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Taken 2002 ep04

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Previously on Taken...
- Flying saucers. - My father and I have both seen them.
- We've both inside them. - Aah.
Not again, you bastards!
Your daddy's big, important secret job is to figure out if-
You're drunk, Anne.
You shouldn't take the car out when you're drunk.
Owen Crawford. This guy broke her heart.
My life is not gonna be complete until I ruin his.
I need proof there's a clear and present danger.
I need a smoking gun, gentlemen.
My father's in your hospital. A tumour they can't operate on.
Exactly the same size in exactly the same place.
I have an identical tumour in my own head.
What are the odds?
It could be something as simple as a tracking device
that allows them to know where the important test subjects are.
You can have mine.
We would never do anything to harm a private citizen.
We would never do anything to a citizen against his will.
I personally would never do anything to harm a child.
Where's my father? I want to see my father!
Thank you for volunteering to help your country again.
ALLlE: What makes us human?
That we can think?
That we can feel sorrow and pain?
That we can laugh?
I hope so.
We can hurt and we can laugh and we know a past and a present.
And. in some ways. a future.
Maybe what makes us human is that we know just enough
to think we know where we're going.
# Turn around, go back down, back the way you came #
# Can't you see that flash of fire, brighter than the day? #
Come on, Manny, let's go.
This could be big.
We get these reports two, three times a week.
Mutilated cattle, dancing lights,
the sort of thing we're about to look at.
For you to come personally, you must have some reason.
The reports look good.
First one came in from a local pilot out of Gary,
then a commercial airline en route to Chicago.
This could finally be your proof, Dad.
I mean, this could finally show the threat is real.
We already know that, don't we?
Don't try so hard, kid.
Just do a good job. Your old man'll come around.
Keep these people back!
Keep them back.
Stay back, folks.
Out of the way, please. Stay back, folks.
We may need that. You never know what's out there.
Looks like a reporter.
Notify dispatch...
Reports are all good, Bob. This is real.
It's a landing strip. I'd stake my career on it.
Yes, tell the President, and tell him I believe it signals
that our friends will soon be here in force.
I really think you should look at this personally.
Thank you, Bob. Thank you.
- The President's on his way. - That's great news.
Why don't you...
go help out with crowd control or something.
Colonel Crawford. Toby Woodruff.
This is Ted Olson.
Where's the President?
Mr Olson is with the NSA. I'm with Defence.
The President felt you'd be better off dealing with the...
the "hands-on" guys.
The "hands-on" guys?
You been briefed?
Let's go for a little ride, and we'll see how you feel.
Look at that.
This has happened before, here and France, England, and Germany.
The scale of this, the intent.
Look at the formation. It's like a runway.
Like a landing strip?
If it's a landing strip, that means they could be-
Think Nixon stands a chance at a second term?
My opinion, he'd have to fix the next election.
No one likes the creep.
Truman was President when I started this project.
I've survived four of them. Nixon will make five.
I've lasted this long
because I know how to ruin the people who get in my way.
What I want you puppies to do is get on the phone
and make the President know he has to be here immediately.
This is a threat to our country of unparalleled proportions.
You do that for me, because long after Richard Nixon
is just a faded memory,
I'll be around to make your lives a living hell.
Looks like there's another one here.
Dr Powell, we've got something.
Very nice, Buzz.
It's in remarkable condition.
Where'd you find it?
North six, west twelve.
- Where we found the drums? - And there's more.
Let's go check it out.
Do you think we could be onto a smokehut?
Something the shaman used to drive out evil spirits?
Yeah, possibly.
Sarah's back on the demons again.
That's why we came here in the first place, isn't it?
Rumours of demons in the woods.
The places that the Russian settlers wouldn't go.
Places that people still won't go?
That and 80 years of research into the Tsimshian people.
Dr Powell.
Yeah. What's up, Daryl?
I found something.
Oh, yeah.
I don't think it's a smokehut.
Looks to me more like a funeral potlatch.
The drums, the bowls,
the raven to take the spirit into the next world.
We're all dead.
First, there's the demons, then we open up a tomb. We're toast.
Remind me, what are these demons supposed to be doing?
They're a native version of the legend
of the Incubus and Succubus.
They would take people from their homes to the woods,
and sometimes, the women would come back pregnant.
Sometimes, they don't come back at all.
