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Taxi para 3

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13 more installments and the car is mine.
Check it out, Chavelo, I made it start myself!
What is it, asshole? Get down, shithead! Come on, get down!
- What...? - Get down, jerk!
What is it?
Chose, you tideass: steer or trunk.
I got 1,000 pesos from de first round. That's all I got.
I said steer or trunk.
- Steer. - Okay, let's get outta here.
Coto, move over!
Ok, cab driver. Go straight down and you better watch out...
...l'll tell you where to stop.
So, how's the job?
If it was good, I wouldn't bring passengers here.
We thought this car could only get this far.
Problems with the start engine?
I'm still paying it and it's already giving me trouble.
Imagine it...
If everything could be fixed the way you fix things...
...with a hammer...
...that'd be something!
Alright, gentlemen... Let's work!
We'd give our lives for them.
Cotito grew up by himself, that's why I show him the way.
Today's the bastard's debut.
The best school in life is still the street... Way better!
Slow down, cabby!
Slow down, slow down!
Hey! Look! Look over there!
- You see? - The old lady?
C'mon, kiddo, do it!
Listen, where are you going with that hammer?
I don't like what you're thinking, cabby.
- I'm not a cab driver. - No?
A hostage, mugged just like the poor old lady.
Still I don't like what you're thinking.
Hurry, Coto! It's just an old lady!
She won't let go!
Leave her alone, she's just a poor old lady.
- I don't want to hear that. - Cool it, easy...
Get ready to bust outta here!
C'mon, go!
- Go, cab driver! - Let's go, get outta here!
Get outta here or or I'll rip the roof to pieces!
The red light!
Careful with the red light! Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!
Stop, we know you can drive, madman! Stop, cabdriver!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Watch it! Are you a bus driver?
Fuck you!
Cool, Fitipaldi!
Fitipaldi, Fitipaldi!
Fitipaldi, Fitipaldi, Fitipaldi!
Fitipaldi, Fitipaldi!
One buck for Cotito, one buck for me, one for Fitipaldi.
- One buck for me... - Hey, teach me how to drive. for Fitipaldi. - I wanna drive like you.
- One for me, another one for you, another for Fitipaldi. - Hey, man!
One buck for Cotito, one for me, one for Fitipaldi.
The lady had like 60,000 with her.
...where do I leave you?
What? We're just starting, cabdriver!
- Well, but I'm through! - Ahhh!
Besides. I don't like this at all!
Neither do I.
The cops.
Alright, here's your share.
No, no, no, don't give anything. I'm not a thug. Keep your money.
Money is money. What is fair is fair. You're working with us now.
Working? Have you forgotten I'm being mugged?
Here's what we owe you then, son.
Next time turn the meter on.
What if I took you to the cops?
I'd cut your throat and the car's roof would stain.
You really wanna know? Let's go back to the market.
- Fitipaldi... - I can't help loving you...
- Fitipaldi... - I can't help loving you...
- Fitipaldi... - I can't help loving you...
- Fitipladi... - I can't help loving you. - Fitipaldi.
- I can't help loving you. - Fitipaldi.
C'mon, don't. What do you want blankets for?
- To cover ourselves. It's cold. - You'll make me lose my job!
Hey, don't get any closer! I sting!
Who's gonna believe I got mugged?
Don't you worry, son, we believe you.
- At least cut me! -Beat it! - At least a small cut. - Bye!
- Bye! - Cut him already!
- At least a small cut! - Bye!
A straight cut is no big deal.
I got all stained with blood!
- This one's for you. - No, not the green one!
- Why not? - It reminds me of the cops.
He didn't even ask for the blankets.
He only asked you for a small cut!
- Not "you". He asked "us"! - Just a cut, so they'd believe him.
You said it yourself, he didn't care about the blankets.
He said: "What do you want them for?"
Tell me! Would you have given them back if he'd asked?
Are you nuts? Give that asshole the blankets back?
