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Taken 2002 ep05

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Previously on Taken...
My name is Jesse Keys.
I have encounters with unidentified flying objects.
Get away from me!
Jesse, what happened?
Ohh! Aah!
What do you want from me! Why do you keep taking me?
There was one survivor at the crash.
We tracked him down to a small town in Texas.
He had formed a bond there with a young woman.
Years later. I went back to that town.
She had two grown children and a ten-year-old son.
Kids, this is Owen Crawford.
This guy broke her heart.
My Iife is not gonna be complete until I ruin his.
You know too much about what I do.
Eric, your dad had me get him a car from the motor pool
the night your mother was murdered.
When he returned it, there were 417 new miles on it.
417 miles is the exact distance roundtrip between Groom Lake
and the spot where Howard and your mother were found.
They were both killed with Howard's service pistol.
He Iost that pistol two days before he died.
I remember him asking me if I'd seen it.
He said he'd Ieft it in his desk drawer and it had just disappeared.
She was drinking a Iot. Threatening to expose his work.
I'm sorry, Eric.
I've been carrying it around with me all this time.
Now that your father's dead, I thought you should know.
My father was a vicious, selfish man who put his personal aggrandizement
above the good of his country.
In my opinion, his egomania made him a Iiability to the project.
However, he was also incredibly meticulous.
He kept files on everything. This one's interesting, doctor.
Your signature on the autopsy reports
from the three bodies recovered from the Roswell crash,
and a fourth, the one who died while under observation.
Two copies of the crash-site reports- the real one and the cover-up.
General, your signature's on both.
An interesting one on the disposal of the bodies of twin psychics
used in some early research into the nature of the technology.
This one's particularly informative.
It's a briefing on the Roswell events
that you and your colleagues prepared for General Eisenhower
just before he took office.
On page 2, you'II find a Iist of the 12 of you who worked on the briefing.
A very impressive group.
These are copies, of course.
The originals are in a safe place.
So what do you want?
Your briefcase, sir.
What's going on here, Eric?
I checked the motor pool records for the night my mother was killed.
You did check that car out.
That makes you an accomplice, Marty.
An accessory before the fact.
These men will hand you over to civilian authorities in Carson City.
I'm sure your fear of my father will be taken into account.
And you'II be stepping up to take over the project?
The acorn doesn't fall too far, does it, Eric?
I need that funding shifted over to biological research, Ted.
Find the resources.
Why is it so important? None of your damn business, Ted.
Ted, do your job or Iose it.
Some people spend their lives
hoping for something to happen that will change everything.
They look for power or love.
or the answers to their biggest questions.
I think really what they're looking for is another chance.
some way to lead another life
where all the mistakes they've made would be erased.
and they could just start over.
Nothing bad has happened yet.
and all their possibilities are still in front of them.
I'm sorry I'm Iate. That crowd of tourists.
We ought to put up a gift shop,
sell Iittle bobbing alien heads or something.
I had our people take the test subjects out across the desert to avoid them.
I can't run an operation under these conditions. It's a joke.
Since I talked the general into Ietting me run this project,
it's become a damn circus.
But if you're gonna be a damn circus, best to be in the centre ring.
What have you got?
What are you doing?
These fell out of the heads of a half a dozen brain tumour patients
we've been monitoring for the past couple of years.
Fell out? Put them away.
Don't worry. They're dead. They're Iike batteries.
They're not transmitting.
We had to open up a half a dozen people before we got a Iive one.
- It's kind of Iike Iooking for pearls. - You got a Iive implant?
Okay, now check this out. This is really amazing.
Send in the soldier.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
People come home for a lot of reasons.
They come home to remember.
They come home because they've got no place else to go.
They come home when they're beaten.
they come home when they're proud.
They come home looking for a door out into their past
or a road out into their future.
They come home for a lot of reasons.
but they always come home to say good-bye.
Look Iike you remembered?
Yeah, exactly.
Doesn't change much, does it?
There they are.
Mum's just waking up. I'm glad you guys came.
My mum really wanted to get a Iook at Lisa.
Come on.
They say we're Iucky because it's taking her so quick.
With cancer, it could've been a Iot worse.
Hello, honey.
How do you Iike this, huh?
They tell me it's the cigarettes,
but I don't think I'd have Iived this Iong without 'em.
You grew up real nice. How you doing?
I'm good, Mum.
I see that. That's fine.
- Tom. - Yeah.
Come on in.
Mum, this is Carol, my wife.
Hi, Carol. How you doing?
Pleasure to meet you.
And Lisa.
Tom, come take this thing out of my nose
so I don't Iook so scary to that child.
Come here, darlin'. Let me get a Iook at you.
Come on, honey. It's okay.
Hello, Grandma.
You're a pretty girl.
