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Taken 2002 ep01

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My mother always talked to me
a lot about the sky.
She liked to watch the clouds in the day
and the stars at night... especially the stars.
We would play a game sometimes.
a game called "What's Beyond the Sky?"
We would imagine darkness or a blinding light
or something else that we didn't know how to name.
But. of course. that was just a game.
There's nothing beyond the sky.
The sky just is. and it goes on and on.
and we play all of our games beneath it.
Comin'in. twelve o'clock high!
Tail gunner. get the bogey!
give'em short bursts when they're in range.
Do not waste ammunition.
Watch out!
Bandit, twelve o'clock.
Watch out, they'll come back around.
There's one! There's one!
- That was too close! - Roger that!
Nine o'clock!
He's comin' around. I'm on him!
Come on. you lousy Kraut! Come to papa! Yeah!
Whoo! I got him!
Nine o'clock. keep your eyes open!
There's another one!
What do you got, Toland? ones.
- We see them. too! - Holy Mary!
- What the hell are they? - Let's get a look at these.
- Are they Germans? - They're too bright. I can't see!
Three bogeys. moving fast!
Everybody keep calm. We're gonna take care of this.
- Bandit. twelve o'clock! - F-1s coming down on our left.
Head right. full throttle!
- I'm hit! - Oh, Christ! Russ!
- We're losing altitude! - We're losing engines!
Co-pilot. take the plane!
- Co-pilot, take the plane! - Yes, sir!
Captain Keys is on fire!
Cover his tail!
You hang on. Russ! We're gettin' out of here!
- We lost an engine! - Shut it down!
They're comin' back!
Christ. all around us! Keys is going down!
She's breakin' up!
We're goin' down! Get a parachute!
We gotta get out of here!
Let's go. guys!
We've gotta bail out now!
Captain, we've got to bail out!
I don't want to die!
Trust me, Johnson...we won't die.
ALLlE: Russell Keys came home from the war
Iike a lot of other soldiers.
He was tired of fighting.
and he was very glad to be coming home.
There were things that had happened to him.
and he knew that he was not the same person
he had been when he left.
He had changed.
and he wondered about all the things here at home
that might have changed. too. while he'd been away.
But sometimes when you go somewhere far away
and then come back.
the part that bothers you most
is not the things that have changed.
but the way that other things have stayed the same.
Iike you hadn't been anywhere or done anything at all.
Hello, Mum.
The kids would still play ball on the vacant lot
where he and his friends had played every summer.
The high-school band would still play every Friday night
in the park downtown.
and old Mrs Parker would still be waiting.
as the kids came home from school.
to yell at them if they stepped on her flowers.
All of that might still be the same.
but he was different.
and so nothing would really be the same at all.
- I know you will. - Miss?
Who do I talk to about getting one of those G.I. Ioans?
I remember the day I proposed to your mother.
I was nervous as hell.
I can't picture anything making you nervous.
I had to walk around the block five times,
and then I walked halfway home after that
before I finally managed to get my nerve up.
Of course, I hadn't had the life experience that you've had.
- Dad. - Hmm?
My car looked real nice.
Well, we hid her from a couple of scrap drives.
Kind of unpatriotic, I guess,
but we did our bit in other ways.
Was it very terrible?
Nah, it wasn't so bad.
What do you got. Toland?
Lights! Blue ones!
What the hell are they?!
Captain. we've got to bail out!
I don't want to die!
Trust me. Johnson...we won't die.
ALLlE: They say some men
carry their war with them for the rest of their lives.
and some men put it behind them like an old pair of shoes.
And then. I guess. there are others who go on fighting.
even if they have no idea who their fight is with
or why it's so important not to give up.
Some people will tell you the war was won
by superior manpower.
Some people say that it was strategy
or a just cause
or the fact that we're so damn tough.
None of that is true.
What won the war was secrets...
knowing theirs and keeping ours.
Gentlemen, meet the Enola Gay.
When the Enola Gay dropped her payload on Hiroshima,
only 107 men in the entire country
knew what that specific payload was.
The B-29 had been redesigned to carry its load,
and a new crew, selected to carry an atomic bomb, was onboard.
They were carrying out a mission so secret
that even they didn't know what it was.
The secret was kept until the ultimate moment.
As a result, the war was won.
As members of the lntelligence Corps,
it will be your job to keep secrets.