Daryl, you okay?
I'm hurt, man.
Here. Buzz, grab a ladder.
How you doing, buddy?
I landed bad. I twisted my ankle.
We'll get you out. Don't worry.
What the...
Oh, my God.
23 years.
What are you going to do?
Learn to fly-fish.
For what it's worth...
I think you got a raw deal.
I tell my doctor I'm worried about my heart, my blood pressure.
He tells me to take these pills and to go fly-fishing.
Apparently there's something soothing about hooking a fish,
Iooking at them, then letting them go.
What about Jesse Keys?
My smoking gun.
16-year-old boy
with something put in his head by our friends.
You and I both know we're never gonna find him.
He disappeared from that bomb shelter and fell off the planet.
I'll tell you something.
I've never known what our friends were up to, not a clue.
Roswell, taking all these people.
But the way they took Jesse Keys...
whatever they're doing,
we don't stand a damn chance against them.
Is there something else?
I was just wondering where to put the desk.
I guess they didn't want to go outside the project.
They put me in charge.
Then you can look for Jesse Keys.
ALLlE: I asked my dad once about his dad. my grandfather.
I knew he'd had some hard times.
But I didn't know a lot more than that.
I said to my dad.
"I guess maybe he was kind of lost. "
"Not lost. really. " my dad said.
but for a while. he was definitely bewildered. "
# I hope to get home all right #
# Hey, Mr Spaceman #
# Won't you please take me along? #
# I won't do anything wrong #
# Hey, Mr Spaceman... #
What's the weirdest thing you ever saw?
And acid trips don't count.
I saw this two-headed snake once at the zoo in San Diego.
And one time, man...
I think I saw a flying saucer.
I've been on a flying saucer, more than once.
One time, I saw my father.
He'd been dead...
for four days.
Okay, my man.
Now, that is really and truly weird.
A waste of friggin' time and money, going to the moon.
You know what I admired about you back when we were over there?
I was in four different units while I was in 'Nam,
and you were the only one.
What do you mean, "only one"?
Officer who walked point.
Every single mission, you walked point.
At first, I thought it was just 'cause you was crazy...
Then maybe because you were the best guy in the whole world.
Or maybe because you'd seen something that was...
something other than that Ring of Hell that we were in.
It was because I was the best guy in the world.
See, now, me? I believe in everything.
You tell me there's aliens or that you've gone for a ride on a saucer...
sure, why not?
You tell me they killed the Kennedys
or started the war, and I am with you 100%.
But what I'm sorry to hear is...
Is that your experience was so bad
that you could do what we did without even flinching.
I don't know what my experience was.
All I know is, my whole life is like that-
walking point through a jungle, waiting for something that...
I can't stop to happen to me.
No disrespect,
but how does that make you any different than anybody else?
How's my credit?
Sorry, but there's nothing I can do in that regard.
Willie, I saved your life. Come on.
Two times.
Now I'm gonna save yours.
Get straight.
I don't wanna get straight, Willie. I wanna get high.
I know, you want to get taken to that other world.
Well, that costs money.
I'm good for it.
You're not good for nothing,
same as every other junkie I do business with.
That is why I am strictly cash-and- carry.
Get straight, and I'd be happy never to see your face ever again.
If you get some money, then I'd be happy to accommodate you.
We're expecting a telegram.
From Los Angeles, California?
Your telling me again doesn't make it get here any quicker.
You're the people that are digging in the woods?
What are you looking for?
Do you know about the Indians who used to live out here?
A little bit.
We're trying to find out more about them.
It's five even.
You gonna be getting the hell out of there any time soon?
Why are you people so hostile? We're not doing anything.
You got a home with a backyard?
I got a backyard, yeah.
You go outside, people digging potholes all over the yard,
maybe digging up things better left buried,
how are you gonna feel about it?
Apollo 13 got into trouble
shortly after 10.00 eastern time last night.
Something happened which cut off the power and oxygen supply
in the command ship.
At midnight. the astronauts were told to use the moon-landing ship.
At 3. 42 a. m.. they were ordered to make the critical firing
to put the mission in an orbit...
Do you think this was an accident?
If I had to weigh our friends' propensity
to interfere against NASA's growing incompetence,
I think I'd have to go with NASA.
...made their last television broadcast to earth.
Last night. after 10 p.m. eastern standard time...