Sure. You mug me, offer me half the money and you think...
...I don't get your game, assholes? - Tell us, what game?
Lowlives, lowlives, bullies.
The bully is the asshole he has to show the cut to.
That bastard's a bully. We're just middlemen.
Middlemen my balls! Muggers, assholes, vulgar...
...muggers. That's what you are, you vile, lowlives, vulgar... steal from your own people.
Did your friends leave?
Friends? They took me as a hostage early this morning.
Hostage? Why don't you run away now? Nobody sees you.
If I'm not back in 5 minutes, they'll cut the seats of my Lada.
But it's not for my problems that I'm here. I...
...convinced them what they're doing was fucked up. - They're muggers.
Yes, first they were gonna give you two blankets, but...
...if they caught you, you'd be screwed. - So?
What d'you mean so? Leave that wound alone, man!
You should cover it, it makes me nervous.
The youngest got scared stiff, he didn't have the guts to cut me.
- Lf he had to, he'd cut your arm off. - You think so?
Listen, kiddo, what these guys want... to rob your boss.
Give them the address, you'll get a share, they'll take care of everything.
You can leave the tricycle in the small shop.
Rob my boss?
Yes. You can always say you were robbed.
C'mon, boy, let's go before they fuck up my Lada.
They keep the money at an office, next to the counter.
The old man in glasses knows.
Alright, you two be ready to get out of here.
Hey, mister, thank you.
On top of all, the asshole thanks me.
- Hey, are you hungry? - A little.
- Shall we go eat something there? - Yeah.
- Is that okay? - A little thicker, please.
Put chili on it, please.
- Thanks. - Thanks.
Run, asshole!
Quick, hurry, cab driver!
Why the fuck didn't you say they had a gun?
Why didn't you say the assholes had guns?
- You almost got us killed! - Go, cab driver!
We almost got killed!
Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Give him the fourth as we agreed and let's go.
His share, man, his share's missing.
50 bucks.
Give him the 50 bucks and let's get outta here.
50 bucks.
Go to the hospital, have them check that wound. Tell them a couple of...
...mongoloids mugged you.
A lot of money, considering he didn't do much.
- Chavelo, I'm hungry. - So what?
Here, kiddo.
Hey, Coto, tell him.
We fooled the boy. We scared the shit out of the old man...
...and he opened immediately the safe.
Two grands, two.
What are you doing? Where are you going?
To give the kid his share. The 4th part.
Look, blood from the old man.
He opened the safe because it was connected to the...
...alarm, that's why they ran after you. - What alarm?
- You gave him 50 bucks. - Yes.
You must give him 450. That's fair.
- You want me to slit your throat? - Chavelo...
This asshole has a knife on me!
What a smart cookie. Who would have thought?
I bet the asshole thanks me again.
Thank you.
I don't know about you, but I'm bored of working.
So let's take the stuff to your place.
- My place? - Then we'll go to ours.
- And why mine first? - Just think.
Ulises, you brought blankets, what a surprise!
Listen, one question and I'll hit you!
Hey, mum, Carlos' staying for dinner!
Carolina's also staying!
Here begins an adventure we want you to witness...
It's Javiera's turn to serve.
- Amaro, go get the bread. - I did it last time!
And I cooked the last time.
It's always me.
May I also bring some Coke?
No Coke today. Just water.
- Sure, today's the 20th. - The Lada's installment...
We entered the aquatic phase: soup and water.
I bought Coke. Dad gave me the money.
Bring the Coke, Amaro, and stop the talking.
And me, saving like a fool.
- May I ask without being kicked? - No.
- You should've bounced it here. - Quiet. They're talking about UFOs.
You threw Coke on the TV, Amaro.
Come throw with us the first stone...
...the sound of which when reaching the bottom...
...will throw light over the existence of other lives.
Ulises, look me in the eyes.
Is this money from the horses track?
It's no wonder...
