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Tamarind Seed The CD1

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Sam, would it inconvenience you
if I took a holiday early?
Rest up, get some sun.
What about one of those pleasant islands in the Caribbean?
Goodbye, Richard.
Hurry or we'll be late again.
It's only 8.30.
The ambassador arrives at nine!
I just want to get a hanky.
Can I help you?
Mrs Farrow is away for two weeks.
Sorry, Mr Paterson,
I have instructions not to give out that information.
Do you want her to call you?
I wish to call Paris, please.
3064353, extension 211.
Good evening, Comrade Sverdlov.
Extremely well, thank you. And you, comrade?
Are you enjoying your vacation?
Well, it is somewhat dull, but certainly restful.
If there is no pressing business I shall be back on the 14th.
There is nothing pressing, comrade Sverdlov,
but should the situation change I will, of course, call you.
Thank you, comrade. Good night.
General Golitsyn wishes to see you.
How about lunch at the club next week, Richard?
Tuesday? I'll drop Rachel off and meet you.
I'll have my secretary call you tomorrow?
Bye-bye, my dear. Take good care of her, Richard.
She needs someone, he's such a cold-blooded swine.
I wish I'd had someone to stand up for me.
You never needed anyone.
No. Hard as nails.
You did that, at least.
Good evening, sir, madam.
Excuse me.
Who's that man?
MacLeod? He works with Jack Loder.
Oh, that frightful man.
It's a wee bit crowded here.
Get rid of this, will you?
- Evening, Captain. - Good evening.
- Mrs Paterson. - Mr Loder.
- Enjoying yourselves? - Very much...
Good, good.
I don't like him.
Very few do. He wasn't picked for his personality.
It's results that count.
If you consider our...
Excuse me, Colonel, can I have a word?
Excuse me, please.
Jack, what's on your mind?
General Golitsyn arrived without Sverdlov,
- And Sverdlov hasn't shown up. - I know.
He wasn't at the Belgian's either.
- I was going to call you. - Where is he?
He's out of France, on vacation we assume.
If you gave us more information we could assume for ourselves.
Sorry. It really looks like a vacation, nothing more.
- Barbados. - Barbados?
They never go anywhere for a holiday except home.
He must be up to something.
Setting up a rocket base.
The Caribbean could be a blind.
Maybe Sverdlov's been recalled.
Maybe Golitsyn's being moved up?
No, too old, too rigid.
If Sverdlov's pulling out, then his replacement's already here.
And we don't know who that is.
It's gonna be very pretty, isn't it?
I'll bet there is no replacement.
Sverdlov's on a holiday.
But we're keeping a close check.
Good morning.
It seems hotter this morning.
Yes, I think it is.
Perhaps we will have rain. I see clouds over there.
Yes, but it never lasts long.
You know not to shelter under those trees?
Which trees?
Those trees there.
They have a curious name, I can't pronounce it.
If the rains come and you stand beneath them the water burns.
They're poisonous, someone should have told you.
I haven't given anyone much chance.
Yes, you have remained very much to yourself since your arrival.
Being neighbours, I couldn't help but notice.
I also came here to get away from people.
You are English.
Feodor Sverdlov.
How do you do?
I'm Judith Farrow.
Do you take sugar?
Yes, three spoons, please.
What do you do at the embassy?
I am a military attaché with General Golitsyn.
- Milk? - No.
Does his name mean anything to you?
No, should it?
He's been in Paris three years. You said you know Paris.
I know someone who works there.
I used to go over and stay with friends.
I don't mix in embassy circles.
Yes, they're not very exciting.
Always the same faces.
I would have remembered you, if I'd seen you.
Do you work in London?
Yes, I'm a personal assistant to a man called Sam Neilson.
- He's with the Home Office. - Yes, I know him.
- A Russian cigarette? - No, thank you.
I promise it isn't drugged.
Well, even if it was, I don't smoke.
If I leave you in peace, will you have dinner with me?
Yes, if you like.
It would be very pleasant for me.