If you were still in charge, you would have used this
as further proof of that imminent invasion.
...the hypothesis for Houston at this point
is that it may have been caused by a collision with a meteoroid
or an explosion on the aircraft...
- Sam. - Hey, Dad.
What a surprise.
What the hell are you doing here?
Dad said he lost his job.
Right. Like you care about that.
What do you want, Sam?
How's Julie?
She's pregnant. What do you want?
Pregnant. Well, congratulations.
You came home to gloat, didn't you?
You came home because he lost the organization.
You still think he's some sort of a god, don't you?
He craps on you for 21 years, you keep coming back for more.
- You don't know what you're saying. - I'm talking about lies, Eric.
I'm talking about this.
A guy named Tom Clarke says he devoted his life
to exposing the government UFO hoax.
People see something strange in the sky,
the government makes them think it's a UFO, not some secret plane.
People taken in the middle of the night and filled full of mind-altering drugs.
Must have been cosmic visitors.
It sure wasn't our government testing some new chemical weapon.
Is that our legacy, Eric?
Is that what he's been doing- covering for these creeps?
What creeps?
Tom Clarke. I should have known.
You know him?
Our paths have crossed. I spent a lifetime building my organization.
- With one prank, he took it away. - It wasn't the prank. It's the times.
Nobody cares about this science- fiction stuff.
Real monsters are running this country, killing innocent people.
Oh, right, son.
There were no monsters in my generation. No killing.
You're my son! This is your inheritance he took!
I don't want any part of that.
- Then why did you come home? - I was asking the same question.
If you don't give a damn, why did you come home?
What is it?
Part of your inheritance.
Is it true? Are you really in charge of some UFO project?
No. absolutely not.
Guess I could have changed the combination, but...
I always thought when you were ready, you'd come home.
I found this at a crash site in New Mexico.
What crashed was nothing man-made.
Inside this craft were five beings.
They were not human.
Three of them were dead,
the fourth one died under observation, and the fifth...
Everything I've done since I found this wreckage has been about this-
trying to understand who they are and what they wanted.
I was wrong about the crop circles, but I'm not wrong about this.
Something is about to happen.
Maybe next week, maybe in 30 years,
but these visitors-they're moving towards something.
It's really true, isn't it?
Dad, you had no right to hide the truth like that.
Do you know what would've happened in 1947
if the country had believed we were about to be attacked from outer space?
I don't know, the growth of a military-industrial complex?
Senate hearings to determine if you were or had been
an alien sympathizer?
Maybe we would have started to invade countries
we thought succumbed to the menace.
I can't abide a mess.
And what about now?
You've kept this from the world for 23 years, Dad.
Don't you think it's time you told the truth?
I've only been frightened once in my adult life.
Would you like me to tell you about that time?
That fifth one...
the survivor of the crash that was never accounted for...
I tracked him down to a small town in Texas.
He had formed a bond there with a young woman,
And years later, I went back to that town.
The woman was not that young then.
She had two grown children,
and she also had a 10-year-old son,
the result of her bond with this stranger.
Her older son Tom is the one who made that crop circle.
He did it deliberately to destroy me.
Well, I guess he had his reasons.
I got close to the Clarkes.
I wanted to know more about the younger boy-Jacob.
I was bringing him back to the ranch when it happened.
He was a strange boy.
He was gentle, and he was withdrawn.
When I looked in this boy's eyes, Sam, what I saw-
what I saw there was all my memories and all my fears.
More than that, I saw them add up. Do you understand?
I saw my own death, Sam.
I saw how I would die.
Maybe it was a moment of guilt.
You know, maybe what you saw...
Is what you know you deserve.
Well, there's your story, son.
Your big scoop. A Pulitzer while you're still an undergraduate.
And all you have to do is make someone believe you.
Hi. Do you know where I can find some information on the dig site?
Yeah, I do. Who are you?
Oh. Sam Crawford.
Sarah. How're you doing?
I'm a journalism student from UC Berkeley.
Uh, Dr Powell?
This is Sam Crawford. He's a journalism student.
- Nice to meet you. - How you doing?
- Is that the carbon-dating report? - Yeah.
Well, how old's our body?
It's about...six years old, give or take.
Yeah. The wrappings are bed sheets.
They date back to the early 1960s.
Lab estimates 1964, but they can't tell for sure.
