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Taken 2002 ep09

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Previously on Taken... (Subtitle Revised by HchC)
I've gotta find my daughter, please!
- LISA: Allie did this. - CHARLIE: Allie gave us missing time?
Why did you let us take you?
I thought if I went with you, they'd be all right.
MARY: Our families go way back.
ALLIE: Your grandfather wasn't a very happy man.
Why are you trying so hard to be like him?
OWEN: Something's about happen. Maybe next week, maybe in 30 years,
but these visitors-- they're moving toward something.
I saw the saucer and its occupants.
This is from my grandmother.
You take one with you, and I'll keep the other.
MARY: I think you and l might be the end of all this.
We might just be the beginning.
I can't see anything! I can't see anything at all!
BEERS: You believe that thing you put on her head blocks her signal?
MARY: In a matter of days,
we may be able to set foot inside one of their craft,
to meet these beings, to find out what this has all been about.
They can do some pretty incredible things.
They can make you see things that are not there.
That thing's a lot more than a transmitter.
It gathers information?
- I'm Dewey. - We'd like to hire your services.
What have we got out in those woods
that you two are so anxious to go hunting for?
Our daughter. The army has her.
I've told you guys about my mum.
She'd bake us Toll House cookies,
and we'd share the whole plate of them while she read.
You start to lose them after they die.
My orders are to take down their craft.
As far as I'm concerned, we're at war.
- SOLDIER: Alpha ready. - SECOND SOLDIER: Bravo ready.
Advance to the perimeter of the craft...
use extreme caution.
CHET: Mary, no!
(monitor beeping)
MAN: Secondary system's up.
The little girl's in this revved-up REM state.
I've never seen anything like it.
You check for equipment malfunction?
First thing.
This is her brain-- live and in person.
She's working hard at something.
What do we got?
No further indication of energy from the craft since that last burst.
Is it dead?
Interesting choice of words.
Doctor, I need to know how much danger my men are in.
What I don't need is your mouth.
If they were fixin' to do something,
they would have done it when they took Miss Crawford.
- They're done. We're moving in. - You'd be jeopardizing Mary--
Miss Crawford.
You and I both know
Miss Crawford made that choice when she ran for the craft.
You never should have stopped me. I should've gotten her.
We stand a better chance of helping her if we keep going this way.
We don't know if that's true.
All I know is, that's my daughter down there.
How do I get to that farmhouse?
My daughter's in that farmhouse.
How do I get down there?
You gotta climb down the side of the mountain here.
Let's keep coming around back--
They won't be able to see us with that thing in the ground.
We should get out of here.
I'm just a hunting guide. This is way out of my league.
I know it's your kid down there, but...
We're going.
I'm sorry.
We've got the cameras up.
All right, men, remember your training.
Stay cool.
Okay, move into positions.
Men. we need to know what you see. when you see it.
This is a reconnaissance.
If you see anything. don't engage unless they start it.
Roger that.
Approach the craft with extreme caution.
Look for any indications of activity.
Walker, take a team and go.
Williams, Keel, Pierce, Ryan, Mack--
let's move out.
Lisa, wait.
Lisa, are you okay?
Come on.
Allie's all right.
She's doing something very...very hard.
Sweet Jesus, that's big.
Sir. we're 20 yards from the perimeter.
The craft appears to be dead.
All right. men. Proceed and look for an opening.
What the hell happened? Where's your image?
I can't seem to locate the problem. Nothing wrong with the equipment.
Get me a picture, soldier.
Come on!
Would any of you nice young people like one of my Toll House cookies?
Command. we're not sure exactly what we just saw.
but some sort of opening has appeared in the craft.
We've got you on video.
Lost you.
Command. how do you hear?
Okay. Here we go. Let's get it together.
And, Walker...
stay alert, stay alive.
We're going in.
Here we go, fellas.
What are we supposed to do when we get there,
knock on the side and say, "Open up"?
WALKER: I guess we do whatever we can.
Lost coms.
They're flying blind.
Let God be with them.
Did you kids change your mind about the cookies?
What the hell is this, Pierce?
I don't know.
Maybe it's heaven.
It's not heaven at all. It's West Virginia.
