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Tea House Mouse

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Roast pork dumpling!
Waiter, black tea please
Fatso, they want some hot water over there
Ping, that table has paid already
You attend to them
Roast pork dumpling!
Prime beef balls
Shrimp balls
Pork shrimp balls
Beef balls
Hey fatty, hurry up, we've waiting so long
Alright, coming
Calm down, it won't be much longer now
You ordered beef with rice noodles?
Blackie didn't show up for work today
Tell him to see me
Come in
Boss Cheng, you want to see me?
Blackie, what day is today?
The opening day of the Cheng Chi Teahouse
And what section do you belong to?
The hors d'oeuvre section
But you weren't there today
Don't try to explain. l was told...
You're always in the company of thugs
lt's not true
You deny it?
Blackie, l never wronged anyone
As a matter of fact, everyone here...
is like a member of my family
Think how hard we worked
to achieve this
l hope you'll always remember...
why we wanted to come to this place
Think it over carefully
We came because life is better here
Only a fool likes hard work
You're a real jerk
He's fooling you
He's only using you
He's the boss and you're the employee
You only get a few hundred bucks a month
lt's not enough to enjoy life
lt's not enough to enjoy life
l know
but l've always depended on him
Why do you have to depend on him? Forget him
Let's go to the sampan motels tonight
l'll get a broad
to give you a massage
lt's real groovy
But l've no money
All we have to do is pull a job
What? Again?
You'll get used to it
Last time at Bayside Villa...
ln just 2 minutes,
guess how much l got?
Almost $2,000
What're you afraid of?
Jail? You fool, we're still minors
We'd only get 1 or 2 yrs in reform school
There's nothing to worry about
Foki, how much?
So many people here. Let's forget it
Follow me
Where could it be? C'mon follow me
Don't move
Don't tell the police. D'you hear?
Let's go
Kid, come with me
l've read the report on your background
lt's your first offence
And you're under 1 6
l'll let you go on a $500 bond
And put you on probation for one year; Dismiss!
Blackie. Do you know what you've done?
l know. l shouldn't rob
We live here.
We must observe the law here
And you broke the law
You should receive punishment
But the judge gave me an year's probation
After one year, you'll do it again
We can't let you stay in this teahouse
Go away
Boss Cheng, Where can l go?
l have no relatives here
Neither have we
But we did nothing like you
Boss Cheng, l was wrong.
Please forgive me
Boss Cheng,
he's been sentenced...
Ching, there's something you should know
There's an understanding
in this teahouse
We don't go against law or conscience
Blackie has been punished
by the law...
But what he did is against our principles...
So l can't forgive him.
You'd better go
Boss Cheng, please give me a chance
Boss Cheng, Blackie is sorry now
l hope you'll give him a chance
l hope you'll give him a chance
What's the sentence for assault
and robbery?
For a firstFor a first-timertimer,
it's 1 year in jail
Boss Cheng
Did you hear that?
lf you want to stay here...
you must do some penance
Boss Cheng...
Blackie, what do you want?
Boss Cheng has forgiven you already
Even the judge didn't send me to jail
Even the judge didn't send me to jail
lt's up to you.
Think it over
Blackie, did you hear that?
lf you want to stay
you must do penance
l've read the report on your background
lt's your first offence and you're under 1 6
l'll let you go...
On a $500 bond & probation for 1 year
You'll get used to it
Last time at Bayside Villa...
ln just 2 minutes,
guess how much l got? For a first-timerHow much?
Almost $2,000
Don't move or l'll kill you
Friend, who are you?
When the police come you tell them...
l'm an armed robber. Understand?
Alright, please don't
Please don't
You can take what you want
And a gold watch. lt's all yours. Take it
Don't call the police
And some cigars
Now you have everything.
Go away
Please don't tell the police
You've taken it all, why not leave yet
Miss, you call the police for me
Call the police, please
Come back
Go on
No, come back
Let me go
Please don't
Call the police, please
Please don't
Hurry up
Friend, please don't
Call the police, please
Please don't
Friend, please don't
l'm expecting a medal of honor soon
This will blow the whole thing up
Please don't
There's the money right here, you lay down
Here's $500. Take it
Call the police, please
You have, and you've it too
Hurry up...
Call the police, quick. l won't go
Call the police, quick.
My car is parked in the next street
My chauffeur is there. Ask him to take him...
wherever he wants to go
Hurry up
You kid, come with us
That was a narrow escape
l almost lost my medal
Where shall l drop you?
That kid is really something
He looks like...
he's loaded
He must have pulled a big job
That car cost at least 1 2 grand
You think he saved up for it? You fool!
lt's a stickFor a first-timerup.
One move and you're dead
3.1 .5.
But my salary is only $1 ,000 a month
Go on!
Go in quickly
Go in quickly
ls it a real hold up?
