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Taking Lives (2004)

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Where are you going?
The 2: 1 5 to Mont Laurier will be loading at gate number 1 0.
One ticket, please. Mont Laurier.
Do you mind? The guy in the back, he won't stop snoring.
No. Sure.
l'm Matt.
-I'm Martin. -Hey, Martin. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you. -Where you headed to?
Just as far away as I can get.
Well, l'll drink to that, brother.
l think we got a little engine trouble here, folks. Just sit tight.
Man! You know, the same thing happened in St. Lawrence.
We had to sit tight for nearly eight hours.
Hell, this sucks. This totally sucks.
Three hundred and eighty-five dollars. Cash only.
All I got is my dad's credit card.
You can't read?
Cash only.
-You have a license? -l had one. They took it away, though.
Looks like you're driving.
See that?
-What happened? -Courtesy of my stepdad.
Hit me so hard I flew across the kitchen, dented the Sheetrock.
My mom watched the whole thing.
-Why? -Why does he do half the things he does?
Fucking psycho, 200 pounds of worthless grease.
But I got him back.
What? You popped him?
Got me a tour of hell, though. Had me in military school by the next morning.
But I don't believe in following people's rules, man.
Fuck people, fuck their rules. That's why I jumped the wall two days ago.
Now I'm going to Seattle to play music.
Jesus Christ.
I'm so sorry, man. I'm an idiot, l wasn't paying attention.
No. Forget about it, man.
We're lucky this piece of shit had a spare. Fuck.
You ever changed a tire before, Martin?
Didn't think so. Cool.
Okay. What do we got here?
Oh, yeah, l'll have us back on the road in no time, no time at all.
But this time, I'm driving. Cool?
Fucker's on tight.
First one's kind of always the hardest. After that, the rest of them come off pretty easy.
You and I are about the same height, man.
Be quiet.
Officer. Officer, I need your help.
l just saw my son on the ferry.
My son is dead.
He died 1 9 years ago, but this was my son.
He walked straight in front of me. We had eye contact.
He recognized me.
A mother's not wrong about things like this.
How can I explain how dangerous he was, how...?
No, not ''was.''
My son is a very dangerous man.
-What are you doing? -Preparing a briefing for Agent Scott.
Agent Scott?
l don't understand why he needs someone else. We've got everything under control.
-We don't have anything, Joseph. -Because we didn't have enough time.
-We need a couple more days, that's it. -She here yet?
She was on the flight. They can't find her. GÍrard is checking baggage claim.
-She's going to be advising, right? -This isn't about territory, Paquette.
There hasn't been a murder like this in years.
And the first thing you do is bring in someone else. Come on.
l have a strange feeling about this murder.
We need help. We have nothing.
You call me as soon as she gets here.
You got to be fucking kidding me.
-Special Agent Scott? -Yes.
We were waiting for you at the station.
-That's a grave, you know. -Yes, I know that.
-Agent Scott. -Monsieur Director, hello.
l see you are already making yourself comfortable.
Joseph Paquette and Emile Duval. They're leading the investigation.
-Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you. Thanks for inviting me.
We didn't.
We're pretty sure the victim was killed somewhere else, then brought here.
l think it was premeditated.
-What? -l think it was premeditated.
l think the killer chose this site, specifically, and dug it in advance.
l can show you-- You can tell because-- See this? The corners?
They're neat. They're symmetrical.
The proportions are precise.
They're exactly 5 foot, 1 1 inches.
-Your victim 5-1 0? -Yes, exactly.
l think he's been watching him for a few weeks...
...studying his habits, his routine.
And he knew he could rely on digging the grave right here.
And how did he know the victim would be here when he wanted?
That's a bicycle path, right?
On the photos you sent...
...the victim had these slight indentations on his ankles.
I'm guessing that's from bicycle clips.
Also, there's a sexual element to all this.
Strangling from behind, cutting off the hands, smashing in the face.
lt's tactile. lt's immediate. lt's what turns him on.
...he wanted you to find the body.
l mean...