...this modern industrial area...
...caught our alien friends' attention...
...and that they used it as a landing strip.
That's maybe the reason this is one of the places...
...where UFOs have been most seen in the last 15 years.
"Run"! I told the mugged kid and we got in the cab.
I started the engine and waited for the others.
Then I heard the two first shots, pal. I speeded up...
...and got outta there. These two...
...just couldn't believe it, pal. - How much did you make?
I could have fucked them up, but I didn't want to.
They would've fucked up the Lada. And I would spend more than...
...a year in Court Houses. - Forget it.
Besides, do we solve the problem of delinquency? Of course not.
The problem's deeper than that.
- It's with politicians. - It's not. Problem's wealth badly distributed.
It's in the values we give to our kids since...
...they are born. - It's in badly distributed wealth, believe me.
If I tell my kids not to assault cabs...
...they won't do it. - You instil your authority as a father.
If I get back home every day at 1 1...
...what can I tell my boy if he's already sleeping?
Teachers should do that. Otherwise...
...when they grow old, there's nothing you can do about it.
- That's useless - It depends on how you do it.
Someone must set the limits.
From here on, off with their heads.
Fine, but when they're small.
Your draft.
Thank you.
You know, ma'am, I want to pay another one in advance.
There's nothing like a peaceful night sleep.
There's nothing like having money. Peace comes alone then.
You said it, considering the times we're living in...
You know what? I'll make one voucher for both drafts.
Yeah, thanks.
- Will you sign here, Mr. Ulises? - Yeah, thank you.
- Your drafts and your voucher. Thank you. - Thank you.
Steer or trunk.
A small one for me, please. But very juicy.
I'm Raimundo Padilla, from the Antiasasults Brigade.
My cousin Julian told me your story.
Excuse me! I didn't offer you.
You chose the steering wheel.
I'm sorry, I don't smoke. I just got tempted.
You chose steering wheel, they said.
Yes, I say so many things.
- I just said I smoked and... - You did?
Yes, I tell stories. Your cousin Julian also does.
Has he told you the one about the stuttering pimp?
- No. - Ask him. - I will.
Listen, can I take a look at your car?
Yeah, sure.
You know what? Why don't we better take a ride on it?
What do you say?
- Shall we? - Let's go.
- So long. - So long.
We'll go to La Florida. A lady there sold a...
...sandwich to a cab driver they say looks like you.
Armed robbery, 5 million...
That's a lot of money!
Here I am again.
Yes, may I help you?
Here's my cab driver friend, he says he never had one of your sandwiches.
Come a little closer, don Ulises.
Look at her, she won't brake.
I've never seen this man.
Curly hair, not too tall, that's the description you gave us.
- Why don't you take a better look? - Yes, but...
...l've seen so many like him... And considering I was against the light...
You mean you've never seen this man?
I can swear it.
I got hungry from waiting so long. I'd like...
...a roast beef sandwich. With a lot of chili.
I want one too, but without chili.
It's bad for my stomach. I've got duodenal ulcer.
Duodenal ulcer!
You know? Give me your address just in case someone around...
...has a good memory stroke. Tell me.
Hector Ahumada 1610. Cerro Navia.
Thinner, please.
- Is that alright? - That's perfect.
They are ugly, awful, and also crooked.
- Crooked? - Yeah, they are crooked. Look.
Mum called the dentist for an appointment...
...nobody'll ever look at me again.
I wish my parents had worried so much about my teeth, dear.
At my age you had pimples. That's bad enough.
Nunoa Square, please.
Dad, I need money for the dentist. Didn't mum tell you?
I ain't got a penny.
Didn't mum tell you anything? I must go.
Go to the dentist. Tell him I'll go by tomorrow... pay him, okay? C'mon, go.
- I would've preferred your pimples. - Have a nice time.
You're looking well, cab driver.
Hey, your daughter's a cutie.
I bet she looks like her mother.