That thief won't put up a fight. Go in
Why don't you go in?
Hurry up.
Are you the robber?...Answer me quickly
No, l'm the cashier
Who are you? Tell me quickly
You're stupid. l'm the robber
You're the robber? Don't move
What? You again?
You're really a hopeless case
You're right. l'm hopeless
l did it so l could go to jail
You're too young to have such a record
l think your family...
or this wicked society...
must be responsible in some way
You must be nuts. l don't have a family
And this society had nothing to do with it
So nobody else is responsible
No...You don't understand
You certainly have a problem
You didn't do it because you wanted to
lt's not your fault.
lt is society's
lt's not society's fault, it's my fault
l did the robbing
Send me to jail right away, okay?
The law is justice
Especially with youths like you
l'll give you a chance
to reform
l was so kind to you
No cursing in the court
Alright. Juvenile delinquents like you...
have no respect for the law
l must punish you
You are convicted of armed robbery
1 0 months in jail!
Court dismiss!
1 0 months?
Go to hell. You crazy judge
You only gave me 1 0 months
Do you really know anything about law?
l'd make a better judge myself
How dare you!
Don't stop me. l'm going to kill him
You cursed me! And you assaulted me
You have no respect for the law
Alright. l'll give you 2 months more
That's more like it, your honor
You're ungrateful
Sent it to No.1 1
Two more
Thank you
Mr. Chou, why are you so late today?
l played mahjong till late last night
So l'm late
Tien, find a table for Mr. Chou
Mr. Chou, please sit down
So what, you're blind? For a first-timerEasy does it
Beef balls anyone
Over here
Come on
Damn it, what the...!
Why are you running like a wild cat?
Chu, you can't get away
Come back with me now
Right. We'll give you board and lodgings
lt's degrading to work
as a waitress here
l'm not going with you. Go away quickly
l don't know either of you
What did you say?
Come with us quickly
How dare you! You bitch!
Friends, what're you doing here?
Fatso, mind your own business
What is it?
Fatso, if you're smart, don't interfere
Or we'll teach you a lesson
Don't you know she's one of our waitresses?
A waitress so what the hell!
And don't you know who she is?
Who is she?
She's my chick
Mine too
Mr. Tsui, Mr. Cheng, l don't know them
Did you hear that?
She doesn't know you
We're taking her now anyway
l dare you! l'll report you to the police
lt's useless. We're still minors
The law protects us. Let's go
Alright. We're outnumbered
You just wait and see
You just wait and see
How dare you thugs show up again!
What's the matter?
Two thugs tried to bully Chu
causing a commotion and giving a damn!
Mr. Chou, your cragFor a first-timermartin is very pretty
Thank you
Sir, what kind of tea do you want?
Black tea. Wait a minute
What is it?
l want to see your manager
Mr. Han, that man wants to see the manager
Sir, you...
l don't want you
l want to see your manager
That one
l'm the manager here, Rich Chu
You are Rich Chu?
What can l do for you?
Do you know who l am?
l don't
Prince Chi,
2nd boss in this area
Two of my men came here yesterday
You didn't give them face
We are straight businessmen
We treat all our customers the same
We treat all our customers the same
l know this teahouse isn't the usual kind
You harbor a girl
called Chu here
Chu? She works here
But she's my boy's chick
She stole his money and came here
ls that true?
Give me face and hand her back
ls that all you want to say?
You should have more to say
You should say if l say no...
you're going to tear this place down
Or use a razor on Chu
Or use a razor on Chu
Or cut me into pieces
l won't. l'm a man with a conscience
Conscience? lf you had that...
you wouldn't bully a teenage girl
You are thugs. Get out of here!
So you won't give face to our outfit
l don't know anything about any outfit
We just do honest business here
and we don't do whoring around
You're tough. But wait and see
Hold it
You want to make a deal with me now?
No. You haven't paid yet
Double charges for tea only
Those thugs drugged me...
And took me to a hotel
After raping me...
They tried to force me into prostitution
So you ran away from them
Boss Cheng
l don't think those thugs will give up
Chu, how many more are in your family?
My father and my kid brother, Kang
Mr. Han, pay her an extra month's salary
You don't have to work tomorrow
Stay at home
and see what happens
Boss Cheng, but they'll come for me again
Don't worry
You are one of my employees...
And l'll protect you
Hurry up
Let's go
Boss said you can't go
You clean up the place and take them home
You clean up the place and take them home
Let's go
Chu, don't be afraid, we'll stay with you
Let's go
Pay no attention to him
Pay no attention to him
Hold it
run for your life, someone's dead!
Hold it or l'll shoot
Don't run
Mr. Hsien, don't be so sad
Chu is dead...