She's got your father's eyes.
Jake, I know who your dad was.
When the government was doing these experiments-
this is all freedom of information act stuff-
it was the beginning of the Cold War,
and people were scared and willing to do anything,
so they took these soldiers and filled 'em with psychotropic drugs
to see what happened,
and I believe that your dad was one of those soldiers.
When he escaped from the army base at Roswell,
Owen Crawford tried to get him back.
It might be a Iittle bit more complicated than that.
Your abilities. You got 'em from your father.
Whatever the drugs had done to him,
Iike those women who took thalidomide...
I think that they're taking civilians now,
doing the same experiments, mind control or "processing,"
whatever you wanna call it,
to make them think they're being abducted by aliens.
And you know that this is not the case?
The government makes them think that,
but it's their cover story, Jake.
For a cover story, it seems... a Iittle bit far-fetched, doesn't it?
Mum's in a Iot of pain.
Morphine doesn't seem to be helping.
It's okay, Mum. It's okay.
It's okay.
Let's help you up, Mum.
Jacob, it's time for me to go, honey.
You just sit up, Mum.
You just sit up.
What are you doing, Jake?
Something for Mum.
It's all right, Tom.
Come on, Sally, let's go home.
I don't wanna believe this, Jake.
You never wanted to.
You always kind of did, though.
Right from when John came, and you saw the Iights.
That's why all those years you...
tried so hard to prove that it was a conspiracy, a Iie.
Those are easier things to believe in.
It was kind of ironic, though, don't you think?
Country's Ieading debunker turns out to have a half-alien half brother?
What are you going to do now?
I want you to come forward, Jake.
I can't do that, Tom.
We're talking about something
that the entire world has a right to know.
You were the proof that it happened, Jake.
What do you want me to do, go on TV, bend some spoons?
It'd turn into a freak show in a minute and a half, and you know it.
Then at Ieast people would know it really happened.
Would they?
Why did they come, Jake?
What do they want?
I don't know.
I do know that I'm not the only one who's special to them.
It's a feeling I get sometimes,
that there is someone else.
They're playing catch-up, the government.
They're trying to figure out the same things you ask me-
why they came, what they want.
Owen Crawford knew about me.
If they're not already doing it,
they're going to try and find that other person.
Jesse Keys.
One of my father's many failures.
Not to speak ill of the dead, though, right?
He kills this guy's father, then Ioses him.
I'd say, all in all, he screwed that one up.
He couldn't have known what would happen
when they took out Russell Keys' implant,
but if it makes you feel better to think your old man screwed up...
And this one-Jesse?
He mattered to them. He was important.
I mean, we grab these people, we pop the implants out of their heads,
we even kill some of them,
but our Iittle grey friends don't do squat.
But this guy,
they pulled him right through the wall of a bomb shelter
to take him away from us.
I don't think you can Iay that one on your father either.
What do you think it all means?
Maybe nothing.
Could be there's some they chew on repeatedly,
and others they spit out after just one bite.
Now that we're Iooking more into the genetics, we'II figure it out.
We're really close.
What about those brothers in Alaska?
Failed attempts at crossbreeding, Iike that kid Jacob CIarke
your old man tried to bring back from Texas.
Jacob Clarke dies,
and we all know what happened to the furry freak brothers.
You see what they're doing, don't you?
Everything they can.
This is an FBI aging program.
Some fugitive goes underground for ten years,
they wanna know 'em if they see 'em.
And I'II Iay you diamonds to doughnuts this Jesse Keys is still alive.
You wanna find out what's so important about him?
Maybe we should ask him.
Truck eight. - Yeah.
Chief, we've got one over at Morgan's Junction.
Car full of college kids. It's pretty ugly.
Paramedics on the scene.
We've also got a tractor injury at Sutter's
and a kid pulled out of Hodgkin's Creek.
Paramedics at both.
I'II take the car.
Get over.
Keep moving, people.
Let's go. Keep moving.
Keep that Iane open. Let's go. Let's move.
What do we got, Bobby?
Just kids on the way home from Milton.
Drunk, Iost control of the car, flipped it.
Driver was killed instantly.
Two boys in the back pretty banged up.
They're on their way to County,
and the girl in the passenger seat's a spinal.
We're just getting her out now.
We saw these Iights. In the sky.
And then... friends.
They've been taken to the hospital.
Hey, can you do something for me?
Can you keep your head straight and follow my pen with your eyes?
We're gonna have you out of here in just a minute,
but can you just keep your head straight and keep your eyes on my pen?
Can you do that for me?
- Mm-hmm. - Good.
Damn it. I'm sorry, chief.
My first accident, I puked all over my chief's shoes.
Don't get any ideas.
Look, you know what I Iove about this job?
You come to a scene, you Iook at it,
you assess the situation, and your job's to make it better.
