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Target 2004

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You have much time with the Company Delta. An entire life, Charlie.
17 missions in Central America,
6 in the Average East.
4 in the Asian Southeast
A true one comes back to the World.
One has remembered perfect, since the first day of trainings.
The perfect Soldier.
"the works are always clean", it is this what your superiors say.
No engaged mission in yours I register in cadastre.
You know the cost to train, to equip e to keep a soldier as you?
756,000 dollars, Charlie.
It is a work life for some people in this Country.
Ages the defense and the support of thousand that not even they know you.
We have in itself a great investment.
For where it wants to start?
For the principle.
- Good, I was born in a small village… - this I do not begin.
It is important that it understands because it is here, Lieutenant.
It understands reason, not?
I believe that the word correcta he is "interrogatory"
E that more believes?
That in it equips Delta they do not like of that they resign.
Because we do not start for I begin it?
I and the shooter auxiliary Curtis Bantree…
foiz us atribuida a mission to assure an area…
where venda would have place one of foreign weapons
We had photos of satellite of the place.
We arrive thirty and six hours before venda.
We had air support of a helicopter…
e one equips in land, infiltrated in venda…
two men and a woman.
Our work was to observe and to protect.
Supposedly, it was a routine work.
But it did not leave as we waited.
What I need at this moment it is a cold mug great e of beer.
It will be the first thing that I will make soon that this finishes.
To grasp me it an enormous piece of pernil "New Iorque".
To light the old barbecue with firewood proper to arder, of the original.
Wise people who the best place to find firewood to arder is in New Mexico?
New Mexico.
Well, it does not have nothing nor nobody back in low.
Already we are here to the 34 hours, Charlie.
You find that the photos of Satellite they were correctas?
I do not see none venda of missiles stolen for here.
They are, alone there with the salesman.
I do not see nothing more than dust. But that I know.
You are to think about giving up?
To the times.
Perhaps it obtains one of these works dull clerical…
with a secretary and a computer.
Oh not, not, not, not. Men as we…
we are not men clerical, we are not friends of the office.
You know perfectly.
The old veterans say: "you never leave the work…
he does not matter how much you try to run away."
Such time could be the first one.
Already I lost some things in this time all, You tan.
She is your wife, not?
You know Charlie, is always the wife, it believes, I I know.
Attention, arrived ours equips.
Charlie, I see two hidden, the 274 meters daqui…
the northwest of the slope of this hill.
It is here.
It has somebody that me listening.
Ready and to the wait.
It has two hidden detrás of you, in the rocks to one 37 meters.
It has advanced with the operation.
E comes the bad ones there.
You bring the money?
Yes, I have it here.
It shows it.
This seems to be the leader.
He is complete.
You want to see the merchandise?
I can count four feiosos.
Excrement, it is of ours equips. They have one of ours, Charlie.
The combat procedure is always to kill first the Officers.
E later the soldiers, this I very know well.
But of this time he was different.
Who decided that you did not follow the procedure due?
I felt that the member feminine it could be engaged.
Somebody was to think to kill it?
Not at this moment.
E then as it was that it determined what it was in danger?
This is my quality.
This is badly, Charlie. They are to maltreat rapariga.
It is an excrement.
155 meters.
That devil is to pass?
This is badly, this is badly! Charlie.
Officers first, ok? Far it already…
Officers first, that devils…
My brother!
Of where they see the detonations?
I waited much time!
Nothing of this it is guilt yours, Charlie.
They knew the risk to work infiltrated.
Acolá, in top of this mountain.
It goes off.
"Brave One", "Brave One"… "Red Fox" I need immediate transport for house.
We go Charlie!
"Red Fox", "Red Fox", we go the way.
My brother.
I will make to pay them and I will use its money to kill them.
E was for house!
Bantree and I returned Los Angeles.
Where lives its wife?
Not. We are separate
What in it says respect to them, is what was transferred after the return.
You know what she transferred herself.
He says it to me in its proper words.
I returned the Los Angeles…
e took me about two days to be able to contactar my wife and children.