But the law
won't let the thugs go
You said the law won't let the thugs go
l've read the Welfare Department's report...
on the background of the defendants
A $500 bond
and probation for one year
Rich Chu
You act like a good judge
lf l were the judge...
l'd sentence the thugs to death
You would,
but you're not the judge
That means
my daughter died for nothing
lt's useless to sentence them to death
Even if they weren't minors...
Some VlPs would plead for them anyway
And they are under 1 6
They'll never be sentenced to death
Ah Kun. Don't be afraid. No sweat
Stand still
Which of you is Li Kun?
How old are you?
Up to this very minute...
l'm 1 4 years 3 months and 2 and half hours
How about you?
His honor is speaking to you. Answer
My name is Chang Siung.
l'm 1 5 years old
l've talked with the welfare officer
l've studied your background reports...
And the reports of the witnesses
The charge of manslaughter...
is dropped. Court dismiss
Court dismiss
Ah Kun, l said you'd be all right. Right?
That judge is very kind
lt takes 1 8 years in jail to make a hero
But we only did 1 8 days
But we only did 1 8 days
This chick is pretty
l'll treat you to dinner and a movie,
Ah Kun, come back
She knows you're as poor as a church mouse
You'd better find yourself some money
Help! Murder!
Officer, someone's been murdered
Who killed them?
l killed both of them
My daughter is dead.
My son is a murderer
Misfortune never comes singly
Don't be so sad
Your son is under 1 6. He won't die
True, he's done it for his sister
l think the law will pardon him
The law in this place is really funny
You don't get punished if you're guilty
But you get in trouble
for doing nothing
You're right
You can get one month for spitting...
But only probation for killing
l wonder if a computer could work it out
Right. The law here is loopholed
it can't protect good men
And the evildoers
get the protection
Who is going to protect us?
Under these circumstances...
Mr. Hsien, don't worry about Kang
l know how to deal with it
ls there a Mr. Hsien LiFor a first-timerjen here?
lt's me. What's the matter?
l'm from the Welfare Department
Are you the father of Chu
and Kang?
please don't mention their names
They are the misfortune of my family
They put me in this situation
How can l live?
How can l live?
Mr. Hsien, don't be so disheartened
Your son is only 1 5.
We want to know...
Why he killed two men?
My son is a good boy
He wouldn't even kill an ant
But he was caught redFor a first-timerhanded
Even if he did do it...
Oh, my son is really innocent
He only avenged his sister
He did it for his sister
that he wanted to take revenge
lt was not his fault. lt's the family's
And it's also the Welfare Department's...
No. Not the Welfare Department.
You mean society
Right...That was what l wanted to say
You're right
This old woman is...
Her? She's my mother
She's 80 years old
and senile
She loved her grandchildren very much
Don't let her know what has happened
lf she knew
she'd commit suicide
She's so old and she still has to work?
She has to. We need the money
Old lady...
She doesn't understand your dialect
Ma, he's talking to you
You want to take me to dinner?
No, l don't
l just want to ask you how you are?
l don't know what he's saying
He wants to know
how we are living
You know?
My granddaughter has to work as a waitress
And my grandson hasn't been home for days
Do you know where he is?
She's asking about her grandson
Don't tell her anything
Please don't
Mr. Hsien
l'm sorry about your situation
l'll report it
to my superiors
They'll convey it to the judge
l think your son will be all right
And the Welfare Department
will help you
Thank you very much
Sorry to give you so much trouble
Don't worry
Chu, l think there will be no problem
There won't be any problem. Don't worry
Here are your glasses
Here is a hundred dollars
l put up a real good show
How about $20 more?
lt wasn't only good, it was great
l was a star when l was young
Of course that was years ago
Here's $20
Thank you...
Let's go
Sir, please give me a coin
Sir, please give me a coin
l don't have a dime
Ma'am, please give me ten cents Get off!
Don't cry
C'mon stand aside
You kid, look what you've done!
You spilled tea on me
Now look, you've totally drenched me
And then you cry
l didn't hit you
Kids like you are really somethin'!
You've wet my clothes, yet you cry
lt was you who spilled tea all over me
What's the matter?
She spilled tea on me
Find this gentleman a clean table
Find this gentleman a clean table
l'm sorry
Why are you crying? Don't cry
Boss Cheng, roast pork dumpling
l know you're hungry.
Eat up
Right, little boy
You're so small. Why do you have to beg?
l was a newspaper boy
But some thugs kicked me out of business
So l became a beggar
l'm sorry
l drove away your customer
lt doesn't mater. Eat up
Little kid, what's your name?
She's Wang LoFor a first-timerhai and l'm Wang, Lo San
Why d'you have such strange names?
My mother said it's in memory of our father
Your father?
My father fell to his death off a mountain
Can l have one for my mother?
Your mother? What does she do?
She's ill. She can't work
Fill your own stomach first, Pao
What is it, Boss Cheng?