Here at the 509th Bomb Group,
that responsibility is made all the more awesome
by the fact that we are the only base authorized
to store atomic weapons.
At any given moment,
your ability to keep your mouth shut
and, if necessary, to lie through your teeth
may very well determine the course of history.
Group, ten-hut!
We had 18 more sightings today.
Dancing lights, mostly.
The bulk of them over the Pacific Northwest
and three, I think, over the Great Lakes.
Something Russian?
I heard something on the radio.
People were saying that they're from another planet.
We used to hear that a lot at Los Alamos.
We never knew if it was something of ours
or something the Germans had going.
That's right, Owen, I forgot. You were at Los Alamos.
We got a new mare in at the stables.
I thought you might like to join me for a ride.
- I'd like that very much. - Fine.
Will you be joining us?
No. She doesn't ride.
Her constitution...
it's a little too delicate.
He's a bit of a bully, your father.
It's not personal. He just-he's like that.
Captain, are you gonna ride or stand around yappin'?
If he doesn't let you ride,
how does he feel about you going to the movies?
Man named Kenneth Arnold-
private pilot out of Boise flying over the Cascades-
says he saw nine saucer-shaped disks in the sky.
This is all over the Seattle papers.
Wire services picked it up, and they're running with it.
"And they're running with it, sir. "
You don't want to forget about the "sir."
Some officers around here
that can really get their shorts in a bunch over that, Howard.
Just something to keep in mind.
What do you make of all this?
Some sort of reconnaissance coming over the Bering Strait.
It has to be.
You don't think we're being invaded by Martians, then?
I don't.
I did. I thought it was swell.
Hey there, soldier.
You looking for some fun?
Not now, Sue. I'm on duty.
You look ready for action,
but you don't look like you're on duty.
I'm meeting the colonel to go over something.
Sure you are.
Call you later?
I won't be there.
Welcome back to KGFL studios
in Roswell. New Mexico.
It's a breezy July 2. 1947.
and here is Dinah Washington with Stairway To The Stars.
# Let's build a stairway to the stars #
# And climb that stairway to the stars #
# With love beside us #
# To fill the night with song #
...second season as manager...
Damn it!
Is anybody out here?!
We believe that what we saw was God's angels dancing.
That, or some new airplane from White Sands
gone out of control.
You mentioned that you saw a crash.
Clear as day.
If that was God's angels,
then right now, they're camped out about a mile and a half
above Pine Lodge.
Excuse me for interrupting, sir.
There's a rancher just came into the sheriff's office
with something I think you ought to take a look at.
I'm right in the middle of something.
I really need to see you.
And I need to see you.
How about if I give you a call tonight if I can get away?
I want every bit of debris out of this pasture
and back at the base.
All of your men are confined to the base pending a debriefing.
And that means the two of you.
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.
- Any witnesses? - Yes, sir.
His name's Brazel.
Sir, we'd appreciate your not speaking to anyone about this.
It's a matter of national security.
It's from outer space, isn't it?
What crashed in that field was a constant-level balloon train.
And this is the material out of which
the radar reflectors on the train are made.
If the Russians have figured out how to build a bomb,
we want to know about it,
and this little spy balloon will tell us.
This is a project called "Mogul"
and has a security classification of A- 1.
Reporters are all over this.
We're gonna have to give them something.
Somebody already has.
With us this morning in the KGFL studios
is a local rancher who has a startling story to tell.
You found something on your ranch.
some kind of debris?
This wasn't just any debris. sir.
This was some metal like nothing I'd ever seen before.
This was something from another world.
We've got to shut this guy up, sir.
We thought we'd let it go,
divert attention from Mogul.
You've seen the reports on all these sightings.
People are eating this up with a spoon.
I wouldn't recommend that, sir.
Why is that, Captain?
If we give our seal of approval to this,
people are gonna believe it.
You get a country that thinks we're not in control of the skies,
you're inviting a major panic.
Oh, really?
Which do you like better for the press release-
"Flying disks" or "Flying saucers"?
Is this for real, Captain?
Those were pieces of a spaceship?
No, it was ours.
Spy balloon, highly classified, A-1.
That weird metal, all of that-
Part of the project.
Some flying saucer, eh, sir?
This highly classified project collided with something,
that's how it crashed?
I suppose so, yes.
So what did it collide with?
The advantage comes through preparation.