E later I notified my superiors that it would resign to the position.
MacArthur Park Los Angeles.
Ei! My music is not gratis, wise people?
You find that I make this for my health?
- Very obliged and that God blesses you. - you also.
Olá, mine princesinha. You are very well.
Papá, the Sam said that it does not go to take the small-lunch…
I said to it that he has, it is not truth?
What he transfers himself?
Today I do not want to go.
But reason?
But you do not have that to go, you and I only go.
Sam, you have that to go with your father.
Lisa and Sam, they go to search your things.
It goes.
- Olá! - Olá!
Somebody bound of your office asking for you.
It says please to them, that not they bind you for here, ok?
It is well.
You did not say nothing to them, already not you live here, has eight months almost.
Yes, already it said to them, but I assume that you had a bad day.
I thought that it was clearly that we would respect our space…
during the period of separation.
I am to try.
How goes the work?
Well, debtor. He hears, I have that to go…
my head has a presentation inside of one necessary hour and to have this orderly one.
Already it has six months that I am in this place e still I seem a novice.
Mamã, that is as was when all we lived together, in it is truth?
Not in such a way, my love.
Vai and takes your knapsack, your father it will leave you in the school after the small-lunch.
It is well.
Never wise person when you would come back, Charlie…
e I learned not to import itself, but the children…
She has one week behind, Sam saw a war film…
I woke up ace three of the morning and it it was in my bed, to cry…
e to say that you already would not come back.
But I came back.
E for how much time?
One week, perhaps two.
I do not know.
You go to give up another time? the last one lasted two weeks.
Maggie hears, please. All we have decisions to take,
e this, you already took it.
Not Charlie, you he is that you took it.
- You seem me well. - You also.
Papá, already I am ready.
Mamã, you do not want to come connosco?
Of this time not, wanted. You bring everything?
Sam, please forwards you?
Olá son, spirit. It gives one I hug to mamã. Until soon.
I see you after the school.
Olá! That surprise, they look at who is here.
- Olá, Maysie. - Olá, bonequinha.
Then, that they go to want? The custom and all together?
- Pancakes of wheat for all. - it does not have problem.
- How you are? - Oh, already you know, well.
People treating to buy the kiosk stop a coffee Gourmet with healthful food.
- We do not want this, or want? - Not.
- Uncle Donnie! - Olá.
- How it was? - We speak later.
- You want to take the small-lunch connosco? - We go to eat wheat pancakes.
- Pancakes of wheat! - Yes.
Who wanted you to command?
Only a coffee.
Oh yes, you had an bad night?
It only gives a coffee, Maysie to me.
Sam is depressed.
Not, I am not.
It has some problem, Sam?
It is that I do not want that mine papá it becomes to go.
- It has that to work, it is not truth?
Vocês is well?
- Small-lunch with me tomorrow? - Clearly, without lack.
It was to think that this end-of-week we could go to the coast, that finds?
Also with mamã?
I do not know, can be that mamã she is very busy.
I know youngsters, I I know…
It looks at, your mother and I we have a pair of things to make right…
but this does not mean that it does not come back you to see, ok?
- No longer I want that you go another time. - Sam you are not rude, somebody can see us.
IDE already, the school goes to start,
I go to be here to your wait when to leave, is well?
It gives a kiss to me.
This is my place. Sai.
It forgives?
It disappears.
It pardons its Majesty.
Vai you.
Not, not, eh… It is ruined.
It is not to function.
Not, it stows to the wait of 15 the 20 minutes…
I had as much hunger that I had that to buy an icecream.
Please, it leaves to help me it.
You she is Mrs. Snow, is not truth?
My God, I am friend of its husband, Charlie…
we combined to take the small-lunch, but something was transferred in…
in the school, with the small Sammy and the Smooth one.
How? With the Sam and the Smooth one?
- Yes, something was transferred. - What occurred?
It looks at, it parks its car and it comes with me, my car is there, goes in it.
- It puts you in the car. - We go, we go…
- Vocês had been deceived in the person. - the mouth Is silent and will run all good.