Carve two roast duckling and wrap them up
l'll wrap them
Little boy, here's $1 00
Take it to your mother
No...My mother will tell me off
lt doesn't matter. Come on, take it
Be careful. Don't let the thugs get it
Thank you, uncle
Come quickly
There's news about Kang on TV
Come quickly
...the report on the defendant's family
The court dropped the charge of murder
The defendant was convicted manslaughter
He was sentenced to 1 year in reform school
He's so young. How could he kill anyone?
You can't say that
The law is supposed to punish evildoers
But if the law fails to do it...
Then the fist is the best solution
You can't blame Kang...
for doing it
Maybe you're right
About Chu's incident...
You handled it differently this time
To tell the truth, l did it that way...
to fill the loopholes in the law
And to uphold the justice of the law
Boss Cheng has different views
on the law
Ma, here it is
LoFor a first-timersan, you're here
Both of you!
What's the matter this time?
l came to look for uncle
The one who gave me $1 00
My mother said l stole it
So l brought her here to see him
Please sit down
Thank you for taking care of them
Don't mention.
By the way, how do you feel now?
Thank you for your concern
You have two very good children
l married when l was very young
After l had LoFor a first-timersan and LoFor a first-timerhai...
Their father wanted to move
to a new place
Unfortunately, on our way here
He fell to his death to save us
And then...
Don't be so sad
Let LoFor a first-timersan work here by day...
And he can go to school at night
l'll pay his school fees, okay?
lt's very kind of you
Don't worry.
LoFor a first-timersan will be a good boy
You can visit him whenever you like
Alright, l'll let LoFor a first-timersan work for you
Good. l don't now your name yet?
My name is Wu
My name is Wang Cheng
Stay here and have dinner with us
Thanks but...
Tell the cook to prepare some good food
They will be here for dinner tonight
Boss Cheng,
this area is being terrorised
And our business is affected
What shall we do? ls it?
Yes. Many customers have been robbed
We must do something
Chiu, where are you going so early?
To Cheng Chi Teahouse for breakfast
Hand over everything you have
Lucky you have a red one
Our rule is we must see red
l just got paid yesterday. Please don't
l was scared to death
l was scared to death
Chiu, you are lucky
What if you didn't have
the red banknote?
Right. Lucky you had that $1 00 note
lf not, they'd have stabbed you
They say red means good luck
l was stabbed 3 times by them
But according to police statistics...
it's one in 200,000 chance
Are you kidding?
That means out of every
200,000 persons...
only one is robbed
So it's just like
you won the lottery
lt's a bird
Please don't break the cage
Damn you, old man! Just a broken watch
What? Only $20?
Why d'you carry so little money?
Anymore? Hand it over!
That's all l have
Friend, l don't have anymore money
l have no money. Please let me go
According to our rule...
We must stab you if we don't see red
Do it
Sounds like someone yelling for help!
Yes, it sounds like Mr. Chou
Let's get the thugs
They're the ones
Take them back to the teahouse
and fix 'em!
Good. Move!
Four pork rice and 2 duck rice
Bring them in For a first-timerSure
What happened?
There were two thugs
We must teach them a lesson
They robbed Mr. Chou
and stabbed him
they robbed me too
On your knees
Beg your pardon !...
lt won't happen again
lt was these two lads
who had me almost mugged
You animals!
You rob and injure people
and don't care a damn for the law, eh
We must teach you a lesson
That's right, okay now, do not argue
We'd better hand them
to the police
lt's against the law to beat them up
What? Hand them over to the police?
And let them be back in business?
We won't make it that easy for them
Beat them up
Come off it. Beat them up
These thugs need a good lesson
They're the scum of
the earth
Get two pots of boiling water
And let's pour it over them like rats
Beat them up
Boss Cheng, we've got three thugs
We're giving them a boiling water shower
No! Please don't
Wait a minute...
You dirty thugs!
You shouldn't trouble
our customers
And you shouldn't rob and stab people
No...not us...
lf we let you go now...
What if you come back and do the same thing?
No...never again
The police would be too lenient with you
Give them to us
We'll teach them
a good lesson
please give us a chance...
Beat them up
Who called for help?...
We called for help
You three look very familiar
Officer, we've been tortured
Please help us
What did you do this time?
Nothing. Just a little mugging
Mugging? That's funny
The victim didn't call for help. But robbers did
They tortured us
with boiling water
So the thiefFor a first-timercatchers broke the law...
And you are lawFor a first-timerabiding thieves
Officer, you are right
We are lawFor a first-timerabiding so we called for help
And they broke the law by torturing us
lf that is so...
l'll have to take you lawFor a first-timerabiding thieves...
to the police station
l will sue them for torturing us
My face is bruised from their blows
ls that true?