By the time your troop goes out for its wilderness badge,
you guys are gonna know every inch of this ground.
Isn't that kind of like cheating?
Scouting is about attitude.
You're gonna have to do something about yours.
We've done this weekend 14 times, Dad.
Don't you think we're ready?
You're ready when you know-
when you absolutely know your ground, okay?
When you can be sure that nothing can surprise you.
Oh, my God.
RADlO: Jackie Robinson continues
to extend his consecutive game hitting streak to 19.
While Robinson will no doubt
remain the centre of attention in the National League.
he's about to share the spotlight
with Larry Doby. another Negro who...
Once you let them in, there's no turning back.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
What do you guys make of all this flying-saucer razzmatazz?
I think the Russians was giving us a buzz
with some spy gadget,
see what all we got out at the base.
The hell with that. It was ours.
We were testing something to spy on them.
Or maybe the Germans.
I say it was the Martians, pure and simple.
The captain!
Owen, I need to speak to you.
Sue, uh...
Um, you know what? Couple of minutes.
- Marty. - Yes, sir.
That woman I just nodded to-
give me a couple of minutes,
then go tell her I was called away on an emergency
and I won't be back today.
And, Marty, she's gonna know you're lying,
so try to sound as sincere as possible.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me, Miss.
I'm sorry, but the captain's been called away.
You're welcome to wait,
but he may not be back for a while.
Excuse me. Are you the people we talk to about flying saucers?
There's someone who can help you down the hall.
My boys and I have some information.
Down the hall.
But we know where one crashed.
I was out with the boys,
doing a little practise for their wilderness outing-
Which we think is kind of cheating.
Knowing as much as possible beforehand is not cheating.
- It's being prepared. - Thank you, Captain.
We were just coming up over this rise.
It's a real one, isn't it, sir?
Most people change kind of slowly.
They're who they are. and then after a while.
they're someone else.
But some people know the exact moment
where their lives changed.
They saw the person they were going to marry
or the look in their baby's eyes the first time he smiled.
For some people.
it's not the good things in life that made them change.
It's something they've gone through
that makes everything they look at from that moment on
seem very different from how it had always been.
Beautiful boy you got there, Russell.
Yeah, he takes after his mum.
Yeah, he does.
You've got the life, I'm telling you.
You've got the best girl in Bement,
a beautiful boy,
you got your memories of your heroic youth.
Yeah, I've got it all.
Russell, if I was you, I'd be the happiest man in town.
I wouldn't be looking like something the cat dragged in.
Bill, I'm all right.
I just have, uh...
trouble sleeping, that's all.
Come on, stop!
- Get off of him! Let him go! - Go...go, go!
# For they'll never know what love can do #
# To each his own. I found my own #
# One and #
- I'm sorry. - It's all right.
It's all right.
I get these pictures in my head...
and I can't concentrate on anything.
Pictures in your head... from the war?
I was shot in the gut, Kate...
And I was dying...
and my plane was going down.
And three days later, I was in a field in France
with all of my men...
With no idea where we'd been for those three days
or how we'd gotten to that field...
Or why weren't we dead.
What did your men say?
We never talked about it.
Something happened to me.
I don't know what.
I just have this feeling it's still happening.
Jetzt bist du mein gefangener.
Get away from me!
It was a dream!
Get away from me!
It was a dream. You're all right, honey.
You're here with me. It was a dream.
It was a dream. A dream.
A dream. It was a dream.
You're all right, sweetie.
You're all right.
It wasn't a dream.
For God's sakes, Russell, how are we gonna get out?
It doesn't matter.
As long as they can't get in.
Who? As long as who can't get in?
You don't want to know.
Russell! Russell!
- Look at me! - No! No!
What's happening to you?
You're gonna let them give this to the press, too?
Well, it was one thing when we knew it was a lie.
We can control that.
But now that it's real,
there's no way we can let this out.
Who found it?
A father and his sons out hiking.
Did you clean that up?
I already have.
That's good.
Son...I appreciate your coming to me with this,
and when the time comes, you won't be forgotten.
Sir, when I went inside the craft,
there were- there were five seats.
There are only four bodies.
Canvass everything within a 200-mile radius
of the crash site.
If something crawled out of here alive,
I want to know about it.
People are lonely in this world for lots of different reasons.
Some people have something in their disposition.
Maybe they were just born too mean.
or maybe they were born too tender.
