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Taxi Driver CD2

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l saw some suspicious-looking people over there.
-You did? -They were right over there.
They were just here.
They were very, very....
Where did they go?
ls it hard to get to be in the Secret Service?
l was just curious, because l think l'd be good at it.
l'm very observant.
l was in the Marine Corps, you know.
l'm good with crowds.
l noticed your little pin there. lt's like a signal, isn't it?
Sort of.
A signal. A secret signal for the Secret Service.
What kind of guns you guys carry?
.38s? .45s? .357 Magnums? Something bigger, maybe?
Look, if you're really interested, if you give me your name and address...
...we'll send you all the information on how to apply. How's that?
-You will? -Sure.
Why not?
My name is Henry...
...Krinkle. K-R-l-N-K-L-E.
1 54 Hopper Avenue.
You know, like a rabbit? Hip, hop.
Fair Lawn, New Jersey.
ls there a zip code?
6-1 -0-4-5-2.
That's six digits. 6, 1 ....
Oh, well, 6-1 -0-4-5.
l was thinking of my telephone number.
Well, l've got it all.
Henry, we'll get all the stuff right out to you.
Thanks a lot. Hey, great. Thanks a lot. Hell. Jesus.
-Be careful today. -Right. Will do.
You have to be careful around a place like this. Bye.
Faster than you. Fucking sick.
l saw you coming, you fuck.
l'm standing here. You make the move.
You make the move.
lt's your move.
Don't try it, you fuck.
You talking to me?
You talking to me?
You talking to me?
Then who the hell else are you talking to? You talking to me?
Well, l'm the only one here.
Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?
Oh, yeah?
Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads.
Here is a man who would not take it anymore.
Who would not let--
Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads.
Here is a man who would not take it anymore.
Who stood up against the scum...
... the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit.
Here is someone who stood up.
Here is....
You're dead.
Hey, Travis, qué pasa?
Hi, Melio. Qué pasa?
Yeah, man?
Shut your fucking mouth and give me the cash out the drawer. Come on!
-Let's go. Give me the damn cash. -Don't shoot.
Stop taking so long. Come on!
Let me have it. Give me the bread.
-This all you got? -That's it.
l don't have any more money, man.
-That's all l got! -You got more.
-l tell you, l got no money! -Reach in your sock.
Give me the rest of the fucking bread.
-Did you get him? -Yeah, l got him.
Shit, man.
-ls he dead? -l don't know. His eyes are moving.
l ain't got a permit. l don't know what l'm gonna do.
Don't worry. l'll take care of it.
Can l pay you?
Just get out of here.
No, man. l'll take care of it. Go ahead.
That's the fifth motherfucker this year!
Walt Whitman, that great American poet...
...spoke for all of us when he said...
... "I am the man. I suffered.
I was there. " Today I say to you...
... we are the people. We suffered.
We were there.
We, the people, suffered in Vietnam.
We, the people, suffered. We still suffer...
... from unemployment, inflation...
... crime and corruption.
Dear Father and Mother...
...July is the month I remember...
... which brings not only your wedding anniversary...
...but also Father's Day and Mother's birthday.
I'm sorry I can't remember the exact dates...
...but I hope this card will take care of them all.
I'm sorry, again, I cannot send you my address...
... like I promised to last year.
But the sensitive nature of my work for the government demands utmost secrecy.
I know you will understand.
I am healthy and well and making lots of money.
I've been dating a girl for a few months...
...and I know you'd be proud if you could see her.
Her name is Betsy, but I can tell you no more than that.
Hey, cabbie, you can't park here.
Come on! Come on, let's go! Let's go! Move it!
--bear the burden of suffering for the few.
No more will we fight the wars of the few...
... through the heart of the many.
I hope this card finds you all well, as it does me.
I hope no one has died. Don't worry about me.
One day there will be a knock on the door and it'll be me.
Love, Travis.
Don't you have some idea?
I'm not the one who wants to talk.
You must know that the reason that I didn't marry him...
... is because I couldn't stand to be a cause of divorce.
Now he's getting a divorce anyway.
Phillip wants to marry me, Brock.
I do love him.
What about us, June?
Our marriage?
You know our marriage wasn't legal.
In the eyes of God, we are married.
Brock, please don't do this to me.
I love him--
God damn!
-Are you looking for some action? -Yeah.
See that guy over there?
Go talk to him. His name is Matthew.
l'll be over there waiting for you.
Your name Matthew? l want some action.
l swear l'm clean. l'm just waiting here for a friend.
You're gonna bust me for nothing, man?
l'm not a cop. l ain't a--
Then why are you asking me for action?
Because she sent me over.
l suppose that ain't a .38 you got in your sock.
l'm clean, man.
Shit, you're a real cowboy?
That's nice, man. All right. That's all right.
1 5 dollars, 1 5 minutes. 25 dollars, half an hour.
Cowboy, huh?
l once had a horse. On Coney lsland.
She got hit by a car.
