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Subtitles for Tais Toi 2003.

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Tais Toi 2003

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Gerard Depardieu
Jean Reno
Shut Up
Director: Francis Veber
Hands up! Robbery!
Give me the money, hurry up!
What's that?
It's Yen, Sir
I don't want Chinese money
This is not Chinese money, it's Japanese Yen. The exchange rate is very good
Shut up! I need Euro! French Euro!
I still have it just a moment ago! Those Japs took them all
Did they rob you?
No, they exchanged their Japanese Yen
Damned it!
Where can I change your Japanese Yen?
Can you help me to change?
I only have British Pounds and Canadian Dollars
What the hell is this place?
Exchange bureau, Sir
I thought it's a bank
No problem, there's one at the corner
Is it a small savings bank?
Yes, but rather a famous one, BFC
Everybody hands up! Robbery!
He went that way
Excuse me, sir
Sorry sir!
How are you!
I am Quentin, I'm from Montache
Are you eating?
No, I'm shitting
Are you kidding, right?
Is it ¡°little cracker¡±?
What do you want?
No, just asking
I'm sure this is little cracker
Do you always eat with the same side of jaw?
Do you want to keep bugging me?
I ask because your teeth on the left are probably rotten
So you eat with your right all the time
I knew a guy once, called Mish
or Mishra, I forget, or whats oever
Can you shut up? I want to sit on my own
Oh, please go on eating, it won't disturb me
That guy Mish, Mishra or Misha, I don't know
He is the same as you, the left cheek is always swollen
I laughed and said to him,
¡°You looked like an ass, but only one side of the ass¡±, ha ha
Go on, do you want me to crack your head?
¡°Only one side of an ass¡± I called him
He eats just like you with the noise, a real chicken
I said to him,
¡°One side of an ass, you eat like a chicken¡±
It's him again, real asshole!
I don't understand
We were talking alright, suddenly he jumped at me
Cannot lock him up here
I know, but we do not have sufficient single cells
Every time when he was locked up with someone else¡­
perhaps there is a way to solve
What can you see from here?
A patch?
Yes, correct
But, what does this patch remind you of?
Keep concentrate
A dyehouse?
Quentin, it's about the shape of the patch
Not the way to remove it
Oh, I'm sorry!
Just a little fly, I didn't catch it¡­
What? What is this patch?
There is another one on your tie
No, I'm talking about this one with you!
This one is ok
The one disturbing me is the patch on your tie

Oh! Stupid asshole! My God!
I got it
It's only a patch
Sorry, I cannot take him
Oh no, you can't say that
I have examined carefully, He is not mad
His mental condition
is completely under control and responsible
Go ahead then, doctor
To be honest, he is unbelievably stupid
Doctor, you must get him out of here
I am certain that he will stay firmly at an asylum
My place is for the mad, not for the idiot
should consider build one for the idiot
Just imagine its scale
How is today?
Everything's ok, I went down the street and bought something
He didn't say a word after being arrested, not a single word
I don't know about his details
You see, I can do this too
I can also shut up for several hours, looking at the wall across
We have found the body
Go on looking at the wall, just like the movie. I'll show you the scene
A forest, middle of night
The plastic bag buried underneath, with a woman inside
A beautiful woman shot by Vogel because she went to bed with you
Do you like it?
Let's go on, I'll show you another scene
A cash delivery van hit by a rocket
Looked like a slaughter on the road
A man came from nowhere to take the money from the robbers
This scene is ok, isn't it?
Do you love any of these?
Now we change to another scene
Now we are in the house of Vogel
You have worked for him long enough
Needless to say how beautiful, luxurious the place is
The only ugly part of the decoration
is Vogel
He was very angry, because you make him uncomfortable
That cash box
Ruby, my target is Vogel, I'm not interested in you
You come up to finger Vogel, tell me where is the money
I can get you out of here as soon as possible
I'll let you continue looking at the wall. I believe you will help
The scene with the plastic bag in the forest
If this makes you feel bad, call me
How do you do?
I am Quentin, I'm from Montage
None of my business
You don't want to talk
You'll be like that once you stay too long in the prison
How long have you been here?
I know an African. He came from Antilles
If he comes from Antilles, he is an Antillean
Idiot! Not African!
No, he is African, called Joseph
Some Antillean also called Joseph
I don't know
You see, now you want to talk

