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Subtitles for Tango and Cash.

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Tango and Cash

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.48,00:00:02.69 Okay, let's do it. 00:00:18.41,00:00:20.62 10-4, 20 William 12. 00:00:21.04,00:00:23.75 You are eastbound,[br]pursuing tanker truck. 00:00:23.96,00:00:25.71 Backup is available. 00:00:26.04,00:00:27.79 Air Unit 3 is in the area. 00:00:28.21,00:00:30.21 I can handle this myself. 00:00:30.51,00:00:32.30 This is Air Unit 3.[br]Forget it, Tango. 00:00:32.92,00:00:34.80 We'll take over.[br]Drop back. 00:00:35.43,00:00:38.43 Drop dead. I've been[br]on this case for 3 months. 00:01:00.66,00:01:05.12 We're out of ourjurisdiction.[br]Sheriff and CHP are on the way. 00:01:05.33,00:01:07.00 Do whatever you're going to do. 00:01:07.21,00:01:08.38 Good luck. 00:01:08.67,00:01:09.84 Thanks. 00:02:00.30,00:02:01.35 Jesus! 00:02:08.23,00:02:09.27 He's crazy! 00:02:15.32,00:02:16.57 Shit! 00:02:31.17,00:02:33.13 Glad you could drop in. 00:02:33.96,00:02:35.01 Like jewelry? 00:02:35.96,00:02:36.80 Fuck you! 00:02:37.42,00:02:38.68 I prefer blondes. 00:02:40.76,00:02:41.59 Do the honors. 00:03:14.21,00:03:16.21 -Captain.[br]-What's going on? 00:03:16.42,00:03:18.09 Letting the locals do their thing. 00:03:18.30,00:03:20.18 You blew out the truck window. 00:03:20.38,00:03:22.47 -Two guys are in the road.[br]-I noticed. 00:03:22.76,00:03:25.18 -We're out of our jurisdiction here.[br]-True. 00:03:25.47,00:03:27.89 -What's going on?[br]-I heard a rumor about this truck. 00:03:28.10,00:03:29.98 -What about it?[br]-It's not a truck. 00:03:30.27,00:03:32.15 It's a gas truck. 00:03:32.48,00:03:35.19 It's a major moving violation. 00:03:37.07,00:03:38.40 Check the first panel? 00:03:38.74,00:03:39.65 Full of gas. 00:03:40.20,00:03:42.91 We checked the whole truck![br]There's nothing in it! 00:03:43.11,00:03:45.62 You're out of your neighborhood,[br]city boy! 00:03:45.83,00:03:48.83 I want your badge and weapon![br]I want your ass! 00:03:49.16,00:03:50.41 Who do you think you are?! 00:03:50.91,00:03:52.08 He thinks he's Rambo. 00:03:54.17,00:03:55.21 Rambo. . . 00:03:55.42,00:03:56.96 . . .is a pussy. 00:04:03.64,00:04:05.30 What do you know, it's snowing! 00:04:14.48,00:04:16.27 Anybody want to get high? 00:04:16.48,00:04:18.15 I'll be damned! 00:04:19.82,00:04:21.49 Not bad for a city guy. 00:04:27.33,00:04:29.20 Ray Tango. 00:04:29.49,00:04:31.37 He's done it to us again. 00:04:31.91,00:04:33.58 If it isn't Tango, it's Cash. 00:04:34.21,00:04:36.50 Tango and Cash![br]Cash and Tango! 00:04:36.71,00:04:39.42 These two cops are driving me crazy. 00:04:39.92,00:04:41.59 We must do something about this. 00:04:41.92,00:04:46.18 I agree. I would like[br]to handle this myself, Mr. Perret. 00:04:46.51,00:04:48.47 No, we will handle it. 00:04:48.81,00:04:49.85 No. 00:04:50.89,00:04:52.64 Not that way. 00:04:55.35,00:04:57.15 I have something else in mind. 00:05:07.87,00:05:09.66 Hey, Cash! 00:05:42.19,00:05:45.40 Armani with a badge! 00:06:52.05,00:06:53.18 Look out! 00:07:02.90,00:07:04.15 Police business! 00:07:04.57,00:07:06.03 This is my car! 00:07:06.23,00:07:07.36 Move! 00:07:16.75,00:07:19.46 What are you doing to my car?! 00:07:46.57,00:07:47.73 Son of a bitch! 00:08:27.98,00:08:30.36 What's wrong?[br]Got a headache? 00:08:31.32,00:08:32.57 You crazy! 00:08:33.07,00:08:34.86 What did you do with my car?! 00:08:35.28,00:08:37.03 I believe in perestroika ! 00:08:38.62,00:08:40.16 Welcome to America! 00:08:51.84,00:08:54.26 Tango, I saw your picture in the paper. 00:09:02.27,00:09:04.27 Ray, look at this. 00:09:04.69,00:09:06.23 Blind luck! 00:09:08.23,00:09:11.15 -Catherine's in your office.[br]-That's great! 00:09:12.40,00:09:14.49 You just don't take off. . . 00:09:14.78,00:09:16.57 . . .on the spur of the moment. It's-- 00:09:16.78,00:09:17.41 What? 00:09:17.70,00:09:18.53 Illogical? 00:09:18.74,00:09:20.41 -Very![br]-It's not that big a deal. 00:09:20.62,00:09:22.20 I'll be gone a month or two. 00:09:22.62,00:09:24.79 It takes that long to build a house,[br]not take a vacation. 00:09:25.00,00:09:29.59 A dance tour is not a vacation![br]I just want to get away. 00:09:29.92,00:09:32.30 You have all you need in this town. 00:09:32.63,00:09:33.97 Grime, crime and slime. 00:09:34.17,00:09:35.97 No, thanks. I 'd rather go. 00:09:36.18,00:09:39.93 Okay, but give me the phone numbers[br]so I can reach you. 00:09:41.60,00:09:43.06 Why don't I call you? 00:09:43.68,00:09:45.85 Why don't you call me? 00:09:51.90,00:09:55.65 Catherine, if you feel stressed,[br]don't run away. 00:09:55.99,00:09:57.95 Stay and we'll deal with this together. 00:09:58.16,00:09:59.62 Don't make me feel guilty. 00:09:59.82,00:10:02.74 I just need some time alone, okay? 00:10:03.29,00:10:06.29 I promise, Lieutenant,[br]to be a good girl. 00:10:07.12,00:10:08.38 There it is! 00:10:08.71,00:10:10.25 The key word. 00:10:10.88,00:10:11.92 "Good. " 00:10:12.25,00:10:16.01 You're telling me you'll be good[br]because you know. . . 00:10:16.22,00:10:19.34 . . .automatically, I think you'll be bad. 00:10:21.43,00:10:22.68 What's a margin call? 00:10:22.97,00:10:23.52 Why? 00:10:23.81,00:10:25.68 Your stockbroker's on line 3. 00:10:26.02,00:10:27.56 Don't leave. 00:10:31.44,00:10:32.27 Hold on. 00:10:32.90,00:10:34.65 I have a plane to catch. 00:10:34.86,00:10:36.95 Catherine, don't go. 00:10:37.28,00:10:38.74 Think positive. 00:10:40.49,00:10:41.66 Shit! 00:10:42.91,00:10:45.20 Harvey, it's me. 00:10:53.96,00:10:56.76 -It's good you wore a vest.[br]-Hardly needed it with these. 00:10:57.09,00:10:58.97 Half-load soft lead slugs. 00:10:59.88,00:11:01.89 This guy was really sloppy. 00:11:08.02,00:11:09.27 Look at this. 00:11:10.23,00:11:13.23 This shirt cost $9.[br]Get me a new vest, okay? 00:11:15.53,00:11:16.78 Whoa, pizza! 00:11:27.20,00:11:29.21 Who was fucking with my gun? 00:11:29.71,00:11:31.29 The sight's shifted. 00:11:32.00,00:11:34.42 -Maybe you dropped it.[br]-I didn't drop it. 00:11:35.46,00:11:36.71 Captain! 00:11:38.05,00:11:39.63 Get anything out of him? 00:11:39.84,00:11:44.22 No, he doesn't speak English.[br]Our interpreter says he wants a lawyer. 00:11:44.51,00:11:45.76 Let me question him. 00:11:45.97,00:11:50.06 The guy who just tried[br]to blow you away? Forget it! 00:11:51.39,00:11:53.27 Stay away from him, Gabe. 00:12:05.49,00:12:08.29 So, you don't know any English? 00:12:08.50,00:12:12.17 I don't know Chinese, so we'll have to[br]give you a crash course. 00:12:13.42,00:12:16.75 But I got a feeling[br]you'll be a quick learner. 00:12:17.67,00:12:19.13 Come here. Sit down. 00:12:22.05,00:12:24.05 This is lesson number one. 00:12:24.34,00:12:26.14 The next lessons get harder. 00:12:26.55,00:12:27.89 Who hired you to kill me? 00:12:28.85,00:12:30.73 I don't know 00:12:39.48,00:12:41.36 I think he's one of Quan's men. 00:12:41.56,00:12:44.48 I don't know his name.[br]I swear! 00:12:45.32,00:12:46.78 Look at that, Flattop. 00:12:46.99,00:12:48.95 You're speaking like a native already. 00:12:49.78,00:12:52.20 -What is this?[br]-English 1 01 . 00:12:54.29,00:12:57.20 Your scumbag lawyer[br]won't be here for a while. 00:12:57.41,00:12:59.08 Is there anything you want to share? 00:12:59.29,00:13:01.58 A deal. Tonight. 00:13:02.63,00:13:04.30 4942. . . 00:13:04.71,00:13:06.46 . . .Front Street. 9:00. 00:13:06.67,00:13:07.92 Very good. 00:13:10.13,00:13:11.47 My compliments. 00:13:11.89,00:13:16.06 Pretty good for your first lesson.[br]Don't forget to wash your hands. 00:13:18.14,00:13:21.90 There's a big bust going down,[br]4942 Front Street. 00:13:22.23,00:13:24.40 -Is that reliable?[br]-Yes. A phone tap. 00:13:24.73,00:13:26.69 -Fantastic.[br]-What is this? 00:13:27.11,00:13:29.82 Downtown clown[br]versus Beverly Hills wop. 00:13:31.07,00:13:33.37 -All the news that's fit to print.[br]-I don't get you. 00:13:33.57,00:13:37.12 You make a shitload of money.[br]Why do you do this? 00:13:37.33,00:13:38.29 Action. 00:13:38.79,00:13:40.16 Good old American action. 00:13:40.37,00:13:43.92 If you want to stare death in the eye,[br]get married. 00:13:44.13,00:13:45.67 Is that a proposal? 00:14:20.20,00:14:21.87 Gabriel Cash. 00:14:23.75,00:14:25.84 How many millions?