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Subtitles for Talk to Her (Hable con Ella).

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Talk to Her (Hable con Ella)

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The stage is full of wooden chairs and tables.
Two women come out, wearing slips.
Their eyes are closed, like two sleepwalkers.
You're scared they'll bump into everything.
But suddenly, a man appears,
with such a sad face.
The saddest I've ever seen.
And he knocks all the chairs and tables out of their way.
You can't imagine how moving it was!
There was a man sitting beside me, in his forties, good-looking.
He cried several times, from emotion.
I can understand why.
It was so beautiful!
I have a surprise for you!
I got Pina Bausch's autograph for you.
I had to buy the photo.
It's in English.
It means: "I hope you overcome all your obstacles
and start dancing."
- Look, she's got her period. - It's early.
Good evening.
Benigno, could you stay tonight?
My sister can't stay with the kids and I've got no one else.
Why did you come in? You should have called me.
I'm not taking advantage of you?
- You've done three nights this week. - Don't worry.
If I have one afternoon free that's enough.
I have to talk to the builders about the apartment.
It's in such a mess.
Then I just have to get a photo framed.
My situation won't improve.
Maybe we should tell the clinic and let them decide.
Look, your husband walked out on you and the kids.
You come the nights you can, and I'll do the rest.
Between us we'll manage.
Thank you.
- You stopped the intravenous nutrition. - She didn't tolerate it.
- We can try again tomorrow. - Yes. Now, go on.
- And cheer up. - Thanks.
Six bulls and one woman.
Next Wednesday, in the traditional bullring
in Brihuega,
Lydia Gonzalez is going to fight six bulls!
- That's a lot of bulls, Lydia. - Good evening.
Why such a drastic decision?
My job is to fight bulls. Two bulls, six, whatever they say.
People say a lot of bullfighters won't fight with you
because you're a woman.
People can say what they want. That's their business!
You must admit there's too much chauvinism in bullfighting.
But there are exceptions.
El Nino de Valencia
was happy to share billing with you for several months.
That's over now!
Do you think it was all just a show to promote himself
and when he'd done that he left you?
I told you earlier I wouldn't talk about that!
But it's good to talk, honey.
And talking about problems
is the first step in overcoming them.
- El Nino de Valencia... - That's enough!
Lydia, darling, don't be rude and let me finish the question.
I told you earlier I didn't want to talk about that.
You didn't tell me anything earlier.
And I don't like you saying that,
because people may think we plan the interviews,
and I don't do that.
I only do live. I'm one of the few
who dare to do that,
just as you should dare to admit you were used,
because El Nino de Valencia was using you!
A man who shared not just fame and the bullring with you
but your bed as well,
dumped you when it suited him.
Hello, Juan Luis. It's Marco. How are you?
I wanted to ask you something.
I'd like to do an article on Lydia Gonzalez.
Yeah, I'm watching it too.
I'd like to do something in depth.
For the Sunday issue?
She's gone nuts.
She's dedicating it to you.
She'd let the bull rip her apart just so that you could see it.
We shouldn't have come, especially you.
I know what I'm doing.
But El Nino has to concentrate.
He's got no time for other worries.
I won't give him any.
But tell him to stop by the house and get his things,
or to tell me where to send them.
Send them to my place.
He can tell me himself. I have nothing to do with you.
Here, you can leave when you want.
- Good evening. - Whiskey on the rocks.
- Which glass do you prefer? - The tall one.
Excuse me, could I speak to you for a moment, please?
Forget it. When something's over, it's over.
Excuse me.
What were you saying?
Could I have a word with you, please?
If you take me to Madrid, we could talk on the way.
I'd be delighted.
Let's go.
Who named you Lydia?
My father.
It was like sealing your fate.
He always wanted to be a bullfighter,
but he stayed a banderillero.
He was the one who supported me the most,
but he died a year ago.
I'm sorry.
"El Pais" wants me to do a profile on you for their Sunday issue.
Do you write on bullfighting? Your name isn't familiar.
To be honest I know nothing about it.
So why are you here?
I know nothing about bullfighting but a lot about desperate women.
Yeah? And who told you I'm desperate?
You gave me that impression.
You don't care about bullfighting.
You're interested in my relationship with El Nino.
Tell "El Pais" the answer's no and leave me alone!!
- Good night. - Good night.
- Get me out of here! - What's wrong?
Get me out of here, please. There's a snake in the kitchen!
Give me the keys.
- The door's open. - Calm down, and stay here.
My purse... Thank you.
Take me to a hotel.