Eight o'clock?
I'll wait for you by the bar.
Gentlemen, I have here a comprehensive report
on how Colonel Sverdlov has been spending his holiday.
So far he has done nothing suspicious.
He has been behaving like an ordinary tourist,
spending a holiday out of season.
He's even got himself a girlfriend.
She's British. Judith Farrow.
Works for Sam Neilson.
Bloody hell!
What's wrong?
Sam Neilson is in a very confidential position.
Not enough to involve a man as important as Sverdlov.
Their glamour boys could have been sent to do that.
Well... All right, maybe it's just a coincidence.
- Exactly... - Yeah, and maybe not.
I'm sceptical about coincidences
If Sverdlov has contacted a British subject,
it's my responsibility.
All right.
But I think it would be imprudent to act
as if she was already passing him secrets.
Naturally, Colonel.
I also suggest it would be imprudent not to consider it.
Pompous bastard.
Does he know about Mrs Farrow and Captain Paterson?
I'd like to see his prudent face
when he learns Sam Neilson's personal assistant
is also shacking up with our gallant air attaché.
It's a hell of a contact.
Oh, aye. For a chance like that
the Russians would swim to Barbados!
Excuse me, may I have your picture? Thank you.
There he goes!
Sorry I'm late.
That's OK, I haven't been here long.
Had a meeting with the Colonel.
- Confidential? - No, no.
Nothing your husband won't know tomorrow.
You know we talked about Paterson and Farrow?
And she went to Barbados?
Apparently, she met Feodor Sverdlov there.
They're worried she might be passing on information.
Be a sweetie and turn off the bloody television.
- Good morning. - Good morning, Commissioner.
Thought I'd bring you up to date on Mrs Farrow and Mr Sverdlov.
Oh, nothing very new, they continue to see each other.
The last two nights they had dinner together
and as usual went for an early morning swim,
but so far she has not invited him into her bed.
We made a reservation for him tonight at the Colony Club
and this morning he took her to the Bridgetown Museum.
Look at this.
A slave from Hayward's plantation
accused of stealing a sheep was hanged from a tamarind tree.
He protested his innocence,
saying the tree would vindicate him.
Since then, the tree's seed is the shape of a man's head.
Isn't that extraordinary?
It's just like a man's head.
- You believe it? - There's the seed.
I wonder what the owners felt like when they saw those seeds.
You think they were worried? They had a conscience?
Everyone has a conscience.
You don't think so?
Do I have a conscience?
Perhaps not a very big one, but a conscience.
Your ideology is based on righting a wrong.
Some people with too much, others with nothing.
Marx? Marx had a conscience?
The expropriators will be expropriated,
is that what you're saying?
In a way. Your conscience knows if you've done something wrong.
I know when I have made a mistake, that is not the same.
I'm interested in your theories.
Perhaps I am converting you to Marxism?
Can we visit the Hayward plantation?
To look for the tamarind tree. You really believe it exists?
I don't know, but I want one of those seeds,
to prove something to you.
I am Russian, we are the people who invented fairy tales.
Mmm, like the existence of God.
It is a good sign that we have many dialectic disagreements
and yet get along.
We are proving it is possible to coexist.
Perhaps because we're on neutral territory.
Too neutral, but I am optimistic.
You like me, I can feel it.
Are you afraid to make love?
I've just had one miserable love affair
and I don't intend to start another one.
Who was he? What did he do to spoil you for me?
His name is Richard Paterson.
Captain Paterson?
You know him?
Only to speak a few words when we meet socially.
He's the only man I've been with since my husband died.
He was burned in a car accident.
I was working hard, getting over it,
I kept everybody at a distance.
I was happy, then someone asked me to Paris for a weekend
and I met Richard.
So you became lovers?
Was he a good lover? Did he please you?
Don't go.
Then why did it all end?
He said he and his wife were separated,
that he was going to ask her for a divorce.
As it turned out he never even considered it -
she's having a baby soon.
So while he was loving you, he was reconciled to his wife?