[br]How many? 00:14:26.04,00:14:27.71 How many this time? 00:14:41.98,00:14:43.77 Oh, God! 00:14:45.02,00:14:46.06 Ray Tango! 00:14:46.69,00:14:48.02 He loves to dance. 00:14:48.36,00:14:51.28 He waltzes in and takes all my drugs. . . 00:14:51.57,00:14:54.07 . . .and then Tangos out again. 00:14:55.87,00:14:56.99 I've had enough. 00:14:57.41,00:14:58.99 Too much television. . . 00:15:02.00,00:15:03.66 . . .can hurt your eyes. 00:15:07.21,00:15:09.84 Now do you see why we can't kill them? 00:15:10.05,00:15:10.96 No. 00:15:11.30,00:15:12.63 I do not see. 00:15:12.97,00:15:14.72 It would be much quicker. 00:15:14.84,00:15:16.18 And easier. 00:15:18.39,00:15:19.51 Quicker. . . 00:15:20.89,00:15:22.22 . . .and easier. 00:15:23.48,00:15:25.48 That's how you make a cake. 00:15:25.69,00:15:28.27 Or clean a toilet bowl, or shop. . . 00:15:28.48,00:15:29.86 . . .by mail. 00:15:30.69,00:15:35.15 But it's not how to run a[br]multi-million-dollar business like ours. 00:15:36.11,00:15:37.16 Mr. Quan. 00:15:37.87,00:15:39.66 On the east side. . . 00:15:41.54,00:15:43.20 . . .your part of the city. . . 00:15:44.46,00:15:45.71 . . .Gabriel Cash. . . 00:15:46.54,00:15:48.83 . . .has cost me $60 million. . . 00:15:49.04,00:15:53.84 . . .including guns, drugs and other[br]enterprises. On the west side. . . 00:15:54.97,00:15:56.13 . . .Mr. Lopez. . . 00:15:58.43,00:16:00.10 . . .Ray Tango. . . 00:16:00.72,00:16:02.81 . . .has cost me even more. 00:16:05.31,00:16:06.98 Two little mice. . . 00:16:07.40,00:16:09.06 . . .and so much damage. 00:16:15.74,00:16:19.78 But if we kill them,[br]we risk all-out war with the police. 00:16:19.99,00:16:22.49 They're heroes already. 00:16:22.83,00:16:24.50 Why make martyrs of them? 00:16:26.46,00:16:27.83 Instead of death. . . 00:16:29.29,00:16:30.96 . . .we have a game. 00:16:31.38,00:16:33.67 A game that only we can win. 00:16:35.63,00:16:36.59 Within two weeks. . . 00:16:38.76,00:16:42.72 . . .I will take delivery of the largest[br]shipment of weapons that. . . 00:16:43.47,00:16:45.14 . . .we have ever handled. 00:16:46.68,00:16:48.14 Within that time. . . 00:16:52.23,00:16:53.48 . . .Tango. . . 00:16:54.61,00:16:55.44 . . .and Cash. . . 00:16:56.90,00:16:59.53 . . .will be safely tucked away. . . 00:17:03.58,00:17:05.58 . . .behind bars. 00:17:13.50,00:17:14.75 Aren't they beautiful? 00:19:40.52,00:19:42.49 You almost got yourself killed, pal. 00:19:42.82,00:19:44.49 It's the other way around. 00:19:44.70,00:19:47.49 I pull this trigger,[br]your throat's hanging off that wall. 00:19:47.70,00:19:50.41 Pull that trigger,[br]I'll blow you in half. 00:19:50.74,00:19:53.33 You never had a chance[br]to hit me with that gun. 00:19:53.54,00:19:54.37 Not this one. 00:19:59.50,00:20:00.54 You know me? 00:20:00.84,00:20:02.21 You're L.A.'s second-best cop. 00:20:02.51,00:20:03.97 I heard the same about you. 00:20:04.17,00:20:06.26 -Stay off my case.[br]-Your case? 00:20:06.59,00:20:08.05 I've been on it 3 months. 00:20:08.26,00:20:12.43 Then you're stupid. I've been on it[br]30 minutes and I caught up with you. 00:20:12.72,00:20:15.35 -Stay off my case.[br]-Nice tie! 00:20:19.94,00:20:21.61 How do you want to do this? 00:20:21.82,00:20:23.78 I'll go first. Cover me on three. 00:20:24.53,00:20:25.44 One. 00:20:26.90,00:20:28.28 -Two.[br]-Three. 00:20:29.95,00:20:30.99 Freak! 00:20:31.41,00:20:32.45 What's the score? 00:20:36.83,00:20:37.67 My turn. 00:20:38.50,00:20:39.63 Don't move! 00:20:40.67,00:20:42.13 Don't move your hands. 00:20:43.80,00:20:46.51 His hands aren't going anywhere. 00:20:49.55,00:20:50.89 Do the honors. 00:20:57.14,00:20:58.10 He's wired. 00:20:59.56,00:21:01.52 This is all wrong! 00:21:02.69,00:21:05.40 -You ought to be a cop.[br]-Did you expect this? 00:21:05.61,00:21:09.03 No, I didn't,[br]and I didn't expect you, either. 00:21:11.24,00:21:12.49 Why is he wired? 00:21:12.78,00:21:16.95 Got me. Good luck getting anything[br]out of him. But this is your show... 00:21:17.29,00:21:19.37 . . .so I'm gone. Ciao, babe. 00:21:22.38,00:21:23.75 Drop your weapons! 00:21:23.96,00:21:25.63 -Freeze![br]-We're cops! 00:21:25.92,00:21:30.43 Wait! We're on the same team![br]Just read this, damn it! 00:21:30.72,00:21:33.55 I'm going to blow[br]both your fucking brains out! 00:21:34.68,00:21:36.47 -No problem.[br]-I'm convinced. 00:21:36.89,00:21:37.81 He's hysterical. 00:21:38.14,00:21:40.10 -I'd like a receipt for that.[br]-Me, too. 00:21:41.06,00:21:42.73 We can talk about this. 00:21:50.24,00:21:51.49 That's my gun. 00:21:53.24,00:21:54.41 What's it doing here? 00:21:54.70,00:21:56.37 That gun was in my locker. 00:21:56.58,00:21:58.58 It's not your gun now! 00:22:00.54,00:22:01.92 It's evidence. 00:22:02.12,00:22:04.42 -Why's your gun here?[br]-They stole it. 00:22:04.63,00:22:06.17 Tell me what you did. 00:22:07.63,00:22:10.68 I don't know this man.[br]I didn't come with him. 00:22:10.88,00:22:14.22 So with your permission,[br]I'll be leaving. Ciao. 00:22:14.85,00:22:17.77 You didn't come with him,[br]but you're leaving with him. 00:22:18.06,00:22:19.31 You're making a mistake. 00:22:19.52,00:22:21.81 You're going down for this. 00:22:23.06,00:22:25.36 Get these bastards out of here! 00:22:25.90,00:22:27.15 Now! 00:22:27.78,00:22:30.70 -You're bad karma.[br]-I hope you got a good lawyer. 00:22:49.88,00:22:52.17 Perret says use this tape. 00:23:00.60,00:23:03.64 -Did Tango shoot a federal officer?[br]-No comment. 00:23:06.15,00:23:07.48 Was Cash there too? 00:23:07.69,00:23:08.94 No comment. 00:23:10.61,00:23:12.07 What do they have? 00:23:12.40,00:23:15.11 They got a .380[br]with Cash's fingerprints. 00:23:15.32,00:23:18.95 They think it's the murder weapon.[br]Ballistics is checking it. 00:23:19.29,00:23:23.75 They were at the scene of the crime.[br]No one was seen coming or going. 00:23:27.29,00:23:28.25 What else? 00:23:28.75,00:23:30.13 The tape is ready. 00:23:31.05,00:23:32.30 What tape? 00:23:36.39,00:23:39.18 -Show us the money.[br]-It's in the suitcase. 00:23:39.81,00:23:41.06 -Open it.[br]-It's all there. 00:23:41.39,00:23:43.35 -Count it if you want to.[br]-We want to. 00:23:43.68,00:23:44.73 Where's the stuff? 00:23:45.14,00:23:48.06 Right here.[br]Direct from the police lockup. 00:23:48.48,00:23:50.78 You know, I like dealing with cops. 00:23:51.40,00:23:54.32 It restores my low opinion[br]of human nature. 00:23:54.53,00:23:57.45 In that case, you'll love this. 00:24:00.03,00:24:04.12 Lts. Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash,[br]two highly-decorated officers... 00:24:04.33,00:24:05.67 ...go on trial today... 00:24:06.00,00:24:09.21 ...for slaying an undercover agent[br]during a sting operation. 00:24:09.54,00:24:11.30 Tango and Cash insist... 00:24:11.50,00:24:14.76 ... they are victims of a[br]setup by criminal figures... 00:24:15.05,00:24:17.34 ...aimed at taking the two cops[br]out of action. 00:24:17.68,00:24:20.81 Expert witnesses will lead off[br]the prosecution 's case. 00:24:21.01,00:24:22.89 Mr. Skinner, you've heard the tapes. 00:24:23.31,00:24:26.44 Can you make a judgment[br]about its authenticity? 00:24:26.73,00:24:29.44 I have no reason to believe[br]it isn't genuine. 00:24:29.77,00:24:31.65 How did you test this tape? 00:24:31.94,00:24:33.94 I took samples of the suspects. . . 00:24:34.15,00:24:36.86 . . .comparing them to the tape[br]with an oscilloscope. 00:24:37.07,00:24:37.91 They matched. 00:24:38.20,00:24:42.08 When this is over, remind me[br]to rip his tongue out. 00:24:42.79,00:24:44.04 With a tow truck. 00:24:45.71,00:24:49.58 When I entered the premises,[br]I saw the two suspects, the guns. . . 00:24:49.88,00:24:52.50 . . .the money, the drugs, the dead body. 00:24:53.84,00:24:55.30 When those guys showed up. . . 00:24:55.51,00:24:57.93 . . .I figured it's all gone sour. 00:24:58.22,00:25:00.85 I was going to go and clear[br]everything up. . . 00:25:01.97,00:25:02.93 . . .when they killed him. 00:25:03.14,00:25:06.77 When this is over,[br]let's pay Jabba the Hutt a visit. 00:25:07.10,00:25:08.85 I 'll bring the chain saw. 00:25:09.40,00:25:10.52 I'll bring the beer. 00:25:13.36,00:25:15.03 Detective Cash assaulted me. 00:25:15.23,00:25:17.53 He put a chair on me and sat on it. 00:25:17.74,00:25:19.20 I couldn't find a piano. 