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Subtitles for Teacher Kim Bong (2003 Korean) CD1.

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Teacher Kim Bong (2003 Korean) CD1

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Cho Ga-young
Please take special care of my girl
It's not much, but please take it
I always wondered why Ga-young was so pretty
I see she takes after her mother
Please stop it
It's hard looking after all forty of my students
But don't worry about Ga-young
I'll take special care of her
Thank you
Well, a teacher's duty is to always sacrifice for the kids
That's my job
No one is interested?
Mister Jung
I'm sorry, but my wife is having a baby next month
Miss Han?
You know I'm getting married next week
How could've you forgotten?
Executive Producer KANG Woo-seok
Starring CHA Seung-won
I understand
I'll report that our school has no candidates
Working in the countryside can get you promoted,
so how about reconsidering?
Written & Directed by JANG Gyu-sung
It's hard teaching the kids lately
Attention Bow
Good morning
You must buy this book, and write about it by
Hey! Hey!
You two come here
Bring that with you
Give it here
How dare you disrupt me while I'm talking
- How's your mom doing? - Fine
- Don't misbehave again - Yes, sir
Go to your seat
You, too
We'll have study period first
- Class monitor! - Yes, sir
If anyone misbehaves, write their names down
- Yes, sir - Now study
Hi, this is Do-young's homeroom teacher
I was wondering if we could talk about Do-young tomorrow
You're busy?
Yes, I understand
Do-young, come here!
Look at all that sweat
It seems to me that you're out of shape, huh?
Go run ten laps
What are you standing there for?
Run by myself?
Do you see anyone else here?
Hurry and run
Parents' jobs and assets
Hi, this is Sung-wook's teacher
Run faster! Faster Do-young!
One, two, one, two
Min-koo, why is your mom so busy?
Run faster, boy
Drink up
Please have another
- Mister Kim - Yes, sir
You know my boy Sung-wook, right?
Of course I do, he's my nephew starting today
Have some
- My friend - Yes
- My friend - Yes, sir!
I trust you, my friend
You can count on me
Then have another
I like you because you're not like other teachers
- Sir! - Good!
- This is a good one. - Make me laugh
To get better results from the curriculum,
we will open special classes for each grade
Our school
Who the hell is Kim Bong-doo?
Where is he?
Is it you? You?
Where's that bastard?
Where's Kim Bong-doo?
Where's Kim Bong-doo?
This school is a disgrace!
Please calm yourself down
How can I calm down?
You make a fool out of my son for not offering money?
Let go of me!
What in the hell have you done?
If you had no choice, you should've been discreet
I barely stopped him from suing you
Even though I settled everything,
I think you should quit
Turn in your resignation
What are you talking about?
Resign because of this?
What are you talking about?
I can't have you jeopardize this school
Sir, this is really upsetting
I contributed so much to this school
Come on, you know what I've done for you
Then how about this?
A rural school in Kangwon Province needs a teacher
How could you do this to me?
I won't do it
Hi, son
Please, just lie down
You didn't have to come
I won't be able to visit often
Why? Is something wrong?
I have to go away for a bit
Is that so?
You're not in any trouble, are you?
No, of course not I just have to go
Do your best wherever you go
A child's future all depends on the teacher
I have to get better soon
So that I can see you teach the kids
Please call me if anything happens
And this
- Take good care of him for me - Thank you
Chunglim Elementary School San-nae Branch Anyway, the school will be shut down soon
In a year, at most
The air's nice there, so think of it as a break
I expect you to do your best
Damn it
Don't come in Don't
Damn it
Hey, move back!
I said move back!
There's no room on this side
You don't have to go so far back anyway
As the town's leader,
I called all of you to come today
to meet our new teacher, Mr. Kim Bong-doo
He's the youngest teacher we've ever had
Now, let's hear a word from our teacher
A round of applause! Please come up and speak Over here
I'll just talk right here
I'm glad to meet all of you
I'll do my best
Now let's toast to our new teacher
Cheers! Cheers!
