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Take Care of My Cat CD2

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[Pyung-hwa Market]
Come over here, hurry.
Hey guys, what do you think?|Should I buy it?
More? Go easy on your wallet.
I keep seeing things that I want.|What can I do?
- How much is this?|- 42,000 dollar
That's too expensive.
Come now, feel the fabric.|It's really high quality.
It's our most popular item.
- Interested in knives?|- Yes
- What kind are you looking for?|- This one
- Hey, where are you guys?|- Where are you?
I'm in front of store 155.
- Ohnjo! Ohnjo!|- I'm Biryu
- Hey, Haejoo!|- Oh, Biryu!
- I'm Ohnjo. And the others?|- Come here. I just found Ohn-jo.
Is Biryu there, too?
What? She said she was here|Where are they?
Maybe they went to the opposite exit.
Hey, where were you guys?
- I'm starving.|- Since you guys came all the way to Seoul,|my treat. Let's eat.
Where's Jiyoung?
- We don't know.|- She wasn't with you guy?
- Did you call her?|- Why me?
- Oh, hey, Jiyoung!|- Why are you here?
- I'm gonna go now.|- Why?
Sure, go ahead.
You've been in a bad mood all day.
I told you I didn't want to come.
Did someone drag you here?
Jiyoung, let's go together.
Why are you like that to Jiyoung?
What did I do?
In school, you guy were very close.
What's so important about|being close in the past?
- It's the present that matters.|- The present?
Then... what's important to you|in the present?
Clothes. Why? Are you happy now?
- Hey, this is the last train!|- Taehee, get on quick!
Use a knife.
Jiyoung|Are you home?
What brings you by?
I just wanted to drop off the|garbage bags from the district office.
Have you found a job yet?
The new Inchon airport's nice,|but it's hard to get to.
It's fine with me.
Try it for now and move on|when you find a better job, okay?
It's not like you to see people off.
It's cool. Waving at a departing bus.
- Mijoo, all your bags are ready|- Thanks again, Chanyong.
- Call me often, sis.|- Sure
- Come every weekend.|- Alright. Get home safe.
- Bey, sis.|- Good-bye.
Hold this.
This is helium.|lnhale it and...
Haejoo, do it like this.
- Wow, that's really cool.|- Try it.
Hey, Chanyong! You cut your hair|at the barber's again, didn't you?
How many times did I tell you|to get it cut at a salon?
Okay... I'll get it cut at a salon.
Haejoo, your call phone.
Thank you.
Hello? Oh, what's up?
Nothing's up. Can't I just call you?
- Do you go to Buksung, the old town?|- Yes
You always call when you're bored.|Cant I do the same?
Haejoo, get me the latest|report on Kumho Electric.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I'm really busy. Call me later.
Did you apologize to Jiyoung?
What did I do wrong that|l need to apology for?
Haejoo, the latest report on Kumho Electric!
It's closing time and I'm really busy,|call me tonight, bye.
- Hey, Haejoo! Haejoo!|- Hi. I have a special for you today.
It's the civilized man's commodity,|the toothbrush.
And not just any toothbrush|but in 7 rainbow colors.
No matter how big your family is,|everyone has their own color.
So there is no confusion.
In department store's|this sells for 5 bucks.
But as a special promotion.
I'll subtract 4 and give it to you|for just one buck.
[Jiyoung! How are you?|Give me a call, okay?]
[Jiyoung!]|[How are you?]|[Give me a call, okay?]
You're the first friend of Jiyoung's|to come here. Have some dumplings.
Thank you. It looks good.
My, how pretty you are.
- I'm okay. Please have some, too.|- I'm fine. Have some more.
What brings you here?
I came for a visit to see how|you were doing. I was curious.
I thought we might go for a walk.
Why haven't you called me?|I sent a lot of text messages.
I had a lot to take care of.
Don't worry too much about|the other day with Haejoo.
- Jiyoung, do you want some oysters?|- No, thank you.
Can I have one, too?
Hey, look how I'm doing it.
Like this.
Are your studies going well,|on textiles or something?
Are you giving me this?