Now come in and have some cookies.
This isn't real, Pierce.
None of this is real.
I know.
I don't care.
Walker, that's my mum.
I know she's dead. I don't care.
I don't care what's real.
You'll shoot your eye out.
Are you sure you don't want a cookie?
let's go.
It feels like...
a thousand voices all talking at once.
Dr Wakeman,
have you noticed any fluctuations in the girl's--
Not now.
You might want to consider a more cooperative attitude.
Miss Crawford came here against my express orders.
You, on the other hand, were invited to assist us.
Miss Crawford left you out here, doctor.
She left you, and now she's in there,
jeopardizing your years of research
as much as she's jeopardizing my operation.
Is that what he's doing?
I'm...I'm okay.
- Be still. - (gasps)
Hold it right there. Don't move.
I see your father in you.
Not enough to ruin things.
Your father really should have taken a closer look at you.
But he was too busy staring at his own navel
to appreciate what he had.
You've done all right to get this far, Mary.
You've done fine.
Here, have a cookie. They're really good.
How is this happening?
They go into your head, and they pull things out.
You've seen pictures of me.
You have an idea of how you want me to be.
In my day, we called them "projections,"
I think now you call them "screen memories."
There are so many things I want to ask you...
But I suppose I'd just be asking myself.
Give it a try.
You might find out something about yourself you never knew.
I've done things,
terrible things.
- You had to. - Why?
To learn about them? To see them? What?
Because of your overwhelming sense of their power.
Because you truly know the future lies with them.
Do you have another idea?
They made this girl, Allie,
because they weren't complete without us,
without something we could give them.
Either way, their power is what compels you.
I know the feeling. You want to be a part of that power at all cost.
You don't need that doctor boyfriend of yours anymore, Mary.
You can't trust him, and you know more now than he does.
Trust your gut, your instincts, and you'll be fine. Believe me.
No. You're me.
You're saying what I want you to say.
I'm saying what you know.
They're gonna win, aren't they?
What makes you think it's a contest?
My mother told me once
that she was kind of frightened of you,
that you were a scary guy.
I never thought of myself as scary.
I don't see it, either.
What I see is a man who couldn't live up to his dreams.
What do you mean?
You had this--all of it.
You had Jacob Clarke.
You had him, and you let him go.
- You think I had him? - You did.
You don't know what happened.
That little boy frightened you.
He frightened you so badly that you let him go.
You let him go, and you spent the rest of your life
running from whatever it was you saw.
- It's not that simple. - It couldn't be simpler.
You saw something that frightened you, and you ran.
You're right, I did see something.
You want to know what scared me so badly?
Yes. That's what I want to know.
You want to know what I saw?
Yes, damn it, I want to know what you saw!
Then look at me, Mary. Look at me.
(screaming and sobbing)
You sure you don't want a cookie, Mary?
Found these two in the woods, sir.
My God.
You know these people?
Allie's mother and father.
Put 'em somewhere where they can't bother anybody.
Take him, too. I don't want anybody else
deciding to run and play in the spaceship.
Any of 'em gives you any trouble at all,
shoot 'em.
That's it, let's go. Let's go.
Lisa, talk to me, Lisa.
So you're Charlie.
You don't use the last name "Keys," do you?
There was a time when a great deal of money and technology
went into looking for you.
Kind of a boost to the old ego, wouldn't you say?
If we have time when this is over,
I'd like a moment to knock you on your ass.
Oh, yes--a fighter. No-nonsense.
That's what they always liked about the Keys family--
you guys had 'tude.
Your fight's not with me anymore, Chuck.
The soldier boys took over.
It's a whole new ball game now.
Lisa, are you all right?
All these voices...more and more.
It's too hard...just a little longer...
You still think this is all some kind of weird experiment?
I think you ought to ask me later is what I think, sir.
Get 'em off! Get 'em off!
Get 'em off me!
Walker! Walker!
They're not real! They're in your head!
They're in your head!
Okay, yeah.
Did I also tell you guys
that I'm really, really scared of rabid dogs and cobras?
Joke. It was a joke.
Let's move out.
Alle ihre erinnerungen und alle ihre angste.
Miss Crawford--
How do we know it's really her?