Vocês cannot drag me for the streets thus without more nor less.
That is America, this happens every day.
The hunted one is to start, my friends.
They go.
The bear is in movement.
For now we have mamã Ursa e fast we will have the ursinhos also.
This will make with that papá Bear it comes to have connosco.
E remembers to you, this is a city very great e our Bear…
it has friends that we cannot see.
We have that in assuring that not it to them they find until the hunted one finishes.
How it is our "Ursita"?
The "Ursita" is ready.
She is Charlie well, now the game it comes until the o your proper patio.
Hut of Curtis Bantree.
Olá beauty!
Where you go?
It carries you well, you are a good dog. You go to be to take care of of the Fort?
You want that it brings you a beefburger with bone?
I adore you.
A beefburger and we go to make a barbecue.
Where you go?
Pods not to come, you have to be to take care of of the Fort.
You go to make this for me? Until soon.
Olá, is Curtis, is not in house, please its message leaves.
- Olá? - Specialist Delta, Curtis Braintree?
Bantree. I am to speak with…
It forgives me, the American names they are difficult to pronounce.
Yes, clearly. What I can make for itself?
Not. Better it is what I can make for itself?
It hears, I give 5 seconds to it before it hangs it.
Five seconds, are what necessary.
It is well, then what it is that you can make for me?
I can assure that you to it she is a person deceased.
I am? Therefore very obliged for the acknowledgment. Until soon then.
Good bye.
As it was felt when knowing of "ending" of Bantree Sergeant?
"Ending"? This is a good word!
"Término", "neutralization", "extermination", "fire friend"…
this another one also is good. "Private", "Chuis illegal"…
Vocês has an Agency that only they can divulge this classroom of words.
e still calls to everything this "a circus".
- military Rules. - I know the rules.
Then it answers to my question.
How I felt me? My priority is my family…
my wife and my children.
E as they see, You tan was as of the family.
He says! Sir…
He is for itself.
- Yes! - Good days, Charlie.
With who I speak?
An old enemy.
Oh, yes? Which? What it is that you want?
I want you it you, Charlie.
Then because you do not leave of where you are to be able to see you.
Because this is not the way as you make, it is not?
I do not know of that me you are to speak.
Somebody wants to speak with you, Charlie.
Charlie, helps me!
Everything goes to finish well, love.
Now that I have your attention…
Who are you?
Ok Charlie, these are the rules…
First I go to kill you, as you killed my brother and to my men.
Here and in front of all!
In my Country, when we hunt a Bear…
we do not kill it there exactly, we give to it chance to it to escape.
I want that you run, Charlie. I want that you think about as it will be your death.
I want that you feel fear to die and not to know nor when nor where.
It only is plus another day for me, friend.
It thinks about your family, Charlie.
You are a man died, only that still you do not know it.
You arrived late, already I have them in my power. It silences you and listening.
You think that you could kill my brother e to my men…
e to come back to your Country, without more nor less, as if everything was forgotten.
Not Charlie. Of this time you do not go to forget…
of this time the war came to house with you.
You remember the park, rapariga to sing e the war veteran?
I have something for you there… flowers…
if to obtain to arrive, you will be able to save them.
E remembers to you, Charlie…
If you speak to somebody on this, one polices, to the woman, any one…
… they will die, not you Charlie, them.
As he said, Charlie. He has rules in this.
He sees the light pole in front, the globe is…
it is more or less the size of your head.
E remembers to you, if you speak with somebody they will die.
As your family, Charlie.
Then you the "administration" contactou without authorization.
I made what she had to make.
The first contact in a situation thus, she is its Commander.
Nolan was the only one in who he could trust this moment.
To notify, to improvise, to use. Basic rules of trainings.
Company of Samuel and Irmãos.
Maggie Johnson please.
Moan, Mrs. Johnson still did not arrive…
Please it introduces its identification.
It waits please.
National agency of Security. Center of Communications for Satellite.
Olá Charlie, How you are, my brother?
It hears, you have that to say me, how was the climate in the coast This?