They say business is bad.
Did you miss us, cabby?
We've been thinking about the last time we worked together...
...and what you told us, remember?
- The time you assaulted me? - We think you're right.
You called us low life thugs, bullies, vulgars.
You called us miserables. You were pretty harsh.
We got the point. We're in the year 2000 and times change.
If we don't change, we're lost.
- No more knife. - Put that down.
Yeah, son. You gave us the push...
...we needed. So we're ready to work together again.
- Work together? - Yeah.
- You're gonna assault me again? - Listen, we never assaulted you.
You threatened me with the trunk and then with the knife.
- You take everything so seriously. - Take it as you want, but... we are again to work professionally... it should be, doing things your way, you get it?
Few things but well done.
And we'll rob the rich, not the poor.
Choose, steer or trunk?
Fitipaldi... Fitipaldi...
- C'mon! Cut the shit! With one condition. - Okay.
"If you don't do what we tell you, we'll kill your loved ones."
- "All your loved ones." -No, not all of them. Not all of them.
"Your loved ones."
- Okay? - "Loved" is spelled with "v".
Are you for autenticity or embel... ment?
Embel... what?
I'm writing it this way so they won't think you wrote it.
C'mon! Hurry, Cotito! Hurry, Cotito! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
What, what, what...
- Listen... - C'mon!
Hey, kiddo! So? How much did we make?
Are you fucking with me?
I'm not.
Is this all there was?
Well, I looked in the drawer. She said that was all.
- And you believed it? - Yes, she wouldn't lie!
- I threatened her! -Sure, she wouldn't lie... Asshole.
They all lie. I've told you so many times, jerk. They all lie!
I looked in the bedroom, I couldn't go all over the house.
Look, cabby, check out the shit he brought. Just shit. Look, look...
...crayons. The shit.
- Asshole! - Stop it!
We're lousy!
Listen, Coto, didn't you want to learn how to drive?
Slower, slower, slower. Careful, slower, slower.
Careful there! Watch it! Turn now!
We suck as thieves.
You're holding the wheel too hard! Relax, slower.
Lousy breed. Lousy breed.
Turn, turn, turn! Stop, stop, stop! Stop!
You have to lose the clutch softer. Careful with your foot.
And the steering wheel, you're too tight, you must relax.
But I've been watching how you drive.
Fitipaldi... Fitipaldi...
Check out how he pukes!
If you eat, at least you have something to throw up.
Dad, I don't wanna have braces like Javiera.
Don't bother your dad. He's got a stomackache from eating junk...
...all day. - Why do we have to wear braces? -Revenge.
Dad wants us to look as ridiculous as he did when he was a child.
- Don't even think I'll wear braces! - Your dad thinks...
...all of you will. - I'll run away from home.
- I'll keep your bed, it's bigger than mine. - I don't care.
Who could it be this late?
No, I'll get it.
It must be for Javiera, she's got many admirers. Maybe...
...those punks from the other day. Or Felipe.
- Why so envious? It's Solange. - Of course...
What is it?
They tell me a colleague is ill. I gotta take him to the hospital.
I'm going out, bye.
Yes, it's for you. You change boyfriends every 5 minutes.
Excuse the mess, cab driver, but the maid hasn't come for days.
What about this cab?
It belongs to a cab driver who pissed us off.
He chose the trunk.
Listen. So? Here's where you keep the money?
They may catch me, but not the loot.
Coto asked for you. That's why I called you.
And where's the kiddo?
Let's go.
I'll be right away.
How are you, kid?
I was dreaming about my childhood, when...
...I used to fly kites with my dad. - Chavelo said you grew up alone.
But I once had a Dad... and a mum.
Until they took them away.
To jail?
The cops?
They never came back.
And I never looked for them, 'cause I'm a coward.
Now you have money, you can look for them.
I'm saving money for college. I want to study.
A couple of hits more and I'll study.