Alle ihre erinnerungen und alle ihre angste.
All your memories and all your fears.
(guns firing)
WALKER: Come in, Colonel!
Come in!
- SOLDIER: Anybody copy? - We're here. Say again.
They're everywhere!
Lieutenant Williams, get your people out of there!
Look at that.
Walker, withdraw from the objective.
Pull back now. Williams, do you copy?
WALKER: Does anybody copy?
They're coming out of the walls. sir.
(panting heavily)
Keel! Pierce! Any stations. Do you copy?
MAN: What's that?
Oh, my God.
MAN: Hold steady, guys.
Come on, come on.
Fall back! Fall back! Fall back!
(yelling orders)
SOLDIER: What do we do, sir?
Lisa. Lisa.
I guess they got what they came for.
That little girl is gone.
ALLIE: When I was very little.
my mother would read nursery rhymes to me.
I always hated Humpty Dumpty.
That's a very scary poem.
No one knows how to put it back together again--
not all the king's horses or all the king's men.
No one wants to think that there's anything in the world
that could fall apart that badly.
but. of course... anything can.
I guess that's what's so scary about Humpty Dumpty.
Move the troops and weapons out of here quick.
I don't want to be here when and if the media
comes to see about this so-called toxic spill.
We'll debrief at Fort Ash. And, Colonel...
we were never here.
Bring the mother and father, too.
We're gonna need to talk to them.
They're our only link to the girl.
We don't have a prayer in hell, do we?
Just get it all done ASAP.
Sir, I found this
in the back of the Humvee that Miss Crawford was in.
You want to tell me what this is?
It's theirs.
No kidding.
Get me Wakeman.
Peters, send in Wakeman.
You showed this to the little girl, didn't you?
Damn it.
Mary, you all right?
What happened? What did you see?
What can you tell me about this, doctor?
Nice...very nice.
What is it?
it gathers information, responds to stimuli.
It could be a recording device...
could be a brain.
Just keep it up, doctor.
You and Miss Crawford withheld valuable information.
In my opinion, your actions and those of Miss Crawford
are directly responsible for the failure of this mission.
Nice to have someone to blame when things go wrong, huh?
Put 'em in the truck with the others and take 'em back to Fort Ash!
Maybe the ride will give 'em a little time
to consider the consequences of being uncooperative.
- Let's go. - Ma'am.
I want two guards on them at all times.
Where are we being taken? She needs medical attention.
I don't need anything. Charlie, it's gonna be all right.
These two are coming with me. Lieutenant, I would like you to join us.
What, you're not even gonna try and find Allie?
They just take her away, and that's that?
What would you suggest?
I don't know.
Just come with me, Charlie. It's gonna be all right.
You drive.
I ride in the back with the mother.
Can you tell me about it?
I don't want to talk about it, Chet, I really don't.
I'm sorry about the artifact.
I was guarded. I couldn't get to it.
It's not important anymore.
How can you say that?
You saw it. It was working overtime.
Something is still going on.
When you went into that ship, what did you see?
Bugs. Cockroaches.
Something you're afraid of?
It's been a thing with me ever since I was a kid.
And the other soldier?
Pierce. He saw his mother. We all did.
Turn around.
Turn around!
Stop the truck and get the general on the radio.
You'll have to sit down.
I don't have to do anything.
What you have to do is turn this truck around,
unless you want to tell the general
you refused to go back and get the girl.
Stop the truck. Stop the truck!
Get on the radio and see if you can get the general.
Honk your horn. Maybe he'll see us.
(honk honk)
General Beers, do you copy?
Why are we stopping?
Where the hell's the mother and father?
They're with you, sir.
They were with you, sir.
I can explain this to you, but you're not gonna like it.
They put the farmhouse back.
They never took it away.
See if the little girl is inside.
(soldiers shout orders)
What's the meaning of this?
Do you see it? There was nothing.
No craft, no aliens--nothing.
Everything we saw and just went through,
it all came out of our heads.
She took it.
Allie took it.
Our wishes, our dreams, our fears...
our memories.
Then she played them all back.
Is that possible, doctor?
You ever played tick-tack-toe with a chicken?
It's something you do at county fairs.