00:25:22.12,00:25:24.70 This bastard can speak English! 00:25:25.04,00:25:26.29 The squarecrow can talk! 00:25:26.50,00:25:27.33 Squarecrow? 00:25:27.54,00:25:28.58 What do you call it? 00:25:28.79,00:25:31.79 As the attorneys for Tango[br]and Cash left the courtroom... 00:25:32.13,00:25:34.42 ... their mood can only[br]be described as grim. 00:25:34.63,00:25:36.17 They face an uphill battle... 00:25:36.51,00:25:38.38 ...if not an impossible one. 00:25:41.72,00:25:46.10 Ray, somebody set you up good.[br]I feel we should cop a plea. 00:25:46.72,00:25:48.81 You can guarantee minimum security? 00:25:49.02,00:25:51.73 Absolutely. That will be the deal. 00:25:52.02,00:25:54.23 Does Cash's attorney agree? 00:25:54.44,00:25:56.19 If he's smart, he does. 00:25:57.23,00:25:59.24 I want to talk to Cash. 00:26:07.16,00:26:09.87 I need to work on my[br]statement for the court. 00:26:10.08,00:26:10.92 What do you want? 00:26:11.42,00:26:14.04 First, to say I'm not fond of your kind. 00:26:14.34,00:26:15.80 What kind is that? 00:26:16.13,00:26:18.51 You're a glory hound and a hot dog. 00:26:18.84,00:26:19.67 That stings. 00:26:20.30,00:26:22.18 Tell me when the critique is over. 00:26:22.47,00:26:23.64 It's over. 00:26:24.26,00:26:26.97 -My lawyer wants me to cop a plea.[br]-Mine, too. 1 8 months. 00:26:27.18,00:26:28.72 Lompoc Country Club. 00:26:29.35,00:26:32.69 The gym opens at 5 a.m.[br]You can start pumping early. 00:26:41.15,00:26:43.11 -Who set us up?[br]-I don't know. 00:26:43.32,00:26:44.91 I got a lot of admirers. You? 00:26:45.41,00:26:46.78 A few. 00:26:47.41,00:26:51.37 Look, if we cop a plea,[br]we cop it together. 00:26:52.21,00:26:56.59 You mean that your lawyer[br]wanted you to make a deal. . . 00:26:56.88,00:27:01.38 . . .but you didn't want to leave this[br]glory hound holding the bag, right? 00:27:02.84,00:27:04.51 -Right.[br]-What a generous guy! 00:27:04.72,00:27:06.39 -I'll make the statement.[br]-I will. 00:27:06.60,00:27:08.68 No way. You'll screw it up. 00:27:08.89,00:27:11.39 When's your birthday?[br]When were you born? 00:27:11.60,00:27:13.14 -Why?[br]-Day and month. 00:27:13.48,00:27:16.81 -You want to do my horoscope?[br]-Just give me the month. 00:27:17.73,00:27:19.32 -May.[br]-February. 00:27:20.23,00:27:22.95 I got seniority.[br]I'll make the statement. 00:27:23.28,00:27:24.74 August 1 6. 00:27:25.99,00:27:30.79 I read your records. That's when you[br]were hatched. August 1 6. 00:27:31.08,00:27:32.87 I got seniority. 00:27:34.62,00:27:36.29 All rise. 00:27:40.67,00:27:42.55 The court is now in session. 00:27:42.88,00:27:45.59 The Honorable[br]Judge McCormack presiding. 00:27:45.89,00:27:46.72 Be seated. 00:27:48.10,00:27:49.22 Your Honor. 00:27:49.97,00:27:52.68 The defendants wish[br]to change their plea. 00:27:53.10,00:27:54.35 Order! 00:27:56.23,00:27:58.73 Very well, counselor.[br]What is the plea? 00:27:59.15,00:28:01.53 Your Honor, may I approach the bench? 00:28:02.15,00:28:03.95 Proceed, Mr. Tango. 00:28:06.45,00:28:07.49 It's okay. 00:28:12.37,00:28:15.71 Your Honor, I've been[br]a policeman for 1 2 years. 00:28:16.12,00:28:18.96 I think it's the best organization[br]in the country. 00:28:19.79,00:28:23.42 I've been told I'm too aggressive[br]in capturing criminals. 00:28:23.76,00:28:25.63 If that is a sin. . . 00:28:25.93,00:28:27.39 . . .I'm guilty. 00:28:28.76,00:28:30.72 I've always worked with good cops. 00:28:31.26,00:28:32.31 You are. 00:28:32.93,00:28:34.60 They're doing a tough job. 00:28:35.43,00:28:39.69 I only hope that with this trial,[br]the whole department. . . 00:28:40.44,00:28:44.28 . . .is not judged by what has transpired. 00:28:45.53,00:28:46.70 Thank you. 00:28:53.58,00:28:54.70 Not bad. 00:28:55.87,00:28:57.96 Have you anything to add, Mr. Cash? 00:28:59.71,00:29:01.17 -Yeah.[br]-No! 00:29:06.38,00:29:09.43 Mr. Tango has spoken very eloquently. 00:29:11.10,00:29:13.18 I wish I could be as forgiving. 00:29:14.31,00:29:16.31 But I can't, because. . . 00:29:18.69,00:29:19.94 . . .this whole thing. . . 00:29:21.81,00:29:22.86 . . .fucking sucks! 00:29:23.19,00:29:25.28 This is a pile of shit! 00:29:25.69,00:29:27.36 Your Honor! 00:29:27.65,00:29:28.49 Order! 00:29:33.41,00:29:34.54 Order! 00:29:36.20,00:29:38.21 Be seated, Mr. Cash. 00:29:41.54,00:29:44.88 Your Honor, the defendants[br]wish to plead no contest. . . 00:29:45.09,00:29:47.38 . . .to a charge of[br]voluntary manslaughter. 00:29:47.80,00:29:49.68 This is part of an agreement? 00:29:50.09,00:29:52.47 Yes. The state[br]recommends a sentence. . . 00:29:52.80,00:29:56.97 . . .of not more than 1 8 months[br]in a minimum-security facility. 00:29:58.64,00:30:03.02 Mr. Cash, Mr. Tango, do you[br]enter this plea of your own free will? 00:30:03.94,00:30:05.40 Yes, sir. 00:30:06.15,00:30:08.65 The agreement is[br]acceptable to the court. 00:30:09.07,00:30:12.91 The defense and the state[br]will deliver the proper documentation. 00:30:14.08,00:30:15.53 Court is adjourned. 00:30:19.91,00:30:22.83 Now that Tango and Cash[br]are behind bars. . . 00:30:23.13,00:30:25.54 . . .you needn't be afraid anymore. 00:30:27.42,00:30:31.05 What's wrong, gentlemen?[br]You don't share my enthusiasm. 00:30:31.26,00:30:32.93 Mr. Perret, I am sorry. . . 00:30:33.26,00:30:37.01 . . .but I cannot appreciate[br]these games you keep playing. 00:30:37.43,00:30:39.60 Forgive me for asking, Mr. Perret. . . 00:30:39.93,00:30:43.27 . . .but what happens in 1 8 months[br]when they get out? 00:30:44.94,00:30:46.90 Use your imagination. 00:30:49.53,00:30:53.49 What makes you think[br]they'll ever get out again? 00:30:55.24,00:30:58.08 Now go take care of your business. 00:30:58.29,00:31:01.62 I got a feeling this is[br]going to be a great year. 00:31:03.92,00:31:05.46 Ever hear of shock absorbers? 00:31:05.79,00:31:07.34 Welcome to Club Fed. 00:31:07.55,00:31:09.34 What a vacation! 00:31:11.63,00:31:14.01 End of the line. Get out. 00:31:15.39,00:31:16.85 You, this way! 00:31:26.23,00:31:27.98 What do you have to say now, genius? 00:31:30.40,00:31:32.78 I don't think there's[br]a golf course here. 00:31:33.61,00:31:36.66 Make yourselves[br]at home sweet home, boys. 00:31:37.70,00:31:39.87 This is a mistake, right? 00:31:40.08,00:31:42.91 My underwear is riding into my throat. 00:31:45.00,00:31:47.50 They're not there?![br]They were on the bus! 00:31:47.71,00:31:49.80 I'm trying to trace them. 00:31:50.09,00:31:53.76 They were transferred[br]off the bus near Victorville. 00:31:54.05,00:31:55.09 We got to find them. 00:31:55.64,00:31:57.30 Your underwear problem is solved. 00:31:57.51,00:32:00.01 I noticed. You can stop[br]holding in your stomach. 00:32:01.14,00:32:05.73 Come on! Somebody bribed the[br]prison board! That's why we're here! 00:32:06.06,00:32:09.40 They're as crooked as[br]everybody else in this deal. 00:32:12.19,00:32:16.28 I'll tell you one thing.[br]Whoever set us up is fucking connected. 00:32:16.49,00:32:18.03 Do you think it's Quan? 00:32:18.99,00:32:20.03 Thanks. 00:32:21.29,00:32:23.87 No, wait! I got it! 00:32:24.41,00:32:25.75 It's Lopez! 00:32:26.17,00:32:28.38 Lopez! Follow me through here. 00:32:28.67,00:32:31.71 Lopez has a guy pretend[br]to try and kill me. . . 00:32:32.00,00:32:34.01 . . .and claim that Quan hired him. 00:32:34.22,00:32:37.13 He feeds me bogus information[br]about the setup. 00:32:37.34,00:32:41.18 Lopez figures, no matter what,[br]I'll think it was Quan. 00:32:41.51,00:32:45.06 All the time it's Lopez,[br]and now I know it. 00:32:45.69,00:32:47.23 What do you think? 00:32:47.85,00:32:51.19 That with your l.Q., you're unarmed[br]and still very dangerous. 00:32:51.40,00:32:55.28 If you're so smart, tell me[br]who set us up, Sherlock Holmes. 00:32:55.49,00:32:59.12 -I don't know yet.[br]-You don't know shit! 00:33:00.57,00:33:02.37 What are you doing? 00:33:02.87,00:33:04.04 Relax. 00:33:04.45,00:33:05.37 Soap. 00:33:05.91,00:33:07.04 Don't flatter yourself. 00:33:07.87,00:33:08.83 Peewee. 00:33:10.17,00:33:11.75 I don't know you that well. 00:33:12.80,00:33:15.72 Don't worry.[br]Someday the other one will drop. 00:33:16.01,00:33:18.84 You just keep talking, tripod! 00:33:19.05,00:33:20.30 Sure, Minnie Mouse! 00:33:20.93,00:33:22.18 By the way. . . 00:33:23.51,00:33:26.14 . . .I bet they stick us[br]in the general population. 