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Tamarind Seed The CD2

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It arrived in the diplomatic bag.
It was a personal letter from Eva Tomaroff
who was a witness at his wedding.
It enclosed official documents
notifying him his wife Elena had applied for a divorce.
A short time later comrade Sverdlov instructed me
to make arrangements for his flight to Moscow on the 25th.
Comrade Sverdlov then called Mrs Farrow
and made an appointment to meet her this afternoon in London.
Look, if you don't love your wife and you want a divorce
why are you going to stop her?
My wife is an important woman from an important family.
If she divorces me it is politically dangerous for me.
I didn't realise you were so ambitious.
I like to stay alive.
You're joking?
A little, but not completely.
After Stalin people stopped talking
about annihilating one half of the world to spread communism,
there was more freedom, I worked for that.
I believed in it and I still do.
But now a lot of Elena's father's disciples are in power
and are trying to change things back to the old ways.
Why don't you get out?
Why don't you just get off the plane in Europe and disappear?
Because I am Russian.
I don't want to be exiled from my country.
So I am going on Thursday.
I hope to be back in 10 days or less
and then I will telephone you.
How long will he string her along before pulling her in?
This whole thing, I don't like the feel of it, it's dirty.
You know, I can't help feeling sorry for her.
It's dirty all right, but we didn't invent it, did we?
The consequences of a thing like this can be big.
This morning London phoned, I'm flying back,
they're in a hell of a flap, it could be for this.
Think you'll be gone long?
I shouldn't think so. Fly over, get briefed, come back again.
My lighter, I seem to have left it at home.
She came back to her house at seven.
No, no, he wasn't with her.
They haven't talked and she's made no phone calls.
Looks like she's in for the evening.
I should be back in Paris tomorrow.
If anything turns up you know where to reach me. Bye.
Who is it?
- Sandy Mitchell. - Who?
Hello. Please come in.
- Sorry to disturb you. - Not at all.
I got a call from Dimitri Memenov. Remember Dimitri?
He's in Amsterdam on a trip.
He gave me a message for your friend, Colonel Sverdlov.
I was asked to write it down but I've got to burn it.
It sounds ridiculous but...
Well, I understand, please read it.
Kalinin is in the Lubiyanka,
they are waiting for you.
On no account let them persuade you to return to Russia.
That's it.
Am I disturbing you? I seem to have lost my lighter.
You haven't seen it, have you?
I said I'd lost something, I don't suppose you've found it?
Looks like a lighter, doesn't it?
Even has an inscription from your loving wife.
But since I haven't loved you for years and didn't give it
to you in the first place I was naturally rather curious.
Took me a while to work it out.
I tried unscrewing it so it's probably broken,
so you won't take any more photographs, will you?
What have you been doing?
What have you been photographing?
What kind of filth...
It's not filth.
You wouldn't understand, you wouldn't know an ideal.
- Ideal? - Ideal.
An ideology, for the betterment of humanity,
I've believed in it for a long time.
Call it filth if you want, treason, anything...
My God, what have you been doing?
Who's paying you?
Nobody's paying me.
The Russians? You pervert!
It's not blackmail,
I've believed in this since Cambridge.
Believed what?
I became a communist long before I met you.
My God, you...
You get out! You get out of my room!
What else have I got to find out?!
- What else?! - Someone might hear!
- Yes! Somebody might! - Stop it!
You bloody filthy filthy bloody traitor!
You bloody filthy traitor...
Oh, I've been trying to reach you! Can you talk?
Yes, but if it's important be careful.
Terribly important!
I've had a message from Dimitri Memenov.
It is much to ask, but can you come here?
I'll meet you at the airport. Take the next plane.
And be calm, there is nothing so tragic we cannot work it out.
Trust me, bushenka. Do you know what that word means?
Yes, I asked a translator, it's 'darling'.
I will see you in a few hours.
Goodbye bushenka.
See if Loder's on that plane yet.
Look happy, you've come to Paris to see your lover.
Are we being watched?
Of course.
What a wonderful surprise.
I didn't expect to see you until I got back from Russia.
I don't think you would have returned from Russia.
Tell me on the way to the hotel.
You don't expect me to take you
to the Russian embassy?
Mr Loder would never believe you again.
The message was
Kalinin is in the Lubiyanka, they are waiting for you.
