys have in mind?
I just can't figure out
You come every month...
...for the money he owes
Did you ever get it back?
Never mind that...
Yeah, we're talking about business
You're only talking nonsense
What nonsense?
How long have you owed this money?
It's all your fault!
You never push him hard enough
He never bothers to pay back
I work hard to get paid
He only knows to spend
Stone wants to open a bubble tea house in China
A bubble tea house?
To make money in China...
don't you need some capital?
It's for the capital...
that we are here
With 200 thousand
You make three millions in three years
Easy business!
Easy business?
Stop daydreaming!
I'm telling you don't lend him a dime
Or I have to prostitute myself to pay back!
You make it sounded horrible
You yell at me every time I speak
You're such a...
Go ahead! See if I care!
Holly... easy...
Stop it... sit...
It's killing me!
I think
Stone is serious about it this time
Auntie, I'll step out for a minute
Bar again?
You're so unimaginative
Who is she?
My brother's girlfriend
And the kid?
My brother's too
Didn't you have a shift today?
How come you're back?
It's cancelled
You should have waited in the hospital
What are you doing here?
You are all assholes
You only care when it's not easy
OK... I'm hanging up
That's it
OK... Sit...
Stop crying
Don't cry, be a good boy
Be good, Stop crying
Take good care of him
I know
Wash your hands
After coming from hospital
I did
He's your family heir
You're to blame if he's sick
Stop crying, please?
Don't cry...
Be good
You're Jean's boyfriend?
I heard you're in realty?
The flowers are for me, right?
Seeing you makes my day
You are our VlP customer
We come whenever we're needed
See, I brought you the latest catalogue...
that I received today
Sure, show me
What a pretty girl!
That's my daughter
She studies in Vancouver
Majoring in concert piano
I just went for her concert...
in Vancouver
She played pretty well
It's wonderful
I'd like to study in Vancouver too
Hong, come
Come over here
I need to talk to you
Uncle Quinn?
Quinn is really a nice guy
My friend borrowed money from him
Asked me to be the guarantor
But my friend fled after the business failed
And I became responsible for the debt
He feels bad to ask me for it
Even treats me politely
You're really opening teahouse in China?
You're no stranger to the family
I shall be frank with you
It's Yang who's going
Isn't he wanted by the police?
That's why we need money to pay the smuggler
If he doesn't leave now...
he'll never be able to
Can you get me a hundred grand?
Quinn is such a nice guy
With all I owe him...
instead of reclaiming
he's getting me a few grand
I have about ten thousand
Ten thousand is fine...
for now
You can give me the rest next week
There is still time
It's the color of spring
Mr. Wang called me...
just for this?
I'm a little scared...
Scared of what?
I should be scared
Of what?
You're so good at business
that you will dilute my profit
You're making fun of me
No, seriously
If you want to study abroad
I can ask my daughter to arrange for you
Is... Mrs. Wang in Vancouver too?
She joined the nunnery
Went practicing Buddhism in California
I don't know what she's doing
I am sorry
Never mind
For men of our age
Marriage is about paying back the debt
happens only in the first week
Then you begin to deal with the ending
Gets harder if you do it later
So be careful with your love affairs
I'm about to break up with my boyfriend
Now you're dealing with the ending
We are quite different
Or I should say
I don't like the way I am now
You couldn't be more charming
You deserve a better choice
The number you've called is not in service
Leave your message after the beep
You need me to come along?
What for? It's not a vacation
I see...
Take care of yourself out there
Don't get a beating...
Where's the money?
It's not ready yet
Don't worry, I'll do my best...
don't call me
I'll call you for the money
I need to pee
Tear it down and build a high rise...
The real estate is in recession
I can't accept your price, miss
This is the best location
Best location? You're kidding me
Please, everyone goes to China now
Don't put it this way, Mr. Chen
How should I put it then?
In Taiwanese or with a Beijing accent?