00:33:28.52,00:33:31.77 They don't put cops[br]in general population. 00:33:33.44,00:33:36.36 Never put cops in[br]general population, huh? 00:33:37.19,00:33:39.36 Cash, I'll light your fucking bowels! 00:33:39.91,00:33:41.66 I'll stick brown sugar up your ass! 00:33:42.20,00:33:44.08 Shit, I put half these guys away. 00:33:44.58,00:33:46.45 Tango, you're going to be my bitch! 00:33:46.87,00:33:48.46 I'll kick your fucking ass! 00:33:48.75,00:33:49.92 You know what I hate? 00:33:50.54,00:33:52.71 -Litter.[br]-Goddamn it! 00:33:53.46,00:33:55.55 I forgot the marshmallows. 00:33:56.26,00:33:58.76 I don't think rehabilitation[br]is working here. 00:33:59.09,00:34:01.18 They're just misunderstood. 00:34:01.47,00:34:02.72 Cops! 00:34:03.26,00:34:04.72 Bring them to me! 00:34:05.14,00:34:06.89 Bring them to me! 00:34:07.64,00:34:09.60 Cops! Cops! 00:34:11.60,00:34:13.27 Bring them here! 00:34:13.56,00:34:15.23 Come here! 00:34:15.78,00:34:17.53 I want to talk to you. 00:34:17.94,00:34:19.32 Hey, punk! 00:34:19.74,00:34:23.16 When I get out of here,[br]I'll tear you a new ass. 00:34:23.49,00:34:25.45 You know Captain Dynaball here? 00:34:27.12,00:34:29.54 I loved you in Conan the Barbarian. 00:34:32.96,00:34:36.84 If you need me, me and my ass[br]will be in the neighborhood. 00:34:40.17,00:34:42.68 You fucking pig! It's over for you! 00:34:42.89,00:34:45.60 You're going to be very popular here. 00:34:45.81,00:34:48.10 Funny, I don't see[br]your fan club, either. 00:35:16.04,00:35:18.21 That crapper is mine! 00:35:19.80,00:35:22.51 And what am I supposed to use? 00:35:22.80,00:35:26.76 I don't give a shit![br]Just don't use that. 00:35:27.72,00:35:32.52 Okay, bud. We're going to[br]get one thing straight right now. 00:35:34.81,00:35:36.56 That is yours! 00:35:45.24,00:35:47.20 Would you mind stopping that? 00:35:47.53,00:35:48.58 Thank you. 00:35:49.41,00:35:50.33 I appreciate it. 00:35:51.91,00:35:52.75 I'm not afraid of you. 00:35:56.92,00:35:58.17 See that? 00:35:59.00,00:36:00.05 I killed him. 00:36:00.96,00:36:02.21 Congratulations. 00:36:02.76,00:36:04.22 He was my best friend. 00:36:09.22,00:36:11.39 Crazy people fear no one. 00:36:15.56,00:36:17.02 Look at that! 00:36:18.90,00:36:22.23 Sugar is up. I cannot believe this! 00:37:25.76,00:37:27.51 Let's dance, Tango! 00:37:28.13,00:37:29.72 Come on, Cash! 00:37:30.34,00:37:32.01 Get the bag on him! 00:37:40.02,00:37:41.69 Kill him! 00:37:42.44,00:37:43.27 Kill the fucker! 00:37:50.57,00:37:52.45 You're dead meat, Tango! 00:38:23.94,00:38:24.77 They got you? 00:38:24.98,00:38:26.32 What's it look like? 00:38:29.57,00:38:31.32 Let me guess. 00:38:31.66,00:38:33.32 The welcoming committee. 00:38:33.53,00:38:35.49 Either that or a surprise party. 00:38:36.33,00:38:37.70 Don't make a move. 00:38:38.12,00:38:39.87 We'll talk our way out. 00:38:40.71,00:38:42.79 I doubt they're into small talk. 00:38:43.13,00:38:45.00 If we panic, we're history. 00:38:45.21,00:38:46.55 The infamous. . . 00:38:46.75,00:38:49.17 . . .Cash and Tango. 00:38:49.67,00:38:51.88 Dishonored, imprisoned. 00:38:52.80,00:38:54.47 A shameful fall from glory! 00:38:55.43,00:38:56.89 Who are you? 00:38:58.14,00:39:00.64 Just think of me as somebody who. . . 00:39:02.52,00:39:04.27 . . .doesn't like you much. 00:39:04.81,00:39:06.48 The surprise party is out. 00:39:09.82,00:39:13.03 Shit! That's the guy[br]I followed to the setup. 00:39:15.53,00:39:16.49 Don't panic. 00:39:18.79,00:39:22.42 Tarty Tango![br]You're a pretty boy, aren't you? 00:39:22.75,00:39:23.67 I'm panicking. 00:39:24.00,00:39:26.59 How would you like me[br]to change it for you? 00:39:26.92,00:39:28.38 -I wouldn't.[br]-How about you? 00:39:29.84,00:39:30.88 Maybe you first. 00:39:31.09,00:39:32.22 Don't panic. 00:39:33.80,00:39:37.22 I'll cut your throat,[br]yank your tongue out the hole. . . 00:39:37.43,00:39:38.81 . . .and tie it in a Windsor knot. 00:39:39.85,00:39:42.56 -I don't wear ties.[br]-Brave boy! 00:39:42.85,00:39:45.06 You want to cut my throat?![br]Go ahead! 00:39:45.27,00:39:47.02 You want to cut off my head? 00:39:47.57,00:39:50.90 You can bowl with it![br]Just don't let him do it! 00:39:51.40,00:39:52.99 I don't want to get killed. . . 00:39:53.28,00:39:54.95 . . .by this limey jerk-off! 00:39:55.28,00:39:58.49 I want to get killed[br]by an American jerk-off! 00:39:58.83,00:39:59.95 You wanker! 00:40:00.58,00:40:02.58 Put it away for now. 00:40:03.83,00:40:05.37 Just for now. 00:40:06.54,00:40:09.34 Some of your other friends[br]want to say hello first. 00:40:09.88,00:40:11.13 What are you doing? 00:40:11.34,00:40:13.30 -Buying time.[br]-For what? 00:40:13.63,00:40:14.47 I don't know yet. 00:40:17.60,00:40:18.85 Shit, it's Conan. 00:40:19.26,00:40:21.77 -We'll get FUBAR now.[br]-What's FUBAR? 00:40:21.97,00:40:23.31 You'll see. 00:40:23.73,00:40:26.02 Real bad-ass cops! 00:40:27.81,00:40:29.90 You don't look so tough now. 00:40:30.11,00:40:31.44 Do you, you fuck?! 00:40:31.78,00:40:32.82 He means you. 00:40:33.03,00:40:34.90 This pig and his cop friends. . . 00:40:35.11,00:40:37.62 . . .broke my ribs, my leg and my jaw. 00:40:40.12,00:40:41.45 You broke that jaw? 00:40:42.29,00:40:43.12 He deserved it. 00:40:43.33,00:40:44.58 Why did you do that? 00:40:44.79,00:40:47.00 Why? I was having a bad day! 00:40:47.21,00:40:48.54 Like now? 00:41:34.48,00:41:36.02 Don't panic! 00:41:55.83,00:41:58.04 Rats in a maze. . . 00:41:58.25,00:41:59.50 . . .men. . . 00:41:59.71,00:42:00.96 . . .in a cage. 00:42:01.80,00:42:05.42 Place your bets![br]Which bloke survives? 00:42:05.84,00:42:07.43 Who's brave? 00:42:07.63,00:42:08.89 Who fries first? 00:42:13.35,00:42:15.02 Cook, you bastard! 00:42:15.77,00:42:18.15 Tango, you got any family? 00:42:19.19,00:42:20.56 Yeah. You? 00:42:22.11,00:42:24.74 I go steady with an alimony check. 00:42:26.20,00:42:27.86 First, Mr. Cash. 00:42:29.11,00:42:31.07 No, don't do it. 00:42:31.83,00:42:32.66 Cash! 00:42:59.48,00:43:00.73 Cash! 00:43:04.07,00:43:05.11 Fuck you. 00:43:08.11,00:43:09.16 Tango? 00:43:34.50,00:43:35.96 Get them down! 00:43:39.21,00:43:40.76 Off the scaffold! 00:43:41.38,00:43:43.26 Lock this place down! 00:43:46.18,00:43:47.64 Shit! 00:43:48.05,00:43:50.26 You fight this one. I'm burned out. 00:43:52.64,00:43:54.73 You look like hell, Cash. 00:43:56.52,00:43:58.48 Matt, is it really you? 00:43:58.69,00:43:59.73 It is. 00:44:00.48,00:44:02.24 Am I glad to see you! 00:44:03.90,00:44:05.28 My arm. 00:44:07.99,00:44:10.58 -Who's he?[br]-Matt Sokowski, assistant warden. 00:44:10.91,00:44:12.79 My C.O. when I was a rookie. 00:44:13.00,00:44:14.66 You guys are in deep shit. 00:44:15.16,00:44:16.33 Really? 00:44:16.62,00:44:18.29 Who set you up? 00:44:18.63,00:44:20.38 I think we just met him. 00:44:20.59,00:44:24.97 If this creep wants us dead so bad,[br]why doesn't he shoot us? 00:44:25.30,00:44:26.97 Why play this game? 00:44:27.26,00:44:28.51 He has a boring nightlife. 00:44:28.93,00:44:31.97 -How'd he get in?[br]-Anything can happen here. 00:44:32.18,00:44:35.60 All you need is cash.[br]We have the best guards money can buy. 00:44:35.81,00:44:38.86 You got the bucks,[br]you get what you need. 00:44:39.06,00:44:42.19 Once you're back in[br]general population, they'll nail you. 00:44:42.69,00:44:45.32 You got only one choice: escape. 00:44:45.61,00:44:46.78 Escape? 00:44:48.32,00:44:51.37 I'll get a spoon and start tunneling. . . 00:44:51.66,00:44:55.20 . . .and you can chew through the bars.[br]This is bullshit! 00:44:55.41,00:44:56.37 What's with him? 00:44:56.87,00:44:59.29 He's upset. He misses his wardrobe. 00:45:00.54,00:45:01.88 What do we do? 00:45:02.09,00:45:04.30 Listen, I got a plan worked out. 00:45:04.59,00:45:05.55 We trust him? 00:45:05.76,00:45:07.84 We've known each other 1 5 years. 00:45:08.13,00:45:09.72 -We trusted our lawyers.[br]-And the judge. 00:45:09.93,00:45:13.26 And that got us nowhere.[br]Now trust me. 00:45:13.68,00:45:16.27 Now that is a risky proposition. 00:45:18.77,00:45:21.06 I got a present for you. 00:45:21.40,00:45:23.07 You're unbelievable! 00:45:27.24,00:45:28.99 I do miss my wardrobe. 00:45:29.82,00:45:31.82 This is the ventilation system. 