- Nolan! - I Am single and.
How he is this of in leaving them?
What is transferred, my brother? Already you do not like to travel?
- It hears me with much attention. - This well, I hear you.
They had discovered me.
Of that you speak? Charlie, this is impossible.
Nobody can see your archive.
Therefore somebody made it. It has one, perhaps two or three…
e is professional.
I believe, your word is enough for me.
It is well. You I have covered, it only says me what I have that to make.
I want that you find the Maggie and the children.
They had said that they had them but I want to have the certainty.
- the old address Verifies. - It is well.
I have to my front, all the numbers that necessary, now listening…
it says me donde you are and sending you two agents before that you put the telephone.
Not, now listening me… you do not say to nobody.
Of that excrement you speak, Charlie? Pods not to make this alone,
you want that it has remembered you of rules of the house?
Now, it waits there and I will send you two agents fastest than it will be able.
You do not forget that you are only one civilian.
It only leaves to make me you a report.
Not, they had said that they saw somebody to help me, they would kill them.
This means, that nobody can help me. That is only between you and I.
You and I? Char…
Charlie, both we can put us in serious problems, you know?
On the other hand, my supervisor of area is to arrange an excuse to order me for…
the "manuseamento of archives" e I do not belong to this.
Oh, what he is, without value he does not have glory.
As he said you, I cover you the coasts but, you are without protecção…
or either, as I can also make to find you.
I still do not know.
Necessary that you find Curtis also…
I have a bad hunch about of this.
Charlie, you are there? Charlie?
Now our Bear it starts to run.
Pretty woman, you do not go to be problem some.
Not me touchs.
You have that to be silenced senão I will make you to be silent.
He stole my telephone! He stole my telephone!
I have a robbery in the park, one telemóvel. Suspected it escaped between the arvores,
e goes in the direcção This, necessary the Policy of Los Angeles.
Attention to all the units of the park, it searchs of one suspicious one,
caucasiano, 1,82 meters, 87 kilos. Robbery of telemóvel.
It has care Charlie.
Olá, I of new am.
Charlie, I bound for the school, your children are well,
but I did not obtain to find the Maggie.
- They have it. - Oh my God.
You are not worried, I go to order somebody to collect the children.
Ok. It binds to me the Donovan to it, it must be in some side of L.A.
You are to play? Charlie, it is in the black list of the Agency.
Therefore he is the only one who I can trust.
Reason? You know what it made in the Balcãs,
it had luck not to be in the list of extermínio of the Agency.
Not, it only is to pass for difficult times.
Alem of this, left makes six months e nobody knows where to find it,
also if wanting to find.
I know it, I look it in the coffee of Maysie in the center of the city.
Good, still well that you know where finding.
We have passed much thing together.
I violated a pile of rules for this someone.
- Nolan? - He is well, is well. Already I do not speak of it.
You heard some thing on Curtis?
Not until the o moment. Still it did not answer to the telephone.
It hears, Charlie. I have that to say this to you.
I am very nervous, I do not know if I will be able to make this alone.
It leaves to call me for support.
Not. What you have in the satellites?
Therefore, not very, without it joins official authorization.
I do not have real time in video and alone if actualiza each 30 seconds, or more.
Therefore it must a spy in some side e somebody with the Maggie.
They must have three.
It is truth that you go to make this alone, not?
You go to play the role of hero in this everything.
Charlie, the world is full of heroes but unhappyly they are died.
You really want to finish with the list of "finished".
Nolan you have that to believe me…
if they suspect that somebody me it is to help, go to kill it.
They want me it me.
Perhaps Charlie, you are to sobrestimar this man.
I want to say, has so far not been able to make nothing you nor to the children.
Not! This type is good.
Only making its game e it only wants me to see to run.
E this is what I go to make.
Now, I go to need a weapon.
The Donovan says who puts in some place, a Hk-91.
E later can look the spy,
but they do not make nothing until they have mine children in a safe place. He is clearly?
- He is well, you are the Head. - Well.
- Charlie? - He waits.
Charlie you are there?