I'm never going back to that house.
Which hotel?
- The Eurobuilding, for example. - Very well.
Don't tell anyone about this snake business, please.
- Only my family knows about it. - Don't worry.
One thing I respect is other people's phobias.
After all you've done,
I feel bad about saying no to the profile.
Sleep on it.
I'll call you tomorrow for your decision.
Thank you for everything.
- Good night. - Good night.
Do you want me to stay?
I can sleep on the couch. I've done it before.
No, I have to learn to be alone.
- Hello, everyone. - Good morning.
Washing her hair?
What do you think?
- How was the night? - Normal.
Give me that, I'll do it.
I'm off.
- So long. - Bye, Matilde.
It's so hot!
We should cut her hair.
Cut it short. It's more practical and comfortable.
We'll leave it like it was when she arrived here.
So it won't look different if she awakes.
After four years in a coma, it would be a miracle.
I believe in miracles. And so should you.
- Why me? - Because you really need them.
One could happen to you, and you wouldn't even realize.
God, it's so hot!
I bought something in the drugstore
to help stop the perspiration stains on my uniform.
Your armpits don't sweat but the rest... Look at my face!
- What's it called? - Oh, God. Perspirex.
Hello, it's Marco. Remember me?
Of course.
- How are you? - Naked.
I should buy some clothes. This is all I have.
I could go to your house and get what you need.
No, I don't want anything from there. Maybe later.
- Where are we going? - To Sybilla.
- You must think I'm mad. - Why?
- I don't ever want to go back home. - No, I understand.
When we broke up,
I couldn't carry on sleeping in the same bed.
- I slept on the couch. - Yeah?
I did that for over a week,
until I decided to buy a new bed.
So you're single.
I'm alone.
We have to talk after the fight.
- We've been talking for an hour. - You. Not me.
You're right.
Did you read about the nuns?
The ones who were raped by missionaries in Africa.
The priests themselves!
It's horrible!
If you can't trust a missionary, what's to become of us?
- They used to rape the local women. - Really?
Because of AIDS, they started raping the nuns.
Oh, my God!
And I had the missionaries on a pedestal.
I'm sure not all of them are rapists.
- I hope not. - No, some are pedophiles.
- What's that? - Everybody loves fucking...
Shut up, Antonio. You're such a brute.
- How do the bulls look? - Good, but heavy.
- What do you reckon? - Over 1,000 lbs.
Holy shit!
I'm going to our bar. Lydia, remember we're eating at home.
If the kids don't see their aunt, there'll be hell to pay.
Good luck.
Bull's coming.
Don't cry, love.
How is she?
Poor thing, very bad.
It tore her apart.
My father'll be happy now.
"Not the girl."
My mother and I were always telling him that.
But she turned out just like him.
Don't upset yourself.
What time is it?
It's been four hours.
You're going home?
I'd like to stay, but I can't.
You know there's nothing more we can do here.
Our bar's been closed for three weeks.
The kids are with a neighbor and I've neglected this man.
If anything should happen
you can get here in two hours.
You can be sure of that.
We must have faith.
I keep lighting candles,
but I'm finding it hard to have faith.
When can we put her medals back on?
Not yet.
With all that she's got,
the injuries, the tracheotomy...
She never took them off.
- I'll get a vase. - Thank you.
I have to go to America for three months.
My agent says it's important.
The way things are here...
I don't want to go.
Can you go outside for a moment?
You can't smoke here.
Did she talk to you that day?
Or rather, I talked.
About what?
My own business.
Did she mention me?
To be honest, Lydia hadn't mentioned you in a long time.
This is all my fault.
No. It was my fault.
This song gave me goose bumps.
Marco, I've always wanted to ask you.
Why did you cry the night I met you,
after you killed the snake?
It brought back a lot of memories.
What memories?
Years ago, I had to kill another snake.
We were in Africa.
She had the same phobia as you.
She was waiting outside the tent,
and totally naked.
She saw the snake while we were sleeping.
Was she the one for whom you slept on the couch?
I hate that woman.
- I haven't seen her in years. - Even worse.
What can I do to make you forget her?
Exactly what you're doing.
You were fast asleep
so we didn't wake you.
Is Dr.Vega here?
He'll be in his office. I saw him arrive.
Rosa, close the door. There's a draft.
- She opened her eyes. - That gives me the creeps.
- And when she yawns? - I shit myself.
Doctor, I wanted to talk to you.
Of course. How are you? How did you sleep?
I'll buy you a coffee.