00:45:32.24,00:45:34.74 Enter it from[br]the utility shaft in the yard. 00:45:35.04,00:45:38.08 This main ventilation shaft[br]leads beyond the wall. 00:45:38.29,00:45:42.04 I can shut down one fan[br]and leave this door unlocked. 00:45:42.34,00:45:46.42 I'll get you the right work detail[br]and leave tools at the shaft. 00:45:47.05,00:45:48.59 This way looks faster. 00:45:48.93,00:45:51.64 -No, it's longer.[br]-Let's stick to plan A. 00:45:51.84,00:45:53.81 Let's get you to the infirmary. 00:45:54.14,00:45:55.47 Why your plan A? 00:45:55.68,00:45:59.77 It's better than your plan B,[br]which you don't even have. 00:46:01.85,00:46:03.19 Not yet, but I will. 00:46:09.03,00:46:10.91 My partner in pain. 00:46:11.95,00:46:14.66 Sokowski got us trash detail. Let's go. 00:46:14.99,00:46:16.54 Whoopee! Race you to the dumpster. 00:46:16.87,00:46:18.54 It's set for now. Come on. 00:46:19.37,00:46:20.50 Negative. 00:46:21.54,00:46:23.33 I'm not going. 00:46:24.17,00:46:26.55 Did you have a brain meltdown? 00:46:26.75,00:46:29.38 Look, I have an aversion[br]to getting FUBAR. 00:46:29.67,00:46:33.34 -What's FUBAR?[br]-"Fucked up beyond all recognition. " 00:46:34.26,00:46:36.56 I don't trust Sokowski! 00:46:36.89,00:46:39.18 He's a cop, for Chrissake! 00:46:41.89,00:46:42.73 What's this? 00:46:43.98,00:46:45.44 My fiancée, Slinky. 00:46:46.07,00:46:47.32 Up, Slinky. 00:46:50.53,00:46:52.53 Let's see how business is. 00:46:54.28,00:46:58.45 You are one mistrustful,[br]maladjusted human fucking being! 00:46:58.79,00:47:00.12 I love you, too. 00:47:00.33,00:47:01.58 I'm not coming back for you. 00:47:01.79,00:47:03.46 You're making a big mistake. 00:47:04.00,00:47:07.34 You don't have to.[br]Hope you make it, Cash. 00:47:10.76,00:47:12.34 Let's go, you're late! 00:47:14.30,00:47:16.80 I hope you and Cousin lt. . . 00:47:17.43,00:47:19.10 . . .are very happy together. . . 00:47:19.64,00:47:22.14 . . .and raise a beautiful litter. 00:47:22.56,00:47:23.60 Ciao. 00:47:24.10,00:47:25.48 Ciao. 00:47:54.47,00:47:57.18 You're half an hour late, asshole! 00:47:58.30,00:48:00.10 I'm doing my best, boss. 00:49:31.02,00:49:32.06 Matt! 00:49:44.99,00:49:45.91 There he is! 00:49:47.37,00:49:48.54 Let's go! 00:50:03.97,00:50:05.43 Out of my way! 00:50:45.89,00:50:47.97 -What are you doing here?[br]-I got lonely. 00:50:50.35,00:50:51.81 I can't hold it all day! 00:51:01.61,00:51:02.78 Shit! 00:51:05.70,00:51:06.95 Come on, Cash! 00:51:10.71,00:51:11.96 This way! 00:51:15.29,00:51:16.13 Move it! 00:51:25.18,00:51:27.81 Your friend Matt waltzed you[br]into a trap! 00:51:28.72,00:51:30.10 How could you be so stupid? 00:51:30.31,00:51:31.77 Matt's dead. 00:51:32.48,00:51:34.90 They cut his throat ear to ear. 00:51:35.73,00:51:36.98 Ponytail! 00:51:37.40,00:51:38.73 This is the way. 00:51:51.58,00:51:53.87 You'll like this.[br]It's the best ride in the park. 00:51:54.92,00:51:56.38 This way! 00:51:56.79,00:51:59.92 -Know where you're going?[br]-Absolutely. 00:52:01.05,00:52:04.59 -Sure you know where you're going?[br]-Yes, exactly! 00:52:04.80,00:52:07.10 Then get your ass up there! 00:52:17.65,00:52:18.90 Come on! 00:52:38.50,00:52:40.46 -This is the only way?[br]-No. 00:52:40.67,00:52:43.09 We can go back.[br]Let's go! 00:52:47.97,00:52:49.14 This way! 00:52:51.01,00:52:53.31 -You sure this is the way?[br]-Exactly! 00:52:53.72,00:52:55.27 Let's go! Sector 4! 00:53:02.57,00:53:04.15 Don't touch those wires. 00:53:04.99,00:53:06.03 Thanks. 00:53:14.45,00:53:16.04 -Know what?[br]-What? 00:53:17.17,00:53:18.96 I 'm real tired of electricity. 00:53:19.17,00:53:20.84 Nag, nag, nag! 00:53:34.39,00:53:36.35 -Now what?[br]-No problem. 00:53:36.68,00:53:39.48 Slide down those wires[br]and we're home free. 00:53:41.69,00:53:42.73 That's your plan? 00:53:44.82,00:53:46.07 We'll fry. 00:53:46.28,00:53:47.74 You know anything about electricity? 00:53:48.36,00:53:51.91 If you only touch one wire[br]and don't touch the ground, you're safe. 00:53:53.87,00:53:54.83 Right? 00:53:55.45,00:53:56.79 I don't know. 00:53:57.00,00:53:57.96 Me either. 00:53:59.62,00:54:01.38 I owe you from back there. 00:54:02.00,00:54:03.59 So you can go first. 00:54:05.05,00:54:07.42 -You'd still owe me.[br]-I knew you'd say that. 00:54:09.93,00:54:12.35 If I don't make it, will you even try? 00:54:12.55,00:54:14.10 Depends how close you get. 00:55:04.06,00:55:05.31 What's wrong? 00:55:05.52,00:55:06.57 Come on, dog! 00:55:15.32,00:55:17.41 Come on, dog! Heel! 00:55:19.37,00:55:20.75 Move it! 00:55:29.50,00:55:31.09 Come on, Tango! 00:55:31.29,00:55:32.13 Come on! 00:55:35.05,00:55:36.51 Speak, doggy! 00:56:46.50,00:56:47.88 That was fun. 00:56:48.29,00:56:51.84 Jesus Christ! What did you do,[br]stop for coffee and Danish? 00:56:52.05,00:56:53.38 I hate Danish. 00:56:53.72,00:56:56.22 We have to get out of here. 00:56:56.93,00:57:00.39 -Nice doing time with you.[br]-Especially in the shower. 00:57:00.60,00:57:02.97 If it gets too hot in the streets. . . 00:57:03.18,00:57:07.27 . . .go to the Cleopatra Club.[br]Ask for Catherine. 00:57:07.69,00:57:09.98 -She'll know where I am.[br]-Got it! 00:57:13.53,00:57:14.99 I really do owe you one. 00:57:19.78,00:57:21.87 Quan and Lopez on line one. 00:57:23.95,00:57:25.29 Put them on. 00:57:26.46,00:57:29.88 Gentlemen, I've already heard[br]about the escape. 00:57:30.21,00:57:31.55 Mr. Perret. . . 00:57:31.88,00:57:33.84 . . .this is most disturbing. 00:57:34.05,00:57:36.97 We are being threatened by two maniacs. 00:57:37.18,00:57:39.18 I think we must take some action. 00:57:39.47,00:57:44.06 There you go thinking again.[br]That'll be the cause of your downfall. 00:57:44.81,00:57:46.14 Try to control your fear. 00:57:46.69,00:57:49.60 These men are convicted killers[br]and fugitives. 00:57:49.81,00:57:51.77 They won't last long on the outside. 00:57:51.98,00:57:56.90 Mr. Perret, we cannot rely[br]on the police. I insist-- 00:57:57.11,00:57:58.57 Don't insist! 00:58:02.95,00:58:05.45 Insistent people make me angry. 00:58:07.33,00:58:09.62 Everything is under control. 00:58:20.68,00:58:22.14 Cover your tracks. 00:58:29.52,00:58:31.10 You're beautiful! 00:58:35.07,00:58:36.53 Hope they're all right. 00:58:36.82,00:58:38.82 Attention, commencing live fire test. 00:58:51.83,00:58:52.88 Owen. 00:58:53.63,00:58:55.59 I knew you'd come here. 00:58:55.80,00:58:57.38 How'd you get out? 00:58:57.59,00:58:59.13 I need to change clothes. 00:59:03.10,00:59:05.10 We have the same taste in clothes. 00:59:06.14,00:59:08.31 Do you need a special weapon? 00:59:08.64,00:59:10.52 I need a big gun. 00:59:11.56,00:59:12.81 Are those big enough? 00:59:14.56,00:59:15.73 Perfect. 00:59:17.82,00:59:20.82 I always knew we had[br]the same taste in weaponry. 00:59:22.61,00:59:27.20 Check out my new invention[br]in senior citizen home protection. 00:59:34.50,00:59:36.80 Well, you know,[br]the gun boots are great. 00:59:37.92,00:59:39.09 See you, buddy. 00:59:59.11,01:00:00.15 Knock, knock. 01:00:05.37,01:00:09.74 From the look of your diet,[br]you're not counting calories. 01:00:09.95,01:00:12.54 Too busy counting the money[br]you got for setting us up?! 01:00:12.87,01:00:14.54 I didn't set you up. 01:00:14.96,01:00:16.63 Am I judging you unfairly? 01:00:16.84,01:00:18.71 Hell, yes! I had nothing to do with it! 01:00:19.00,01:00:21.01 Nothing to do with it? 01:00:23.93,01:00:25.18 Can we be frank? 01:00:25.47,01:00:27.05 You're looking anemic. 01:00:27.35,01:00:30.68 You need. . .a little iron in your diet. 01:00:31.10,01:00:33.10 You switched those weapons. . . 01:00:33.31,01:00:35.69 . . .and planted the murder weapon[br]at the scene, didn't you? 01:00:36.23,01:00:36.86 They paid me. 01:00:37.15,01:00:37.77 Who? 01:00:37.98,01:00:38.73 I don't know. 01:00:39.02,01:00:41.65 You FBI guys are brainy.[br]Think, think! 01:00:41.94,01:00:43.95 An Englishman with red hair. 01:00:44.15,01:00:45.70 And a ponytail. 01:00:46.45,01:00:48.53 "You're going down for this. " 01:00:48.74,01:00:51.87 Remember those lyrics?[br]But you're going down. 01:00:52.37,01:00:56.33 It doesn't matter. They want me dead.[br]My life isn't worth shit. 01:00:57.71,01:01:00.09 That's true. But I need you anyway. 01:01:00.63,01:01:04.26 Take me in! I'll tell them[br]all I know! We'll help each other. 01:01:04.47,01:01:06.47 I hope you got paid well, Wyler. 