You just said 200 million
That's what I would begin to consider
I'll discuss with my partners
and the marketing company
If you agree on 200 million,
What are you doing here?
I fell asleep
You slept here last night?
What is going on here?
What the hell...
Are you making porno or selling real estate?
Mr. Chen...
I came all the way...
200 million you said?
200 million my ass!
It's only a piece of cake!
It's nothing
What did you freak out for?
Staying here since last night...
You're feeding mosquitoes or what?
I know you're trying
But you got to do it the right way
You can't just force it
Wanda I have seen a lot
I know exactly what's in your mind
But the most important thing
in our business is...
Get it?
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Louder, harder
Wanna get rich?
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Very good!
Put the clothes on, I'm going
The most important thing is...
keeping the professional image
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
And you flushed the toilet!
I panicked, didn't mean it
Is Wanda interested in you?
No way...
She's like my mom
I'm just joking
Go! Go! Go!
Tell me what you think about this
We can rent a place first
And go abroad
when we save enough money
Can we drop this?
We'll be able to afford it,
You know how unlucky I've been?
I got 20 grand bonus from the bar
And my landlord took 8
A couple for the towed scooter
And I promised to loan your dad 100 grand
A hundred? You crazy?
This is my way of helping you
What's wrong with that?
You only think for yourself
I only think for myself?
I'm thinking for our future
You say I only think for myself?
He's your father
Helping him with his problem...
is helping you
You said as if I never helped them
that what I did was unworthy,
is that it?
I didn't mean that
Jean was there
I see no one
How could she be this early?
How do I know?
Did she see you?
I split
Must be someone else
Don't go to the hospital
to work as an attendant
Why is he so nice to us?
What do you dress up for?
I'm going out with a friend
A friend?
How come I never heard?
Do you... want to leave?
Leave where?
What's wrong with this place?
We live here since little
I'm not talking about moving
I'm saying...Ieaving home
Forget don't understand
Which movie did you learn that from?
So tacky
Exhibition of true love?
How long is she staying?
I don't know
I'm not used to sleeping with you
I can sleep on the sofa
I forgot to tell you
I have English class tonight
Some other day?
You're getting lucky!
Let's see...
I should change my business to male escorts
No one's taken the girls out for days
As soon as you're here...
Someone is buying you out for the night
That one
That's my client
That's funny
People pay the girls for their client
And you ask the client to pay for you
When did you start escorting?
Should have told me
Save me from spending money elsewhere
I did not
OK, go say hi
Don't get fucked!
Mr. Nakajima
You didn't have to pay for me
And you don't have to call me mister
Just call me Toshi
And you?
Hong, call me Hong
I'm not used to the bars
I thought Japanese love them
That's the old generation
We are still young
Anyway, let's go
Excuse me, I have to get on first
Get lost!
No way, stop!
Go ahead!
Take this!
What the heck?
Beg for your life!
Where were you?
These look so fake
The props and posters
Isn't cinema about faking
Cinema... is a beautiful woman
And you can't fake beauty
I think what you like is women...
... not cinema
I like whatever is beautiful
I like you too
I know where to go
There are beautiful things there
Why are you so nice to me?
I want to take care of you
I am lonely
So many women love you
And you're lonely?
You too young to understand
Well then...
why me?
I don't know
I do it exactly because I don't know
Or it wouldn't be fun
When you figure it out
when you know me more
The novelty will be gone
You only say it
because you're insecure
You don't like yourself enough
You don't know how charming you are
You like me?
I love you
no cell phone?
I left it at the bar
I am sorry!
I see...
It's fine
I think...
It's interesting this way
Life is meant to...
have ups and downs
and certainly unexpectedness
Life without exceptions is fake
Just like watching a movie
Though the ending is unclear
It will only get more exciting
You really love cinema
Just like my girlfriend
You have a girlfriend?
Of course
she's dumping me
Because our ending is unclear
Don't copy me
I'm serious
To me it's not exciting at all
Not at all
You don't understand
YOU don't understand
This is... terrible
What is going on?