On no account let them persuade you to return to Russia.
Kalinin is my secretary.
Are you sure it was the Lubiyanka?
Oh, yes.
Lubiyanka's a prison, isn't it?
It is an interrogation centre for the KGB.
They took Kalinin over there to manufacture evidence against me.
Now they must have it.
So my old friend writes to persuade me back
and my own wife divorces me.
You see I have become corrupted,
I have fallen in love with a degenerate capitalist
and acquired a taste for Scotch whisky.
That alone proves I have lost my Marxist soul.
Stop. You're in danger, if you go back you'll be arrested.
Hm. I can cancel my trip and rebook for later.
I can say I have succeeded in recruiting you
and you have a tremendous secret for me.
Don't look so sad, they won't get me, I promise you.
Richard, this is Judith.
Wait a minute, let me get to another phone.
... For God's sake!
Sorry, Richard,
but Loder's out of town and only you can help.
The Raphael, 721.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
You listen to me, Fergus,
you've already destroyed part of my life,
you won't ruin the rest.
I remember you telling me about your sordid little boyfriend.
Your Cambridge love affair.
Well, I put up with that, all that.
And now...
Now with the children nearly grown...
Our future assured, all those boring postings finished,
in line for a grade one embassy, now you're going to ruin it all?
I could destroy you.
Don't think I wouldn't enjoy seeing you
go to jail for the rest of your life.
I'd enjoy seeing you hang.
But I'm tied to you.
So, you're not going to say anything about it?
I've spent my life helping your career.
I want that embassy.
For myself, not you.
And I'll get it because you're going to stop this.
You'll get caught.
I caught you out and that means you're getting careless.
It won't be easy, but I promise I'll try.
Oh, you'll do better than that.
You'll do exactly as I say.
By God one way or another, Fergus, I'll destroy you.
- Who is it? - I can't tell.
Then you've no right to drag me up here.
If it's some bloody clerk...
Nothing of the kind.
He's in very great danger and wants political asylum.
It couldn't wait, I had to call the house.
What is it your friend wants?
He wants to know whether the British will receive him.
I can't answer that on my own authority,
I'll have to refer it to the ambassador.
Tell him this man would be a valuable acquisition to Britain.
Without his name I can't back that up.
What section is he in? Can you tell me that?
Hmph. That could mean anything.
Why can't you trust me?
I know you're a stickler for rules,
but if you tie this in red tape it'll be too late.
I'm not interested in him, I came in case it would help us.
There's always the odd unreliable
willing to sell himself to the highest bidder.
I never thought I'd say this,
but I'd give anything to have Loder here.
Then I suggest your friend waits till Loder gets back.
If you can't help then you put someone with authority on to me.
Beyond that you don't get involved.
Sounds as if you've got yourself into a pretty scruffy mess.
No scruffier than the last time.
I'll call you tomorrow.
He will say to his ambassador,
'Sir, I have an important Russian officer
who wishes to come over to our side'.
It goes in his record and he is happy.
But he won't deal with me and I will be happy
because I don't like him.
No, neither do I.
Which means I am determined not to make the same mistake twice.
I am determined about that also.
Then take me back to the airport.
If we don't spend the night together
how am I going to convince General Golitsyn
that I am succeeding with you?
If we spend the night together
I shall lose my job at the Home Office
and General Golitsyn wouldn't be interested
whether you succeeded with me.
You are a very difficult woman.
Tell the general that.
If this is what I can expect in the West
then I am better off dead.
Major, I am entrusting a very delicate matter to you
on behalf of General Panyushkin.
I am at your disposal.
The orders come from Panyushkin himself.
I am only following instructions.
Pick two men who you can trust completely,
trust as you trust yourself, as I trust you.
Have them watch Colonel Sverdlov,
he is under suspicion from the Presidium.
I am sorry to hear that.
You will report to me and no one else.
Panyushkin has placed this matter in my hands.
Sverdlov is due to return to Russia soon.
If anything happens to alert Sverdlov before he goes
I shall hold you responsible.
- Major, you understand? - I understand, General.
There's a woman involved with him,
a Mrs Farrow, she works for Mr Neilson at the Home Office.
If Sverdlov succeeds in recruiting her
it could be very important for us.
You wanted to see me, Mrs Farrow?