If you like it, keep it.
Thanks. Wow, you draw really well.
But it still must be a little boring.
Hey, these are daily toothbrushes.
It'd be refreshing to use a|different toothbrush every day.
I bought them at a department store.
What are you going to do now?
You haven't worked since|we graduated last year.
Have you heard of a ''working holiday''?
I read about it in the paper.
In Australia, they find you a job|and teach you English for free.
- Sound good, don't you think?|- Nonsense.
I guess they do it because they have|a lot of land and not enough people.
You haven't tasted the work force yet.
It's not as easy as you think.
The biggest mistake I made in|my twenty years is
... that I went to a business high school|without thinking.
No one cares that I went to|the best one in Inchon.
I have no regrets though|it's brought me to my senses.
As soon as people see a flaw|they look down on you right away.
You always have to be on your toes.
Lose it for a second and you're?
...doomed, doomed!
These are our new colleagues,|so let's make them feel welcome.
Yes, ma'am.
Haejoo, you wear glasses?|You lost your contacts again, huh?
Our two new recruits|really brighten up the place.
Haejoo, get us some drinks.
Look at you.|I almost didn't recognize you.
Your eyes look like two slants.|Oh, our drinks.
I can see well.
Looks like a dorm in here.
It used to be student housing.|Leave your shoes here.
Wow, it's amazing. I see more and|more clearly after the laser surgery.
The cornea must be all protein, too.
When the laser burned it,|it smelled like meat burning.
Now I can grow my nails.
I couldn't before because|I'd rip my contacts all the time.
So you had surgery in order to|grow your nails?
Next time, I'll do my nose|and widen my eyes a little.
I wanna change myself|as much as I can.
Taehee, sleep over.
You wouldn't leave a patient|alone would you? It hurts.
The princess syndrome is also|a disease after all.
How many?
This way, please.
- Let's sit by the window.|- Would you like sit over there?
It's roomy over here.
Who cares about a window?
What the hell?
I don't know what I'm looking at.
- Excuse me|- Yes?
What's the difference between|Original, Red-hot, and Carolina Honey?
This dish is made from|ribs of six-month old piglets.
Red-hot is spicy.
and Carolina Honey is|for those who like it sweet and sour.
Did you decided what you want?
I have no idea. You guys decide.
What's the most popular dish here?
The Rib Sampler. You can enjoy|all the different types of ribs.
Give us that.
Of course if it isn't good,|you're responsible, okay?
Yes, sir.
I don't trust this fancy crap.
Hey, Tae-shik. When you don't know what|to order, get the most popular dish.
It's a safe bet.
Dad, beating isn't the only|form of violence.
Taking someone's freedom of choice|is also a kind of violence.
No big man would stare at a|dinky menu for so long.
Tae-shik, a man who graciously eats
what he gets will make it big, got it?
Dad, don't worry. I can eat anything.
Oh, yeah?
Everyone comes and goes,|but I am always waiting.
People move,|and I sleep.
In that way, I feel as if|I am always asleep.
Is that the end?
Oh, I'm jealous.
It's really cool, to finish something.
Now you'll leave me too, right?
You always group people|into those who stay or leave.
Then, do you like me?
Just because someone leaves you
doesn't mean they don't like you.
- Mom, what are you doing?|- I'm heating up some herbal medicine.
- Why are you staring at it like that?|- Do you want some, too?
I just want to keep wandering around.
Just the thought of living in one place|suffocates me.
On an endlessly sailing boat,|living like flowing water
never stopping, like nomads
...lying like this on a boat,
Watching clouds pass by and reding.
Then I'll build a wonderful country|home by the river.
So come visit, okay?
Get real. So that's|why you're runnig away?
Because of your scrooge dad.|That's not even funny.
When did I say I'm leaving|because of my dad?
Only teenagers run away crying|cause they hate their parents.
That's too tacky.
I'm searching for a reason|beyond that.
Oh, so profound.
Everyone leaves home|because of family problems.
If they're happy and satisfied|at home, why would they leave, right?
- Looks great!|- It looks good on you.