How long do you think Lydia can stay like this?
Months, years,
her whole life.
Is there no hope?
As a doctor, I have to say no.
"Meryl Lazy Moon awakens from a coma after 15 years."
She went into a coma during childbirth.
Meryl was a PVS, persistent vegetative state, like Lydia.
theoretically unconscious for life.
Her recovery contradicts all I'm about to say.
So that means there is hope.
No, I repeat, scientifically, no.
But if you choose to believe, go ahead.
She can open her eyes. Or am I imagining that?
No, she can open her eyes.
But that doesn't mean she can see you or is aware of anything.
Lydia's cerebral cortex has been completely destroyed.
But the brain stem is intact.
That controls the automatic functions,
breathing, sleeping, wakefulness, intestinal functions.
She can open her eyes but as a mechanical action.
Her brain is dead, she's got no ideas or feelings.
Come in.
Hey, you! Come on in!
Yes, you.
- My name's Benigno. - Marco Zuloaga.
This is Alicia.
- Was it your first night here? - Yes.
The first is the worst. Then you get used to it.
What are those boots for?
They stop her feet from twisting sideways or falling forward.
- They look like Ibizan boots. - Do they?
I've never been to Ibiza.
I know you.
From my writings?
No. It was at the theatre.
We happened to be sitting together.
I didn't notice.
At one point
you started to cry.
I told you about him.
He cried watching "Cafe Muller."
I have to go.
So soon? We haven't had a chance to talk.
Some other time.
- You're here this afternoon? - Yes.
Then come and see us. I'm always here.
I'm often here at night too.
I'm an old hand here. If you need anything...
- Thank you. Good-bye. - So long.
Good morning.
- Shall I get Dr.Vega? - No, carry on with your work.
The other day,
going through my papers,
I found some notes I took
the day you came to see me.
I'd written down a topic
to discuss on your second visit.
A visit that never took place.
What topic?
Your sexual orientation.
My sexual orientation?
Yes, your sexuality.
If you like men or women.
When you came to see me, you said
you were still a virgin.
To answer your question in some way,
I think I'm oriented more towards men.
Was that why you came to see me?
I can't remember now.
I guess so.
But I'm fine now.
Do you have a partner?
More or less. I'm not alone anymore.
That isn't a problem now.
I hope my question didn't annoy you.
No, no, not at all.
- Was her father here? - Yes.
- He asked me if I was a faggot. - You're kidding!
Well, he used the American expression, it's more subtle.
- What was my orientation? - What did you say?
- That I'm into men. - Really?
No, silly, I lied to him.
How dare he ask me if I like men or women?
- Who cares? - Well, I'm glad to know.
Did he ask the head nurse if she's a dyke?
Did he ask you if you like bestiality or coprophagy?
No, you're right. You don't ask things like that.
I may have to travel,
so I can't come and see you every week.
But, in Geneva, they've offered me a creation,
a choreography, and that thrills me,
I've got an old idea for a ballet. It's called "Trenches."
It's about World War I.
Problem. You need lots of male dancers
because in the war, sorry, there are lots of soldiers.
But in Geneva everyone dances.
It's wonderful.
There are also ballerinas because in the ballet
when a soldier dies
from his body emerges his soul,
his ghost, and that's a ballerina.
Long tutu, white like the "willis" in "Giselle", classical,
but with blood stain, red.
That's lovely.
- Yes. - Alicia's loving it.
Lovely, because
from death emerges life.
- From the male emerges the female. - Of course.
From the earth emerges...
The... tree?
No. From the earth emerges...
The... flowers?
No. The ethereal.
The ethereal, the impalpable, the ghostly.
Of course.
And I've got the music.
By Penderecki.
It's for the victims of Hiroshima, World War II, but no matter.
Of course not. And anyway Alicia remembers it perfectly.
That's the music for the battle. It's brutal.
And for the music for the deaths, I've got a masterpiece
that you're going to hear right now.
You're going to flip out.
Take care.
You take care too, Katerina. Though you look gorgeous.
"Trenches" must be made.
And I shall.
- Take care of her. - Of course.
We'll put this by the window.
So you can watch your friends dancing across the street.
And look.
I love this room.
I'm going to order the whole lot.
Come in and close the door.
How are you?
- Sit down. - Thank you.
Alicia, look who's here.
We're just getting some air, reading magazines...
Who was that woman who just left?
Katerina, Alicia's teacher.
- Her teacher? - Yes, her dancing teacher.
Katerina's a real character.
Her academy is in front of my house.
Alicia was her pupil.