It's damn hot, let's move
My father suffered from an odd disease two years ago
His intelligence deteriorated to a three-year-old
He liked only kids' stuff
Toys, stickers, Leggo
Watching only cartoons
And one more strange thing
What strange thing?
He couldn't speak Japanese anymore
Only Taiwanese
So I had to learn Taiwanese
Because your father
Spoke only Taiwanese at three
He said 'l want to go home' in Taiwanese
We found out the home he talked about
is the house you're selling
My father's photo as a kid
It was taken in the house you sell
I came right after I found out
You family is wealthy?
My father is
So it's true money makes dreams come true
If you didn't have money
Your father's wish wouldn't be fulfilled
Why money again?
Taiwanese think only about money
I think...
It's because you have money
That you can afford to cherish this and that
It's because you don't even cherish yourself
That you never make real money
I don't understand rich people's mind
What do you understand...
besides tearing down and selling?
You're mad?
I want to go home
Why do you get mad about money...
Iike my girlfriend does?
I can go home by myself
You don't need to escort me
You paid me to escort
You should take up the responsibility
I paid for you
Because I want to befriend with you
Forget it
I apologize!
My first paid escort service
Mine too...
First time paying for a guy
We are the same
Let's go back
Good boy
You want to leave? Sure
You're all grownups
Have your own minds
How can I tie you down?
I'm disappointed at this family anyway
Why don't we all split?
Mom, don't be mad
How can I not be mad?
Your brother...
... always breaks the law
His woman ran off with whoever
Leaving the kid unattended...
only to burden us
You are good girls
I know
But you'll get married sooner or later
And your dad
Fooling around, good for nothing
If it weren't Uncle Quinn...
... but someone else
He would have got his limbs chopped off
You know?
Don't bother
Did you hear what she said?
We never met him
We don't even know what he looks like
Now she wants to get married
I'm sure she's pregnant
Or why is she doing this?
No... Shirley is such a good kid
That's why I worry she might get fooled
You know?
Stop imagining things
I'll go ask her
Are you pregnant?
Then why rushing for marriage?
He said I could bring Robbie along
I like Robbie
I think marriage is okay
What kind of reason is that?
When did you know him?
A few days ago
Who the hell is he?
Do we know him?
Is it Uncle Quinn?
Not Uncle Quinn!
Then... who is it?
He'll come explain to everyone
I don't know what to say
And you're having a relationship?
And getting married?
Are you nuts or what?
Do you love him?
I don't know
Does he love you?
I think it's him
I'll get the door
It's you?
She looks familiar
Do you know her?
My ex-wife
She had an affair?
Women who had slept with me...
would never be interested in other men
You can't joke about this
She is definitely alone
Why did you break up?
It's her problem she wanted to perform
Married with child
Still she was always in rehearsals
Marriage and kids are shared duties
You can't leave it all to me
Just because I'm more reliable
Then I had it figured out
Do whatever you want
I wouldn't stop you
I'm a man with principles
Once you leave
Then don't come back
How about the kid?
For the sake of the kid
If she begs me
Perhaps I'll give her another chance
Forget it
You young people...
would never understand
So my judgment was correct
What judgment?
I wanted you to befriend with him
It's good you showed him around
He wants to see the house again
Sure, you go with him
But don't mention the price
Keep him interested
What if he asks?
If he asks...
You tell him
This price is not possible
And he's not the only interested buyer
We can play with him
Is it right?
What's wrong?
What's wrong with robbing from the rich?
May I borrow some money?
What for?
Buying a scooter?
You can deduct it from the commission
Be it higher or lower
He's going to buy it
His old man...
... is in real estate
Like my ex-husband
You were married?
Her kid is in high school
I fucking got married at 16!
Back to your nap!
I didn't know...