No need to spin around.
- Are you done?|- Wanna try it?|- Sure
- Here
- Is it good?|- Yeah
Taehee, open the door for me.
- You try it, too.|- It's tastes so good.
It's so cold.
It's freezing outside.
Taehee, slow down. Talk with us.|No one's gonna take it from you.
Whenever I see duk-bok-ki,|it reminds me of when I met Taehee.
Jioung and I were eating|duk-bok-ki at a little joint.
Taehee was eating really aggressively|just like this, all alone.
I asked her why she was eating alone.
She really wanted duk-bok-ki,|but the friend with her didn't.
- That's why she was eating all mad.
- Really?
So I invited her to eat with us.|You know you looked really silly then?
- Do you like duk-bok-ki that much?|- I do, too.
When my friend said she didn't like|duk-bok-ki, I was totally devastated.
See, we were brought together|by duk-bok-ki.
We're ''duk-bok-ki'' buddies.|Here. Have it all, Taehee.
Taehee one shot.
One shot!|One shot!
Hey, Taehee spin.|Hurry and spin it.
One shot!|One shot!
- You guys...|- I'm done. Drink!
- Heard about this?|- What?
Seeing your future husband on a full moon.
Let's go! Hurry up.
Jiyoung, help me.
- Why, Taehee?|- Cigarettes
Hey, slow down.
What's wrong? Something happen?
Ohnjo dropped the mirror.
It's alright, it's alright.|It work better with a broken mirror.
Let's hurry up and start.
I got all the pieces, gather around.
You guys want to hear a story?
A girl saw a bald man in the mirror...
...and was so shocked that she dropped|the knife on the mirror.
Later, she was set up on a blind date.
A bald man with a scar on his face|was waiting for her.
You scared me.|Why are you giving me the knife?
Hey, don't drop it. Hold it tight.
Oh, I hope he's handsome.
- What if it's Chanyong?|- No way.
What's wrong with Chanyong?|I think he's cute.
Stop it!
Okay, close your eyes.
One, two, three, four, five,|six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
What's this? I knew this would happen.
That's strange. Maybe it's because|you're not wearing a funeral dress.
- Maybe Haejoo's gonna live alone.|- Come on!
Do you guys really believe this crap?
Oh, I have no feeling in my leg.
I should've let you try it on|when you asked.
That's why you should try to be nicer.
Who's fault is this?
How can we wait till morning|like this? You troublemaker?
- Its so cold.|- Who knew that the door would lock?
Your damn cigarettes.|Why'd you move the shoe in the door?
- So cold.|- Hey, I've got a great idea.
I'm not cold at all because|I'm sweating. Come here and dig.
- No thanks.|- Come here.
It'd be nice if we all lived together|on some tropical island.
Digging like this?
Do you know how hard it is|to live together? You have no clue.
You're excluded so don't worry.
Oh, my back hurts.
Are you still mad at me?
I was wrong, okay? Loosen up|I'm even finding a job for you.
Who do you think you are?|I'm doing fine without your help.
- Jiyoung.|- What do you mean, doing fine?
You've barely managed to find|a job waiting tables.
What's so great about a job at a|stock firm you got by pulling strings?
I don't know how you see me,|but I did my best to get there.
- At least, I don't live like you.|- Whats wrong with the way I live?
- What do you know?|- Please stop!
[I couldn't stay. See you later]|[Ji-young]
Jiyoung... where have you been?
You poor thing. You poor thing.|What are you going to do now?
[Charity Funeral Home]
Jiyoung, over here.
It's just a formality but since you're|the sole surviving member,
I need you to come with me|to the station.
Peep, peep, little chick.
Bravo! Bravo!
Titi, it's cold. But you'll have|to stay here for now. Sorry.
Just relax.
If you don't talk, it makes|it more complicated, okay?
Food's here.
- Thank you.|- Enjoy.
You must be hungry, have some.
Hey, blondie.
You must be happy|the old folk are dead like you wanted.
Here, eat. Eat, eat.
What! You brat!
Is this your living room?|Get up. Get up!