And you can't forgive him for making a fool of you.
- I don't want to talk about it. - I'm nearly finished.
The worst thing about Captain Paterson is he is very dull.
I would be better because I make you laugh.
Did you laugh much with him?
No, I didn't.
Much too serious, too intense.
I can't take these things as a joke,
so you wouldn't be better for me.
I said nothing about a joke.
Laughter is a very serious business.
One should be happy in love, laughter confirms this.
Real love cannot exist without laughter.
How well do you know him? He never mentioned you.
He wouldn't, he won't encourage friendships with our people,
it might hurt his career, like divorcing his wife.
Couldn't you tell it was most important for him?
Obviously not.
That is because you are a sentimentalist.
You believe in innocent slaves and miraculous tamarind seeds.
Anything else wrong with me?
Oh, I didn't say it was wrong.
In a woman, I think it is very nice.
I have a wife at home. She is a very good judge of everything.
She knows what is right.
She draws a line: On this side, the Soviet Union and the Party.
They are right. The other side the capitalist world. Wrong.
I am telling you about my wife now
so you don't say afterward,
"You are married, you never told me".
There won't be any afterward.
No, probably not. I must go back to Paris in a few days.
Please don't go.
I would like to talk about myself a little bit,
if you don't mind.
You may be asked questions about me when you return.
By whom?
Your intelligence people.
What will you tell them?
To mind their own business.
Stop trying to hold my hand.
- You don't trust me? - No, you wanted to talk.
Yes, but please let me hold your hand.
I am afraid of the darkness.
Well, everybody is afraid of something.
You came here to run away from your love affair.
I came here because...
Well, because I had nothing to run from, you understand?
No, what does it mean?
I have a good career.
My wife is a famous specialist, she is young and nice looking.
I belong to a great country and socialist movement,
which will be accepted by the whole world.
God forbid.
How could he if he doesn't exist?
Don't interrupt, I am playing at capitalism, counting my assets.
I am healthy and I can have women when I want them,
except for you.
But I don't want women except for you,
I don't want to see my wife,
I don't feel anything for the socialist revolution any more.
What do I do about this?
Has this holiday helped at all?
Yes, I feel more relaxed.
I feel that I would like to stay here indefinitely.
With nothing more important to do than spend time with you.
Would you like to take a trip to one of the islands tomorrow?
I'd like to think about it.
Now I really must go in.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
I am surprised about one thing.
Why haven't you suggested I come over to your side?
Wouldn't the West want me?
But I doubt it would work for you.
I believe you are a neutral, you don't want converts.
No, and I don't want to be converted either.
I very much believe in being free to choose.
You know, you have forgotten about the group captain,
isn't that so?
Tomorrow, I think I'd like to look for that tamarind tree.
All right.
What will you say if we don't find it?
What will you say if we do?
Good night.
- It was a wonderful evening. - I'll ring you.
- Thanks again. - Thank you for coming.
- Good night. - Good night.
- Bye! - Take care, the both of you.
Rachel's not the brightest thing but she's very sweet.
I'm glad you like her, it'll help Richard.
If he stops playing with that little piece in London.
Stop trying to look as if you didn't know,
that bloodhound Loder's checked up on him.
Who told you that?
The children's holidays start in ten days,
they'll need more pocket money.
Whoever told you about Loder's investigation had no right to.
- It was rather naughty. - I want to know who.
You'd only make trouble.
I'd make sure he never gave away another confidential report.
Darling, it wasn't anything important.
Just a little affair, men are always having them.
And it was a woman he was sleeping with.
I've no interest in Paterson's private life.
My interest is in seeing security is held to a maximum.
If you go to Loder he might find out things about me
you wouldn't want him to.
- You had thought about that? - Yes.
Oh, please yourself.
Now, I'm very tired
and I'd like a good night's sleep for a change.
Good night.
I wonder what Loder would do
if he found our distinguished minister was queer?
How can you even think of such nonsense?
Shall I tell you the truth?
There was no tamarind tree, there was no innocent slave,
and no force outside this world giving justice to the weak.