...why else bury it at a construction site, unless you want it to be dug up, right?
His eyes, we think they were removed, or are they still in his skull?
-We don't know. -l assume you're doing--
Skull reconstruction. Yes, of course.
-lt's being done right now. -Okay.
Are we done here?
-Yeah. -Okay.
Good night.
Don't worry about Paquette. He's impulsive. He wants to rush into everything.
l don't blame him.
lt's good to see you again, llleana.
Means a lot that you're up here.
Lying in the grave.
My investigators think you are some kind of witch.
Well, l've been called worse.
-You know that. -l know.
Hi. I'm sorry for disturbing you. A man was killed last night.
lt happened in a parking lot outside a 24-hour health club around 9:00.
-Same m.o.? -Same everything.
We found the garrotte there. lt looks homemade.
The face was bashed in with a loose stone.
No time to get to the hands, though.
-Why not? -He was interrupted.
The victim's name was Clive Morin, and that's James Costa.
He claims he saw what happened.
He headed towards my car, and I hear--
When our guys got there, he was trying to revive the victim.
What about the blood on you?
You try to help somebody who's bleeding to death...
-ls he checking out? get blood on you.
James McKeen Costa. Born Nova Scotia, 1 965.
Everything looks pretty standard.
We've got blood samples and a DNA swab on the way to the lab.
l turn, and I see...
...a man standing over somebody else...
...a rock... his hand.
And then...
...he started beating this guy's face in....
-So I shouted-- -What did you shout?
''Stop,'' you know. Something dumb like that. I don't know. l--
And then I ran towards them.
And he looked up at me, and he pointed a gun at me.
And l....
l don't know. I thought--
l don't know what I thought. Then he ran away.
He's gone, and then I call the cops.
And I tried to perform CPR on the other guy until the paramedics came.
Did you remove the garrotte?
The--? Oh, the thing around his neck? Yeah, I kind of had to.
-Did you see where the attacker went? -Yeah, he went far from me. Right?
What kind of gun did he have?
He had the kind that puts really big holes in people.
l saw this guy.
All right? And I can draw a little bit, all right? So...
...maybe if you would give me a piece of paper, I can sketch him for you.
l don't know about this guy. l can't read him.
Something about his answers.
You mind if I give it a try?
No, please go ahead.
You another cop?
ln a way, yes. I'm Special Agent llleana Scott.
-Special agent? -I'm FBl. I'm helping on the case.
-Can I ask a few questions? -You asking the same ones...
-...the other guy did? -Yes, probably.
-Do you mind if I have a cigarette? -No, of course not.
You nervous?
Yes, I am.
Thanks for the pad of paper.
So, what did he look like?
He had extremely bright eyes.
Burning, you know?
Even in the dark.
His hair...
...could have been blond.
He had a beard.
He had, not five-o'clock shadow...
...but something cultivated.
Did he seem agitated or in control?
Oh, Jesus.
ls that what I think it is?
ls that--? That's the--
That was around his neck, right? Am I right?
-Am I right? -Yes, yes.
You did that on purpose?
All right, I'm doing my best here, all right? That man's face was half gone!
l couldn't even-- lt didn't even look human.
l did everything I could to try to help him, and he--
He died, okay? He died. There was....
Look, there was too much blood there. l'd never seen so much blood in my life.
And I kept trying, even though I knew that it was too late.
l saw the man who did this. Okay?
l saw him, and I can show you what he looks like.
And then... can go catch him.
What do you think?
Yeah, pattern marks on Morin's neck show the killer's left-handed.
He sketches with his right, tried to light a cigarette with his right.
l think we need a little more than that, no?
l know. There's also a file open on the table.
lt's your profile. Evidence, notes, everything.
lf he were the killer, chances are he'd be trying to take a look.
Psychopaths actually have very different brain patterns.
You say words like ''tree,'' ''sofa,'' ''house,'' ''rape,'' ''incest,'' ''murder'' ...
...a normal person's brain pattern changes, their frontal lobe reacts.