But most people are brought to where they are
by circumstance. by calamity or a broken heart
or something else happening in their lives
that wasn't anything they planned on.
What the hell's wrong with my chicken?
I don't think it was your chicken, Tyler.
You can go on home, Sally.
I'll take care of these stragglers and lock up.
'Lessen, of course, you want to call Fred
and tell him you're leaving him and the kids for me.
Well, maybe I best go home and tell him in person, Tyler.
He ain't good enough for you, Sal.
People are lonely in this world for lots of different reasons.
The one thing that I do know is.
it doesn't matter what any one of them might tell you-
nobody wants to be alone.
- Shoehorn? - What?
The shoehorn- have you seen it?
You have to leave tonight?
I'm in San Antonio tomorrow afternoon
selling to an insurance company.
Those guys can smell road sweat on a person.
They don't respond well to road sweat.
Did the kids eat?
You want me to feed the kids?
You're the waitress, you feed 'em.
I gotta go.
I'll see you in three weeks.
If something comes up, call the home office.
They know where I am.
Please help me.
Stay right here for just a second.
Tom, honey. Wake up, sweetie.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I need you to go sleep on the couch, okay?
Who's that?
We'll talk about it in the morning.
Go get the pillow and the extra blanket
from my bed.
Come on, sweetie, go on.
Go on.
You really should see a doctor.
I'll be fine as soon as I can collect my thoughts.
Thank you.
Thank you for bringing me in.
Good night.
Who is he?
Who's that man?
He's a stranger, honey, and he's hurt.
How long does he have to stay in my room?
I don't know.
I guess until he's better.
Mama, what happened to your nose?
Some people have given up all hope
of anything in their lives ever changing.
They just go on with it day by day.
and if something were to come along
and make things different.
they probably wouldn't even notice it right off.
except maybe for that kind of nervous feeling
you get in your stomach.
My mom and I used to call that "the car trip feeling. "
because it was how I'd feel whenever I knew
we were going to go somewhere far away
or somewhere new.
How you feeling?
I'm much better.
What's this?
Thank you.
Maybe in a few minutes.
The bathroom's right down the hall.
I put out some towels and shirt and pants
that belonged to my husband before he gained weight.
I reckon you can keep 'em.
That's very kind.
Your husband doesn't appreciate that kindness in you.
He doesn't see your sadness, either.
But you've stopped wanting him to.
I think you're right.
There's some things you don't share with an uncaring person.
What happened to you?
I was in an accident.
I can see that. What kind of accident?
You got a farm around here?
No, I...
Someone gave me a ride.
What's wrong?
Oh, I woke up with this headache.
I thought it was gone already.
You were telling me about your accident.
I'm not feeling much like talking right now.
Would you mind letting me rest for a while?
I'm sorry. Sure, not at all.
I'll put the tray here.
That way, it'll be here if you wake up hungry.
You were right, you know.
I guess I don't care if my husband sees my sadness.
Early in the morning of the 5th,
this debris was recovered in a field near Roswell, New Mexico.
Earlier reports have stated
that this debris was the wreckage
of a flying saucer.
I'm afraid we are here today to pop that balloon
and replace it with one of our own.
This, gentlemen, is a weather balloon.
On any given day in the United States,
there are hundreds of these in the air,
and they do not come from outer space.
They are manufactured in Cleveland.
This is its radar reflector.
It tracks wind speed.
None of this debris is from outer space.
The reflector is made in Newark, New Jersey,
and the balloon is made in Cleveland.
Excuse me, sir. I wonder if I might have a word.
Yes, Captain?
I was wondering, sir, what we're gonna do now.
About what?
About the craft, about the bodies.
What craft?
What bodies?
It's clearly organic.
It's not clearly anything.
Jenkins says it's animal,
and it takes on the characteristics of an animal cell.
Kraus says it's some sort of fungus,
which would explain its sameness and density,
and we look again, and it has those characteristics.
It seems to be able to change...
into whatever we want it to be.
You'd all better come see Dr Goldin.
I came to check on the body from the crash,
and I found him like this.
What's he saying?
Is it German?
Goldin wouldn't speak German.
It's Hebrew.
What has he done with the body?
My God.
Hello, operator?
I'd like to place a call to Fresno, California.
Madison 4573.
Yes, ma'am, thank you.
My crew of nine men...
Eight of them are dead.
