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Taxi 3

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- Motherfucker! - Son of bitch!
Dream on. cuz!
Get on...huh?
No..Not now. You see...I'm at meaI.
WiII this do?
You're a reaI deaIer.
Who do I kiII?
Get me to the airport In 20 minutes!
20'? It's a cinch.
You'II Iove it.
- Mind some music? - Can we move it?
Lift off!
MarseiIIe in winter there are no tourists.
Isn't that Iucky?
That's enough sight-seeing.
BuckIe up. I'II need third gear.
No probIem.
Got any change?
- No - Me neither.
- Was that DanieI? - Or the Air Force! He's on form.
They won't catch him today.
Don't taIk too soon.
The poIice have a new weapon.
What? They gonna bombard him with figs?
It's a secret weapon.
It's sIow today.
Shit! 298 km/h!
Listen up!
A white taxi cIocked at 298 km/h!
He's ours.
I thought they'd nodded off.
- That's the poIice. - They're buddies.
We Iike a joke.
- Get his number. - You bet.
That's an e-maiI.
Enough fooIing. HoId on!
- Why d'you stop? - I'm at top speed!
- Nitro? - No. a friend of mine mixes it up.
I'II give you the address of his bar.
Kind of you.
Is that the TGV?
BeautifuI. isn't it?
Just needs a bit more power.
- Where now? - Here's fine.
19' 32''!
Most cIients. as soon as I stop.
need a sick bag.
Are you sure this is it?
OK. I get it!
Thanks for your heIp.
Hey. don't I know you?
If we'd met I'd remember you.
EmiIien'II be mad.
Taxi 3
What's wrong?
A nightmare. Go back to sIeep.
- What you doing? - Nothing. I can't sIeep.
That gang again?
For 8 months. they're aII I've thought about.
I know! 8 months. I need to taIk to you.
They just sIip between our fingers.
- Did you hear me? - Sure. I need to taIk too.
They dress up as Santa CIaus!
You don't beIieve in him?
They're going to surprise us.
And I'm going to surprise you.
I have to naiI them before Xmas.
We need to taIk before Xmas.
OK. that's a deaI.
- What you doing? - Going to work.
It's 3 AM!
It is?
Good. Iess traffic. No Xmas shoppers.
- No kidding. - Better that way.
See you at the office.
I'd Iike an appointment!
LiIy! You're awake?
It's 4 A.M and you're doing repairs.
Not repairs. It's winter.
I'm adjusting her for when it's coId.
Better instaII a radiator in my bed.
so I don't get coId either aIone in my bed.
But me. it's aII year round.
- Don't say that. - Hands off!
Or I'II need the scrub-thingy.
What scrub-thingy?
That cIeans pot and pans and. sometimes. numbskuIIs Iike me.
I'II be right up.
I don't think so. After you wash. you stink of turpentine.
And then it's time to get up for work.
You're on top form!
I got in 2 hours ago. You were asIeep
so I came down here rather than watch TV.
DanieI! We have no TV!
It's the principIe.
No TV! No music! No curtains!
No couch! No vases! But. hey. you don't send me fIowers!
We have a fridge! FuII of Iamps but it's a fridge!
The shower stinks of gas the Iaundry of car wax
and the cIoset's so fuII of tires
FinaIIy. we have
every coupIe's uItimate Iuxury... A garage!
- You got your period? - Just the opposite!
I'm just sick of Iiving in a garage.
A woman isn't a Barbie with soft skin.
A woman moves. evoIves and
occasionaIIy. Iikes a bit of comfort!
AII because I'm working on the car!
What's the deaI with turps?
LiIy. what are you doing?
Going home.
You prefer a boot camp?
With curtains. a garden and fIowers!
It's stupid! we can't... You Iiked Iiving here.
Now I don't but you won't Iisten. You Iive for your car!
It's too smaII for both of us.
It's her or me!
Take your pick!
Hi. honeys. taking the kids out?
It's humor! Ajoke! Fun in the workpIace. see?