Then you are the African
I am Antillean, idiot!
Just like that Joseph, he is African
Martinian, also Antillean
Are you kidding me?
Oh no, on the contrary, I like African
It won't help for me to worry
He stares at the wall
You know that
Ruby, he is an old hand
That method can do nothing to him
Oh, no
It's him!
What happens?
The guy looking for trouble, he's real stupid, always gets into a fight
Look at this idiot
He made 5 prisoners mad in 2 weeks
How are you?
I am Quentin, I'm from Montache
What are you looking at?
Let me have a look
There is nothing I can see
Ah, yes!
The spider over there, ain't it?
I tried to communicate with it once, to be honest, I failed
It's been very reluctant
I give it orders, it won't listen
Only simple orders
Sit, lie, go back¡­no action
It just stays there, stares at me
Looks like it does not understand a bit
It's difficult to believe, perhaps I have come across the less talented
Just liked that for one whole month
I did not hold on
If you agree, we can try this one as well
But I'm afraid you will be disappointed too
Tell you one thing, I like your hair very much
and your eyes like that of a horse
Don't think I'm kidding, I mean it
You have a pair of eyes like a colt
Very Good!
I want to be a jockey when I was small
But I grow up too big, do not make a jockey
I had been a kid at the stable
The horses there have big and beautiful eyes, just like yours
I love stable, it smells good there
The horses there stares with their large eyes
with a little sadness shown
You see, I'm very happy to stay with you here
Just like I was in the stable
This is the horse gets thirsty
You see, if we bring them out for a round
He will collapse, I'm sure
He stays in the cell, keeps silence
has no relation with nobody
Give me order, I'll get rid of him
How about my money?
I know Ruby, he'll get out very soon
I will wait for him at the exit
Quentin, how are you?
Very good, Mr. Warden
Tell me, do you get on well with your new friend?
Very well
He's real nice, interested in everything
But it seems he doesn't like to talk
But he is listening
I can talk about anything with him
He never argues or fights with me
I can talk at my own pleasure. He just listens
That's my buddy
Have some bread?
Did you sleep?
I had a dream, I have to tell you
In the dream we two have gone out and started a small tavern together
You know, just like those small tavern nearby Paris
For example, in Montache
We called it ¡°Home of two friends¡±|22500:17:53,240 --> 00:17:57,080|I serve the beer, coffee or small drinks
You talk to the customers behind the till
Usually, I never have such a clear dream
seems I was at there
¡°Home of two friends¡±
What have you done?
What have you done? Really so stupid!
What have you done?
Help! Open the door!
Open the door! Come on!
Open up!
You must eat something, Quentin
Do you hear? You cannot go on like this
Is he coming back?
No, he is not coming back
This is your own room. Now I won't let other people live here
Do you want to have something, ok?
Where is he?
in a place where we can treat him well
Don't worry, Quentin, he's not your buddy
Ruby will not be anyone's buddy
Fuck you!
It ain't easy to get hold of you
You see?
Just do it like you
I begin to understand when I was sent out of the prison
That's just for the escape. It's really beautifully done
I have never felt so good myself
For the sake of others, you cannot do that anymore
We know we have not known each other long enough
But I have never had a real partner
You will not do that again, will you?
You should not leave me on my own
I also will not leave you
You see, I'll be by your side all the time
What are you doing in bed?
Don't you see that I am sitting on somebody else?
Oh, I'm sorry
It's good, he's gone
Oh God, I kill him
What happened?
He sits on the old man
He is too small. I didn't see him. I killed him.
No, he's almost dead. You didn't kill anybody
Take off the apparatus
I'll tell you how I found you
But you cannot sit on it
Oh, he doesn't care
I even don't know your name is Ruby, from Pido
But he's not completely dead
Why don't you get up?
Ruby of Pido and Quentin of Montache don't mean bad, do they?
What are you doing here?
Is there anyone here to bother you?
I'll go, I'll go right now
If this bed is vacant, please keep it for me
Eat some meat will be good for your body. You should makeup your energy
Eat the meat, I tell you
Ah, Doctor, are you ok?
Very interesting, I think of you yesterday
Is it? Yes
I got the tomato sauce onto my arm
made quite a patch
I was thinking, so regretting, that you were not here
Ruby, are you ok?
Silent as usual?
If you continue to keep silence

