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Take Care of My Cat CD1

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Presented by i-Pictures|Terasource Venture Capital|in association with Korean Film Commission|
Executive Producer|TCHA Sung-jai, CHOI Jae-won
Produced by Masulpiri
Walking over our fallen friends,|march forward, march forward!
Farewell Nak-dong River,|we're marching forward!
Let's take a pictures!
Everyone, smile!|Wait, it's better over there!
Wait, wait.
Actually, the first place was better.
- Okay, look pretty.|- Are you taking it?
one, two, three
[East Inchon Station]
[You're probably still asleep]
[See you tomorrow at|Club 369 at 7:00]
[Sending Message]
Oh hello. I thought you were|coming in the afternoon.
I was going to, but I changed my mind.
I'd rather take off early.
You're here early.|Where do you live again, Haejoo?
The dalies are here.
Here you go.
Here you go.
- Here you go.|- Thanks, Haejoo.
[Title: Do Your Best]
[I want to do my best for you]
[I hope you'll do the same]
What kind of poem is this?
Like you said, the sound of typing|is really nice.
But you're just being stubborn|not writing your poem on a computer.
It's the only way I can see you.
Are you hungry?
I'm just tense.
Why do you like me so much?
Just because
I like your strong legs.
My legs?
Hey Biryu.
- Biryu!|- What?
Wait, wait a minute.
- Hey, let's switch.|- Switch what?
- I think the front's heavier.|- The back's heavy, too.
Still, let's switch one time.
Grandfather, it's Biryu and Ohnjo.
Mom sent a present from Japan.|Please open the door.
(spoken in Chinese)
Grandfather, if you have no daughter,|what about our mom?
We'll just leave it here.
And mom sends her regards, for both|of you to live long and healthy.
Pretty, huh? We made it ourselves.
We used the best fishing line|so it'll never break.
How much is this?
Two dollars.
What about this one?
Also two dollars.
That's too much.|Could you give me a better price?
Okay, Okay. Guess who's older between|us and I'll give you a special price.
{y:i}- Did you find a new job?|{y:i}- Not yet.
{y:i}As soon as we sell off the equipment,|{y:i}I'll send you the rest of the money
{y:i}Thanks for everything.
Oh, Jiyoung.
A cat's too sneaky to keep at home.
No good. What if it causes trouble|for you later?
Who believes in that stuff these days?
Grandpa was born in the year of the|tiger. The cat won't hold up anyway.
Your name is Titi|Do you like it?
You're home!
Why are you so late?
We were gonna eat together, remember?
Today was her volunteer day.
You volunteer your time.
- And they don't even feed you?|- Mind your own business.
You miss dinnertime, you don't eat.
With your belly full|and clothes on your back,
you can't even look out for yourself,|But you spend all your time on others.
Don't worry, I'm not hungry.
Always locking that room,|no wonder it's all moldy.
- Haejoo!|- Yes?
- Your boyfriend must have sent this.|- It's for me?
Yep. You're so lucky
Wow. Twenty roses and some perfume!
All that's left is a steamy... kiss!
Who sent this?
''I will always be by your side''|Chanyong?
Who's chasing after Haejoo|without my permission?
- Is it your birthday today?|- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me?|I didn't even get you anything.
How about a movie with me today?
Someone sent her flowers.|She must have something tonight.
No, I don't. I have no plans.
Really? Then forget the movie.|Shall we go for a drive?
No, that's not it.
I'm sorry. They want this done|by today, what can I do?
Come on, I can't say,|''l can't because it's my birthday''
Why do I have to call all the time?
Do you know how hard it is|to get everyone together?
Who knows, she says she's busy.
- Excuse me, one rice drink.|- Okay, one second please.
Hello, Jiyoung please.
She quit? When?
Thank you.
The stones are heated up,|you can go in.
Who ordered the rice drink?
What's that?
Here, try this on.
What is it?|A modified Korean costume?
They wear this everywhere else,
It looks nice, trustworthy.
No way! I can't wear this.|How can l? It's not even my style.
Haejoo, I'm so sorry.
I'll have to postpone our|drive till next time.
Something came up|When is the good time for you?
- Oh, well anytime is good for me.|- Then let's go this weekend. Sorry.
I found it!
I told my boss again.|My friend are so disappointed.
Then she says, are your friends|that important?
- Do I look pretty?|- Oh, it's cute.|- Really?
So she pushed my deadline|till tomorrow.
- Really?|- Is that true?
With just two candles, it look like|I'm only two, not twenty.
Hey, hey, get your phone.
Happy birthday to you|"Happy birthday to you".
Hey! Happy birthday!
It's the one you wanted, right?
Wait, let me check the color.
Yeah! I really like this color.|Give me a mirror.
Let me try it!
Hopeless... Whose lipstick is it?
How do I look?
Like a witch.
- Hey, hey. We've got something, too.|- Really? Give it to me already.
What is it?
- Could it be... a push-up bra?|- Tramp... you're so quick.
With your perky boobs,|you will lucky this year.
- This latest style.|- ...holds them tight and pushes them up.