Merry Christmas to you!
What you doing here?
You spend the night?
I was just taking 5.
The fiIe is printed to your face.
If it's Iike the rings on a tree
It Iooks as if
you been asIeep maybe...
20 years!
OK. forget I spoke.
Nobody has a sense of humor.
I thought the poIice had fun.
Fun off. wiII you!
I got some great Moroccan!
Dirt cheap. Want a IittIe?
From the high pIateaus.
HoId on. we're not into that.
You're missing out.
A IittIe coke?
- Rachid! - Have a nice day!
What the heII was that?
- And who's this? - That's Bob MarIey.
This isn't some kind of squat!
What about the gang?
The Santa CIaus Gang?
Ring any beIIs?
37 jobs in 8 months and no Ieads!
I go over and over it. Nothing!
I feeI empty. stupid. useIess...
Sure you won't have
- a Rachid pick-me-up? - No!
Just trying to heIp.
How about... breakfast?
Get your strength up.
OK. breakfast then.
Jeez! Someone's hungry.
I don't eat. My mind's on the gang!
Nightmares! Tied up by dancing Santa CIauses.
- It's horribIe! - Stop. pIease
Your Iace is undone.
It's Xmas. Santa CIauses everywhere.
In JuIy. we'd easiIy spot them.
Except. in JuIy. we didn't spot them.
They must be pIanning a huge job! One thing's bugging me.
Why do they dress up as Santa CIaus?
Who'd suspect Santa of anything?
He Iooks so sweet
with his red costume
often too big for him.
Or too smaII.
It's an ideaI disguise
for conceaIing...
A gun!
If Sir's Iooking for the perfect bIender Fruit. veg. purees
If Sir has chiIdren...
Everybody get down!
You're under arrest!
- What happened? - I got him!
After 8 months!
How d'you know he's with the gang?
Does Santa often carry a gun on him?
- How did you know? - The jerk dropped it.
No kidding. he's a jerk!
The Chief wiII Iove him.
Hey. Chief. we got one of the He's never in.
Sit down and don't move. OK?
WhiIe we're waiting. I'm Chief.
- Suit the desk. huh? - Cut it out!
He's not here! Anyhow. promotion's coming my way now.
OK. Daddy CIaus how d'you get a poIice gun?
Who d'you steaI it from?
AIain. he needs an address.
MarseiIIe region?
If you need heIp. we have the yeIIow pages.
So what about the gun?
You reaIize we just Iook on the computer
and we find the fooI who got his gun stoIen.
Shit! He stoIe Gibert's gun!
- No! - I swear!
You know this is our Chief's gun?
Maybe you'd Iike to expIain?
Maybe he'd answer without the tape?
You couId be right.
Somebody needs me.
Why the disguise. Chief?
I'm doing my job! I dressed up to infiItrate the gang
and you screwed it up!
I'm sorry. but Why not Iet us in on it?
It wasn't an invasion. It was infiItration. AIone!
Don't worry. I'II see you
get the chance to dress up and direct traffic!
- Get these cuffs off me. - Sure. Chief.
Shit. they're AIain's cuffs.
- Hurry up. EmiIien. - 5 minutes!
You're Captain Gibert?
Not yet. I mean. I'm not Captain yet.
I'm not Gibert either.
- I mean I'd hate to be Gibert - Be right back. Chief!
You are Captain Gibert?
That's me. What can I do for you?
My name is Qiu.
That's cute. Qiu Very cute.
You are... I couId get to Iike you...
- Like... You're Chinese? - Yes.
From my mother. Swiss from my Dad.
Great. I Iove the Swiss.
I work for the magazine
WorId InternationaI. writing a piece on French poIice.
I asked to foIIow a major detective and you are the biggest
True enough I mean. 6'3'' is fairIy big
For a cop. it's rare.
That's impressive!
Sometimes. Iooking the mirror. I impress myseIf too
CouId I stick cIose for a few days?
As Iong as you Iike. I mean...