He's not bad, where do you want to take him?
Listen to me, Ruby, a man who wants to kill himself and keeps silent
We will not keep him at the hospital
We will transfer him to a mental hospital
Me too. I don't talk. If not to you, I never talk
You must send me there as well
Very good, Quentin. Please let me finish my job
Me too, I intend to cut my wrist to die
You just say one sentence, one word to me, I'll pass

Good, I'll take care of you
If you don't bring me and him with you, I will bang my head to the wall
Stop saying stupid things, Quentin
It looks not too serious. No damage to the brain
I don't want to be nasty, but his brain has nothing to be damaged
What can we do any further?
In order to stop him to enter into the Guiness record
He wakes
Are you still alright, Quentin?
I have some headache
This is normal, especially when we use our head to hit the wall
I cannot organise my own thoughts
Let it be. The mind get confused for a while, no big deal
My partner, where is he?
My partner, where is he?
I'll tie you up
Because I don't know you really want to kill yourself
or just fake it to prepare for your escape plan
We'll release you in a few days
During this period, we will inject you with a medicine called Adoro
This is a very painful treatment, but after this
you will not know how to escape again
5 ml. Of Adoro
I give 100,000 euro if you help me to get out of here
You are not the first patient to give such proposal
I'm the first who owns 20 million
You can have a look at my files. Perhaps I'm not the craziest of them
But I must be the richest
I'm listening
He tells me to help him to get out
I just want to report him
Then he says if I want to earn a little bit more, I can contact you
How much?
100,000 euro
Let me pay 100,000 euro to get him out?
Have you all hear him?
He says, let me pay this money to get him out
I am responsible to give him 2 injections everyday
the result is to make him a 'vegetable'
If you prefer that way, you better let me go back
He really makes me mad! Stole 20 million from me then ask for 100,000 more!
He'll give me an answer tomorrow
I don't like this guy, he makes me creepy
Is he your friend?
Can't say yes
Then why does he agree to pay 100,000 euro to get you out?
Because he and I have a personal agreement
This agreement is too important for him to miss. He will pay you
I guarantee you
Haven't you seen my friend Ruby?
Ruby - from Pidu
Tall guy, big, brown hair, big eyes like a horse
No, haven't seen him
He is nearby, he becomes crazy at the same time with me
Damn it!
If he comes...?
Damn it
Damn it!
Damn it!
What's the matter with you, shouting so loudly with 'Damn it'?
Damn it!
Damn it!

It is an ambulance, coming on Wednesday
I send you in
must get some clothing for ordinary people
This is prepared

You must pretend to be an idiot, looked like taking the treatment
Where have you been? I'm looking for you for two days
Something's wrong. Is he feeling not right?
He's in intensive treatment. Don't disturb him
What's that? 'Intensive treatment"
What else do you want to do? Look at him. He can't even walk properly
He's fine. Please go away. Else I have to return him to his room
They are making him into 'vegetable'
I had been a psychiatrist. I don't know how I get in here
I'm not complaining. I'm ok here, not too much responsibility
He's not that unlucky, you can imagine
'Vegetables' are very unlucky, like what we have seen
Spinach or Brussel cabbage
Today we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow

This is the simplest
Ah, how are you, Doctor
How are you, Nosberg
He does not look too good Have you used the intensive treatment?
You have to find another partner, Quentin
If you think of someone out there, you can call him
You have the right to take visitors, you know
Do you have a family?
You have friends?
I have one but you have made him a 'vegetable'
I'm trying to help you, Quentin
I think you don't know the true face of Ruby
he's a killer
He is as cold as this rock
We will open a small tavern called 'Home of the two friends'
Why did you get into jail, Quentin?
I robbed
It's not worthwhile
That got me into jail
Have you worked?
No, never, only once
What did you do?
Building houses
You built houses and you have no friends?
When I want to see someone, I'll call
Don't get bored on your own, ok?
Haven't you got enough, Martineau?
Just this last one, I go now
Who is it?
Hang on
It's for you
for me? Have you got drunk?
Martineau, it's me , Quentin
Quentin from Montache
Are you still in prison?
No, I have become a mad man now
You should try to be positive
Just like this world, there are the good and the bad
Tell me, Martineau!
After I get out, I want to open a small tavern with a friend
Then I think of you
Is it? Yes it is
As business needs a partner, I'll tell my friend
Martineau knows so much about taverns
Of, that's my glass
Wait, I'm talking about very important things
Are you serious?
Of course!
But you cannot drink too much!
This is not to open a brothel
Really incredible
Tell me Martineau
Are you still working at the construction site?
We'll take a walk through the garden as before
Then we'll get into the ambulance in the carpark
He's waiting for me out there
The guy who pays you...
must have prepared a surprising welcome ceremony
That has nothing to do with me
No, he is waiting for you
Get back the 100,000 euro from you then kill you
Are you kidding?
After you, go
I am not going. Money will be returned to him. I know this time is shit
If I were you, I will watch out for his reaction
When we get out, you give me a hand

I am only responsible to get you out, not to have someone murdered!
Why does he follow us so tightly?
What the hell is this?
We are going to escape, brother!
We are escaping!
God damned it!
What a pity! Idiot!
You look pretty well, not a bit like 'vegetable'
This is the asylum, we have two patients on the run
Oh, shit!
What happened?
They have returned
Holy shit! That guy got drunk again
That crane driver is a friend
I have told him, if he got us out then I will open a tavern with him
Yes, still the asylum
The two patients have gone again
Yes, they have returned and escaped again

Where are you going? Martineau! Martineau!
This is too ridiculous!
What can we do?
Let's jump!
You see, he is not insane, just pretending. Look, that's the result

I think you better review your treatment
This is not an escape
What else can it be?
It looks like Quentin was holding him under duress
and went up the cradle with him
Quentin kidnapped Ruby?
Ruby is not capable to act on his own, I've told you
According to my reasoning, you, the most stupid person in the asylum
successfully kidnap the most dangerous member
Is this logical?
I've been a psychiatrist for 20 years. I have sufficient experience
He can jump from mid-air. Does this surprise you?
It does not surprise me but has destroyed my car completely
Sorry, we will solve your problem a little bit later
And, I have lost a nurse
The guy who watches Ruby
almost disappears
If I'm correct, we have to find a nurse
One crane driver, an idiot and a murderer
Now we have something to do
Are you feeling alright?
Listen, Montache!
No, Quentin
Montache is my place of birth
Stop the bullshit!
I fully understand who you are
You work for the police
You help me to get out. All of this are to let me get you to the money
Anyway, as a condition for the deal
Only you have overdone it
Nobody will do it this way
I am not a fool
I know you are much more smarter than I
Much more smarter than I!
What happens?
Nothing, just a little...
This is the first time someone says I'm smart
I know this time I have done well
I fully deserve it, it is not easy
Shut up!
I want to say Martineau should not drink
But we cannot make everybody happy
Nevertheless, we are free now. This is all because of me
I am really so happy that you think I am smart

And you think you are smart?
No, it's you who think I'm smart
You've just told me
What's happening here?
I'm not saying anything. I won't call the police. I swear
What do you sell here?

We need clothings and money!
For clothings, I only have these
Do you have anything larger?
You want to go on a parade, idiot?
Just these?
I just open, the business is bad
I hope you are not reporting to the police
No! Never! I swear!
Paris Police 5th district.......
Who are you calling?
to my wife
Is your wife named 'police 5th district'
Get on the car!
I take these from the little shop for the old people living in La Tas
Me too, I'm from La Tas
Looks almost the same, doesn't it?
A cow?
A cow shitting
Go away, Montache!

Why not? Did they run out?