I believe that he is it to try to locate me, it tracks the telephones of the park and…
it looks the localization of this call.
It does not have problem.
But listening, I go to need one minute to find it, it keeps it in line.
It is well.
I can see you daqui, Charlie.
Then, it kills me.
Pods not to see me, not?
Pods to be to be seen.
I mention you to it. I know that your spy can.
It is a penalty that you do not have tomatoes you exactly to kill me.
I can make what I want e when I want,
I can finish with yours life when to want.
You are not dull, Charlie. You only have until the o put-do-sun,
to find your family. Perhaps "chu-chu" number one, helps you.
It waits. Ei.
- Nolan? - I am here.
You have something?
- I have the sufficient for a tracing of voice. - Well.
Now it treats to inquire who is this type.
It gave another place to me! It mentioned "chu-chu". I believe that it wanted to say the park of the convoy.
Telemóvel is to be without battery, necessary of a radio and one it sets.
You are not worried, will be there.
Listening, care are there, ok. You do not have any support.
I do not want that nothing it happens you, you understood?
It is well.
Charlie? Charlie! Cursed you are, Charlie?
- What is to make? - Sir.
He stops. You he was to speak with somebody.
Yes, he was to speak with mine computer Charlie.
Cursed you are, Charlie.
Where You are, Charlie?
You see the security guard?
I assume that in we would congregate them here and in it would lead where was the robbery of telemóvel.
This would have to be a case stops a simple guard of patrol,
therefore they dress uniforms e we dress fact.
The Central office asked for to us that in we congregated here with it.
It must be for here in some side. Of all the forms we will strain the muscles.
High, you do not move yourself. It puts you of belly for low.
This is not a good ideia.
Already you heard me, already it said it puts you of belly for low.
I cannot, now listening me, it is in serious danger.
Belly for low.
Donovan. Please.
She is your mother.
Donovan, is the Nolan.
Listening, the wife of Charlie was abducted and that is a tremendous situation,
e does not have any support.
I hear, I know that already he passed time sufficiently, but we know that in it can help them.
What was everything this?
I notified Mrs. Demmings, I will take it its lesson inside of a moment.
I ask for excuse for requesting as much identification but…
it must understand that we must very be careful in these days.
Necessary that she has taken me ace children.
Therefore, when I was in the school she did not need to be worried for these things.
Oh, its sotaque, he is Russian?
Not, for nothing.
Here it is. Mrs. Demmings!
Where they are the children? Lisa and Sam?
- I finish to deliver them uncle to its. - To its uncle? Which uncle?
Where we go, Uncle Donnie?
I go to take care of of you per one instants, it is well?
How well!
- They want to go to compliment the Maysie? - Yes.
Oh excrement. Now all they go to know.
Oh Charlie! The policy walks to your search…
you go to find attention exactly that you do not want.
- I lost it. - it Finds.
- They want something to eat? - It is well.
You have the certainty of that the Charlie it said you to make this?
Donnie, that if passes?
If to say you, will have that to kill you.
Then, being thus it is better not to ask.
I go to collect your father, vocês they go to be well here?
They want big cookies with milk?
Side This of the dam. Vai crossing until the a half.
The wind about of the water approximately 6 we…
mil/pontos ahead.
Vai, goes. There it is where you meet.
Vai for detrás of the fence.
How me you are to see?
Already I have it another time. It is in…
It found the localizer.
Pods not to lose it, understood?
Already it will appear.
Not, it knows well this place very, pods not to lose it.
You must make with that it appears in the place, right now.
It could leave badly. We would not have to try.
I will not come back you to say. It orders it now.
Olá Donovan, you are there?
- Yes. - Where?
In the top of the park.
Well, then I go to facilitate you.
The last position of the spy was in limit of the park.
In the esquina Northwest. I have colon to blink in the thermal radar.
The movement localizer indicates that spy can be in one of the two places,
The two close to the sniper.
- You have the certainty of this? - Yes.
Olá, comrade. You have a cigarette?
Not tobacco. It is well?