And Katerina loves her like a daughter.
Benigno, you've been at the window for half an hour.
I'm coming, Mom.
Are you following me?
No... Well, yes.
I think this is yours.
You must have dropped it.
Thank you.
- Is everything there? - Yes.
- I didn't touch anything. - Thank you.
- Where are you going? - Home.
May I walk you there? I've got nothing to do.
- Yes, but I'm going home. - Yes, of course.
I couldn't live without dancing. And I love watching it.
- Do you like dancing? - I guess so. Well, yes.
But I've never gone to see anything.
What else do you do, besides dancing?
I love traveling,
and I go to the Cinematheque a lot to see films.
Recently I've discovered silent cinema. It's my favorite.
- Silent cinema? - Yes.
- What do you do when you go out? - I don't go out.
You must go out sometime.
I was looking after my mother, but she died two months ago.
I'm sorry.
My mother died too, but a long time ago.
Well, we're here.
Thanks for the wallet.
Dr.Roncero. Psychiatrist. 7th Left.
Twenty three.
The day I spent waiting at the window
was the day she wouldn't come.
But I knew her address and that her father was a psychiatrist.
Dr.Roncero's office.
I'd like to make an appointment.
Does tomorrow at 5:00 suit you?
- Can't it be sooner? - No, tomorrow at 5:00.
All right.
Your name?
What's up?
- I've got an appointment at 5:00. - Come in.
Don't stand there!
Excuse me.
- Benigno Martin? - Yes.
I have to get some details.
I just wanted to see Alicia again,
but as I was there and her father was a psychiatrist
I decided to tell him I missed my mother.
- The last fifteen years, you said? - Yes.
I started when I was very young.
And during those fifteen years
you did nothing but look after your mother?
I never left her side.
Well, I studied to be a nurse
so I had to go out to attend classes.
I also studied beauty therapy, make-up and hairdressing,
but by mail.
You mean you did your mother's make-up and her hair?
Of course, and I cut her hair, dyed it, did her nails
and I scrubbed her down well, front and back.
My mother wasn't disabled, or mad.
She was just a bit lazy, you know?
My mother was beautiful
and I didn't want her to let herself go.
- What did your father say? - Nothing, what could he say?
- Is he dead? - Heavens, no.
He's living in Sweden. I guess, because...
I haven't heard from him in ages.
- Doesn't he come to see you? - No.
He formed another family a long time ago,
when he left my mother.
We're not in touch.
Why have you come to see me?
What's your problem?
Me? None.
You must have one if you've come to see a psychiatrist.
Loneliness, I guess.
Have you had sexual relations with a woman?
Or with a man?
I'd like to see you next week.
Am I not well?
No, it isn't that, but...
Your adolescence was what we might call special.
- It wasn't that special. - It was.
Very special.
Well, whatever you say.
And we should analyze it more deeply.
Yes, we'll analyze it.
- So I'll come back next week? - Excellent.
- My pleasure. - Good-bye.
- What are you doing here? - I was just leaving.
Don't freak out.
I just wanted to see you.
But I'm harmless.
Dr.Roncero's office.
Hi, Lola.
I've just taken an elephant-sized dump.
One and two
and three. Forward and hold.
Can you take over?
Alicia never came back.
I didn't want to scare her again, so I didn't
go to her house until a week later, when I had to see her father.
It rained all week.
The next time I saw her was here.
What happened to her?
A car accident on one of those rainy days.
Her father didn't want her to be alone for a minute, day or night.
He asked for the best nurses,
I've got a very good reputation here,
and they recommended me.
When he saw me, he remembered that we'd met
and he'd a moment of doubt,
but he ended up hiring Matilde and me exclusively.
That was four years ago.
And here we are.
Right, Alicia?
I started going to the ballet on my days off.
And to the Cinematheque.
I try to see all the silent movies.
German, American, everything.
Then I tell her all I've seen.
These last four years have been the richest in my life.
Looking after Alicia,
doing the things she liked to do,
except traveling, of course.
For me, it's the opposite with Lydia.
How come?
I can't even touch her.
I don't recognize her body.
I can't even help the nurses to turn her over in the bed.
And I feel so despicable.
Talk to her. Tell her that.
I'd like to, but she can't hear me.
Why are you so sure about that?
Because her brain is turned off.
A woman's brain is a mystery, and in this state even more so.
You have to pay attention to women, talk to them,
be thoughtful occasionally.
Caress them.
Remember they exist, they're alive and they matter to us.
That's the only therapy. I know from experience.