No, not at all
Do you trust lawFor a first-timerabiding citizens...
or these robbers?
lt all depends
What do you think?
Now we want your protection
What? The police protect thieves?
Sure! Because we obey the law
And they broke the law
Alright. l have to make a phoneFor a first-timercall
You want something?
l want to call a police car
and then escort those three to police station
Officer, you can use the phone in my office
lsn't there one here?
lt's quieter in there
Quieter? Right...
Officer, please don't go away
lf you want protection
l must phone
lf you go away they will hit us again
Yes...Don't go away
Will you do that?
No. We are good citizens
Nothing will happen...Don't worry
They are good citizens.
Don't worry
Pao, bring some black tea
Close the gate. Fix them up!
Let's go
Why is a policeman's job difficult?
You don't know
lt's so difficult to arrest thugs
And the court is too lenient
with minors
Doesn't that make our job difficult?
So it's the only way to punish them
Don't go away. Wait a minute
This guy is a tough one
Take a good look at what this is
lf l catch you robbing again...
l'll blacken your other eye
l won't
Wait a minute...
Mr. Chou, this guy stabbed you
Now l'm giving you a knife. You stab him back
Stop it
No, you can't
We only want to teach them
We can't injure them
We'll give them a chance to reform
l think we can hand them
to the police now
No. Stop! Stop!
l think it's finished out there.
l'm going
Thank you
Has the police car arrived yet?
Not yet
What's wrong with you?
They beat us up
Wait a minute.
l'll write it down
But you must remember...
What you say will be used in court
Go ahead
Go ahead
They poured boiling water on us
Poured boiling water? Where?
Here. That big fellow did it
ls that true?
When you were talking to the boss...
They tried to run away
They slipped and knocked over the water
That pot of boiling water
Are there any witnesses?
Yes. We saw it...
ls that true?
lt is
Then it was an accident. How about you?
They...they beat me up. lt was this Fatso
What did you say?
l...fell against the corner of the table
lt was also an accident
They forced me to drink urine
What did you say? Speak clearly.
Repeat what you said
l fell against the spittoon
lsn't that another accident?
Yes. lt was an accident
The car is here. Open the gate
Thank you everyone
l'm taking you back to the station now
But don't worry
l will protect you
LoFor a first-timersan, you work too hard
Never mind. l'm alright
Let me help you
No. l can manage
LoFor a first-timersan
That's really good
LoFor a first-timersan
l'm here
LoFor a first-timersan, time to go to school
Thank you, auntie
Thank you
This $2 is for food
Take it and keep it safely
Thank you, Uncle Cheng
l have a book for you
Do you like it?
Good. Of course l like it
Please come in
Boss Cheng
No work today?
Business is bad and the factory didn't open
So l came to see LoFor a first-timersan
You're looking so handsome
They dressed me up
Thank you, everybody
Don't mention
LoFor a first-timersan is a good boy. He's smart
We all like him
Time's up. Hurry off to school
Thank you, uncle
Let's go and play
Please come inside.
Sit down
Miss Wu, the situation is really bad
The factory only works a few days a month
And LoFor a first-timersan has to come home alone
l think you'd better move in here
So that we can take care of you
So that we can take care of you
lt's very kind of you
But let me think about it first
Let's go
Where are you going?
Let's find Mr. Chou to play mahjong
l have no money
l can loan you some
Loosen the gags
Boss, these are the bastards...
who beat our men up
in the teahouse
You men from the teahouse
are tough
You never let our 1 8For a first-timerk brothers...
have a good day
You scalded them with boiling water
Now let me ask you...
Who do you work for? Answer me
Did you hear that?
You'd better talk fast or we'll kill you
Hold it!
That means his rank is higher than ours
Boss, is there such a rank as Cheng
l never heard of it
in this area
But according to the
syndicate's history...
lt did exist during the Ching Dynasty
Then they're our own men
Who's your boss?
Who's your boss?
Boss Cheng, he's our boss
Boss Cheng?
Boss Cheng?
We're like brothers
And we never violate others' territory
But you broke the rules
Fatso, l'm going to let you go
Go back and tell your boss...
Tell him to come here to settle things
But remember...
lf he doesn't show up by daybreak...
He will have some bodies
to collect
He wants me to settle things with him?
Yes. He said you must be there
by daybreak
He wants to settle things once and for all
Yes, he wants to settle things once and for all
Boss Cheng, you must go and deal with them
l must go and deal with them?
Fatso, how could you tell them that?
We are straight businessmen
We are straight businessmen
What can l do now?
Boss Cheng,
he threatened to kill us
They almost strangled me
So l let the word Cheng slip
And he said
you must go there by daybreak
lf you don't...
You'll have some bodies to collect
Boss Cheng, go and help them quickly
Boss Cheng, go to rescue them quickly
Quiet...l think they'll be alright
What about Big Nose Tsui?