Psychopaths have no reaction.
They feel the same about murder as they do about dinner.
They have no emotional connection.
Anyway, my point is that when he saw the garrotte...
...he reacted...
...with genuine shock and disgust.
A psychopath's brain?
You learn a lot of that stuff at the FBl, don't you?
l mean, all those theories, all those books.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm not sure what I see in you yet, with your tricks.
-l don't have any. -Bullshit.
You pulled a lot of them in that room.
Agent Scott?
-Could I talk to you for a second? -Excuse me.
l have sisters who get that look in their eye when they're cornered and don't like it.
-I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but-- -No.
-Thank you. -All right.
-Agent Scott. -Can I talk to you?
-You haven't slept yet. -No.
There's a guard in the lobby of that hotel.
And we're right by a road. So it doesn't make any sense.
Do you think it was staged?
No. There's always a sense of joy in a staging.
A kind of arrogance. There's none of that behavior here.
Maybe he wants us to find the bodies quickly, like at the construction site.
Yeah. But why?
l mean, why? He's not taunting us.
You know, there's no ''fuck you'' anywhere.
Why do you do that?
-What? -Cover your ears?
l just think better when it's quiet.
lt makes sense.
With all this, maybe he's just getting desperate.
-That happens, doesn't it? -Yeah, but why?
We're nowhere near him. And he knows it.
Henri Bisonnette, a freelance scuba diver.
-ls that our construction site body? -Yes.
His sister identified him.
Bisonnette used to work for him on and off for a few years.
Also, his sister said he disappeared just about a couple of weeks ago.
But his credit cards have been in use all this time.
What kind of a man was he? What do we know?
He lived in a small apartment...
...picked up odd computer jobs...
...didn't have a lot of friends.
You ever do that? Go diving?
My ex-wife made us take one of those Club Med holidays.
She wasn't down 20 feet before she freaked out. Couldn't take it.
That's a good one.
Have you ever gone diving, Agent Scott?
No, l've never tried it.
lt's very serene, right?
The fish swim all around you. They don't even mind you're there.
You'd like it, it's quiet.
-l've got a hit on that sketch. -Where?
Some residential hotel near the river.
-What are you doing? -Shouldn't we be going?
We're still eating our breakfast.
-Follow me. -Thank you.
So he paid me cash three months in advance, and I never see him.
Did you see him here?
Yeah, that's him.
But before you guys bust him, he kind of owes me $90 on the phone bill.
Maybe you guys can take care of that.
You know what? We need that phone bill.
-All right. You guys gonna pay it? -We'll see.
Everything's clear.
-Oh, shit. -What?
The ring from the finger was engraved with the name Clark William Edwards.
lt's from Vancouver Secondary School.
Thirty-four years old. Works part-time on an Alaskan cruise line.
His credit card was used yesterday in Montreal.
-He had not been reported missing. -Good.
-Let's keep it that way. -Why?
Let's not reward the killer with coverage.
He likes attention. He'll be pissed.
lf he's pissed off, he'll make a mistake.
We should put a marker on Edwards' credit card and order surveillance of this place.
-So we're getting close. -One more thing.
The lab results on Costa's DNA came in.
-He's clean. -Good.
You got those coffees and a sandwich?
So this isn't a coincidence, right?
The two cops outside the gallery? That's not a coincidence either, right?
Does that bother you?
l've been looking over my shoulder since this whole thing happened, so no.
-I'm glad for the company. -How are you doing?
l can't sleep.
But that's all right.
l have a giant show on Friday, bunch of new paintings.
lf I don't sell them, I'm gonna go broke.
So I'm throwing myself into my work. Kind of like you.
-Here you go. -Keep it. Thanks.
Did you get any responses to the sketch?
You're being vague.
That night, do you remember Clive Morin fighting back?
l mean, you know... took me a couple seconds to see, even register, what was going on.
l heard these sounds, l saw him with the rock.
By the time I saw Clive Morin... know, he wasn't doing anything.