This hashmark in your shoulder, is of the First one of Infantaria-Triângulo Despert de Ferro, not?
Therefore yes, yes, but this was e that is of now.
- It has how much walks in the streets? - Despertei here this morning.
Good days!
- It is well? - Yes, it is well.
- He is its friend? - It is now.
- You have a cigarette? - Clearly.
I noticed that you have sotaque.
Ah! Swiss.
You know, "clocks cuckoo".
Certain, "clocks cuckoo".
Olá, where obtained this? It is Turkish tobacco, is not truth?
Yevon exactly wants to kill you… the price of your head is very good.
Debtor my friend.
- Kaufer! - Never more.
Are you, Charlie? slippery man.
He has a change of plans, Charlie. He said you concerning the convoy,
but now you will have to be there inside of three minutes, or the flowers are gone.
- It waits as. - Three minutes.
Ei, ei. Cursed you are, return with my motion.
For more how much time we must be here?
Not for very.
Papá is well?
Clearly that yes.
Pods to count to me?
Yours papá is e well it will be soon here.
366 meters. Winds 2 we.
Possibility of collateral damage.
Here Feretti, the suspected one of the robbery of telemóvel left the park.
Already it has it, does not go off.
Thought Donovan well.
- He is its? - Yes.
Then, because it hid it in relva?
- Thus he would be safer. - if if not to forget.
You have reason. Debtor, I will remember this for the next one.
- Already you found it? - Not, nothing still.
This still is back in low, It finds it.
- It disappeared. - it Finds.
Olá, you are lost?
Necessary that you show to me the form to leave daqui.
"However le", you have 20 dollars.
This place is enormous.
Somebody as you can walk to give returns during hours.
-, Please necessary of your aid. - You really walk with haste, not?
- You go the way of the office? - Please.
I know you, ah?
You were the type that did not give to me nor ten cents for my music.
Therefore now, I give something to you, then we are tied up to.
Olá, I sing very well, ok? I participated…
He forgets.
He waits as. We two have problems, we are well?
Now, he shows the way to me to leave daqui and already in we separate them.
What has in the box?
The women have that to live of something.
The problems of that I speak to you, you not even the pods to imagine.
Now, I ask to you one more time, samples me the way to leave daqui?
Please. I am you to ask for it that you help me.
Untied me.
For here.
- Nolan? - I hear you, Donovan.
Listening something?
I believe that already they have the package. E you that you have?
Charlie had reason, he has one equips complete.
Spy and sniper.
Charlie thinks that she has something to see with its last work.
Wait, I am to receive an information.
I have the matrix of confirmed voice.
He is a called man Yevon Bodnar, e I am to receive more information.
Olá Donovan, listening this, Bodnar leads a group of counterattack…
with financial linkings the unions of some crimes in…
Average East and in the This of Europe.
, it vende basically mercenary to the best one asked for.
- You have a photograph? - Already it goes to appear.
When it goes to be this?
That is more far that I can take you.
The river of Los Angeles is for beyond, the auto-road is more above,
E the city is in this direcção. Until soon.
It waits as. Plus a favor.
It looks at well this photograph. It says me if you recognize something.
Something as the place where it was taken off.
Who is?
My wife.
She is very pretty.
That it walks to make with one badameco how you?
Already I asked me exactly to it per many years.
This could be in any besieges.
She will be lost it?
Not, they had abducted it.
It looks at, I do not want myself to involve with something thus, ok?
- You are a policy? - Not.
That is something that I have that to decide exactly for me.
You have children?
Yes. Two.
Charlie, you are there?
Yes, ahead.
Charlie Hears, I have, harms the news.
The policy received a call from one man who lead for "Canyon Road",
e saw the car of Tans to fly in pieces.
Charlie, I feel very, but You tan is died.
I go for the war, take yours final positions.
- Charlie? - Where you are?
I found the cursed one, but I did not obtain to find the sniper.
Where caralho you are?
In some place to the side of the river of Los Angeles.
That excrement you are to make there?
They are to guide me, Donovan, I I find that if they are to hide close to the river.