Journalism. You like it?
What did your Dad do?
They say journalists travel around the world.
My Dad flew kites very well.
At last I find you.
Last time you forgot your change and your bill.
600 pesos. Your change.
1,400 the two sandwiches. You gave me 2,000, remember?
Are you gonna just stand there?
Hey, not that far. I told you... just a kiss.
Just a kiss!
Take that slippery and cold thing away from me!
Damn, the peaches!
You spilled the can, the ants will come now.
With this smell?
Must be yours...
- Listen... - What?
- Tell me about those hits. - What hits?
- The hits, like the one of the other day. - What hits?
Ulises Morales! Take your hands off! It tickles!
I saw the two guards with the guns, I got in the cab and...
...turned fast. I felt the two first shots pretty close.
I didn't hear the other ones. I was far away in no time with the Lada.
You saved their lives!
I did.
No bill, okay?
I'm sorry.
Thanks, it's beautiful. To write the bills.
Money is what interests me, baby. I'm interested in money.
Where they keep it, where the others live.
How many times do I have to tell you?
So you're doing it...
I was far away in no time with the Lada.
You saved their lives.
You still eat junk and won't let me fix you something to take with you.
A Mr. Padilla called. I told him you weren't in. He'll get a hold of you.
- Padilla? - He's very nice...
...we talked. He's a co-worker, right?
...commercializing cocaine.
The cops seized a gun, 2 pounds of cocaine...
...and 1, 1 40,000 pesos in cash.
On being caught, the guys shot the cops.
Fortunately, nobody was wounded.
But... driver, have you ever bet everything on something?
Once I bet all my salary. "Marilyn" was the mare's name...
...a sure thing. She was penultimate, the bitch.
But all tips are a sure thing, cab driver.
Hey, you're very irresponsible.
I was, that's why now I hate horses so much.
So, I'm away from races. I'm away from races.
Now I get why you brought us here, you hate horses.
I think, cabby, you were looking in gambling for...
...what you lacked in life.
What I lacked in life? This is what I lacked...
...this. Money, money, money... get out of the hole and walk straight through once and for all.
Sure, now that you've got money you're walking pretty straight.
I'm walking nowhere now, man.
And don't forget I'm a hostage.
Speaking of which, what's with Cotito?
This kiddo's taking too long.
Competitors in the 9th race are getting close to boxes.
Distance, 1,400 meters, all of them run.
A classic "Handicap Bell Boy Award."
Favorite one is "Coto"...
...two pesos and eighty.
It's time to do something.
Try not to draw attention, this is enemy territory.
They're off! "Iria Marina" in first place, 2nd goes "Malacatosa"...
3rd, "First Lady", 4th, "How are you", 5th, "Coto" on the outside.
...6th, "Nerea", 7th, "Headache".
What are you doing?
- I bet on Coto! -What? - Yes, there's a horse named Coto!
We're here to work, asshole.
If you don't come, I'll do it alone.
- Coto goes first. And Coto wins! - Go, go, go!
Cool! Great!
Assault! Assault!
The start engine's out.
- How much's to fix a fuckin' mess like this? -Around 2 thousand!
- How much could we have made? - 5 million! Plus what my horse won!
And this asshole decides to play horses, damn!
Stop it, stop it, man!
C'mon, speed up!
You stole nothing, man!
We're the worst, man, we're the worst!
I couldn't go on, I had to see you.
- Looks like the peach juice calms me down. - Eat them all...
...canned peaches are what I have most. Nobody buys them anymore.
I'll take the other one inside.
You won't believe what happened. We were in Providencia...
What, what...?
What is it?
Distance makes passion so fatal...
...daybreak hurts me so much...
...and the longing for you makes my life bitter...
...the longing for your body...
You sing beautiful, uh?
I can't suffer...
- Good evening. - Evening...
- Long working day, uh? - Yeah... gotta strech it to bring something home. - Sure, and... pay advanced installments also. - That's only when you can.