I told you
He made a fortune doing real estate
Too bad I'm couldn't stand...
how he idled around all day...
doing nothing
It drove me crazy
Or I could have spread my legs...
and been the dame
Nothing's easier
He had an affair?
You don't know
Men who had slept with me...
would never be interested in other women
sounds familiar
What is familiar?
Don't gossip around
Or I can't stop men from going after me
I have spiritual practice now
Men are useless,
I am on my own
Wouldn't he remarry with the kid?
It's tough
Because he is still thinking of me
But once I leave
I would never go back
Unless he begs me for the child
Perhaps I'll give him another chance
You are...?
I'm here to see Mr. Wang
I'm Jean Lin, I am...
Do you have an appointment, Ms. Lin?
Pardon me, please wait
I'll ask him
A Ms. Lin is here for you
I do not know
Would you stop doing this?
I am only your secretary
Take care of it yourself
I'll tell her to wait
Ms. Lin. Ms. Lin?
Ms. Lin? What's wrong?
Which guy got on your nerve again?
Family business...
I went to see Mr. Wang today
What for?
I wanted to know if he loved me
His secretary said he was busy
How could you be so silly?
it seems love has nothing to do
with how long you stay together
So if he loves me
I will choose him
And his wife?
He said there's no love between them
Every unfaithful man would say that
every woman would believe it
Still, he won't get a divorce
Because it's too complicated
He doesn't want to hurt anyone
everyone gets hurt
Smart as you are...
Why play this game with him?
It's not that simple
It's not that complicated, either
Just find someone
who loves you and is single
Doing business is much harder
You pretend this and that
But you never know which customer...
will pay the bill
You have to take care of every one
Love is the same
You see love as business
That's why it's so complicated
Don't talk nonsense
I'm not
You are
What do you really want?
Feels good
is full of my dad's childhood memories
I'll never let anyone tear it down
I'll pay any price
Of course!
I'll sign the contract tomorrow
I have to thank you then!
I have to thank you too!
What for?
This time...
in Taiwan
I've learned a lot
it feels like falling in love
What? You found a girl?
That's a... secret
You? Your girlfriend?
I haven't reached her
But I'm getting your point
If I wait till I have money
She might be gone
You're this early to scare me or what?
I thought you enjoyed escorting so much...
that you wouldn't show up again
Acting sly...
I hope the Japanese didn't do anything to you
He's here to buy a house
Has he bought it?
You made it!
I want to take today off
Again? What for?
What's wrong?
Jean wants to break up
Breaking up is no big deal
So many girls at the bar
I won't say a thing if you pick one
If you don't mind the age
Put me into consideration
I'm serious, Lady Gigi
Don't make fun of me
I was such an idiot
I didn't cherish her
But now I have it figured out
When men figure it out, they leave
I am leaving
Your cell phone
Thanks, Lady Gigi
You forget everything
No wonder you're losing the girl
I'm going
Get lost!
Stop picking the garbage
You a stray dog or what?
So stingy even for flowers
You'll really lose her
Get lost!
Your left your cell phone in my car
You don't check?
You don't call back?
It's not important
It's him, right?
Such a long relationship
It must be painful
But think it this way
If in the future
You two don't take the same road
It's useless to go on
Wider road, wider mind
You have to let go, to get on
it's no use
Yang was arrested
Oh... I'll leave it here
Just in case
Holly's gone too
Jean knows about this?
She just left
Will you marry me?
It's complicated
I don't want to hurt anyone
Aren't we hurting anyone now?
You forgot what I said
Love happens only in the first week
Now is the best happiest moment
My beauty, at your age
You should enjoy the moment
Trust me, I won't lie to you
And after this week?
If we don't think about marriage
Then we are both free
We can start another first week
Always the first week
As long as we know...
what we want...
what we are doing
I don't understand
Did you break up with your boyfriend...
because of marriage issue?
I'm experienced
I know your pain
If I listen to you
We'll both be in pain
If you listen to me
You'll see things through
Excuse me
'Studying, buying a place whatever you say'
'Let's be together, I love you, Hong'
Think carefully
I've thought carefully
I quit
It's Jean
It's noisy here, can you hear me?