How do you know CPR?
l don't.
l mean, l--
l tried to do CPR on him...
...but I just did what I could, you know?
l imitated what l've seen on TV.
You looking at my fingers? You looking at this?
-Yes. -You're, like, looking at everything.
No, this is-- This is-- l-- l make my own frames.
You know, and l....
The closer we get to the show, the worse my accuracy is.
How long have you been doing that, dealing art?
l started right after school.
l went to Thailand, you know? And l....
l met this very strange old man who was a painter.
But he didn't have any money so he just--
You know, he'd just paint everything. And he had these doors.
These incredible doors that he'd painted.
And he gave me a couple of them.
And so I brought them here and I sold them...
...for, you know, not much money, but I sent it back to him, the money.
You know? And it was a fortune to him.
And that's how I started.
That's very nice.
l'd like to buy you a cup of coffee, but it looks like you have a problem.
Well, the first step is admitting to it.
ls that a sense of humor? ls that what that is? lt is.
All that and-- What's this?
My cell phone number, in case you remember anything else.
Anything that might be helpful.
All right. Well, thanks.
Okay, l'll--
Maybe you want to come to the show on Friday night.
You know, I think you'd like it. Lots of strange, disturbing pieces.
All right.
Whoever was in that hotel room called this number 20 times.
''Rebecca Asher.''
She claimed to have seen her dead son at the Quebec ferry terminal three weeks ago.
-And what do we know about her? -ln her late 60s, no husband, lives alone.
I'm gonna handle this one on my own, I think. Okay?
l know you've seen this picture on the news...
...but if you could take a closer look at it, please?
Of course.
Could that be your son?
lt could be.
l recognized him on the ferry.
He had a full beard, hat low on his forehead.
But his eyes...
...they were unmistakable.
And he was pulling on his ear.
lt's an old nervous tic from childhood.
l could never get him to break it.
Were you ever actually asked to identify a body years ago?
They showed me some remains...
...that had been hit by a truck.
l can't say that I was in any way prepared for it.
No, of course not.
I'm sorry.
-May l? -Please.
No. No, that is Reese.
That's Martin's older brother.
By older, I mean three minutes.
-Twins? -ldentical.
Has Reese been receiving any strange phone calls, or...?
Of course you couldn't know.
Reese passed away.
I'm sorry.
They were 1 4.
They took a raft out on the Saint Michel.
There had been a very big snow melt-off that year...
...and Martin fell overboard.
Reese jumped in to save him.
Only Martin reached the shore.
-That must have been devastating for you. -lt was.
Well, it was for Martin too.
You know, Reese....
He was just charismatic...
After he died, Martin just took a strange turn.
He became violent.
And when he was 1 6, he stole most of my jewelry and ran away.
The police from St. Jovite called me just a few days later...
...telling me about the accident.
That's a great one.
Oh, yes.
Summer vacation, Fort Rupert.
And this?
Oh, that was our first symphony.
-The Magic Flute. -Of course.
He's cute.
He was.
He was cute.
Now, that's Martin.
He always had to wear those big glasses.
Half the time, I couldn't tell them apart unless he had those on.
Here, l'll just take...
...that thing for you.
-Oh, I forgot my purse. l'll just be-- -l'll get it.
Here you are.
Thanks. I appreciate your time. You've been very helpful.
You will call me when you find him, won't you?
Yes, of course.
How long does it take here to dig up a body?
According to his mother, Martin Asher had only broken one bone in his life:
The left radius, falling off a chair or something.
This kid broke a lot of bones.
Mostly in his face, hands and torso.
But as you can see, the left radius is intact.
This isn't the body of Martin Asher.
Okay. We better get Mrs. Asher someplace safe.
Here, Mrs. Asher, 601 .
No, no. I'm afraid that room is unacceptable.
lt's too near the elevator.
-How'd she talk you into putting her here? -Mrs. Asher has a way with words.
She's hiding something.
There's a door in the house hidden by a bookcase.
Her house is under the department's protection...
...but we can't just go and search it.