You see, when you pick a square,
it releases feed into the spot
where the chicken should go next.
What you see from out there with all the suckers
is a game of tick-tack-toe.
But what the chicken sees from inside the game
is a very different level of reality.
So none of this really happened?
This little girl can manifest thought.
That's as simply as I know how to put it.
Then find a way to put it more simply.
She fooled us, General. Pure and simple.
The house is clear. I'm gonna check the perimeter.
You with me. Check the back.
Then where is she?
This is the part you're definitely not gonna like.
Sir, where am I going?
Where we're going is back to find our daughter.
Now get out! Get out!
You don't have to go anywhere.
I don't know what you did, honey, but you sure did it.
Hey, honey.
They wanted to use me to make the ship come down.
I know.
I thought if I could make them think
that I'd gone-- that I had been taken--
they would stop looking for me
and everything could just go back to the way it was.
It's all right. It's gonna be all right.
But they were gonna take you away.
Don't. You did great.
They're gonna figure it out.
And they're gonna come looking for me again.
Just 'cause they're looking doesn't mean they'll find you.
Charlie's right. We are not gonna let them get you again.
I'm scared.
I just wanted to say...
I don't know what happened back there
and I don't think I ever will,
but seeing my mum again--
what you did for me was a pure kindness,
and I'll always thank you for it.
Soldiers coming.
Allie, can you help us?
Nothing's happening.
She's exhausted.
Come here.
I'm sorry about hitting you.
You really care about Allie, don't you?
She needs your help.
Took off over those hills about ten minutes ago.
SOLDIER: Load up!
Okay, just to recap--
we got a giant craft-- a mother ship, if you will--
that everyone saw but wasn't really there at all
because she made it all up.
And then, while we're standing around
with our thumbs up our collective asses,
she waltzes up looking just like me
and takes off with her parents.
That about sum it up?
Perimeter sealed?
Soldiers at every access.
We'll find 'em.
If you do find them, General, then what will you do?
When Allie did what she did,
when she manifested the ship and everything in it,
she demonstrated a power far beyond anything
the aliens themselves are capable of.
So what, do we pack up our tents and go home?
I see it more as, uh...
sit back and enjoy the show.
What happened, soldier?
They overpowered me, sir.
They overpowered me and got away.
Thought them soldiers would never leave.
I've been up there watching you guys for a couple hours.
You just gonna stand there waiting for me to apologize,
or are you gonna get in the damn truck?
What did they do to that poor little girl?
ALLIE:I had done what I could.
I tried to make the soldiers think
that their plan to use me as bait hadn't worked.
that I had been taken away.
I thought that if I could make them believe
that I was gone. then they wouldn't bother me anymore.
and I could go back to who I used to be.
But too much had happened to all of us by then
for anything to go back to how it was.
Well, this is as far as I go.
Just leave me here and keep on going.
You might need all them rich-boy tents and stuff in back.
Thank you.
Have you got a car around here?
In the parking lot of the bar.
You better give me the keys.
I'll put it somewhere where they won't find it right away.
There's something I gotta say here.
I saw something that I never thought I'd see.
And as for me running out on you up there, l--
- You take care of your little girl. - Thanks.
I hope this ends well for you.
Thank you.
Now go on. Get out of here.
That's everything, right?
How ya doin'?
I'm all right.
You helped her escape, didn't you?
No...I didn't.
I know you did.
I can either tell the colonel, or you and I can talk.
They overpowered me.
Sure they did.
She told me you could be trusted--
Allie--when I was with her.
She told me if things got out of hand,
that you were a good guy, and you'd been nice to her.
I don't understand.
You've noticed I'm not exactly on good terms with your general.
I was opposed to this entire operation--
taking a little girl and using her as bait.
It's sick.
It's all right.
Like I said, she told me you were a good guy.
I'm not asking just to know.
I'm worried about her.
If you had to help her, that means she couldn't help herself.
Do you mean, like,
look like someone who wasn't there?
For example.
If she's weak or sick, she may need my help.
She tried to do something, but she couldn't.
So she's weak.
Is she gonna be all right?
I'm sure she'll be just fine.