This river runs during quilómetros.
They had attracted me until here.
- the spy was itself, and I also. - Vai.
- Nolan? - I am here and I find that I know who is.
Who is?
The name is Yevon Bodnar and has reason, It is of the last work, of Zebistan.
I do not know my brother, I find that if you one escaped.
Wait, I go to have recognition of the face inside of seconds.
Charlie, Bodnar is not a good youngster, is a member of a paramilitary group,
that vende its services to the best price, the majority groups of the Average East.
But it hears this, was a bad youngster in Chechénia because not even…
the Russians wanted to have nothing to see with it.
He seems to have been one part illegal organization here in…
in the United States, but not it has much of that to speak.
Charlie, this type is a great terrorist world-wide, well-taken care of with it.
He does not have problem.
Well, because already let us stow in much small farm and I not I am ready to lose you now.
It does not go to pass. What has in the thermal radar?
Wait. Already I have it.
It seems that it has much heat beyond.
It prepares you, because this is to set very hot.
Your husband seems that still he continues with life, but…
but that pity, then more will be died.
It is to enter in the park.
Probably in the side This.
Olá, the photo that you showed to me… I know where I am.
In the old arrest, a little more above of the river.
They had closed it before I being born, nobody came back it to use.
This is a great aid, debtor.
We go, I go to show you.
Two different shoot outs. One day busy.
It does not incase, I do not obtain to imagine.
That type was assassinated with the weapon of it e this died for a apertão for detrás…
that the neck broke it. E still has of the park of the convoy.
Then you find that all are on.
The park is very small for as much coincidence.
Ok, from that it is to run away suspected ours?
I do not know, but we go to have of stopping quickly.
What way you find that it chose? The mountains to our return,
or it was under the river.
It has that to be for the river.
Now yes, you are to think Sherlock.
I wait that he is comfortable.
- Vai for the hell. - I live there.
E now, also you and the Charlie.
He will never be able to leave daqui.
In the truth, never I could understand the attitude that the Americans have.
The valentia, or perhaps dullness… when they are against the wall…
e without place for where to go, because they do not give up?
Because we are correctos.
Ah! But clearly,
the right the holy ghost of America to say to world as they must live.
Because vocês they have 200 cereals for small-lunch in the supermarket,
they think that we need this?
It hears me. Already in them they cannot continue to ignore.
Its husband soon will be here prontinho to save,
as in all the films of Hollywood,
but this goes to finish a little different.
it will not save it nor you it. Vocês will lose.
Of this time, the bad ones go to earn.
It is exactly up there.
- Donovan? - Yes.
You know the old arrest that it is to the side of the river.
Yes, I will go to give a sight of eyes.
- I go to enter. - It protects the coasts.
Charlie, pods to see the arrest?
Not, and you do not have it swims in the thermal radar?
I am in this. One sees that the arrest has residents.
But since that they had closed it it can be any one, beggars, vagabonds…
- Some movement? - Three "potential Targets".
Charlie, you think that Maggie can be there?
I find that my "enemy" it wants that it goes to inquire.
Because they had taken it?
They want me it me.
You go to kill this type, ah? What it is felt when kills somebody?
I never thought about this.
With this classroom of weapon, almost that you could see them in the eyes.
Some times.
Your children know that he is what you make? The Bible says that if it does not have to kill.
Some times God use the blackout it stops in giving more light to them.
Both we have worlds very bad, you do not find?
You must go.
Not even I know your name.
- Charlie. - my name is Sunny.
You see what I want you to say?
- care Takes, Charlie. - You also.
- Nolan? - I am here.
Already you found them?
Already I am in this for you, Donovan.
Listening, I have others two figures e I do not have ideia of who could be.
Wait, one of them is to move it e the other is in the same place,
more or less to ones 45 meters to your front.
Nolan, I am the west, what you visualize?
I have three figures in the interior of arrest in the south side,
nobody is to the return of them.
Ok, listening. One is to move and the others two are quiet.
Charlie hears, only has a chance e I do not want to give you the wrong one.