What's the matter? Where are you now?
In the embrace of mother nature, Vogel
What about my men?
I left them on the pavement in disorder
I think we have settled through the nurse
For me, you have shown your nature
Kill Sandra, what else will you do? I can't imagine
You have stolen my money. You will end up like her
Don't be mistaken, Vogel, You're not the hunter and I'm not the prey
I will find you, you will pay
You poor guy, just you alone. Police is looking for you
You have no chance
We have got hold of him on the car but the other one attacked from behind
A big guy, very powerful
Are you making up the story?
Ruby is a lone wolf. He does not work with anybody
But they left together
And on my BMW?
That car has global positioning system. We can find it
They are in the country
It's not possible1
When I called him, they should be at the stable
With many cows at their side
We found the driver in a tavern by the asylum
He is totally drunk
What did he say?
Nothing. He is out of his mind
This is his confession
I have been a crane driver for 25 years. I have never...
Shut up!
Now I can be sure
Quentin is the leader of this escape
Quentin is the leader of this operation. Really strange
They have robbed a little toy shop
Took 15 euros and a pair of sound simulation toys
From here we go our own ways
What? Our own ways?
Thank you for helping me, bye, bon voyage
But we cannot leave like this. Aren't we partners?
No, we are not partners
I never work together with anyone, especially not a cop
What cop?
Are you trying to be funny?
Yes, of course, yes
Then, say, 'Yes, I work for Officer Vernet of the Police Department'
Yes, I'm here for getting back the 20 million euro
Yes, I worked for Officer Vernet
Yes, I'm here for getting back the 20 million euro
Ok, isn't it getting better now?
Good, now we are partners
Are you making a fool of me?
No, why do you say that?
Vernet told you
If you are in control, report to the police
If I am in control, then I should report to the police
Where should I call?
Call the police department... are you pretending?
No, no, what is the number?
Don't you know the number of the police?
No, why should I know?
You just confess that you work for them
Right, you said that can make you happy
I don't understand...
Don't move!
This is disjointing of the shoulder. I had this before
I know how to do it. Sit down quickly
Go away!
It'll be difficult to cure it |if you don't care about it now, come on
I know it hurts
Hold on
Don't be afraid. It will be fine soon
It gets back
How do you feel?
Who are you?
I am Quentin
Quentin from Montargis
You could worry about nothing with me|You'll see
Are you better?
It's injures from falls, a bit nag|But I think nothing to worry about
Are you a doctor?
No, why asking for this?
I wonna be a doctor
Not in Pairs,but a countryside|Everyone is familiar with each other
for example, in Montargis
It will be free for the poors
Patient come to my clinique:|I had collywobbles,it's appendicitis
How much should I pay,doctor?
"No Pay,it's free"
I'll find
shut up!
It's a nice car
I have ever stolen this type,|very good
But it makes me be arrested at once
Because of some planet navigation system
It can be found by it's owner
ok,ok,I'll stop
Why not say it earlier? Fool
You make me scared when you shout at me
I'm stupid which i should think of
no, you are no stupid, just like me
You are just muddled for a while
They are getting through Nantel
They are heading to Robnil
Stop there
They are following us at the beginning|We can't drive this car any longer
We must leave here on foot|If there have no accident at hospital
Now I'm already free
If you like, I can come back with a car and some clothes
I don't like it
Since I am already have a plan for it
But miss the ambulance and the uniforms
You make it nothing
Because of you, I break my shoulder andhipbone
The only success we make is stole a car|which can be traced
See, What a moronism
If you take out that thing anymore...
I'm sorry for your escaping plan
I thought I did a good job
It will be some trouble make us be catch
If we have clothes like this
They are coming
We must find another car and clothes
Leave the key in car,|and keep the door open
Let thief stolen this car?
That's right
Is that you,dear
Don't be afraid ,we will not hurt you
We only want some clothes
Who are you? How can you come in
Is that you?
That's impossible,stand up?
What your size, sprat guy?
Leave it ,just keep the key
ah, Julian|I got it ,he was a reinsman
This is Julian
Don't touch that car, |I just buy it
We wonldn't
I'm respect the people of your kind
I have work in stable, I was a horse boy
Are you? Yes
I'm Quentin come from Montargis