You can do that, no matter how bad it is.
You can always make it better.
Not for that guy who was driving, not for him.
Then you move on. That's what it's all about.
You find someone you can help.
Here, make sure she stares straight ahead.
Don't Iet her Iook at the blood on the windshield, okay?
Thanks, chief.
Get out of the road. You nuts?
I can't believe you're still out here.
Look, this is all my fault.
The other guys thought you were with me.
I thought you got a ride back with the sheriff's guys.
How Iong have I been out here?
Uh...two-and-a-half, three hours.
Look, I'm really sorry, chief. I don't know what else to say.
- Hey, Dad. - Hey, Charlie.
Did you know 12 people...
Some people put a lot of work into their lawn.
as if a patch of green grass was the most important thing in the world.
as if they thought that as long as the lawn out front
was green and mowed and beautiful. it wouldn't matter at all
what was going on inside the house.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's get this place cleaned up before Mum gets home, okay?
Come on. Get in.
Dad said he's gonna come see my play.
Yeah, I'm sure he will, honey.
Can you help me with my costume?
Yeah, sure.
Is Dad all right?
Yeah, of course he is.
- What do you mean? - I don't know.
It's just...
he seems Iike he's scared of something.
I've known your father a Iong time.
There is one thing I know about him-
he's not afraid of anything.
'Night, kiddo.
Right there, ace.
Hey, I know you. I'm Luke Reynolds.
You pulled my son Moe out of our sweep auger Iast year.
What the hell are you doing out here?
Oh. You come to Iook at my Iower field.
- Lower field? - My glow-in-the- dark wheat.
Heh heh. Come on.
Ain't that a bitch?
There was an accident out here today.
Yep, pretty bad one.
Had the field been glowing before the accident?
Nope. It started right after that.
It's the shape of it that gets me, though.
Look at it. Looks Iike a damn flying saucer.
This hostage thing shows you what happens
when you Iet your enemies see your weakness.
We should've gone in there the moment they were taken
and gotten 'em back at any cost.
Miss Fox says if we'd done that, they might've killed the hostages.
Maybe, but they would've been Iess Iikely to do it again.
Can we talk about something else?
How would you Iike to move?
Like to Henderson, someplace a Iittle further outside of town?
No. I was thinking more Iike Maine.
Don't you think this is a Iittle sudden?
Dad, is this 'cause there's flying saucers in Maine?
Dylan Peters said you were the flying-saucer soldier
and that you were in charge of all of it.
No, I don't think it's too sudden at all.
Do you know the feeling
of daring yourself to walk across a dark room?
That way you're excited because you know-
you really do know-
that there's nothing there to hurt you.
Some people get to choose their dark rooms.
They get to look for places where fear is only skin-deep.
But some people are nowhere near that lucky.
What do you want from me?! Leave me alone!
Why are you coming back now? What do you want?
Leave my family alone!
What do you want now?!
What are you doing? Jess?
For a while after they pulled me out of that temple in Vietnam, they stopped.
I'd think about them once in a while,
but I'd convinced myself that the stuff that happened
with my dad when I was younger and in the jungle
had just all been in my mind.
These are the guardian angels you told me about.
I don't know if I call them angels,
but...they were the reason why
I did a Iot of what I did back there, you know.
I did some pretty crazy things just to see if, you know, they would save me.
And they did?
Every single time.
maybe it is all in your mind.
You're more than due for some post-traumatic stress.
Look at this.
You don't see it?
See what?
The rash. It's shaped Iike a hand.
We've been through a Iot, you and I, yeah?
And we're gonna get through this, just Iike all the rest.
Jesse, I want you to see someone for me.
You owe me that much. Just see someone.
They'II just tell me I have a tumour.
That's not necessarily what they're gonna say.
I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was 16.
My father died of one.
Okay, then you really do need to see someone.
There is something in my head.
It's no tumour, though.
It's something they put there. Something that tells them-
For god's sake, Jesse, would you Iisten to yourself?!
Look, honey, see someone.
If you won't do it for me, do it for Charlie.
You found a small tumour on the front of my brain
no bigger than the tip of a Iead pencil.
I talked to Amelia.
She told me you've been behaving strangely.
The tumour is very small, no sign of a fluid build-up,
but still, it could explain your recent behaviour.
Dr Franklin Traub is the best brain tumour man in the country.
He's at the Rivers Clinic in St. Paul. I just spoke to him.
You have an appointment tomorrow.
Um...any commonality in the stories?
Well. I think the first thing you want to remember-
you and everyone at home-
is that these are normal people just like you and me.
with no history of psychosis or schizophrenia. no mental illness.
They're normal people talking about something
that has really happened to them.
The striking thing is how similar all the stories are.
He always was comfortable in a crowd.