And Johnson, my co-pilot...
He's in the hospital at Fort Bliss,
not expected to recover.
What happened to them?
No one knows.
No one has any idea at all.
What are you doing?
I have to find out what's happened to my men
and what's happening to me.
No, you don't.
Kate, I'm no husband...
and I'm no father to our boy
until I can find out what's going on.
You're not going to find anything out there, Russell.
What do you think you're gonna find?
- Bishop, right? - I'm Bishop.
You flew Colonel Campbell out of Fort Worth the other night.
- Right. - Destination?
That's need-to-know.
Army intelligence. I need to know.
Captain Crawford. Is that right?
Colonel Campbell told me you might want to talk to me.
A gentleman to see you, Miss.
Can you go for a ride?
I'll get my car coat.
No, I said a ride,
not a drive.
Loosen up on the reins just a little.
- Okay. Okay. - There you go.
- Like that? - Yep.
There you go. You all right?
- Yeah, I'm good. - Okay.
You all right?
You doing okay?
- You want to go faster? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes, please.
Okay. Okay.
Where did you learn to ride?
One of my many odd jobs before I found the army.
Well, I'm glad you found us.
I was afraid you wouldn't come out with me.
Why wouldn't I come?
Your father.
He's so dead set against you and me seeing each other.
I'm not quite sure why he has such a low opinion of me.
Well, I'm not my father.
I know that.
You're the sun and the moon to me, Anne.
The sun and the moon.
Here we go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I had to come up through the ROTC ranks.
I may never be anything more than a captain.
I don't care.
But I can tell you this-
I'm gonna do some things in this world, Anne.
I am nobody's fool, and I know that I can make my mark.
Will you marry me?
Owen, what happened back there up on the hill-
I would never do anything like that with anyone
but the woman I intend to marry.
Marry me.
- Owen.
Marry me.
I want to tell your father.
Do you have any idea where he's gone?
He seemed to be able to reach inside my brain,
to use my own memories as a stage
on which to mount our conversation.
I don't quite follow, professor.
I was there...
in that room...
My bar mitzvah in Dresden.
If I could have stayed...
I could have spoken again with my father.
I wish...
to see my father.
What in God's name happened here?
They're both dead.
Mind stepping out of the car, sir?
What did I do, officer?
Would you mind stepping out of the car, sir?
Thank you, officer, I'll take it from here.
Captain Crawford, Army lntelligence.
This is a routine debriefing.
I apologize for the unconventional approach.
I'll be honest with you.
There's a leak in the project. Someone's talking.
We don't suspect you,
but we need to go over some information
to verify the source of the leak.
Does this have to do with what happened to Dr Goldin?
In part, yes.
I don't see how Dr Goldin's death
could have anything to do with a leak.
Why don't you tell me what you think happened?
Well, Dr Goldin was in the room with, uh...
the one that turned out to be alive.
Apparently, they can...
well, uh, this is incredible.
We saw it first on a cellular level.
They can become whatever they want.
I don't follow you at all.
They can appear as people.
Dr Goldin, for example, thought he was 13,
at his bar mitzvah.
He saw his father.
Apparently, that's what killed him.
And the...visitor.
You've been a lot of help,
and, doctor, I think you can appreciate
how important it could be
that you say nothing about this to anyone.
They can appear as people, you say?
Yes, as unbelievable as that seems.
And exposure to one of these apparitions,
that's what killed Dr Goldin?
It's not safe to spend too much time with one of them.
How do you feel?
Like I'm floating.
Anything like that?
Nothing like that.
That's good. That's good.
Wimmy, wammy, woo!
That was amazing.
Mama, John's been doin' magic tricks
that are much better than Tom's.
You're not hungry?
- No, I- - He's never hungry.
Tom, that's enough.
No, it's all right.
How are you feeling? Your headache?
I'm fine. I hadn't even thought about it. Thank you.
Good. That's good.
So where did you come from, anyway?
- Tom... - I don't mind.
I come from Des Moines.
That's like 1,000 miles away from here.
How'd you know that?
It's where my magic kit came from.
Tom, Becky, sit up and watch your manners.
I come from there originally.
I've just been working anyplace I could since then.
Farm work, mainly.
What happened to you that got you so messed up?
Machine accident.
Why are you being so mean to John?
- He's our friend. - He's not my friend.
You certainly seem to be recovering nicely.