Alright, get out of the car and put your hands up, uh?
Spread your legs a little bit.
My partner Romero is better at this than me.
Good evening.
You may notice, by the way my friend moves his fingers, what...
...we're looking for has the shape of bills...
...which seem to be part of a plunder.
Didn't you listen to the radio?
No, it's out of order.
Seven million, cash.
- Is this to make up with yuor wife? - Yes, it's...
...our wedding anniversary. - Have your radio fixed, it's...
...good to be well informed. Get in.
- Start the engine! - Are we ready?
Start the engine, sometimes start engines fail.
Here's my phone number, just in case.
I'll see you soon.
You had forgotten our anniversary for the last five years.
Two flowers per year, that makes it 10 flowers. You think I forgot...
...the years I forgot?
Speaking about forgetting...
- But, baby... - Don't you get silly!
What, what? Are you sleepy? No, way. Yeah, come here.
What... what are you doing here? What are you doing here?
- Hi, pal. - What're you doing here?
Is there anything to eat?
- Roast beef. - They spoke about the assault on the radio. 7 million.
Seven? No way! And where are they?
I don't know, maybe...
Maybe I stole them, right? Cab driver, everyone lies...
...everyone lies, everyone lies, everyone.
Coto and I want lodging for some days.
- Lodging? -Things are a little tough down there.
- Zero tolerance, man. - Lodge you here? I can't do that!
We have nowhere to go, can't you see? Just a few days, c'mon.
After that, to each his own, uh? You still got installments... pay, don't you? And we still need a little more to show you...
...we're not lousy muggers.
Yeah? Alright?
- Alright, you can spend the night here. - Okay.
- Come in, Cotito. - Thanks.
Alright, alright.
Thanks, dude. Excuse us for bothering you, but if we...
...don't help each other...
Good night, good night.
Listen, that Lada will be yours, that Lada will be yours.
- Alright. We'll talk tomorrow. - Yes, dude.
Don't worry, sleep well.
I'll close it.
Hey, Daddy!
You're so rude, you didn't introduce me to your friends.
I fixed the back room for them, so they're more independant.
You've been stealing with them?
- They forced me to. - They forced you?
Well, first they assaulted me and then they forced me.
We can say they're blackmailing me...
...that they'd kill me, that they'd hurt the kids.
Check this out. It was my idea.
I made Chavelo write that, to cover my back.
And why all this, for God's sake?
To come out of the hole we were in, to pay the car's installments.
Times are hard, Nelly, you konw that.
Don't tell me you paid installments in advance. They may catch you.
No way, c'mon.
You get the money for the Lada and that's it?
Bring bread.
- Hey, Nelly, what's this color...? - Hello, daddy!
- Hey, daddy! - Hey, daddy!
I like the color. Chavelo brought the painting.
- Someone owed me some paint. - It's so nice.
- This is horrible. - He fixed the dining table, Amaro's lamp...
...I put Coto in the back room...
...he ate well, now I'll give him some of Ronny's clothes.
I told the kids they're friends of yours from the south.
I'm glad you came. You know what? I was so lonely...
...I missed you. Listen, you'll stay a while, right?
- Stop, stop, stop! - C'mon, a little more!
Hey, daddy! Your kid's a genious, he gets them all!
Check out the computer Chavelo brought. It's a Pentium with...
...50 games included. - A Pentium. - Chinese to me! This kiddo...!
Chavelo, Chavelo, I got it, I got it, I got it! I won, I won!
Is it a Pentium also?
I don't care what it is, as long as it sews.
- What else did he bring? - He brought...
...a vacum cleaner, a blender, a computer, a small TV set, ...
...this big one, a fan.
He left and came back by cab. Ronny went with him.
- Do you realize all this stuff...? - I notice everything.
They'll leave once you get what you need.
Meanwhile, I'll sew everything I accumulated...