We should've known.
There was nothing Tsimshian about the burial.
They never wrap their dead.
The glyphs were indecipherable, not their language at all.
Actually, I was hoping I could talk to you about that.
What did you make of the writings you found in the burial chamber?
It was no language we've been able to identify.
Yeah, probably no more real than our mummy.
I gotta go find the sheriff.
Sam, you're welcome to stick around.
- Thanks. - Okay.
ALLlE: I remember my mum telling me
that she only went to church once with her mother
on Easter Sunday.
When the minister said
that the kingdom of heaven was within her.
that scared her half to death.
It meant it was all up to her.
People want the comfort of strong arms.
They look to the voices in their heads. to drugs.
They look to the sky.
- Hey. - Hey.
I can see you didn't take my advice about getting clean,
so I have to say to myself...
maybe the man's got some money.
I got these.
What are they?
They're my dad's medals.
What the hell are you doing?
- Get a doctor. Right away.
I want you people packed up and out of here by tomorrow morning.
Sheriff, we've got to be able to come to some sort of compromise.
This is a significant archaeological dig.
I don't care. I want you gone. Where's the mummy?
Can I ask you something?
You say this mummy might be evidence of a murder.
That's generally the case when somebody hides the body.
Then aren't you supposed to say, "Don't leave town,"
instead of, "Get out of town by sunrise"?
You find that helps you as you make your way through life?
Being a wise-ass?
Hey, Dr Powell?
The mummy was here just a minute ago.
Well, it didn't just get up and walk off by itself, now, did it?
Hey, look at this.
Mosquitoes starting early this year, huh, George?
I read somewhere that mosquitoes have killed more people
In the history of the world, the way they spread disease and all,
than all the wars, famines, and floods put together.
Hard to believe something like that.
I don't know why I buy this stuff. It doesn't work at all.
You know what I like to do for mosquitoes?
I like to get garlic and motor oil
and rub it all over any part of me that's gonna be exposed.
I never have any trouble with the little bloodsuckers.
Bye, Louise.
Honey, would you put...
Wendy, I-
Wendy. Wendy!
She knows not to go in the woods.
She has been told, and she has been told.
Louise, it's gonna be all right. Kids wander off all the time.
We find them.
Not in these woods.
They walk among us in many shapes,
and their ways are not always what we would hope.
So to understand that which is not you, you must become that other thing.
My grandmother said, "Walk a mile in another man's shoes."
That is the greatest secret to shape- shifting.
So it's not about the disguise, it's about knowledge.
You guys really gonna leave in the morning?
Well, we really don't have much of a choice.
It was a good dig, sir.
Even without the body, you've done some important work here.
We were only just getting started.
Nature call.
- Not very subtle, are they? - Nah.
You really wanna look at the writing on the wall?
- Yeah. - Let's go.
- Daryl, you wanna join us? - Okay.
You sure you wanna do this?
I'm not a virgin, if that's what you mean.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm saying, you sure you wanna wander into the deep, dark woods
when there's something out there?
What do you think happened?
Tana leaves. The curse.
He's been revived.
He's coming for you, Sarah.
Cut it out. That's not funny.
Dr Powell, is the raven considered a trickster
or a shape-shifter?
Daryl, are you looking for a grade here, or do you really want to know?
A little bit of both.
All right. Fair enough. Trickster is both good and bad.
He brings man knowledge of the universe as it is.
- Do you understand that? - Yeah.
Okay, so Jack Tales and Loki and Daffy Duck
are all examples of trickster gods.
What could be trickier than shape-shifting?
Right. Like when Daffy pretended to be a skunk.
That was Sylvester, and he spilled paint on his back,
but, yeah, you get the point.
Wow. You sure that wasn't Daffy?
Because the duck, he's always getting into something.
I get the feeling this all means something to you.
Stay here and watch our stuff.
Where are they?
Let's check up here.
You want to get that light out of my face?
- These two belong to you? - Yeah.
You okay?
She's fine, but if you're gonna be so jumpy
you scream in the face of every old man you meet,
you shouldn't be walking in the woods in the middle of the night.
The trickster.
Dr Powell?
I was just messing around, man.
This isn't funny, man.
Dr Powell?
Dr Powell?
RADlO: The safe return of the Apollo 13 astronauts
who splashed down in the Pacific near the USS lwo Jima.