What experience have you had with women?
Benigno, what experience have you had with women?
What experience have you had with women?
Me? A lot.
I lived 20 years day and night with one and 4 years with this one.
I love the bullfighter's boyfriend. I bet you anything he's well hung.
How do you know? Did you see him? You want a cookie?
Of course not.
You can tell from a guy's face.
And especially from his crotch.
I've got a sixth sense.
He's friendly with Benigno, isn't he?
He isn't a faggot too, is he?
No way. Are you nuts?
Are you insinuating Benigno's a faggot?
I'm not. It's vox populi, honey.
You're very wrong.
Dr.Vega confirmed it for me.
How would he know?
Alicia's father told him.
I don't approve of him being so intimate with the patient,
but Dr.Vega told me not to worry.
Benigno doesn't like women, he's into men.
My God! I'll leave so you can carry on pulling him to bits.
The poor thing likes Benigno.
Good choice, sweetie.
I'm free tonight. I'm going to the Cinematheque.
- Want to come? - I'm meeting my editor.
I'll have to go back to work soon.
This woman isn't well.
- Benigno, please. - You know what I mean.
Her skin's really dry.
Let's see.
Here it is.
- Have you talked to her? - No, and don't go on about it.
Good-bye, Lydia.
You have to be patient with him.
Work hard.
"Shrinking Lover."
Rosa's got the flu.
I hope she didn't give it to you.
I'm glad you're feeling well.
Even so, I'll give you a massage,
and a rubdown with rosemary alcohol.
No, I'm all right.
Last night I saw a film...
that disturbed me.
It was a love story,
between Alfredo, who's a bit overweight, like me,
but a nice guy,
and Amparo, his girlfriend,
who's a scientist.
Amparo is working on an experimental diet formula
that will revolutionize the world of nutrition.
"You're selfish. You only think of yourself."
"I've got it!"
"It could be dangerous.
I still haven't tested it on humans."
"Do you still think I'm selfish?"
"It's done wonders for you!"
"Don't worry, my love!"
"I'll find the antidote!"
But time went by.
Despite her efforts, Amparo couldn't find the antidote
and poor Alfredo was shrinking daily.
"I'll always love you."
To stop her suffering, Alfredo left.
He abandoned Madrid and went back to his mother
whom he hadn't seen in 10 years, because she was terrible.
He hadn't even told Amparo where she lived.
A lot of things happen in the film.
But what's important
is that after years
of remorse and study
Amparo finds the address
of Alfredo's mother.
And she turns up there.
"Hotel Youkali, Room Number 15."
- Sleep, my love. - What if I squash you when I move?
And Alfredo
stays inside her...
Come on, put your hands right.
That's it.
It's so cool here. It's wonderful!
It's lovely out on the terrace, isn't it?
And Lydia likes being out on the terrace, don't you, Lydia?
You heard her, she loves it.
Look at them.
It's like they were talking about us.
What do you think they'd talk about?
Women tell each other everything.
Lydia would tell her it's two months today since she was gored.
Benjamin and Angela,
do you come here of your own free will
to be united in matrimony?
Yes, we do.
That being so, as you wish to be united in holy matrimony,
join hands
and declare your consent before God and His Church.
I, Angela, take you, Benjamin,
as my husband, and I give myself to you,
and I promise to be faithful to you, for better
or for worse,
in sickness and in health, all the days of my life.
May the Lord, who caused this love to grow in you,
confirm this mutual consent you have stated before His Church.
What God has joined together,
let no man pull asunder.
What are you doing here? We were to meet at the hotel.
I changed my mind.
I've always liked weddings.
Weren't you to see your sister before the fight?
I called her, she'll be at the hotel.
I had to promise we'd have supper at her bar tonight.
Whatever you say.
A lovely ceremony, isn't it?
I didn't think she was so young.
I guess you came because you didn't trust me.
I came because we can't go another day without talking.
You needn't worry. It's over with Angela.
I've got proof.
During the ceremony I didn't cry. But you did.
- That's true. - And you needn't.
- Don't you believe me? - It isn't that.
It took me ten years to get over it, but I swear it's over.
- Marco... - Believe me, it's over.
Angela and I traveled a lot.
The excuse was to write a travel guide on some exotic place,
but really it was to keep her away from drugs,
to escape from Madrid.
Life in Madrid was hell.
Our relationship only worked when we got away.
After trying for five years and seven travel guides,
I brought her here to Lucena, to her parents.
They kept her away from drugs and from me.
- You still loved her? - Yes.