Well, what about a headstrong FBl agent who's just not familiar with the rules?
Now, that's a different story.
There you are.
-Scott. -llleana.
The crime scene investigators think he came in through a second story window.
Mrs. Asher claims no one else has a key.
And so far, the fingerprints haven't turned up anything.
-How are you feeling? You okay? -I'm fine.
-Are you sure? -I'm fine.
llleana, Leclair knows you were at the house.
l don't think he connected you with anything else....
Could--? Would you come to the office about an hour early tomorrow?
-l'll see you there. -Bye.
Taking lives.
That's what Martin Asher's been doing for almost 20 years.
His first victim, John Doe.
He was clumsier then. He covered with a car accident... fake his own death, and then he took the boy's identity.
There's a gap between John Doe and Henri Bisonnette...
...but that doesn't mean Asher was dormant.
Yes, ViCLAS gave us 1 9 unsolved murders throughout eastern Canada.
At least 1 1 match the m.o.
All who either lived solitary lives or simply would not be missed right away.
Henri Bisonnette. Asher kills him, takes his life, his apartment...
...uses his credit cards. He even pays his taxes.
Nothing extravagant. He's just living Bisonnette's life.
Then he drops him for Clark William Edwards, and as Edwards he stalks Morin.
All of these men have something in common, something that he desires.
Simply, a life different from his own.
l met his mother.
Asher had a twin brother who she clearly favored.
He died in a drowning accident.
lt wouldn't take much to get her to admit...
...that she thinks Martin had something to do with it. She hates him.
So this guy can't stand to be who he actually is for even a moment.
...he overlaps bodies.
He's like a hermit crab.
He outgrows one shell, and he starts looking for a new one.
Someone just broke into James Costa's gallery.
All that's missing is my organizer and a business checkbook? Nothing else?
The alarm system was cut.
Yeah, right. So this doesn't feel like a normal break-in?
What happened tonight, Mr. Costa?
Right, listen, l do all my calls to Europe at night.
All my shipping stuff at night.
l want a cup of coffee, l go to the diner across the street.
l come back in, the door's busted open, and my desk is all messed up.
You think it's him, right?
We're going to assign more officers to your apartment until we're sure it's nothing.
-That answers my question. -Clark William Edwards.
You're meeting with someone named Clark William Edwards tomorrow night?
-ls that right? -Yeah. He's a potential buyer.
His rep called me up yesterday.
Could be a really big client.
You're kidding me.
We'll have undercover officers watching all the time.
The best surveillance team.
We're still talking about the same guy who smashes in people's faces...
...and cuts off their hands?
He won't come within 50 yards of you, okay?
lt would be a great service to the city of Montreal.
lt is a dangerous thing to do, but it is probably our best shot at catching this guy.
All right?
All right. All right.
But only in service to the great city of Montreal.
ls he gonna drive me home?
Could Agent Scott drive me home?
l should have stayed in Winnipeg, you know?
l had a nice gallery, three paintings on the wall, nobody ever came in.
lf you stayed there, we wouldn't have had a witness who could draw the killer.
And that's made a big difference.
-That's a generous way of looking at it. -Left here?
No, just keep going straight, past Chevalier.
Can l...?
Can I ask you a question?
How do you do it?
How do you live your life surrounded by all this...
...ugliness? You know, l mean, murderers...
...and victims and these pictures, you know?
What I'm going through, just a little bit, is what you live every day, right?
-This is my job. -There are different jobs.
-There are better jobs. -Not for me. No there isn't. 21 9?
21 9? Yeah, yeah, right up here.
-You say that like it's a punishment. -lt's not a punishment.
lt's more like a compulsion.
Okay, we're here.
What compels you?
What compels you?
Fine. When I was 1 2 years old...
...l heard a noise downstairs and I thought it was my dad.
So.... So I went down.
And somebody had broken into our house.
He saw me and he came towards me. And I grabbed a knife and I ran towards him.
And I killed him.
He was 1 6 years old. He was probably trying to steal the TV.