What... I can't hear you
Where are you?
I'm on the MRT
I said...
I'll treat you for dinner
Hello? It's too loud to hear you
I'll meet you at the bar
I'll call you later
I love you!
I can't hear you,
I'll call you later
You have one new message
From 0968502160
'When you figure it out...
when you know me more
The novelty will be gone
You only say it...
because you're insecure
You don't like yourself enough
You don't know how charming you are
You like me?
I love you'
Go ahead, eat
Everyone is gone
Only two of us left
We have to look after each other
You just realize it...
now that everyone's gone?
I know you must resent me
I'm good for nothing
I never gave you one good day
It's too late to say this
It's not too late!
I don't blame your mother
for leaving with Quinn
It's all my fault
I'm responsible
Go ahead, eat
Remember when you were little
I bought you a tellurion
You spent all days and all nights...
spinning it round and round
Going to America for one second
And Japan the next
I knew you were just like me
Also a dreamer
Couldn't stay put
Would leave sooner or later
I didn't know
We are those who stay instead
Aren't you going to China?
It's the last chance in my life
I am worried about you
I'll take care of myself
Dad talked about going home
We never thought of bringing him to Taiwan
Until one day
He asked...
about the funeral in Taiwan
After that
we began taking it seriously
Still it was too late
I see
My sincere condolences
I understand
I'm terribly sorry
No problem, really
Don't worry about the house
Hurry back for the funeral
As for Wanda...
I'll talk to her
Leave it to me
I'm really glad...
to be your friend
That's the most important thing
This is for you
I can't take it, really
I knew you would say that
New scooter
What's this?
The old one was a piece of junk!
Take it if you take me for a friend
I'll go park it then
Or it might get hit again
Hello, it's Hong
I'm in the restaurant
His old man is dead, he said...
I'll be right there...
Do not leave,
hold on
Where is he?
How could you let him go?
He hasn't signed the contract yet
That's exactly why...
you should have kept him!
He's just messing us around
His old man is dead!
None of our business!
You should have kept him
Talked him into it
He's got loads of money
Would you stop all these money talks?
Do you have a little humanity?
Is there humanity without money?
Can you feed on humanity?
Everyone has ideals and ambitions
But you've got to eat after dancing
You get it?
I know a dancer
She looks a lot like you
She would give up eating for dancing
Would she?
Forget it...
Iet's drop this
How will you pay me back the money?
I'll ask my family
Forget it
I'll deduct from your salary
Work harder from now on
Get it?
Go! Go! Go!
Thanks Wanda
Still some humanity left
Thanks Wanda
I couldn't find you
Where have you been?
They are all gone
Even my dad
I don't know what to do
Me either
Only two of us left
I know...
you were with a guy...
What do you know?
I can explain
There was nothing between us
Maybe it's good for us to separate
We've been together for too long
We're so used to it
Things are unclear
You can ask me
If you want to know
There was nothing between us!
You don't have to tell me, Really
I can tell you!
I can tell you everything!
Never mind
Too late
It's not too late
How can it be too late?
Take good care of yourself
I enjoy my work more than ever
I've transferred to marketing department
My work is very busy now
But also very rewarding
Chubbie left the job
Wanted to write about Taipei love stories
She did publish a few popular novels
That afternoon...
I received an email
Shirley, Robbie and Paul...
took a family photo in Shanghai
In front of a beautiful house
Shirley was pregnant
They look like a happy family
Mom dropped by a few times
Without saying what she's doing
I found out from TV news
after that day
Maybe he has moved
Gotten a new job
A new girlfriend
I think of him a lot
One day
Walking into yard
I'll see all the flowers blooming
Like a dream
A bouquet is on the table
And I know...
It's him
Music provided by Wind Records
'Dong Yun-Chang at the 33th street corner'
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