I'd cry when I saw something that moved me
because I couldn't share it with her.
There's nothing worse than leaving someone you still love.
What a sad story.
Love is the saddest thing when it goes away,
as a song by Jobim goes.
We have to talk after the fight.
- We've been talking for an hour. - You.
Not me.
You're right.
The doctor said it would take two months for my leg to heal.
But you know what? I'm glad the bull gored me.
Now I can stay with you until you awake, my love.
No one will take me away from you.
We'd gotten back together a month before.
Lydia was to tell you at the wedding,
but when I saw you in the ICU I knew she hadn't.
It was you she was crying for.
She rang to tell me she'd cried thinking of me.
It was the last time we spoke.
As I'm injured, I won't be fighting for a while.
I'd like to stay with her these nights.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
Hello, Alicia.
I'm alone again.
Admit it, you were looking at her breasts.
It's hard not to, they're getting bigger.
I'm thinking of going away.
- How come? - I have to work.
What about Lydia?
She doesn't need me anymore.
Have you split up?
You could say that.
Believe me, I could see it coming.
Don't ask me how, but I did.
There was something in your relationship, forgive me,
that didn't work.
When are you leaving?
- Very soon, but I'll see you before. - I hope so.
I'm sorry you're going.
- I'm off. Benigno, see you soon. - Yes.
Has her period come yet?
Going by last month's nursing report
it should have come.
Yes, it is a bit late.
It's over two weeks. That's too much.
Are you sure she had one last month?
I put the towel on her myself.
It was the week you had flu.
She even seems swollen.
Yes, but at times they can be irregular.
Lydia's periods have stopped.
You're right. But I think we should tell Dr.Vega.
I brought some of my travel guides for Alicia and you.
Thank you.
I've said good-bye to Lydia.
I tried to see Alicia
but Dr.Vega and the head nurse were there and I wasn't allowed in.
Is anything wrong?
No, I think Alicia has got an infection.
Can you take me home? I'm off duty.
I hope it isn't serious.
I don't know. They're doing some tests
but they won't tell me anything either.
Abidjan, the Yemen, Brazil,
Abidjan, the Yemen, Brazil,
Turkey, Cuba.
- I'll read them to Alicia at night. - They're just travel guides.
You wrote them, they must be special.
- Are you going alone? - Yes.
I wanted to talk to you about that before you leave.
- About what? - Loneliness.
I want to get married.
Married? Who to?
To Alicia, of course!
You're crazy!
We get along better than most married couples.
Why shouldn't a man want to marry the woman he loves?
Because the woman is in a coma!
Because Alicia can't say with any part of her body: "I do!"
Because we don't know if vegetative life is really life!
Get in the car.
- How can you say that? - Get in the car!
Your relationship with Alicia is a monologue and it's insane.
I'm not saying talking's no use
but people talk to plants and they don't marry them!
I can't believe you're saying that.
I thought you were different.
Promise you won't mention it again, or even think about it!
- Promise me! - Why?
If you say that to anyone else, you'll be in big trouble,
and I won't be there to help you.
If it'll make you happier, I promise.
- However much we like her... - Do you like her too?
Of course, how couldn't I?
She likes you too.
Benigno, Alicia is practically dead!
She can't feel anything for anybody, not for you, not for me,
not even for herself! Get that into your head!
Our patient Alicia Roncero has been raped and is pregnant.
I haven't told her father yet
because first you're going to tell me
what bastard did that in my clinic.
Sir, we all feel extremely concerned.
You should be feeling responsible. Alicia was on your floor.
Then let me be the one to explain the situation.
Rosa, please...
Alicia's periods stopped two months ago.
At first, I thought it was only one month
but I was mistaken.
That isn't mentioned in last month's report.
In fact, it says you put the towel on her as always.
That week I was off again with the flu.
You wrote it, didn't you, Benigno?
It's your writing.
Yes, it was me.
Why did you falsify the notes?
I didn't want to cause any alarm.
It isn't the first time a patient's periods have stopped.
That's true.
Why did no one notice?
Where's the nurse who did nights?
Matilde? She called, she can't come in today.
Didn't she notice anything odd?
Matilde's having family problems. Many nights she can't come in.
And who stands in for her?
Am I to tell her father
his daughter is in this retard's hands day and night?
Let's calm down here.
I don't know if you realize you are the main suspect.
Why did you hide her first missed period?
I'm sure you've got an explanation.
You're incapable of harming Alicia.
You can be sure of that.
Last night, I was in the parking lot
and heard a conversation between Benigno
and Marco.