...for so long... ...without a Pentium.
It would be my first book.
Dad says knowledge is painless.
Good night.
Good night.
"Knowledge is painless." How do I tell her I can't read?
Try with your mouth.
I know all numbers: ninety six, ninety seven...
I think it's time to sleep.
Let's sleep.
Good night... father.
C'mon, Cotito, turn the light off. You'll get eyecups.
...from Massachusetts University speaks of the composition of...
...the stone, the same that appeared in the pocket of...
...Fulgencio Soto, on May 5, 1985, after...
...having this strange encounter with aliens.
Watch, watch the eyes!
- Damn! What is it? - I don't know. - What's going on?
If you move, I'll kill you.
Since she couldn't, you'll tell us where your friends are...
...and where they keep the money.
You got one week.
You have my number... piss boy.
"P" and "o" is "po", and "p" and "u" is "pu".
- "Pzu". - "Pu"
Oh, I forgot! Your friend Padilla called again. I told him... weren't in, he'll call you later tonight. - Alright.
Are you talking about Padilla, the cop?
No, not at all...
- A friend of yours? - It's not what you think.
You can't imagine what I'm thinking.
I have a bad feeling about all this.
If I wanted to rat you out, I would have a long time ago.
Padilla... All Padilla wants is the money and us dead.
- Did he tell you that? - No, he didn't say a word.
If someone's fucked up, it's the three of us and your family too.
They won't believe the note.
Coto! Coto!
You threw them out before having paid the Lada.
- Aren't the kids having dinner? - They're not hungry.
Coto was coughing pretty bad.
Nelly, you don't know how we missed you.
You don't know what you have here.
You have...
...a home...
...a warm home, warm food, bottled wine...
...a family, kids.
It's hard out there.
That made us find the Lord, our Lord Jes...
Walking hand in hand with the devil for so long, is no good.
Lord? What Lord?
Our Lord, our Lord Jesus Christ who came inside us...
...he who is up there watching us. He'll come to judge us...
...the day of the Last Judgement.
Chavelo met a friend who is an Evangelic now...
...and he decided we want to be like him.
So tell your friend Padilla we're not... we're not...
...we're not into that anymore. Yo know.
We'll burst after this.
- I want, I want, I want... - Nelly! heal your wounds.
I want to heal your wounds and pain...
I want, I want you to have a life.
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!
I want to take sin out of mankind.
Glory to the Lord! Glory to the Lord!
I want, I want, I want to heal your wounds.
I want to heal your wounds, my Lord!
I want to take sin out of mankind.
I want, I want, I want to heal your wounds.
Glory to the Lord!
I want to heal your wounds and pain.
Alleluia, brother!
What is it with you? They're good people.
Where did they come from?
He's "Cold Bullet", an old friend of Chavelo who moved to the...
...right path and plays the mandolin beautifully.
- I hate Evangelics. - How can you? You don't even...
...know them. They only preach about love, they don't drink nor steal.
You mean preaching love for you. I saw that lowlife...
...holding you and you laughing and singing...
...those silly songs.
That bastard, overnight he turns into a saint, leaving me here...
...paying the Lada's installments. Nice going!
Bye, I'm going out. Someone has to bring money home.
He withdrew the shop's licence, that son of a bitch.
He wants me to turn you in if you don't give your friends and the money in.
He thinks it's around 10 million.
But I didn't betray you, and I feel proud of that.
You know why?
Careful, daddy, careful, it stains.
It would be the last one.
I would have most of the car's installments paid.
It looks like you don't get the Lord's word at all.
Look, I've caused a lot of harm...
...but it's time for me to repent, dude.
You'll have time to repent.
This would be the last one.
Look at Cotito. See how he's changed.
He sees you as a father.
Thanks to whom? To our Lord's word and... have been so lucky to have met your family, You see?
The Lada's dealer. A piece of cake...
...we go in and out, that's it.