There is only man, and his standards are not consistent.
One year you're right about something, next it's a crime.
The truth is there are no standards, only expediencies.
That's so cynical.
What happens if you talk like that at home?
Two years ago it would have caused no comment.
But the weathervane turns, that is what ideology is,
a weathervane subject to the wind of expediency or of whim.
An empress of Russia made it high treason to wear pink.
Did you know that? It was her favourite colour.
Some people in your Western world
feel the same about someone with a red tie.
None of it makes sense.
In a way, that is the glory of materialism.
It teaches you to despise everything material.
And leaves nothing of value.
Survival, that is the only end worth living for.
To live because afterward there is nothing,
no reward and no punishment.
I don't believe that.
Simplified, it's just absolute selfishness
and I don't think that makes anybody happy.
You think I am selfish?
No, you philosophise one way and act another.
Basically, you're a very kind, generous man.
Kind and generous to you, perhaps...
because I hope to get something back.
I see. Thanks.
You believe me, you are very gullible.
Your group captain told you he loved you and you believed him.
I say I do something to go to bed with you. We're both liars.
How will you survive without telling the difference?
I'm really worried about you.
I asked you not to mention Richard.
It was stupid of me.
It's charming to find an intelligent woman
who does stupid things.
Tell me, are you as sad about your lover as when we first met?
Does it really hurt when I talk about him?
No. No, it doesn't.
It seems less real here. But I don't want to go back.
It will be easier than you expect.
You will think of me, not him.
You're sure?
We will meet in London, if we are very discreet.
She's booked on a flight due back Friday.
She obviously likes him,
but if it takes going to bed with her to recruit her,
so far he hasn't succeeded.
It's possible his trip to Barbados is just a coincidence.
It's possible.
But you don't think very likely?
I think it's best to be very careful.
Thank you.
You know she's Sam Neilson's assistant
and Group Captain Paterson's mistress.
I thought the affair with Paterson was finished?
If comrade Sverdlov persuades her to go over,
she won't have much trouble starting it up again.
You think there's a chance she might go over?
My line of business has taught me three things.
No one's to be trusted, nothing is to be believed
and anyone is capable of doing anything.
Three years ago Mrs Farrow lost her husband in a car crash.
She was getting over that when she met Group Captain Paterson.
Knowing that gallant man, it's not hard to guess what happened
and an unhappy young woman took off to Barbados
in search of...
whatever it is young women are in search of.
A twice-damaged plum, ripe to fall into the hands of Sverdlov.
My wife knows you've been investigating Paterson.
She wouldn't tell me who told her.
I'll have to look into that.
It's a man.
A leak like that could be dangerous.
Oh, yes, yes, of course.
Well, you can count on my discretion, sir.
Thank you, Mr Loder.
Perhaps we could have dinner some evening.
Yes, I'd like that very much.
- I'll call you. - Right, fine, sir.
Thank you, I'll look forward to that.
Miserable bitch.
There's not many men who'd have told me that.
Yeah, I suppose so.
I've given him my word I'll handle this discreetly.
- Understand? - Of course, aye.
Whoever it is that's sleeping with his wife
and passing confidential information
is liable to find himself in trouble if he's not careful.
Who d'you think it is?
Watch the road.
How long have you known?
Not long.
I swear I...
Tell her you won't be seeing her any more and shut up.
Or I'll have your bloody head on a stick, you understand?
Yes, sir.
Will you meet me in London?
I don't know. It's been so simple here and uncomplicated.
Can we see how we feel?
If I must.
Can I take you to the airport?
No, thank you.
Open it when you are on the plane.
All right.
Goodbye, pushenka.
Thank you.
I'm really settled now Rachel's here, too. She loves Paris.
Everyone's been so kind to her, especially your wife.
Rachel adores her.
Margaret's very fond of Rachel.
I had some postings myself when Margaret couldn't join me.
I got very lonely, especially in the evenings.
I expect you did, too, when you first arrived.