Benigno said he wanted to marry Alicia.
Mr.Zuloaga tried to dissuade him,
but Benigno wouldn't listen, he was very upset.
He also said he knew a lot of married couples
who didn't get along half as well as he and Alicia.
Lydia Gonzalez was buried yesterday, April 13,
in the Almudena cemetery.
The 33-year-old bullfighter,
daughter of Antonio Gonzalez, had been in a coma since...
"The Forest" Clinic.
May I speak to Benigno Martin? He's on the 2nd floor.
- He doesn't work here anymore. - Excuse me, miss...
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
- And Nurse Rosa? - Who's calling?
- Marco Zuloaga. - I'll put you through.
- To get a referral slip stamped? - Along the corridor, Administration.
- Who is it? - It's Marco Zuloaga.
I'm calling from Jordan. I read that Lydia died.
Yes, that's right. I'm so sorry, Marco.
I would like to have been told.
We've had so many problems here.
What's going on? They said Benigno doesn't work there anymore.
Benigno's in jail.
In jail? Why?
He's accused of raping Alicia.
What are you talking about?
Try to help him. The poor guy's got nobody.
- Have you been to see him? - Me?
After what he's done, I can't.
But he needs help and you're his friend.
- All right. What jail is he in? - It's in Segovia.
Wait here for me, please.
I'd like to see an inmate.
That's in Visitations, through that door to the left.
Thank you.
May I help you?
I'd like to see the inmate Benigno Martin.
This isn't a visitor's day, but let me see.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
I'm sorry. This isn't a visitor's day.
and what's more, the intern hasn't requested a visit.
He doesn't know I'm in Madrid. I arrived yesterday.
Are you a relative?
No, I'm a friend. My name is Marco Zuloaga.
- May I see your ID, please? - Yes, of course.
Can I phone him?
You can't phone him, but he can phone you.
My number's changed. Can you give him the new one?
- Of course. - Thank you.
You should remember
that visitor's days are Saturday and Sunday.
But it's the intern who has to request the visit.
If he doesn't want to see you, we can't do anything.
He'll want to see me.
By the way, we don't have inmates here, we have...
I can't hear you.
I'm sorry. We don't have inmates here, we have interns.
Good-bye, and thank you.
- 627... - Wait.
No, 9.
- Hello? - Marco, is that you?
- Yes, Benigno. - It's great to hear you.
I've requested your visit. I'll see you Saturday.
All right.
- Where are you? - Outside the clinic.
Dr.Vega told me everything.
How could you, Benigno?
You haven't come back to freak out on me?
No. Do you need anything?
I need information. How's Alicia?
The staff is forbidden to talk to me.
She's in another clinic, they don't know where.
I don't believe that.
Neither do I, but I'm not surprised they won't tell us.
Hey, man,
are you still my friend?
Of course, whom do you think I'm here for?
Then find out what's happened to Alicia.
If she's alive, if she had a baby, if it's alive...
I need to know.
You understand, don't you?
I'll try to find out.
See you Saturday.
- Did you find out anything? - Not yet, but I will. Be patient.
I was patient until the baby was due, but that was a month ago.
You have to keep waiting.
What do you do here all day?
I work in the sick bay.
The jail is new,
so there aren't many people. It's very quiet.
From outside, it doesn't look like a jail.
Forget the jail!
My problem is not seeing Alicia.
The medical officer and Alicia's father say I'm a psychopath.
Yeah, a psychopath.
They say it's good for the trial, but I don't give a shit about that.
I need to see Alicia and find out how it all ended.
If this goes on, I'm capable of doing anything.
They say I'm a psychopath?
Well, I'll behave like one.
Don't say that, please!
And get me another lawyer.
The one I've got practically throws up on me when he looks at me.
I'll tell the concierge to give you my keys.
Rent it out and that'll pay the lawyer.
I'll rent it, because mine has been rented out too.
Great. I like that you're my tenant.
I've been thinking a lot about you,
especially at night.
Why at night?
Because I read at night.
I've read all your travel guides.
It was like traveling for months with you at my side,
telling me things no one tells you on journeys.
My favorite is the one on Havana.
I really identified with those people
who've got nothing and invent everything.
When you describe that Cuban woman
leaning out a window by the "Malecon"
waiting uselessly,
seeing how time passes and nothing happens...
I thought that woman was me.
Good morning, ma'am. I'm Benigno's friend.
- Are you Marco, the Argentinean? - Yes.
I'm the concierge.
Benigno rang to tell me you'd be renting the apartment.