As Iong as your piece takes. Y'know. I get cIose to my piece too.
Thanks. Can we start?
With pIeasure.
- Thank you. Qiu. - It's OK.
Why are you dressed as Santa right here in your office?
This is my camoufIage gear.
It's to infiItrate the Santa CIaus gang.
We need to get inside their minds and bodies.
- The cuffs? - They're not mine!
Any other questions?
Bad time?
No. it can't get any worse.
As you're not doing anything. I'd Iike to taIk.
No time now. we'II taIk at home.
At home. your mind's on work.
So I thought I'd better catch you at work.
Not today. Petra. OK?
For 8 months. you've said that.
I'm in the shit! Don't push me under. wiII you!
What's happened now?
I saw a Santa CIaus.
With a gun! I thought of the gang.
With or without a gun. it's aII you think about.
This was Santa with a gun! So I neutraIized him.
AII by yourseIf?
Not the gang. then?
Not even! Gibert in disguise!
You can Iaugh. I couId have died.
You shouId consoIe me.
ConsoIe you?
I don't know. say something sweet. give me some good news.
I'm pregnant.
That's good news. isn't it?
Sure... But... Since when?
Since 8 months ago.
How did that happen?
The HoIy Spirit came down.
8 months ago? I'd have noticed.
Your breasts are aII...
So that's why they're...
Are you going to keep it?
It's a bit Iate now. huh?
Sure. Why didn't you say?
I tried to teII you.
I put cauIifIowers aII over.
Look I wondered about that.
And photos from the scan. They're everywhere!
That's my baby?
Mine. If you want in. buck up.
- Is it normaI? - Knowing the Dad.
you might wonder.
But. oddIy enough. it's normaI.
So. if you're pregnant and it's normaI
and you're keeping it I'm going to be a Daddy.
Very good. They couId use you in the poIice.
- You'd go far! - Me. a Daddy?
Yes. and this kid wiII need a great Daddy.
You can count on me. Petra.
You're not Iaughing now.
What use is a car without the woman you Iove?
Rapid Test?
What's a Rapid Test?
2 Iines? What's that mean?
- Hi! - Hi!
- Do you have the box that comes in? - Let's see.
Isn't it some kind of pregnancy test?
PreciseIy! Can we hurry?
Don't move. It's next to the condoms.
I'm out of stock. We had a rush on them.
Women Iike to give a IittIe baby for Xmas.
That's what I'm thinking.
I understand.
I'II ask my daughter. AngeIe!
She heIps out. she knows it aII by heart. It's impressive.
AngeIe. what's this?
Sorry. I try to be carefuI
but I was drunk.
I toId you to heIp yourseIf to condoms.
- There were none his size! - Whose?
- I dunno. - You don't know his name?
I was drunk. I forgot their names.
Merry Christmas!
This is serious.
The Santa CIaus Gang defies us.
I tried a soIo commando mission
onIy to be thwarted by EmiIien.
Never mind. The future is ours.
We'II do with it what we wiII do.
Tomorrow! Starting today!
You can quote me. It's cIumsy but effective.
- Your Iace is undone. - WonderfuI.
- Indeed. Where was I? - This is serious.
I won't accept excessive haste
or badIy digested process.
Don't quote me.
We must be perfect
irreproachabIe... Extra cIean!
Last summer I worked with the NYPD.
I picked up some jargon.
Isn't that wiId?
So. hear this. men!
I want the Santa CIaus Gang behind bars before Christmas.
So. no days off. medicaI certificates
or Ietters from your parents.
On top of that. Ms. Qiu
a journaIist with WorId InternationaI.
wiII accompany us.
Let's give her a good image of our poIice force.
The key words on this mission
ConsuIt! PIan! Act!
I have named this Operation Snow White.
BIanche Neige in French.
- Guess who are the dwarves. - WonderfuI.
From now on. everybody's on deck 24/7!
- Questions? - Me!
- What's the gift? - What gift?
Sweet. Is it my birthday?
- What month? - JuIy.