They'll do what they said
You fool! Hongkong is a lawFor a first-timerabiding place
You scared that they'll be tortured, is it?
We can report to the police
Report to the police
They'd die before the police got there!
Right. lf we report to the police...
lt'll mean more trouble in future
Then let's fight them ourselves
Wait a minute
Don't be so rash
lf we do that
we're just like them
We only want to punish them
But we must not break the law
So you shouldn't go
But we're like brothers
And we share everything
Don't worry. l'll go
We'll all go with you
Right. We'll all go
No arguments, it's all agreed then
Boss Cheng, l'll go with you
You'll go with me?
Yes. Don't worry
l was in that business before
lf Tung is really the boss...
He will treat us
like brothers
And he'll act according to the rules
But l don't know anything about the rules
l'll show you what to do
lf necessary, l'll do it for you
But it's still very dangerous
You three, come with us
They're up there
Boss Cheng, help us
Please sit down
What do you mean by that?
We give you face
by sharing territory
Our boss
never shares anything
Hold it...
Boss Cheng, we're from the same family
We must treat each other like brothers
We belong to the same society
But your rank is higher than mine
We'll each have our own domain, okay?
Boss Cheng is really brave
l was shaking
when they raised their knives
Boss Cheng, you're fantastic
You got back here safely...
Because of Uncle Ching
Thank Uncle Ching now
Thank you, Uncle Ching
Don't thank me.
We're like brothers
l just did my job, right?
Boss Tung is an honest man
He observed the rules strictly
lt's hard to find a man like him nowadays
You're right
You're right
This is a tough place for an honest man
Boss Cheng, while you were gone...
Someone came and left a card
HsuFor a first-timerTaFor a first-timerFu!
He's quite a big shot around here
But he has a murky background
Mr. Hsu, what can l do for you?
Have a smoke
l'll stick to my own brand
l would like to congratulate you
Congratulate me! What for?
Mr. Wang, we are straightforward men
That deal you made with the 1 8K...
You outwitted them.
Shouldn't l congratulate you on that?
Oh, so that's what you mean!
Well, Boss Cheng...
Since then,
everyone in that area...
respects the name of Boss Cheng
He's a quite wellFor a first-timerknown and youthful too
And all the thugs near the teahouse...
have disappeared from the area
l really admire you
And, Boss Cheng...
l want you to help me on something
l have some goods...
which l want to move out
Usually, my men do the job
But their faces have become too familiar
So l'm asking you to help me
Mr. Hsu, a man in your position...
How could you be involved in this?
Boss Cheng, you think it's strange
Let me tell you, apart from me...
Many others are in this business here
That's how l attained
my position
Well, after you do the job...
l'll pay you $50,000
How much are the goods worth?
About $500,000
l want the money in advance
You want it in advance?
lsn't my name worth $50,000?
lt is. Your name is...
worth much more than that
Alright. l'll pay you $30,000 first
l'll pay the rest when the job is done
Ah Chun, bring my check book. For a first-timerYes
Boss Cheng,
you shouldn't have promised
Boss Cheng, you'd better think it over
l know what l'm doing
Go tell Tsui, Tsan...
and Yung that l want to see them
What's the matter, friend?
Do these things belong to you? Book him
l have nothing to do with it
Three men just hired my truck
l have nothing to do with it
Not at all. Let's drink
Prince Chi
Killing isn't always done with a weapon
All l did was a little thinking...
And Boss Cheng is in a helluva mess
Now the Cheng Chi men are finished
Let's drink
Don't move. One move and l'll kill you
Mr. Hsu, you're a cunning fox
Let's sit down and talk
Sit down
Your plan didn't work
You made away with the dope
And you tried to frame me
lsn't that right?
Boss Cheng, that's not true
We only met once...
And you trusted me
with that much dope
lt's hard to believe stuff like that
The police only got the truck driver
Did you think they'd get me?
You did it
as revenge for your men
Actually, all your men are rubbish
And l punished them for the people
Boss Cheng, you have misunderstood
Forget it
Forget it? You're the dirt of society
You use your money and position to do evil
You think we can simply forget it?
The law can't get to you
But l can
Boss Cheng
You already got $30,000
l'll give you another $50,000
And let us be friends
Be friends?
That will require another $1 00,000
What? $1 00,000? That's too much
You can easily make it back with the dope
Cool it
What if l don't agree?
Hsu TaFor a first-timerfu, l don't think you'd dare
lf l reveal that
you've got the dope...
Not only will you not get your medal...
You'll have to go to jail too
Alright, l'll give it to you.
Shall l make it payable to you?
l don't want
a cent of your dirty money
Make it out to the Community Chest
Mister, you want table. There's one free in there
No. l came to look for someone
Look for whom?