01:01:07.30,01:01:08.64 Want to split it? 01:01:47.43,01:01:48.80 Who are you?! 01:01:49.01,01:01:50.68 Why are you here? 01:01:51.18,01:01:53.39 Who the hell do you think you are? 01:01:54.22,01:01:55.89 Excuse me! 01:02:04.86,01:02:06.19 Who hired you? 01:02:13.41,01:02:18.00 Lucky it's soundproof. Nobody will[br]hear me beating the truth out of you. 01:02:19.75,01:02:21.96 You've got all my greatest hits. 01:02:22.17,01:02:23.21 And Tango's. 01:02:23.84,01:02:26.01 You put together a nice compilation. 01:02:26.34,01:02:28.22 He said he'd kill me. 01:02:28.72,01:02:30.59 -Who?[br]-He didn't say. 01:02:30.93,01:02:32.26 I swear! 01:02:33.64,01:02:36.14 And you got to authenticate[br]your own work. 01:02:37.39,01:02:39.27 I am the foremost expert. 01:02:39.98,01:02:43.02 Not for long if you keep[br]using this junky equipment. 01:02:43.86,01:02:45.73 It's state-of-the-art equipment. 01:02:51.45,01:02:52.62 What do you want to know?! 01:02:53.03,01:02:55.12 -How were you contacted?[br]-By phone. 01:02:55.33,01:02:57.20 -How'd he get the tape?[br]-By mail. 01:02:57.62,01:02:58.87 I forgot the address. 01:03:02.00,01:03:03.75 But I recorded the conversation. 01:03:05.13,01:03:06.80 -I can play it for you.[br]-Great! 01:03:13.68,01:03:15.85 Captain Schroeder, please. 01:03:17.02,01:03:20.02 He has to be there.[br]Would you check? 01:03:22.02,01:03:26.07 Tell him his favorite stockbroker[br]is back in town. 01:03:41.83,01:03:43.50 $5 cover charge. 01:04:11.65,01:04:13.11 -Catherine here?[br]-Who? 01:04:13.95,01:04:15.49 Don't know her. 01:05:01.29,01:05:02.83 Catherine here tonight? 01:05:03.04,01:05:04.83 We have lots of Catherines. 01:05:13.05,01:05:14.22 Joe! Sticks! 01:05:14.51,01:05:17.55 -Where's my beer?[br]-You're distracting me. Be right up. 01:05:38.20,01:05:40.70 Cover that exit. Come with me. 01:06:12.90,01:06:14.57 What do you think you're doing? 01:06:44.31,01:06:45.56 Hold it. 01:06:46.60,01:06:48.77 -Kiki, nice work.[br]-Wait. 01:06:49.10,01:06:50.56 I'm Catherine. 01:06:52.65,01:06:54.32 Only one person calls me that. 01:06:54.61,01:06:58.28 Ray Tango said you could[br]help me find him. 01:06:58.70,01:07:00.36 I haven't seen Ray lately. 01:07:01.41,01:07:03.78 There's a police convention out there. 01:07:04.41,01:07:07.12 Is there someplace else we can talk? 01:07:07.45,01:07:08.71 Is he okay? 01:07:09.00,01:07:10.58 Not if I don't get out of here. 01:07:11.63,01:07:12.46 Through the alley. 01:07:12.96,01:07:13.92 They'll cover it. 01:07:15.05,01:07:16.51 Any other ideas? 01:07:16.84,01:07:18.09 Hey, Elvis! 01:07:18.59,01:07:19.76 What size are you? 01:07:28.10,01:07:29.14 Hold it. 01:07:30.60,01:07:32.06 Let's have a look. 01:07:35.40,01:07:37.07 Something wrong? 01:07:49.45,01:07:50.83 Let's go, Lynn! 01:08:12.31,01:08:13.65 Hey, Red. 01:08:15.73,01:08:17.40 Aerobics instructor? 01:08:18.78,01:08:20.94 Get your hands off my property. 01:08:24.91,01:08:27.41 Any chance of a three-way? 01:08:29.83,01:08:31.50 Dykes on bikes. 01:08:44.22,01:08:48.05 So you knew who I was all along. 01:08:48.39,01:08:51.73 You and Ray have gotten[br]lots of press lately. 01:08:52.02,01:08:53.19 I bet. 01:08:54.10,01:08:55.77 We were set up good! 01:08:56.10,01:09:00.48 I know. Ray couldn't have[br]done all the things he's accused of. 01:09:01.11,01:09:03.49 You I'm not so sure about. 01:09:05.49,01:09:07.66 God, how did this happen? 01:09:07.87,01:09:11.75 Sliding off a high-tension wire[br]into pine trees at 40 mph. . . 01:09:11.95,01:09:13.91 . . .tends to slip a disk or two. 01:09:14.66,01:09:16.96 Maybe we can slip it back in. 01:09:19.13,01:09:20.92 -How's that?[br]-Are you kidding? 01:09:21.13,01:09:24.67 Six or seven more hours[br]of this and I'll be fine. 01:09:31.01,01:09:33.23 What's the story with you and Ray? 01:09:33.43,01:09:34.48 What do you mean? 01:09:34.68,01:09:38.02 You know.[br]Do you love him? Hate him? 01:09:39.06,01:09:40.73 None of the above? 01:09:41.36,01:09:42.82 I love him. 01:09:43.86,01:09:44.69 You do? 01:09:45.11,01:09:49.28 Of course. He loves me, too.[br]He just has a funny way of showing it. 01:09:50.12,01:09:52.91 You guys see a lot of each other? 01:09:53.25,01:09:55.00 He comes and goes as he pleases. 01:09:55.33,01:09:56.79 That's insensitive. 01:09:57.42,01:09:59.50 But I live my own life. 01:10:00.21,01:10:01.59 Good for you. 01:10:03.05,01:10:04.17 Lower. 01:10:13.56,01:10:14.72 Kiki? 01:10:18.27,01:10:19.31 Lower? 01:10:21.82,01:10:22.65 Harder. 01:10:22.94,01:10:25.24 I'll move it around real slow. 01:10:29.32,01:10:32.12 -Don't stop.[br]-I can do this all night. 01:10:32.66,01:10:34.33 Prove it. 01:10:35.16,01:10:36.20 Faster. 01:10:36.62,01:10:37.87 More? 01:10:38.58,01:10:39.54 -Deeper.[br]-My God! 01:10:40.46,01:10:42.75 -I can feel it going in![br]-Harder! 01:10:42.96,01:10:43.71 It's almost in! 01:10:43.92,01:10:45.38 God! It's all the way in! 01:10:47.88,01:10:49.55 Hey, sleazebag! 01:10:54.56,01:10:55.39 Captain? 01:10:55.81,01:10:57.56 Do you screen all your guests? 01:10:57.98,01:10:59.14 Sorry. 01:10:59.35,01:11:01.65 Freeze! Drop the duck! 01:11:02.77,01:11:03.73 Tango? 01:11:03.94,01:11:07.90 Great police work![br]Way to stay on top of it, Cash! 01:11:08.32,01:11:10.20 -What are you doing?[br]-Nice to see you too. 01:11:10.41,01:11:12.16 You almost nailed your captain. 01:11:12.49,01:11:14.66 At least I saw him![br]What were you doing in there? 01:11:14.79,01:11:16.87 I was getting ready to make my move. 01:11:17.29,01:11:19.58 -Your girlfriend?[br]-My sister! 01:11:20.00,01:11:21.04 My what? 01:11:21.46,01:11:22.79 My sister. 01:11:24.80,01:11:27.30 That's great! I don't mean that. 01:11:27.59,01:11:29.47 I know it looks bad. 01:11:29.80,01:11:33.22 I never deliberately[br]punched out anyone in my life. 01:11:33.55,01:11:35.93 But I'll hammer you into the lawn. 01:11:36.56,01:11:39.39 Don't you know how to use a doorbell? 01:11:39.60,01:11:41.35 Just stick out your finger and push. 01:11:41.69,01:11:44.61 Isn't this 1 25 Orange Grove Street? 01:11:44.82,01:11:47.94 It's my place.[br]I have some rights in my own place! 01:11:49.07,01:11:52.95 It's my roof, my house,[br]and I let you dwell here. 01:11:53.16,01:11:54.20 I pay rent! 01:11:54.49,01:11:56.16 -It's late.[br]-Check your mail! 01:11:57.33,01:11:59.91 In Tango's defense,[br]he has been in prison. 01:12:03.04,01:12:06.38 Excuse me, my pantyhose[br]are riding into the unknown. 01:12:06.71,01:12:08.17 Way up in the unknown. 01:12:08.38,01:12:10.34 Tell me one thing, seriously. 01:12:10.88,01:12:14.30 What were you doing on the couch[br]with Queen-for-a-Day? 01:12:16.93,01:12:18.47 None of your business. 01:12:19.02,01:12:20.06 Catherine. . . . 01:12:20.48,01:12:24.23 She got the brains and the looks.[br]How do you figure it? 01:12:24.52,01:12:25.56 I don't. 01:12:25.98,01:12:27.23 Smoke? 01:12:31.53,01:12:32.99 All right, that's it! 01:12:33.41,01:12:35.07 Are you running us in? 01:12:35.37,01:12:39.04 No, but I can only keep the department[br]off your backs for 24 hours. 01:12:39.24,01:12:40.91 The feds are on the case! 01:12:41.41,01:12:43.62 Slip into something a little more butch. 01:12:45.38,01:12:47.79 Get rid of Daffy Duck[br]and clear your names. 01:12:48.00,01:12:49.34 Already started. 01:12:50.30,01:12:51.34 What's that? 01:12:51.97,01:12:54.05 This tape will clear our names. 01:12:54.47,01:12:56.14 Compliments of the forger. 01:12:56.43,01:12:57.47 Skinner? 01:12:57.68,01:13:00.10 Yeah. So what have you got? 01:13:00.52,01:13:01.64 A quarter to four. 01:13:03.44,01:13:04.69 Start here. 01:13:05.81,01:13:08.65 We ID'd that creep from the warehouse. 01:13:08.86,01:13:09.98 Ponytail? 01:13:10.73,01:13:11.99 His name's Requin. 01:13:12.28,01:13:14.70 Look him up.[br]The address is right there. 01:13:15.20,01:13:18.24 You got 24 hours to find the guy[br]who set you up. 01:13:18.45,01:13:20.95 -When's the clock start?[br]-5 minutes ago. 01:13:23.33,01:13:24.29 Honestly. . . 01:13:24.92,01:13:27.92 . . .what did you do[br]with the Elephant Man? 01:13:31.38,01:13:32.42 Please. 01:13:33.05,01:13:35.55 Come in the house. Change clothes. 01:13:37.22,01:13:39.72 You'll make a very ugly bride someday. 01:13:40.01,01:13:41.60 Are you proposing? 01:13:48.48,01:13:50.77 -Blue one's nice.