The astronauts were immediately flown by helicopter to the lwo Jima,
where a medical doctor examined them.
President Nixon watched the final moments
of the Apollo 13 on TV
and then announced that he will fly to Houston
to pick up families of the astronauts and continue on to Hawaii
where he will award the astronauts with the Medal of Freedom.
- How are you feeling today, Frank? - Better. Feeling better.
Miss? Miss, I got this itch that really needs scratching.
You slept through the night.
- First time. - I know.
Thought you might be up for some solid food.
I've got something solid right here.
Looks like Johnson's hungry.
Aah! Aah!
No, no.
Do they still have those guys in the park who sell hot dogs?
But, sheriff, Daryl's vanished.
He's been gone all night.
Is he a citizen of Haysport? No, he's not.
So his disappearance is not my problem.
- What do you mean, not your problem? - Who are you?
I'm Sam Crawford. I'm a reporter. I'm doing a story on the dig.
Not anymore, you're not.
Look, sheriff, last night, there was an old man
prowling the woods with a shotgun.
One of my students has disappeared, and you're not going to do anything?
Tell you what-you file a report... I'll keep my eyes open.
It's starting again, Kerby. Isn't it?
ALLlE: When you're a kid. anything can take you away-
soap bubbles
or a hose spraying a rainbow up over a new-mowed lawn.
I guess growing up means that it gets harder and harder
to find your way back to that kind of place
where you can be taken.
The one time I see grownups
with that same sort of look on their faces
is when they're just at first falling in love.
It changed a lot while you were away, huh?
I wasn't really thinking about that.
I was just thinking about all those bubbles.
They're beautiful, aren't they?
Yeah. Those kids look really happy.
What happened?
A lot of things.
- In the war? - I don't know.
That was just the icing on my cake.
No! Get your kids out of here!
What do you want from me?! Why do you keep taking me?!
Why did you save me in the jungle?!
Why didn't you let me die with my men?!
Frank! Frank!
Jeez, man. Lighten up. It's not my war.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Man can't make a damn bubble in the modern world.
Come on. It's okay.
Frank. Frank.
Hey, it's okay. You can tell me.
My name's Amelia, for God's sake.
I was named after somebody who was lost.
Can I ask you to do something for me?
Would you call me Jesse instead of Frank?
Frank's not my real name.
Maybe someday I can explain.
Excuse me, miss. I'm looking for Lieutenant Frank Pierce.
Ridley, Personnel Services Office. Records Branch.
You're a difficult man to find.
- I've been sort of preoccupied. - You never picked up your medals.
I have a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.
- Keep 'em. - Excuse me?
Give them to someone who deserves them.
- You don't want them? - I don't want 'em.
I read the report on this, lieutenant.
What you did- it's a miracle you survived.
The temple was on fire. You couldn't save everyone.
I don't know if you blame yourself for the men you couldn't save,
if that's what this is about-
It's about that and a lot of other things.
I'm not gonna take your medals.
Well, we'll just add that to the list.
The list of things you're gonna explain to me someday.
You like it, being a nurse?
I was in college. I knew everything that was wrong with the world.
I wasn't doing one little thing to make it better.
What about you? Did you always want to be a soldier?
I always figured I'd be a mechanic, like my dad.
- What happened? - We're different in that way.
I stopped thinking I could fix things.
Look out!
You okay, buddy?
Steve, you little idiot! What were you doing?
Why don't you think?
Ma'am, I think he's scared enough.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
- You okay? - Yeah.
You're very brave.
No, I'm not.
It's not brave when you know nothing can hurt you.
What do you mean?
Someone's watching over you?
You got a guardian angel or something?
Or something.
Is that what happened in Vietnam, Jesse?
You thought you couldn't get hurt?
No. I knew I couldn't get hurt.
We were in the Quang Ngai province, and...
we walked into a trap.
Knowing what I knew, knowing that I was safe...
I should've been able to do more.
I dared them the whole time,
saying, "Go ahead. Get me out of this one."
And they did.
They got me out.
And they let 27 men from my unit die.
Who are "they", Jesse?
Who are you talking about?
Add that to your list, too.
Okay, guys.
The only way to cover enough ground before nightfall is to split up.
Any problems, blow your whistles.
Keep blowing until the rest of us can get to where you are.
Sam's offered to help us look.