But I killed him.
That's what compels me.
-Walk you to the door, Mr. Costa? -Yeah, great. l'll--
What does Mr. Agent Scott think about all this?
I'm not married.
l just-- I just wear that.
So listen, tomorrow....
lt's gonna be okay.
Try to get some sleep.
Then l'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow, okay?
ls there some kind of signal l should give if I need help?
-You know, like-- -No need. All eyes will be on you.
We've got five men on the inside and a dozen outside.
So don't worry. When he shows up, we'll be right on top of him.
Well, that's a comfort.
Everything okay?
-What? -Would you like another?
-Refill? -Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-Scotch, right? -Yeah.
He's late.
Yes, he is.
l just got a note. lt says, ''Meet me in the men's room.''
I'm going to the restroom.
Meet me outside.
What's going on?
-We thought it best to cut it off. -l was sitting in there for two hours.
-He must've made us. -''Made us''? What does that mean?
He saw you? He knows what's happening? Knows I'm cooperating with police?
-Take it easy, okay? -Take it easy? Have you ever been fishing?
The bait always dies.
Oh, boy.
This ought to provide you with some juicy profiling material.
Single art dealer... in constant state of organized chaos.
Purchases firearm, even though he doesn't know how to use one...
...for a false sense of security.
-You-- You can come in, you know. -No, it's all right. Thank you.
You two, back door.
You'll be safe. You have two guys in back...
-...and two in the hallway. Okay? -Great.
Just going to check the street one more time.
lf you need anything, you know how to get me, Duval or Paquette?
-Yeah. Back there at the bar-- -lt's okay.
No, I really wish l didn't freak out like that.
l wasn't helping anybody.
You've been great.
You're making me sound nicer than I am.
-You are nice. -No. That's--
That's the kiss of death.
What do you mean?
Us nice guys never get the girl.
l should go.
You know how to find us.
So I'm leaving.
What do you mean?
My job is done here.
You have a profile and a witness. You don't need me anymore.
...we need someone who can get into Asher's head.
-You have that, and you have a suspect. -That might not be enough.
What's really going on here?
Please. What is it?
l might be having a reaction to the witness.
A reaction?
One that could cloud my judgment.
l see.
llleana... long did we know each other when I was at Quantico?
-Six months. -How many times...
-...were you asked for a drink? -l don't know.
How many times did you turn them down?
-Every time. -Well...
...l think it takes a lot to cloud your judgment.
Listen, I have to catch this guy. l know you. You have to catch him too.
l really need you.
At least the food is good.
Yeah, because the art is shit.
Try not to look so much like cops.
l almost didn't recognize you without a picture of a dead body.
-That's nice. -lt sounded better in my head.
-Have a drink. -No, thank you.
l mean, it's just water.
-All right? -Thank you.
-Excuse me. -This one is my favorite.
You know, it just.... l don't know why. The sky....
The sky in it reminds me of growing up in Nova Scotia.
Where'd you grow up?
-Just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. -Oh, yeah? You a country girl?
-l'll let you get back to work. -Thank you.
lt's him.
So now he's running loose again.
We lost him in the crowd. lt was a fucking mob scene.
''Fucking mob scene.'' And Costa?
Shaken up, but he wasn't hurt.
What do you think his next move is?
l think he sees James Costa as unfinished business.
We've got Costa on a flight to Toronto tomorrow morning at 8:30.
Then I want one of you to take him personally to the airport.
Okay, l'll go.
Oh, hey. Would you mind taking these?
-We are running a little late. -Yeah, I know. I know, I'm coming.
Hi, James.
Where you going?
Not leaving, are you?
Come on, after all these fun games we've been playing?
All this time that l've put into it?
Take a seat.
There's a police officer outside your apartment.
l also couldn't help but notice that you've been packing.
And that... not...
Now, I thought you and l had a special relationship.
The kind that demanded a great deal of respect.
But obviously, you don't understand.
So I'm gonna explain it to you again.
You have something that I want.
Therefore...'s mine.