[br]-Blue it is! 01:13:51.27,01:13:53.49 Sorry about my behavior tonight. 01:13:54.40,01:13:55.86 I want you to be okay. 01:13:56.07,01:13:57.53 I'm okay. 01:13:58.16,01:14:01.41 I can't believe it.[br]How did you get out of prison? 01:14:01.70,01:14:04.54 Cash had a friend on the inside. 01:14:04.96,01:14:07.75 Sorry, I had nowhere to go but here. 01:14:08.08,01:14:10.59 Where else are you supposed to go? 01:14:10.88,01:14:13.71 -The North Pole?[br]-Seriously, what will you do? 01:14:13.92,01:14:16.43 Maybe you should turn yourself in. 01:14:16.72,01:14:17.88 Talk to the press. 01:14:21.22,01:14:24.56 -How's the career at the club?[br]-That's great! 01:14:24.77,01:14:27.77 You're being hunted[br]and you worry about my dancing? 01:14:28.52,01:14:30.19 I'm not worried. 01:14:30.48,01:14:34.65 If you need a little extra cash,[br]I can buy you a bond or something. 01:14:34.99,01:14:36.95 It's seven and a quarter yield. 01:14:37.57,01:14:38.74 Big money. 01:14:39.99,01:14:41.32 You help too much. 01:14:41.87,01:14:43.62 No, I don't. 01:14:43.83,01:14:46.87 I work so much,[br]I don't get a chance to see you. 01:14:47.16,01:14:48.83 Don't feel guilty. 01:14:49.04,01:14:50.42 I love you. 01:14:53.55,01:14:54.88 Put her there. 01:14:56.47,01:14:57.80 Push 'em back, way back! 01:14:59.89,01:15:02.10 I've got to go.[br]I can't put you in jeopardy. 01:15:02.30,01:15:03.22 What? 01:15:03.43,01:15:06.06 I have filth and scum to deal with. 01:15:06.27,01:15:07.31 I'm here! 01:15:07.52,01:15:08.23 See? 01:15:08.56,01:15:09.48 Let's go. 01:15:11.06,01:15:11.98 See you. 01:15:12.73,01:15:14.61 -Mind if I talk to her?[br]-No. 01:15:14.90,01:15:17.11 I want to say I had a wonderful time. . . 01:15:17.40,01:15:22.12 . . .until Captain Fantastic leaped in[br]and smashed through your door. 01:15:22.32,01:15:26.08 When this is straightened out,[br]could we get together again? 01:15:26.37,01:15:28.16 Yeah, that would be nice. 01:15:28.37,01:15:30.25 We could go to the ballpark-- 01:15:30.54,01:15:31.92 Can I talk to you? 01:15:33.88,01:15:35.96 I don't think my sister is your type. 01:16:30.31,01:16:31.85 Easy, mate. 01:16:33.44,01:16:34.56 Come on. 01:16:39.90,01:16:40.74 I expected you. 01:16:42.28,01:16:46.37 Ponytails are out this season.[br]How are you, Cash? 01:16:47.20,01:16:49.49 Getting better by the second. 01:16:49.79,01:16:52.41 -Party on the roof.[br]-Can I invite Mr. Potato Head? 01:16:52.71,01:16:55.21 Wouldn't be a party without him! 01:16:57.50,01:16:58.67 Plan A. 01:16:58.75,01:16:59.71 Fun party! 01:17:00.34,01:17:03.13 Thanks. Requin, it's a hell of a view! 01:17:03.34,01:17:05.43 Who pulls your strings?! 01:17:05.64,01:17:08.47 Piss off! Bollocks to plan A! 01:17:09.51,01:17:11.68 I like this.[br]The view's great up here! 01:17:12.85,01:17:13.69 What'd he say? 01:17:14.10,01:17:15.15 Plan A's a loser. 01:17:15.35,01:17:20.15 Hold on. Give me a name, Death Breath,[br]or you'll end up in a baggie! 01:17:20.44,01:17:23.70 Up yours, asshole![br]You ain't worth a toss. 01:17:24.11,01:17:25.16 Drop me. 01:17:25.36,01:17:26.49 Do it! 01:17:26.70,01:17:28.07 Plan A's a loser. 01:17:28.28,01:17:29.74 Big time! Go to plan B. 01:17:30.04,01:17:30.99 You got one? 01:17:31.41,01:17:32.45 Hiroshima. Ring a bell? 01:17:34.50,01:17:35.96 Can we talk? 01:17:36.29,01:17:38.25 Not now, I'm busy. 01:17:42.50,01:17:44.17 Isn't this a little radical? 01:17:44.71,01:17:45.54 What? 01:17:45.75,01:17:49.30 Blowing a man's head off[br]with a hand grenade is a touch much. 01:17:49.51,01:17:51.17 You got your way, I got mine. 01:17:51.38,01:17:53.76 I'm glad you don't want to talk. 01:17:54.09,01:17:56.39 He'll talk if I shoot him in the leg. 01:17:56.80,01:17:58.35 I want all of him! 01:17:58.56,01:18:00.02 Maybe he doesn't know anything. 01:18:00.22,01:18:02.10 -I don't care![br]-What? 01:18:02.44,01:18:03.56 You're a cop! 01:18:03.90,01:18:07.73 I was a cop! But we're on the run[br]because of this dirtbag! 01:18:08.15,01:18:09.53 It's payback! 01:18:09.73,01:18:10.86 That's enough! 01:18:12.86,01:18:14.11 I heard about you. 01:18:14.53,01:18:16.49 You're a Section 8. 01:18:16.91,01:18:19.95 I didn't believe that weird bullshit. . . 01:18:20.16,01:18:21.62 . . .but you're for real! 01:18:22.04,01:18:25.25 If you don't want to get sticky,[br]get back. . . 01:18:25.67,01:18:26.71 . . .Jack. 01:18:28.50,01:18:29.96 You got it, sicko. 01:18:31.30,01:18:35.38 You blew it, pal. He's out of control[br]and I can't stop him. 01:18:36.01,01:18:37.68 I'm not going down for this. 01:18:37.89,01:18:39.14 I'm gone! 01:18:39.35,01:18:40.18 So long! 01:18:40.47,01:18:43.94 You got my vote for[br]Psycho Hall of Fame, asshole! 01:18:44.56,01:18:47.90 You really do look like shit[br]in a ponytail. 01:18:48.94,01:18:51.03 No. I'm sorry. 01:18:51.44,01:18:53.53 Bye-bye, birdy. Bye, baby! 01:18:54.57,01:18:55.70 I don't want to hear it. 01:18:56.74,01:18:58.95 Perret! You want Yves Perret! 01:18:59.24,01:19:00.41 Who's he? 01:19:00.70,01:19:02.37 The bloke with me in prison. 01:19:02.70,01:19:05.00 -Where's he now?[br]-The desert. Ryko Airfield. 01:19:05.21,01:19:06.46 Think it's true? 01:19:06.67,01:19:08.54 It's not raining and he's in a puddle. 01:19:08.75,01:19:09.79 Disgusting. 01:19:10.09,01:19:13.55 You fell for the oldest routine[br]in the book. Bad cop. . . . 01:19:13.76,01:19:14.67 Worse cop! 01:19:17.51,01:19:18.55 You sleep with my sister? 01:19:18.97,01:19:19.89 Unbelievable! 01:19:20.10,01:19:21.47 Did you two bump uglies? 01:19:23.14,01:19:25.73 I was so drunk, I don't remember. 01:19:25.94,01:19:27.73 Come on, worse cop, we're late. 01:19:30.65,01:19:32.94 My contribution to birth control. 01:19:35.65,01:19:36.78 Bloody hell! 01:19:41.08,01:19:42.33 Bloody dud. 01:19:42.74,01:19:45.66 -What about my sister?[br]-It's a free country. 01:19:45.87,01:19:47.96 -Meaning?[br]-Everyone is free. 01:19:48.37,01:19:50.46 And your sister is very free. 01:19:50.67,01:19:52.13 I'll kill you. 01:20:03.20,01:20:05.49 Oh, my God! 01:20:05.83,01:20:08.62 Double-armored, bulletproof glazing. 01:20:08.95,01:20:11.75 1 20mm cannon on the driver's side. 01:20:11.96,01:20:14.25 Transfer case has torque splitting. 01:20:14.46,01:20:18.75 It'll see 60 in 5 1 /2 seconds[br]and pull high-tens in the quarter. 01:20:19.17,01:20:20.63 What is that? 01:20:21.13,01:20:25.22 That is an RV from hell.[br]Care to join me? 01:20:26.55,01:20:27.93 -So?[br]-I'm impressed. 01:20:28.22,01:20:30.22 -Very impressed?[br]-Very. 01:20:30.43,01:20:33.98 Does he have gray matter, or what?[br]Owen, gone! Home run! 01:20:34.27,01:20:36.36 This will go through a brick wall. 01:20:37.61,01:20:40.65 -We are in business.[br]-That we are. 01:20:40.94,01:20:43.86 Do you know the firepower[br]we've got here? 01:20:44.20,01:20:46.99 This is a violent work of art! 01:20:47.74,01:20:49.41 Who holds the pink slip? Satan? 01:20:50.04,01:20:51.70 Take a look inside. 01:20:53.04,01:20:55.67 Didn't he invent your bazooka boots? 01:20:56.08,01:20:59.00 Owen has milliseconds of genius. 01:20:59.09,01:21:00.05 What's this? 01:21:00.46,01:21:03.17 Ultra-booster. It's nitrous oxide. 01:21:03.59,01:21:04.93 Meaning? 01:21:05.13,01:21:06.72 Who cares? We'll take it. 01:21:07.97,01:21:10.97 No, you can't[br]It's one of a kind, a prototype. 01:21:11.10,01:21:14.10 Trust us. We won't even scratch it. 01:21:14.31,01:21:15.69 We're fully insured. 01:21:16.19,01:21:17.36 Fully? 01:21:17.86,01:21:19.86 Run Perret through the computer. 01:21:20.36,01:21:23.69 Okay. I'll see what I can dig up. 01:21:27.87,01:21:29.45 Is Owen family? 01:21:30.16,01:21:31.20 Maybe. 01:21:42.67,01:21:46.13 Ryko Airfield was abandoned[br]by the Air Force 10 years ago. 01:21:46.34,01:21:49.68 It's in private hands now.[br]There's construction... 01:21:49.97,01:21:53.52 ...but the main building[br]is a mile from the perimeter. 01:21:53.72,01:21:54.89 Thanks, Owen. 01:22:13.74,01:22:14.91 Looks quiet. 01:22:19.29,01:22:20.84 This is insane. 01:22:23.34,01:22:24.71 Very insane. 01:22:26.38,01:22:28.55 Things are about to get bloody. 01:22:31.05,01:22:32.10 They could. 01:22:33.76,01:22:37.94 If one of us doesn't make it,[br]I want you to know that. . . 01:22:38.48,01:22:40.77 . . .you're the best cop I've worked with. 01:22:45.23,01:22:47.32 I want you to know something, Ray. 01:22:50.36,01:22:52.95 If you don't make it back and I do. . . 