- That's right. - It'll be very dirty,
because he strictly forbade me to go in and clean it.
I wasn't going to charge him a cent, but...
Don't worry, I'll take care of that.
- Shall I give you the key? - Yes.
I'll see if I can find it.
Have you seen him?
And how is he?
The poor thing didn't even have any luck in jail.
He got very little publicity.
Not one lousy television came here, nor one lousy paparazzi.
With all the trashy shows there are, not one bothered to come
and interview me.
It's sad the state of the "masses-media" in this country.
Yes, you're right.
- The keys... - Oh, yes.
Thank you.
By the way,
do you know why Benigno is in jail?
He's so quiet, the last time he came he didn't say a word.
- Benigno is innocent. - Of course.
- But innocent of what? - I don't know.
Of course you do, but you don't want to tell me.
- But I'll get it out of you. - All right.
So long, ma'am.
If you need anything, you know where I am.
I was so thrilled, Alicia, to see you coming in alone today,
just with canes, on your own.
Did you see?
- How was rehab today? - Very good.
- Are you tired? - Yes, very.
Doesn't matter. We'll do some additional exercises.
We'll do some leg stretches.
- I've done 100 today already. - We'll do just a few more.
- Good morning. - I'm here to see Mr.Sanz.
- Come in. - Thank you.
The fetus was born dead. It was a boy.
But Alicia woke up. Benigno should be told.
Given his mental state, I think not. He could do something crazy.
But I can't lie to him. I'm his only friend, he trusts me.
I'll do it. It's not a dilemma for me.
I'll tell him that Alicia is still in a coma and the baby is dead.
But you must promise me that you'll say nothing.
What about bail?
It'll be very difficult, and expensive.
But we can try.
Number eight.
You got wet.
A bit.
Don't catch a cold.
When you get home, have a glass of hot milk,
with some honey.
I will.
I like rainy days since I've been here.
Have you seen the new lawyer?
He was here.
He told me everything.
I'm screwed, right?
To be honest, yes.
At least Alicia wasn't affected by the birth.
It's the only thing that consoles me and gives me hope.
Are you all right?
I'd like to be able to hug you.
But I'd have to ask for a vis-a-vis.
I checked it out, y'know?
They asked if you were my boyfriend.
I didn't dare to say yes,
in case it bothered you.
It doesn't bother me at all.
You can say what you want.
I've hugged very few people in my life.
A message...
Marco, I wanted to tell you how glad I was to see you today
and be able to say good-bye.
You know they won't let me out of here.
Or it'll only be to lock me up somewhere else.
I don't want to live in a world without Alicia,
a place where I can't even have her hair clip with me.
So I've decided to escape.
I didn't tell you, so you wouldn't worry or try to stop me.
A big hug, Marco.
To Segovia.
- Segovia? - Yes, to the jail.
I need to see Benigno Martin urgently.
I know it's irregular but it's a matter of life or death.
The Director is waiting for you in his office.
For me? Where's his office?
The officer will accompany you.
This way.
On the right.
Empty your pockets, please.
Hey, wait, don't run!
It's there.
At the end.
Good morning. I'm Marco Zuloaga.
Benigno Martin left this letter for you.
Dear Marco,
It's still raining.
I think it's a good omen.
When Alicia had her accident it was raining.
I'm writing minutes before I escape.
I hope that all I've taken is enough to put me in a coma
and reunite me with her.
You're my only friend.
I'm leaving you the house I prepared for Alicia and me.
Wherever they take me, come and see me,
and talk to me.
Tell me everything, don't be so secretive.
Farewell, my friend.
These objects were taken from him
and these are the personal belongings found in his cell.
You have to sign here.
Sir? You have to sign here.
Benigno, it's me.
Alicia is alive.
You woke her up.
When I heard your message, I raced back to the jail to tell you,
but I was too late.
I put Alicia's hair clip in your pocket.
And I also put in a photo of her
and one of your mother,
so that they'll be with you for all eternity.
Cruel waves. The male below, the female above.
I find water. You sit down.
Are you all right?
I don't know.
I'm much better now.
Come along, let's go inside.
- What did you say to her? - Nothing.
I saw you talking.
Alicia asked me if I felt all right and I thanked her.
If you see me in your neighborhood, don't worry.
I live across from your Academy.
- In Benigno's house? - Yes.
Why are you living there?
Benigno is dead.
One day, you and I should talk.
Yes, and it will be simpler than you think.
Nothing is simple.
I'm a ballet mistress and nothing is simple.
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