- WOMAN: Here you go, come on. - (dog barks)
- BOY: Got it, Dad. - Brought your favourite right here.
How's she doing?
She's asleep.
My father had some of what Allie has.
My Uncle Tom--he said that using his abilities
made my dad weak.
That's what killed him.
She's not your father. She's got other things in her.
Your blood?
Yeah, and your mum's.
Lisa, there's a reason this all leads up to her.
Maybe she can handle it.
We don't know that.
What if she never gets better?
What if she just burned herself out and this is all that's left?
Then we'll get her some help.
Who are we gonna get to help her?
The first thing is to get off the road,
get someplace safe.
My uncle and I have a plan.
If things get bad enough,
I put an ad in the personals of the New York Times--
"Drummer seeks gig in country-western band."
Then Tom gets a message to me about where to meet him.
How does he do that?
Talk radio.
A guy named William Jeffries
has a late-night talk show about aliens,
government conspiracies--
Crazy stuff.
And my uncle, having written these books about aliens
and government conspiracies...
Jeffries is always glad to take his call.
Then we'll place an ad.
I got it. Thanks.
Not on the little girl or her mother? No signal?
What does that mean?
I'd say it means that Allie was the point of all this,
and now that she's demonstrated, they don't care about anyone else.
- I want her back. - You don't have the means.
Find her for me.
Are you asking me back into the fold, General?
Would you like for us to work together again?
This little girl is the product of three generations
of selective breeding,
of a genetic experiment on an unparalleled scale.
Once they produced her,
they sat back for nine more years.
I would suggest to you that they were waiting
for a moment when all that was latent in her
would become active.
When she did what she did here-- made us see the craft--
that was her "demonstrating"?
They saw the power they'd been waiting to see.
This little girl--
this extremely powerful little girl--
I don't need to point out how important she is to us.
There's a big leap from looking at the sun
to making a hydrogen bomb.
In between, you just go blind.
I'm gonna find that little girl, with or without your help.
And when you find her, then what?
When this started, you asked us just how powerful she was.
She did this, she did all this, General,
and I believe she's just getting started.
In a war, Miss Crawford, you don't run away
just because the enemy has superior firepower.
Do you really still see this as a war?
I told you that before, yes. It's between us and them.
I can help you win it. I can help you find the girl.
Your soldier Pierce helped her get away.
He helped her because she was too weak to help herself.
She's weak now. You can pick her up.
But when she gets strong again, she'll be unstoppable.
You're thinking, "l can get to the girl.
Why do I need this bitch in the mix?"
I don't use the expression "in the mix."
When I showed her the artifact--
that thing my grandfather found at Roswell--
she saw something that frightened her deeply.
I know what she saw.
Do you?
I know because I saw it, too, and it frightened me.
It's what my grandfather saw.
And you're not sharing?
I agree that this is a war,
and we're fighting an enemy we can't possibly defeat,
not with any of the means at our disposal.
But that little girl is much more powerful than they are.
Here's the kicker--
I know how to talk her into working for us.
What are you doing?
I told him what he wanted to hear.
It sounded pretty real to me.
We'll give them just enough truth to hang themselves.
You'll help him use Allie to stop them?
That's what I told him, yes.
I think that's what you want now, too.
That's not what I want at all.
What scared you? What did you see?
It's like a walk through a mine field, isn't it?
- What is? - Life.
When you start out, there's just a few mines--
childhood diseases, falls from high places--
then you hit adolescence, and there's more mines--
drugs, unprotected sex, drunk drivers, lonely kids with guns--
and the older you get, the more mines you see,
and all you're trying to do is get to the other side of the field,
but that's not possible, is it?
No, because the more you look, the more mines you see.
Pretty soon, you realize that there's nowhere left to step.
Mary...what did you see?
What did I see?
I saw where all the mines were.
I saw everything I'd ever done,
everything that had ever happened to me.
I saw where all this would end.
That's what Owen saw. That's what destroyed him.
I'm not folding like my grandfather did.
Did what I see frighten me? Of course it did.
Will it stop me? No.
Everybody dies.
Don't worry about the general, sweetheart.
We'll keep him around for as long as we have to.
Once we have Allie on our side, he doesn't stand a chance.