One more thing- someone has to stay here,
just in case Daryl comes back while we're out looking for him.
I will.
Thanks, Sarah. You might want to keep this.
Let's go, you guys. Be safe.
Daryl, it's Dr Powell.
Is anybody there?
You in there?
Any word yet?
Nobody's been back?
This is deeply creepy.
Yeah. Deeply.
Look, I better go back out.
You wanna take this?
You should keep it.
Okay. Okay.
You take care of the problem?
He'd just gotten to Powell when I came on him.
I shot him twice.
No body?
There was blood all over. I figured he'd crawled away to die.
You figure, or you hope?
Come on, doc. I told you, I shot him twice.
You didn't want to make sure, just in case you were wrong?
What are you looking at, old man?
You ain't helping, creeping around the woods.
You're damn lucky you're still alive!
I need some help!
Somebody help me, please. It's okay.
Shock. Nothing more.
She probably won't remember a thing.
Well, let's hope not.
What's going on here, sheriff?
What paper did you say you worked for again?'s a college newspaper.
Uh-huh. Well...
next time an officer of the law makes a suggestion to you,
Iike "Go Away," for example,
you should think about listening.
If I see you again,
I'm gonna drive you out into the woods,
and I am gonna shoot you. Go away.
His eyes...
He came through the burial chamber...
His eyes...
oh, God.
His eyes.
You're all right.
When I found you, I thought you might be dead.
Then I noticed you were still breathing, so I...
I dragged you in here
to keep you out of the elements and such.
Who the hell are you?
My name's Leo.
My daughter's name was Nadine.
She would've been 40 this year.
We got the northern lights up here,
but in 1958, there was something in the sky
that wasn't any aurora borealis.
There were these lights in the sky...dancing,
moving in ways you wouldn't believe,
coming down out of the sky and disappearing into the woods.
My Nadine went walking in there, trying to see what they were.
She came back a day and a half later,
no idea where she'd been,
no idea what had happened to her.
It was about four months after that she started to show.
The twins were born in early '59.
The pregnancy was hard, real hard, and the birth killed her.
I was Nadine's only family, so I took the boys.
I named 'em Larry and Lester.
They were all wrong, those boys, right from the start,
but it wasn't just that.
It was how they looked and what they could do.
They could peer inside a fellow, even when they were small.
When I looked in this boy's eyes. what I saw...
what I saw there was all my memories and all my fears.
After a little while, it got too hard for us to stay in town.
Folks just didn't want them around, so...
we went out into the woods,
stayed in this cabin my father had built for hunting trips-
How much did you tell him, Leo?
Well, doesn't really matter.
We're gonna take that drive I promised you.
You killed one of the twins, didn't you?
You killed him, you wrapped him up and stuck him in that chamber.
Larry. He was the worst of the two.
Took to trying out his abilities when he was 16 years old.
Leo mention that? Hmm?
All the dead dogs and cattle?
Things he did to them hunters in the woods.
This town makes its living off of hunting season.
Close to ten years, couldn't pay folks to go in our woods.
Leo wouldn't go near that cabin himself.
It's my job to keep this town safe for everybody.
That boy was a menace.
I went up there to try to talk some sense into him.
Anyway, I didn't wrap him up.
I buried him under a tree.
How he wound up in that burial pit, wrapped up like that...
I got some ideas.
Come on! Get after him!
Damn it!
Where'd he go?
This way. Come on.
Can you come with me?
It's the sheriff.
Whoa. Whoa.
Louise, what the hell is going on?
We're going in after him, Kerby.
My daughter's still missing, and we know who's responsible.
All right, let's go.
Over here.
She's hurt bad.
Must have tried to climb a tree to see where she was, and she fell.
Her leg's broke in a couple of places.
I sneak up when she's asleep, leave her food and water,
but I can't get her into town.
I'm afraid she'll look at me.
What happens when people look at you?
I don't know, exactly.
When my brother and I were kids...
we used to just scare folks, mostly.
I think people look at us, they see too much.
All their memories.
All their fears.
I guess you could say.
Why'd you wrap your brother up like that?
My brother and I...sometimes...
we would draw in this weird language.
We never knew what it meant,
but it looked kind of like in books and stuff about ancient Egypt.
I knew it was important, like...maybe magic or something.
I thought maybe if I... wrapped him up like that,
put him somewhere special with that writing all around him...