So this idea of running away...'s not gonna happen.
l need you to answer something for me.
What did you tell the police about me?
What do the police know about--?
Help me!
Drop it.
l said, drop it!
This is Agent Scott. Officer down, 21 9 St. Amelie.
ls he dead?
Help! ls he dead?
-He shot Duval. -Drop your weapon!
lt's him?
-Drop your weapon! -lt's him. lt's Asher!
-Drop your weapon! -He shot Duval.
Move, move! Go!
He was lucky.
An accident like this, only stitches.
Do you know where he was taking you, Mr. Costa?
l have no idea.
l think he wanted to add Mr. Costa to his collection.
I'm so sorry about lnspector Duval.
He was trying to save my life.
-So, what now? -We got our lab results.
Asher's DNA matches the hairs found on Clive Morin's body.
So it's over?
l will need a statement from you, some paperwork.
Other than that, yeah, it's over.
You did a very brave thing in that car today, Mr. Costa.
You were great.
Thank you.
-May I help you? -Call Ms. Scott's room, please.
Of course.
I'm so sorry, sir. She has a ''do not disturb.''
Can I take a message for her?
lt's the stitches.
Looks like you opened up some last night.
l'll have to redo some of them.
-They got art down there, don't they? -What?
Down there in Washington, D.C.
Those politician types, they like to hang things on their walls, don't they?
I'm just saying, I could start a little....
You know, a gallery.
l could find a space there.
They have galleries there, right?
Oh, God.
Where is it? Oh, my God.
She's here?
No. I'm in the hospital already. I'm just here with a friend.
-Be gentle. -l'll be right up. Okay.
That was Leclair.
-l have to meet him upstairs. -Sorry.
Do you wanna come back here or meet in the lobby?
All right.
How's your friend?
-He's fine. -l know this is unpleasant for you...
...but if you could just give us a definitive identification.
l understand.
Can't touch the body.
l'll touch anything I wish.
Crazy old bat.
Mrs. Asher?
Mrs. Asher!
Mrs. Asher?
Hello, Mother.
All I ever wanted...
...was to love you.
But you wouldn't let me.
lt was always Reese.
You could have had me forever, but you...
...ruined it. You ruined...
Step back, Martin.
You don't frighten me.
Costa did it.
Costa did it.
Costa is Asher.
-What did you say? -Oh, shit!
-Costa did it. -Where is he?
-Where? -Elevator.
-Down? Up? -Down!
Which one?
Come on, for fuck's sakes.
Hey, man. I found these in the machine. Are they yours?
-Yeah. Thanks, man. -l was buying a pack....
You don't trust us, but you did trust her enough to come here and fuck our killer.
Case was closed. She's handled herself in a professional manner.
Tell that to Duval. You remember Duval?
And the poor bastard lying in the morgue?
l know how you feel.
lf you have something to say, say it to me.
-What did you say? -lf you have something to say--
For the past four years, l've been scouting for the League.
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, BC last year.
Whenever I hear about some star kid.
-Always traveling? -You get used to it after a while.
-Tough on the wife, though. -Not married.
No? So it's just you and the two sisters, right?
Susan and Debbie.
And where are they?
-They're back home in Tracadie. -Tracadie.
Hockey's big out there.
Yeah, there's nothing else to do in that fucking town.
-You play as a kid? -Yeah, a little.
World Junior Team two years in a row.
No shit. I could tell, I could tell.
You got all that residual confidence left over from being a golden boy.
The way you smoke...
...your voice...'s a little low.
Trying to be cool, so kids at the rink don't know what a loser you've become.
What the fuck you saying, man?
Don't get tense.
That's Christopher Hart.
-What do we know about him? -He's a drug addict and an art thief.
Costa was selling stolen art for him.
E-mails show Costa wasn't paying him.
All Hart wanted was his money.
He owed him over $80,000.
Costa set him up.
Hi. Are you there?
lt's me.
-Who is this? -You know who it is.
Come on, llleana.
You didn't fall for James Costa.