Any minute, he's going to start doing card tricks.
I always knew, Jake.
I always did.
But I never thought that contactor Mum was building out in the garage
was gonna get your father's attention.
She needed a better power supply with an impedance-matched output coupling.
You can sit around here all afternoon reminiscing
or help clean out the garage.
Your Ioudmouth brother's gonna ride both sides
of this alien thing all the way to the bank.
Kim, Andy, you're done playing. We got work to do.
Uncle Ronnie, just 'cause you're jealous
that Aunt Becky's spending time with my dad
is no reason to yell at Kim and Andy.
It's not going to make the fact
that Uncle Tom's getting a Iot of attention go away, either.
She is your daughter, isn't she?
Mr Clarke. I don't mean to question your ability oryour expertise.
but I have to point out here that up until very recently. you were one
of the leading debunkers of this entire phenomenon.
So we'd all like to know what changed your mind.
- I have personal information. - You were taken?
No. No. that's not what I said.
Now there's a story that we'd all like to hear.
I'm not at liberty to say.
Hold on-hold on. folks.
You have evidence of an alien being here on earth. and you're not sharing?
Mr Clarke. I find that hardly fair.
I think more than anything else we'd all like to know.
what changed your mind?
We'll take a break.
You're right. That thing in your brain is no tumour.
It's very small. Looks metallic.
- Where did you grow up? - IIIinois.
Any exposure to chemicals?
You say your father had a similar tumour.
Yeah, identical.
We see these deposits occasionally in people
who work with unusual chemicals,
chelated heavy metals, things Iike that.
Sometimes they occur for no obvious reason.
Usually, they're mistaken for tumours,
but in actual fact, it's just foreign matter that's swept up into a Iittle pile
the body doesn't know how to get rid of.
Now, the important thing is, we can treat this without surgery.
We can use Iocalized ultrasound therapy,
get this thing to break out, dissolve.
You'II pass it in a matter of days.
No surgery? That's great.
Must be disconcerting to wake up one morning
and your whole world's changed.
For me, it was more Iike my whole world had come back.
This happened before?
Yeah, when... when I was a kid,
when I was a teenager and again in Vietnam.
If you're prone to this sort of thing,
it's not surprising it's gonna reoccur.
Could it be affecting Jesse mentally?
It's possible. You've been having problems?
Uh...yeah, but I think if you can get this thing out of my head,
then it'II make them go away.
I'II be home for Thanksgiving.
It's gonna be all right, Jesse.
You know...
...when I was a kid,
the time I told you about when I saw my dad-
I was, uh, Iocked up in a bomb shelter on an air force base.
There are people involved in this, too-
very vicious people.
You're gonna be all right. This is all gonna go away.
I don't care if you don't believe the rest,
but you have to believe this- I was taken.
Locked up by some people involved with the air force,
and they-I got away, joined the army under a fake name.
I don't know if they stopped Iooking for me,
but, uh, now that this has all started again,
just...keep it in mind.
Remember our Iist of all the things I said I'd explain one day?
Aren't you glad I waited as Iong as I did?
Hey, that's a pretty good book.
Yeah, I don't read much.
Irving places far too much importance on death, in my way of thinking,
but at Ieast he makes it funny.
He's good.
Jesse, you don't believe you've got a metallic deposit in your head, do you?
You have your thoughts about what I have in my head, and I have mine.
You wanna share your thoughts with me?
No, I'd rather not.
Why are you here if you don't believe I can help you?
No. You have to help me.
You say you can make this thing in my head dissolve.
That's what I want.
I don't care what it is.
I have a nine-year-old son, and I almost hurt him
because of this thing in my head.
I don't care about anything else.
I don't care about anything else at all.
Hello. Dr Wakeman, please.
Traub here, Rivers Clinic.
I've got the man you're Iooking for.
I'm gonna get you, AIIan Holmes!
Shut your mouth, Allan Holmes!
Whoa, slow down there, kid!
Come on, take it easy. What's the problem?
- Let me go! - What is this about?
He started it.
- Did not. - Did!
Everybody knows your dad went crazy
when he ran out of the house screaming.
Your dad's nuts. Now they've Iocked him up.
That's enough, all of you!
Now, Charlie's dad is sick.
It's very serious. He's gone away to get well.
We're praying for him.
Sorry. Hope your dad gets better.
So we're going down to the Lemke's.
I hear they have a wicked haunted house.
You wanna come?
No more fighting?
- Promise. - AII right, kiddo.
Have a good time.
They're so forgiving-children.
I didn't mean to butt in. I was enjoying the evening.
I'm glad you were here. Thank you.
I'm sorry to hear about your husband.
I hope he'II be all right.
Yes, I'II hold.
- Hi, honey. How are you? - Lonely.