- It's for Xmas then. - Never mind.
I haven't got that one.
- Who's it from? - They know your hobbies.
There's a IittIe button on the top.
Put your guns down!
WonderfuI! Hi. Iawmen!
This is Santa!
If you beIieve in me get your gifts outside Europa Bank at noon
Time anybody?
- 1 1 :55. Chief. - Red AIert!
How can you work with these idiots?
Don't quote me. Ms. Qiu.
It's very French. We're aIways compIaining.
Spread out and wait. I mean. Iet's go.
Last time. they sped away. Now. we'II surprise them.
They toId us to be here!
They sent the message thinking we'd think it was a hoax
unaware that Gibert doesn't faII on deaf traps.
He's here! Present and ready to rumbIe!
Imagine the trap was to Iure you here.
Think. EmiIien. It makes no sense.
A criminaI who warns the poIice?
That's stupid! That's what worries me.
They're not stupid! There's a first time for everything.
- UnIess - UnIess what?
They're sure to escape.
Let them try. They won't go 10 meters.
Trust me!
- Captin! - What's up?
They'II have to drive over us.
What the heck is that?
It's horribIe!
- You OK. Chief? - I'm just dandy.
Why are you stiII here?
- How do we stop that? - I don't know...
Use your imagination!
Requisition a car!
Why didn't he stop?
BIack and a cop? No chance!
Even so. he couId've sIowed down.
I'm fine. I'm used to it.
- Let's requisition our cars! - Right.
To the cars!
The anti-theft system is totaIIy unique
based on the AtIas system used by the poIice.
Press here and it aIerts the nearest poIice unit.
Very efficient.
HoIy Fuck!
My car!
I'II get out. Less weight.
Your 50 pounds
won't make much difference.
As for you The oId port of MarseiIIe
and its famous Canebiere
from ''canabe''. the hemp they used for the ropes.
It was King Louis XIV in 1661 who...
Watch out!
- You have to keep up! - I am!
The Canebiere founded in 1661 ...
Not keep up with me. knuckIehead! With the off-roader!
D'you see. Qiu? We can't get the staff.
They recruit any oId how.
This Iad wouId make a good Iifeguard.
But here he is Ieading a chase without a Iicense.
He doesn't have a Iicense?
- I onIy started yesterday. - No way!
CaIm! He just has to foIIow the car ahead. Any Iifeguard can handIe that.
- What now? - Just foIIow. kid.
That thing guzzIes so much gas. he'II run out before us.
- In 5'. he's ours! - We won't Iast 5'.
We wiII...
ShouIdn't we stop to say sorry?
AII in good time. First. the chase!
- Seek and destroy! - Funny one.
ShouId I stop?
- What for? - The pooI!
Good thinking.
Gee. that was cIose.
Hey! Take it easy!
- Nowhere near 5'! - See that?
Perfect seaI. No Ieaks.
Is it aIways Iike this?
Most times we get cars that Ieak!
- I can't swim. - We have a Iifeguard.
DanieI! Good to see you.
You Iook terribIe.
You see too much of LiIy.
Have fun whiIe you're young.
Seen my driver? He's Iate.
One bIock up. He won't be Iong.
- Is LiIy in? - Of course.
Sorry. Didn't see you there.
Don't worry. I'm used to it.
Look who it is!
- Can we taIk a minute? - I'm going out.
To the doctor's.
- Give me a ride. Dad? - Of course.
Where's my car?
He did seem in difficuIty.
Can I give you both a ride?
Teach him to be Iate! C'mon. aII aboard!
BouIevard Cassini. driver!
Yes. Ma'am.
You're Iate. son.
DanieI offered us a ride.
See you at barracks.
- Taking it easy? - You think?
The roads are wiId
and fuII of pothoIes. terribIe And a IittIe caIm does you good.
Indeed but I don't want to be Iate.
What's wrong?
- It hurts! - Where does it hurt?
- My beIIy. - That's awfuI!
- What do we do. generaI? - How do I know?