- Are you here again?|- I wanted to see you, teacher.
Jiyoung Suh?
If you don't speak, I have no choice|but to send you to Juvenile Hall.
No one can speak for you, understand?
Is it because you can't talk,|or that you won't talk?
Mother cries for me,|but I cry for myself.
My body keeps sliding down.
Hey! Type faster, will ya?
I am suck to the floor,|like a piece of gum.
Hey! Open the door.
Come on, open up.
Dad wants some dim sums,|so go get some.
- Later.|- He wants them now.
Then you go.
Hey, I'm studying.
- Go ask big brother.|- He's washing his kids.
- What about mom?|- She's on the phone.
- I'm thinking right now!|- Huh!
That means you're free.
So you go. You're the only|one who's doing nothing.
She's still a minor, and without a guardian.
So she's probably been transferred|to Juvenile Classification.
Juvenile Classification?|How do I get there?
They probably don't allow minors to visit.
- Do you want me to make a call?|- I'm not a minor.
Why wouldn't she talk?
Who knows what shes thinking?
I can't go.
What about work?
One sec.
Bill is on the line for you|Right now? Yes.
My friend says your English is good.|Can you help me out tonight?
Everyone else is taking college classes|at night. What about you, Haejoo?
I think I learn more by working.|I'll learn from you.
You've always made me feel|like part of the team.
So I'm always happy to help you out.
Still, you need a degree.
You cant be a ''value-deficit'' all you life.
Who would do such a thing?
Haejoo, fax this to headquarters.
[Sorry, I cant go with you]|[Have a good visit]
[Say hi to Ji-young for me]|[Haejoo]
Haejoo sent you a text message.
Isn't there grass growing in your|tongue from keeping so silent?
It was just a formality for the cops,
but since you won't talk,|the situation's worsening for you.
Get out quick.|Isn't it stuffy in there?
if you hack someone|to death with an ax,
I'd still be on your side.
There are reasons for everything.|I believe in you.
Even if I get out.|I have no place to go.
[I don't know why you're so mad at me,]|
[but it can't all be because of me]
[In any case, dont be mad]
Haejoo, the managers looking for you.
Are you okay?
That's what work's all about.
Listen with one ear,|and out the other, okay?
Let's go.
Depending on the results, you get|acknowledged and your value goes up.
That's the advantage|Oh, wait a sec.
I shouldn't be sending you|on a personal errand, but thanks.
News flies quickly in our field.
If an analysis is decent,|everyone knows about it instantly.
In that regard, it's worth going for.
Do you know the branch manager|made me get coffee 11 times today, 11?
At least these days, the market's good.
When the markets bad, one of us|is a coffee vending machine.
- Vending machines! Here.|- Shut up.
Whats good is good.
Go back to sleep.
- So what if we get coffee?|- Oh, yeah?
Being so sensitive to stuff like that|is sort of a complex, com-plex.
Thats why were called ''value-deficits''.
Why have you tagged along?
You've never paid dues|for our monthly gatherings.
That's right!
Fine, I'll leave then.
You're really leaving?
I'm really going.
We're only going to stop you once.
Hey! Sit down.
Don't hate me too much.
I'm taking these cigarettes
I bought them with my money|Hey, pay the bill.
Bye. See you.
Hey, Haejoo.
Hey, Chanyong.
Are you gonna come every time|I call? Very interesting
Are you okay?
I'm gonna kiss you because you're so nice.
Hey, pull yourself together, woman!
A cat at the animal shelter,|was found eaten by other wild cats.
Is the wild nature of these wild cats|reaching an extremes?
But still, it can happen if you're hungry.
You're right. If you're hungry,|then eat me.
You said to eat you.
Who could it be?
Who is it?
Taehee, what's up?
Who? Oh, Taehee.|Glad to...
Why the cat?
Let's shake.
I gave Titi to Biryu and Ohnjo.|They'll take good care of her.
Since graduating last year, I worked for my dad|for free.
I asked around how much I would've
made and I took just that amount.
Where are you going to go?
We'll think about it on the way.
I thought it'd be better with you|than going alone.
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