How was Halloween?
It was great. Charlie's Darth Vader.
I really just called 'cause I wanted to hear your voice.
When everything in your life is right on track.
it's easy to believe that things happen for a reason.
It's easy to have faith.
But when things start to go wrong.
then it's very hard to hold on to that faith.
It's hard not to wonder whose reasons these things happen for.
How Iong you gonna keep him under?
A couple hours.
Let him think we did a full work- up.
What do you... think these marks on his chest are?
Looks almost Iike a hand.
Maybe he fought back.
So what do you want to do with him?
Take that thing out of his head?
They're a dime a dozen. I don't want the implant.
I want him.
He believes they've saved him, repeatedly, in Vietnam, other places.
They probably did.
It's just he's extremely important to them.
Okay, what do we know?
They're working towards something, but what?
Do they wanna destroy the planet?
Save us from ourselves? Turn us into pod people?
Anyway, we Iook at the stuff we got
from one of the bodies from the New Mexico crash,
and these beings, these...aliens, what have you...
...they're us.
Same genetic make-up.
At Ieast so far.
The same could be said about the fruit fly.
Maybe that's the point.
What makes a man who he is?
Is it the worst things he's ever done or the best things he wants to be?
When you find yourself in the middle of your life.
and you're nowhere near where you were going.
how do you find a way from the person you've become
to the one you know you could've been?
What did you do with my Cabbage Patch Kids?
They're in one of the boxes, honey.
Can you take them out of the boxes?
They don't Iike being taken places in boxes.
We'II unpack them when we get to our new place.
Why can't I tell my friends where we're going?
Ask your father.
- I want my dolls unpacked! - Honey, we can't.
- Hello, thrill-seekers. - Uncle Chet.
- Hiya, sweetheart. How you doing? - Good.
Where's your dad?
In the study.
Come on. Come on.
Come in.
Dad, Mum won't unpack my Cabbage Patch Kids.
I'II talk to her about it, Mary, after I'm done with my meeting.
Don't ever move.
We got Jesse Keys in a clinic in Minnesota.
That's the prize your dad could never get.
What do you want to do with him?
I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
While you're thinking, make sure you don't Iose him.
I don't wanna make the same mistakes my father made.
Your old man's been dead, what, ten years now?
So don't you think you can stop trying to kick his ass?
One of our researchers was going through some old files
and came across these.
Any idea what they are?
They Iook Iike the glyphs from that excavation site in AIaska,
the one where my brother died.
That's what I thought, too, but these are dated 1947.
That burial chamber in Alaska wasn't opened up until 1970.
- Did you translate it? - Can't be done.
So close.
We got Jesse Keys under wraps.
Genetics guys are finding out more and more every day.
My engineers tell me they're following something very cool on the implants.
We're on the verge of a major breakthrough here.
There something you're not sharing?
You know everything I know.
I know a hell of a Iot more than you do, old pal of mine,
but what I was asking was is if...there was something you weren't sharing.
And what I told you was no.
What are these?
Tom Clarke.
You didn't see him on TV the other day
talking about the government conspiracy
to cover up the presence of aliens here on earth?
I don't Iike to watch TV during the day. Weirds me out.
Suddenly, he's the Woodward and Bernstein of alien abduction.
Tom Clarke, huh?
The Tom Clarke who ruined my father.
The Tom Clarke who thought our entire program was a lie.
His first two books here do nothing but debunk everything
about extraterrestrial Iife, about visits, about our work.
Don't you wanna know what changed his mind?
- Bye, Mum. - Bye.
Have a good day.
You're much prettier than I expected.
Your surveillance photographs don't do you justice.
Is this visit about something more than my good Iooks?
I understand your brother has switched sides, that he's now a believer.
Wanna tell me what changed his mind?
You and your brother have a way
of sort of gumming up my family's work, so I'm going to be honest with you.
I'm not doing this out of any compelling need to tell the truth.
I just think it's the only method that'II work.
There. I'm doing it already.
Do you Iook a Iot Iike your mother?
People say I do.
My father was a bastard.
What he did to your mother was unforgivable.
My father found a spaceship in the New Mexico desert.
There were four bodies on that ship. There were spaces for five bodies.
He came to your home Iooking for the guy who was sitting in that fifth seat.
My father devoted the rest of his Iife
to trying to find out what these visitors wanted.
He ran a government group dedicated to that quest.
Since his death, I've been in charge of that group.
Technically, we're part of the air force,
but the paperwork is so muddled I couldn't even tell you who I work for.
This planet has been visited thousands of times
since my father found that ship.
People have been taken from their homes,
things have been done to them.
With a Iot of money and a Iot of very good minds,
we're beginning to understand some things about our visitors,
but we still don't know why they're doing all this.
We don't know what they want.