Somebody as beautiful and powerful as you...
...doesn't fall for a faggy art dealer.
That guy was nothing, all right? l didn't take his life, I lived it.
l was the best thing that ever happened to that guy.
You looked at him...
...and you saw me.
And I looked at you, and I saw you.
And we are the same.
Fuck you.
''Fuck you''?
Fuck you. Yeah, I did fuck you.
Remember making love with those pictures of the dead people around us?
Let's face it, llleana... ordinary person does not love that as much as we did.
l mean, coming inside of you was the best moment of my life.
And I feel so much better now.
Everything just keeps going my way, you know?
-What'd he say? -Where is he?
A hit. Morin's credit card. Bought a train ticket... Moncton 3 hours ago. -He'll be there in 20 minutes.
Get Commander Hache on the phone and the Moncton director.
l'll be fine.
Thank you.
l want a cup of coffee, l go to the diner across the street.
l come back in, the door's busted open, and my desk is all messed up.
This isn't a coincidence, is it?
Seal off all the exits. Now, now! Do it now!
After carefully reviewing Special Agent Scott's record with the Bureau...
...the Office of Professional Responsibility has issued a letter of termination...
...citing egregious lack of judgment...
...and conduct unbecoming of a federal agent.
Though the Bureau is saddened to lose an agent of your caliber...
...we're confident that this decision will best serve all parties involved.
Last reported observation at Fort Collins airport...
...showed wind gusts to 80 knots.
Clouds to 8000 feet. Visibility, two miles.
Air temperature currently 1 0 degrees. National weather forecast....
Sweetheart, you should get yourself home.
lt's miserable out there.
-Thanks. See you, Liz. -See you.
-You be careful, huh? -l will.
l scared you. I'm sorry.
Come on, have a seat.
No, no. Come on, have a seat.
You were making some tea?
All right, let me make you a cup.
Are you...? What are you looking for?
You looking...?
You looking for this?
Now, you see, that's got me very confused, llleana.
l mean, you got these planted all over the house.
Got this one behind the fridge.
You got one under the bed...
...the underside of the bathtub.
You must be awfully scared out here on your own.
ls that it?
You feeling scared?
l followed all that business down there in Washington...
...which, I thought...
...was completely bogus, by the way.
They were lucky to have you. Very lucky.
But then you just disappeared.
You dropped out.
You left a few footprints, though, didn't you?
l thought you were pretty easy to find.
Come out here, there's never any cops around.
You don't make any phone calls.
Here you go.
Careful, it's still hot.
And then I saw that your belly was growing...
...and I knew that you were waiting for me.
They're boys, aren't they?
l like going into their room.
lt's full of so much love and warmth.
l can....
l can picture them in there, playing...
...having fun.
You and l...
...and laughing.
You and l.
We can start fresh.
We can do this.
What? What is it?
l don't want to.
I'm sorry. Those are our babies.
-l know those are. -These are not your babies.
These are James Costa's babies.
l don't know who you are.
Why would you say something like that?
Why would you say something like that?
-Take it back. -Okay, okay. I take it back. I take it back!
All right.
All right. Well, then stand up. Come on.
Stand up.
You okay?
-Whose babies are they? -Yours.
They're mine?
Give me a kiss.
Kiss me.
lt's all right.
I'm not gonna kill you. I'm gonna do this until you pass out.
You're probably getting light-headed right about now. That's all right. Relax.
lt's okay.
Okay. All right, come.
Give those to me.
lt's all right. lt's all right.
Hey, calm down. Give it to me.
Calm down.
Give it to me. All right?
What are you doing?
What is wrong with you?
You gonna calm down? I'm not gonna hurt you, all right?
l don't want to hurt you.
-Are you gonna calm down? -Yes! Yes. Yes.
Everything you saw...
...l wanted you to see.
Fuck you.
Hello. lnspector Leclair.
-Leclair. -llleana. I was worried.
ls it done?
-lt's over. -Good. Stay put. l'll call this is in.
They'll be there soon.
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