Please have a drink
Be careful
City boys can't drink
How do you expect a teacher to drink?
He's asleep now, so let's be on our way
Class monitor
Don't you have one?
No, we don't
Then you be the monitor
Sir, he's in fifth grade, and she's in sixth
Then you be the monitor
The class monitor will need help so you be vice-monitor
Now, let's start
He and I are in the same grade
Then you be the class beautifier
Yes, sir
You're class cleaner
You're vice-class cleaner
Everyone happy now?
Now, let's begin
Attention Bow
Good morning
By looking at you all today,
I don't know what your previous teacher was like,
but I bet he was incredible
Okay, homeroom is over
But sir!
We usually exercise after homeroom
KIM BONG DOO My name is Kim Bong-doo
Since first days are rusty,
study on your own today
- Class monitor - Yes?
Jot down the names of anyone who act up, okay?
- Yes, sir - Now study
Nam-jin, what does he mean by 'rusty'?
I don't know
It means all your heads will rust off
Be quiet, or else your names will be written down
Nam-jin, Sung-man, So-seok, Ae-soon
What are you doing here?
I'm asking you a question
Isn't it obvious? I'm working
Working here doing what?
Did you try to steal something?
I'm the school's janitor
Not officially, but everyone knows I am
I fixed up everything, so don't worry about a thing
Sir, do you wanna play soccer with us?
The other teacher did
Sir! Sir!
Kick the ball
So come and visit me
It's a famous cure-all-disease place
So when will you come?
I'll be out of here in a week
Yeah, I'm just here for a short while
Hey, Kangwon Province isn't three hours away anymore
I heard it took someone only an hour
- I'm serious - Just come
If school's over, you should all go home
We usually go after a while
- That's right - Why?
It's more fun playing at school
- Playing rock games is the best - We have to guard the school
That's right
- Hurry up - Okay
We have to guard the school
Think you're all some superheroes?
Come here
Who is he calling?
You brats, if I call you, that means all of you
How dare you ask questions?
Go buy some cigarettes
Cute kids
You can buy whatever you like with the change
There's no store
Then where do you buy things?
We go into town and stock up once a month
Alright, then give it back
Mister Choi has a lot of stuff
Mister Choi?
My dad buys cigarettes from him
Then go buy some from him
What's wrong?
Sir, we have to go
Is anyone in?
Are you in?
Is anyone home?
How do you do?
I'm the new teacher at the school
What can I do for you?
It's nothing much
I rushed down from Seoul, so I couldn't pack enough
Have any cigarettes by the chance?
- Cigarettes? - Yes
The kids at school said you sold cigarettes
I'd like to buy some from you
I have money
Do you have Sobranie instead?
Never mind
Then Marlboro or Dunhill perhaps
Just give me domestic
This is domestic
Yes, I know
But do you have anything newer?
- Newer? - Yes
Any of the latest brands is fine
Whatever you have
Go buy your own foreign brands!
- What's the meaning of this? - You bastard
I told you I'd pay you
What? New brands?
- Come on! - Come here!
You rotten prick!
- Get away from me! - You punk!
Damn it!
- Are you insane? - Insane?
You good-for-nothing teacher
- Give me a break - Come back here!
What are you doing, guys?
What's the matter... can't you hear me?
Study period
Where's Mr. Kim?
To the principal school
When did he go there?
In the morning
And he's not coming back yet?
He's got no dog's chance.
It's boring. Come out and let's play ball.
No way. We'll get a hard time. It's okay. Come out! I'll take all the blame for it. Come on.
You go and play.
You guys are quite different persons now.
It's not like you!
Is everything okay?
It'll be dull at first, but you'll like it later
The previous teacher worked there for 20 years
He was a great person, but a heart disease got to him
Must've been the stress
Not at all
It happened when he played soccer with the kids
So he passed away?