Yes, it was hellish,
and to be honest things were uncertain between Rachel and me.
She didn't want to be uprooted
and I cared about this posting too much to give it up.
I'm afraid I made rather a fool of myself.
I understand you became friendly with a girl in London.
May I ask how you know that?
I'm afraid not.
I can probably guess.
A security check was run on me, I should've expected it.
I find it as nauseating as you.
The idea of spying and playing Peeping Tom on our own staff.
But none of us is exempt, if that's any consolation to you.
But I've got to say to you, Richard, simply this,
we don't want any scandal from the embassy point of view.
Your wife is having a baby
and the ambassador is strict about that sort of thing.
But what's really important, this girl you've been with,
she's now a security risk.
Security? But that's impossible, I don't believe it.
Oh, I think that's hardly relevant.
I don't believe half the things security say,
but I have to act accordingly.
If you've anything more to do with her, you'll be recalled.
I have to have your assurance.
Nothing in writing, just your word.
Of course! I'll never see her or communicate with her again.
We had broken off about three weeks ago.
Well, I hope this unpleasantness hasn't ruined your game.
Excellent, have it copied out and assembled in the blue file.
Yes, general.
I must go.
I've an appointment with the Hungarian ambassador.
You will stay here until the prints are ready.
I want the file on my desk tomorrow at nine.
Yes, General.
Well, tell us all about Barbados, Mrs Farrow.
Nice weather?
Yes, marvellous.
Meet anyone interesting?
You know very well I did, that's why you're here.
He said you'd come around.
Tell us exactly what happened. What's this man's name?
You did say he, didn't you, Mrs Farrow?
Feodor Sverdlov, he's a military attaché at the Soviet Embassy.
Did he make friends with anyone else?
No, we spent the time together.
As far as I know, he didn't speak to anyone else.
Sounds as if you got on very well.
- I like him very much. - You don't say.
You know when we went swimming when we ate and what.
Why don't you just get to the point?
The point, Mrs Farrow,
is you can't expect to pick up a senior Soviet official
like Colonel Sverdlov and not set the cat amongst the pigeons.
I've done nothing wrong, I met a man at my hotel,
I liked his company.
You work for a man in a very important position,
Sam Neilson deals with a lot of highly confidential stuff.
If you think...
You're attractive, don't misunderstand me,
but don't you think it's odd?
This man choosing you out of the whole island?
He couldn't have another motive besides being...
friendly on a holiday?
I know what you're getting at but it's not true.
Is he contacting you again?
Yes, perhaps, but not to recruit me, as you're inferring.
- Did you sleep with him? - How dare you ask me that?!
I'll ask you what I bloody well like.
You work for one man and you're having it off with another.
Yes, we know all about Group Captain Paterson.
Did you tell your Russian boyfriend about him?
Yes, I did.
For Christ's sake, you're a gift to them.
Now, you listen to me very carefully, Mrs Farrow.
He'll get in touch again
and when he does you come directly to tell me.
You understand that? Immediately!
They've baited a big hook to catch you.
That means there's something they want
that's in your capacity to give them.
I'm not saying you'd do it, but they don't play by the rules.
It's surprising what you can make a woman do
when you've got a hold on her. Like blackmail.
I've told you, you're so wrong it's ridiculous.
He'd never do anything like that, I know him.
Do you?
I doubt that, Mrs Farrow.
I doubt that very much.
Well, just forget this little meeting.
Go back to work, do whatever you normally do,
and when he contacts you get in touch with me.
You won't do anything silly
like seeing Sverdlov and not telling us?
If he tries to involve me in anything,
I will tell you at once.
But I won't spy on him. You cannot make me.
Fair enough.
Goodbye, Mrs Farrow. Thanks for talking to me.
Oh, and not a word to anyone.
Just keep it in the family.
- Bye, Mrs Farrow. - Thanks again.
She put up quite an argument.
Yes, I think we're too late.
I think that bastard's got to her already.
I wouldn't trust a bloody word she said.
Who are you?