What's Allie scared of?
You said you thought the artifact was gathering information.
Well, say that's their record of this whole experiment,
everything they've done and intend to do here.
You'll agree that Allie is the end result of that.
- She's what this is all about? - Of course.
I think she saw her own destiny.
I think she saw what they want her to do,
and I don't think she likes it.
Happy birthday, Allie!
Allie, happy birthday.
We're so glad to have you back, Allie.
We never want you to go away again.
(cheering continues)
Look at all the presents!
Look at all of your friends!
This is where you belong.
This is where you should stay.
We can all be one happy family.
ALL: Stay with us, Allie.
(all talk at once)
I can't!
I can't.
(breathing heavily)
(truck door closes)
You're not going to come inside?
If somebody comes, what are you gonna do?
I don't know. I want to keep watch.
They had no right to do any of this.
Our lives don't belong to them, Lisa.
There's gotta be a way to stop this.
You're a good guy.
I'm glad you're with us.
Honey, you feeling better?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
This is all getting pretty scary, huh?
When those people took me--
the ones that thought
they could trick the spaceship into coming down--
Do you remember that woman?
You know, the one that I went with at Dr Penzler's?
She said that her family and our family
had known each other for a long time,
that her grandfather knew your grandma.
She had this thing that her grandfather had found
when the spaceship crashed a long time ago.
What sort of thing?
It was a piece of some sort of metal.
It was more than that, though.
It was part of them.
I could feel in her head that it was important,
that she had done a lot of things to get it.
She asked me to read it to her.
Could you?
but I felt like I understood it.
It made me feel like I was with all of them.
Does that make sense?
If you felt it, then, yes, it does.
She asked me to touch it, but I didn't.
Why not?
When I looked at it, I saw things.
What...kind of things?
(softly) Things that are going to happen.
I just want to stay here with you.
You are gonna stay here with me, okay?
- I won't be long. - Okay.
An army spokesperson said that the little girl
and her parents had inadvertently
wandered into an area under quarantine
after a toxic spill.
What about that little girl?
Whoever heard something like that?
Army chasing after a kid?
The little girl may have come in contact
with something that is extremely dangerous.
Sounds like some sort of secret biological hoodoo.
One of those, like, flesh-eating viruses where you bleed out your eyeballs.
The Bush Administration has issued a statement
flatly denying the growing rumours
of some sort of biological weapons test.
What did I just say?
Flesh-eating virus.'re urged to contact the FBI
or your nearest army barracks with details.
There is a substantial reward for any information
leading to her whereabouts.
Tell me how substantial that reward is,
maybe I'll forget about the extremely dangerous--
Dude, your change!
What the heck crawled up his butt?
...driving a silver GMC Sierra.
Again. if you have any information on the girl or her parents--
First thing we gotta do is get rid of this truck.
We'll take backroads, we won't camp at sites.
My mum and I moved around a lot,
so I've got experience with this kind of thing.
Well, it seems to have stopped thinking for the moment.
I know it shut down.
What I want to know is, why?
Your grandfather tried to have it translated, right?
My father, too.
Any luck?
You really should have told me about this earlier.
Trust is the basis for all healthy relationships.
I didn't think we knew each other well enough.
You two can work on your relationship on your own time.
What can I tell you? I take my work home with me.
The artifact never came on when either your father
or grandfather had it, right?
My father certainly never mentioned it.
We're gonna translate it.
We're gonna learn how to speak alien.
The best way to crack any code
is to know what they're trying to say.
This thing came on to record Allie's demonstration of power.
So then everything that happened in North Dakota
should be on there right now.
Or a recipe for chicken a la grey.
I think we can do this and make this work.
We're gonna need a team of linguists,
The Fibonacci Sequence again.
I'm glad you find it so promising.
Why don't see if it starts off
by telling me where I can find the little girl?
The place is deserted. You'll be safe here.
You should probably give me all the money.
All we got.
Be safe, okay? We need you.
Well, I could maybe give you that Datsun over there.
Does it run?
On a wing and a prayer.
You figure I'm asking a lot,
wanting you to take a truck with no papers...
Yeah, I do.
Even though it's fully tricked-out, less than 20,000 miles on it?