Not everything mine is yours, you illiterate!
Calm down or you won't be able to think.
To love your neighbor is one thing, buy lust for my daughter is another.
And you... not a peep.
How can she kiss him with his disgusting teeth?
He brushes them 3 times a day. They're cleaner now.
- Anyway, you're overreacting. - Overreacting?
You fill my house with Evangelics, my daughter...
...sleeps with an illiterate punk and I'm overreacting!
- Cut it out, you know that's not true. - Bastards.
How can they betray me like this?
Shall we go?
- What is it? - Nothing.
- Nothing? - Nothing
Cotito, for whom are we doing this?
For "Daddy", so he won't be begging around anymore.
C'mon, let's go.
Let's get outta here! He's scared to death!
- He should've shot the damned chick! -Chick?
I told you there was an alarm on the floor!
Never said it was so quick!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
No way, my Dad can't be a mugger!
Listen, man... was my fault, that's why I wanna make up.
You asked me for a last favor... get out of this shit...
...and I owe you.
You owe me nothing.
Forget it.
The guard...
- They said it on TV. - He died?
...all I ask you is to leave. Go.
I know Padilla will never imagine... guys are here...
...but one never knows, so you... - Dude... ...better leave, go.
...I made a promise to you and I'll keep it.
You'll pay that car, that's the least Coto and I can do.
So you think of something, you tell me and that would be it.
But quick 'cause I'm enjoying being alive...
...and that's dangerous. You know.
A private clinic.
I've been setting eyes on it for a long time.
One, two, three, we go in.
That way, one, two, three.
A lepper approached Jesus while he was meditating.
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
And here we go again: one, two, three.
A lepper approached Jesus while he was meditating.
Here's the lyrics.
Come in, kiddo. We'll keep these things in the back room and then...
...we'll use the car to bring some other things.
Police? Armed robbery, tomorrow night.
Los Cisnes Clinic in Las Condes. Hello?
Remember the first time we worked together? How you...
...pissed in your pants?
A long time ago.
Now you're a real thug.
Alright, get in there, get in there.
- Where? - The gas station.
- What... what...? - The gas station.
I have the feeling that clinics keep the money...
...somewhere else. You just get in there, c'mon.
- But, hell, how... The clinic is a much easier job... - Son...
...and much more money! -Son, Coto and I make things fast... keep the engine running. Gas stations are my specialty.
- But how... - Okay. - Let's go to the clinic.
Trust me, I trust you. We'll show you...
...we're no lowlives. C'mon, get in, get in, get in.
Park there.
- You ready? - Yeah...
Alright, stop here.
Listen. You know, I think it's not nice to throw away what friends...
...give you. The Lord says: "What is mine is yours". Bye, son.
Hands up, you assholes! Against the wall! C'mon!
Mum! Mum! Dad's on TV, come and see! Hurry!
Turn it up, Amaro. Put on channel 13 in the other TV, Ronny.
I felt myself forced to act, and decided to eliminate...
...this thugs once and for all. They had threatened me...
We're broadcasting live. We are with Ulises Morales who...
...has been the heroe in this police day's journey... in downtown Santiago, in the corner of Vicuna...
...Mackenna and Departamental. This cab driver has just...
...stopped an assault to a Copec Gas Station. Tell us about...
...what you've just experienced. What made you act like you did?
My survival instinct reacted against this two delinquents...
...who had me under pressure...
...and forced me to be part of these misdemeanors. I want...
...everyone to know I was a hostage for weeks...
...they threatened me to kill my family, my kids, myself...
...if I didn't do what they said.
Did you report this to the police? Did anyone know about this?
No, I was afraid someone from my family or I...
...would get hurt. - They threatened your family?
- Yes, they threatened us, all the time. - You must have gone...
...through real hard times, right?
- Yeah. - Well, ehhh...
I want to say I was a victim, a hostage. These men forced me.
Well, this man's words speak for themselves, right?
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