Not at all, he's at a big hospital in Seoul
What a relief
So I guess he'll be coming back
I don't think so because of his health and age
That's too bad
A great teacher has come, but it has to be closed down
Well, make the best of you're time here
Oh yeah, you just need to come to the main office once a week
It won't be much of a meeting with just us here
Study period
Sir, it's lunchtime
It's lunchtime
Right, lunchtime
Go eat and come back
I think our teacher doesn't like us
But I like him
Are you all stupid?
It's all a part of his plan
Didn't you see how worried he looked during study period?
It's hard for him to teach us after teaching those Seoul kids
Just wait! He's gonna do wonders for us
Can you read this for me?
Hurry up
You little pricks!
You rotten kids!
Run and slip on manure!
Taste good?
I can't eat without any kimchee, but you're woofing it down
Take your time, or your tongue will burn off
Don't you want real food?
Like instant noodles better?
I have plenty of noodles, so you eat them all, okay?
Say yes, not 'ah-ha' to your teacher
Anyway, eat all this,
and clean it all up before you leave, okay?
Yes, sir
But don't you know my name?
It's So-seok, Yang So-seok
You dummy
There's only five of you, so how can I not know?
Right, Seok?
- It's So-seok - Yeah, So-seok
That's what I said, So-seok
Anyway, why didn't you go home for lunch?
Your mom isn't home?
Man, if this was Seoul,
we'd eat real food for lunch, and
I'm sorry
And thank you for taking time off to come here
I'll be brief and end this quickly
What I've noticed is that the learning environment here
is much different from Seoul
It's not the school's size or the small number of students
Just because it's a rural school, you can't treat it that way
So I want to put them
in the same learning environment as in Seoul
So the first step we must take is the school's
lunch program
Kids, you better eat everything, okay?
- Yes, sir! - Come here
- You like eating at school? - Yes!
I told you our teacher is special
Credit card bill
Here you go, Sung-man
My Nam-jin
And our monitor, Nam-oak
What did I give you?
An envelope!
Yes, but what kind of envelope?
- A letter envelope - That's right
Today's homework is to write a letter
The topic is What I want to do for my teacher
Make sure you go home and discuss it with your parents
- Understand? - Yes, sir
- Understand, Sung-man? - Yes, sir
- And Nam-oak? - Yes, sir
I bet my Ae-soon has a question
But why isn't there any paper inside?
I knew my Ae-soon would ask that
The letter isn't important
What's important is what's inside the envelope
Don't you wanna come?
The air and scenery here is spectacular
You'd love it if I took you out on a date here, Sun-young
What? Run away?
Hey, think I came here to run away from my tab?
Hey, I'm a teacher wherever I go
Of course
Know how many rich people are here?
Yeah, they do the same here
Good, So-seok
- Have anything to say? - No, sir
Nam-jin, what's this?
It's 'todok' roots
My brother and I wrote the letter
And that's from my father
Wow, I thought it was ginseng
So how far have we gotten?
- Where have I left off? - We never started
Right, you studied on your own
Then let's start class today
Chapter one, a school's rules
Our lifestyle, politics, and environment
Now, does my Nam-jin want to read with me?
Baby seagulls are left alone in the nest
What's with the long face, Sung-man?
Why the long face, huh?
Sir, art class is next
Are we having class inside or outside?
It's study period
How are all of you?
I see we have everyone here
Mr. Kim, what brings you here?
I'm just paying a visit to the parents
I see. Then you should come over to our place later
No, Ma'am
At school I'm the teacher, but at home the parents are
Talking with you all here is vital part of education
Oh, Mr. Kim
This field is really huge
Please, let me help
No, it's alright
How much is all this worth?
Not much, really
But if you sell a truck load, you must make a lot
Nam-oak must be from a rich home
No, it's Ae-soon's parent's field
Ae-soon's mother!
Ae-soon's mother!
Ae-soon's mother!
Boy, I'm tired
Why are you here?
I came for a favor
What favor?
Could you teach me how to write?
Write what?
Why do you need to write at your age?