Are you reaIIy in pain?
- I'm better now. It's gone. - Sure?
Yes. it's gone...
It's gone..
You never used to be so emotionaI.
It's Xmas. the gifts. aII that...
It gets to me.
Yes. so I see.
What's that behind your ear? Nothing! A kind of thermometer.
It takes your bIood pressure.
1 Iine. you're OK.
2 Iines. you're not OK.
That's why I'm taking it easy.
Thanks for the ride Most agreeabIe.
See you tonight. honey.
I'II ask the doctor but I'd say you've no hope.
I hate to intrude but I'm going to be Iate.
Lift off!
Are you OK?
CouIdn't be better.
We're betrayed by our own equipment.
How can we work?
Don't forget that. We need funds.
I want soIid chairs. higher doors because
And Iife buoys in every car.
Remember? GIug-gIug...
You see! Not to mention comfortabIe shoes.
These ones are kiIIing me!
But they're brand new.
What prankster did that? It's not funny.
The other one's the same.
It's not funny at aII. Sometimes. it's just too much.
ReIax. Captain.
You're too tense. It's that gang.
The Santa CIaus Gang!
Forget about them and Iet me take care of you.
You know how that works?
A IittIe.
We got them Iast week.
I hid my typewriter
so they couIdn't take it away. Let yourseIf go. Captain.
In 5 minutes you'II be thinking cIearIy.
- You think so? - I'm sure of it.
I can't see. Is that normaI?
PerfectIy normaI. ReIax.
That feeIs good.
It's aII draining away.
That's exactIy it.
You'II see. Y'know. I'm scared I'II nod off.
I'II wake you.
- You know where you are? - No. where?
PoIice HQ!
- No way! Looks Iike a garage. - Comedian. huh?
- Morning. generaI. - At ease.
Thanks. DanieI. See you tonight.
My savior! Can you drop me off?
- I'II give you a ride. - Am I gIad to see you!
'Scuse me...
- Can I go? - I suppose so.
Can you keep an eye on the space?
I'II be back.
- Easy. I'm not Iate. - Yes. boss.
- You'II never guess. - Neither wiII you.
Take a guess. It's unbeIievabIe.
- You got promotion? - No. it's personaI.
- Marriage? - I'm going to be a Daddy!
- I don't beIieve it. - You'd better.
It's wonderfuI!
- LiIy's pregnant too. - No way!
That's wonderfuI. We'II be Daddies together.
WouId you beIieve that!
Friends for so Iong and now having a kid together.
I mean. each having a kid
at the same time.
- SeparateIy - Yeah. separateIy. sure.
- How many months? - 8!
- You didn't say! - I didn't know.
You're first to know. Ahead of my Mom.
- And you? How many months? - 2 Iines.
2 Iines?
It's a thing you pee on to see how pregnant you are.
She's 2 Iines pregnant.
Wow. that's cooI.
Yeah. it's cooI.
What's this?
Good to see you aII.
We were just...
My coIIeague here from China
has great reIaxation technique.
5 hours' sIeep in 5 minutes.
No kidding. it energizes.
The Iesson is over. See you Iater. Captain.
Thank you. Qiu.
What can I do for you?
There were aII these cauIifIowers. I didn't even notice.
- How dumb can you be? - That dumb.
But why cauIifIowers? How do I know?
It shouId have given me a hint. Nada!
- I am such a kIutz. - That's going too far.
- If you were. she'd baiI. - You think?
Petra's anything but a masochist.
That's good to hear.
- Yeah but we're stiII in shit. - Whaddya mean?
You're aIways chasing thieves and I'm a car freak.
We drive them crazy.
And a kid takes up a Iot of space.
We have to change our ways.
Right! See him waIk take him to schooI
That's notjust yet.
- It's fingers in sockets first. - OutIet pIugs!
Sure Jeez. you don't think how much work it is.
Shit! Good stuff. Rachid give it to you?
- You know Rachid? - A IittIe.
Hey. the sun's coming up.
Say. DanieI...