You'd bette talk him about me
He's Ruby, from Bido
Oh,my god
It's not coincidence, The god give you this
Do you see it's eyes?
Like yours
Who are you talking to ,my dear?
Drive car
He's so kind
They stolen the BMW, just in front of us
Very good
How can you say very good|They even didn't reach the age limited
Lower your head
Follow that car
We'll catch them,then what should we do
This is good
Stop them,and get away the other,|take Ruby back
I was stolen autobike at them age
We are young person,|have nothing to talk with cops
We are not cops,|and have nothing to talk with young man either
Start off
See, if I compare Benz and BMW
Benz is softer and BMW have more power
I said, shut up
I'll arrive right now,
It's no need to ask other car,|this one is good
A BMW will have more power
Fuck you , you can't scare me
Sandra is waiting for you|you will laid down shoulder by shoulder, I swear
Four guy got the gun
We were just thinking, it's no porblem|they are only cops
They are not cops
And two man come out, get all of them down
Two muscle man, Powerful
They get that four guy down|then drive their car away
I didn't call you,because something happened
It's not graveness
They drive Benz away, |and we got BMW
How many time do you cost to play the game of change car
We can catch them in five minutes|Don't worry, nothing will happen
Where did they go?
That's my home
What should we do?
Come back right now!|We must get there before them
What are they doing
They want to take a shoutcut
The shoutcut your take has some problem|There is construcion in De Guelle Blav
They play trick with us
They will arrive before us
Where are you call
This is the police number, please wait
This is the police number, please wait
We will get him out teeth and nail|You ask him to go back?
Can you stop them?
Maybe not for us
Hey, look that
Oh, shit
His is being disturbed
By who?
They are bewilderment
Have you see two idiots?
That's us,stupid
Oh, shit, I didn't thought it would be this
Any cigerate?
I am not smoke
Can you lend me some to buy cigerates, beauty?
You have no cash, no problem ,|credit card is alright
Ok, give me that
Don't kid him, he will be angry|I know him , he often get angry
Not joking?
oh, You scare me
What will happen when he got angry
Your will be hit, and your ass kiss the earth
I wanna see
I have told you?
it's a tragic
You should be kind
Sit down
So, what kind of situation have you come across
Two gays
We ask them for cigerates
They beat us and take our clothes
I wanna my clothes back
No, not tonight
I can't , I told you ,|I have overtime work
Don't think too much, |I have no dating , I have work to do
I'll call you later ,bye
Hello, I'm Cristina
I'm free now, I'll get there right now|See you later
You are so cute
Oh, shit
Oh, thanks
He is the third bastard who snatched my gun, thank you
If you don't want to be stolen or robbed|you should stay in house
I'm Ruby, may i speak to Vogel
Stay against the wall, and will not be
Hello, Vogel I'll delay
Not at all, I'll be there at once
Oh, shit
They are close the block off and search |We must be seperated!
They look for two people,|We are too obvious if we stay together
We'd better be seprated from now on
Good luck
What can I do
It's not my problem
Maybe I should back to my family in countryside
That's great
But they are all dead
Fuck you
No, I'm just think about it
It makes no different ,|The old are deaf and dazzle
Do you have family?
Don't follow me ,I don't want it be worse
How can be worse?
You are my partner|It will not be worse
It will be worse with you|You are always followed others
Make them mad
I didn't follow anyone
oh,yes? Now what are you doing
Why are you leave without car?
You want me to stolen one?|That's my speciality
Yes! stay still, I promise I'll back in ten minute with one
You count to ten
I don't understand,|I am already cut the line
It beep all the time, shut up
Now, the noise make me nervous
You have make so many trouble|Don't follow me again, If you follow
I promise I didn't got trouble for car
Not the car,but
Go, if you didn't want me to follow you, I promise
But if you kill thses two cops for escaping|that will be bad
I don't know if you often do this
But, Don't kill them, It's not a good thing
So why you are in prison?
Because piss everywhere in Montargis
You are not killer, Ruby
You are a good guy, don't kill other
You will get in heaven before others
Yes, Because I have never seen such a simple head
Good luck,Quentin from Montargis
Hands up, Don't do anything stupid
Where is the other one
Why are you beat me
Don't worry, I'll take care of you
Pay attention , every patrol team
Look for a cars belong to police station|peugeot 806, white