My father was a ruthless, ambitious son of a bitch,
but the things he wanted to know were reasonable.
This could be the greatest threat the world has ever known.
This could be something miraculous.
We have to know.
We have to do whatever it takes to find out.
I am not my father.
You don't have to tell me what changed your brother's mind right away.
You could do something else instead.
Let me show you something.
I've been reading these reports from your genetics team.
- This is astounding stuff. - Pretty cool, huh?
- Very. - There's something new.
These devices they put in people's heads,
I told you we're pretty sure they're a tracking system, right?
They are.
My guys have found the signal they give off.
But the signal is incredibly weak.
It needs to be amplified somehow
before it can be transmitted back to the mother ship
or the planet Zeta Reticuli or wherever our Iittle buddies are hanging out.
- You gotta Iove it. - Transmitter? Where?
We don't know.
But the Iogical assumption, based on what we do know,
is that it's organic.
- Organic? - Don't you Iove it?
A brain beaming thought signals out into the cosmos.
This just keeps getting better and better.
The energy of thought, of mind.
We know that's how they do things.
We also know Jesse Keys is of particular importance to them.
You think Jesse Keys is a transmitter.
That's why he's so special.
One way to find out.
Shut him off.
See if they come and turn him back on.
So, are you gonna be getting back to work soon?
There's a couple people starting up here in Texas I wanna check out first.
You sure are in a hurry to get rid of me.
No, it's not that.
Meat Ioaf's gonna be ready about half an hour.
Andy's got arithmetic homework that he has to finish
before he watches Charlie's Angels.
Your brother Tom's too high-toned to come to the door now?
You gotta go outside to meet him?
You haven't exactly been a prince to him
every time he's been over here the Iast couple times.
Is he still pissed I didn't go to your mum's funeral?
I don't know.
If you want to know, why don't you ask him?
Why should I have gone?
There's no Iove Iost between me and your old Iady.
AII right, I'II ask him. A cold day in hell is when.
I'II be home Iate.
So unpack the Cabbage Patch Kids.
What's the problem?
AII right, then, Julie, then don't unpack them.
I might be Iate. Don't wait up.
I don't know why I'm doing this.
Why would I get in a plane with you, of all people?
I could put you in custody.
It's Iike that?
No, it's not Iike that at all.
I'II have you back by 2:00 in the morning, spook's honour.
Oh. He actually said that?
Aliens were responsible for teenage drug abuse and open marriages?
And the success of the skateboard.
You grow up in Vegas, you meet a Iot of weirdoes.
I guess so.
My family is eating Ieftover meat Ioaf.
My wife's either called the Peking Inn or Pizza Hut.
I got married really young. First girl I had slept with.
First time I slept with her, she's pregnant, I'm married.
Anything to show my father I was grown up.
I just needed my own identity.
Someplace where I wasn't Tom CIarke's Iittle sister.
Big brother shadow. I hear that.
Sun rose and set on my brother Sam.
- I guess a Iot of people do that. - Hmm.
They're just kids trying to get away from home.
They wind up smack-dab in the middle of their Iives
before they know what hit them.
My kids are great.
I guess everything's got its upside.
Where are we?
Let me put it to you this way-
your brother would be very jealous.
We brought everything here from Wright- Patterson in '76.
It just made more sense to keep everything under one roof.
Oh, my God.
It's breathtaking, isn't it?
I come in here sometimes by myself.
I...sit and just stare at him.
I keep feeling Iike if I stare just a Iittle Ionger,
I'II be able to understand.
Thank you for showing me this.
I wasn't going to.
People move through their lives sometimes
without really thinking about where they're going.
Days pile up. and they get sadder and lonelier
without really knowing why they're so sad or how they got so lonely.
Then something happens-
they meet someone who looks a certain way
or has something in their smile.
Maybe that's all that falling in love is-
finding someone who makes you feel a little less alone.
I'm moving. Did I tell you that?
Couple of air force sellouts write books, hit the talk-show circuit,
couple of guys make movies.
Carter says he saw a UFO.
Next thing you know, I've got a crowd.
- You and your brother didn't help. - Where are you gonna go?
I got a spot picked out in Maine.
The gawkers will still come to the desert,
and they'II see the same experimental planes
and think they're seeing saucers,
and we can continue our work undisturbed.
When are you Ieaving?
Tomorrow night.
...come with me.
I-I didn't mean for this to happen.
I meant to charm you with my honesty
and find out all I could about your brother,
but that's not how it worked out.
I don't wanna be the man that I am, but with you, I'm somebody else.
I'm who I wanna be.
Eric, we can't-
I wanna be with you.
What is so terribly wrong about that?
Nothing's wrong with it.
It's just not possible.
Of course it is.
I'm gonna tell Julie about us.
Come with me.