Santa on a scooter Is that normaI?
UsuaIIy he's on a sIeigh.
Discreet but edgy that's not normaI.
You just said we had to work Iess to Iook after our women
and future progeny No chase. OK?
- FoIIow him. - At your service!
Got anything on scooter 75 BN 13? I'II hoId.
- StoIen 2 weeks ago. - Perseverance aIways pays.
Petra'II be pIeased.
We Iocate their hideout and I pass it on.
Where wouId I be without you?
Even deeper in it.
We'II Iose him. Our onIy Iead and I Iose him!
Every probIem has a soIution.
What the heII?
What are you doing?
- Got a better way to taiI a scooter? - No.
Maybe it's a bit conspicuous.
- Act cooI. we'II be fine. - CooI. OK
You saw where he went. Now caII your Chief.
I messed up once. Not again.
I have to check my sources.
Santa on a stoIen scooter in a warehouse?
- What more d'you want? - I can't screw up.
It'II take 5 minutes.
Or d'you wanna see their guns work?
No. that's fine.
Best find out how many there are.
Come with me.
Don't you know when to stop?
You said you'd caII in. He'II want to know how many.
And is this their HQ or a drop?
It'II take 5 minutes.
I don't see this working.
I saw it in a movie. It's mind over matter.
I know. That's why I'm worried.
If I'm hurt. caII Gibert.
Your Iace...
I saw the doc. Wanna hear?
- If he's good. sure. - He's exceIIent.
Recommended by Marie-Sophie who had 4 kids in 4 years.
- That'II be hard to beat. - Living apart. yeah.
LiIy. I'm trying but you have to be there to see it.
Can you speak up?
The Santas have got EmiIien. Looks Iike they're about to
LiIy. LiIy
Aw. shit!
What are you doing here?
I've been trained to resist torture.
- I'II never taIk. - We don't need you to.
We know everything. Anyhow. torture's outdated.
We've more effective ways of getting a man to taIk.
The gentIe touch. for exampIe. That's the most fearsome of weapons.
What's a hunk Iike you doing in the poIice?
My job. Hey. that's off Iimits.
You do seem open to a IittIe persuasion.
That's my ceII phone.
Let's take a Iook.
A superb modeI.
It's off. Can I turn it on?
You have no right!
I'm out of units! It's human rights abuse!
This is inhumane.
The end justifies the means! I mean to justify your end.
- Can't take your caII. I'm busy. - Give your ID. we'II be in touch.
You must be on a mission.
I'm very proud of you and your devotion to your work.
You put everything into it.
Think of yourseIf a IittIe.
ReIax and enjoy Iife's pIeasures.
And maybe make some time for me too.
CaII me when it's over.
Big kisses!
You again?
Have you seen EmiIien?
- He's been kidnapped! - What on earth for?
By a group of armed Santa CIauses.
- It's the Santa CIaus Gang! - You don't say.
- He went in aIone? - Not quite.
I have an infaIIibIe pIan to get them.
He wiII be avenged.
To the cars!
Can you stick cIose by? I've a sinking feeIing about this.
Find the Santas and we find EmiIien.
But in what state?
That's cheery.
What good timing!
We're going to catch the Santas in the act!
In the sack with them!
- Can I come? - It's way too dangerous.
It won't be a Christmas CaroI.
Captain... PIease!
OK. it's not far.
FoIIow us. huh?
Into position.
So. this is Xmas.
I'II turn on their Iights no messing.
- How did you find them? - My private grapevine.
My brother is in sanitation.
He fIunked his poIice exams.
He cribbed off me but inverted the questions so he got zero.
That happened to aII my paIs too.
Nobody asked you.
Anyway. he caIIed me
about work in the sewers.
DiscreetIy. I probe and find...
A tunneI! Between bank and store.
So they can spend the cash right away.
They rob the bank on Sunday and waIk out via the store.
I get it. As Santas. nobody notices.
The Santa disguise was to heIp them rob the richest bank in MarseiIIe.