- Enough|- Hey, it even has lace on it!
Alright, eat, eat, eat!
Hey, happy birthday!
Wow, it's big. What is it?
- What is it? It's so big.|- Open it up!
Wow, it's a cat. It's so cute!
Hey, you're giving it to me?|It's so adorable.
I call her Titi!|You can change it if you want.
The name's kind of... I don't know.
Hey, Titi!
It's mine. Give it here.
Is it Chanyong?
Tell him to come.
- Chanyong's coming? Tell him to come.|- He says he will. Let him come.
- Biryu, and Ohnjo are dying to see you.|- Did you draw this?
It's pretty cool.
But still it must be boring|to paint all this one by one.
Jiyoung, you really surprised me.
I never thought you'd give me a cat.
Take good care of her.
What are you up to these days?
Just chilling,|thinking of this and that.
Of what?
About maybe studying abroad.
Everyone in textiles|goes abroad these days.
You think anyone can go?|You have to have money.
Forget that, I'll get you a part-time job.
Save up and take some classes.
What do you think?
Hey, Jiyoung!
Why do you smoke so much?|It's so bad for you.
You're all gonna be moms some day.
Ah, I'm really worried about|the future of mankind.
- You must like cats.|- They're cute.
I trust the proverb, ''Man who|hates cats cannot have a good woman''.
There's a saying like that?
Hey, why do you like Haejoo so much?
What do you think? Do I look good?
Please don't.
Do you have any cigarettes?|Hey, go get me some cigarettes.
Here Kitty, me-ow.
Wake up, Taehee!
Hold her, hold her!|Hurry up! Hurry!
Wait up!
Why'd you drink so much?
Hey, hurry up!
Come on!
Wait mister, wait!
Wait! Mister, wait!
- Grab Taehee! Hold her!|- Get up.
- Thank you, mister|- Don't stay out so late.
Yes, sir.
What are you smiling about?
- Why are you so late?|- Do you know what time it is?
Do you have to call a|person out this early?
I took her without much thought|but I really can't keep her.
I have to move and all.
I mean, having a cat seemed easy|but it's a lot work.
I'm late for work.
Come by sometime, I'll buy you lunch.
- When?|- Whenever.
- Mr. Park|- Yes?
Here's a chart of your|deposit/withdrawal and main accounts.
- You're the best, Haejoo|- What about mine, Haejoo?
Hey, do you think Haejoo|has nothing better to do?
I'll do yours too, starting tomorrow.
Haejoo, thank you
Oh, really?
There is no lunchtime|at a brokerage firm.
- No, no.|- Haejoo, get me an order slip.
I'm on my way back to Inchon.
You should've called.|You can't just show up here.
Besides, you know I'm a little busy.
If you're that busy, you could've|called. Why make me wait an hour?
I'm sorry.|Still, at least I wanted to see you.
I even brought some goodies|for you to eat.
But what brought you here?
It's nothing.
Go back to work. Later.
Yes. Exactly.
I don't know that.|It's sinking, yes.
How much?
Then where should I ask?
''Sailors Wanted''|''Illegal Immigrants Wanted''
I wanted to give you this.
Your shot.
Experience the original heating stone?
Miss, there's no one here|to experience that, so try elsewhere.
- Mister.|- Yeah?
Could I get on a ship, too?
Our ship is no cruise.
I didn't mean a cruise, either.
Go and answer your phone.
Who? Jiyoung?
Oh, hi Jiyoung.
- No, stay.|- Please sit here.
Thank. Where are you going?
To meet a friend.
And your grandparents?
They're fine.
Can you... find me a job?
All I know are housecleaning jobs.
Those are okay, too.
Oh no. That's not for you.
Next stop,|Inchon International Harbor.
I get off here.|Please look in to it.
- See ya|- Bye
Where are you coming from?
This is it. Let's finish it quickly.
Please take one.
Please take one.
Let's go.
Wow, thanks to you,|we finished really fast.
Wow, where are all those people|coming from and going to?
Hey, before I forget.
Thanks. When do you need it back by?
Pay me back when you can.
What do you need it for?
Oh, just something.
Don't look at me like that.
I didn't expect your call.
Can't I call you sometimes?
I always get everyone together.|You've never called me first.
After graduating, it hurts me most|that we're all growing apart.
It was really great.|When we were in school.
We used to see each other every day.
Now there's not much to talk about|even when we do get together.
You know, about that beggar before.
Honestly, I'm afraid.|I'll turn out like that.
Well, I never thought|about it that way.
At times, I want to follow them|out of curiosity
What do they do all day?
Wouldn't it nice to wander around|with no regrets?
You think that's freedom?|I don't think so.
What if something happens|while you're wandering around?
Uh-huh, why?|I'm busy right now.
Oh, hey.
Just meeting someone.
A friend, someone you don't know.
Hey, can't I have a friend|you don't know?
Okay, I'll call you later.
I want to keep the number|but change the phone.
That is the problem. They must think|very little of our king.
Who mends socks these days?|They don't cost much.
Must not waste anything|if you want to live well.
What's there to waste|at this point?
Grandpa, turn it down!