All the more reason to be dubious, my friend.
I need something reliable.
And I need a vehicle I don't have to strip into parts to see a profit.
You and I both know that, stripped down to parts,
this truck will get you at least $1 5,000.
I have a feeling you couldn't stand to watch a profit like that drive away.
Why don't I just turn you in?
Then the cops take the truck.
Look, the only way this works out for you is if you cut a deal with me.
All right.
You look around and tell me what will meet your needs.
I'll go juggle some numbers, see what I can do.
(radio plays)
Hi there.
Oh, uh...
just coffee.
You sure you don't want anything else?
Our early bird hasn't killed too many people this week.
Coffee's fine.
Let me get this mess for you.
Oh, man. I'm so sorry.
No. Here, let me--
Forget it! Forget it!
Let me help.
No. I gotta go wash this crap off.
Let me help you.
I think you've done enough.
Lousy cup of coffee, and you're this much work?
You could've ordered something.
Getting hungry?
Charlie should be back with some real food soon.
He's been gone a long time.
I know. Here.
Feeling better?
I'm okay.
Don't, uh...
Don't do anything for a while,
even if people come for us, okay?
I don't think I can yet.
Well, don't try.
I thought you might want to have...
I knew I'd find you.
I knew I'd be able to bring it to you.
You're gonna have a hell of a lot to write about.
"Yeah"? That's all you got from me?
Probably just Charlie.
Do you know how to use that?
Not a clue.
But if I point it at someone, they're not gonna know that.
You stay here.
I'll go see who they are and what they want.
And, baby...don't do anything.
I can take care of this.
Hello, Allie.
Get away from my daughter right now!
Hello, Lisa.
Please, don't be frightened.
I'm your grandfather.
Your grandmother gave this to me a long time ago.
(truck approaching)
(radio playing)
(men yelling)
Whoo! Yeah!
We know you've got that little girl in there!
Come on out!
Dude, turn that up. Maybe they can't hear us.
Stay here. Let me take care of this.
THUG: Get out here. Want us to come in there and get you?
Come on out. Got a little surprise for you.
Come on out before we come in!
We've come about the little girl.
There's no little girl here.
It's just me.
You're lying. We followed you up from Halsey.
We saw the guy take off in his truck.
You and your friends should go away.
There's nothing here for you but trouble.
This trouble supposed to be coming from you, huh?
Who the hell are you? Huh?
Who the hell are you?
What the hell are you doing?
Make him stop.
Shoot him!
Shoot him, somebody! Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him! Somebody shoot him!
Go away!
Go away now!
Allie, what are you doing? Stop it, please! Stop it.
Get out of here!
(all yelling at once)
(tyres squeal)
What the hell is going on?
These guys came for Allie. She scared them off.
CHARLIE: Who's that?
You mean he's--
They shot him.
He was trying to help.
He's the one who's responsible for this whole thing.
We wouldn't need his help if he hadn't started this.
What do you want, huh? What the hell do you want?!
Charlie, stop it!
Let's go. People are gonna come looking for this truck.
What about him?
Leave him.
Leave him and let's go.
We can't just leave him here.
Sweetheart, he's not our friend.
That doesn't matter.
It's not the right thing to do.
Can't just leave him.
No, sir, I don't have another explanation.
We didn't get information about the vehicle until this morning.
Thankfully, there's been no media circus yet.
Yes, I appreciate that fact, sir.
Thank you, sir.
"You can't get re-elected
if people perceive you as beatable."
Put that in the quote book
right next to "Ask not what your country can do for you."
We got enough to do out in the field
without having to cover junior's ass.
Okay, beautiful. Thanks.
What do you think happened here?
I think it's safe to say her strength is returning.
You love me...right?
What is this, Chet?
Remember I said that we didn't have a signal on Allie,
that we didn't know where she was?
I lied.
Yes, Chet. I love you.
ALLIE: There's a feeling you get sometimes in a bad dream.
You're running. and something dark and big is chasing you.
and you want to just stop
to let the dark. big thing catch up with you.
Something bad is going to happen.
you can 't change that.
but you can turn and see it coming.
You can see the face of your bad dream. (Subtitle Revised by HchC)
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