I hear the Brazilian minister's resigning.
Mm-hm, that's the rumour.
I imagine you find that interesting.
Not especially.
Don't you pick up this gossip so you can tell your friends?
You're involved in top-level stuff, I suppose?
That's right.
I wasn't kidding, if you don't get out of...
What'll you do? Turn me in? Ruin us both?
I don't think so.
All right, Colonel, what do you want?
Political asylum.
The usual guarantees, lifetime security, but not in England.
Er, could I bother you for a...
Thank you.
Just gin and a drop of water.
Well, that could present complications, Colonel.
You could be a big embarrassment to Anglo-Soviet relations.
I'm not coming empty-handed.
No? What're you going to bring with you?
Always supposing we're prepared to offer you hospitality.
One piece of information.
One?! What... Thank you.
One item, is that what you're offering?
Oh, come off it, Colonel.
Nobody's gonna wear that.
I wouldn't waste my chief's time making the suggestion.
He'd just tell you to get stuffed.
What do you want, Mr Loder?
The names of a dozen expendable agents?
The key to a code which would be changed within 24 hours?
Information about who is betraying
Western top security methods at this moment?
The reason you were called back so suddenly.
Yes. Mr Loder.
What? Oh...
The two men who followed you are across the street.
I cancelled my trip to Moscow.
Golitsyn isn't taking any chances.
You think he suspects?
He believes I need more time to recruit Mrs Farrow,
but he is cautious.
He wants to make sure nothing prevents me returning to Russia.
Are you sure you can deliver?
I will make, what do you call it?
A deposit for the full payment.
He has a code name.
I will give you the Blue file on the plane for Canada.
Give us Blue and we'll see you safe for the rest of your life.
How d'you want to do it?
I will make my arrangements and tell Mrs Farrow.
I believe she knows how to contact you.
OK, you're on.
Now, there's another little problem.
It won't help matters if your two friends see me leave.
Mrs Farrow and I will take a walk and draw them off.
All right?
You look very worried.
Really? I can't think why.
And you have not been sleeping.
I think that you are in love with me.
Well, you think wrong.
No, I am worried.
I haven't had a decent night's sleep since this started,
but I'd feel that way for anybody I liked.
You will tell me the truth when we get to Barbados.
I'm taking you there to complete your seduction.
I have explained you are a difficult woman
who won't work for us unless I make love to you
under the palm trees.
But why Barbados?
It's such a small island, anything could happen there.
Would I be safer in Paris?
Barbados is British, Mr Loder could protect me there.
Will you come?
Yes, if that helps you, of course I'll come.
Can we go back now? I'm sure Loder's gone and I'm very cold.
It is important they think I am succeeding with you.
That's taking unfair advantage. You knew I wouldn't stop you.
You didn't kiss me as if you wanted me to stop.
- I'm all right, really. - Come on, dear, sit down.
There we are, that's it.
Put your feet up.
Shall I call Dr Alton?
It's all right, I'll look after her.
Tell the ambassador there's nothing to worry about.
I'll get you a glass of water.
I've never fainted in my life.
You've never been pregnant before.
Oh, come on, pregnant ladies often feel faint.
No, it isn't that...
Here, come on.
Now, what is it?
Oh, Mrs Stephenson,
I'm so miserable I don't know what to do.
Well, perhaps it would help if you talk about it?
It's Richard, another woman.
I just can't trust him.
Since that woman rang the other night everything's changed.
I never thought he was after other women,
now I can't think of anything else.
She phoned him?
In the middle of the night.
Someone in the Russian embassy wanted to defect.
How is she?
Oh, she's fine. She's just lying down.
What's wrong?
I heard something that makes me want to vomit.
Make our excuses so we can get out and talk.
- What will you do? - Have them stopped.
Supposing he's already told them?
I'd have been arrested by now.
These things take time, it could be weeks.
You don't know him, what can you do?
The woman who called Paterson
was probably his former mistress, Judith Farrow.
The English bitch who's been sleeping with the Russian?
Colonel... Feodor Sverdlov.
There's nothing I can do until the morning.
Why morning?
I've just one means of communication,
and it's only available during the day,
between nine and five.
Morning, Colonel Sverdlov.
Morning, General.
Can I get you some tea, coffee?
No, thank you.
I have come to a crisis with Mrs Farrow.