Boss Cheng
Boss Cheng? Who are you?
l'm his fourth uncle
Fourth uncle?!
Please tell him l'm here
Fourth uncle?!
l came specially to see you
What is it, uncle?
l'm in trouble
l want you to help me
l'll do
what l can.
Tell me
lt's like this
You know l have a farm in Shatin
Yes. l've stayed there before
The trouble started with the farm
A few weeks ago
a certain land company...
approached me to buy my farm
approached me to buy my farm
l won't sell it
How dare you refuse!
We've owned this place
for 1 8 generations
l won't sell it no matter what you offer
You can't sell the place
lf l sell it there will be no trouble
You won't be in trouble
if you sell it?
One night last week...
Gasoline? What devil started this fire?
l think that fire...
must've been started by the land company
Sure. lt must have been them
Why don't you sue them?
l have no proof
and l heard the director...
is some big shot
How the hell would it be possible to sue?
Chu, give me $5,000
You take this money first
Boss Cheng
l can't make up for what you did for me
Thank you very much
Send a car for auntie and the children
And find a hotel for them
Uncle, don't worry
l'll fix everything for you
Chu, thank you
Chu, you see him out
Yes. This way
Boss Cheng,
who is this fourth uncle?
You must remember one year ago...
when we were chased by police dogs
Who are you?
He rescued me
Later l had a food stall with Mr. Ching
We made some money and
opened this place
Boss Cheng, how're you going to help him?
Find out who the boss
of that land Co. is?
You sure Hsu TaFor a first-timerfu
will compensate him?
l'm sure
But you must be sure he's the boss
l couldn't be wrong. l've checked
Here we are
Are you looking for someone?
l want Hsu TaFor a first-timerfu
May l know who's looking for him?
Wang Cheng
Please wait a minute
We must teach him a good lesson this time
Tell everyone to get ready. Ask him to come in
Yes, sir
Please come in
lt's been a long time, Mr. Hsu
Boss Cheng, you're a brave man
l wonder what you want this time?
Nothing serious
There's something l wanted to discuss
But l know you'll agree
You're that sure?
l wouldn't come if l wasn't sure
Alright, try me
l have an uncle
who owns land in Shatin
You tried to force him to sell
He refused and you burned his house down
You are 1 00%/% right. Such a thing did happen
What do you want now?
Nothing much. Just compensation
Are you sure l'll pay?
Do you want me to prove it?
Do you feel strange, Boss Cheng?
Apart from me, let me tell you...
Many others are doing the same
Mr. Hsu, don't be so childish
We made many copies of this
We made many copies of this
l have dozens at home
You'd better agree to compensate
And let me leave safely
in 1 0 mins.
lf not,
the police will be here
You really draw a fine line
Mr. Hsu, you want to continue as a VlP...
or you want to go to court?
You don't have much time to decide
$1 00,000 for the house and land
How about the tapes?
Send someone back with me
You win again
Wait a minute
What's the matter this time?
The cost of living is soaring and the poor...
Community Chest, right?
You're smart
How much?
Same as usual
What? $1 00,000 again?
Come on. Write it
This is more like a VlP
And that's the right way to win your medal
LoFor a first-timersan, these two roast duck legs...
are for your mother and LoFor a first-timerhai
Thank you. Bye bye
Take care
What do you want?
So you've been hiding
in the teahouse
No. Give it back to me
lt's for my mother
What? For your mother?
lf your mother were that good...
she wouldn't let you beg. You fool!
You go to school.
Who pays for it?
The boss of
the Cheng Chi Teahouse
lf you bully me, l'll tell him
What? You want to scare us?
That doesn't scare us
How can you bully a kid?
lt's none of your business. Push off!
l'll call the police
We're not afraid of the police
You go to hell
Remember kid...
Bring the money tomorrow or else;
l'll kill you; Go!
LoFor a first-timersan, what happened?
lt was all my fault
Miss Wu, don't worry
The doctor said he'll be alright soon
Go back to work. Just let him rest
Miss Wu, let's talk over there
Miss Wu, l know your difficulty
You feel embarrassed to move in here
... is it not?
l want you to know that l respect you
And l like LoFor a first-timersan and LoFor a first-timerhai very much
lf you think l'm good enough...
l'd like to treat them
like my own
And you move in here too, okay?
l'm a straight forward man
lf you don't like it
l won't force you
But l'll still look after you
please move in with us
Say yes, okay?
Cheng, thank you for having us
Prince Chi
You'd better not interfere
lt's none of your business. Keep out of it
What's going on?
Hold it
Boss Cheng, it's nothing to do with you
Be smart and step aside
Weapons have no eyes
lt has nothing to do with me
But you're fighting
in M Y teahouse
l'm getting married
in 2 days time
Please give me face
lf you want to fight please go outside
Let me treat you for tea
Boss Cheng,
what if l say no?