Just forget about it
Did I ask for a free lesson?
I won't do it
Why not?
Come on, I don't work cheap
The ones on top are consonants, and below them are vowels
But don't worry about that
Just repeat after me
Not dee-geur, it's dee-geut
Ah, is the first vowel
Ya, like in yahoo
Uh, like in oven
Yu like in Where yu goin'?
Did you write them down?
What's wrong?
You mean six as in sex?
Sir, there's a fight outside
Please hurry
Why are you fighting?
Mister Kim
Well, I tried to use this hose,
and when I extend it on the road like this,
this bastard always rolls over it with his tractor,
and it rips my hose. Look at this
It rips apart like this and I can't work!
I have to go to town to sell this,
but he tells me to go later
Damn it, why do you have to go to town whenever I use my hose?
It's all by coincidence, damn it
Listen to me! Listen!
So you have to put the hose
here to water your crops
And you have to pass this way on your tractor
- That's the problem, right? - That's right
Is everyone happy now?
I have to go back to school now
Let's go
He's smart
Mr. Kim is really smart
Where did the hose go? What a great job
You're in trouble now
Hurry and play, the game is over anyway
Hold your horses, teacher
Game over
Yes, thank you very much
Give it here
Damn it
A white cloud floating in the sky
A white cloud floating in the sky
That white cloud floating in the sky
Should I also write down 'that'?
Go ahead
Wait, isn't that Sun-young?
Wait, isn't that Sun-young?
Honey, what's wrong?
Are you mad that I came for your tab?
Then what's wrong?
I have something on my mind
Really? About what?
Tell me Tell me
- Tell me - Stop it, just go to sleep
Fine then, I will
Just think on your own
Are you asleep?
Not at all, honey
I said stop it
Just stay still, and listen
If you were to come here as a teacher
- Teacher? - Yeah
But I'm a high school drop out
I mean suppose if you were
Suppose you came down to teach here,
but you have to stay
until the school shuts down
What would you do?
It's obvious. I'd just quit
Not that, dummy
How would you make the school shut down faster?
I'd burn it down
I knew you'd say that,
with that brain of yours
I know, how about setting up a bomb?
- Just go back to sleep - A bomb
Shut up, and go set up a bomb at your house for all I care
You're the one who asked anyway
How can it just shut down on its own?
There has to be no students for that to happen
You fool, how dare you look into my eyes!
Now give it a try
You fool, how dare you look into my eyes
You fool, how dare you look
You fool, how dare you look into my eyes!
Ae-soon, that was wonderful! She's good, huh?
- An actress? - Yes
She can't be an actress with a face like that
That's right
That's not true
These days, it's all about character
Anyway, Ae-soon is very energetic
- She does have that side in her - That's right!
I have a friend who works
at a talent agency, you see
In other words, they dig out and nurture talent there
Choi Jin-shil and Jang Dong-gun came from there
Anyone who goes there becomes a star
Mr. Kim, you're right,
- But we can't afford - Hold on
Getting good grades in middle school
all depends on how she studies in Seoul during winter break
But he's only in first grade
That's not true at all
Throughout the world, to become a gifted artist
90% of his talent is nurtured in childhood
By chance
If by chance, you don't raise his talent
then Sung-man will
forever live his life hating his parents
What are you doing out here?
Came out to greet me?
Not exactly
Sir, can you come later instead?
What are you talking about?
I came to talk about your future today
Is your mom home?
My mother's sick
Then think of me coming to wish your mom well
- Let's go inside - Not exactly
No, it's not a good time
Come on boy, it's all right
Where is she?
How are you?
I'm So-seok's teacher I came to talk
Is that you, honey? Where have you been?
No, I'm So-seok's teacher
You son of a bitch
Think you can just leave me like that, you bastard?
Wait a minute
I'm sorry
- It's my fault - So-seok!
- Honey - Wait for me
A lot of stars out tonight, huh?
Remember when we first met?
You were skipping rocks on the stream
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