- Donovan, already you have the spy? - Yes.
- I see the Bear, and comes to here. - Where?
- One died. - Good work.
It repeats, where you are? Cursed you are.
Yes Sir. I arrive in five minutes.
We have a report of a caucasiano man close to the river of Los Angeles,
taking one it sets of great transport.
One sets of great transport?
It thinks that he is our man.
I do not know, we go.
Where we go?
If who is to run next to the river he is suspected ours,
what I believe that is, and if it follows the same direcção,
I find that we will reach it in the old arrest Lincoln.
- Nolan? - Charlie, I only can hear you.
- Where direcção is? - a little for the right Moves you.
Ok, already I obtain you to see. The more high you go, better I will be able to see you,
e when you will be to the level of the others I will say you and there it is where they are.
It is well, now is here with me Nolan.
It keeps an eye in my coasts.
- According to floor.
- Ok Charlie, has two figures a little more visible than you,
probably because you are two or three levels below.
It continues to move you thus and I will be able to see you better.
To your left, Charlie. Brave, you are in the same level.
It has cells in all sides e a great open corridor.
Charlie to your left, the 18 meters. You are almost to arrive.
It moves you.
One deceased, but still they have the Maggie.
Charlie, I have two figures above of you e is moved fast,
I believe that it is a higher level.
It moves you.
It continues to walk.
Charlie, is above of you.
- He is here? - Yes, we go.
It looks at Charlie in front.
They are three figures, two of them are to your front. It has that to be the Maggie.
It disconnect.
Moan Sir, I cannot make this.
We have a situation of life or death there it are with one of ours.
Charlie Snow is not one of ours.
He abandoned the Agency, we do not have no obligation.
But Sir, technical still he belongs to the Agency,
e this makes with that let us have obligation with it.
You leave it in this way and you will leave to go it but with a warning,
doutra form you are of you are also.
This well. Then I am of it are also.
But not before finishing this work.
Charlie Snow is there without linking, she does not have nothing and they have its wife.
Not even in she can ask for aid to them.
Still thus I have that it to supply to everything daqui,
so that it and its wife leave livings creature of this, she is exactamente what I go to make.
Please, Sir, for love of God, not he sees that this man needs our aid.
Charlie has that to decide its problems for its proper account.
It took this decision when he abandoned the Agency.
Then respectfully I make petition of access to its superior,
as said the protocol of the norms of the Agency.
- You want to pass on my head. - Yes, Sir. E immediately, Gentleman.
- it Frees. - Charlie!
Quiet. Wide the weapon.
I belong to the units special e has my wife as hostage,
I do not have time for this.
- Wide the weapon or detonation. - Wide it already.
They have my wife.
It puts the weapon in the soil, we do not want that it has left wounded, shoots it already.
Then you go to have that to go off.
Asking for support in the old arrest, several suspected deceased, I request helicopter.
Quiet, leaves it to go and puts your weapon in soil, you do not have for where to go.
Still not Charlie, we have joins debt to liquidate. You and I.
Leaves to go it e I will leave to live you.
You think that this is what it worries me.
The only way to live this battle is to finish it in bags for corpses.
It is well. It leaves it to go, does not have nothing to see with everything this.
You want that she leaves it to go? He shoots your weapon and I leave to go it.
This never will be gone to pass.
Already everything was finished.
It leaves it to go and it puts your weapon. Far it already.
Not taste very of this ideia. You took off me something that I loved,
e now I go to take off you something that you love. The decision is yours.
- This is your last chance. - Of this time not, Charlie.
Policy, releases the weapon.
- You are well? - Yes. I am well.
Debtor Charlie. I love you.
- It will be well. - Will lead some time, and with you?
always, since that my family is well.
They go to see mamã.
Debtor Nolan. Fulfilled mission.
My brother does not have problem, is contented that you and the Maggie they are the saved one.
We see ourselves for there.
One month later,
Charlie Snow was removed honorariamente of I exercise it of the United States.
Now it teaches in one school in Los Angeles,
e teaches its children to play soccer.
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