What a pity. I thought she was committed.
She will be committed when she brings her first report.
But she still has a bridge to cross.
One from her side to ours.
She's feeling romantic at the moment,
I have to take a few days and help her cross.
Well, as I remember, seduction can have its compensations.
Another time perhaps, but I have to cable my wife
asking her to wait again.
I understand, it's difficult to choose.
I choose my duty.
Oh, of course.
There is no question which has the first priority.
This woman has access to confidential reports
about Neilson at the Home Office
She could be one of our most important agents here.
Perhaps as important as Blue.
If I let her go to attend to my personal business
we could lose her.
Time to convince her she is doing it for love,
then a controller can look after her for a week.
Who is to take over in your absence?
It might be dangerous to keep her uncontacted,
even for a few days.
Do you have a man in mind?
What about Gregory Stukalov?
I will leave that to you.
You and Stukalov are responsible for her while I am away.
If she likes Stukalov he can take over from me.
But don't hurry these things.
Oh, patience is needed.
I hope you'll be able
to persuade Elena Maximova to forget about the divorce.
It would be a pity to lose her.
I don't intend to lose her.
Once I have recruited Mrs Farrow I shall be on my way to my wife.
If everything goes well I'll see you in a few days.
Good luck, comrade.
I'd like to see file 23, please.
No need to sign for it, I'm not taking anything out.
Could you get me number 22 as well?
Thank you. Good morning, comrade.
We're taking the afternoon plane for Barbados.
We'll be staying at the Beach Hotel, St James.
He wants to get out quickly, can you arrange it?
I'll have to, won't I? Is that all?
He'll have the documents with him.
All right, I'll get him out of Barbados on the Saturday plane.
Tell him there's protection laid on at the hotel,
but stay there, you understand?
Don't take any chances till we come and get you.
You're not thinking of leaving Barbados with him, are you?
That's not on.
He needs me as an alibi, I'm not going to Canada.
- Very glad to hear it. - I thought you would be.
Find out if Colonel Sverdlov has left the embassy.
If not, detain him.
Under no circumstance allow him to leave the building.
According to Blue Sverdlov intends to defect.
He has tricked you by using the simplest of intelligence maxims.
Remove the pursuer in broad daylight
with as many people around as possible.
We shall get him in London.
You were told to report every word and movement.
- But, comrade, I did my... - Get out.
Whoops. Sorry.
Over there, sir. Walk straight through, please.
Just a moment, sir.
- What's that? - It looks like a gun to me.
- Excuse me. - Just a moment...
Oh, that's quite all right, sir.
Major, one way or another
you will stop Colonel Sverdlov
before he delivers the Blue file.
But what if he's already...
He would be a fool to give them it
before they fulfilled their part of the agreement.
And as all the fools are on my side
you may still have time to redeem yourself.
Charter a plane, take as many men as you need.
Intercept Colonel Sverdlov in Barbados.
I take full responsibility.
I cannot wait for official sanction from Panyushkin,
so if you fail we all fail.
Therefore I don't have to point out the consequence
of such a possibility.
They're both on the island
under close security.
If everything goes according to plan
he'll be in Ottawa Sunday
and the Canadian boys can take it from there.
Well, normally I hate doing business with his sort,
but if the Blue file is all he claims
it'll be worth it.
Blue file?
Code name for their top agent here in Paris.
I'm almost onto him now, almost onto him.
I just hope to hell he doesn't turn out to be British.
When will you know?
Sverdlov'll hand the file over once he's safe in Canada,
so this is Blue's last weekend to enjoy himself.
To Blue's last weekend.
Would you like to swim?
Loder said you were not to leave the bungalow.
But I am a man and I want you
and if I can't have you I must occupy myself
to keep my frustration to a minimum.
Has it occurred to you I might be frustrated myself?
Then come to bed with me.
Or come swimming.
You had a nightmare.
So far no record of any private flights to Barbados.
One flight plan was filed by a jet charter service,
five male passengers, destination St Vincent.
- That's 100 miles. - We're checking it out.
How are the lovebirds?
No problems yet.
- Keep your eyes on them. - Right. OK.
The man who chartered the flight
lives in Paris and he's a big dealer in foreign stamps.
The other four men are on the company's board of directors.
No one at the jet charter service
thought there was anything unusual.