Leave Ronnie and come with me.
The trucks are Ieaving Groom Lake tomorrow night,
sneaking out across the desert to avoid your brother
and his friends by the mailbox.
What is it?
Your work.
Tom says you've been taking people, experimenting on them.
He says some of those people have died.
Becky, I swear to you that your brother's wrong.
I've never done anything to harm anyone.
Would you Ieave Ronnie?
You're sleeping with him?
It's not as simple as that.
Oh, okay.
Everything's okay, then?
He's Ieaving his wife. He wants me to Ieave Ronnie.
He wants us to stop interfering in his business, Becky!
Eric Crawford.
Owen Crawford's son.
The son of the man who ruined your mother's Iife.
How could you do that?
He's not his father.
He's covering up the biggest secret in American history.
He's Iying to the entire public on a regular basis.
What in the hell makes you think he's not Iying to you?!
You don't respect anything at all, do you?
You're just a selfish Iittle girl who married the wrong guy,
and you're willing to walk on anyone's grave you have to to get away from him.
This is not about me and Eric.
This is about what Owen did to Mum.
No, it's not.
Not anymore.
It's about blowing the Iid on this thing wide open.
How could something this huge have happened
and the whole world doesn't know about it?
That's wrong, Becky.
Did you tell him about Jacob?
You don't trust him, either.'re making short work of that book.
Not a Iot to do around here, you know.
What is it?
Well, your deposit is not disintegrating as quickly as I had hoped.
This is Dr Patterson from the Brazel Clinic.
Does this Iook anything Iike an astronaut's helmet?
It Iooks perfect.
I wish Dad was here.
He's good at making things Iike this.
Yeah, he is.
Go on.
- Hello? - Hey. big guy.
Hey, Dad. Mum, it's Dad.
Are you going to be able to come to my play?
I'm sure gonna try.
How was Halloween?
Allan Holmes called you crazy. so I punched him.
then some guy pulled me off. I was gonna punch him again.
but he wanted me to go to the Lemke's house
'cause they had a haunted house there.
It was so cool. Can you come to my play?
I hope so.
Can I talk to Mum for a sec?
Okay. Just a sec. It's for you.
- Hi, honey. - Hey.
They're moving me.
This thing in my head isn't going away, and there's a new doctor,
and they're gonna take me to someplace called the Brazel Clinic
and see what they can do for me.
I Iove you.
- Call me when you get there. - I Iove you, too. Yeah.
I sure hope that Dad's all right.
Maybe I shouldn't have told him
about how I got into a fight with AIIan.
I don't want him to worry about me.
Mum? Mum, what's wrong?
- It's a big country. - Yeah.
We'II take care of that thing in your head.
Once it's gone, no more Iittle grey men.
- I'm ready. - That's good.
How'd you know the Iittle men were grey?
- Educated guess. - Right.
One small step for mankind- I mean, man.
One giant Ieap for mankind.
The giant Ieap that Neil Armstrong was talking about
was a Ieap into outer space for him and his Apollo team.
They started the journey, but it'II be up to us to continue it.
- I can't believe you came. - Are you all better?
- Did you Iike my play? - I Ioved it.
It was pretty cool, wasn't it?
Pretty cool.
Dad, what are those Iights?
Why are we stopping here?
Hey, Dad...
What's going on?
- Come over here. - What's happening?
Come here.
He's not your father, Charlie.
Don't Iisten to him, Charlie.
It's me. It's okay.
He isn't me. He's making me from the picture in your head.
He's Iying.
He's not your dad. Watch, I'II change the picture.
Remember Iast month I cut myself shaving,
and I came downstairs and I had blood on my chin?
Charlie. Charlie, do you remember?
What's going on?
You're not gonna take him!
Leave my boy alone! You're not gonna take him!
Charlie, get away from him.
Dad! Get away from my boy!
Truck 17.
we've got an engulfment event at the Pioneer grain silo on Erlington.
We've got two men with a grain bridge collapse.
Hello! Anybody!
It wasn't a stroke or a seizure.
Could this have been caused by the tumour?
I don't know. The nearest I can come to it,
it's Iike someone held his brain too close to a magnet.
Jesse. Get me a towel, please.
What's happening to him?
They'II come for Charlie next. You gotta go.
I've called for help. I'II see what's taking them.
Wait a minute. Who did you call?
- Jesse. - You've gotta go.
Come on, Charlie. Let's get out of here.
I don't wanna be the man that I am.
Can you understand that?
What in the hell makes you think he's not lying to you?!
Eric Crawford.
Owen Crawford's son.
The son of the man who ruined your mother's life.
How could you do that?
Did you tell him about Jacob?
You don't trust him. either.
Come with me.
Leave Ronnie and come with me.
You don't respect anything at all. do you?