Anna Skriabina, Comrade Sverdlov.
Where is Kalinin? Why are you in his office?
He is sick, I am a temporary replacement.
I hope you find me satisfactory, comrade. I'll do my best.
What is wrong with Kalinin?
I don't know, comrade.
Do you know where he is?
No, comrade. I was only told he was sick.
All right.
There was a meeting between the ambassador
and the Czechoslovakian chargé.
I don't see a report. Where is it?
It should be there, comrade.
There. I am sorry it was not in its proper place.
It is not good to make mistakes on your first morning.
But as you are temporary, I will overlook it.
I will call when I need dictation.
- Please bring some tea. - Yes, comrade.
Kalinin was showing signs of strain.
It was reported by several people
that he didn't sleep at night
and he was drinking. Did you know that, Colonel?
I became alarmed in your absence,
knowing he had access to a lot of confidential information.
So I decided to have him medically examined.
He was diagnosed as physically and emotionally unqualified
to continue his work here.
So we decided to send him home to recuperate.
He was invaluable to me, I feel somewhat responsible.
Perhaps I've worked him too hard.
That was the doctor's opinion.
If you are not satisfied with Anna Skriabina,
I can have her replaced.
By a man if you'd prefer.
She does very well. It may be I shall keep her permanently.
I have seen the reports you compiled during those two weeks,
including that very interesting contribution from Blue.
I wonder who recruited Blue?
I've heard it said that it was you, comrade.
I don't even know his identity.
Nobody knows that except Panyushkin.
That's the measure of Blue's importance.
Nobody else who worked for us has been so well protected.
A very wise precaution.
Now, to change the subject but not the object,
I have had some luck on my trip to Barbados.
I have made a very useful contact.
I met a woman there.
She has a very confidential job at the Home Office in London.
I believe I can recruit her.
That could be very useful.
Is she attractive?
Then your task should not be too unpleasant.
On the contrary,
she is as charming as she is beautiful.
I am looking forward to our relationship
with the greatest of pleasure.
Thank you.
Would you like a drink?
- Yes, I would. - What?
Just a glass of white wine, please.
And a vodka, please.
You look different. Very competent, very efficient.
Is that a criticism?
No. If I said I prefer you in a bikini is that a criticism?
I guess not.
Don't you like me in my business suit?
I'm not sure. You must give me time to get used to it.
I am surprised you're not wearing a red tie.
I'm in disguise, I'm a Russian spy. Didn't you realise?
You were right about my visitors.
I was met at the airport.
Oh, I am sorry.
Tell me what happened.
Well, a man drove me back to my flat,
and another man did the interrogating called Mr Loder.
He said you'd get in touch and I was to tell him.
I see, and have you told him that we are together?
Did he say anything else?
Just the usual about my mixing with Russians,
my job being confidential. You can imagine.
Only too well.
Now I will fill in what you decided not to tell me.
He said I was a dangerous Soviet agent
and that I was only interested because I hoped to recruit you.
You know, it is charming to see a woman blush like that.
You must never try to lie to me, I can see straight through you.
Is that what you think? Do you believe him? Thank you.
I wouldn't be here if I did.
It's not true, is it?
What a bad interrogator you would make.
You stare into my eyes to see if I am lying, people's eyes lie.
I am telling you the truth.
I am not going to seduce you, persuade you or blackmail you
into telling me what Mr Neilson says to the Prime Minister,
although I told my people I would.
- You've told your... - Yes.
I told them I hoped to recruit you.
That way I can meet you without suspicion.
I don't know what to do, this is getting so out of proportion.
The first you must do
is inform your intelligence man we have been together,
otherwise you could be in great trouble.
Let me teach you the first lesson about these little games.
Try to tell the truth as long as possible.
So when times change and you have to lie
there's a great chance you will be believed.
I'm a bad liar.
Never mind, I'll teach you. I am a great expert.
You say the most extraordinary things.
Why should I believe you when you can lie like a trooper?
Like what? A trooper?
Oh, it's just an expression.