Well, take it or leave it.
lf you wanna save yourself some money, don't fuck her.
She'll be back for more.
She's 1 2 years old. You ain't never had no pussy like that.
Do anything you want. Come on her...
...fuck her in the mouth, in the ass. Come on her face.
She'll get your cock so hard, she'll make it explode.
But no rough stuff. All right?
All right, l'll take it.
Hey, man! Don't take out no money over here.
You gonna fuck me?
You're gonna fuck her. You give her the money.
Catch you later, copper.
What'd you say?
See you later, copper.
l'm no cop, man.
Well, if you are, it's entrapment already.
l'm hip.
Funny, you don't look hip.
Have yourself a good time. Go ahead, man.
You're a funny guy.
But looks aren't everything.
Go ahead, man. Have a good time.
The room'll cost you ten bucks.
l'm timing you too.
Come on.
Are you really twelve?
Listen, mister, it's your time. 1 5 minutes ain't long.
When that cigarette burns out, your time is up.
How old are you?
You won't tell me?
What's your name?
That's not any kind of name.
lt's easy to remember.
Yeah, but what's your real name?
l don't like my real name.
What's your real name?
What's wrong? lt's a nice name.
That's what you think.
No, don't do that. Don't you remember me?
Remember when you got into a taxi? lt was a checkered taxi.
You got in and that guy Matthew came by...
...and he said he wanted to take you away.
He pulled you away.
l don't remember that.
You don't remember?
l'm gonna get you out of here.
We better make it or Sport will get mad.
-How do you wanna make it? -l don't want to. Who's Sport?
That's Matthew. l call him Sport.
Wanna make it like this?
Listen, l....
Can't you understand something?
You came into my cab.
You wanted to get out of here.
l must've been stoned.
Why? They drug you?
Come off it, man.
What are you doing?
Don't you wanna make it?
l don't wanna make it. l wanna help you.
Well, l could help you.
Damn, man!
Goddamn it!
Shit, man. What the hell's the matter with you?
We don't have to make it, mister.
Damn it! Don't you want out of here?
Can you understand why l'm here?
l think l understand.
l tried to get into your cab...
...and now you wanna come and take me away.
ls that it?
Yeah, but don't you wanna go?
l can leave any time l want.
Then what about that one night?
Look, l was stoned.
That's why they stopped me.
When l'm not stoned l got no place else to go.
So they just...
...protect me from myself.
l don't know.
l don't know. Okay, l tried.
l understand.
And it means something, really.
Well look, can l see you again?
-That's not hard to do. -Not like that.
l mean, you know, regularly. This is nothing for a person to do.
How about breakfast tomorrow?
-Tomorrow? -l get up at 1 :00.
One o'clock?
Well, l got that thing. l don't know--
Do you want to or not?
Yeah, l want-- Okay, all right.
-One o'clock. -One o'clock.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
Oh, lris. My name is Travis.
Thanks a lot, Travis.
So long, lris. See you tomorrow.
Sweet lris.
This is yours.
Spend it right.
Come back anytime, cowboy.
l will.
Why do you want me to go back to my parents?
They hate me.
Why do you think l split? There ain't nothing there.
But you can't live like this. lt's a hell.
A girl should live at home.
Didn't you ever hear of women's lib?
What do you mean, "women's lib"?
You're a young girl. You should be at home now.
You should be dressed up, going out with boys.
You should be going to school.
-You know, that kind of stuff. -Oh, God, are you square.
l'm not square. You're square.
You're full of shit, man.
What do you mean? You walk out with...
...fucking creeps, lowlifes and degenerates...
...and you sell your little pussy for nothing, man?
For some low-life pimp?
Stands in a hall.
l'm square? You're the one that's square, man.
l don't go screw and fuck with killers and junkies like you.
You call that being hip?
What world you from?
Who's a killer?
That guy Sport's a killer.
Sport never killed nobody.
-He killed-- -He's a Libra.
He's a what?
l'm a Libra too. That's why we get along so well.
He looks like a killer to me.
l think that Cancers make the best lovers...
...but my whole family's air signs.
He's also a dope-shooter.
What makes you so high and mighty? Will you tell me that?
Don't you ever look at your own eyeballs in the mirror?
What'll you do about Sport and that old guy?
-When? -When you leave.
l'll just leave them.
-Just leave? -They got other girls.
You can't just do that. What are you gonna do?
Want me to call the cops?
The cops don't do nothing. You know that.
Sport never treated me bad. He didn't beat me up once.
But you can't allow him to do the same to other girls.
You can't allow him to do that.
He's the lowest kind of person.
Somebody's got to do something to him.
He's the scum of the earth.
He's the worst...
...sucking scum l have ever, ever seen.
You know what he told me about you?
He called you names. He called you a little piece of chicken.
He doesn't mean it.
l'll move up to one of them communes in Vermont.
l never seen a commune before, but l don't know....
l saw...
...some photos once in a magazine. lt didn't look very clean.
Why don't you come with me?