We are suppose to stolen this car
If we stay in this car|we will be catch in five minutes
Stupid, Since this one is good|and have a good security
See it
How fun it is
Stop it
You have seen?
It's first time that a police salute to me
Stop ,you stupid
Don't be angry ,I'll stolen another
Oh, shit
Hands up
I didn't do anything bad
It's my car and my key has lost
Get out of the car
Ok, I'll out right now
Put your hand on the top of car
It's me , don't be afraid
what's wrong
I have stolen another car
I have some trouble with police|but they have laid down
You just get away from that police car
You got another one
But they are not the same
Yes, it goes worse
Let's go
I don't want sit in police car
Fuck you
Don't be angey, it's bad for your health
Excuse me,sir
How to get to
What's this, an opel?
It remind me a German car|but it's make my leg jerky
They have stolen a police car|It already makes us disgrace, and two
and three
They want to collect it or something els?
I'm sorry
Listen carefully
Ruby got hurt, and can't move easily
The other brain is not clear
If you don't found them tomorrow morning
You should prepare to patrol in suburb, understand?
The warhead is put out,|you'll be fine
It was a small bar here
I have notice that before it close
Don't you think it's a proper place?
What you like?
casher or waiter
Sit straight, against the wall behind you
It will cost not so much money|for this small bar ,
How much do you think?
Twenty thousand? Thirty thousand?
Maybe less?
I mean just as much as to set up the business,Quentin!
I took 20 million from Vogel
How much?
20 million
I've got two more things to do
Kill Vogel,and take the money away
Buying a bistro with you is in none of my plans.
Got it?
And you,are supposed to deliver yourself to the cops
You are not a murderous criminal at the dead end
You are not a murderous criminal at the dead end
I picked up something to eat|I thought you might be hungry
Oh, shit
It's not jam,it's digestive
I'll pay to complete your dream
I'm gonna put the money in another account|so that you can run your own bistro when you are out of the jail
I can't take it
Because my bistro is named "Home of Two Friends"
But how come you take me as your friend?
Aren't you?
Stop eating,or you are gonna shit all over the place
What do we do?
Oh,she looks like someone
Anything wrong?
Let her sleep!
We have to wait like this till tomorrow morning?
Shut up!
Anyone here?
I didn't mean to
Who's there?
Don't worry,you're safe,I'm injured
I'm just hiding here to recover
You can leave|but I'm telling you,you're safe here
Hi!I'm Quentin,Montargis
Hold on!
You've scared her,idiot!
How come?I was just introducing myself
She saw a big chunk of idiot|coming out of nowhere
"Hi!I'm Quentin,Montargis"
She must have been scared!
I always introduce like that|People liked it
Nobody is gonna care that you're Quentin,from Montargis!
Don't sit there, bug off!
Who does she look like?
Leave me alone!
I might be a pathetic guy who can only think about running a bistro
But I know other things,too
She looks like the girl that Vogel killed
You love her?
If you don't mind , I'd find her back?
Not necessary,she must have gone now
Why did Vogel kill her?
Why did he do that?
You are being really annoying!
OK,I'll stop
Does it hurt?
You need anything?
Why did he kill her?
How come you are still alive?
I don't know where to go
It's cold outside
Come,I'll let you sleep on the bench|he can sleep in the hall
You'll scare her!
No,he can sleep here
You are so nice
Go,come on
Are you asleep?
Are you asleep?
I didn't mean to wake you up|but this doesn't make me feel so good
That girl
We don't even know her,and we took her home
Is she gonna steal from us?
Steal what?That two little toys of yours?
I can stand her,I'm telling you
Just like two buddies preparing to start their business
like a bistro,for instance
it's like doing it for her
I'm telling you,you will remember this in the future
You've had a nightmare|It's OK,don't worry
You scared me!
You wanna talk,or have a minute of your own?
Where are you from?
You have no Id£¿
How long have you been here?
Three days
You look exactly like somebody else|It's incredible
Sleep tight!
There's nothing wrong with her, I swear
Good night
I don't know why we are so hasty
There's dogs,monitors
It's impossible for anyone to get in
In the garden!Right there!
No!That's Henry!
I'm still gonna be alone, I can feel it
I don't care,I've got used to it
A girl came,and then,goodbye,pal
You wanna annoy to death or what?
This is better,anyway
She's gonna change your plan|this is better
Nobody will change my plan
She won't,and neither will you
I'm gonna kill Vogel tomorrow|Now I have to sleep