Just businessmen off to the Caribbean for a week's fishing.
Mm, right.
Well, so far it's quiet.
Let's hope it stays that way.
You know, you never talk about your husband.
About your English lover, yes, but not your husband, why not?
I suppose because I feel guilty.
Why guilty? What did you do?
More what I didn't do. The last two years I didn't love him.
Was he unhappy?
No, he was very happy, he enjoyed everything he did.
He was an uncomplicated man.
That's what I kept telling myself afterwards,
so he couldn't have realised how little contact we had.
Life was just one big party, one big laugh non-stop.
Actually it was hell after the first year.
If he hadn't been killed I would have left him.
You won't be allowed to leave me.
You are the most persistent man I have ever met.
Let me ask something.
How do you feel about all this?
Going into exile, running, hiding.
Well, I am Russian, and we believe in Fate.
As a matter of fact we invented it, like fairy stories.
That way if anything goes wrong it is Fate.
I am... not glad I am going with Mr Loder.
But I'm glad I'm not in Lubiyanka now.
The people I worked with won't be so lucky.
I would enjoy some more tea.
All right, thank you.
That was Mr MacLeod, he reports the plane will be here on time.
We must leave for the airport at noon.
- There's your tea. - Thank you.
It's him.
That end bungalow.
The doors are open.
Very careless.
He won't stay in the bungalow, he just won't.
He's going out to swim.
That's all right, don't worry, we'll look after him.
I wish you would join me.
And I wish you wouldn't go.
In Canada Mr Loder can treat me like a prisoner,
but not before.
Will you wait while I change?
Of course.
# And reminisce the night away... #
Can you hear it?
The song we danced to in London.
A good omen.
'"Soviet citizen burned to death.
'"A Russian tourist registered as F.G. Sverdlov
'"was the victim of a fire on the west coast of Barbados.
'"Mrs J. Farrow of London was rescued and rushed to hospital.'
"The cause of the fire is unknown
"but is thought to be an electrical fault.
"The bungalow was completely gutted
"and some surrounding buildings were severely damaged."
You should be congratulated on a job well done.
Will you get a bonus?
Curb your aggression until we're out of the woods.
What do you mean?
The traitor's dead, but did the Blue file die with him?
How will you find out?
I'm having lunch with Loder.
Will the... will the children be down this weekend?
They're planning to be.
No, no,
I blame myself entirely.
It was a complete balls-up on my part.
You see someone must have tipped them off.
Oh, yeah, they were all set for him.
You mean the fire wasn't an accident?
No, there's nothing accidental about napalm, is there.
Yeah, bad enough in the open,
but in a confined space, well, just imagine.
- How frightful. - Yeah, yeah.
He didn't have a chance.
And that's not the worst,
the Blue file burned with him.
That's too bad, but what about Mrs Farrow?
She's lucky to be alive, she was upstairs.
They smashed the window and got her out.
I've gotta fly over and see her, I'm not looking forward to that.
You did your best, it wasn't your fault.
Of course it wasn't.
I wish I could be as sure.
- Morning. - Aye.
Could you tell me where I'd find Mrs Farrow, please?
Um, she's on the lawn, over there.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Hello, Mrs Farrow.
What do you want?
They tell me you've made a great recovery.
Going back to England next week.
bloody sorry...
the way things have turned out.
Are you?
For what it's worth.
It's not worth much.
He wasn't any good, you know?
Go away.
I brought something for you.
Where did you get this?
He isn't dead, Mrs Farrow, he's alive.
In Canada.
After you called and said he wouldn't stay under cover
we decided to pull him in.
MacLeod went in the back door and got Sverdlov out
a split second before the bomb exploded.
If you want to see him it'll be arranged.
Goodbye, Mrs Farrow.
How is she, OK?
From now on I suspect her recovery
will be nothing short of spectacular.
When we get back I want you to call Mrs Stephenson.
Start seeing her again.
Find out if she knows that her husband's a...
A Russian agent.
Now that Stephenson thinks he's safe
we'll let him continue to operate.
Just make sure he only passes on
the kind of information we want them to have.
And sooner or later the Russians'll twig.
Yeah, oh, yeah, undoubtedly.
They'll figure him for a double agent and kill him.
Saving Her Majesty's Government a great deal of expense
and considerable embarrassment.
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