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Subtitles for Teacher Kim Bong (2003 Korean) CD2.

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Teacher Kim Bong (2003 Korean) CD2

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Remember when we first met?
You were skipping rocks on the stream
Yes, I remember
I knew it right then
But I just pretended not to
Do you know Kim Byung-hyun by any chance?
He's a major league baseball player in America
- A two-time all-star player - Yeah
His nickname is nuclear submarine
He has a great under hand
- So-seok - Yes?
You should be a baseball player
- A baseball player? - Yeah, a baseball player
If you become a famous baseball player,
you can send your mom to the hospital and find your dad, too
So how will you do it?
You have to go to Seoul, which has many baseball teams
Don't you have relatives there?
Okay, then I'll help you
Don't you want to play baseball?
I do
Then how about we skip rocks on the stream?
I'll go first
I'm no good
Good, one, two, three
Man, you have a great arm
Throw it again. Ready?
Now an under hand pitch
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Strike out!
Okay So-seok!
Don't pick it up
Hey, hurry and get the ball
Good job! So-seok, more under hand pitches
Nam-jin, is it fun?
There are a lot of games like this in Seoul
Go straight
Go straight and turn right
Here it comes! Fire!
Our Seoul
- Where? - Our beloved Seoul
Where our wonderful dreams are
I love beautiful Seoul
Good! One more time!
Our beloved Seoul
Sung-man, you'll burn it like that
Lift it up and turn, good
Let's see if it's done
It's done, go ahead and eat
Peel off the burned parts
Everyone, tell me the truth
Wanna go to Seoul, huh?
Yes, I do
Why do you wanna go?
There's amusement parks
There's computer arcade rooms
There's department stores, and elevators, too
So if you have the chance, you'd transfer to Seoul?
- Right? - No way
You just said you wanted to go
I don't want to transfer
Why don't you?
The air is bad in the city
- And there aren't any streams - What else?
And we won't be able to see you anymore
And you can't come see us
I heard there's a lot of gangsters
They take your money and stab you to death
Who told you that?
Seoul has no gangsters Who told you there were?
Mr. Choon-shik told us, and said he almost died
- Who told you? - Mr. Choon-shik
I saw it in the movies, and on TV, too
I heard if we transfer, we'll all die
Let's talk
About what? I have nothing to say
Think you have the right to tell those kids that crap?
A lot of gangsters?
They'll all die?
Hey, I'm talking to you
Turn it off
Turn it off
Are you ignoring me?
Think you're the teacher?
Who are you to tell the kids those things?
Stop where you are
Have you even been to Seoul?
What do you know?
Stop, you bastard!
You bastard!
All of you haven't really considered your kids' future,
but I'm looking at them ten years from now
Have you ever considered
how much your indifference could hurt your kid's future?
Dreams must be fulfilled
So why do so many parents send their kids to Seoul?
Seoul is the center of all education
So if you send your kids to Seoul
Why is there a hole here?
Please trust me
Ae-soon's father
Is that important now?
These talented children
Are you going to let them waste their talents here?
Mister Kim
Can I go now?
Make sure you do your homework
Know. What'll happen if you don't, right?
By the way,
aren't you going to visit my home, too?
But you aren't an official student
Okay, I'll come over tonight
I'm out of cigarettes anyway
Then come over for dinner
It's delicious
Absolutely delicious
Help yourself
Aren't you joining me?
Who me?
My teeth hurt, so I can't eat it
And I'm already full
Is that so?
But it's too much to eat alone
What's that?
It's a letter my grandson sent to me from America
I understand everything,
except for this one word here
Oh, 'girlfriend'
It means he has a girlfriend
A girlfriend?
Yes, it's English
So it must be my grandson's wife
Having a girlfriend doesn't mean he's married
He already did, three years ago
So that letter was sent three years ago?
And now you're reading it?
Lately I'm into staying up all night reading the letters
- Go ahead and eat - Yes
Father, it's me
How's your health?
Same as always
Do you feel worse?