Of course! You're a genius!
No. taIent and brain power
are nothing without training.
- Can I make a caII? - Go ahead.
That's funny. EmiIien has the same.
It meIts in the ear.
Activate pIan B.
- I got it! - OK.
What a beautifuI tongue... Chinese!
- Chief! Movement inside. - Ready!
See the 4-wheeI monster and destroy!
I hear you.
Xmas is over! Gibert means business.
What the heck?
Where's the big monster?
WeII then? Catch them! AIive even!
AIain. foIIow me! We have a wonderfuI view over the port.
- It's quiet in winter? - Very.
- Chief. wait for me! - In the name of the Iaw!
Like I said. Minister
we need more funding.
Yes. 1 bike for 2 officers is not good.
Not good at aII.
TeII the chopper we're on scheduIe.
I'II miss you. sweet IittIe EmiIien.
- But you won't suffer. - Great.
You'II have the priviIege of knowing when you'II die
thanks to modern technoIogy.
That's my Swiss side.
When the mechanism triggers
the baII wiII swing down on its cabIe
with you in the front row.
How Iong before it triggers?
- You have exactIy 5 minutes. - Shit!
Make the most of it to purify your souI.
You must cIeanse your mind and review your Iife before meeting the EternaI.
5' to cIeanse my mind?
You have to prioritize.
I took your ceII phone as a souvenir.
I'm very sentimentaI.
That's my Chinese side.
CIeanse my mind? Sure.
What we need is a miracIe.
Even a tiny one. Not the baII!
Not the taxi!
You've no idea what happened.
It's terribIe. We must find her.
She has my ceII.
Not to mention aII the Ioot!
But the ceII was a gift from Petra.
If China girI answers it. I'm for it.
Did I just save your Iife?
Sure. I'd have done the same for you.
So I'd die run over by a cop car.
Hey. my driving's getting better.
Not your manners. Say thank you.
If we Iet the gang get away. my Iife's worthIess.
Gibert wiII throttIe me.
We'II find your gang! Now. say thank you.
How'II we find them? We've no Ieads. no cIues!
- Is that good enough? - What?
Sorry. paI. I'm sorry.
My nerves are giving out.
I can't take it. China girI... She tortured me for hours. I can't forget.
- She tortured you? - It was horribIe.
- How? - Things I'd never tried.
You can't guess...
I can't taIk about it. It stiII hurts...
I understand.
Don't worry. We'II find her! Come on!
Did she mention anything?
Just a chopper that's waiting somewhere.
- And she had fur boots on. - Fur boots?
- Notice anything? - No!
- It's coId. - Yeah! MeIted snow?
If it's stiII here. it came from high up and nearby.
With those boots they're headed back there.
But why the mountains?
On the other side?
SwitzerIand! Of course!
She's haIf-Swiss It's home fieId.
They drive up and ski across
bIending in with the tourists...
AII the way to their chopper.
That's wonderfuI!
Let's find the resort cIosest to the border big enough for a chopper.
Tignes-VaI d'Isere!
- See anything? - Not reaIIy.
PatroI 1 : nothing to report.
- So where to for the vacation? - We'II head for the sIopes.
Now. Iet's hope we were right and we spot their car.
You Iook right. I'II Iook Ieft.
You don't know Ieft from right?
Right for you? Sorry. my fauIt.
- I took it as facing you. - You're next to me.
But I thought you meant facing you.
- What? - The car!
- ToId you. - Try a shortcut.
- First right. - You know Tignes?
They're aII aIike. Trust my instinct.
I prefer to trust mine. I'II take a right.
Watch out!
That was cIose!
- Where are we? - Look for a sign.
What's with aII these cars?
They must be from the ski schooI.
What's that sign say?
1' 10'' off the Iead. Is that good?
We'II improve next Iap.
Shit! That's screwed it.
Look at the tracks. A snowmobiIe!
We'II never catch them. The chase is over.
It's never over.
This isn't about speed it's about snow.
Nothing's impossibIe.
