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Subtitles for Tale of two sisters A CD1.

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Tale of two sisters A CD1

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How was your day today? How was it?
Well then, shall we talk?
First, tell me about yourself
Who do you think you are?
Do you know who this is?
Don't know?
It's your family
Want to see it again?
Fine then
Can you tell me
about that day?
About what happened?
You should be able to remember it clearly
It's okay
From now on
tell me what happened
Aren't you getting out?
It's so pretty
Give me your hand
The other one
Welcome home!
It's been such a long time
You've changed so much, Su-yeon
You've gotten prettier...
But you two really disappointed me
I waited all day for you two
cooking and cleaning the house
but why didn't you say hi first?
What did you do?
Were you at the wharf?
You should've changed first before you went outside
welcome back home
Is something wrong?
I see you've gotten better
I'm so glad you feel better now
You're taking after your mom
You're feeling a lot better too, right?
Right I bet you're both tired
Get some rest and come down for dinner
I'm preparing a special dinner
But, you should give me some time
There's a lot to prepare
We just got back
Things don't look so good right now
It wouldn't help much if you came
Yeah, I know
Let's talk later I should go
So you're doing okay, right?
Did I tell you?
Sun-kyu and his wife are coming over
lt'll be alright I'll take care of it
Okay, bye
Oh right!
I invited Sun-kyu and his wife over
for dinner this weekend
Lt'll be nice for them to see the girls after so long
And to catch up on things
That was delicious
Sorry, I have things to tend to
You must be tired so clean it up tomorrow
Did you prepare your father's undergarments?
Thanks, but that's my job
Cleaning my room is my job, too Why'd you touch my stuff?
That's how it was before
So all of the same clothes were hanging there before?
I'm not having dinner with him
I said I'm not having dinner with that guy
He's not some guy he's your uncle
It's the first day so let's give it a rest
- And you? - Yes?
Aren't you going to follow her? You're supposed to follow your sister
What did that woman tell you?
If she ever gets on your case then tell me
And don't ignore it like before Okay?
Good night
What's wrong?
Did you have a bad dream?
Was it the closet?
Then what's wrong?
I keep hearing strange noises outside
It's because you've been away too long
It's okay Let's sleep
Somebody came into my room
He's asleep
- I know - Then why are you trying to wake him?
Says who?
You were trying to wake him just now
Have something to tell him?
It's none of your business
All I'm saying is since his fast asleep
Don't wake him up Don't you understand me?
I just came down for water
He's asleep so be quiet
Did you go to my room?
Who was it?
That woman
It's strange
What is?
That woman is strange
And so is this house
Are you scared?
Everything's alright I'm here
Come here Let's sleep
I'll always be with you
Su-yeon Go away
Are you awake?
- Can I come in? - No
Come down and eat
What are you doing?
Are you having your period?
No, Su-yeon is...
That's so funny
How could we both get our periods on the same date?
It's okay, come down
That's mom's favorite, huh?
Do it like this
Shall we kill them?
Let's set them free
She'll have a cow if we mess with her precious
I'd hate to see that
What are you doing out in the cold?
Are you alright?
You don't look so good Are you feeling sick?
No, I'm okay
Tell me what's wrong?
I said I'm okay
Just get rid of Su-yeon's closet
we agreed not to talk about that closet
You promised, right?
I know you're very angry with me
And I know I'm a bad father
You're not even a bad father
It's cold so let's go inside
I will
What are you doing?
You scared me
When did you come in?
- Did you go to the warehouse? - Yeah
Su-yeon, look at this
- Cool - Pretty, huh?
- Is it mom's? - Yup, and...
There's more
It's mom!
Taritakoom, taritakoom
What does that mean?
It's a spell to call mom
Who told you that?
- Mom did - What?
Can I take this?
Huh? Sure...
This... and this
What is this?
Who did this to you?
Tell me, who did this?
It's okay, tell me
She did this, huh?
She did this, didn't she?
Su-yeon what's wrong with you?
I told you to tell me everything!
She did this, right?
She did this, huh? Did she do this?
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
How can you be so cruel?
It's retribution
If you disobey you need to be punished
Does dad know what you did?
Think your father can solve everything?
Then go get him Want me to do it?
Sit down! Where are your manners?
Were you like this to your mom, too?
Don't bring up my mom!
Listen carefully I'm your mother, got it?
As much as you hate it
I'm the only one in this world
you can call mother, got it?
Crying over your mom's photos
won't change anything
Hard to handle, huh? That's too bad
But that's how the world is
The world isn't as sweet as you picture it
Sometimes you have to bear the worst and live on
Like the way I'm bearing you two!
Tough isn't it?
I have beared you two brats
from the moment I came to this house
I have never met such ill-mannered
menaces like you two
Why the hell did you even come here?
I can't believe you said that to me again
I see, you still must be sick
Don't touch me
- Let go! - What's wrong with you?
Are you that clueless?
Don't touch me with those filthy hands!
Su-mi, listen to me
I don't want to hear it You're the same
That's not true you've misunderstood
You're not even accepting all this
Why is it always me?
Why are you asking only me to understand?
Are you really clueless?
Maybe I don't know I don't have all the answers
I don't know, so tell me and let it off your chest
Tell me!
Will it change anything? Will it?
Don't do this Please don't
You'll get sick again
From now on anything that happens here
all the filthy things you brought here
be responsible for it all
I have nothing more to say so answer the phone
Do you remember?
My memory's a bit blurry but I think it did happen
When was it?
Hey, remember this?
You jumped into the rive
to catch some fish
Then you started to drown
and everyone had a fit
There was another funny story
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