Maybe he'd come back to life.
Kind of foolish, huh?
No. No, Lester, I don't think that's foolish at all.
I think you loved your brother very much.
I never meant to hurt
any of those people who dug up the grave.
I was trying to get help for the girl.
I know.
My, uh...
Whatever it is I do to people...
I guess it got stronger after Larry died.
I really never meant for anyone to get hurt.
You're hurt, too.
I gotta get you both to a doctor.
Just worry about the little girl.
Are you the one who's been bringing me food?
No, sweetheart. I'm not.
Is that him over there?
I wanna say thanks.
His name's Lester. You can thank him later, okay?
Right now, I'm gonna have to pick you up,
but it might hurt a little, so can you be brave?
Hey, stop!
The little girl's here! She's all right!
Stop! Stop pouring the gas!
We're coming out!
Come on, sweetie. It's okay.
Come on. All right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, God. Baby.
Oh, my God. Baby, did he do this to you?
No, mummy. I fell out of a tree.
Get her back to the car, Louise.
We're gonna finish this once and for all.
Why don't you let me take it from here?
Eric. What are you doing here?
You're not a hard man to follow, Sam.
From everything the sheriff and Dr Shilling have told me,
you've got something important to the project-
some sort of half-breed or something.
That's why you're here?
I'm here to keep you from doing anything unfortunate.
The sheriff says you've been uncooperative.
Look, there's nothing here for you.
I think I'd like to see for myself.
Eric, you can't go in there.
You're going to stop me?
You could be killed.
You care about me, Sam. I'm touched.
He's right, son. You don't want to go in there.
- Eric, no. - Get your hands off me!
I'm not gonna let you take him!
Lester don't want to hurt anybody. Get out of here.
Step away from the porch, Leo.
Mummy, are they gonna hurt Lester?
Hush, honey.
I let you people take my boys before,
and look where it got me.
No, sir. I'm not moving.
Well, suit yourself.
Come on!
Get that gasoline on it.
Mummy, no!
You want him now, little brother? He's all yours.
Lester, you gotta get out of here.
Larry didn't mean to hurt anyone, either.
They came out with cameras to take pictures of the freaks.
Larry just lost his temper.
We gotta go!
What's the point? Where am I gonna go?
- We'll figure something out. - You better get out of here.
Lester, come on.
Oh, my goodness!
There you go. Grandpa did that, didn't he?
Yes, you're very cute.
Hi, Mary.
Come on. Can you say "grandpa"?
Can you say "grandpa"?
She's only a week old.
Can't start indoctrinating them too soon.
Come on, Mary. "Grandpa."
Come on. "Grandpa."
I wish your brother Sam was here to see this.
Say "grandpa."
Come on.
Julie, could you give dad and me a minute?
I bring my baby over for you to see, you're still talking about Sam.
We haven't heard from him since he left.
We won't be hearing from him anymore.
Sam is dead.
He went out trying to find proof that would destroy you,
and that proof killed him.
He died trying to bring you down.
He hated you that much.
You never told me any of the things you told Sam.
I would never have broken your trust,
and you never once gave it to me.
is this what you saw
when you saw your own death?
No! Aah!
A stroke, right?
A massive explosion. "Pop" goes the brain stem.
That's why you always hated me.
I scared you.
You knew I was the last thing you'd ever see.
Kind of funny, isn't it?
If you'd been a little kinder, showed a little more interest,
this might not have happened.
Knowing what you know- that's what brought us here.
So, how does it end, Dad?
Are you trapped in there?
Stuck inside your head a while longer
before the lights finally all go out?
I always loved you better. You know that.
You wet yourself.
Marry me.
That goes in the kitchen.
Master bedroom, please. Thank you.
Thank you.
Shut the door on your way out.
Eric. I guess I was wrong about you.
Good luck and Godspeed.
# If my words did glow #
# With the gold of sunshine #
# And my tunes were played #
# On the harp unstrung #
# Would you hear my voice #
# Come through the music? #
# Would you hold it near #
# As it were your own? #
# It's a hand-me-down #
# The thoughts are broken #
# Perhaps #
# They're better #
# Left unsung #
# I don't know #
# Don't really care #
# Let there be songs to fill the air #
# La da da da #
# La da da-da da #
# La da da da #
# La da da da da #
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