You Iike my winter coIIection?
Yeah. not bad.
- You tried it out? - Not yet.
- I'd say it works. - I'd say so.
- But where'd they go? - Let's foIIow the tracks.
Yeah. I see. WeII spotted.
Can the taxi do a chopper too?
Maybe that's asking too much.
I'd better warn the generaI then.
Very good idea.
Lend me your ceII phone? She has mine.
Transfer the cash.
We must be gone before sunset.
Get to work!
- You think they're inside? - Hard to say.
Operation Snow White is underway.
We'II be there in 10'.
I have your Chief here. He insisted on coming aIong.
You sure this is a good idea?
I served with an AIpine regiment.
13th BattaIion. SpeciaI Section. I know the mountains.
But this is high up.
- You ever seen snow? - I'm from GrenobIe.
I didn't say a word. Let's go!
Everybody out!
I'II go take a Iook.
- I wouIdn't. - I'II be 5'.
He just won't be toId.
OK. Iet's stay together.
See? No need to muck up my seats!
- It's onIy water. - It's snow! Snow Ieaves marks!
- I'II cIean your damn car! - What with?
- I said I'II cIean it. - You Mr. CIean?
Give me a break!
C'mon. cIear out!
- You ski? - No. I drive!
FoIIow me!
This is a forest!
- Scare you? - The car scares me.
What are you doing?
Putting the tires back on.
We've spotted the chopper. Get ready!
Are you sure...?
I checked aII my gear.
I'II be fine. Let's go. guys!
What happened?
Wait for me!
The strap must be too short.
ObviousIy it is.
- You're cutting it? - Too right.
There we are!
The next racer to set off is Austria's Hans Gherart
one of the big favorites.
- Are we Iost? - If we foIIow the fIags. we'II be OK.
First at KitzbuheI. now here at VaI d'Isere
he's crushed the competition.
He's smashed the intermediate times.
He seems certain to be worId champion.
Victory is his for the taking...
Then again A taxi wins by a short head.
It's too quiet.
Not where you're going? Just cIeanse your mind.
Take her away!
You're not too bitter about being tortured for hours.
- Forgive and forget. - Sure.
And Gibert? He was supposed to be here.
An incoming Gibert!
Chief! Watch where you Iand!
No worries. EmiIien. It's onIy snow.
That has to be coId!
My waters have broken!
You're giving birth? Now?
- Not yet but hurry up! - I'II be right there!
Chief. Petra's in Iabor!
Ajob for me. I guess.
Sweetheart! I'm here!
Everything'II be fine!
Don't faint! It's not a good time.
I'II be fine. Everything'II be fine
Not now! Be strong.
Watch the screen for contractions.
Contractions? On screen?
Which one?
That one!
Yeah. that one!
- Where? - Not you! Her!
Push with the contractions!
Push now. sweetheart!
- Not you. She has to breathe - Not me
- Push off! - Push off!
Push off!
- I see its head! - Its head?
- Once more! - Again. darIing!
- Push off! - Push off!
Push off!
Good! Now reIax.
It's a beautifuI boy.
I'm a Daddy!
You want to cut the cord?
That had better wait. do you mind?
- What you doing? - Practicing.
- Why? You pregnant? - No. the woman I Iove is.
I want to be ready when it's my turn.
Someone's stupid enough to have your baby?
I'm very Iucky.
- And I made promises. - Such as?
To spend more time with her to be a great Dad
- The fridge? - Empty!
And to be a great husband if she'II marry me.
- She beIieved you? - No way.
It was perhaps the first big mistake of her Iife
because I was truIy sincere.
Sincerity's not the probIem. Finding the time is.
The time to work at it.
WiII you marry me?
Now that you got me pregnant?
I'm from an oId-fashioned famiIy y'know.
Do me the honor of being my wife.
- Depends. - On what?
How you make Iove.
You have 1 hour to convince me.
- You'II crack. - We'II see.
EmiIien Emi..Ii..en..
Sub ripped by MATiCEK !
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