Besides, I won't lie to anyone.
If I choose to see you that's my business.
I'll tell them we've seen each other and that I was right.
They won't believe you. You'll be followed and watched.
Do as I tell you, play their game for them,
then we can have our evenings together
and maybe... the weekend?
No weekends.
Then we must go to a dark place where I can dance with you.
You behave too badly.
I don't behave badly. You won't let me.
One dance?
# Let's put some music on
# Some half-forgotten melody
# The kind that takes you back
# And helps revive a memory
# Let's put some music on
# And reminisce the night away... #
Stop thinking about that dull Englishman.
How did you know?
When I first saw you you had that look on your face.
It was... not happy.
You have the same look now.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you become a communist and come to Russia with me?
Offhand, I can think of several reasons.
And they are?
Your wife, for one.
That is a consideration.
- Red doesn't suit me. - I can't believe it.
Politically, you see, I'm true blue.
True blue? What is that? Is it political joke?
To some, it's quite serious.
It's used to describe the heroes of Victorian novels,
people very loyal to the Queen and Empire.
That's funny. True blue, I must remember that.
How do you do?
This is Mr Memenov and Miss Mitchell.
Mrs Farrow. Please sit down.
Mr Memenov is with our embassy here.
His English is not very good.
I'm sorry, I only speak little.
You don't mind us speaking Russian?
Do you speak Russian?
No, I can understand a few words. Do you?
No, I gather it's very difficult to learn.
I had a friend who learned French in a month,
but she lived with a Frenchman.
Sounds like a practical system.
When I met Dimitri I thought here's a chance to learn Russian
but he had the same idea, he wanted to learn English.
You could speak Russian one week and English the next.
No, we're both too stubborn for that.
We get on pretty well, but we fight a lot.
I know some great Russian swear words,
and hello and goodbye, and that kind of thing,
but six months, no, seven, and that's it.
- Do you smoke? - No, thank you.
I wish I didn't.
Dimitri smokes like a 'trubah'.
Like a what?
That's a chimney.
Excuse, goodbye.
Remember, if you're considering the system,
seven months and 'trubah'.
I'll remember.
'Trubah', that means...
He wants to learn English and she wants to learn Russian.
He doesn't want her for talking.
She is good at other things, and harmless.
We know about her, she likes presents,
to show her friends how good she is with men.
And how does a good socialist get the money to buy them?
Sounds like capitalism to me.
I pay his expenses because he is loyal to me.
He does what I tell him.
I told him to do something now and I know he will.
What is it?
He is going back to Russia on Wednesday.
I told him to find out about my secretary
who's supposedly been taken ill while I was in Barbados.
He was sent home.
You have a male secretary?
They are more efficient than girls.
But I have a girl now. I suspect she is a plant.
She reports on me.
I'm not sure yet.
There are many things about myself I might tell you someday.
And there are many people who don't agree about those things.
In any case, I will find out and do what is necessary.
Would you like to dance again?
No, thank you.
I have frightened you.
Would you like me to take you home?
Feodor, listen to me a minute.
This is all getting too complicated.
I mean, your people watching you and mine going after me.
I'm not prepared to let you think
I'm eventually going to sleep with you, because I'm not.
You don't wish to see me again?
I think it's better that I don't.
I will not try to sleep with you. Stop crying.
I'll be outside your office at lunchtime tomorrow.
I'm at the airport.
No, I've lost him.
Right, right.
I find it quite revolting,
you and that dreadful man lunching together.
Has he found out? Has he told you who it is?
He's never even mentioned your friend.
He'll do everything he can to protect you.
You don't need to worry.
I'm not worried, you should be. You'll look the fool.
Loder will never involve us in any scandal.
Whatever you think he's a decent man.
- I know him and I like him. - Really?
Don't tell me, he's not one of those?
Have a nice lunch!
- George? - Yes?
Don't give me any rubbish about not phoning you.
I haven't heard from you and I demand an explanation.
I suppose your boss has found out?
Aye, that's it.
So we won't be seeing one another?
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