What? Come to the commune with you? No, no.
Why not?
l don't go to places like that.
Come on, why not?
l don't get along with people like that.
Are you a Scorpion?
That's it. You're a Scorpion. l can tell every time.
Besides, l gotta stay here.
Come on. Why?
l got something important to do.
So what's so important?
Doing something for the government.
The cab thing is just part-time.
Are you a narc?
Do l look like a narc?
l am a narc.
God! l don't know who's weirder, you or me.
-Sure you don't wanna come with me? -l'll give you the money to go.
-You don't have to. -l want you to take it.
l don't want you to take anything from them.
And l wanna do it.
l don't have anything better to do with my money.
l might be going away for a while.
You're just a little tense, that's all.
l don't like what l'm doing, Sport.
Baby, l never wanted you to like what you're doing.
lf you ever liked what you were doing, you wouldn't be my woman.
You never spend any time with me anymore.
Well, l got to attend to business, baby.
You miss your man, don't you?
l don't like to be away from you either.
You know how l feel about you.
l depend on you.
l'd be lost without you.
Don't you ever forget that.
How much l need you.
Come to me, baby.
Let me hold you.
When you're close to me like this, l feel so good.
l only wish every man could know what it's like to be loved by you.
That every woman, everywhere...
...had a man who loves her like l love you.
God, it's good so close.
You know, at times like this...
...l know l'm a lucky man.
Touching a woman who wants me and needs me.
lt's only you that keeps me together.
Now I see it clearly. My whole life is pointed...
... in one direction. I see that now.
There never has been any choice for me.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...the next president of the U.S., Senator Charles Palantine.
Thank you, Tom.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...we are met today at a crossroads, Columbus Circle.
This is no ordinary place.
lt is a place where many roads and many lives intersect.
lt is appropriate that we meet here today...
...because these are not ordinary times.
We meet at a crossroads in history.
For far too long, the wrong roads have been taken.
The wrong roads have led us into war, into poverty...
...into unemployment and inflation.
Today l say to you, we have reached the turning point.
No longer will we, the people, suffer for the few.
l would lie to you if l told you the new roads would be easy.
They will not be easy.
Nothing that is right and good has ever been easy.
We, the people, know that.
And we, the people, know the right roads and the good.
Today l say to you, we are the people, you and l.
And it is time to let the people rule!
Thank you.
All right, let him through. Pull back.
Over there. Get that man.
Give him some air!
Give him some air, will you?
-l never saw him. -l saw him run.
-l saw him. -Where was he?
What's happening?
Got the money?
lris in her room?
Hey, Sport, how you doing?
Okay, okay, my man. How--
-Where do l know you from, man? -l don't know.
How's everything in the pimp business?
Do l know you?
Do l know you?
Get out of here. Get lost.
Do l know you?
How's lris?
You know lris.
No, l don't know nobody named lris.
lris? Come on, get out of here, man.
You don't know lris?
l don't know nobody named lris.
Get back to your tribe before you get hurt.
l don't want no trouble, okay?
You got a gun?
Get the fuck out of here, man. Get out of here.
Suck on this.
You crazy son of a bitch!
Fucking son of a bitch!
l'll kill you!
l'll kill you! l'll kill you!
l'll fucking kill you!
Son of a bitch!
l'll kill you!
You fucking bastard! l'll kill you!
You crazy son of a bitch! l'll kill you!
Don't shoot him!
Dear Mr. Bickle.
I can't say how happy Mrs. Steensma and I were...
... to hear that you are well and recuperating.
We tried to visit you at the hospital...
... when we were in New York to pick up Iris...
...but you were still in a coma.
There is no way we can repay you...
... for returning our Iris to us.
We thought we had lost her...
...and now our lives are full again.
Needless to say... are something of a hero around this household.
I'm sure you want to know about Iris.
She's back in school and working hard.
The transition has been very hard for her... you can well imagine.
But we have taken steps to see...
...she has never cause to run away again.
In conclusion...
...Mrs. Steensma and I would like to again thank you...
... from the bottom of our hearts.
Unfortunately, we cannot afford to come to New York again...
... to thank you in person, or we surely would.
But if you should ever come to Pittsburgh... would find yourself a most welcome guest in our home.
Our deepest thanks, Burt and Ivy Steensma.
Eddie, the owner-operator, comes up and says, " l want to swap tires."
l say, "These are new tires.
Why not throw in something else, like your wife?"
She was Miss New Jersey, 1 957.
That's why the fleet has no spares.
Doughboy, Wizard, Killer.
-Charlie T. -What's happening?
Hey, Travis, you got a fare.
Well, see you later.
See you, Travis.
Hello, Travis.
l hear Palantine got the nomination.
Yeah, won't be long now. Seventeen days.
Well, l hope he wins.
l read about you in the papers. How are you?
lt was nothing, really. l got over that.
Papers always blow these things up.
Just a little stiffness. That's all.
How much was it?
So long.
Subtitles by GELULA & CO., lNC.
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