It's suicide|It's better that you leave with her
God damn it,we have five people,fully armed|what does he have?
That's Ruby!
So what? He's not a superman|He doesn't even have a gun
That's why we're all ready like this|He has his own ways
How is it going?
I guess he won't be coming
I guess he wouldn't be stupid enough to bring himself here
Hi,may I talk to Mr.Vogel?
I'm Quentin,Montargis
I got out with Ruby this morning
I'm listening
Good evening,Mr.Vogel
I know ,you are looking for Ruby
I can tell you where he's hiding
What do you want from me?
I know that he took your money
I'd like to have a share of that soup, too
I'll call you tomorrow morning and make an appointment
Good night,Mr.Vogel
Sleep well?
This is appetizing biscuit,tastes great
Where did she go?
She'll be back,her stuff is here
What is wrong with you?
Last night,I've got an idea
An idea?
When are you going to meet Vogel?
I've been thinking about it|Maybe I can help
Yeah,I have a plan
What plan?
Don't worry , you won't be disappointed
If you do the silly things you did yesterday again...
No,Don't worry!
I have to worry!
It's all because of you |I'm injured all over
Shoulders£¬hips,bullets on my back...
What's your next plan?Skull fracture?
Don't worry!
Want some?
What's your name?
What are you going to do now?
I don't know
You can't stay here forever
Sure,especially when it's going to be decorated soon
If the cops caught me,they are gonna send me back to Albania
I'll be put in jail
It's all the same
I'm going to set out,good luck,Katia!
Take me with you!
I can't , I can't
Shut up, you!
I won't give you any trouble,I promise!
I have something to do,it might be very dangerous
I don't care
Take me !
I'm Quentin
I'm here to meet Mr.Vogel
How is it going?
Not a clue
I've read a report about hunting in Africa
Do you know what kind of animal is the most dangerous to the hunters?
If you couldn't kill him at the first shoot,|then it's his turn to kill you
Even though there is only one gasp left|he will be chasing you all the time
All he thinks about is to kill you
Patrol around Vogel's house 24 hours a day
that's the most likely place to catch him
Give me a few minutes
Where are you going?
Four by eight...
Four by eight...
Where is he?
He is going for a ride and will be back soon
Where is he?
I said he would be back soon
You'd better hope he can come back soon
You can live here,they won't ask you anything|You can get a room
Why are you doing this for me?
I've been running all my life
Besides,you look like another woman...
OK,I've gotta go
Don't you wanna stay a bit longer?|NO
I wish,but I can't
You'll get through this , I'm sure
Maybe I shouldn't have been talking to you
However,your friend called last night
Gave some guy named Vogel my cellphone
Gave some guy named Vogel my cellphone
I didn't quite get what he was saying|but he did mention the money
and he said he would call this morning to make an appointment
Oh,shit!That's what he's gonna do!
You piece of shit,trick us here?
Quentin,did you hear?
There you come...
This is your plan?
To trick them here so that I can get into Vogel's house easier?
Very smart,isn't it?
Yes,very smart
Take it
It is so smart.|Let us improve it for you
Give him the phone
We've found him,and we're taking him back
Very good,see you later
Don't you...
kill him
Don't kill him,Ruby!
That's not good
You lie down and take a rest!
They are coming!
Ruby is going to Vogel's
Wait here,I'll take care of you when I finish
How is it?
Who is the quarry now? Huh?
Who's the hunter?
It's a good day for me ,Vogel
Careful,he's got a gun!
I'll give you five seconds, tell me where the money is|or I'll blow your head
01:18:18,120 --> 01:18:19,997|Two?
Shit! I killed him?
Vogel,it's Officer Vernet,open the door!
Open the door,get out!
You hear me?
My arm hurt
The house is surrounded,get out!
We won't be unreasonable
Someone is hurt here!Hurry up!
Quentin,he's injured
My arm really hurt
They're gonna heal you,Don't worry
We can't run the bistro
Don't say that!
We're gonna buy a bistro|That'll be great , you'll see
I'll take care of the money |and you'll be the waiter,saying:
"Welcome to 'House of Two friends',|this is a wonderful bar"
You're just saying that
because I'm going to die
You are not going to die
You are gonna be opening the beers,|bringing the chips,making the crackling sandwiches
Oh,no chips,take too much time|and smell bad
You're gonna be alright , tell me
Right,we are gonna make crackling sandwiches,hot dogs...
It looks like it's all done.
He's alright
Hold on,I have got one shot
We killed Vogel
You'd better release us soon|'Cause we'll have something else to do
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