No, don't worry about me, worry about the kids instead
I wish I could see your students before I die
Don't say you're going to die!
I have no one else to rely on
Do I have a mom or relatives?
Or any brothers or sisters?
Why do you keep saying that?
I'm sorry, son
You said you were proud that a janitor's son became a teacher
Son, you should hang up
It's an expensive call
Then don't say that you'll die, okay?
I'll show you my students for sure, okay?
Sure son
Bye dad
Say hello
This gentleman is a businessman from Seoul
Hi, I'm Bak Soo-il
I'm Kim Bong-doo
I hope we can work things out
Beg your pardon?
Actually, he wants to turn the school
into a survival game site
I know it won't be easy at the moment
A site for a survival game?
They decided to shut down the school next year
but they seem to be changing their minds after you came
Mr. Kim
All the kids will transfer soon, so please don't worry
Is that true?
So the school will shut down automatically?
That's great
Mister Kim, you're a fabulous teacher
Of course he is
The students will find it hard to adjust
But the learning environment will be much better in Seoul
Come on, kids need to struggle when they're young
I also had to struggle to work my way up
You're right, we had to walk 2 to 3 miles to go to school
Country kids are used to struggling anyway
Mister Kim
It's not much, but buy some cigarettes with it
Here's gas money
Thank you, and good luck on your business
Yes, thank you
A cassette player, tape, and headphones for Nam-oak
A glove for So-seok. For Ae-soon For Nam-jin
And crayons for Sung-man
Mister Choi
A fairy tale book
- Like them? - Yes!
- How much? - Very much!
- Very much? - Yes!
You'd like more of this in the city, right?
Shall we play soccer with our new ball?
- Yes! - Let's go! Let's go!
Goal! Goal!
What? Transfer?
Yes, please take good care of him
Why do you want to send him here?
It's inconvenient here, and the kids always complain
You see
Well, my husband's health is bad,
and we were offered resettlement funds to live here
Who offered?
Someone who grew up here
He seemed pretty wealthy
He worried that the school might get shut down
He said all it needed was students
Please take this
We must get going now
Please look after our boy
- Hello? - Hello, Mister Kim
Yes, hello principal
A new student came today, right?
Yes, he did
But you should've called first
I'm sorry, I was planning on telling you
Anyway, a lot more will be coming soon
What? More will be coming?
Yes, take good care of them
Sir, we finished cleaning up
Do you want to come fishing with us at the stream?
Think I'm one of your friends?
Am I your friend?
Pink slip
I don't mind living here
It's great
The air is nice, the scenery is nice
Sir, aren't we having class?
I told you it's study period
But two hours have already passed
Study more
But it's been two hours
We don't wanna study alone anymore
Let's have class
Be quiet!
You brats, are you disobeying me?
Stick out your hands. Now!
Stick them out!
Think you can disobey me?
Stick them out right
Do as I say
Stick out your hands, and raise them
Stick them out!
Study on your own, okay?
- Got it? - Yes
I liked study period
It's strange
Why'd he change all of a sudden?
You retorted upon him
So did you!
You said "two hours already have passed", didn't you?
Stop it!
I said stop it! It's all my fault!
I was to blame
Mr. Kim seems to have had something bad
So let's be nice to him
Stop it!
- You'd better stop! - You stop!
Hey you, step aside!
It's all your fault that I got hit
No it's not, he was just mad
He had no right to hit us
But he's the teacher
- But he's the teacher - You bastard
The teacher and all of you are stupid
You bastard
Think you're better than us since you're from Seoul?
But my mom gave him money!
My mom gave him money
What? Money?
He said he gave Mr. Kim money
Think this is Seoul?
What kind of money do we have?
What's to worry?
We just don't give him any
You're right
Everything's been fine, so what's to worry?
Hurry and deal
Forget it, I'm going to bed
Yeah, let's go to sleep
Please take it
This is herbal medicine
If you eat it three times a day,
you'll feel much better
- Thank you - My pleasure
I'll be going now
Didn't you want to talk about Sung-man?
We can talk later
Mister Kim, are you asleep?