Titi, from now on. I'll sign|all my drawings with your paw.
No, that way, right, right|Higher. Higher.
Right, no, careful.|No, that way, right, a little higher.
It's done. Bring me down.
Taehee, turn it on.
[The Best Original Heating Stone Chambers]
How do you like it? Nice, right?
- Okay, we're off.|- Good work, Good-bye.
Oh, it's Haejoo.|Hey, what do you think?
Makes the place brighter, right?|Looks nice too, huh?
- Yes, it looks good.|- Taehee's inside. Have fun.
Hey, Taehee.
What brings you here?
- I was passing by and saw you.|- Want some rice cakes?
Rice cakes? No, come down.|Let's go somewhere.
- Let's go. Dad, I'm going out|- Okay.
- Good-bye|- Bye. Come again.
Wow, it's really big.
Actually, I met up with Jiyoung.
She called to borrow some money.
She'll never pay you back.
I lent her money a few times,|but she's never paid me back.
She must've been broke.
Listen to everyone's favors|and they'll take advantage of you.
Take the poet with cerebral paralysis.|How long are you gonna be his helper?
- I help him because I want to.|- Gee, you're so naive.
Hey lady, there's a difference|between ambiguous pity and love.
Wake up.
I really like him.|I do.
Get married then.
That's okay. I'll just have dinner|with Haejoo and go home.
You go home first, mom.
Go on. We'll figure it out.
It's over faster than I thought.
- Hey, Hijoo|- What?
You know how some kids talk and cry|about their parents divorce
like confessing some shocking secret?
So I thought divorce|was something really tragic.
but its no big deal.
What about you, sis?
It hasn't hit you yet, that's why.
But when it does|it'll make you sad.
You think?|Nah, I just need you.
No, lower it to the left a little.
Dummy. Do it right.
So pretty.
- Now go.|- Now?
Then are you gonna live here?
Go now.
Throw out the trash|by the door, too.
Mijoo, I'm leaving now.
So soon?
She wants me to go. Good-bye.
Sure, see you later.
Gee, you're really mean.
He just showed up, saying he didn't|have anything to do today.
Sure, sure.
Mijoo, how does it feel to be|a resident of Seoul, the capital?
Do you know what I hated most?
The stench of park ribs and alcohol in|the subway on my way home to Inchon.
Just the thought|make me want to puke.
Come and take a look then.
Aren't landlords supposed to|fix things like this?
What did they say?
They say to move then.
Shall we move, grandma?
Jiyoung, don't ever go|to the mountains.
You know your father|died on a mountain.
I know. I won't go.
Titi, you did this, right?
Titi, Titi, come here.|Don't go outside, come here
Titi! Titi!
Titi, come here!
How fast do you run the 100m dash?
Do you drink during the day?
What kind of question is that?
Your high school grades|were quite good.
Are these all the licenses you have?
Are you good with computers?
Not very good.
Can you drive?
Then you can't go to marketing,|which leaves bookkeeping.
Your documents say both|your parents have passed away.
For bookkeeping, we need an immediate|family member to vouch for you.
Titi, do you want it too?
- How much is this?|- Five dollars.
Hey, isn't that Chanyong?
Yeah, it is. Call him.
Hey, hey!|Chanyong!
One second.
- Chanyong!|- Hi.
- Wow, you look different today.|- Who's that? She's pretty.
Just a classmate.
A classmate?
You went to an all-boys school.
We're taking some|Prep-classes together.
- Well, I'll see you later. Bye.|- Sure, Bye
- Something's fishy, right?|- Yeah, very.
Do we have to?
We should at least have|monthly meetings to stay in touch...
- Or else it hurts our friendship.|- But we have to work on Sunday.
That makes it different.
But Inchon's too far.
Can't you guys come to Seoul?
She always thinks of herself.
If we're going Seoul,|then I'm not going.
Is it better four of us to go to Seoul,|or for you to come to Inchon?
The four of you come to Seoul.
Biryu! Ohnjo!
Why are you so late?
- What about the others?|- Over there.
Jiyoung! Your hair?|You did it at home, didn't you?
It's cold. What are you reading?|What's this.
Wow, you really won a lot.|What's this?
- Haejoo, we saw Chanyong the other day.|- Oh, yeah?
- He was with some girl.|- So?
Just that he was.
But the problem is|she's prettier than you.
And Chanyong looked|really good that day.
Whatever, let him be.
Wow, this is really bizarre.
I like Koreans.|I love Korean women.
Wow, your Korean's really good|Where are you from?
- Myanmar|- Hey, where's Myanmar?
- Burma|- Huh?
- Burma!|- Myanmar
Hey, what do you think?|They want to join us.
Ugh, Taehee.
- Let's go.|- Jiyoung, let's go.
My friends are leaving.
- Bye!|- Hurry up!
- Could be fun. Let's hang out with them.|- What's there to do with factory boys?
Whats wrong with that?
Tae-hee, you must be their type.|South Asians seem attracted to you.
Yeah. It happened last time, too. right?
- Taehee must be making a move on them.|- Huh, with that face?
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