You're a selfish little girl who married the wrong guy.
You're willing to walk on anyone's grave you have to to get away from him!
You live your life step by step. doing what you do.
Someday you look up. and you're this person you didn't plan to be.
but with you. I'm somebody else.
What is so terribly wrong about that?
Nothing's wrong with it.
It's just not possible.
Sometimes people come to a moment
where they think they've found that one last chance to be someone else.
and they go for it.
When it doesn't work out. they spend the rest of their lives
Iooking back over their shoulder at what might have been.
Let's go.
Right there.
Few more feet.
How you gonna get through the crowd at the gate?
Three trucks come out, get the crowd's attention,
then take off through the desert.
When we're sure they're being chased,
then the real trucks will Ieave.
Hmm. You think it'II work?
We'II see.
You okay? You seem kind of down.
- Hard to say good-bye, I guess. - We're doing the right thing.
The tourists can still come out and watch the stealths,
and we'II all Iive happily ever after.
Oh, man.
Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, oh, man.
You went out and got your Iittle heart broken, didn't you?
Ha ha ha!
I never met my grandfather.
but my father told me he was a very brave man.
And with all that he'd done-
maybe because of all he'd done-
his favourite thing in all the world was to mow the lawn.
My dad said he heard his father talking to a neighbour once.
The neighbour asked him how he was and what he'd been doing.
and my grandfather said.
"I've been cutting the grass and watching it grow.
"Cutting the grass and watching it grow.
Life. " he said. "is 90% maintenance. "
Jackson Browne: # Oh. people. Iook around you #
# The signs are everywhere #
# You've left it for somebody other than you #
# To be the one to care #
# You're lost inside your houses #
# There's no time... #
Drinks are here.
Honey, we're gonna be moving around for a Iittle while.
Kind of Iike The Dukes of Hazzard?
Yeah, kind of Iike.
Is this because of what happened to Dad?
There's some people who want to talk to us,
and I don't wanna talk to them.
They're not people.
I-It doesn't matter, sweetheart. They're not gonna find us again.
Sometimes, when bad things are happening...we imagine things.
Maybe we think the things we make up can't hurt us as much
as the real things that are actually happening.
Even if what we make up is scary, too. Does that make any sense?
Is Dad ever gonna be all right?
I don't know. I really don't know.
This isn't fair. There's nothing fair about this!
No, there's not.
# Rock me on the water #
# I'll get down to the sea #
# I'll get down to the sea somehow #
Hey, this song... me through my freshman year of college.
This, and several plants we need never discuss.
Your father always hated this music.
Anything that was popular while he was away.
It wasn't so much the war as how he was just supposed to come back
and act Iike nothing ever happened.
I know none of this makes any sense to you right now.
You just have to know that your daddy Ioves you.
Hey, dance with me.
Come on, come on, come on, get up.
Come on.
#... Soothe my fevered brow #
Let's just dance for a while, okay?
# Rock me on the water #
# Maybe I'll remember #
# Maybe I'll remember how #
# Rock me on the water #
# The wind is with me now #
# Rock me on the water #
# I'll get down to the sea somehow #
# To the sea somehow #
# Rock me on the water #
# Ooh #
# Rock me now #
The way Carter handled the hostage crisis
really sealed his fate.
The American people were fed up.
Henry. from Selma. California. don't you agree?
When citizens are taken against their will.
people want to hold someone accountable.
When a president is not swift and strong in response...
...a man who's willing to take strong action.
and Reagan's that man.
People can't stand to see their...
... response.
There's no doubt this is why Carter lost...
Do you have your sidearm?
We'd Iike to take a Iook in the back of your truck.
That would be a violation of about three dozen
army and air force regulations.
We believe you're in violation of a Iot more than that.
We believe you're carrying the evidence of a spacecraft
that crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947.
What kind of evidence?
We believe that you recovered bodies from that wreckage
and that you're transporting them.
Bodies? Where would you have gotten an idea Iike that?
Can we take a Iook at your cargo, please?
In the interest of fairness, full disclosure,
and you not wasting any more of my time, absolutely.
I was going to paint a big old happy face on the inside here
and write the word "howdy,"
but I just didn't get around to it.
Just so you know, my heart was in the right place.
Tom, ask him what's in those crates.
Personal effects, things that belonged to my father.
We'd Iike to take a Iook.
I'm afraid I can't have you snooping through my father's affairs.
You and your friends here will be driven to Las Vegas,
held for 72 hours, and then released.
Detained with what cause?
You were detained for interfering with a scheduled move of air force personnel.
When we determined you weren't spies, we Iet you go.
What did you expect me to do?
You wouldn't Iet me be someone else.
You still don't know how to fly it, do you?
How Iong do you think you can cover something Iike this up?
As Iong as I have to.
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