Like I told you, I just needed a little rest.
So now that you're feeling better,
I guess you'll be moving on?
I guess so.
I just need a few more days.
Everyone knows not to stare into the sun.
It's something your mother tells you when you're a kid.
"Don't look at the sun. or you'll go blind. "
But sometimes you want to understand something so badly
that you'll risk going blind forjust a glimpse
of what it all might be about.
I brought you something.
Thanks, Captain.
You got married, huh?
Same girl?
The one that worked at the bank?
Yeah, same one.
What the hell are you doing here, Captain?
Not that I'm not glad to see you.
Do you know about the other men?
What about them?
They're dead.
Same thing?
Yeah, more or less.
What about you?
How come you're the walking one and only?
I don't know.
Do you believe in God, Captain?
Yes. Yes, I do.
How about you?
Not in any way that helps.
Look, I'm sorry, Captain.
I don't mean to sound bitter.
I should be thanking you.
After all, you saved my life.
The thing is, Johnson, um...
Except for these dreams... I've been having...
I don't remember a thing about what happened.
Aw, well, hell, Captain, that's a damn shame,
'cause you were an A-1, Audie Murphy hero.
Whatever they did to us,
they did for a long time.
Whenever I'd stop screaming,
I'd hear one of the other guys.
It seemed like we were there for days.
You were on the cot next to mine.
I don't know, maybe it was sloppy,
maybe they thought we were just too far gone to care,
that we wouldn't fight back,
but they put that machine gun down
right across from your cot...
And they left the clip in the gun,
almost like they didn't quite understand
how a machine gun worked.
Well, you sure as hell showed them, Captain.
Only one thing.
You and I both know it wasn't Germans you killed that day.
It wasn't Germans at all.
How are you coming with the canvass
for the fifth occupant of the craft?
We haven't had much luck, sir.
You might be interested to know there was another live one,
at least he was when he was brought in.
Our scientists have learned that they have certain abilities.
What kind of abilities?
In good time.
Colonel Campbell... he's a small and petty man.
I don't like him. He's an idiot!
In an attempt to control
the most important revelation of the century, if not all time,
the colonel has confiscated the bodies
and initiated a high-level cover-up.
He froze you out,
just like he did to us in that field.
He doesn't share the limelight, and I'm not a person you freeze out.
I'm gonna take this project from him.
In the process, I hope to ruin his career.
I will also take down anyone who stands with him.
I'm under the impression
that the two of you would never make that mistake.
No, sir.
If you were to have a bit of luck in your canvass
for what is now the only live visitor,
I would hope you'd share that information with someone
who's more forthcoming than the colonel.
- We would, sir. - Yes, sir.
Good, Howard.
Oh, I mentioned that they had certain abilities.
Don't confine your search to little grey men.
Look for someone who's a little bit more...
Ah, this is beautiful country.
I guess it is.
Live in a place long enough,
you forget to notice that sort of thing.
I think it's important to always try and see
as much as you can.
Sometimes a person's life can spoil the view.
You're a really special woman.
You need to believe me when I tell you that.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, I do.
You know, I've...
I've done some things I didn't mean to do.
You don't have to tell me.
And I've-
I've had to learn to control my emotions.
It's okay...
It's all been worth it...
'Cause it brought me to you.
Oh, I don't know what's happening here...
But I sure as heck don't care.
And when the Indians first saw the Spaniards,
they thought they were gods or devils.
Because to the Indians,
white man did not look like man at all.
I don't like him.
I think he's nice.
these gentlemen are from the United States Army.
They are searching West Texas for a deserter.
This man ran away from his post.
These men think he might be hiding around here somewhere.
If anyone has seen a stranger 'round these parts,
you let us know about it right away.
Don't go trying to talk to him yourself.
This fella's dangerous, boys and girls.
I want to go through through his clothes and stuff,
see if I can find anything from the army.
I don't know, Tom.
The sheriff said the deserter was dangerous.
That's why I want to know if it's John.
Come on!
Where are his clothes?
It's him.
It's who?
Now listen to me.
You think you know something, but you don't.
Ah, ah.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let him go! Let him go!
My business here is almost done,
and I won't let you interfere.
Tom, your nose is bleeding.
I'm sorry, Tom. I...
Where is everybody?
What's with them?
See for yourself.
Sheriff! Hey, sheriff! - All right, son.