Prince Chi, don't push us too far
l have many brothers here too
And they will fight
for their lives
Right...Come on...
Hold it
Boss Cheng, l'll give you face this time
Brothers, let's go
Get out!
Get out!
Boss Cheng, he gave you face
But l don't have to
Man, you sure are quick;
Sooner or later l'll get you
Let's go...
Boss Cheng, l think there'll be trouble
Eat more...Help yourselves
Thank you!
Sir, please sign the guest list
Go away
you should welcome them yourself. Go on...
Make yourselves at home
Help yourselves...Excuse me
Why didn't you reserve a table for us?
Come on.
lt's an honor to have you here
Han, fix a table specially for them
Yes, sir
Please come and have some tea first
Boss Cheng, it's time for the toasts
When Cheng comes over, kill him first
And then we'll get Tung and the others
Boss Cheng, look
But l'm in the middle of the toasts
You'd better welcome them first
Step aside
What is it, inspector?
This is quite a scene
Come and join us if you like
Thank you. You deserve the name Boss
lt seems the whole syndicate is here
lnspector, what do you mean?
Easy now
The sleuths What are they talking about?
Who knows?
Boss Cheng, don't speak to me like that
l gave you enough face before
l gave you enough face before
lnspector, what do you mean?
Don't worry
l won't arrest you on a day like today
lnspector, you really have me confused
Alright, let me tell you straight
l want a list of all your guests
lt looks like
he's going to betray us
Oh shit!
l don't know all of them
Come on. l'm not a kid
Don't tell me you don't know your guests
C'mon, don't lie to me
But it's true
l don't care.
l want the list
l can't give it to you
You should coFor a first-timeroperate with the police
lnspector, l'm sorry
l really can't give it to you
You talk like you're the big boss
lnspector, you're wrong
l'm not a gangster
l'm a straight businessman
Boss Cheng, don't treat me like a fool
And don't try to be smart
You'll be sorry for this
Let's go
Something's brewing. We'd better go
What happened?
Never mind
Today is our day of celebration
C'mon, let's party and raise a toast
Stand back
How dare you use the police to scare us?
You'd better watch out!
Hold it there...
There's one injured over there
Are you alright?
Boss Cheng did betray us
Get someone to fix him
Shrimp balls, Pork shrimp balls
Shrimp balls, Pork shrimp balls
Call them in
Close the gate
Get them...
Let's go
Don't move. Hands up
Take them away
Boss Cheng, l'll kill you
when l get out
Boss Cheng, this time l gave you face
But you've already got what you want
l want more than that
l want a complete list of your guests
l told you
l don't know all of them
Boss Cheng, if you protect them...
l can still take action
l'll give you 24 hours
l'll be back at the same time tomorrow
Let's go
He's hard to deal with
l know
l don't know them.
How can l make a list?
Why can't l... live peacefully in this world?
Why don't they leave me alone?
Boss Cheng,
there's another gang coming
to stir up a ruckus around here
No one will help us this time
We must defend ourselves
Come on. Get ready
Don't move or l'll kill you
Don't move...
Prince Chi's men were here before us
Boss Cheng, you were mean
You used the police against us
How do you know?
Of course l know
Boss Cheng
You used the police to get Chi's men
No wonder you stopped me that day
But we don't forget a favor
But we don't forget a favor
You helped us once and we know it
lf you join us, everything will be alright
God, what's the world coming to!
No. We are good citizens
You must be kidding!
Boss Cheng, we share the same rank
lf you join us...
we'll be brothers
This whole area will be ours
lf you nod your head,
we'll be brothers
What if l don't?
No one has ever said no to me before
lf you don't accept the offer...
your teahouse will close down permanently
Let me think it over
Ok, you think it over.
l'll come again
l've made my decision
l've made my decision
You may say l'm selfish
But l'm doing it for your future
This is something l've got to do
My decision
l am leaving the Teahouse for good
Boss Cheng, how can you?
Why would you want to quit on us?
Please don't go
Because l'm the inspector's target
He thinks l'm an evildoer
And Tung wants to force me to join them
l must leave this place
Boss Cheng,
we'll all go with you
Boss Cheng
Quiet! l know you are loyal to me
But there's something you don't realise
Without me, the Cheng Chi Teahouse...
can still carry on
Because Chu, Han...
Cheng and Ching will stay here
But without you, the Cheng Chi Teahouse...
will be finished
The Teahouse belongs to all of us
lt took the blood and sweat...
And effort of all of us to make it
So you must all stay here
The Teahouse can go on
without me
You must work hard
Build a good future for the teahouse
And uphold my belief in espirit de corps
The last thing l want to say is... is... goodbye
How can you leave them behind?
Do you think l like it this way?
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