One moment
Who is it?
Oh, you're still awake
Hello. Nam-oak's father, right?
Please come in
What are you doing here?
Then what about you?
Hey, I thought Mr Kim might be lonesome,
- So I came to keep him company - So did I
Please don't stand there, have a seat
Please sit
- Have you eaten dinner? - Yes
Step outside
Bastard, who's the one who told us to go to sleep?
Is this your home? You came here to give him money, huh?
What money do I have to give him?
Did you come here to give him money?
Think I'm crazy, idiot?
If you have money, then pay me back
When did I ever borrow money from you?
Come on, you don't remember?
You borrowed 20,000 Won for a card game last winter
That's it?
Hey, 20,000 Won is still money
Okay, I'll give it to you, shit
- You bastard - You hit me?
Pink slip
Yes, room 605
Dad, it's me
Yes, I already ate
No, I'm just tired
Dad, I'll be going up soon
No, I'll tell you when I get there
Get some rest
Yellow forsythias are starting to bloom
Azaleas have already blossomed on the mountain
Flowers are beautiful
And thus people who seek
beauty will love flowers
Many flowers blossom in spring
Of which I like the forsythias and azaleas
When spring comes, the flowers
Kim Bong-doo!
Get your act together, boy
If you all don't concentrate in class
See that janitor working under the hot sun?
You'll be like him
So behave and study
- Got it? - Yes!
Know how long it's been since I've asked to see your parents?
Why haven't you brought them?
Why? Why?
Good morning
Where are So-seok and Joon-seok?
They're not here yet?
Why are you all quiet?
- They fought each other - Hey
Nam-oak, tell me what happened
Come here
Look at his face
How could this happen?
How could this happen to my boy?
Think I can feel safe sending my son here?
It's only a scuffle between the kids
Cheer up
I can't believe this
I asked you to take good care of him
And you hit him when it was the other kids' fault?
You call this teaching?
You're out of line
We're having class, so please leave
Think I'm some countrywoman?
This is a school, and I handle things here
So you hit the students for asking to have class?
What the hell do you handle?
Please leave
Let go of me
Tell me
- Did you all deserve to get hit? - Excuse me!
I'm not done yet!
You, tell me
Say something
The teacher did nothing wrong
It was our fault
Mr... Kim, don't leave
Don't quit, Mr... Kim
We were wrong Please don't leave
My goodness
What kind of children are you?
There's no use being here, let's go
So-seok went to go work in the mountains
Everyone helps him out in some way,
but I guess he suddenly needed money
Poor kid
My teacher, Mr. Kim
This is the first homework you've given us
I was surprised when I first saw you
You were tall and handsome,
so I thought you were an actor
I have a really great teacher
Class Beautifier, Choi Ae-soon
My teacher, Mr. Kim
I'm so happy that we have a new teacher
But you've lost a lot of weight these few days
It's probably because of us
What can I do for my teacher?
I wish I could give you some delicious home-cooked meals,
but I can't
Instead, I'll be a nice student
Sincerely, Yang So-seok
Yang So-seok
So-seok, you misbehaved, didn't you?
Get up, and roll up your pants
I'm sorry, sir
Roll up your pants
Who said you can skip school?
Who told you to, huh?
Who told you to do that to your teacher?
Who told you to
I'm sorry, sir
I don't want you to leave us
And I can't transfer because of my mom
I just want to be with you at school
I'm sorry, sir
Does it hurt a lot?
So-seok, do you want to sleep at my house tonight?
I'll put medicine on you
Cute boy
If you cry too much and laugh, you'll grow hair on your anus
But you're doing the same now
Hey, I never cried
Come on, you're lying
When I was a kid,
I got hit a lot by my teacher
But I never cried once
Know why I didn't?
Because hair might grow on my anus
It wasn't funny?
Until now, a very bad guy bothered your teacher
But last night
I got rid of that evil guy
Gone forever
Therefore, I don't need what he wrote here
What do you think?
- Am I a great teacher? - Yes!
- Do you like this place that much? - Yes!