The man you're looking for is at our house.
SHERlFF: Come on, let's move out!
Harry, you take the south road!
My boss down at the diner called to say
that there were some soldiers in town
Iooking for a deserter from the army base in New Mexico.
I know you come from a place a whole lot further than that.
I don't know how you do what you do.
I know you can see into people.
They're gonna be coming for you soon.
My grandmother gave me these.
She came over to Texas in 1893.
I always thought they were kind of funny.
They're for Texas, the Lone Star state,
and there's two of 'em.
Will you take one with you?
And I'll keep the other.
Can I see you once before you go?
You better go inside.
What's this? Come on!
I don't know what the trouble is.
That summer. a lot of things had happened
that people couldn't explain.
There had been lights in the sky
and stories in the paper about saucers crashing.
John had come. and then he had gone.
Put it on the table. Take the cookies out.
For a while. Iife went back to being life.
and almost everyone forgot the things that
that summer had brought with it from out of the sky.
He's gone, hasn't he?
He has.
Yes, home.
I guess I'm too late, then.
What the hell are you doing here. Captain?
I don't remember a thing
about what happened.
I don't remember a thing about what happened.
Aw. well. hell. Captain. that's a damn shame.
You sure as hell showed them. Captain.
You were an A- 1. Audie Murphy-
You sure as hell showed them. Captain.
Only one thing.
You and I both know
those weren't Germans you killed that day.
Those weren't Germans you killed that day.
Wasn't Germans at all.
I thought I told you to keep that woman away from me.
I'm doing my best, sir. She's somewhat persistent.
Sue, it's so good to see you.
Lieutenant Bowen, this is Sue.
You don't even know my last name.
I haven't been coming here for two weeks
about you and me, Owen.
I came about this.
Where'd you find this?
Up at Pine Lodge.
Here, come in my office.
That night after you ditched me
to go to the movies with that army brat,
I was out driving around.
I saw something crash.
I went up there,
and there was something in the trees,
but it was dark, and I couldn't really see what.
And then I found that.
And you brought it to me.
Sue, you never let me explain about that night.
I was supposed to meet the colonel.
He was ill, and his daughter came to give me the message.
Sure she did.
You completely misunderstood the situation.
Sure I did.
You are the sun and the moon to me, Sue.
The sun and the moon.
- Boo! - Aah!
You really should get in the habit of locking your door.
Oh, well.
It's too late.
Owen Crawford
is the best commanding officer, boss, advisor,
and all-around good guy that I've ever come to know.
And, Anne,
well, you're not just marrying Owen.
You're getting me and Marty, too,
and everyone else who's ever served under him.
So I hope you like company.
To Owen and Anne...
Dance with me.
I can't believe it.
You can pour one for me, too, Dad.
If I didn't think that it'd break my daughter's heart,
I'd kill you where you stand.
But it really would break her heart.
You know what I'd like as a wedding present?
- I'd like to be a major. - What?
A major. Anything less,
and it wouldn't be right when you put me in charge
of your little project at Wright Field.
That project is mine.
You won't see the inside of that laboratory.
I disagree.
It's an alloy unknown on this planet.
There's no translation, ancient or modern, for the language.
It was found at Pine Lodge, at the crash site.
Either you give me exactly what I want,
or I'll go public with this.
I'll bring your flying saucer crashing down on your head...
Enjoy your new promotion.
Oh, and, uh...
I'd never do anything to hurt Anne.
She's the sun and the moon to me.
Hey, Tyler,
what do I have to do to get a refill in here today?
Well, just hang on a minute, will you, Larry?
Sally will be right there.
Sally, honey, you all right?
I'll be out in just a minute.
Honey, what's the matter with you?
Oh, hell, Tyler.
I'm pregnant.
Well, Fred'll be proud.
Oh. Honey, I'm sorry.
My mother always talked to me a lot about the sky.
She liked to watch the clouds in the day
and the stars at night...
especially the stars.
We would play a game sometimes...
a game called "What's Beyond the Sky?"
We would imagine darkness or a blinding light
or something else that we didn't know how to name.
But. of course. that was just a game.
There's nothing beyond the sky.
The sky just is. and it goes on and on.
and we play all of our games beneath it.
# Stay all night, stay a little longer #
# Dance all night, dance a little longer #
# Pull off your coat and throw it in the corner #
# I don't see why you don't stay a little longer #
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