01:22:54.41,01:22:56.08 . . .I will date your sister. 01:23:04.42,01:23:06.51 I got nothing against you. 01:23:09.55,01:23:12.97 I don't want Catherine to get[br]that 2 a.m. phone call. . . 01:23:13.72,01:23:15.81 . . .saying something's happened to you. 01:23:16.93,01:23:19.14 I don't want her to live like that. 01:23:19.85,01:23:22.69 Nothing will happen to me.[br]I'm charmed. 01:23:26.03,01:23:29.15 I'll tell you what. I'll stay away. . . 01:23:29.57,01:23:33.32 . . .until you give me your blessing.[br]Fair enough? 01:23:33.62,01:23:35.20 In that case. . . 01:23:35.62,01:23:36.45 . . .never. 01:23:36.87,01:23:37.50 Thought so. 01:23:38.33,01:23:41.04 Time to work.[br]Something's on the computer. 01:23:41.33,01:23:43.33 The information on Perret. 01:23:57.52,01:24:00.64 -We're at the location.[br]-And a very serious gate. 01:24:01.06,01:24:03.35 -Is this place fortified?[br]-Don't know. 01:24:03.77,01:24:05.31 Use extreme caution. 01:24:07.11,01:24:08.23 Listen to him. 01:24:08.99,01:24:10.53 Yes, Mommy. 01:24:16.28,01:24:17.20 My God! 01:24:21.58,01:24:22.96 Real subtle! 01:24:23.17,01:24:24.21 We're in! 01:24:30.67,01:24:31.72 Let's get out! 01:24:47.36,01:24:48.61 Come on. 01:24:50.15,01:24:52.65 It looks like we're in a goddamn pit! 01:25:05.29,01:25:06.33 Come on! 01:25:09.05,01:25:10.51 To the right! 01:25:17.05,01:25:18.30 Left! 01:25:21.77,01:25:22.81 I'm going for it! 01:25:37.82,01:25:39.08 Real subtle! 01:25:39.28,01:25:40.54 Where'd you learn to drive? 01:25:40.74,01:25:41.87 Stevie Wonder. 01:25:46.37,01:25:48.25 -We're on fire![br]-We're cooking now! 01:25:53.46,01:25:56.18 -It's a dead end![br]-We're in a goddamn maze! 01:26:01.06,01:26:01.81 We're blocked! 01:26:02.01,01:26:03.77 He's playing with us! 01:26:13.07,01:26:13.90 Shit! 01:26:17.45,01:26:18.78 Come on! 01:26:19.12,01:26:20.58 Get the sons of bitches! 01:26:29.33,01:26:32.46 -Do you want the good news or bad news?[br]-The bad. 01:26:32.55,01:26:33.71 We're almost out of gas. 01:26:35.67,01:26:36.30 The good? 01:26:36.51,01:26:38.09 We're almost out of gas. 01:26:48.39,01:26:50.40 He must own a used car-lot. 01:26:56.44,01:26:57.28 Take them! 01:27:08.75,01:27:11.46 All right! That's the last of them! 01:27:11.67,01:27:13.13 Home team! 01:27:13.96,01:27:15.09 -Behind you![br]-What is that?! 01:27:15.21,01:27:16.96 Not the Welcome Wagon! 01:27:20.30,01:27:21.14 Bail! 01:27:21.34,01:27:22.18 What's that noise? 01:27:22.72,01:27:24.89 Don't worry.[br]A few speed bumps! 01:27:32.40,01:27:33.36 Let's get out of here! 01:27:33.56,01:27:34.61 I need a gun! 01:27:34.82,01:27:36.57 Are you holding out on me? 01:27:37.53,01:27:39.28 Why is yours bigger than mine? 01:27:39.82,01:27:40.95 Genetics, peewee. 01:28:24.87,01:28:29.33 Why aren 't you guys talking[br]to me anymore? Say something. 01:28:44.55,01:28:46.22 Perret has to be in there. 01:28:46.55,01:28:48.85 It's the only building left standing. 01:28:49.14,01:28:51.02 Any chance he'll surrender? 01:28:52.39,01:28:53.73 Not likely. 01:28:54.35,01:28:55.73 Remember. . . 01:28:55.94,01:28:57.69 . . .use extreme caution. 01:28:59.90,01:29:00.74 Ciao. 01:30:23.20,01:30:24.36 Nice collection. 01:30:24.65,01:30:26.32 Toys for tots. 01:31:56.20,01:31:57.32 Clip. 01:32:03.70,01:32:05.16 Look out! 01:32:12.20,01:32:12.95 You okay? 01:32:13.16,01:32:14.50 -Clean exit.[br]-You're lucky. 01:34:41.20,01:34:43.83 We never talked about plan C, asshole. 01:35:00.20,01:35:01.66 FUBAR. Big time. 01:35:01.99,01:35:02.83 Find Catherine. 01:35:05.75,01:35:09.92 When the Great Scorer comes to write[br]against your name, He'll mark. . . 01:35:10.33,01:35:12.63 . . .not that you won or lost. . . 01:35:12.84,01:35:15.00 . . .but how you played the game. 01:35:15.55,01:35:16.88 What bullshit! 01:35:17.92,01:35:19.80 This game has cost me! 01:35:20.22,01:35:21.89 I'll blow him into the ozone. 01:35:22.22,01:35:23.14 Know which one? 01:35:23.35,01:35:24.18 I do. 01:35:25.35,01:35:27.31 I leave you with this thought. 01:35:27.85,01:35:29.31 All you need is a gun. 01:35:29.52,01:35:30.02 Got it. 01:35:31.81,01:35:33.06 So do l. 01:35:34.52,01:35:36.28 Let's take him alive. 01:35:36.48,01:35:37.44 Kneecaps. 01:35:38.36,01:35:38.90 One. . . . 01:32:14.83,01:32:17.83 I've been shot before.[br]Never felt lucky about it. 01:32:18.17,01:32:19.42 Stop complaining. 01:32:22.00,01:32:23.67 -Right side.[br]-Got it. 01:32:27.97,01:32:30.47 -Some hobby![br]-We got our own TV show. 01:32:33.18,01:32:34.23 Let's get out. 01:32:35.77,01:32:37.65 Not yet. Game's just starting. 01:32:39.73,01:32:41.11 Over here. 01:32:44.03,01:32:45.49 Let her go! 01:32:51.74,01:32:53.20 All right, Requin. 01:32:54.25,01:32:57.16 You want me? You got me. 01:32:57.67,01:32:59.46 I got you both now. 01:32:59.67,01:33:01.21 Two for the price of one. 01:33:01.63,01:33:03.92 Pretty boy's trying to[br]get the drop on me. 01:33:04.13,01:33:08.01 Drop your fucking gun[br]or I'll drop sister here! 01:33:08.51,01:33:09.76 Drop your gun, Cash. 01:33:10.51,01:33:11.55 I can take him. 01:33:13.51,01:33:14.97 Drop your goddamn gun! 01:33:15.18,01:33:16.77 I drop it. . . 01:33:17.27,01:33:19.77 . . .and we're both dead and you know it. 01:33:19.98,01:33:22.69 If you don't drop it, we all go up. 01:33:23.73,01:33:25.32 Recognize plan B? 01:33:27.07,01:33:28.86 She fancies me. 01:33:29.07,01:33:31.57 Might even lose[br]her head over me. Know what I mean? 01:33:32.49,01:33:34.29 You don't know my mate here. 01:33:35.12,01:33:37.71 He's looking forward[br]to kicking your brains in. 01:33:37.91,01:33:39.17 Ain't you? 01:33:39.50,01:33:40.54 Well, pretty boy. . . 01:33:40.96,01:33:42.84 . . .I'd like you to watch me. . . 01:33:43.46,01:33:46.26 . . .pleasure your sister slow and easy. 01:33:46.59,01:33:49.93 But I only got a few minutes[br]to carve you up! 01:30:27.49,01:30:29.58 No more owes-ies. We're even. 01:30:29.78,01:30:31.87 -Why?[br]-I just saved your life. 01:30:32.16,01:30:33.62 We'll discuss it later. 01:30:34.04,01:30:35.50 Let them come. 01:30:35.62,01:30:36.96 We are ready. 01:30:47.93,01:30:49.05 Bombs for tots. 01:30:50.64,01:30:52.72 Facility destruct sequence... 01:30:53.23,01:30:55.02 engaged. 01:30:56.27,01:30:58.23 Somebody activated a bomb. 01:30:58.44,01:30:59.19 Wonder who. 01:31:05.03,01:31:07.41 -How do we stop it?[br]-We don't. We get Perret. 01:31:07.74,01:31:09.41 Get me a toy, too. 01:31:10.12,01:31:12.12 We only got 1 1 minutes. 01:31:12.33,01:31:14.00 The Raiders had[br]3 touchdowns in 1 1 minutes. 01:31:14.20,01:31:16.16 But they had 3 time-outs. 01:35:53.00,01:35:54.67 -My sights are off.[br]-Mine too. 01:35:56.21,01:35:57.88 Cash, get the door! 01:35:59.34,01:36:00.51 Hurry! 01:36:04.68,01:36:06.01 -She okay?[br]-Yeah. 01:36:06.22,01:36:07.05 How'd you know who to shoot? 01:36:07.18,01:36:08.01 The ring. 01:36:08.22,01:36:09.56 No, the monogram. 01:36:09.76,01:36:10.93 It was reversed. 01:36:11.43,01:36:13.43 -What about the ring?[br]-On the wrong hand. 01:36:13.64,01:36:16.56 Are we clever or what?[br]Let's blow this place. 01:36:25.82,01:36:27.28 20 seconds, Cash. 01:36:51.89,01:36:56.27 There's a lot more pollution in the[br]sky tonight and it's called Perret. 01:36:57.65,01:36:59.11 Kiki, are you okay? 01:36:59.31,01:37:02.03 I'm okay, I'm just worried about you. 01:37:02.23,01:37:05.24 Thanks. I'll lose my arm[br]because I saved him. 01:37:05.57,01:37:07.66 Catherine, it's a scratch. 01:37:07.74,01:37:10.45 Cash, you got sloppy and stumbled. 01:37:10.58,01:37:13.37 Sloppy? I took that hit for you! 01:37:13.70,01:37:16.83 After all I've done for you,[br]you're still ungrateful. 01:37:17.12,01:37:17.87 For me? 01:37:18.79,01:37:20.25 This is no time to argue. 01:37:20.59,01:37:23.09 He can't accept that he's[br]the number two cop. 01:37:23.30,01:37:25.38 He can't handle it. 01:37:25.67,01:37:29.22 Dream on.[br]You got your version, I got the truth. 01:37:29.64,01:37:32.47 Admit that you guys work well together. 01:37:33.81,01:37:35.60 No matter what you say, Ray. . . 01:37:36.31,01:37:39.77 . . .I've at least earned the right[br]to date your sister. 01:37:41.94,01:37:43.94 Over my dead body. 01:37:44.15,01:37:44.78 Deal.
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