Even with no computer arcades?
Water games are more fun!
And rock games are fun
You hate your teacher, huh?
No way!
But your teacher dislikes you very much
Come on!
Then shall we play rock games for fun?
- Yes! - Okay, let's go!
Mr. Choi, come join us
Throw it
Jump three times One, two, three
Mr. Choi, get it right!
- Are you okay? - Come on!
- I wanna change teams - My knees hurt, that's why
Hey, give him a break Now let's switch sides
Get the rocks ready
Here we go, one, two, three
Shut Down Notice
Despite careful consideration of the town's opinions,
the government orders this school
to be shut down after this semester
Mister Kim!
Come inside quickly!
You have a call from Seoul Hospital
It's urgent! Hurry!
I understand
Mister Kim
It's the heroic five
Why aren't you guarding the school?
You didn't have to come all the way here
Please don't say that, we're all family
Thank you all for coming
Come here
You should show your respects, too
It's okay, come up
Father, you've longed to see them
These kids are my students
They're as bad as me
when I was a kid
These kids
For their teacher
They came here
Father, aren't you happy?
Father, please accept their greetings
Now pay your respects
Why don't you say hello when someone's here to see you?
You still don't like me?
A janitor shouldn't fall off the roof like that
Are you a real janitor?
Are you making fun of me?
Man, you got hurt pretty bad
You can't even wash yourself, so how will you work now?
Plus, it's hard to ask for new help
Well, the school will be closed down anyway
So what will you do for a living later?
What does it matter to you?
I'm just worried about how you'll make a living
The school may go, but the kids won't
Even if they go to another school,
I'll make it where they can
study and play after school
I've worked here because I like seeing these kids
I'm not like other people who work here for money
Come here and sit
- What are you doing? - Sit down
You have to wash your hair, too
Ouch, my head hurts
I'm getting drenched
Look at this greasy hair
I already washed my hair a few days ago
Stop lying What is this? Dandruff or rice?
54th Graduation Ceremony
We will now begin the 54th
and last graduation ceremony
We'll now hear a word from the teacher, Mr. Kim Bong-doo
I've been a teacher for about ten years
It's been short,
but the time I've spent
here was precious
Of course, I had some dull moments
I won't take this time to say good-bye
I'll just think of it as a brief separation
Mr. Kim, Coach Gus Hiddink said the same thing
You can't fool us anymore
Does it matter whose words I use?
Anyway, I'd like to thank you all
Especially, these five children
I'll never forget them
I didn't teach these kids
These kids taught me instead
I'd like to ask one last favor from you all
Even when you become adults,
I want you to always hold on to your pure and innocent hearts
This school will be gone,
but wherever you go,
never forget what you've learned here
That is all
A farewell address
The very first time when we met you in school, we were so happy
going to school makes our hearts leap up
and we would run to get to school with joy
It seems like last forever
But today we have to face with
the graduation of you and the last day of our school
We cannot go to our school from tomorrow on
But we will never, ever forget this warm and pleasant place
which is filled with our laughter
An address in reply
I'd walk to our school even before I entered
And today is the saddest day cause it"s the last school day for us all
Theres a lot of ups and downs but you guys always gave me smile
Mr. Kim taught us with love
I'd never forget any minute of
the precious memories of us all
But I can hardly keep my tears from falling
Just like our school bound us together
Let's keep our school with our hearts forever
Farewell my dear school yard!
To my sister for her graduation
I give you a bundle of flowers
I will study the books you gave me
And study hard like you
Farewell my beloved juniors and classrooms
And farewell my teacher
Study hard and grow older
So we can be our country's bright future
Mister Kim
Here you go
What's this?
It's a small token of our gratitude to you
Please, you don't have to do this
- No, please take it - There's no need
Wait a minute!! Are you that dumb?
The school will be gone, so this isn't any bribery
It's different from the envelopes you used to take
So hurry and take it Hurry!
Mister Kim
Thank you
I can write to my grandchildren now
You're a wonderful teacher
Here we go
- Here we go - Get ready
One, two, three
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